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McClinton apologizes, Rios returns

The Miami Hurricanes basketball team had a tough night Tuesday. But things are looking up and now it appears the 21st-ranked Canes will be at full strength when they travel to Kentucky Saturday.

McclintonThursday morning, the ACC decided it would not take further action against Jack McClinton for his slap of Ohio State guard Anthony Crater, passing on a possible one-game suspension. Then, moments ago, UM sports information director Margaret Belch confirmed point Eddie Rios, who was suspended indefinitely on Tuesday for violating a team rule, will also be back with the team on Saturday.

Miami obviously struggled without both of them against Ohio State. With only one primary ballhandler in Lance Hurdle, UM had a season-high 18 turnovers. McClinton met with the media an hour ago and BankUnited Center and apologized for his actions.

"It definitely was a mistake on my part," said McClinton, who watched his team blow a 14-point lead to Ohio State without him in a 73-68 loss.
"I should have been the bigger person. I know I made a mistake. I just want to apologize to the Miami fans, my teammates and everybody came out to support us or watch us or watch me. I made a wrong decision and I have to learn from it.

"I'm a competitor. That's was definitely not me. I'm passionate about basketball. I love to play basketball and I would never do anything to put myself in jeopardy or my team in jeopardy and it was just a bad reaction on my part. It happens all the time. But you have to stay composed. I think the best ones do that. And you have to stay composed."

UM coach Frank Haith, who was angered when he reviewed the tape that Crater also did not face some sort of penalty from the refs, supported his star guard.

"It's very uncharacteristic of Jack," Haith said. "I know Jack feels really bad about what happened. Jack has handled it with his teammates, he knows his actions hurt us. I think Jack's situation and what happened was reactionary. It's not an indication of what Jack is.

Frank_haith"You look back at Jack's career here at Miami, he even hasn't had a technical foul. I don't know how its been viewed because I don't watch much TV in terms of the situation and whether all the facts were put out there. I just want to make one thing clear and nobody knows Jack better as a person than I do, there were things that went on in that game that led to up to Jack's situation. But obviously Jack knows what he did was not right and as we move further on Jack will know there will be other situations where he may be antagonized or people being physical with him. That's going to happen and you got to have better composure than that."

As for Rios, Haith admitted Miami certainly could have used him on Tuesday night.

"Eddie is a guy that can definitely help us when Eddie's right mentally," Haith said. "Ball handling is such a key ingredient to having success. Eddie is definitely a ball handler we didn't the other night and it showed not having Jack or Eddie against their 2-2-1 press. When you have good teams, you have good ball handlers. We're going to need it on Saturday."

Here's the link to the full press conference from this afternoon.


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Any word on why Rios was suspended in the first place?

Any word on why Rios was suspended in the first place? Posted by: Ray Liotta | December 04, 2008 at 03:42 PM

A: Nothing serious from what I've heard. Nothing involving police or him getting in trouble. From what I gathered it might have been for showing up late (or not at all) for practice.


Is Bryan Kersey an ACC or Big 10 official?

Manny, Is Bryan Kersey an ACC or Big 10 official? Posted by: emgee | December 04, 2008 at 03:47 PM
Looks like he's an ACC guy. Here's an interesting link I found Kersey. http://statsheet.com/mcb/referees/bryan-kersey

Hello Commissioner Swofford? This is Kirby Holcutt at UM. You owe our kid a big apology!

Hey Manny...can we get a recruiting update for football and basketball - like who we're targeting and how solid some of these commits are, especially Bryce Brown?

Thanks man, I appreciate your work.

glad to see that we will have jack for the Uk game. also glad to see eddie coming back & hopefUlly he can get his head on straight, not only for oUr team and season, bUt most importantly for eddie. GO CANES!!!!!

Manny, Where do we stand with john wall and his recrUitment?? also, any trUth to the rUmor going aroUnd aboUt Marve transferring to lsU??

