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No new commitments yet

I know there is a lot of interest in recruiting after the Canes hosted their first big weekend of visitors. Unfortunately, there are no new commitments to report as of yet.

The Hurricanes welcomed seven players in all -- including five commitments, running back Mike James, cornerback Brandon McGee, tight end Stephen Plein, defensive tackle Curtis Porter and defensive end Olivier Vernon. The two big targets, however, were Hargrave Military Academy prep school offensive linemen Daniel Campbell (6-5, 320) and 6-8, 335-pound Bobby Massie (the No. 1 prep school player in the country according to Rivals.com).

Massie would be the prize and the Canes have a fair shot at him. Offensive line is obviously a huge priority for the Canes. As of now, only Brandon Washington (who will begin taking classes in January) and Fleming Island's Cory White are the only commitments expected to play on the offensive line at UM. James told me he and McGee were trying hard this weekend to get Campbell or Massie to commit.

Mike_james"We were really trying to get the big guys," James said. "We're talking to them about trying to win the championship and talked about winning. I think we sold the school hard. They sounded really excited about it. I got Massie's number, called him after the visit. He hasn't called me back yet. But I'm sure he'll call me back. I know they had fun. Miami really does have a chance with those guys."

As for his own impression of his visit, James said he had a blast. The 5-11, 211-pounder from Davenport, Fla. who ran for more than 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns for a team that finished 10-2 this season, said he spent most of the weekend with Javarris James, a player he refers to as a big brother even though the two aren't related. He said they toured South Beach and Coconut Grove and talked plenty of football.

"The trip was awesome. It was probably the best time I had in my life," James said. "I can't wait to get back down there. We went out on the town, with Baby J most of the weekend, talked football and about school."

> The only player on the visit who you can't exactly consider a 100 percent lock to choose UM is Vernon, who I've been trying to reach since Sunday. The 6-3, 239-pound defensive end is a kid UM was trying to sure up after he made visits to Florida State and Alabama. He and his coach have yet to return phone calls.

> By the way, what looked like the entire Northwestern Bulls starting unit visited UM's practice Saturday. I forgot to mention it before. But 2010 commitment and defensive tackle Todd Chandler was there. If UM was smart, they'd already start working on two other Bulls -- junior receiver Michael Lee Harris and sophomore quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Harris impressed me with his smarts and speed. Bridgewater is just starting to figure out the quarterback position. But he already beat one of the country's best in Miramar quarterback Eugene Smith last weekend.

Later this week, I'll be in Orlando to watch Northwestern play Sanford Seminole for the state title. And yes, I am hoping to get a chance to meet up with the three kids of interest from Seminole -- defensive end Dyron Dye, receiver Andre Debose and Ray Ray Armstrong.

> From the how do you explain this department: The University of Miami men's basketball team completely fell out of the rankings this week despite going 2-0 with wins over FIU and Robert Morris. Miami had been ranked No. 25 in the Coach's Poll. Now, Clemson, UM's next opponent, is ranked 25th after starting its season 10-0.


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Hey Manny... thanks for the info.
Nothing new on current players and their commitment?

Q: Hey Manny... thanks for the info.
Nothing new on current players and their commitment? Posted by: roachcane77 | December 15, 2008 at 03:40 PM

A: Nothing I can report substantially. I've heard rumblings linebacker Antonio Harper, who goes to the same prep school as Massie and Campbell, hasn't been able to get the test score needed to get into UM in January like he had hopes to. But it's nothing I can report with certainty.

As for current commits on shaky ground, I went out and watched Monsignor Pace play last Friday and only got to speak to defensive back Kayvon Webster briefly. I've been told while he's a UM commitment, he's still keeping his options open and considering other schools. In other words, it's not a completely done deal. But I'd like to get Kayvon to talk about it. It's just hard reaching kids these days with how many other people call them.

Manny, do our young guys seem "too happy" about just getting to this bowl game, vs finishing this season with a huge win?

Hear talk of "treating it like a Spring Game," and such... makes it sound like they're not real serious about playing all out.

What are your thoughts on the bowl game and our team's attitude and preparation?

Thanks... yeah, it's gotta be hard to get ANY contact with these guys right now with everybody trying to pull them to their school.


Any word on Patrick Nix. What does it say to a program when he leaves to interview for a head coaching gig?

I know I may seem like the typical NIX basher, but I was open minded this year. He constantly said he didn't want to open the full play book because of the inexperience.

However, can we trust him? going to interview for other jobs knowing he will probably have another year for sub mediocrity.

Auburn made their hire annoyed, so Nix will be staying.

It's tough to fall out of the top 25 when you won both games in the week, but if Clemson is 10-0 to start the season then they probably should leapfrog us at this point. Doesn't mean squat in basketball anyway, and we play them so it will be a real quick fix if we are better than they are.

