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Marve's high school coach: 'He's frustrated'

ORLANDO -- Robert Marve had a sideline pass waiting for him at the Citrus Bowl Saturday. He never picked it up. But somewhere, the University of Miami's starting quarterback was watching his former high school team capture its second state championship in three years.

Robert_marve_4Saturday, after the Citrus Bowl cleared out I caught up with his former high school coach Robert Weiner, who has kept in close contact with Marve since he left Plant. Weiner said he speaks with Marve every day and said his former star quarterback spent two hours with him Friday breaking down film before Plant went out and beat Tallahassee Lincoln 34-14 a day later. While most of Friday's conversation was about the upcoming title game, Weiner said Marve expressed to his coach what's been troubling him lately at Miami.

"Robert's a competitor for sure and like anybody else he wants the job," Weiner said. "And that's part of [what's bothering him], but that's not the only part of it. It's just a matter of him trying to get the most out of his experience so he can help his team. And he's not always sure that's happening."

With rumors rampant about Marve possibly seeking a transfer, I asked Weiner if Marve had discussed Robert_marverobert_weinerleaving UM with him. "I do know he's frustrated, and that the situation he's in now, he's frustrated with," Weiner said. "You have to see what all your options are and things like that. Robert would be torn if [transferring] was really the situation because Robert is such a team guy. He's developed quite a bond with his teammates in Miami, so that would be a difficult situation for him for sure. But at the same time, just like all of us in any of our jobs, in anything we do, we have to evaluate our situation and then determine what's best for our situation."

Weiner said he, as well as Marve's family and friends, have been frustrated -- possibly more than Marve -- about how his suspensions and his playing time has been handled. When asked about Marve's relationship with UM coaches, this is what Weiner said: "The guy who recruited him, Joe Pannunzio, has a tremendous relationship with him. And continues to have a great relationship with [him]. And I know he works with Patrick Nix, who he works with day in and day out. I'm not sure of his relationship with Randy Shannon. The relationship with head coaches can be different in different places. Sometimes, they can be a player's coach and have good relationships with their kids and some head coaches don't have relationships with their kids at all. I'm not sure what Randy is. But I know Randy's relationship with Robert is not a buddy-buddy relationship."

Weiner said Plant has had a lot of recruiters stop by in the last three weeks. Although he didn't say any specifically inquired about Marve, he said he's sure "if [transferring] was something Robert wanted to pursue, he'd have some opportunities."

> As far as potential destinations, Weiner said Marve returning home to play at USF would likely "not be a possibility" because UM plays USF four out of the next five seasons. He also said Alabama, a place Marve was once committed to, no longer shares the relationship it had with Plant.

Orson_charles> As for another Plant-UM connection, tight end Orson Charles talked a little about his recruiting situation Saturday. "Basically, everybody is up there for me," Charles said. "I'm going to pray about it and talk to the people I care about it most with. [What happened with Robert] doesn't really affect me. It just keeps me guessing. I'm just going to talk to Marve and see what's going on. But everybody is still in it. We're going to go see from there."

Charles said he spoke to Marve Friday before the game, but didn't talk at all about college. Charles put up MVP-type numbers in Plant's 34-14 win, catching 6 passes for 132 yards and two touchdowns. He also made three tackles and recorded a sack.


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Troy, you have a point but what else can Randy do??? He spoke with Marve's parents after the season(obviously it had to be positive because Marve father said his son will not transfer)and he remained loyal to Marve in 11 games by giving him an opportunity to take control over the starter position.

You can't say Randy handled this situation poorly. We don't know whats going on behind close doors. I wanted Marve to start this year because at the beginning of the season he was better of the 2, but as the year progressed his decision making did not improve and although he started in some games his performances were not impressive and Harris outplayed him.

Marve had every opportunity to take advantage of the starting role. Personally, I don't think it will hurt the recruiting class. Everyone saw the games and Marve did not separate himself from Harris to shut up the critics. Recruits saw that, fans saw it and commentators. And another thing Orson Charles just transfered to Plant. I don't know him and I don't claim to know him but his relationship with Marve should have little affect on him, if anything we should worry about Murray influencing him to go to GA.

J.Harris lets get it...

I must be nuts!

