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Canes get back to football

GREENTREE PRACTICE FIELD -- Two weeks after getting beat at N.C. State, the University of Miami got back to work with its first official practice for the Emerald Bowl on Dec. 27. And it didn't take quarterback Robert Marve long to show us that 4.5-speed in the 40.

Randy_shannon_vs_wakeMarve, whose possible transfer has been the hot story during the Canes' down time, zipped past reporters and straight into the showers after practice despite being requested for an interview. So, for those of you hoping to hear Mr. Marve's take on all the rumors concerning him, it looks like we'll have to wait until things cool off. Marve by the way had never skipped out on an interview request until today.

UM coach Randy Shannon was asked about Marve's status for the bowl game and said "as far as we know he will [play]. Like I said about three weeks ago, academics and all that stuff end Wednesday of the week coming up. Thursday we'll know."

Jacory_marveOne guy not darting past reporters -- freshman quarterback Jacory Harris. Jacory had fun teasing his teammates during their interviews with reporters, making faces and funny gestures to try and get them to laugh. He handled the Marve questions with similar ease, too.

"I don’t really worry about it," Harris said when asked about the Marve rumors. "I hear it. But I’m the type of person in a game, I brush away from it. Sometimes it gets kind of annoying. People keep asking the whole year: 'Are you going to leave? Are you going to transfer? What’s the word out there?' Everybody wants to know what’s going on in the UM family and the one thing about a family is you don’t let things out. I don’t know anything. So, I don’t know what’s going on about anything."

> What the Canes do know is that they're excited about going out to California for a bowl game -- even if most have never been out there before or know much about it. Receiver Aldarius Johnson said the furthest he's been is Tennessee (guess he forgot about that trip out to Texas A&M). While Harris has been to California for the Elite 11 Quarterbacks Camp he couldn't remember the names of some of the historic landmarks. "I’ve heard so many things about that big old bridge and Fisherman’s something," Harris said with a laugh. "It’s just going to be a fun experience."

Receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Patrick Hill, safety Vaughn Telemaque and defensive tackle Josh Holmes are the four guys on the team who either played in California or are from there. Kayne said he can't wait to go back to San Francisco because that's the place he won a JUCO national title as a sophomore.

> As for his health, Jacory told reporters his shoulder is fine and the only time he experiences pain is when he throws "the deep ball."


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Less drops with JH....

less drops with harris because he has touch. marve throws to hard when he doesnt need to.
i know you guys think im a marve hater. i think he has all the potential but hasnt put it together yet. i think harris is the smarter better more polished cooler under duress qb of the 2. just give harris a start and see what happens , give him a chance to take the reigns .

Canes fans nothing is wrong with Marve, Harris has played better because he is a natural leader very innovative, he creates, very cool under pressure, to me I think Marve worry more on not making mistakes, these are two good Quaterbacks but the problem is coaching, not being creative enough, not maximizing the players talents, having the wrong packages in the game at the wrong time, the coaches kills the momentum of the game, we need coaching bad, these coaches ruin players,starting with the head coach all the way down the line, more players besides Marve want to transfer, to tell you the truth Canes fans I don't blame them. Have you'll heard the rumor that Arthur Brown is also considered transferring, what will that mean, we might loose his brother the top running back in the nation. Getting them to the U is one thing but utilizing them to their fullest potential is a different story. We need to blow up the whole coaching staff. Shannon already failed going back to last year he's inexperienced as a coach and what did he do, he went out and hired two inexperienced coordinators, a recipe for disastor, and Cane land tell me the difference between Bill Young defense and Tim Walton defense, if anybody see improvement please show me the light. Boy i was praying Auburn hired Patrick Nix, I wanted to see him promote him self out of a job. HE Sucks and what can you say about the person who brought him in.

Agreed Big Smooth, it all starts from the top down developing these players. Shannon can recruit, but I don't think he is HC material, and I never liked Nix from Day 1. Maybe Auburn will stiff make him an offer as OC there.

let's be fair it's not all nix fault...whats up with our D-LINE?

yeah i agree Motdog

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