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Will haterade hurt Canes?

Patrick Nix fired the first shots, saying Miami's football coach preferred to be conservative (a bad word to play making recruits) than aggressive with his offense. 24 hours later, Robert Marve, Eugene Marve and Tampa Plant coach Robert Weiner fired theirs with an uzi. They used words like shameful, unsupportive, mistrust and cowardly as ammunition. Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon? He has stood like a super hero with a steel chest, letting each and every comment bounce off.

Randy_shannonBut while Shannon is taking the high road and avoiding a public war of words (maybe he did learn something from that little Urban Meyer fiasco), the haterade being fired by Marve's peeps and Nix are landing somewhere. They are falling into the waiting arms of UM's opponents who plan to use the juicy, tasty material to try and keep the Canes from succeeding. And it couldn't come at a worse time as Miami is trying to strengthen its coaching staff and trying to wrap up a strong recruiting class five weeks before national national signing day.

The Canes of course have survived these times before. Five-time national champions get fired upon plenty over time. We've remember the old bullets. After the Bryan Pata and Sean Taylor murders the talk was 'Miami isn't a safe place.' Before things got cleaned up, it was all about 'Thug U.'

The question is will the new flavor of haterade hurt the Canes? I mean, can't you hear them being uttered already? A certain coach from an in-state school going into the home of a recruit also being chased by the Canes and telling him: "Why would you want to play for Randy Shannon? He doesn't take care of the players he recruits. He doesn't back them up. And, he doesn't want to run a high-scoring offense."

Or, what about potential coaches who might know Nix? Think some of the guys Shannon has let go won't be apt to tell people, "Shannon has brought in his own guys, then fired them and didn't even really give them a chance to do what they wanted."

Robert_marveIt's going to happen. The question is again will it hurt? The short term answer is it very well could. The long term answer could be no -- as long as Shannon continues to play his cards right. I spoke to one UM official earlier this morning who told me the fact Shannon reacted positively to the dirt being tossed his way by Marve and Nix was a great first step. The next? Could be letting this issue die by freeing Robert Marve from his SEC transfer ban. But as of now, the same UM official told me, that doesn't look like its going to happen.

> The good news for UM: Current UM commitments and recruits at least don't seem phased. While the Hurricanes are no longer in the running for Tampa Plant tight end Orson Charles (he was likely headed to Georgia anyway), many of the recruits I've spoken to in the last few days don't seem bothered by what's transpired in the last 48 hours at Miami.

Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee, a UM January arrival who has impressed scouts this week in San Antonio out at the U.S. Army All-American game, told me he wasn't shocked Nix was fired and said everything being said about Shannon is "bull."

Aj_highsmithQuarterback recruit A.J. Highsmith, the son of former Cane Alonzo Highsmith, said he respects Shannon's tough love tactics and the fact he's a disciplinarian. "I've known coach Shannon probably longer than most people because of my dad. Unless something really crazy happens, I'm going to UM,'' said Highsmith, who led his team to the Texas 5A state finals two weeks ago.

"I think its just one of the things that goes on in the football business. I never had a problem with coach Nix. But I don't think my opinion matters with him leaving. Miami is going to be Miami no matter what. As for Marve, I think with him leaving, I'll probably have even more of a chance to play. So, that's exciting."

One thing I can gather from all of my conversations with current and future players is that whoever Miami hires to replace Nix as offensive coordinator has to be someone aggressive. "I'd like somebody who runs the spread offense, but incorporates the pro offense," Highsmith said. "That's what a lot of guys run now in offense. I think the spread is what works for them. But I think as long as we're scoring points, the ball is getting spread around, nobody is going to care."


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Everyone needs to relax....

The fact that this is going on goes to show that we actually have some talent. If you look at other big time programs USC, Florida, Texas, etc., players transfer out all the time and usually the players that transfer out dont have much or any success at all where ever they end up. The players that stay were the ones that were going to start anyways.

The other coaching staff (Coker) just wanted everyone to be happy which is impossible in any sport. You have to have competition!

I played division 1 college sports which I bet 90% of bloggers here and media members have not. Heres a shocker, Not all players on their teams love there coach, this is normal. Coaches cant please everyone this is normal!!!

Pete Caroll, Urban Meyer, Mack Brown, even Turtle Thomas over recruits and continue to do so because you have to. It just so happens that most of the players that realize they werent going to play anyways just transfer without crying through the media while showing no class. Like Robert.

