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Will haterade hurt Canes?

Patrick Nix fired the first shots, saying Miami's football coach preferred to be conservative (a bad word to play making recruits) than aggressive with his offense. 24 hours later, Robert Marve, Eugene Marve and Tampa Plant coach Robert Weiner fired theirs with an uzi. They used words like shameful, unsupportive, mistrust and cowardly as ammunition. Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon? He has stood like a super hero with a steel chest, letting each and every comment bounce off.

Randy_shannonBut while Shannon is taking the high road and avoiding a public war of words (maybe he did learn something from that little Urban Meyer fiasco), the haterade being fired by Marve's peeps and Nix are landing somewhere. They are falling into the waiting arms of UM's opponents who plan to use the juicy, tasty material to try and keep the Canes from succeeding. And it couldn't come at a worse time as Miami is trying to strengthen its coaching staff and trying to wrap up a strong recruiting class five weeks before national national signing day.

The Canes of course have survived these times before. Five-time national champions get fired upon plenty over time. We've remember the old bullets. After the Bryan Pata and Sean Taylor murders the talk was 'Miami isn't a safe place.' Before things got cleaned up, it was all about 'Thug U.'

The question is will the new flavor of haterade hurt the Canes? I mean, can't you hear them being uttered already? A certain coach from an in-state school going into the home of a recruit also being chased by the Canes and telling him: "Why would you want to play for Randy Shannon? He doesn't take care of the players he recruits. He doesn't back them up. And, he doesn't want to run a high-scoring offense."

Or, what about potential coaches who might know Nix? Think some of the guys Shannon has let go won't be apt to tell people, "Shannon has brought in his own guys, then fired them and didn't even really give them a chance to do what they wanted."

Robert_marveIt's going to happen. The question is again will it hurt? The short term answer is it very well could. The long term answer could be no -- as long as Shannon continues to play his cards right. I spoke to one UM official earlier this morning who told me the fact Shannon reacted positively to the dirt being tossed his way by Marve and Nix was a great first step. The next? Could be letting this issue die by freeing Robert Marve from his SEC transfer ban. But as of now, the same UM official told me, that doesn't look like its going to happen.

> The good news for UM: Current UM commitments and recruits at least don't seem phased. While the Hurricanes are no longer in the running for Tampa Plant tight end Orson Charles (he was likely headed to Georgia anyway), many of the recruits I've spoken to in the last few days don't seem bothered by what's transpired in the last 48 hours at Miami.

Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee, a UM January arrival who has impressed scouts this week in San Antonio out at the U.S. Army All-American game, told me he wasn't shocked Nix was fired and said everything being said about Shannon is "bull."

Aj_highsmithQuarterback recruit A.J. Highsmith, the son of former Cane Alonzo Highsmith, said he respects Shannon's tough love tactics and the fact he's a disciplinarian. "I've known coach Shannon probably longer than most people because of my dad. Unless something really crazy happens, I'm going to UM,'' said Highsmith, who led his team to the Texas 5A state finals two weeks ago.

"I think its just one of the things that goes on in the football business. I never had a problem with coach Nix. But I don't think my opinion matters with him leaving. Miami is going to be Miami no matter what. As for Marve, I think with him leaving, I'll probably have even more of a chance to play. So, that's exciting."

One thing I can gather from all of my conversations with current and future players is that whoever Miami hires to replace Nix as offensive coordinator has to be someone aggressive. "I'd like somebody who runs the spread offense, but incorporates the pro offense," Highsmith said. "That's what a lot of guys run now in offense. I think the spread is what works for them. But I think as long as we're scoring points, the ball is getting spread around, nobody is going to care."


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It will all blow over in time. Marve comes across in this as classless. He should just say "I appreciate the oppty at Miami but felt it best to move in another direction." His immature and emotional comments may make it harder for him to find a new home.

That being said, they should let him play in the SEC. No need to be harsh to the guy.

Utter crap, Happy New Year's fellas.

"bull." is right.

