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Will haterade hurt Canes?

Patrick Nix fired the first shots, saying Miami's football coach preferred to be conservative (a bad word to play making recruits) than aggressive with his offense. 24 hours later, Robert Marve, Eugene Marve and Tampa Plant coach Robert Weiner fired theirs with an uzi. They used words like shameful, unsupportive, mistrust and cowardly as ammunition. Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon? He has stood like a super hero with a steel chest, letting each and every comment bounce off.

Randy_shannonBut while Shannon is taking the high road and avoiding a public war of words (maybe he did learn something from that little Urban Meyer fiasco), the haterade being fired by Marve's peeps and Nix are landing somewhere. They are falling into the waiting arms of UM's opponents who plan to use the juicy, tasty material to try and keep the Canes from succeeding. And it couldn't come at a worse time as Miami is trying to strengthen its coaching staff and trying to wrap up a strong recruiting class five weeks before national national signing day.

The Canes of course have survived these times before. Five-time national champions get fired upon plenty over time. We've remember the old bullets. After the Bryan Pata and Sean Taylor murders the talk was 'Miami isn't a safe place.' Before things got cleaned up, it was all about 'Thug U.'

The question is will the new flavor of haterade hurt the Canes? I mean, can't you hear them being uttered already? A certain coach from an in-state school going into the home of a recruit also being chased by the Canes and telling him: "Why would you want to play for Randy Shannon? He doesn't take care of the players he recruits. He doesn't back them up. And, he doesn't want to run a high-scoring offense."

Or, what about potential coaches who might know Nix? Think some of the guys Shannon has let go won't be apt to tell people, "Shannon has brought in his own guys, then fired them and didn't even really give them a chance to do what they wanted."

Robert_marveIt's going to happen. The question is again will it hurt? The short term answer is it very well could. The long term answer could be no -- as long as Shannon continues to play his cards right. I spoke to one UM official earlier this morning who told me the fact Shannon reacted positively to the dirt being tossed his way by Marve and Nix was a great first step. The next? Could be letting this issue die by freeing Robert Marve from his SEC transfer ban. But as of now, the same UM official told me, that doesn't look like its going to happen.

> The good news for UM: Current UM commitments and recruits at least don't seem phased. While the Hurricanes are no longer in the running for Tampa Plant tight end Orson Charles (he was likely headed to Georgia anyway), many of the recruits I've spoken to in the last few days don't seem bothered by what's transpired in the last 48 hours at Miami.

Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee, a UM January arrival who has impressed scouts this week in San Antonio out at the U.S. Army All-American game, told me he wasn't shocked Nix was fired and said everything being said about Shannon is "bull."

Aj_highsmithQuarterback recruit A.J. Highsmith, the son of former Cane Alonzo Highsmith, said he respects Shannon's tough love tactics and the fact he's a disciplinarian. "I've known coach Shannon probably longer than most people because of my dad. Unless something really crazy happens, I'm going to UM,'' said Highsmith, who led his team to the Texas 5A state finals two weeks ago.

"I think its just one of the things that goes on in the football business. I never had a problem with coach Nix. But I don't think my opinion matters with him leaving. Miami is going to be Miami no matter what. As for Marve, I think with him leaving, I'll probably have even more of a chance to play. So, that's exciting."

One thing I can gather from all of my conversations with current and future players is that whoever Miami hires to replace Nix as offensive coordinator has to be someone aggressive. "I'd like somebody who runs the spread offense, but incorporates the pro offense," Highsmith said. "That's what a lot of guys run now in offense. I think the spread is what works for them. But I think as long as we're scoring points, the ball is getting spread around, nobody is going to care."


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I really hope Shannon and his future OC is watching the Rose Bowl and taking notes. Score, score some more and keep scoring. Go for the jugular, get the ball down the field and get it to your playmakers.

All that said, wow USC is explosive.

It seems as though FinsFan is not a College football fan, but a FinsFan. Nor does she know anything about leverage and negotiation.

First off this is not about Marve or his ability because we can all see he ... sucks. And as a gator I can assure you he is not worth wasting a scholarship on. What RM represents is info and knowledge. Both on our defensive and offensive

I don't expect her to understand this since she probably is Pro Football Fan. Hey I'm fins fan too, but I follow College football and this is common place when you have your starting QB tranfer. He may not have ability but he has info and where ever he goes common opponents will want it.

Go Gator Beat Sooners

Game over! Does this game remind anyone else of the 2002 Rose Bowl? What was it like 30-3 Canes over Nebraska at the half?


Name another transfer that stipulated a kid couldn't go to any school in an entire state.

If you really follow college football, or any football for that matter, you would know that these coaches know EVERYTHING about their opponents' tendencies and weaknesses. They aren't getting an advantage from a 19 year old kid.

The kid knows the play books (O and D).

The kid was being actively recruited. That is the reason he is so ticked off. He and his daddy were exposed, and found out. Someone should investigate the legality of that under NCAA rules.
And RS probably found out about the chit chat during the season and it all came to fruition towards the end.