I still believe in Shannon because he can recruit, he is continuing to learn from his mistakes, and that fact that he fired Nix so fast just made my year. I know he will not hire someone like Nix again and he will not take recruiting and getting good coaches for granted again!

Props goes to Randy Shannon. As a former Miami resident and now living in the ATL, I have seen Patrick Nix offenses here at Georgia Tech and now at the U. IT SUCKS!!!! Eugene Marve needs to spend more time trying to help his troubled son be a responsible human being than crying to the media. As far as Tampa Plant Coach Weiner comments on Randy Shannon, be careful what U do and say because as U know the coaching fraternity has close ties in this profession, it can come back to haunt U. On that note. GO CANES!!!!

Randy IS an excellent recruiter. So were Ray Goff at Georgia and Ron Zook at Florida.



During RS's recruiting of JH and others kids, he was quoted as saying "I want to bring you in to compete, and next year I am going to bring in the best guy in your position to compete with you. He said this to all his recruits. That's CLASS, that's what UM needs and have. Look at USC, they bring in talent every year to compete. Name one school who is good that has no competition. Remember, Tebow competed his freshman year with Leak, and would have beaten Leak out if he had another year. And Note to Marve, no matter where you go son, COMPETITION is part of the game, either you start cooking or get out the Kitchen!

And I completely agree with the band on SEC schools and Florida schools. Why you ask. RS was told by other schools about the "conversations" that were going on throughout the year. EmM, and Plant's coach thought they could shop RM under the table, but there is an honor amoungst coaches (yes even Meyer). So sorry no pity for the band, its well EARNED!


We will survive without RM & PN. Marve was over hyped and we all know PN stunk up the offense at GT. I think it's funny that he would blame it on RS. J Harris played better and RM knew it and thats why he's transfering. He was never going to beat Harris in the spring. 2009 will be better without all three RM, EM, and PN. National Champs in 2010!!

Cane Fan for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Living in the Keys and having the opportunity to speak with Jimmy Johnson (JJ) on occasion, I've grown to respect the UM program, as much as a Gator can. Couple of things:

1) JJ has been an adviser to the U since leaving after the '87 season.

2) JJ didn't want Coker because Coker wanted a "national" recruiting presence. JJ knew the Saban / Shnellenberger, "recruiting south Fla. for your base" concept was and is the way to go.

3) RS is Jimmy's choice. Make no mistake about this - and they speak daily!

4) According to JJ - RS wants aggressive and attacking Offensive and Defensive schemes that fit the U's Pro Style. This is what will continue to recruit "PlayMakers" for UM. JJ agrees with RS on this, yet JJ has felt, because of the youth, these first 2 years erring on the conservative, keep it simple side may be helpful.

5) PN was a rushed hire. He's a young coach that hasn't learned how to communicate or teach his student/players.

6) Rob Chudzinski(RC) might be available for the Offensive Coordinator position, with the Browns clearing house, he would be a great hire.

Look, much to my chagrin, the U is making the right moves. With Coker messing up (not understanding) the recruiting concept, RS has re-established this, so the time factor to get back to the glory days has been cut significantly. In my talks with JJ, he told me with all the schools he coached at and all the coaches he's had the chance to speak with over the years - that the UM football program is a very unique situation, it's much more about being a "family for ever" than any other program in country comes close to ... bar none. So, RM, his dad and hs coach won't have an affect on any recruit that "will" play for Miami.

Well, that's my take. A Gator with a view. So, when you read these so called fans of the U diss-ing the program remember ... mostly they're UF, FSU or just U hatters pushing your buttons.

Unfortunately for me ... the U shall return.

What's this ... a gator fan can see the light at the U!

I Must Be Nuts!

Bye RM and take your doddering dad and hs coach with you ... where ever you go. Hope to see ya on the losing side of a Canes Sack soon.

See ya later PN. Sorry but the gator fan is correct, you can't coach and your play calling sucks!

The Offensive system - Pro Set - Spread etc. doesn't matter if the OC can't communicate to or teach his student athletes.

It would be great to get "Chud" back down here.

Yea ... I Must Be Nuts!

What's this ... a gator fan can see the light at the U!

I Must Be Nuts!

Bye RM and take your doddering dad and hs coach with you ... where ever you go. Hope to see ya on the losing side of a Canes Sack soon.

See ya later PN. Sorry but the gator fan is correct, you can't coach and your play calling sucks!

The Offensive system - Pro Set - Spread etc. doesn't matter if the OC can't communicate to or teach his student athletes.

It would be great to get "Chud" back down here.

