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Courtside blog: Ohio State 73, UM 68 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- I'll be here to provide you with thoughts and highlights as the 21st-ranked Canes take on Ohio State tonight on national TV. Miami will be a man short at point guard with Eddie Rios suspended indefinitely. Look for Jack McClinton to spend a lot more time at the point. That could hurt this team tonight against a good Buckeyes zone defense.

Ohiostate> The Canes come out guns blazing. UM takes five three pointers and sinks three, going on a 9-0 run behind a Lance Hurdle 3 and back-to-back McClinton threes before OSU calls time out 15:55. Ohio State loves to play zone defense. Let's see if they keep it going.

> By the way, for the first time in a long time, every seat on media row has been taken. There has to be over 20 scouts here tonight to watch this game. Randy Shannon isn't one of them. But he's watching the game not too far from us. Maybe I should ask him about Patrick Nix.

> We've played four minutes since the last time out and each team has scored two points. Ohio State can't buy a basket. The Buckeyes have started 2 of 10 from the field.

> Got to give the student section some cred tonight. They've come with some creative taunts -- and it's not even ACC season yet. They keep taunting freshman B.J. Mullens shouting "BJ's ugly!"

> In probably the most strange play I've ever seen on a basketball court. Jack McClinton hits his fourth three-pointer of the game with 10:13 left in the first half to put UM up 19-7. Then, after review, he gets thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul (not sure if it was a slap or a punch because I couldn't see it from this angle). The Canes are now down two guards.

> The loss of McClinton has invigorated the Canes. After two OSU free throws and a three-pointer cut into Miami's lead 19-12, Miami responded with six straight points behind Dwayne Collins, James Dews and Brian Asbury.

> Freshman DeQuan Jones picked up his third foul with 5:33 left in the first half. That's going to leave Miami shorthanded at guard. Jones had been rotating Dews and Hurdle at guard to stay fresh. Tonight is the night this team's depth and mettle gets tested. No Jack McClinton and short-handed against a talented Buckeyes team.

> The Buckeyes trailed 36-22 at the start of the second half, but have come out determined here early and are doing a better job getting to the rim. They've opened with a 6-2 run to pull within 38-28 with 16:58 left.


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Haith needs to settle these boys down.

Wow...just an awful start to this half.


Oh. My. God.

hail Hurdle ... 43-35

im a season ticket football holder. anyone else wish dolphin stadium was like this atmosphere?

we can beat them with speed.

Dolphin Stadium is just too big for this team when they are mediocre. Plus the fact that the average fan has been priced out of decent tickets leads to crowds of 40,000 looking like 20,000.

If only there were a T Boone Pickens type alumni who could get a stadium built at Tropical Park.

Mc will be back for KY

Posted by: Dr.Dan | December 02, 2008 at 08:21 PM


No rhythm on offense now, and the defense isn't looking good. This looks like a completely different team.

why can't we get a 7+ footer?

constantine popa!!!!!!

It's amazing that Light hasn't been called for one block. I feel like we're getting jobbed by the refs a bit.

the ghost of terry porter ... 54-54

Im sorry Dews sux

pissed away a 14-point lead ... 54-57

We just look flat right now. Miami is giving this one away.

We can beat them on the inside...we suq at the perimeter.


Seriously, has one call gone Miami's way?

It doesnt matter which sport it is, the refs in a Miami v Ohio State game are in the bag for the Buckeyes.

whyis it so hard to give collins the ball?

Someone make a defensive play

or let them score 3. whatever.

freaking Dews.

Dews cannot even D up his guy. Get him out of there.

The way these kids are playing, I think Randy must have gave them a half time speech, looks like his motivational skills at work. Seriously can one team at this school please get a quality victory??????????

This would not be a quality victory. This is a very young Ohio State team that we should be beating by at least 20. We have given this away.

we need lance hurdle driving and dishing

a little D..

It's discouraging to think that this team is that dependent on Jack McClinton.

I think we are just cursed right now. No sport can put together something special. Maybe we should start following women's soccer? how are they? cute atleast?

I think Nix was working with our guys shooting technique during the half.

How about intra-mural coed flag football?

Yes, I totally agree with fouling their best player with 30 seconds to go.

Goodbye top 25

o jesus. what pathetic coaching

Ball game....Hurdle is a mongoloid, Shannon and Nix still need to be fired.

I know that we were still up big following the ejection, and I know that we missed a ton of free throws and looked just lost as hell in the second half, but let's face facts. No ejection = Miami win. Thanks to McClinton, we lost to the one school whose mere presence makes my skin crawl. I hate that school more than any other since the Fiasco Bowl, I've been waiting for a chance to get them again - in any sport - and then McClinton goes out and pulls that crap. And so, we lose, to that effing team, on national TV, in a statement game. And a statement was made - we're a one-man team, and that man has the maturity level of Veruca Salt. And now, right or wrong, the anti-Miami brigade has their ammunition. Honestly? For that immature selfish crap he pulled tonight, I'd kick McClinton off the team. I really would. Eff him. This season's already ruined.

dews is awful and asbury is garbage too. why would you ever suspend rios

I think Haith is a GREAT coach, but this is the first time in 4 years I can ever remember thinking he was thoroughly outcoached.

What a joke. I'm done with basketball until next season. I can't believe they fooled me into thinking they had a chance to win and wasting the last two hours of my life. They should Plexify McClinton: just bench him for the rest of the season. It's ruined anyway. We lost to a bunch of Freshman. Maybe Haith can run a football offense...

Our defense was bad because everyone was exhausted from the press and from the extended minutes. Our offense though suprised me. That was a Nix-esque offenes. Again, discouraging to see that we are so McClinton dependent.

Ray, benching's too good. I want his diploma retroactively revoked. We're a joke in basketball just like we are in everything else. I'm sure the ACC is thrilled every day that they invited us into their conference. To Ohio State. Of all teams. Honestly, I could've handled it against anyone else, but not those bastards. GOD!

McClinton cost U ...


I really don't know how the Cubs' fans do it...aaarrrgh!!!

why is miami doing so badly right now? it sucks.

Canesfan91, if you listen to everyone outside of the Miami fanbase, it's because we're a bunch of Godless drug-dealing murdering Communists who poop in the streets and don't speak English and generally hate America. McClinton, unfortunately, gave all these people a hell of a lot of ammunition tonight.

What embarrassing behavior from Jack McClinton. I would expect this from the football players or Thug U, but not from a Frank Haith coached player. He lost the game for his team, on top of it all of college basketball realized he hits like a GIRL!!!

Manny, how was attendance today? Looked empty on national stage...were you embarrassed being there? Let your bosses know so you don't have to cover that garbage anymore.

It sure is depressing to be a Canes fan of late. I am starting to wonder how Cubs fans do this year in and year our. Getting their hopes up and all only to be disappointed. I know it's only the 6th game of the year but I think this was a BAD, BAD, LOSS!!! The most disappointing thing about this game besides McClinton getting tossed was our defense. We gave up 51 points in the 20 minute 2nd half. They don't even do that in a 24 point point in the NBA for God sakes. Although the unforced turnovers were very frustrating. Not sure if we are ready for prime time yet after this game. Yeah we would have won if McClinton wasn't ejected but good teams find a way to hold on when leading by 14 at halftime. Or, if they are struggling on offense then they pick up the defense. Why we kept on shooting 3's when we should have forced it inside I have no idea and is another head scratcher.

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