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Nix fired, wanted to open offense up

The Miami Hurricanes have parted ways with offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Really, that's not much of a surprise. The bigger surprise -- what he told our Susan Miller Degnan after she, Barry Jackson and I spent the day trying to hunt him down.

Patricknix100_64Nix said he and Shannon split because of philosophical differences. "I wanted to be a little bit more wide open - no-huddle, spread out, go for it. And he wanted to be more two-back, conservative. It was a fine line in trying to balance the two. And not that one is better than the other, its just a different philosophy."

For most of Canes nation this may be seen as a relief -- especially after the way Miami's offense sputtered in the final two minutes of the Emerald Bowl. All season long, fans ripped into Nix for leading an offense which finished 89th in the country in total yardage despite finishing 3rd in the ACC in scoring at 24 points per game.

Jacory_harrisMonday afternoon I spoke with the father of quarterback Jacory Harris, who told me after relaying the rumors to his son that Nix was likely out that Jacory "sounded very disappointed." "He said he felt real bad for Coach Nix, but he understands this is all part of what big time football is about," Rodney Harris said. "He's always had a great relationship with Coach Nix, been to his house. He's always felt like he was a great guy."

The irony is if Nix's part of the story in relation to what he wanted with this offense is true, then Jacory Harris is not going to be happy with Nix leaving and Shannon staying. "I know the one thing Jacory would like to see with whoever the new coordinator is, is someone who will open up the offense a bit more. Jacory likes to open it up, throw the football. He wants to attack."

> Today's news is likely just the beginning of the changes. Several sources I spoke with this afternoon told me more changes are expected with other assistant coaches in the near future.

Robert_marve> I also consider today's Nix announcement the last straw for quarterback Robert Marve, who has been considering transferring for weeks. Nix and Marve were obviously close.


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Num1canesfan...I'm in Texas and it's not like all of the Texas schools and OU are getting equal numbers of select talent. UT, OU, and sometimes LSU get the prime players from the state. Texas Tech and Texas A&M fight for the next tier. And then there's the third tier, going to Baylor, TCU, Houston.

Yes, there's a lot of talent, but the top players have been predominantly going to UT and OU for about a decade now.

The Stupidcanes are probably one of the worst teams in college ball. They should be no better than 3-9 next year.
They didn't deserve to be on the same field with Cal.

Posted by: Canejuice | December 29, 2008 at 10:52 PM

Dumbest post on here.

Oklahoma alone has more then Florida nad FSU!

Yeah Tony and the same thing goes on here! The top guys go to UF, FSU or Miami! It's that way everywhere! The top schools with winning traditions get the best players!


Shhhhhhhsh...I think I hear F$U and Gayturds, laughing..

The others have been historically winning programs!

Posted by: Num1canesfan | December 29, 2008 at 10:53 PM

TCU- 545–509–57 (.517)
Texas Tech- 502–388–32 (.564)
"TEAXAS A&M"- 659–433–48 (0.599)

Florida- 618–368–40 (.622)
FSU- 450–215–17 (.677)


And as far as this year goes Rivals and Scout are not giving a lot of respect to South Florida talent! No recruit coming out of SF in the top 25 nationally! Just another reason that we have to do a better job outside of SF.

Back again to confirm what I predicted on this very blog before Randy fired our DC last year. He will eventually run out of scapegoats.......


Hey DAU isn't above .500 a winning program? Maybe you should change your name to DUH! Why don't you add Texas, Oklahoma and OS to that list as I stated! Isn't it past your bedtime anyway!

There you have it, in two seasons RS has now fired a DC and now his OC. If memory serves correct one of the fundamental problems why Wright had difficulty developing was he went through several different OCs. I feel bad for Jacory and Marve.

So now the question is who's out there? Some bright person above said bring back Coker? Do you really see the guy coming back to be his former DC's understudy? You really think Chud wants this mess and impossible expectations? Fuggetaboutit.

Congratulations Randy, you just made sure that if you don't go at least 8-4 next year with a bowl win to boot you're gone.

As the cliche goes, "Careful what you wish for because you might just get it!"


I graduated from UM and have been a Cane fan for over 35 years.

