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Jack McClinton will play Saturday at Kentucky

Jack McClinton's slap cost him and the 21st-ranked Miami Hurricanes dearly in Tuesday night's prime time showdown against Ohio State. But it will not cost McClinton or Miami any further repercussions.

Jack_mcclinton3The Atlantic Coast Conference reviewed tape of McClinton's slap of Ohio State guard Anthony Crater and determined Thursday UM's star guard did not use malicious intent when he grazed Crater's face with his fingertips. Therefore, McClinton will not be suspended an additional game and will be in the lineup when UM (4-2) plays at Kentucky (5-2) in another prime time ESPN showdown Saturday at 5:30.

Miami blew a 14-point halftime lead without its leading scorer Tuesday and struggled to protect the ball because it was short-handed at guard in the second half. Without McClinton and with backup point guard Eddie Rios suspended indefinitely for violating a team rule, Miami (4-2) had to rely on senior Lance Hurdle as its only ballhandler Tuesday.

Lance_hurdleHurdle played a career-high 37 minutes and led UM with 14 points. But Hurdle admitted he was gassed at the end. UM committed a season-high 18 turnovers and struggled mightily against Ohio State's full-court press. Tuesday was the first time in McClinton's career he drew a flagrant foul and the first time he had been ejected.

UM coach Frank Haith told ESPN Wednesday morning he was even more angered about the incident after he had a chance to see replays of it himself.

"After watching the tape I was disappointed and I felt that Jack reacted to being hit in the face,'' Haith told ESPN. "I was told by the official, Bryan Kersey, that [Crater] had bloodied his nose and that's why Jack was ejected. I never saw any blood. The kid stayed in the game. Jack was reacting to being hit in the face.''

Haith told ESPN he's concerned a future opponent could try to bait McClinton, who leads Miami in scoring with 15.2 points a game.

"Jack is a great kid and I don't see that being an issue with Jack, but I do worry how other teams may try to antagonize him, physically taunting him,'' Haith said. "Jack does have to be smarter and play with more composure. He's just got to play.''


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Good post, Manny. Oh, and FIRST!

Hopefully, with football, basketbal and baseball on the rise, UM will one year soon have a trifecta of national championships.

Sean Spense ACC defensive rookie of the year

Dorsey is gonna start on sunday for the Browns

McClinton is going to put up 40 on Saturday evening.

What's up ?....M

Basketball is great but still can't shake the football whooozzzz....

With Tubs leaving, need to watch nix shake and bake the Auburn Admin and if he does, I don't blame him... Way too many disgruntled fans and alumni to ever be accepted as a brother cane... Being a Auburn Alum, he will always be a favorite son to the board but it's all about timing and is he ready. In any event, we should know in about a week... as recruiting is here and now.

M and J.
I'm stuck... Having watched both QB's playing their hearts out for the U and we are no better off then the beginning of the year in deciding which is the better player... and that is a compliment to both titans, but in reality and in my opinion, it is a quagmire for the team and coaches... The old adage that you can't have two QB's is true, because it detracts from both in growth, player development, timing, flow, direction and identity... who's the leader? and if you don't know, then everybody suffer a little bit...

It's like having two wives, One who's a great cooks and the other is for pleasure. After a while they both feel unappreciated for what they bring to the table... as you just can't please them both.

Randy's position of just letting him run the team and run two QB's... is a dream in a perfect setting and yes we will get better next year with two, but the question is, would we be further along with just one.

If Randy were to take greed out of the equation and think what's best for both players and maybe the team, then one should be told to redshirt or take a backseat. Hate the thought of a transfer but maybe best for both players, in order to show their individual strengths to the NFL by 2012... if this should happen, he will be missed but not forgotten as the player that could have been.

Ohhhh, For my money, I'll take the cook!... LOL, as I can always close my eyes on a full stomach and smile for the other.

McClinton is going to put up 40 on Saturday evening.

Posted by: Troy | December 04, 2008 at 02:45 PM

McClinton will definitely get his, but he will not be putting up 40 points Saturday. This is an interesting game for me, because I am a UK basketball fan and a UM football fan. I follow UM basketball as well, but not like the football team. I'm not as diehard for the basketball team.

alright 40 is pushing it but he will put up 30

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