Miami has all the right to do this I guarantee you if Tebow wanted to transfer out of Uf to FSU or say, Georgia next year, Urban Liar would have doen exactly the same!@

By the way, check out this scenario:

USC is hammering PennState
texas hammers Ohio State
Oklahoma beats Uf

Can anyone argue against Texas winning a share of the NC? Or USC?

VT-UC winner v winner
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxnat. Ch.
USC v PSU winner v winner

Hey Fins Fan,

If you want to see sombody who went crazy with the transfer restrictions check out what Charlie Weis did to Demetrius Jones at ND and that was the case of a kid truly gettiing the shaft after just one start. Charlie choker yanked the kid after he spent the whole fall camp installing a spread option. He pulled him after one half a football went to his senior and two weeks later inserted Jimmy "the Geek" and went to the prostyle. He even had the nerve to try to blame DJ's problems on the state of the Chicago Public League and had to be threatened with a city wide blackball B4 he finally OK's DJ going to Northern IL wich he was dead set against fro the start. It's not being vindictive on Randy's part it's all about protecting his program from poachers & goof's like the Plant Weiner who is as classless as they come.

Randy Shannon is a joke of a head coach and person.

From his LIES about where his best friend died (ohhh he forgot) to him acting like a baby after the gator game, to his handling of Robert marve (again like a baby), to how he recruits (promising recruits playing time and protecting the Northwestern kids over everyone els).

I hope Randy Shannon lasts at UM forever because he will NEVER win anything there.

No recruit in their right mind would go to an unstable program like Miami now. NONE. They are a program living off their past because their present and future look like garbage.

They arent winning on the field, coaches are being fired yearly, numerous players are transferring yearly. Everyone wants out.

And its all because of one person, Randy Shannon.

Congrats Miami you get what you pay for and you hired a JOKE!

How is Randy Shannon taking the high road with Marve??????

Why would he ban the kid from playing at a school that we dont play????

Stop being a baby Randy Shannon!!!!

We need that mentally tough Miami team back and we need a mentally tough coach not a baby that cries after a team beats us by 23.

Start acting like a MAN, Randy!!!!!!!!

Let Marve go to any team that we dont play. Randy Shannon is classless!

Will hatred hurt the Canes? Are you kidding me! Here's the message folks from RS...If you think you're bigger than the U then take your "thug" attitude and your family and go somewhere else. A big concern for years at the U was the lack of dicipline. Parents were hesitant to have their kids attend this university because of off filed problems. Well, Randy has made that concern a distant memory. You want to be a Canes, you will act like one or you won't be here very long. So, premadonas,like Marve can cry foul all they want. Rules are rules and they apply to everyone who commit to this program. Great job, Randy and keep up the good work.

Marve has been negotiating with SEC schools before he was released from his scholarship, most notable Florida. This is definitly a slap in the face being that Shannon is not very friendly with Urban Meyer.These schools ahve played a role in Marve's decision to transfer. And also the fact that he recruits all the same players that the SEC schools do. ACC also plays SEC school in the Peach bowl.

The only thing a former player could tell another team is their hand signals. You change them for a game.

It is silly that anybody would think Urban Meyer would talk to a kid before his release. This started when Meyer said Marve was a good QB after the Miami game.

Florida let Berlin go to to the U.

I do realize everybody is a homer on their own board, but let's be rational. Randy has made a lot of mistakes his first 2 years. That being said, he is a great recruiter and he might work out. He HAS to bring some stability to the U. As of now, it's like a three ring circus down there.

Remember Ron Zook was a great recruiter and look what happened to him.

P.S. I like the Canes. I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and was a kid when Mira Sr. played.

Saw Jim Kelly play at Florida Field.

We don't play Miami enough for them to be a "bitter" rival, but as you know, one hates to lose to another in state school.


Actually it was RM's HS coach that started the "school shopping". Hell, the idiot unknowingly implicated himself, RM and RM's dad in an interview.

That's when the FHSAA, the NCAA and UM got involved. This all came to light just before UM started practice for Cal. Marve "was suspended for an academic violation", yes, but RS already new what was up. By this time the NCAA was calling the shot's.

The restrictions by UM, om RM, were at the request of the NCAA and a part of the NCAA investigation into the HS coach and the 3 (FLA, TENN, LSU) schools involved.

And kind of damage can a transferred player have on his former team. Forget hand signals it's playbook and playbook tendencies. And forget help to his new team it's info that's traded on common opponents.

Why do you think Urban Myer won't allow two players, that want to transfer to UM, to transfer ANYWHERE.

Talk about restrictions! Let me repeat this, and maybe some of U guy's will pass this on to the yahoo - hit piece - jerk.

Urban Myer won't allow any of his transfer requests TRANSFER AT ALL! PERIOD!


You actually believe this??

Please! Then why haven't any of the schools been repremanded?

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