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Courtside blog: Ohio State 73, UM 68 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- I'll be here to provide you with thoughts and highlights as the 21st-ranked Canes take on Ohio State tonight on national TV. Miami will be a man short at point guard with Eddie Rios suspended indefinitely. Look for Jack McClinton to spend a lot more time at the point. That could hurt this team tonight against a good Buckeyes zone defense.

Ohiostate> The Canes come out guns blazing. UM takes five three pointers and sinks three, going on a 9-0 run behind a Lance Hurdle 3 and back-to-back McClinton threes before OSU calls time out 15:55. Ohio State loves to play zone defense. Let's see if they keep it going.

> By the way, for the first time in a long time, every seat on media row has been taken. There has to be over 20 scouts here tonight to watch this game. Randy Shannon isn't one of them. But he's watching the game not too far from us. Maybe I should ask him about Patrick Nix.

> We've played four minutes since the last time out and each team has scored two points. Ohio State can't buy a basket. The Buckeyes have started 2 of 10 from the field.

> Got to give the student section some cred tonight. They've come with some creative taunts -- and it's not even ACC season yet. They keep taunting freshman B.J. Mullens shouting "BJ's ugly!"

> In probably the most strange play I've ever seen on a basketball court. Jack McClinton hits his fourth three-pointer of the game with 10:13 left in the first half to put UM up 19-7. Then, after review, he gets thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul (not sure if it was a slap or a punch because I couldn't see it from this angle). The Canes are now down two guards.

> The loss of McClinton has invigorated the Canes. After two OSU free throws and a three-pointer cut into Miami's lead 19-12, Miami responded with six straight points behind Dwayne Collins, James Dews and Brian Asbury.

> Freshman DeQuan Jones picked up his third foul with 5:33 left in the first half. That's going to leave Miami shorthanded at guard. Jones had been rotating Dews and Hurdle at guard to stay fresh. Tonight is the night this team's depth and mettle gets tested. No Jack McClinton and short-handed against a talented Buckeyes team.

> The Buckeyes trailed 36-22 at the start of the second half, but have come out determined here early and are doing a better job getting to the rim. They've opened with a 6-2 run to pull within 38-28 with 16:58 left.


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Eddie Rios = Denis Clemente?

fast & furious ... 11-2

Go Canes! Manny, how's the crowd?

Go Canes! Manny, how's the crowd?
Posted by: CAcane | December 02, 2008 at 07:12 PM

A: Not as good as it should be. A lot of students. Not enough fans. I'd say 4K

hey manny navarro, snap photos of the new practice facility ...


4K?!? Weak...but at least students are starting to show up -- maybe someday we'll develop a Cameron-like atmosphere with our own crazies.

McClinton is showing out on Nat TV...... The play by play guys are all over him...........wait a minute it looks like He swatted at a OSU player looks like he may be ejected!!!!!

Yep hes ouut here




Holy ShXX the crowd looks fired up i love it!!!!!!!!

united U stand ... 25-12

Time for the Canes to make a statement w/out McClinton. Maybe a DeQuan Jones breakout game?

Thug U rears its ugly (and typical) head yet again. McClinton's dirty, and he punches like my five-year-old niece. Senior leadership and maturity, right? Hope he gets his sorry thug self suspended. It's what you all deserve! Can't spell SCUM without UM!


Has Haith ever commented on McClinton's maturity? It seems to me that he loses his cool alot. Im guessing that wasnt a good thing in the eyes of the 20 or so scouts that are at the game, especially how today's professional athletes are getting in a ton of trouble.

Miami hater, youre gay. can't even represent your team. eat it.

What kind of fruitcake goes on to other team's blog and talks trash during a Dec out of coference weeknight basketball game? Finish out your solitaire game punk and let UM fans enjoy the game.

Miami is playing incredibly sloppy tonight. However, it is nice to see our team have more talent than the other team on the court.

The announcers will not drop the McClinton ejection.

You must have something better to do than watch Miami play and blog about it! Seriously you must be a miserable guy, if you dont like Miami why would you watch them play and be on a Miami blog? Nice life.

I guess it wouldn't be a Miami-Ohio State game without the refs trying to screw the Canes out of a victory....and someone tell Matta to quit crying already

love conquers all ... 36-22

Free throws not looking great...

Manny was it Hurdle or Jones that got the foul? Im watching the play by play on the net and it says Hurdle

We could easily be up by 30 pts now.

Who would you take in a free throw shooting contest? Shaq or Collins??????

One player suspended already; another player about to get suspended. Sounds to me like Frank Haith has lost control of the program! Who said the lawlessness is only confined to football around your parts? LOL! The University of Maim-i -- proudly producing criminals since whenever the hell you were founded. I'm done now. Enjoy your latest shameful team.

Yea im sure you dont want to watch us win without our best player and our backup point gaurd.

UM, Maurice Clarrett????

I apologize for writing all this trash on your blog guys. My computer crashed earlier today, and when I got it back up the level 60 wizard I created in World of Warcraft had been erased. My life is meaningless now.


World of Warcraft = gay

Now it all makes sense!

Quit projecting Jim. World of Warcraft is more awesome than a cherry snow cone.

i once met a sex offender trying to offer me a snow cone....

World of Warcraft is for preteens and lonely women. Real men play Counter-Strike.

Was he a sex offender before or after he met you?

I kid. I kid.

Miami players are dressing alike and flashing something that looks like a gang sign..

before and always

I've made up my mind. I'd rather have Shaq shooting free throws.

shaq makes half!

Typical... The OSU player swats the McClinton in the face, McClinton retaliates by doing the exact same thing, and only McClinton gets penalized/ejected.

he should know better though. players are gonna be after him all year now...

Thad Motta needs to chill out. If I was Haith, next practice, the team would be doing suiees and gassers for every free throw Collins missed.

It's always the player who retaliates who gets caught.

Although I'm a little confused how they missed the initial contact when they reviewed the footage. Seems to me if McClinton's foul warranted an ejected, so did OSU's.

im 6'4" and played ball. free throws are not that hard!


halftime f&%^ed up the momentum

Sloppy play coming home to roost now.


Manny- the OSU guy swiped first, so sayeth the ESPN suits...

Mc will be back for KY


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