I'm starting to get concerned a bit about this years recruiting class. Last year's class seemed so excited about the U and getting started. We don't seem to be getting the same kind of enthusiasm, especially from positions of need. You'd think those O-lineman would be beating down the door to get to UM the way our depth chart looks, but they all seem very hesitant. But if there are any doubts about Randy Shannon as a coach, they are not about his ability to recruit, so I'll just relax a bit.

Go Canes!

UM beat Kentucky FIU and Robert Morris sicne the last rankings and still dropped out! They are 6-2. Notre dame lost to #1 NC (blown out by 23) and lost to Ohio State. UM lost by 13 to No.2 UCONN and to Ohio State. ND is still rnaked 12th!!!! 12th!!!Do the moronic, brain dead, retarded voters ever compare teams and schedules when they come out with these idiotic rankings... or is the anti-cane bias obvious here ....again???????

what about Tennessee, who lost to georgia and Gonzaga?

Whats up with Bryce brown? Is he still a cane, ans whats his brother doing to get him to come to Miami?

Manny syas: "Later this week, I'll be in Orlando to watch Northwestern play Sanford Seminole for the state title. And yes, I am hoping to get a chance to meet up with the three kids of interest from Seminole -- defensive end Dyron Dye, receiver Andre Debose and Ray Ray Armstrong."

Manny...I'll be there late, but I'll be there. See U at the game and I'll call U when I get there. U and Six from our blog will be on the field like last year.

hey manny i live in orlando see you at the game dude......go canes.....seminole is a tough team...

Annoyed, it says Nix wants to be a HC, like most coaches in the world. And he knows we won't be one here for a while if at all. I don't know what Auburn is thinking but at least they have some respect for Nix and the job he is doing. They see something positive.

I agree about us not locking down the big timers yet with enthusiasm. With recruits knowing the depth chart, you would think the 4-5 star guys would have pulled the trigger already, BUT, last yrs class had so many miami kids where as this yr we R waitin on out of st and seminole high kids, so it might be next month.


Are you seriously complaining about Nix interviewing for the head coaching position at Auburn?

There is not a coordinator in the entire country who wouldn't interview for the head coaching spot at a school like that. If he refused the interview, then we'd have something to worry about because it would be a sign he's either not very intelligent or insane.

If this is what you're complaining about, this must not be that bad.

Last year's recruiting class was amazing because so many of them were 3, 4, and 5-star guys coming from the same couple of schools. This year's class is different because there isn't one school with a ton of guys going to UM. This year's class will be solid. I'm not worried. Not many schools around the country have recruits that are as enthusiastic as last year's UM class.

On another note, I'd like to point out that 4 and 5 star offensive linemen don't always make the best linemen. In my opinion, the offensive linemen are the "smart guys". I'd rather have a ton of 3-star smart guys than a bunch of oversized, raw 4 and 5 star recruits. Look at what Boston College linemen have been doing for years in college AND in the NFL. Those guys weren't even 3 star recruits! Stoutland will be tested heavily this coming season.

On another note, Auburn requested to interview Nix. It didn't happen the other way around guys. When you read the articles, it's good to absorb some of the facts. I think Nix knows he has a long way to go before getting a head coaching job.

he world is coming to an end, the economy is terrible, Bush ran the US into the ground and he left nothing but dismay for Obama. Miami can not buy a win and it looks as if we are having another terrible year next year. No OLinemen want to come here because they know we suck (Pat Nix) for some reason we wont put the ball in the play makers hands. To top it off I can not find a bag of chronic if my life depended on it. What has happened to the world. Marijuana is illegal for no reason yet people kill people everyday after taking shots from a bar. What has happened to the Miami program? Watching ESPN earlier and Jessie "Fruit" Palmer said we are going to lose to Cal and everyone in the world has NO RESPECT for the U. I remember when our defense used to love to hit and kill opponents, now players like DVD play soo soft you would think he wears a skirt. I do not care if Randy recruits thugs on the block selling crack, at least they have some heart and are not afraid of taking a hit or injuring another player for fun. Screw the 5 star and 4 star talk, it does not matter anymore, just recruit some guys who will give it there all on the field. I do not care if U recruit a zero star player I bet he is better than all of our DB'S combined (except Brandon Harris). By the way Reddick we do not need U buddy go ahead and start filling out some applications because this team needs to be headed forward not backward. "PS I heard Burger King was hiring". Meanwhile Urban Liar, Mr. Crybaby himself is going to be racking the recruits up after they win the National Championship which should be played against USC. Oklahoma is too soft yet they whooped our butts and will do it again next year. Sorry I had to vent and I am tired of mediocrity. Randy has two more years to prove he is the man, then he will be fired. By the way Gene Chizik should of not got the Auburn job it is a simple case of racism, Turner Gill has a white wife so there U go that is why he was not hired. Trust me I know I am a white/native american who has a Black and Puerto Rican wife and I always get discriminated against, it is just the way this world is. Racism will never go away

Do anyone know why Jermaine Johnson didnt visit miami i thought he was supposed to visit recently sat. i heard this guy is a really good O-LINE. he got an offer from miami. i hope we can get this guy too. we need big man.