Yea ... I Must Be Nuts!

Im tired of all the randy shannon bashing. He's a defensive coach who let nix run the offense. Nix sucked at it was horrible at getting plays in in 2 minute situations and got fired then ripped coach on way out door. Marve it seems was shopping his services to other schools while at the u even though its not legal. I have no sympathy for a kid who wasn't just late once which all you shannon bashers forget it was multiple times and he was on a no tolerance policy which means 10 mins 5 mins 4 mins late didnt matter note or no note being late for class was gonna get him suspended he knew this and ignored it. Marve seems to believe he is above the rules. his dad encourages that thinking. Randy shannon came into a team that had almost no draftable players on it. He is fixing that with recruting. If players just come to the u for the u then why did coker do so bad getting kids in here that could actually play.

I can't type this large enough regarding gatorfan2's post:


Good post. Kinda ironic a gatorfan can sum up the coaching situation so succinctly at Miami. Nobody remembers (only 2 years later!) but Nix was a rushed last minute hire. Anybody faulting Shannon for bringing him in needs to realize he was the LAST OPTION. No sh*t he wasn't a good fit for the offense, they knew that from the start. He was just there to buy time and if we're lucky, work out. It doesn't reflect badly on Shannon - it reflects on how BAD the situation was at UM when Shannon took over ($$ and talent-wise). No OC wanted the position.


That is a good post.

I was going to post that about Nix being down the list when we looked for an OC last time. It seems like there are a lot more choices this time and the cupboard is stocked so there should be more interest. The only problem is that UM cannot pay what other schools/teams can offer. I would think the opportunity to work with JH and the great crew of young receivers has to be intriguing.

I trust RS and the new AD to get a good experienced guy this time around.

In terms of the RM transfer, that is disappointing but it does happen, at every school, all the time.

We have a lot to be thankful for this past year. I think if we had not lost Moncur, McCarthy and R. Philips (an upperclassman from each level of the defense) it would have been an even better season.

Keep the faith and GO CANES!

I don't think it's too early to evaluate how coaches are doing after 2 years, 4 years really are needed. Randy has stumbled quite a few times. That being said, this is his year in 2009. He needs to win 9 games and bring some stability to a rocky 2 years

The whole Marve thing was on Shannon. Puting the limitations on him to not play in the SEC,or USF or USC does not show composure.

When Meyer gets a goof off or somebody that doesn't buy in, he makes it as easy as possible for them to leave, as well as help them if he can. When Meyer has the big Trouble maker, he just states they are no longer on the team-end of story. If you want to control a person more than that....you got some issues of your own, man.

IMO: Randy needs to mature, think decisions through, and for God's sake....work on clock management!!LOL

In truth he is just a wonderful coach but really has to step up his progress learning the head coaching stuff.

Hire a good OC & let the true leader of the team JH run the show!
Marve will be a forgotten name. It's time for Fortson, Bailey, dvd, A Brown & others to step up on defense & well be fine. We have too much talent to not be 9-3 or better team! It's all about coaching.

I cam all the way from Vegas back to CHicago to find out that Robert Marve and his dad are classless puds. Here this the typical case of a father blaming the coach for the poor job he did of teaching his son to be a man. Some nerve. As for coach weiner @ plant two wors "Kiss Off" i hope that an investigations comes down and it is discovered that you and big daddy Marve were involved in illegal recruiting so that you can be sent pacdking just like Nix and the crappy offence that was apparently all coach Shannons fault. I gues the word in South Fla today is excuses or maybe even buck passing and the one guy thats showing any class at all is the one who's taking a beating. Stay strong coach I know you'll bring back the proud tradition of the U. P.S. Could you send the Bears some more players like G.O. and the amazing Devin Hester. Luv Ya -U-

When a coach invests two years in a player, including one year when he allows him to run his offense, that is a substantial investment in coaching talent put into the kid. When a quarterback transfers, he takes with him knowledge of the offense, and the coaches thinking about certain situations from an offensive point of view. A coach has every right to limit where that kid transfers that knowledge. The limitation still allows Marve to transfer to over 80 plus other school. Just not ones we directly compete with. This would not have been an issue if the Marve's and the high school coach hadn't been shopping Charles and Marve as a package. And shame on them for doing so.

LSU beats g tech 38- 3. looks like that triple option can be stopped. i need to see tape of that game.