With JH only getting 1/3rd of the snaps ... JH had more TD's and half, yes half, as many INT's and JH almost matches RM in passing YD's.

So, to project, if JH had played 100% of the snaps this season his numbers would project to 35 TD's - 18 INT's - 3000+ YD's and 129.5 eff. rating

With 100% of the snaps RM's numbers project to 12 TD's - 17 INT's - 1950 passing YD's and 107.2 eff. rating.

And JH didn't prove himself ... I must be nuts!

Let's look at leadership: JH and friends as high school Jr's were left without a coach for the spring and summer before their Sr yr, so what did they do ... they ran their own spring and summer practices. And won a second state championship in a row and a national championship to boot. That's a great story!

And what was RM doing? He was getting arrested!
For childishly vandalizing someones car.

Yea! . . . I must be nuts!

Look guys and gals these "girls", that have this love affair with RM, have shown that they have never played a down of football in their lives or - are UF and FSU fans in disguise that see the "recruiting writing" on the wall - or both.

It's funny, JH had the best drives against the gator, as well.

JH will earn it - the coaches will project his stats, look back his "classic come from behind drives", his calm under pressure, his leadership and they will recognize that he is a winner. And if RM stays great he'll be be an ok back up.

Look, JH should have taken over the starting job half way through the season - if not before. And if he had the Canes, at worse, would have only 3 losses. I think only 2 losses would have been possible.

Let's go Canes!

soooooooooooooooooooo tired of this drama.Robert,if U read this blog(which i really hope u don't or any other blog for that matter,athletes should stay away from these things,reading thses are never good for ya) i have some advice for U.Do not transfer,do not listen to people doggin U.i see great potential in U,but if U want to be a leader of this team,then act like one on the field(stop the costly mistakes) and off the field(keep studying ur school work,stop punching car windows out of anger,stop missing classes, and keep ur teammates up when things are down).if U want to play the position U are at,then realize the the burdon it comes with.hate to say it,but from what i've seen,jacory gets it and doesn't do things that will harm the team.so if U are really aboput this team then man up,grow up, keep competing, and start helping the team instead of hurting it.i think U'll be great if U learn from these mistakes and become the leader shannon saw in you in the first place.with that said, do whatever U think a good leader would do.


This is a very narrow look at Miami - I know and apologize. But it's better than nothing.

From what I can see, Miami runs a fairly similar offense to ours actually. They will use shotgun with 3 WRs. They will use the I-Formation (although I don't remember seeing them using the weak-I and strong-I such as us). They will go under center with 3 WRs which is something we do although less often in 2008 than in 2006 and 2007. They will trap run from the gun, and zone read from the gun. They screen like us. They end-around like us. They'll trick play double pass like us. They really look fairly similar to us on offense aside from the fact that they don't use 12 personnel as much as we do (2 WRs, 2 TEs, 1 RB) and don't appear to use the variety of I-formations as us. Their blocking schemes are different too.

Things we should really look out for:

(1) The scrambling QB. Jacory Harris is a guy who can scramble. He can get yards with his feet and create passing opportunities with his feet. Gregory will probably use the typical zone defenses to lock down the WRs and at the same time the zone defenders will act as spies on Harris. This seems to be Gregory's typical gameplan when it comes to facing mobile QBs in shotgun spread formations.

(2) The speed of the WRs. Miami's WRs are all pretty fast. Especially that little freshman dude, Travis Benjamin. Miami's WRs will get down the field quickly and thus the ball can come out quickly minimizing sacks.

(3) Travis Benjamin (speed WR). Miami looks to use him as we did with THA1 (Desean Jackson). They'll end-around to him. Use him as screen bait for double passes. He's their "impact player" (for you NCAA Football gamers out there). He's the "home-run threat" for you other cliche loving football fans out there. He'll be lined up at flanker almost exclusively and spread wide (not in the slot) to stretch the defense.

(4) Graig Cooper (runningback). He's a pretty fast guy. He's got a few moves, but for the most part he's a north-south runner. Cal can't get him lanes to blow through. Defense needs to plug the gaps and make him run east-west and use the sidelines as barriers. Probably want to defend the field from inside-out rather than outside-in because defending outside-in can give him cutback lanes to speed through which are more his style.

