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Courtside blog: Clemson 91, UM 72 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- The Canes are opening ACC play tonight. I'll be here to provide you with my thoughts as this one rolls along. Clemson (11-0) is going to be a real tough opponent for Frank Haith's team.

> No band and hardly and fans, but this one has started just as intense as we expected it -- only fitting since Kimbo Slice is among the 3,000 or so in attendance. Cyrus McGowan scored UM's first nine points, showing Clemson forward Trevor Booker and everyone else he came to play tonight. The Tigers came out with their full court press early, doubling Jack McClinton at times. But UM has been able to beat it down court for open shots. The Canes don't have any turnovers four minutes in -- a very good sign against this Clemson defense.

> Since Cyrus McGowan tied the score at 7 with 17:39 left, UM has gone on a 12-2 run, turning up their defensive intensity. Sophomore point guard Eddie Rios has scored the last five points for UM. I'm happy for the kid. After turning the ball over on a bad pass, he rallied, knocked the ball away, came back down the floor and hit a three-pointer. Lance Hurdle, whom Haith had run to the substitution table after Rios' errant pass, quickly returned to the bench.

> So much for that 21-9 lead and great defensive start (Clemson started 3 of 14 from the field). The Tigers have started hitting three-pointers and creating Canes turnovers in a flurry to tie the score at 21 with 9:05 left in the half.

> It's hard to believe bad a free throw shooting team the Canes have become. UM came in shooting 67 percent, but is 2-of-9 from the stripe tonight in the first half. Last year, UM shot a shade under 75 percent for the season.

> Here's the only stat you need to know in order to explain UM's first half: 16 Canes turnovers. That's two shy of the season high against Ohio State.

> Clemson has continued to keep its distance from Canes here early in the second half. Dwayne Collins and Jack McClinton have begun to step up their game. But James Dews has missed three three-point attempts and just hasn't been able to hit the big shot to help Miami get back into this game.

> Miami is starting to turn up its defensive intensity after falling behind by 11 here in the second half. But they are going to have to start making free throws to have a chance down the stretch. Canes have started 5 of 16 from the line with 13:12 left.


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The CBS guys must really doubt the canes. All 5 of the "experts" picked Cal to win the game.


Can't wait to prove them all wrong.

Hey did anyone see that 4 yr old kid, KJ during half-time. That 4 yr old can ball. Manny you should write a story on this kid. A lot of people have been talking about this kid after the games. This kid came out of no where. This is the second game he's been in. He made almost all his shots. Mind you he's only 4 shooting a 10ft goal. Not only can he shoot but he can bring the ball down with both hands like a pro. Crossover & all. I saw Tim Hardaway talking to him after the game. People want to know more about this kid. This kid is amazing !!!

Posted by: Mike Peterson | December 22, 2008 at 11:47 PM

Screw that kid. I'll send his sh_t to the other side of the arena.

Haith MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all about defense...that's all he says...well our defense can't stop anybody.

How about you spend some time in practice breaking a press. Turnovers cost us the Ohio State game, and the Clemson game. Both teams pressed us after falling behind early to. If we handled the press we win both games.

Haith MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all about defense...that's all he says...well our defense can't stop anybody.

How about you spend some time in practice breaking a press. Turnovers cost us the Ohio State game, and the Clemson game. Both teams pressed us after falling behind early to. If we handled the press we win both games.

Posted by: Haith Hater | December 23, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Are you freaking kidding me?
This guy has put Miami back in the NCAA tournament and has had them ranked a few times, in the ACC no less. They beat Duke last year for God's sake.
And he's actually starting to get highly recruited players to come to Miami. We just took a recruit from UConn.

Do me a favor. The next time the Canes are on, instead of watching the game, just turn off the TV and get a hammer and beat yourself over the head for 2 hours. Idiot.

I don't understand how people in this city can be so damn stupid.