RM should have taken his butt out to spring practice and showed why he was named Mr. Florida. Now he seems like a spoiled brat who is afraid of the competition from JH. Good ridance. The U needs ballers who are not afraid to compete for the job. Coach Shannon is bringing a positive shot of discipline and an atmospere of pride in the program that will develop these young men into productive citizens with degrees in hand. Now that the Auburn coach wannabe is out lets bring in someone who is not afraid to open up the playbook. Because there are to many ballers and incoming ballers that want to bring the U back to being the Motherf$#%^% U. Now lets get ready for spring!!!! Go get'em Coach Shannon.

It sounds to me that Marve wanted to be annointed quarterback. Did he really expect that UM would not recruit another QB to compete?

I am glad this is over. I it will be much easier for this team to get focused and have a system that works with a clear leader on offense.

When Marve's father and HS coach say Shannon did not "support" Robert, what they really mean is that he would not "coddle" him, a treatment which it appears he is used to. I say good for Randy. It does not sound like Robert has been made to be accountable by too many people in his life and those who surround him are doing him a great disservice by allowing this.

Coach Shannon has been bashed by many people over the last couple of days for the SEC prohibition in Marve's release but I applaud it. SEC teams in the future will know in the future not to tamper with players at The U who are on scholarship. Do you hear that Meyer, Saban and Miles?

In addition, while many people find the drama over Marve amusing or embarrassing, I find it comforting. What a relief it is to have the drama be about something other than player arrests and untimely deaths. It is an improvement that all of the ruckus is about players being suspended by the university for bad attendance and breaking team rules rather them being arrested by the police in another embarrassing off field incident. Randy has yet to produce the desired results on the field to this point, which i think will come with time, but he has been a great success in cleaning up much of the other nonsense that has plagued this program for decades and otherwise tarnished its on-field accomplishments.

In my opinion Randy has created his own problems. After his first year as head coach, he fired his own selection for defensive coordinator (Tim Walton). After his second year as head coach, he fired his own selection for offensive coordinator (Patrick Nix). This doesn't make Randy look good in terms of his personnel selection process. Randy also seems to lack interpersonal skills with his players. Randy appears to be too distant and cold in his interaction with the team. In my opinion, these are not good attributes for a head coach trying to put together a winning team.

The SEC ban is not to punish Marve. It IS to punish the SEC schools that have been poaching him during the season, whispering in his old man's ear, trying to cause unrest in UM's program. Sorry Robert, they can't be rewarded for that and you got caught in the middle. Randy is delivering the message to the SEC cheaters - stay out of our territory and away from our program. This entire episode is a speed bump. Let the cry babies cry. Let's move on.

Bad choice by Marve's daddy Eugene, I don't believe that Robert wanted this to happen. Funny how parents who leave their kids for a divorce return later in life if they believe there is a paycheck to be cashed some day. Eugene is ruining Robert's life all over again. Sir, have you not caused this young man enough pain when you were whoring around on your ex wife during your nfl days?

Gator fan said:
"When Meyer gets a goof off or somebody that doesn't buy in, he makes it as easy as possible for them to leave, as well as help them if he can. When Meyer has the big Trouble maker, he just states they are no longer on the team-end of story. If you want to control a person more than that....you got some issues of your own, man."

Wow, I guess that's why Urban Liar egged on Gaturd nation to harass the tow truck operator into dropping charges against former safety Tony Joiner before the LSU game two years ago, and let Joiner play after he was arrested for attempted theft of a car out of the tower's impound lot, or why he allowed Ronnie Wilson to return to the team after he pled guilty to shooting an AK 47 into an occupied building, and then violated his probation after wards, and he is still on the team, or why the Gaturds led the nation in arrests from 2007 to 2008 with a whopping 18!!!

Randy is about integrity, responsibility and building a family that cares about each other, Urban Liar is about expediency, deceit, and b.s. That is why he is called Urban Liar, isn't it?

Folks, we gotta give RS 2 more years at a minimum. We gave Coker 6 years! 6 years folks and I knew from the way too close games he coached in his 1st year that he was not the man for UM. LS got out-coached by Tressell in the OSU championship game and we still had a chance to win that 6th title. Since then, OSU has done nothing in big games and UM went downhill with recruiting and wins. And after that season, he got a 5 year extension!

RS is right for the U and where Coker went down each year, RS has improved. Coker still had 3 first rounders on a team that went 6-6! RS had Kenny Phillips drafted late in the first round after a 5-7 season and this year our best NFL prospect will go in the 4th or 5th round! And we want to get rid of this guy already???