Thanks Manny and as always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

It was very frustrating watching that game. You've got to figure McClinton is good enough for 6 extra points and the win (we lost by 5 right?), but more importantly he would have halted that surge by OSU by finding some composure under pressure. It's a shame.

Here's hoping they play with a BIG chip on their shoulders against Kentucky and show the world how we really play. It's a tough follow-up to Tuesday though.

Marve is looking at transferring right now. He has USF and LSU at the top of his list. Would be another big blow to the Shannon coaching era. He is trying to do damage control now. Shannon definitely does not want Marve to transfer.

A Kentucky radio station poked fun at McClinton by comparing him to Dave Chappelle's "Rick James" character.

from shandel...SS


If marve does transfer and this is new to me I believe he will fit perfectly in the USF system he can excell there because him and grothe remind me of each other and grothe is king and close to leaving but marve does have a big edge on him

Are those rumors about Marve true?

If he does decide to transfer he has nobody to blame but himself. Nobody tells him to roll out, throw across his body into triple coverage.

All Marve had to do is not throw int's and Jacory would have not replaced him.

Robert Marve has thrown his way out of games plain and simple.

To me Marve is a mixture of both Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman

I am with Jacory!

hey realisst don't let my boy cj see that posting he loves marve by the way cj where are u


some LSU fans talking about it too. More and more people are finding out he is seriously considering it, meanwhile Manny is watching UM basketball. LOL

dhcane, CJ and whoever else is a Marve supporter,

You cant tell me Marve hasnt thrown his way out of games. If he was a stud he would not be pulled out of games plain and simple.

Lets also not forget he is really a sophmore not a true freshman, Kyle Wrights sophmore stats were heisman stats next to Marve's.

I truly believe either you got it or you dont, look at Jimmy Clausen at Notre Dame he just doesnt have it, Bradford from Oklahoma has it, Tebow has it, Stafford has it.

We cannot continue to support average players unless we want to go 7-5 every year.

Word on the street is receiver Aldarius Johnson didn't make the trip for the N.C. State game because he was late to a team meeting.
-- shandel richardson

competing with one hand tied behind our back …


I notice you post on the Herald blog, too.

Posted by: Shandel Richardson | December 04, 2008 at 07:45 PM

ya never know who reads Eye on the U …


Rios missed 1/2 of practice and was susupended indefinitely thats
worst than plaxico burress or michael vick or even ron artest.that coach must not like the kid!!!

Canesfans...here's a great story on Andre Johnson:


I would hate to see Marve go but...

If the only way we keep Marve at Miami is to play both QB's, then he has to go! Jacory certainly had his freshman moments, but he looked much more poised under center than Marve. I know a lot of fans would disagree, but that's my opinion!

With that said, I think Marve would be a fantastic fit at USF! It's his hometown, Grothe is coming back for his senior year, so Marve can learn the system while he sits out a year, and why would anyone want to play for Les Miles?????

I hope Marve stays, but again, I only want ONE QB to start next year!! If it were my choice, I would start Jacory.

Go 'canes!

qwack qwack I got Ur back .

lame ?

c U n 2 years

It's a rumor, remember it is a rumor.

Suggest to treat rumors like fiction until proven.

Tis the season of rumors... I found 3 boards yesterday on Nix alone... all talking the same rumor... It's interesting to think about the what-ifs as true but to comment about the ifs as fact is damaging to all concerned, if the rumors are false and the players/coaches stay.

So, it's better to read it and say nothing

glad jack will be ready to go satUrday and glad eddie's back - GO CANES BASEKETBALL!!!!!

marve - like i said earlier if he wants to go then sign the papers and let him go.

i woUld jUst like to say congrats to oUr CANES volleyball team - best record (26-6) in 4-5 years and its a dam shame that they were not selected to participate in the ncaa toUrnament. great job ladies and as always
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think Miami will let Marve go to USF. We play them the next 5 years. He'll probalbly end up at LSU.

Whoever it was that said Marve reminds them of a mixture of Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman knows absolutely nothing about football. And do you remember Colt McCoy his redshirt freshmen year at Texas? He made the same mistakes as Marve and they are similar talents and where is Colt McCoy now??