Marve is a baby. He is scared to compete with Jacory next year because he knows he would get beat out. Shannon didn't support him? He started him every game that he wasn't suspended. Jacory outplayed him game after game and Shannon still let him start. As for going to the SEC, just because he wants to play there doesn't mean any of them want him. Alabama recruited him hard and they don't want him. Shannon should remove that requirement and let those schools all turn him down. Marve has to bash the school that stood by him after his car crash and run in with the law. We want real players at the U, not some cry baby.

I wonder if Marve is pissed at his dad and coach for having to throw their names onto articles and voice their worthless 2-cents. Classless is the word of the day. Go Canes!

I was personally very happy to see a decrease in the number of shotgun formations against Cal. I think if Miami can continue to build on the running game and with the talent in place at WR, Jacory Harris has been put into a situation to succeed. He won't have to do much other than make the right decisions. I thought other than for the last couple minutes of the game on Saturday, he was very strong and poised in the pocket. He is the future, and I'm fine with that.

Now it's time for a quick OC hire. RS has done this once before, so I'm sure now he has a better idea of what he's looking for. Good luck! This team is not far away from being good.

Shannon better focus on how he's going to win more than 7 game's next year ,at least 10 and in the ACC champion ship game or he will be right next to Nix and Marve.

oozy? Do you mean uzi?

Once again, at the end of the day, its kinda a lose lose situation for both sides. Miami loses a good talent, regardless of the type of season he had or whether he ever progresses into a solid QB, he still had something to offer UM. Robert and his family loses out too because now he will have to start all over again, regardless if he attends UF or USF or USC, he will have to be accepted into a school and then prove himself to be worthy of giving a scholarship/opportunity to start or become someone else backup at the QB position, last time I checked that could take a year or possibly 2 years to do, his clock has started ticking.

Manny missed part of pregame 2 seniors missing part of todays games viol of team policy ..... any word ??


Anyone remember the great QB Battles at UM in the late 80's. When there was at least 3 guys competing to be the MAN..

I remember there was a right up all summer about who was going to win and highly recruited Brian Fortay lost out and cried about it and transferred never to be heard from again.

Since when does the lack of a "spread formation" equate to a conservative offense? And since when does the lack of the spread mean all the recruits will lose interest? Butch Davis did fine in recruiting with Grandpa Coker as the OC. Ask Paul Johnson up at Georgia Tech about the running game producing big plays.

There is a reason Miami and the pro-set have won five titles and dominate the NFL, while FSU and the "fast break" and UF and the "fun and gun (Spurrier)" and the "spread option (Meyer)" have combined for 4 in the last 25 years.

Recruits aren't stupid. If Nix is a fan of the spread, then that should be enough reason to can the offense forever. We will not lose a single recruit to this BS, and we will not lose a single coach to this BS either. Ultimately, Marve will go the way of every other UM transfer...we'll never hear from him again...and Harris will win a title and pass the reigns to Cook who will win a title and so on forever.

I agree with most, however, that the SEC ban is stupid. So long as he's not on our schedule, what do we care where he goes? Actually, we should be begging ACC schools to take him...prop up our defensive statistics. All joking aside, I really hate when kids come here and try hard and it doesn't work out. I hope he succeeds at a nice D-II school and ends up backing up J. Harris on an NFL team someday.

Thats the kind of competition that UM needs again at every position. Make them earn the right to be on the field. HS reputation means nothing at the college level. Kids who want to compete against the best are the kinds of kids you want in your program. USC is a great example of how UM was at its best. Kids know going in, if they want to see the field they have to bring it everyday at practice and then in the games. Randy, is trying to get that kind of attitude back. Out of all of the kids, that were putting TEAM first and doing everything right, why is it Marve couldnt do those exact same things. Jacory Harris, is a freshman, and he managed to stay out of trouble, and get to class on time. I think that says something about the person and his priorities. He got thrown into a fire and he showed poise, and he will learn from what happened on the field this year and be that much more the better for it. Go Canes 2009

Why make it easy for Marve...Stay or pay...

For all of the shots being taken at Marve, it seems that most of the trash is being spewed by his dad and idiot high school coach.

and it's not that Marve didn't know the rules...it was his 2nd year in college..

