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Courtside blog: UM 94, North Florida 41 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- Out here at the BUC where UM is taking on North Florida in the final game in 2008. As usual, I'll share thoughts and highlights as this one moves along.

> The top story today -- Jack McClinton not starting this game for the Canes. He was replaced in the starting lineup by freshman DeQuan Jones. Not sure what is up. But I'll ask.

> Nothing to get alarmed about I guess regarding McClinton. He came into the game with 16:52 left along with Brian Asbury. This could just be Frank Haith wanting to show the guys it doesn't matter who starts, something he talked about in his press conference Tuesday.

> This is some ugly basketball. Miami leads 11-3 with 11:58 left. The Canes have shot 2 for 12 from the field. North Florida finally got on the board with a three-pointer with 13:55 left. The Ospreys (2-8) have shot 12.5 percent from the field.

> So far, the best part of this game has been watching longtime message board poster Paul Burkhart miss a halfcourt shot during a timeout. Paul, a student, had an opportunity to win the Sweet 16 contest -- a suite at a game for him and his friends. His shot bounced just beyond the foul line and about three feet to left to the hoop.


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You've been busy, Manny...thanks for your effort and happy new year. really curious about jack, so please share whatever you can get. canes fans need a pick me up!

How's the BUC look Manny? I'd guess it's pretty empty, right? Any students?

Randy Shannon's New Year's Resolution:

Install a three quarterback system.

Happy New Year Manny. How do you think the basketball team will do in conference play?


What's the score now Manny? Do they look sluggish


Nix was not a 'cane. He wanted the Auburn job so bad he could taste it. I was hoping he got it! It would have been fun watching those rednecks "hang" him when he delivered the same garbage offense he brought to GT and UM!

Marve wanted to be a 'cane, but in the end he just could not get past his own demons (father/discipline/HS coach/etc.). I hope he gets it together and finds success somewhere. I think Randy is completely justified with his transfer restrictions.

If Marve and/or his handlers were already shopping his services before he left the team, then he is lucky that he was allowed to leave at all! Randy could have denied him a transfer to any D-1 school if he had wanted to.

Let's hope that Nix and Marve were honorable to The U in the end, given the opportunity that The U gave to them. If they were not, then maybe this is all just Bad Karma blowing up in their face.

On a final note, I think Randy is a stand up guy that recruits can trust. He is not going to give any free rides, and I would not want to be on his bad side if I messed up or if I was not loyal to The U!

Go 'canes!!

Happy New years Manny

Happy New Year Everybody!!


Xavier Nixon shining. Will choose between Miami, Florida, and LSU on Sat. Florida considered the strong favorite. Would be awesome if we defied the odds. He would be an anchor on the OL for years to come.


Damn, we need linemen.

Im online any links where i can watch or hear the game?

Shannon should modify the terms of the release to allow Marve to transfer to Alabama only since Marve wants to play in the SEC, then Marve, his dad and his coach can have fun dealing with Nick Saban.

Kudos to Manny... for the link to David Lee... someone get this to Randy!!!

Off the chain and give me room ...LOL

Was sniffing in coaching piles, looking for some magic find for an OC... Ran into stuff on Detroit and their search for the answer and talk of Bill Parcells came up as the magic bullet...

FYI for those who don't know... Dolphin's might be sold in Jan/February, which releases Parcells from his contract...

ESPN reported that Parcells can walk away from the Dolphins with his entire $12 million contract fully paid, no strings attached, if the Dolphins are sold. The Dolphins are expected to finalize a sale in January. So Parcells is about to become a free agent.

Which bring me back to a fascinating thought of getting The Miami Dolphins QB Coach David Lee and original creator of the Wild Cat formations started back in Arkansas and now being played by the Fins with great success

The connection... Lee played for Parcells/Dallas for 4 years As QB coach before transferring as OC Coach in 07, to Arkansas. In 08 Parcell brings him to the Dolphins and the rest is history!!!
History snip-its...
Lee returning to Arkansas to run offense
Associated Press

Updated: January 17, 2007, 8:19 PM ET
Parcells, the Cowboys' coach, said Lee will be an asset to the Razorbacks.

"While he has been with the Cowboys, he has helped all of our quarterbacks develop and grow," Parcells said in a statement provided by Arkansas. "I think he is an excellent teacher of fundamentals at the quarterback position and he has a solid grasp of how to develop an effective offensive philosophy with the talent that is available to him."

Lee worked with quarterbacks with the Cowboys, and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo helped the team to the playoffs this season. Lee was the quarterbacks and fullbacks coach during his first stint at Arkansas, and he was Nutt's quarterbacks coach in 2001 and 2002. Lee coached Razorbacks quarterback Matt Jones, who is now a receiver for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

"He can take a quarterback to where they can't go themselves," Nutt said of Lee.

Arkansas' offense has relied heavily on the run lately, so Lee hopes to bring more balance. He talked Wednesday about the different types of sets he might use.

"It's two backs, it's one back, it's no backs," Lee said. "It's multiple protections and pass concepts where the defense can't figure you out."

Arkansas, of course, has Heisman Trophy runner-up Darren McFadden at tailback -- and the Razorbacks also used him at quarterback a bit this season. Lee said McFadden and fellow 1,000-yard rusher Felix Jones will still be featured... but we all know what Mc Fadden did!!!

"I'm not stupid here," Lee said. "I'm going to feed the studs."

If team is for sale and Parcells leaves...
Who knows what opportunities are there, just for the taking!!! ... Cat

Most recent on Lee

Everyone needs to relax....

The fact that this is going on goes to show that we actually have some talent. If you look at other big time programs USC, Florida, Texas, etc., players transfer out all the time and usually the players that transfer out dont have much or any success at all where ever they end up. The players that stay were the ones that were going to start anyways.