Hey Manny,

Why do you think Miami has not offered Steven Jacques yet?

The best thing would be for Jacory to redshirt and let Marve run the offense next year. You guys are clowns if u don't think this guy isn't talented and can't lead this team to victories. I can't count how many games recievers were dropping Marve passes early and often. How many times was he taken out after having a good series and not able to follow up on that momentum? tons of times. Jacory should be patient and it'll pay off. Those of u calling for Marve to transfer must not care about this program. What if he does and Jacory gets injured or doesn't pan out to be the next Ken Dorsey like a lot of u think? Then what?

Troy you are comparing Marve to Colt McCoy? Wow, you must be a genius.

I am sure you were the one saying it was freshman mistakes when Kyle Wright was a junior and senior

All I hear are excuses.

Manny, i love your work and always follow Eye on the U, but i have to say i think you were a little hard on Rios after his suspension. You said u thought it was the end of his career at the U and that he's done very little. This is his second year and it's not like they give him tons of playing time. I thought he played good the first game with Hurdle out but didn't hear anything after that. Is there something going on behind the scenes we don't know about?



Troy you are comparing Marve to Colt McCoy? Wow, you must be a genius.

I am sure you were the one saying it was freshman mistakes when Kyle Wright was a junior and senior

All I hear are excuses.

Posted by: A Realisst


Free OJ

No A Realist....I never liked Kyle Wright. In fact, I couldn't stand Kyle Wright. I never liked him, he never had "it". Marve has "it". You can laugh all you want and think I am wrong, but he has the tools and he is a winner. The sad thing is that he is a gun slinger and our coaches are more conservative than Sarah Palin. They try to make him a game manager when he is not. This throws him off and he is scared to make plays.

Guys, guys... it's a rumor no more, no less and you're talk'n like he's going... get a grip

u know I'm with realisst on this one what are u guys watching first u guys say marve has colt talent then u say he is a gunslinger but doesn't know how to manage a game that's plain out stupid qb is a position where u need to know how to manage a game we might as well put a olinemen with a strong arm at qb then we might as well also get rid of all our recievers olinemen tight ends and running backs because u marve fans have blamed all these guys for his mistakes dropped passes doesn't = ints and bad choices this guy made all season he had a chance and more playing time than Harris and didn't to anything beside when colt was at his point I never saw his team drop out the top 25 as for looking over his shoulder that is what sports is about COMPETITION if ur doing ur job u won't have to worry about nothing besides if it was fair and the battle was that close in the off season shouldn't Harris have had a chance to start when marve screwed up

Both UM QB's stink ! Randy S stinks and team quit at end of year just like last year !
UM football is a disgrace now ! Give Randy next year and then hire a real coach !!

This is funny that all. To drunk to make meaningful comments. LOL Start Jack Daniels that Chase's lil brother

Ay manny,

My friend just called me from the northwestern vs killan game and told me that lamar miller got hurt. Is there any truth to that and if it is, then is it serious.

thank U

What's the score from the game Northwestern and Killian ?

Good video from the Northwestern vs Central game. You can see J. Harris on the side line wearing a sling on his R. arm. In the video before, you can see Todd Chandler commiting to the U.


1miamifan, you can check the score if you go here.


Thanks Norm, but my nephew text me the score, The West 40 Killian 15.

Just a litte up date from Shandel. The high school coach must be on crack.


This is just too funny. For a minute, I thought it was just another gayturd player getting in trouble.