I agree with you MH..
He knew the rules from DAY 1 and even signed off on them.
He should be held accountable, as the other players were, look at Sam Shields, he could have transferred, but he fought through his issues to be able to contribute to the team this year. He was a difference on special teams.

a blurb from the tampa tribune on Weiner:

"Weiner's not without critics though. With a number of transfer students on the team, some have claimed he recruits, something Weiner has never been investigated for."

move shields to DB....he's a ball hawk...

hey i cant wait till it fires back at marve ...
when other schools here about his dad and ex coach they will say "hes always in trouble and no matter what he does hes an angel in his parents mind and he has so much baggage and hasnt proven to be that great of a player yet not a smart move to let him come here"

cant wait. thats whats gonna happen right now lsu and UT are saying we dont need someone and his family not living up to his responsibility for his actions
robert have fun somewhere 1000 miles away from tampa... sitting on the bench

I think it's unfortunate how it all turned out, but this was likely boiling for months. The rumor mill - and, it's just a rumor - is that Marve had been communicating with SEC schools of late, before asking for the transfer. That might be why Shannon is holding the line on the SEC ban (if he knows about it), unless he expects that the U may be in the Chik-fil-A bowl, with the ACC/SEC matchup.

I got a feeling this is going to get nastier before the story goes away. The OC hire is going to be HUGE. I stated last night that bringing in Chuck Long or Ron Prince would be good but now with all of the NFL firings maybe a OC could fall into UM's lap. Stay Tuned. Hope we can pull a recruit or two in the all-american games this weekend. Peace !

I'm sure there is a great deal more to this, than is being reported. Randy, is doing the right thing by not fighting this in the media and I am sure there is a reason for why this was done. Coaches, are a tight knit fraternity and Randy is well respected, I am sure information has been given to Randy about any communication with Marve or his family with other schools. We as fans, can have our opinions but we should not hold them to be facts.

we need an experienced OC , and quick.

It only seems bad because the news is fresh. If Shannon gets a strong OC in here none of this news will matter any more. Next week we'll all be talking about the new OC (maybe). Shannon is waiting for the Fins season to end to snatch up David Lee. Yeah I made that one up but that's who I'm rooting for us to get.

So sad the way this has played out. I don't blame RS for the SEC ban, rumor has it that the dad and ex-coach were shopping his worth with SEC schools. Another rumor is that Orson Charles is dating RM's sister and there was a potential package deal for him he he got Charles to go somewhere. But, these are just, rumors....? And he can go to any school he wants right now - just not on a scholly

a Bill Young, type pick...

MH - Happy New Year!

Happy N.Y everyone...

thanks, and back at ya..cgnc..

and who cares if we have to play against marve in the future..i say let him go unconditionally. and if we do end up playing against him show him why he is the cry baby he and his old man are and kick some but..

and who cares if we have to play against marve in the future..i say let him go unconditionally. and if we do end up playing against him show him why he is the cry baby he and his old man are and kick some but..

and who cares if we have to play against marve in the future..i say let him go unconditionally. and if we do end up playing against him show him why he is the cry baby he and his old man are and kick some but..

RM's dad and high school coach are doing the bashing- they figured they could get their way and let him go wherever and however - ignoring that there should be no contact with other schools until AFTER a Release....

MH - who would you like to see as OC?

A buddy just called me and told that Dave Shula
is the new OC .Im just asking not trying to start a rumor.

“He went home soon after; other players who were suspended for breaking team rules continued practicing with the team until it departed for San Francisco.”

Marve was never coming back to the UM. He knew it and Randy knew it. Marve knows JH is better and he was going to be on the bench why do you think he was talking with LSU in late NOV and other schools. Because he knew it was over and he felt that he should start based on what?

Was this not the problem with UM the last 6 years players came and expected to be first rounders and starters. You earn the right to be on the field and in watching JH he did everything right for an 18 year old kid. Yes, and he made it to all his classes too so as they say Robert no excuses. Come on JH is stud to handle himself the way he did against duke and uva. Marve throws 1 pas in the wake game and he is a hero JH drives 95 yards on the road in uva and the wins the game in ot. Anyone who thinks Marve could have done the same is crazy.