Haith = Hamilton = Defense

He can recruit. I have no problem with that, but he can't coach bro. Are you watching the games? When the last time you saw him use a timeout when another team was making a run at us? No instead he uses the 1 timeout he can't roll to the second half with under a minute left in the half to set up a play. Well that play never works as it's usually Jack dribbling the clock down and going one on one. Face it Dorsey, you have no clue what game coaching is about. You want a recruiter, I want a recruiter that can coach a team as well. His highest player he has ever recruited Jones, looks like he is lost out there. Why? Becasue Haith is not teaching him how to become a college player. He is out of control 100% of the time. It's about channeling that aggression to become a player not just an athlete.

During the clemson game I wish I could have beat myself up with a hammer over my head, it would have been better than watching them turn the ball over on what 10 consecutive posessions. CALL A TIMEOUT BRO AND SET UP A PRESS BREAK!!!!

I'm the biggest Canes hoop fan out there. I was there when we won our first BIG EAST game again St John's. I want a winner and I like this team, but without a head coach actually coaching we are not going anywhere and this is the year we need to do it. We lose to many good ballplayers this year.

Give me a break. DeQuan Jones has played like 10 games.
Frank Haith is a good coach, man. Why do you think they were so successful last year? That's coaching. This team has only 1 guy that can score consistently. They have NO point guard. Lance Hurdle sucks. James Dews is a bum. Dwayne Collins can only dunk. They have been a pretty good defensive team under Haith. Be patient. Let him get some better players in here.

The sad thing is, that this was our best, last chance, to do really good in baseball and basketball. There are way too many, quality, players leaving, after this year.



At some schools, a 7-5 season can get you fired, but at most schools it buys at least one more year because there are only so many bowls out there and every 7-5 team is assured of a bowl game. Therefore, the college president is spared the indignity of having to fire a coach. College presidents, by and large, would much rather deal with mediocrity than having to fire someone because the majority of the presidents are all about holding hands, hugging trees, wearing bowties and being politically correct. College presidents understand tenure, which properly translated means you can be a mediocre teacher and barring something like announcing you’re going to Somalia to marry 8-year-old orphan triplets and test the polygamy laws of the United States in the Supreme Court, you can’t get fired. College football coaches can get fired but they typically make more money than the president (of the school and the country) and that makes the president (of the school) very uncomfortable because it means the people who have all the money you need to retain your job would much rather see you gone than the football coach. When it comes to money boosters, they would much rather invest in a good football coach than giving the school president more money so he can hire another long haired Marxist professor of economics who thinks we would all be better off living in communal mud huts and living off a diet of barley soup and pine nuts. Also, if you have a playoff system instead of a bowl system, then the presidents would be faced with boosters that aren’t happy when their coach doesn’t get the team in the playoffs for several years in a row. It’s so much easier to justify a mediocre coach that gets the team in a mediocre bowl three straight years rather than fire a coach that didn’t make the playoffs any of those three years.

Let's finally face facts about the University of Miami and athletics: WE SUCK AT EVERYTHING AND I DON'T SEE THIS CHANGING ANYTIME SOON.

We are going to get whipped in this bowl game people. When is the last time we beat a team with a good running game????

I'm realy worried about this bowl game. It might be another nationally televised disaster . . . Bad for the team; bad for recruiting; bad for morale, etc.

In a nutshell, here is how the game shapes up:

UM - lost its last two games.
CAL - won its last to games

UM - lost more games than CAL
CAL - won more games than UM

UM - can't stop the run
CAL - has the best runner on the West Coast

UM - has a mediore running game
CAL - has the best runner on the West Coast

UM - travels all the way across the country
CAL - plays in its own backyard

UM - is starting a new (true freshman) QB
CAL - seems solid at the QB position

UM - is visiting Alcatraz. (What a joke)
Cal - is preparing for the game.

I guess, when you put it all together, UM IS POISED FOR AN UPSET. If Jacory Harris beats CAL, given all the controversy back home (Nix, Shannon, Marve, Marve's dad, losing, etc.) and the long odds against such an improbable victory, this game will rank up there (in terms of an important turning point for our program) with Jim Kelly's big win over PENN STATE.

The sad thing is, that this was our best, last chance, to do really good in baseball and basketball. There are way too many, quality, players leaving, after this year.

