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Canes get back to football

GREENTREE PRACTICE FIELD -- Two weeks after getting beat at N.C. State, the University of Miami got back to work with its first official practice for the Emerald Bowl on Dec. 27. And it didn't take quarterback Robert Marve long to show us that 4.5-speed in the 40.

Randy_shannon_vs_wakeMarve, whose possible transfer has been the hot story during the Canes' down time, zipped past reporters and straight into the showers after practice despite being requested for an interview. So, for those of you hoping to hear Mr. Marve's take on all the rumors concerning him, it looks like we'll have to wait until things cool off. Marve by the way had never skipped out on an interview request until today.

UM coach Randy Shannon was asked about Marve's status for the bowl game and said "as far as we know he will [play]. Like I said about three weeks ago, academics and all that stuff end Wednesday of the week coming up. Thursday we'll know."

Jacory_marveOne guy not darting past reporters -- freshman quarterback Jacory Harris. Jacory had fun teasing his teammates during their interviews with reporters, making faces and funny gestures to try and get them to laugh. He handled the Marve questions with similar ease, too.

"I don’t really worry about it," Harris said when asked about the Marve rumors. "I hear it. But I’m the type of person in a game, I brush away from it. Sometimes it gets kind of annoying. People keep asking the whole year: 'Are you going to leave? Are you going to transfer? What’s the word out there?' Everybody wants to know what’s going on in the UM family and the one thing about a family is you don’t let things out. I don’t know anything. So, I don’t know what’s going on about anything."

> What the Canes do know is that they're excited about going out to California for a bowl game -- even if most have never been out there before or know much about it. Receiver Aldarius Johnson said the furthest he's been is Tennessee (guess he forgot about that trip out to Texas A&M). While Harris has been to California for the Elite 11 Quarterbacks Camp he couldn't remember the names of some of the historic landmarks. "I’ve heard so many things about that big old bridge and Fisherman’s something," Harris said with a laugh. "It’s just going to be a fun experience."

Receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Patrick Hill, safety Vaughn Telemaque and defensive tackle Josh Holmes are the four guys on the team who either played in California or are from there. Kayne said he can't wait to go back to San Francisco because that's the place he won a JUCO national title as a sophomore.

> As for his health, Jacory told reporters his shoulder is fine and the only time he experiences pain is when he throws "the deep ball."


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That story tells it all...and of course RS has "NO" communication skills..

Start JH..


arggh! So close.



It's hard enough to post on this blog, with all the spam filters..and some of the stuff, posted by Canespace, wouldn't even be allowed to be posted on here, so stop the hypocrisy. Manny, don't hurt your blog, to help someone elses...Wake-up!

M.H. spelled backwards, is H.M...Hmmm...

The beauty of having different blogs, is hearing different opinions, from different people. Than you go to where you are more comfortable. If they all had the same personalities, opinions and controls, it would be boring..

some people are posting for fun and the love of the game...and some have agendas! You figure it out.

For the fun of it and just a huge fan of the Canes, born and raised in Kendall and would not trade it for anything.
86, & Green don't bother me, it's funny and just slightly annoying.

Nuts bowl, however is embarassing, but glad they are excited.

And as always, Go Canes!

yikes, y'all ...

See the post from b-easy above. Perfect example! How does that belong here?

Hey Manny,

What's your take on the Marve thing? Is it grades?

RS sure hasn't helped matters any with his, "as far as we know he will play" answer.

What gives?

From www.hurricanesports.com:

There is no rest for the No. 25 University of Miami men's basketball team as the Hurricanes play their second game in three days during final exam time. Miami knocked off crosstown-rival FIU, 76-50, on Friday and takes on Robert Morris on Sunday in game two of a three-game homestand at the BankUnited Center.

Game 9: No. 25 Miami (6-2) vs. Robert Morris (4-4)

Date: Sun., Dec. 14, 2008 | Time: 1 p.m. (EST) | Site: BankUnited Center

Tickets: 1-800-GO-CANES


Four Hurricanes are averaging double-figure scoring at home and six Miami players are putting up 8.5 points or more at home, led by Jack McClinton's 13.5 points and 3.3 assists per game at the "BUC". Dwayne Collins averages a double-double of 11.3 points and 10.0 rebounds per game in Coral Gables. Eddie Rios is also excelling on UM's homecourt with 11.0 points per game, shooting .571 from the field, .636 from long range (7-11) and a perfect 1.000 from the charity stripe (2-2). Lance Hurdle adds 10.0 in three appearances at home, including 3.0 assists per outing.