Marve really did nothing to prove he was an elite QB. Maybe in spread offense he will be better but from what I see is a spoiled brat who knew is job was not going to be there next year. His coaches and dad to say what they are saying is very disgraceful. He had all the opportunity in the world to be the player he thought he was and he simply failed.

Shannon said when he took this job that he was going to be tuff on discipline and only wanted guys dedicated to the U. Does Marve sound like either? Some adversity and he crumpled like a cheap shirt so you think its going to be any different in a game. I wish him good luck but how can anybody say this kid got a raw deal because his coach doesn’t hug him. Lmao! RS is tuff guy and wants tuff players is this not signal to other recruits about what he expects his players to be is nothing but perfect so if you ask me I would rather play for professional then a guy hugging me in the locker after I screw up. These young men will benefit greatly from knowing that when they screw up there is consequence or if you don’t play well somebody will take your spot. Marve missed the boat on that so better that he leaves and get babied somewhere else.

Also look at this kid he was giving everything by the U and his daddy is upset well maybe he shouldn’t have thrown 13 picks and we don’t have this conversation. This is case of sour grapes so let this wussy go.


just an NFL type with experience...not someone who has to grow into the position...RS is on a learning curve, and that's enough...

please no shula!!!

There's a lot out about Marve being Classless and not wanting to compete for the starting job. I think everyone can identify with having a boss that jerks you around and dosen't give you a reasonable shot at doing your job to the fullest. It seems Marve reached his breaking point and is ready to move on. The ridiculous ban on SEC teams is what make the situation worse and Shannon is soley to blame. If you love Jacory so much then why restrict Marve's options.

Can anyone imagine if Howard played Kosar for 3 possesions and then, no matter how well he was doing, pulled him for Testaverde every game??!! Seriously, does that make sense to anyone??!!

Long-term the Canes will be fine, but I am not sure is RS will be Coaching in 2010.

Nix was not a 'cane. He wanted the Auburn job so bad he could taste it. I was hoping he got it! It would have been fun watching those rednecks "hang" him when he delivered the same garbage offense he brought to GT and UM!

Marve wanted to be a 'cane, but in the end he just could not get past his own demons (father/discipline/HS coach/etc.). I hope he gets it together and finds success somewhere. I think Randy is completely justified with his transfer restrictions.

If Marve and/or his handlers were already shopping his services before he left the team, then he is lucky that he was allowed to leave at all! Randy could have denied him a transfer to any D-1 school if he had wanted to.

Let's hope that Nix and Marve were honorable to The U in the end, given the opportunity that The U gave to them. If they were not, then maybe this is all just Bad Karma blowing up in their face.

On a final note, I think Randy is a stand up guy that recruits can trust. He is not going to give any free rides, and I would not want to be on his bad side if I messed up or if I was not loyal to The U!

Go 'canes!!

There is a reason that the U is known by one letter. The program sets very high marks that only the sanctions by the NCAA in the late 90's could slow down the dominance of the U football program( 51 stright home wins and 5 national titles). Remember we are the "PIPELINE TO THE PROS." WE DON'T NEED THE SPREAD OFFICE TO BE SUCESSFUL, WE ONLY NEED THE TALENT. Do you remember the head lines a few years ago? "Miami has now had 19 players chosen in the First Round of the NFL Draft in the past four years." WHOW

We graduate our athletes through hard work and dedication; RM is lacking in both and his dad is not and never has been part of the U family. So we wish them both well, because the U family stays true to the very end.