Be careful what you wish for fans. Look at ND after they canned Ty Willingham prematurely! It takes time to get these machines going folks. Let's look at other programs since 1989. That's 20 years of evidence to show where UM is versus the rest.

USC disappeared for several years before their recent resurgence. FSU went by the wayside. UF fell off before this most recent 3 year stretch. Where was UT before Vince Young? And OSU finds it way to the BCS by default of playing in the Weak 10. All of those programs had multiple down seasons, but only the U was on NCAA probation. Even then we managed to send 25+ players to the NFL!!!

The U will be okay folks. Support RS and the young players. Leave RM alone. Focus on more competition at every position and depth at O and D-line. I think we've gotta get an OC with NFL experience. But can we afford one?

How much more do we have to pay Coker? And how much do top notch OC's make in D1?

The SEC ban is about PRINCIPLE .... Something SEC schools know nothing about (see L$U, UT).

Marve, McKenzie .... Both Tampa / Sarasota Mid-Florida selfish Brats.

Last I checked .... There is NO I in TEAM ....

You don't like the rules? You cant compete? You don't focus on whats important .... GTFO.


7and6...great comment. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that. Especially with all the hype the commentators were giving that guy. With on the field performance like that and off the field issues as well, who the hell wants to recruit players from Tampa Plant anyway.

Keep it the dirty south baby and we'll be just damn fine at the U.

McKenzie's transfering....I don't blame him and I believe he is doing it with class.....he's from Tampa, but not Tampa Plant......

Most defense coach are conservative on offense they like ball control.Thats the way it is and it works when everything is clicking the CANES just got get clicking better . Marve has talent but there is no chemistry just like Wright and Freeman .When Harris is in the game
He makes it click most of the time .And with time it will get better
And the time is close so support the team and coaches cause You got
to stick together .Too much bad mouthing the team and Coach Shannon
They need to battle the ACC not the teams fans .

The youth or memory of the CANES fans on these Forums is telling.

QB Jeff George!

I've been waiting for someone (Manny Navarro) to remind the Fan Base how similar these two situations are - spoiled kid, demanding father and unrealistic HS coach. Kid, father and HS coach were just as classless as this current trio.

As far as the HS coach, the NCAA is looking into statements he made regarding RM transfer options and packaging the Tight End (it looks like the TE kid was going to Georgia anyway). By the way the DB McGee from this same school is sticking with the U. So, it's important to have kids that can recognize classlessness.

Remember QB Jeff George!

I Must Be Nuts!

As far as RS's restrictions on RM, one needs to understand a couple of things;

1) The broad restrictions have merit. This where JJ's daily advise is helping to guide RS. See - Posted by: gatorfan2 | December 31, 2008 at 06:04 PM

(A) RM knows the playbook (PB) and the situational tendencies of this PB and this OC.

(B) RS will use the broad restrictions as negotiating leverage. With the firing of PN these restrictions will be reduced when RS gets what he wants.
See - Posted by: gatorfan2 | December 31, 2008 at 06:04 PM

Now, with regard to RS bashers, most of which are UF/FSU fans and haters of the U, take a gander at this ... Posted by: gatorfan2 | December 31, 2008 at 06:04 PM



Yeah, Urban makes it real easy for kids to leave:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida indefinitely suspended defensive back Avery Atkins following allegations that he beat the mother of his child, but declined the sophomore's request to be released so he could transfer to another school.

Atkins allegedly punched Benarah Sanford several times and held her against her will in her car in Daytona Beach over the weekend, according to a police report. Atkins said he only acted in self defense when she attacked him and he denied keeping her in the car. No charges have been filed in the case, which remains open.
Atkins, a possible starter, told the Orlando Sentinel he tried to leave the school, but coach Urban Meyer and school officials denied his request earlier this month.

"I asked, but they wouldn't give it," Atkins said Wednesday. "I feel like a person should be able to make his own decisions. They're trying to tell me what to do. … What choice do I have? They won’t let me go, and I don’t want to ruin my life."

Meyer said Atkins is the first player to whom he has not granted a release in his five-plus years as a head coach.

Meyer indefinitely suspended Atkins on Monday, saying the player "has some issues to deal with before he can participate in any of our team activities."

Atkins missed the end of spring practice in April to tend to a family issue.

"I've talked to him, talked to his family," Meyer said. "We feel like it's in his best interest to try to fight through this and not be scared of the issues."

Atkins said he and Sanford are communicating, and neither expects to be arrested.

"It will probably be all over by the beginning of next week," he said.