Posted by: M.H. | December 23, 2008 at 03:18 PM

Miami will ALWAYS be good in baseball.

We will still be good in basketball this year, settle down. I just hope the success doesn't end when McClinton leaves. But we, hopefully, will still be pretty good with Cyrus McGowan, DeQuan Jones, Malcom Grant, and Durand Scott.

We are going to get whipped in this bowl game people. When is the last time we beat a team with a good running game????

Posted by: Canesjunkie | December 24, 2008 at 09:15 AM

Yes, we are. But according to canethang, Jacory is gonna put up 35+ points on them. LOL...how delusional can you get?

guys, the canes were in 11 of the 12 games we played in the 4th qtr, inc the mighty urbans. The only game we did not have a chance at in the 4th is GTech, which blew away UGA the following week. Considering we played 20 plus fresh, fresh qbs, fresh wrs, and to have a chance at 11 wins, thats a huge turnaround. The pac 10 is the weakest bcs conference, and CAL lost 4 games. You are all acting like CAL is Oklahoma. Canes win, jacory gets a strangle hold on the position, and nix gives coop the ball 20 plus times. Have faith my dear friends

Cal is by no means Oklahoma. You are acting like Miami is, well, Miami. And we are not. Our weaknesses are plenty and glaring. Cal is a good team, with a great offensive mind in Jeff Tedford. Miami is in big trouble.

EXCLUSIVE: Canes land five star OL
Matt Shodell
CaneSport.com Managing Editor

Talk about it in The Storm Center
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Former Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military Academy OT Jermaine Johnson was listed as an Auburn commitment before a weekend official visit to UM.

He's still a commitment.

But not to Auburn.

Johnson has pulled the trigger and committed to Miami.

"I told coaches I'm committed," Johnson said. "They're happy for me. It's 100 percent done. I can't see myself at Auburn anymore. Miami, that's my home now."

Johnson committed to coaches Randy Shannon and Jeff Stoutland over the phone.

"Coach Shannon, he said he's happy to have me, that he was trying to get me all along," Johnson said. "And coach Stoutland, he's real excited because he's been recruiting me for two years."

Johnson says he decided to commit today because "When I went to sleep last night I couldn't sleep because Miami was on my mind. I'm really feeling Miami. The coaches have been real with me."

Johnson has come a long way on the football field in a short amount of time. He thought he would be a basketball player coming out of high school, but he put on a lot of weight as a junior and Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas coach George Smith convinced him to give football a try.

In just one year playing the sport Johnson was rated a three-star prospect after playing both ways on the line.

He didn't qualify out of high school and attended Hargrave Prep. He sat out this fall without attending school while making a college decision.

He played offensive tackle in prep school last year, on both the left and right sides

Johnson is hoping to arrive at UM next month.

"If the Clearinghouse clears me I'll be there in January," he said. "Otherwise I'll retake the test and be there in the summer."

I have turned into an optimistic skeptic regarding the U. Skeptic in that I must see them do it on the field before I will believe they have a good team. Optimistic in feeling if the U can string enough top recruiting classes together, the affect will be to pack in good players, some great players and depth, that will eventually lead to a good or great team. It all comes down to when? The down side is notre dame keeps having good recruiting classes and still stinks. But the U has recruiting in s.fla. keep pounding there and the U will turn the corner.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "If the clearinghouse clears me . . . "


Thought U guys might want to know about this event. If U want to join us and get FREE tickets email me at host@canespace.com:

The UM athletic ticket office is officially designating January 21, 2009 as Canespace Day at The BankUnited Center as your Miami Hurricanes take on former UM head coach Leonard Hamilton and the FSU Seminoles.

This exciting ACC match-up will feature pre/post game gatherings at The Titanic, halftime recognition for Canespace during the game and the possibility of meeting current and former UM players, coaches and Athletic Department officials. U never know who might show up so we strongly recommend that U do!

some people are posting for fun and the love of the game...and some have agendas!
You figure it out.

Posted by: M.H. | December 13, 2008 at 07:35 PM


how the grinch stole Xmas
-- dr. seuss

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