My perspectives are:

(1) Freshman need to develop, GIVE them some time.
(2) We need top level OL immediately.
(3) We need a more creative Offensive Coordinator; Nix does't cut it!
(4) The Canes desperately need to put a 2-minute strategy together, then practice, practice, and practice some more, only then does it become routine. We cannot afford the kind of time mismanagement that occurred against UC on Saturday.
(5) We DESPERATELY need to have a great DB class this year!
(6) Marcus Forston needs help, he can't go at it alone! Get some TOP LEVEL DTs in this class.
(7) We need coaches that actually develop/coach our young athletes to 5 STAR levels. I don't think we have those coaches at this time. THIS IS CRITICAL!
(8) I do think that Randy Shannon is a top level recruiter (definitely in the top 5% in the nation); though (much as I hate to say it!) not a Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer, or Nick Saban.
(9) The Canes need to be more risk takers, overachievers, and creative with their offense. There is no excuse! Look at what the Miami Dolphins did what what little they had! I believe that part of the reason is team cohesiveness, players believing in themselves, good coaches/teachers, and a relentless drive to succeed, no matter what!
(10) I propose that we give Randy and most of the coaching crew another chance (I don't know about Nix!!), but desperately need to have a top 5-10 recruiting class this year. This year's TOP NEEDS are: Offensive Linemen, Defensive Backs, one TOP LEVEL Tight End, one or two Defensive Tackles, and for Arthur Brown to become the type of LB that I KNOW we all believe he can be! Finally I also would love to have Arthur's brother Bryce become a Cane.

...BUT please coaches, let's IMMEDIATELY start developing your players! Who knows how many Sam Bradford's (3 stars) we may have in our current (in-house) players. It's great to see the blossoming of our youngsters into STARS, and then becoming the top level program we once were!!!!

I am optimistic, I believe that we're only 1-2 years away!!

this sets us back a year..

this sets us back a year..

Bull shi*!!!

It means nothing!

To Herbal Minded aka HM ,

Thats no joke. He was brought in to be Randy Shannon's assistant in a non-coaching role. Randy knew this season would be a test for the years to come so he started Marve to perpatrate a transfer for JaCory which Tim Harris coached when he played optimist football and Shannon knew the offense would fail, Nix would be fired and he already had his guy in waiting for the position. You think im joking but this is no joke. talk withcoach everyday. Mcnairuser is no clueless fan!!!

New coach...young players, different philosophy, different playbook...yeah, we won't miss a beat.

this sets us back a year..

Posted by: M.H. | December 29, 2008 at 11:17 PM

Not exactly, I was at a school that went from the option to the spread and won 11 games. If the new OC is full of energy and the new offense is fun the kids will pick it up. They have 8 months to get it.

Shannon great recrueter, no so good head coach. I don't see " THE U " getting back to big time football with him.

There is no new coach you guys. Randy will hire from within the program. He doesnt want and outsider to run his offense. Look you guys Tim Harris played with Randy at Northwestern, he hired him to his staff to a special Non-coaching role. Come on folks the writing is on the wall Tim "Ice" Harris will be are offensive coordinator.

New coach...young players, different philosophy, different playbook...yeah, we won't miss a beat.

Posted by: M.H. | December 29, 2008 at 11:28 PM

What happened with Georgia Tech???

Tim "Ice" Harris will be are offensive coordinator.

Wrong! Tim does not have a college degree and per the college rule book he is not allowed to be a coach.

Posted by: GatorAid | December 29, 2008 at 11:33 PM

more often than not...it's a setback, but GT could of had better, more experienced, talent...

And how do you know he doesnt have a college degree? I mean he was a teacher at Booker T when I attended the school in 04. I didnt know you could teach with out a degree? hmmmm

Remember, when Coker was canned and Shannon was hired (after two other prospects turned us down), The Donna (aka Sha-La-La) announced a big fundraising campaign - the Sprint for UM Athletics - to ensure that UM can continue to compete at a high level.

Well, this must be the slowest damn SPRINT in recorded history. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Two yeqars ago U couldn't AFFORD to hire a more experienced head coach; and now U can't afford to hire a top-tier OC.

Getting Chud back would be great! And there are others out there who are good too. But U gotta pay to play.

Let's hope Randy can land a suitable replacement soon - so we can energize the recruitment process BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

maybe Bill Young has a friend..

It just might be Tim Harris, he has coached before and knows most of these kids. He is good friends with Shanon and would probably work considerably cheap. My question is, how much influence did he have over the offense in Booker T


Dont be sarcastic now. Its not fair to shot the messanger.

Well, it's time to see if the University of Miami is still a big time program. Is this administration going to allow Shannon to pick his guy and Pay the amount of $$$$$ it's going to take to bring him here?

This doesn't necessarily set the program back(i would say the D took a step forward this season with a new coordinator). The two back, pro form set is what Randy is more familiar with from all the teams he's coached with in the past, so hopefuly this will help with solving the clock and substitution issues on offense.

I don't know how much it will cost, but the administraion needs to pay what it takes to get the guy that Randy wants to be in charge of this offense, which will be just about what they pay Randy to be the head coach. If this is, indeed still a big time football program that is serious about competing for the national title again year in and year out, Shalala and co. will not let $$$$$ get in the way of a great hire.