Posted: Yesterday 12:27 PM
Re: Transfers that UF and FSU have recently denied...
03/03/08 - Urban Meyer Denies Wilson a transfer

Gators backup OL James Wilson said Friday he has requested to transfer from Florida. Because he hasn’t been granted the release yet, he would not say what school he is thinking of attending.

“I got a few schools in mind,” he said. “I want to go to a smaller school.” Wilson said Florida coach Urban Meyer tried to convince him to stay and said that he would start this season, but Wilson said his “heart was just not there anymore.” The freshman, who dressed for four games, did not play at all this season. One of the top prospects of the 2007 recruiting class, Wilson blocked for Gators quarterback Tim Tebow for three seasons at Ponte Vedra Nease High. He committed to Southern Cal before switching and signing with Florida, where he redshirted his freshman year after knee surgery. - Jenna Marina, Independent Florida Alligator

My counts has 4 players transfering, Shannon needs to use the extra scholarships on OL only, no more WR!

McKenzie is transfering (I think) to Memphis with his brother, wonder if his ex-HS teammate Marve will go there?

My fear is not the present recruits but future recruits boycotting the U if RS is fired. Local talent will always be loyal to Randy he has the program hostage where it is politically incorrect to bash Randy. We had banners flying in the OB to fire Coker but God forbid you question Mr Shannon in a post game interview. In the meantime the soap opera unfolding is not beneficial to the U. This program is in a state of confusion and the last few games, especially the last minute of the bowl game reflect it. The Georgia Tech game was an embarassment it was the worst prepared defense and LSU showed us how bad we really are.

I support Coach Shannon 100%. Football is a microcosim of life - to be successful one needs to take FULL responsibility for their own success - not blame others around them for THEIR failures. Marve should have stuck by his commitment to the University and found a way to work with the coaching staff - not jump ship because of a disagreement with the head coach's style. Let his position coach(s) - which apparently support him, act as the buffer. Marve has done nothing but continue to prove he is punk kid with little dicipline, clearly the result of his upbringing based upon comment made by his father and HS coach.


some of U guys said it, we have 1 guy getting drafted, POSSIBLY 1. What does that say RS inherited?? O talent left by COker. Its like Butch afer probation, he went 5-7 in 1997, no bowl, then each yr we got better by playing youth. Do you know how many people said butch couldnt coach, and to launch him when we lost 4 in 1998, and in 99, 4 games again. But, he was getting all these young kids Playing time that became 1-3 round picks in 02,03,04 drafts. Randy is doing the same thing. LISTEN UP, considering 1 kid might get drafted, might, and he was an afterthought, did we even deserve to be in a bowl? I think thats a good job-CONSIDER THIS----- in every loss, 6, we had a chance to win or within 1 score accept the GT game. inc down 9-3 to UF---I have posted this before, but bashers, go look at the U's schedule, and 5 0f 6 losses we had a chance to win. Thats 12 of 13 games, with 1 draftable player--I think thats a great turnaround, you can see where we R headed, and Marve is honestly big baby and his dad didnt want him to ride the pine. I AM HOPING HE GETS BEAT OUT----IF emarve thinks that his new school is just giving him the job, U have been lied to.

I am a true fan never turned my back on the canes and i do see people bashing randy i have posted here randy has to watch himself with that bad clock management but yet i see some crazy posts saying they will not support the U if RS is there seriously ppl like that are not a fan yes this is been down times for miami but we have alot of upside to this program and we have a coach that has brought that talent it is better talent then want coker had brought while coker started good and slipped down so far RS started bad and is improving and ppl stop beeing so unsure about jacory harris he has proven he can play so what he dosen't have the weight or arm strength of RM what he does have is that it factor and you can't teach that or train to become that so watch and see how the kid does with a full year to kid bigger and more knowledge to the hame this yr is over at the begining of they year it seemed doomed then at the middle we accomplished so much by saying the U is back until our last three games that proved to the whole world that we are young and not ready just yet im intrigued and excited to see what OC RS brings in and the under armour and army game for the recruits to see who miami gets and then national signing day that is what im excited to see hopefully we get massie man if we get him our o-line will be young but great upside with the other two prep star line man and add a few more to o-line and d-line plus the sanford trio wow another great recruiting yr for RS all in all im ready for nxt yr and can't wait to see who RS brings in because he knows he has to turn it around or he may just be out the door so i hope RS brings us to the glory day IM A TRUE CANE FAN

Let Marve transfer to a SEC school.

