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Marve suspension likely last straw

GREENTREE PRACTICE FIELD -- Now we know why Robert Marve won't be playing in the Emerald Bowl. According to his father, he was suspended for showing up late for a class. We still haven't heard Randy Shannon's version of the story because they are still practicing.

But the question now becomes as we wait for Thursday's practice to end, what happens if Marve does come back in the spring?

Coach Randy Shannon made a commitment to Marve this season, naming him the starter "no matter what." But it's quite obvious the redshirt freshman hasn't shown the type of character becoming of a starting quarterback. This is suspension No. 2 in his first real season at the helm. How can Shannon honestly look at anybody on his team now in the face -- much less Jacory Harris -- and keep Marve as the starter next season, even if he wins the battle in the spring? If that's the case, why would Marve even bother coming back. I'm sold this was Marve's last straw at Miami and despite what his father is saying, likely the end of his career as a Hurricane.

Miami will go with Jacory Harris as the starter in the Emerald Bowl Dec. 27. If Harris goes down, UM would have to go with either Cannon Smith and Taylor Cook in an emergency situation. It would blow a redshirt obviously, but at this point what else can the Canes do? I'll let you know what Randy talks about after practice. Stay tuned.