(5) Trick plays. In only two games of tape, we saw a few. We saw a fake-punt, double pass, and an eligible tackle play. I'm sure they'll run reverses since those are a natural progression from the end-arounds which they use. Cal will really have to stay sharp the entire game. No mental errors.

(6) Punt Returns. This, of all things, scares me the most. It scares me because Travis Benjamin is fast and elusive. He's Desean Jackson-esque. He'll score TDs on punt returns if our coverage isn't good. If cannon-leg Anger out-punts our coverage, we might be screwing ourselves. We might be better off directional punting the ball out of bounds if possible. I'd rather have Benjamin not touch the balls for punt returns. Should he return punts, look for him to take it to the open side of the field where he'll have space and can better utilize his speed.

And a few parting statistics to munch on:

Miami QB Jacory Harris: 60.8% completion rate, 10 TDs, 6 INTs. 3.92% INT percentage. 40 rush attempts with a 2.7 yard average per carry. A fair completion rate. While he is mobile, he doesn't seem to be utilized heavily as a dedicated and designed scrambler.

Miami RB Graig Cooper: 4.9 yards per rush. Only 159 carries on the season. Doesn't seem to be used heavily. Only about 13 rushes per game. Does have 24 receptions on the year and thus will get 2 catches per game on average (probably via screens).

No Miami WR has over 30 receptions this season. Thus, it appears as if there is no "go-to guy." All the WRs participate and get catches.

A few more final Notes:

Miami's QB is a freshman. Most of their starting WRs are freshman. This is a young team on offense. They seem to be having a bit of trouble on offense with all the youth despite all their speed. To wit: 5.1 yards per play on offense (77th in the nation). Compare: 5.8 yards per play on offense for Cal (30th in the nation).

They average a very nice 11.5 yards per punt return - which is very good. In comparison to the rest of the country, this puts them at 26th in the nation.

Battle of the defenses? Perhaps. Cal has the #8 defense in the nation for yards allowed per play (4.4 yards per play given up). Miami has the #24 defense in the nation for yards allowed per play (4.8 yards per play given up).

In short, Cal has the better offense. Both teams have good defenses although Cal's is better. Edge: Cal.

My homer prediction: Cal wins by 14-21 points.

My TwistNHook style prediction: Cal wins 2-1.

My real prediction: Cal wins by 10-14.

I wouldn't say RM had every opportunity to take over. There were games where he looked great his first two possessions and then Jacory would come in for his usual two series and Marve would never be the same the rest of the game. It is extremely hard to play QB when you have to constantly look over your shoulder. I agree that competition is the best thing when it comes to getting the most out of players. That is why we were so sucessful during the early 2000s. But the competition factor is different when you are talkking about QBs. Any other position, I think competition is great. But as a QB, your approach can alter your performance. You have to make game alterting decisions and when you are looking behind your shoulder that could easily affect your performance/mindset/decision making.

Have we become so QB starved at THE U that 9 TDs and 13 INTs have become defensible? On top of that "the player" has been suspended 2 times. Harris has outplayed and outleadered (don't think that's a word but it is today)Marve. As I stated earlier Harris deserves the same chance that Marve has had this season because he's earned it and Marve was too erratic both on and off the field.

He threw for four touchdowns as Miami rallied past Duke, two more scores to carry the Hurricanes out of a deficit at Virginia two weeks later, and after both of those games Harris was named the ACC's rookie of the week. Performances like those are part of the reason why Miami coach Randy Shannon doesn't have any reservations that Harris will be able to handle whatever Cal throws his way Saturday night.

"It's no different than what he did all season long," Shannon said. "He's going to be fine. He played all season long. Played in a lot of great games in tough situations."

Starting with that Duke game on Oct. 18, Harris has the 31st-highest passer rating of any quarterback in the country, among those with at least 15 attempts per game. Among ACC quarterbacks over that timespan, only North Carolina State's Russell Wilson was better, with a rating of 143.6 edging him past Harris' 141.8.

And unlike most backups — especially those a few months removed from high school — Harris has been received by teammates as a leader, too.

"Jacory Harris is a great quarterback," Farquharson said last week, on the day Marve's suspension and Harris' promotion to first-string were announced. "He had a great season this year. He's a smart guy. He's ice-cold in his veins. He plays well under pressure. He's a great guy."