The total lack of football knowledge of some of the CANES fans on these Comment Forums is telling.

This goes to the fact that most never played a down of organized football in there lives.

And that's ok, but please don't show your ignorance by bashing a head coach (RS) after his second yr and his first recruiting
class(RC) yr.

I Must Be Nuts! But this whole bash RS thing goes to the miss-guided thought that RS had some secret super duper upper class players on the bench that he JUST DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY.

RS's first RC, as true freshmen, replaced and out performed most, if not all, of the Coker leftovers.

Now I know your memory can't be so bad that you forgot the whole timing screw up by the U admin. in firing Coker and hiring RS. But just in case your memory is that bad I'll keep it simple;

RS had NO MONEY, NO TIME and NO TALENT to attract a Quality O C or D C. After RS showed Donna Shalalala and the Trustees what cheap will get you in a D C and O C (and informed them then that a new O C would be needed).

And when RS showed Donna Shalalala his ability to recruit and finding and signing a quality
D C in Bill Young (BY). Donna Shalalala held a press conference (which you guy's missed or forgot) Stating that the U will give RS what ever he needs to succeed. The money for a quality O C is now in his hands.

With BY, RS signed a D C that had the top ranked D's in the country for years while defending in the most prolific offensive conference in the country, The Big 12, just in case you forgot.

Yah, I Must Be Nuts!

Now, RS has shown me that he can and will continue to be a great recruiter. Going back to and sticking with the Lou Saban - Schnellenberger concept, that Coker abandoned. We are still living with this huge mistake. And in BY, RS has shown me he find and sign talent. So, will he find that Quality O C we need? Well with the MONEY, TIME and RECRUITING TALENT, he has shown me he can.

Now about RS's coaching ability; first you need a basic understanding of football. The game starts and ends at the line of scrimmage, period.

All the "skill players" in the world won't help, unless of course you're running the A-11 offense, then no offensive line is needed. I don't think we're going there.

Under Coker, the offensive line continued to diminish over time in - talent, size and numbers. The defensive line, as well as the defense as a whole, has been diminished by losses to the NFL.

Not a bad thing if you have quality in your depth chart. So, RS was left with very serious depth problem on both sides of the ball.

We've known this. At leased those of us with a memory and or have actually been following the team.

I Must Be Nuts!

But, I know RS will succeed.

Go Canes!

Posted by: gatorfan2 | December 31, 2008 at 06:04 PM

Q: Manny Miami fans are so harsh Im a fan also but you cant control someone life how about these people on this board go be our QB they wouldnt last one minute. Yes Marve needs to shape up but Coach Shannon is afraid of what Marve is capable of doing to Miami at Florida. People forget Marve turned Plant High into a winning program and broke Tebow's records just let him play?

I Must Be Nuts!

I see the tears now. All RM lovers, "just let him play!"

U Must Be Nuts!

RM arguably has the worst stats of any starter at the U, one. Two, where have these people been He Did Play. RS started him every game -
He Wasn't Suspended For, - that's 11 out of 13 games. JH started game one and game 13.

Rm got 2/3rd's of all the snaps. But guess what he less TD's and more INT's than JH.
U need to face reality, he sucks. Personally,I don't care where he go's. He will never beat the U as an opposing QB.

One, because he isn't good enough to start at any school that can compete with the U as they stand today. Unfortunately for now, that's not saying much for the U or RM.

Two, in the next few years to come - the U will be in the "national discussion" they are on a up ramp in terms of quality coaching, and depth of talent.

What's depth of talent? Look at Southern Cal, they rotate 18 different defensive linemen, yes 18, every game. The O-line is similar just not as many, only 10 to 15 per game.

Is that a quality line of scrimmage, or what?

Yah, I Must Be Nuts!

In closing, anyone, in their right mind, that understands football and actually watched RM's performance or lack there of, and is actually a CANES FAN, has come to a couple of conclusions;

one: RM is not for this program. just as the coaches have done, projecting JH's stats they see a guy with 35 TD passes 18 INT's and over 3000 yrd's.

two: RS has shown he is a man of his word. He said that RM would be the starter this season and he stuck by that. RM stinks up the place with his inability to perform on and off the field and his inability to mature. And then he (RM) has the gall to bite the hand that fed him. Well, listening to his dad and his HS coach act like children as well I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I Must Be Nuts!

Is this Jeff George all over again. Wait, didn't Fortay actually sue the U because he didn't get to start?