Sunday marks the second game between Miami and Robert Morris, with the Hurricanes leading the all-time series, 1-0, after a 66-51 win over the Colonials on Nov. 30, 1994 in Miami.

James Dews (Lakota East High School) and Robert Morris' leading scorer Jeremy Chappell (Northwest High School) both hail from Cincinnati and are friends off the court. Growing up the two often faced each other in AAU games.


The Miami men's & women's basketball teams have teamed up with the United States Marine Corps & the BankUnited Center to participate in the 2008 holiday Toys for Tots Program, collecting toys for underpriviledged children this season.

All fans that bring an unwrapped toy with them to any of the following games (Men: FIU, Robert Morris: Women: Binghamton, Grambling State) will receive a free ticket voucher for each unwrapped toy donated.

More from the UM web site on the Canes round ballers:


Miami's season-high 13 blocks in Friday's win over FIU was almost three times the previous season best (5 vs. Kentucky and Ohio State) and marked the most since registering 16 against Florida Atlantic on Nov. 29, 2004. That was the same night Anthony King posted the only triple-double (11 pts., 10 rebs., 13 blocks) in school history.

Freshman DeQuan Jones had a season-high four blocks versus the Golden Panthers, while teammate Jimmy Graham collected a season-high four blocks as well - just one shy of his career high. Dwayne Collins registered a season-high two blocked shots.

Graham leads the Hurricanes with 13 blocks in 2008-09 for a team-high 1.6 blocks per game average -- tying for fourth best in the ACC. His 6.5 rebounds per game -- second best on the squad -- ranks 18th in the league. He pulled down a team-best seven boards in Friday's win over FIU.


James Dews is averaging 16.5 points, 2.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game over his last two appearances for the Hurricanes, shooting .786 from the field (11-14) and .778 from long range (7-9).


Miami's big men Dwayne Collins and Jimmy Graham often bring Hurricanes fans to their feet with powerful dunks, however another UM player got in on the action in Friday's win over FIU. With 1:28 to go Adrian Thomas stole the ball and fed it to six-foot sophomore point guard Eddie Rios who slammed it home for the Hurricanes' 73rd point of the evening. It was his first dunk in a Miami game.

Canes basketball schedule; Note...FSU on 1/21 at the BUC:


I can just picture Jacory saying it all stays in the family while Randy is standing behind the camera whispering "welcome to the family, my son" and his fingers under his jaw. HA! I love it.

I have no idea what all this other junk is being posted on here. Is there any way we can just stick to commenting about the article and sport talk?



Canes baseball schedule, just released!


fooled us yesterday...but not today..

the irony of it all, is that Tebow will win it, on the field..

M.H. Is O.K.

First you throw a grenade...than you duck!

What are the chances that Nix will go back to Auburn and join Chiznik as OC?

I hope we beat Cal. Nix may be calling this game for his job. Step it up Nix and lets get a W with some convincing offense. Go Canes!

Sorry to disappoint everyone, as much as I would love for the canes to win, cal is going to win this game. what makes you think that if we can not beat NC state, we will beat cal 8-4. i'll describe one word that will make us loose "NIX". Go CANES!!!!!!

His name is NOT Nix, its FIX. Get it straight people.

I think they can beat Cal. NC state can beat cal. In fact all but 3 teams inthe ACC can regularly play with and beat Cal. Why? because the Pac 10 is 3 teams and three teams only:

USC, Cal, oregon.

Vtech,FSU, Ga Tech, maryland, NC state, NC, UM, Clemson, BC can all play with Cal.

va, Duke I don't think so.

The timing of this whole Marve thing is pis$$ poor. It distracts the team. If he isn't transferring or thinking about it,come out and say so. Look at what happened with that dumba$- Pat Devlin at Penn State.

One more thing: Why wait two weeks to begin practices? I would have given them one week off after NCSt and started practices immediately. The whole point of going to a bowl is the extra preparation and practice time the team gets compared to if they hadn't!

Anybody can beat anybody. It has nothing to do with Cal playing in the PAC-10.
Miami is not going to beat Cal because, Miami is bad and Miami has to travel across the country for what will be a home game for Cal.

One word jaime: finals. If these kids aren't academically eligible, it won't matter how many weeks of practice they've had prior to the bowl game.

Need Money, having trouble paying your bills,
NO PROBLEM. NIX the fix will solve your problems.
Take CAL BIG this 27th and cash in.
At least NIX is good for something.