Harris finished the regular season with a team-best 10 touchdown passes, one more than Marve. Harris also completed a higher percentage of his passes (60.8 to 54.5) than Marve, and threw an interception every 25.5 passes — compared to a one-every-16.4 clip by Marve.

Jacory Harris is the next Bernie Kosar/ Ken ÎDorsey. Cool, calm, surveys the field and a much better runner than either of those Cane QB legends.
He will be a Heisman candidate by his junior year, if not next, and is more likely to two peat than Timmy Teebow.

He's gotta be frustrated at himself and no one else. He hasn't shown that he has what it takes to be the only QB at UM, why would he be handed the job? Is he frustrated that Jacory had a much better TD/INT ratio?

Marve started every game that he didn't get himself suspended from, Marve always came back in the game except for 2 games in which Jacory had the hot hand and Marve has been given every shot to take the bull by the horns and showcase himself as promised when recruited.

Quite frankly, Marve is who I would have liked to see as the starting QB for the Canes. However, his play on the field and off has dictated his situation. Had he performed better in both arenas, he would likely not be having these issues.

Man up Marve, play like a winner.

Cal is going to lay a beating on us, we can't hang with their run game and we can't light up the scoreboard. Another building year coming up in 2009.

Yeah, Jacory Harris won the starting job....that's why there are so many people on here who want Marve to stay. A hail-mary against Virgina and a good game against Duke doesn't mean you're the dominant QB. I like the kid, but he's not exactly Joe Montana now.

you should be slapped. your a sellout. marve sucks and that isnt even debatable anymore. we gonna kick the shat out of cal.
canes 41
bears 17

you should be slapped. your a sellout. marve sucks and that isnt even debatable anymore. we gonna kick the shat out of cal.
canes 41
bears 17

Posted by: canethang | December 24, 2008 at 09:59 AM

FINALLY---- alot of U guys r acting like we R playing oklahoma. 1st , the ACC HAS 10 bowl teams 2nd, in 11 0f our 12 games, with freshman, we were winning or within 1 score in the 4th . Do you know how good that is? inc the Gators. The only game was g tech, which blew away UGA the next week. The canes win, have better talent, and shut down cal. jacory wins it with a great game. Give coop the ball

Like life , football is a game of oppurtunities. Marve had plenty to solidify the QB position. Quite frankly he hasn't produced. On the other hand Harris is by far a better passer and since Miami's offensive scheme is to hand off and use play action pass in the ( pocket ) Marve has no concept of staying in the pocket , he's always lookin' to run , Harris is more a "Pro type" pocket pin point passer. He should have been starting from the time he stepped foot on campus. Shannon ( whom i trust will turn it around ) will be 2nd guessing himself after Harris wins the "Emerald City Bowl MVP"

What game did you see that makes you think we can shut down anyone's running game?

Orange and green colored glasses...if we win it will be in a close game. I'm a Cane fan too, but I've seen enough of this team to realize that believing we are going to win just makes gets me frustrated in the end.


I sold out???? We are a poorly coached team....check the highlight of any game we've played this year. We can't block, tackle, catch, etc....

Talented players, yes....a good team, not quite. Maybe one day, but fool yourself into thinking we have arrived.

marves incompetence is what made our offense look so bad all the time which led to the defense staying on the field to long.

2008 JACORY will calmly dismantle CALs defense.
2009 we take the ACC CHAMPIONSHIP

your not a fan of the U. your a marve fan and you would like nothing better than randy and jacory to lose and look bad. so you and reed and gacane can say ( i told you marve is the future).

i think getting rid of this cancer (marve) will be good for our TEAM. the team is already JACORYS , the players respect him.

canes will stomp cal.

Marve sounds like you are still needing to be breast fed. Go back to Plant City and play high school football since your high school coach has all the answers and no professional guidance for you. Leaders conduct themselves like leaders both on and off the field. Carry your ass to class and practice and stop whinning like a pre-k kid. Your parents need to step in and talk with you IF they can. From all accounts seems as though they are upset to, is it because their little boy hasn't grown up and its a reflection of them. It's not like you put HEISMAN numbers.

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