Yo DhCane I'm right here! Isn't it funny that a blog title about basketball gets turned to Football quicker than it took McCain to get defeated by Obama? Manny nobody cares about basketball until football is over with and then all we are concerned about is who we are getting in football recruiting. Look guys I am first and foremost a Miami Hurricane football supporter. Now about this QB thing, the last thing we want is for Marve to transfer and get into a good offensive system. I support both guys Marve and Harris as well as Cook and Smith. The thing that I see in Marve besides his physical skills is the fact that the kid like the earlier blogger stated is Marve is mentally tough also. He has had to look over his shoulder the whole year knowing Harris is the hometown kid and everytime he has started well the coaches would take him out and insert Jacory. If it wasn't that the receivers as I've said before were dropping his passes that hit them right in the hands Marves stats and our wins would be bigger than what they are. Bottom line with a line that pass blocks like a bunch of manikans Marve has had no time to throw and the offensive play calls along with the receivers at this time in their careers have not been what Colt McCoy had as a freshman. Remember McCoy had a good line, a good offensive playcaller, not to mention the receivers were veterans as well. As well as the fact that McCoy did not flourish until they kept him in and let Jeven Snead sit so McCoy did not have to look over his shoulder. You know it and so do I. Next year Jacory needs to redshirt and if he and his dad choose to transfer than so be it. Taylor Cook will be ready and waiting in line to be the back up and he was a better prospect than Harris anyway. The only reason he isn't the backup now is Jacory came in January and Cook came to Miami in August.

CJ, if Cook is all that, then why he didn't get any playing time? Marve played just as much as Harris. You have to admit and be honest with yourself. Marve played poorly, that gave Harris some playing time. Harris played poorly too. Both QB's helped us win some games. We don't have the experience at Qb yet. It's getting there. So you redshirt Harris, and you plug in Cook.

1Miamifan, how's it going dude. The reason Cook did not get any playing time is like I said earlier he came to Miami in August. By that time Harris had been there since January and Marve was already there. Shannon himself said that Cook was too far behind as far as playbook knowledge in comparison to Marve and Harris and Smith for that matter. If they all started at the same time in the spring and had equal opportunity there is no doubt that Cook would most likely be the starter. And as far as next year that is an infatic Yes I would redshirt Jacory, let him gain some strength and let Cook gain some experience and by that time you have a Junior and two sophomores with experience. That is unless Harris or Cook beat out Marve next spring. As far as how both young QBs have played, they have done and made mistakes that I'd expect two first year players to make behind that line of ours. I wouldn't say they have played poorly rather I'd say they have had their share of growing pains and are realizing there is a big difference between playing high school and playing on a D1 team against D1 defenses. And I agree with you completely that they both have helped us win some games and the experience or lack there of yes we are getting there. It's just going to take time and patience and hey in 2000 when Dorsey choked up there in Washington non of us believed thought he would lead us to all those wins. So who knows what we'll get in the future. Sure can't be worse than Freeman last year.

Who is this gaturd clown suggesting we go to the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Bowl ? It is my understanding that DuhU has a “silent” with the Goober Grape Peanut Butter and Jelly Bowl. We can’t wait to see more stars born in this smash mouth bowl game. Whatever fierce rival UM faces it will be a battle for the ages.

Shannon has been busy putting together this game plan:

finalize plan to ensure complete mismanagement of time outs.
-polish up on post-game behavioral gaffes - ie..sore losing, throwing players under bus, acting reserved and stoic to disguise that I have no clue what is happening with my offense

plan to not plan for opponent. Staff rated all-world in this category for Georgia Tech week, It’s beyond bad at this point, it’s go back to square one and work on fundamentals. Calling this team disorganized is a compliment.

stress importance poor tacking

work on arm tackling fundamentals

have players work with coaches and teach UM’s undersized defensive players how to “go in soft” when attempting to tackle larger players, watch 07 & 08 tapes of UF/FSU and study FSU players techniques on how to not get hurt while getting crushed by Tebow, Noles secondary rated “champions” in this area

-remember that even though “we playing alot of freshmens” it’s still ALL ABOUT THE U, punch em in the mouth, swagger ( we can’t understand why the moniker “thug U” followed us even though we invented it and aligned ourselves with valueless hip hop trash for the better part of 20 years

-plan for big picture- ACC championship in 09, National Championship in 10 ( update: cane fan spent entire 08 summer calling for massive improvement in 08 and a run at the “chip” in 09 but has since postponed to 2010 for obvious reasons, stay tuned for further changes)

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