Auburn is Hiring Iowa St.'s head coach Ch... as their new HC. In two years he's D regressed from 60 something to 100 and something plus his team looked worse with him at the helm than before. SO before everything is done he could hire NIX as his OC and the looser staff could be complete.

We need more speed...period..That is what is separating us from the higher tier schools..

We need more speed...period..That is what is separating us from the higher tier schools..

Posted by: M.H. | December 14, 2008 at 12:19 PM
Ya think? I think that our overall size hurt us especially in the later part of the season, when our guys where getting pushed around by gt and ncs.

You all are going to eat your words along with that left over x-mas roast.

UM will beat Cal

We have very little separation, from our WR's..Look what the Crabtree's, J.Jones's, and Harvin's do...Speed kills..Our Line doesn't have to be the strongest, but fast on their feet..imo

Is there a point spread on the game yet?

MH in da house!

Go 'Canes!!!

Go Orlando...I think Cal is a 7 point fav..

We have very little separation, from our WR's..Look what the Crabtree's, J.Jones's, and Harvin's do...Speed kills..Our Line doesn't have to be the strongest, but fast on their feet..imo

Posted by: M.H. | December 14, 2008 at 12:48 PM

While that is true, neither QB had time to go through their progressions. I though that we had receivers open just no time to get it down field. Look what Harris did when he had time. Also if we had some bigger OL and RB the secondary would have to play the run more and not sit back and wait for the pass.
As for the bowl game UM over cal 31-10...


We just have to wait.

No matter how much we want instant results, we just have to wait.

We have to give Randy another 2 years. If the program gets worse or stays the same he will be gone and thats it.

We all know he is doing his best recruiting we cannot doubt that.

I want Marve to leave and Jacory take over as the true leader of this team, then we can get the other Northwestern star sophmore QB to follow his foot steps in two years.

Right now we have to focus on getting bigger faster and stronger!

Move Marcus Robinson to M.Linebacker, starte playing a.Brown, move Bailey inside. Let Marve go or just starte and stay with Harris. Put DVD up for sale looks like he is playing touch football. Recruit some strength and size. Work on weight training and tackling. Get a large mean running back and a few other things and the U will have a good team.

...and put Shields on the receiving team....and DB....He's a ball hawk...

HMMMM...86 posting on his own blog, as typekey.com/canespace/

very confusing...don't you think?

Thank God RS doesn't take cues on recruiting from some of these posters!

"We need more speed on the WRs" -- Yeah, our WRs are slow, that's it. Thearon Collier, Travis Benjamin, Davon Johnson...such slugs. No, the reason the WR aren't getting open is b/c they're freshman and don't have enough experience under their belts to fool the DBs. Raw speed doesn't get your WR open -- avoiding being jammed at the line, tight footwork (i.e. quick cuts), and knowing when to accelerate cause separation.

"Move Robinson to middle linebacker" -- Nice. Take a guy who's had a good frosh year at DE and move him to another position. I mean, if he's good fighting off linemen, he must be awesome in more open space, right?

The above comment from the guy that says "recruit strength and size" after saying we should put a lean Bailey in the middle of the d-line.

I'm not having fun hating on or calling out posters, but it's just frustrating to see people tearing up RS's recruiting and philosophy when they don't know jack.

I actually agree with the Shields idea. He seems to be better adjusted for it.

Thanks for agreeing on something.....the diff. between a 4.25...4.3...4.4...4.5 is a step...and that's all it takes..

separation? Separation? speed? None of that matters if you can't or won't catch the dang ball. give me a slower slot rreceiver with pure hands who runs pure routes and NEVER drops a pass, and I'll return all of your 4.2 40 guys.

This year, there were numerous dropped passes and not many of them were passes where you would say, wow, that speedster was flying down the sideline. these were passes for TD, or for first down, or just to plain move the ball and give the D some rest.

The comments on the D failed to mention our weakest link: DBs. Our db play was as bad or worse than last year. there was NO improvement from last year. On the LB side we were marginally better, becuase of mccarthy's loss. On the DT side we were much better.

Special teams- we need a kicker than can put the ball in the end zone. All year teams had excellent position. That's 3 points right there! However, fg kicker was solid.

On kickoffs and punt returns we need Benjamin and Collier to take more to the house. Our returns, with few exceptions have a lot to be desired. benjamin needs to put more weight ( 155-165 is waaaaay too small! tha's why he's hurt.)

On the lbs I meant we were marginally better (net) because of Spence's beastly play, minus Mcarthy's loss= marginally better.

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