The other coaching staff (Coker) just wanted everyone to be happy which is impossible in any sport. You have to have competition!

I played division 1 college sports which I bet 90% of bloggers here and media members have not. Heres a shocker, Not all players on their teams love there coach, this is normal. Coaches cant please everyone this is normal!!!

Pete Caroll, Urban Meyer, Mack Brown, even Turtle Thomas over recruits and continue to do so because you have to. It just so happens that most of the players that realize they werent going to play anyways just transfer without crying through the media while showing no class. Like Robert.

I still believe in Shannon because he can recruit, he is continuing to learn from his mistakes, and that fact that he fired Nix so fast just made my year. I know he will not hire someone like Nix again and he will not take recruiting and getting good coaches for granted again!

Mike Martz for OC!

David Lee...30 years of experience and beat Florida back in the day... Coached Pro and College. Has been a HC, OC and excels at QB coaching. Knows Offense and has game... Lastly, he is sitting there, waiting for the right opportunity!

It doesn't get any better!

BTJMO... Cat

OH... and lets not forget his connection to The Miami Dolphin's Players and tutelage to follow... right in our own back yard!!!

Give me a C.A.N.E.S.

Same stadium, same connection to the best football team... Go Dolphins!

I'm OUT... Happy New Year!

Manny doesn't respect me. My dad is irate. I hereby demand a release from this blog.

Nemo...U can transfer to another blog but only one that does not cover the Canes.

. . . an UNCONDITIONAL release!

. . . or else I'll bad mouth Manny on some SEC team blogs!

. . . I'm not feeling the love. I just can't blog for Manny any more. His rules are much too rigid!

Manny, I want to wish you and all the bloggers on here a much better year than 2008. It's not often that I blog, however I do read often. I want to thank you for doing such a tremendous job of keeping us connected with the U family (basketball, baseball and football). I hope you continue to get creative so you can keep satisfying our hunger for Canes Football news in the off season.

I know this is a Basketball blog, but I've got to say something about the Robert Marve situation.

First of all, I feel that many of the fans/bloggers were too harsh on him. He's a kid and I don't think anyone would want their children to be talked about in the same light. Please keep that in mind guys when talking about an 18 or 19yr old college kid.

Secondly, I think this whole Robert Marve thing is blown out of proportion. Robert and his family could have handled the situation much more differently. I don't know what was said behind closed doors, but it clearly did not please Randy.

I also think that Randy's restrictions are a bit too restricted. Regardless of what the parents may have said to provoke Randy, I think Robert should NOT be penalized for his family's action/reaction.

Randy if you are reading this, please remove some of the restrictions on Marve's condition. He's still a kid, please treat him accordingly. I know parents can be difficult to deal with at times, but please let the cooler head prevail.

As for Tampa's Plant HC..... Man, get a life! You're just trying to get some media time... that's all. Tampa Plant is no powerhouse. I would worry if these comments came from schools in South Florida such as Northwestern.... until your school becomes a football powerhouse, keep your mouth shut and tuck your tail between your legs.

I also think that Randy's restrictions are a bit too restricted. Regardless of what the parents may have said to provoke Randy, I think Robert should NOT be penalized for his family's action/reaction.

Randy if you are reading this, please remove some of the restrictions on Marve's condition. He's still a kid, please treat him accordingly. I know parents can be difficult to deal with at times, but please let the cooler head prevail.

Posted by: canatic | January 01, 2009 at 12:31 PM

He was having ILLEGAL CONTACT with SEC schools while he was still on scholarship and PRACTICING with our team. Should this be condoned because you feel sorry for the kid? If Robert learned nothing else from his time at the U, it should be that have to be responsible when you break rules.


Cane fans speak out:

Shannon su ck s he isn’t HC material. Until we get rid of this dumb monkey the program will continue to suck. Vault that queers! A year from now after we finish another 7-6 or 8-5 type season and you see no improvement look this post up. This guy is a recluse who has no personality, he’s stupid can barely complete a sentence, that’s why he won’t talk to the media. because he can only reuse those same three phrases he always saya. And if he’s such a character guy and stand up guy why don’t you take the blame for once Shannon? You never here this coward saying it was my fault my players weren’t prepared and that’s on me as the HC. Someone show me a quote or a radio clip anything where this joke of a HC has ever taken responsibility. P h uck Shannon’s dumba z z, never wanted him to be HC and hopefully after our 09 campaign fails and it will he will be gone.


Let the kid the go to Florida...or wherever. They let Brock Berlin come to UM. It's not like he's taking our playbook with him, we'll have a whole new offense.

J Mac trasnsfering per Rivals. Was probably buried on the depth chart. Wonder what might have been had he not been in that car wreck last year. We're good at reciever and that's another scholly for this year. Good luck J Mac, you'll always be part of the Cane family!


Way to go Randy, now all your recruits are transfering. Who would want to come to Miami now.

Randy is no head coach. He has to go...now, or this year will be a waste, just like when Cocker fired his staff.
Who are you going to fire next Randy? You are the problem.

cane504 is a dumb a** gator fan! Who would want to come to Miami? A lot of great players!

Can't blame J Mac for transferring, he was buried way down on the depth chart. This team is probably run by the 2008 class anyway. Lots of 2007 recruits appear to be leaving.

Good luck to J Mac.

I am not surprised by the McKenzie transfer. Look at that the talented freshmen, plus the three (3) that didn't play this year. It is too crowded. I would rather have the Miami kids on the roster.

27 scholly openings

I found our football team!!!! Apparently they now play under the alias Trojans in Southern California..

What now! We are going to recruit 15 OL? Randy is a dum$%#. He is no head coach.

I miss the Good Old Days.

USC reminds me of us....the old Us.

Randy better get his act together.

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