So, for the Canes youngsters and the Canes pretenders this nothing new in College football. All programs have cry baby's and transfers. Look a WR McKenzie, RM's HS buddy, he leaves as a mature young man knowing the competition at WR is to strong, so he goes to Memphis nice and quietly. That's a man, good luck Mac!

Remember, when these "bench guys" leave, that opens up a scholarship for someone that may be an "every down player". If RS gets one "every down player" for every 4 transfers he's winning the scholarship game.

Getting back to the glory days the U needs first string players 3 and 4 deep at every position. So, RS will continue to push lackluster scholarship players out, so he can open up the scholarship. This has been the U way since Schellenberger and thru to Davis. Coker stopped this practice and look where it got us. This happens at all the big time programs, this builds depth.

Happy Days Are Here Again. They're right around the corner.

Go Canes! Maintain the Patients

Just a note to the crying U fans about clock management; It's the O C's responsibility his team has the ball. Either by him directly if he's on the sideline or his contact if he is in the booth. The same for the defensive side.

With PN gone that problem is solved.

Go Gator Beat the Sooners

All this crying about Marve. We don't want him he sucks.

Go Gator Beat Sooners


Garcia went to Jefferson High School in Tampa and was one of the big rivals of Plant High School. Robert Marve and Stephen Garcia were in the same senior high school class and competed directly against one another.

I live in Tampa and followed both QB's during high school.

The U fans are delusional if they blindly support Shannon after the Marve screw up.

After following college football for over 20 years, I can't recall a single instance where a coach placed such ridiculous and excessive constraints on a transfer.

To ban all SEC and Florida schools was a shot at the Marve family to make watching their kid play football a long distance trip, pure and simple. I think the Marves will have a case if they decide to sue over the matter because the constraints are not reasonable.

When you combine this latest mistake with Shannon's complete failure to manage the last 2 minutes of the Emerald Bowl, an objective fan must conclude that he is not ready to be a head coach.

Recruits all over the nation are going to react badly to this episode, too. Would you send your son to Miami knowing that he may be denied a reasonable transfer if things weren't working out?

Lastly, Shannon may cause damage to his fellow coaches if a court weighs in on the transfer restrictions.

UM fans need to stop making excuses for Shannon and hold him accountable for his incredibly flawed judgment.

Robert Marve is a daddy's boy not a football player. I am glad Marve is leaving because the talk of the town is that he never attended classes and, when he did, he came to sleep. The Hurricane Nation totally supports Coach Shannon. And for Mr. Weiner's comments- be careful on what you say and do...the FHSAA is listening and it seems you have broken some of its rules regarding recruting and influencing players' decisions on where to attend. Mr. Weiner, your name fits you well--- YOU ARE A BIG WEINER. Again, let us be reminded that X's and O's are very important but education is premordial. Apparently, DADDY Marve must have been breezed thru school and expects a blank check for his son, too. BIG Weiner, do you breeze them thru high school at Plant and provide blank scholastic and moral checks? It'd be fantastic if the truth came out. We don't need scholastic losers like LITTLE Marve. . UM has a high graduation rate and that is what is important. SOCK IT TO 'EM COACH RANDY!!!! GO CANES !!!!!

Let's see, RS is worried about RM may do at UF?

It's the playbook and playbook tenancies. We don't play UF until '13 but, schools talk to each other about common opponents or share info they have to get info they want. With a new O C coming in those playbook tenancies will change. So, it may not be as important in that aspect but RM knows the defense and defensive tenancies as well. So it is important, plus RM his dad and HS coach are such jerks, I hope the U makes very difficult for him. I understand that the HS coach has already been referred to the NCAA and FHSAA for statements he made implicating himself in various rules infractions.

My take on the new O C:

I have no idea who it will be but I will say this - College Guru's are created by the talent backing them up (assistant coaches) and the talent on the field (players), period.

In the Pro's you pick what you need ala Parsells. While in College the talent picks you. That's why when these Guru's are hired they fail much more than they succeed - they can't pick the talent the talent picks them.

So, don't get all up in arms if it's someone we've never heard of, or a guy from a division 2 school etc.

I would like to Chud come back. Probably not doable but there's a better chance than if this happened last yr.

One more thing, Jimmy Johnson is working very hard with RS (they speak everyday according to JJ) and he, JJ, and JJ has great connections and is a very good judge of coaches.

Can't see the forest for the trees? Read this
Posted by: gatorfan2 | December 31, 2008 at 06:04 PM

So, all good things to come in 2009!

Happy New Year and GO CANES

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