Ok you guys, I need you to copy and paste this statement. Former Booker T. Washington Sr high school coach and coach of the year Tim "Ice" Harris will be Miami's new offensive coordinator. Mark my words folks "he is awesome" just ask son Brandon Harris, Therrion Coller, Davon Johnson, and Chavez Grant.

Posted by: mcnairuser | December 29, 2008 at 10:55 PM

High School:College Football::driving a car:flying a jet-fighter.

Harris might make a great position coach and then work up the ranks if he is successful, but going straight to OC would be beyond ludicrous.

I think Miami should be flexible with its approach to offense. What we run should be predicated on 1) what system the best OC we can get runs and 2) our personnel. Miami does not have the bigs to play pro-style O. They are weaker and smaller than most other teams (a seperate issue that needs to be addressed). The spread or pistol would play more to our strengths which are fast recievers and backs that can hurt you in space. Rather than running that lame bubble screen as a way to "get the ball in the hands of play-makers" only to have them get blown up by a corner or linebacker that sniffs the play out, we should have a clear philosophy and system on offense and then get everyone on the same page and execute that system.

Didn't we run the spread in essence under Erickson? Single back, three to four recievers using all of the field horizontally and vertically to create holes in the defense? That, combined with aggressive, stingy, hard-hitting defense won us two rings. Am I the only one who sees the striking similarity there?

News flash, money in any situation these days is going to get in the way. Universities are financially hurting as well.

Since I played tight end for him and his son Tim Harris jr was the QB at the time. He called all the plays and the special teams. The only thng the left alone was the defense. Hes an offensive minded coach and he utilizes the Tight ends.

Regardless of who the new OC will be, just make sure their contract forbids them from running shotgun on 4th and inches.

News flash, money in any situation these days is going to get in the way. Universities are financially hurting as well.

Posted by: G


Maybe you guys are right, maybe Im just hoping my coach gets the nood. Maybe. But it is a posibility and that cant idea cant be ignored.

Well you have to believe that Tim Harris didn't leave a coaching job at a winning high school to become some personal assistant. This might be his opportunity at OC.

Maybe you guys are right, maybe Im just hoping my coach gets the nood. Maybe. But it is a posibility and that cant idea cant be ignored.

Posted by: mcnairuser | December 29, 2008 at 11:52 PM

Hopefully he wasn't your English teacher also.

Hey Tim Harris doesn't have a college degree to be a coach. Thats why he's n a NON COACHING position.

Dude -

RS is a scene - you could tell all year that him and Nix didn't see eye to eye. I could see Nix wanting to open up the offense more with all the speed we have, I'm concerned now because Jacory likes to open it up and throw more. Our offense is boring and the defense knows what plays we will run.............

We're screwed>>>>>>>>>>

David Lee of the Fins! He is the QB coach and has been a college OC of top 10 O's. Great coach with lot's of years under his belt.

randy must have a short list...He needs to act immediately..

NEVADA OC Chris Klenakis.


As a Black man I have been in RS corner for the last two years. If what Nix said is true then there might big a bigger problem than we thought. I feel ashamed to say it. After hearing the Fans complain all year about opening things up and we are to conservative and for you not to change!!! That's a problem. I pray it's untrue, but if it is true, then maybe RS is to stubborn to be a head coach.



Would love to see Chud but he makes to much money and he wouldn't want to step back and take a position he already held.

Not to belabor the point but, due to financial exigency, the U has a faculty hiring freeze in effect, and Sha-La-La has given a strong indication to faculty and staff NOT to expect raises this year. Likewise, capital improvement projects - like the new student union - have been deferred for at least another year.

Given the slow pace of the so-called SPRINT for UM Athletics (i.e., the big fundraising campaign announced with great fanfare when Coker was canned), it is extremely unlikely that the U will agree to spend the $$$ to hire top-tier talent.

First of all mcnairuser, Randy went to Norland, not Northwestern. Second, we all need to calm down and let things play out. It is obvious we have issues, but all of this bickering amongst ourselves does not help. I live in Alabama, and there was alot of this same thing going on when Auburn hired their new coach a couple of weeks ago, but the fans here have finally calmed and are getting behind their new coach and will let next season tell the story. How about we do the same!

As a Black man I have been in RS corner for the last two years. If what Nix said is true then there might big a bigger problem than we thought. I feel ashamed to say it. After hearing the Fans complain all year about opening things up and we are to conservative and for you not to change!!! That's a problem. I pray it's untrue, but if it is true, then maybe RS is to stubborn to be a head coach.

Posted by: T | December 30, 2008 at 12:03 AM

What does being black have to do with anything in the world?

A mcnairuser Ice never taught Full time at Booker T buddy he was a permenant Sub. DAts y he's n a non-coaching capacity

OOH!!! Good call 'BamaCane!! good recruiting class or not, 7-5 will most likely be it for Randy. Just like it was for Larry...

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