The areas of need to be successful next year are listed below:

1. Jimmy Johnson - Football advisor for RS and the U.

2. Rob Chudzinski -OC.
3. Ken Dorsey- QB coach.

Football advisors off season program.
Ray Lewis\Dan Morgan\ J Vilma\-LB

Mike Ervin/Santana Moss/Andre Johnson/Reggie Wayne- WR

Ed Reed\Antrel Rolle\Ken Berry\ B Blades\M Rump- DB's

W Sapp\C Kennedy\V Willfork\D Lewis- DL

B Franks\J Shockey\K Winslow II - TE

E James\C Portis\W McGahee\ M Bratton\ A Highsmith\ O Anderson - RB

J Kelly\V Test\ B Kosor\Geno T- QB's

I Guess I'm saying call on a gathering of the present, current and past NFL players to hold a team summit the week end before the team starts spring practice to talk and study X's and O's from the old and new. To implement ideas and play book that only the U nation understands. Who's better to give advice and get advise from the personnel in our own U family?

RS keep doing and moving in the right direction, you know what it takes to get the job done and I'm sorry that PN and RM did'nt. Remember it is all about the U (undefeated seasons, utmost talents, unprecedented goals, unity for life, believing in the unbelievable university of Miami. >>>Go Canes>>>.

The SEC ban is all about him not going to UF...They should just ban him from USF, UF, and the ACC.

I have no problem with the U running a pro-style offense or a spread, just score some points!

This year's team could have easily averaged 30 points per game on offense, if the offensive line didn't hold or take a penalty every five plays. We need O-line help, and then everything will take care of itself.

Go U!

i can tell u this a person that works with some of the recruits in track told me about 2 months ago that alot of the players didnt even have respect for marve anymore he did what he wanted and was always out parting or would always goof off while jacory was always studing film or the playbook so you tell me whose right or wrong im from tampa had a friends son that went to plant he said thats all marve wanted to do there was party plus he also said he was a spoiled brat

Manny and all of you here......a blinding flash of the obvious is that Marve's dad wants him (or HER) to go to Florida. We all know that Tebow comes out this year due to forthcoming rookie salary cap efforts of the NFL. Therefore, Marve figures to play with the Gayturds since he wont have much competition. Another sample that RMs dad has spoiled him (her) he doesn't want to compete, he wan'ts notiriety handed to him instead of earning iT! AGREE WITH MOST OTHERS HERE IN THAT HE IS A PROBLEM CHILD. get rid of him and let him and his dad fall on their own sword!!!! check back with me in about 4 weeks after all bowl games and commits speak out and see if Marve is not wearing a Gayturd Jersey this spring....oh, and dady wil have free season tickets in gaysville.....

Highsmith is the truth. Seriously, I think he can come in next year and play better than Marve did this past year. AJ is really smart with the football. He doesn't make stupid mistakes with the football. He's smart, athletic, and loves competing. He is very similar to Marve, as far as athletic ability, but doesn't have as strong as an arm. However, I believe that his arm is stronger than Jacory's. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in his decision making and intelligence. AJ was a STEAL!!!

I am not trying to rowl(sp) up the UM faithful, but....Randy, 2 years in, does not look like head coach material. He makes too many obvious blunders. Do you think Carrol, Stoops, and Meyer would have brought in an OC and not made sure they were on the same page before he was hired?

Going on and on about a field goal when UF's new kicker had not kicked one yet in a game.

Randy appears to be a good person and a great Assistant coach...but he is not looking too good leading a big time college football team!

As far as recruits not committing because of the Marve situation or firing of Nix. Fine. Real ballers don't care. I read the article with Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee and he was like. It's about the U, not the player or the coach. He's committed no matter what. No matter who transfers or who the coaches are. He said he is all about the U. That's the kind of commitment we need. He is just like Forston last year. They get it. It's much bigger than any 1 individual. It's all about the U!

if heismith expects to play here at the U he will play in a DB or Flanker role. Jacory is the Man.....BTW did anyone remember that jocory just turned 18 during this lat skool year!!!!

who cares about marve. but the problem is with shannon. his recruiting is way overrated.highsmith is self recruited like alot of the freshman in there now. shannon gets to much credit for doing nothing. i feel bad for the players, next year should be his last. there has been zero consistency on this team at all. he didnt clean up the image, davis did. and coker didnt have problems either except he couldnt coach. shannon is killing this program and the longer he is there, the longer it will be before UM has a football team to compete nationally. it shows with the empty seats. if the university cares about winning, it must make the change. SAVE THE PROGRAM-FIRE SHANNON

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