2 words:

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

elliot posted the exact same thing on my blog. Might want to see a doctor.

Manny, let me know if you need some help. hahaha

breaking news on marve transfering...only at:


FAKE Soup... please ignore.

U took it off of canespace? O well I hope Jacory starts against Cal.

Anyone hear the rumours of Shawnbrey tranferring?


Scout.com reports Daniel Campbell signed a letter of intent with USC.

Have you heard anything Manny?

Though I will never question his greatness and legacy at the U but is it painful to anyone else watching Dorsey play in the NFL?

I thought Dorsey was good in the first half before throwing that INT for a TD. The story of his career has been making the right choices with bad surrounding players. He was criticized when he went into the NFL for not being a playmaker and needing a team around him. Somebody tell me what QB is good in the NFL without a team around him? I'm tired of watching QB's with big arms and little brains get these chances to play. I'm glad Matt Ryan is doing so well because he's actually got brains and little brawn. I love watching guys like J. Russell and V. Young struggle because they are just screwy in the head.

florida will not win the championship. it will be close for about a quarter then OU will turn on the jets .. my prediction
OU 59
UF 27


You people need to CHILL about UM...they need time to get the recruiting classes in here...this ONE CLASS has already shown what it can do JUST AS FRESHMAN....imagine what they will pass on to the recruiting class coming in next year...and so on and so on...UM fans are too impatient...they should spend more time buying up the $19 tickets to games and filling our stadium instead of worrying about WHEN we will win our next national championship - that will come in due time, FOR SURE.
So, get off ur sorry butts and help fill up Dolphin Stadium...hey, I HATE THAT STADIUM, TOO...but, the team is there and we have to support them...crowds of only 40,000 people WILL TURN OFF FUTURE RECRUITS...so, if some great recruits don't come to UM, YOU CANES "FANS" are just as much to blame as anyone else...show some PASSION, SOME NOISE, SOME COLLEGE ATMOSPHERE at Dolphin Stadium...buy up the $199 Season Tickets (that's a great buy)...
The future is not only bright, but it won't be long before we have our SIXTH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP...so, CANES FANS, get your season tickets NOW!


insidetheu said Roy Watts has made his decision.He plan to attend the University of Miami.. let go CANES. WE GOT ONE HECK OF LINE.

You said it UMike, SUPPORT THE F'in TEAM. Don't just show up when they're playing a good team. If I didn't live in Pcola, I'd be a season ticket holder. When they come and play FSU, we go see them, and I go freakin nuts, lol. By the way Marve would be making a HUGE mistake if he transfers, so I hope those are just rumors.

I haven't read anything on Roy Watts committing but I did read that 2010 recruit DT Louis Nix is one of only 10 other scout 5 stars! And I watched 4 star Todd Chandler play in person last year in TX and he made Fortson look slow. He reminds me of MR. Sapp!!! Now, hopefully we can pickup some OL this year!

Roy Watts committed to Houston, not Miami, according to insidetheU. Probably a good idea to get the subscription and read the article instead of inferring from the headline.

I getting 4 season tix next year, and I LIVE IN ST. PETE!!!


Listen to Bryce Brown on Rivals Radio this morning. He's committed to Miami, and told them that he will be visiting schools, basically to go through the recruiting experience. On his brother, he love it at Miami, and is learning the playbook on defense. And it's gonna take time and patience. Real good interview. Just need some O-line help.

Scout.com reports Daniel Campbell signed a letter of intent with USC.

Have you heard anything Manny?

Posted by: Sparkito | December 15, 2008 at 10:50 PM

Check again:


have you seen the gene chizik heckler he was booing gene and named coahes he would prefer and said "turner gill... heck i'll take patrick nix."

Can we start the petition now to have Dorsey return to the U as a coach when he is done with the NoFunLeague? While his physical abilities were not outstanding, there is no questioning his understanding of the game and leadership. Jacory Harris reminds me alot of Dorsey. Marve...well..do you remember Brock Berlin?

I spoke to bryice brown on myspace and he is solid to the U. He is upset because everyone thinks he is going to de-commit from the U. He said he told the U he was taking his visits and will be on campus ASAP. Fan you all need to lighten up the kid is from Kansas he has a right to see other places free of charge.




Thanks 360Cane

We got 2 new commits. Guess we'll have to wait for Susan to break the news!!

9-3 AINT SO BAD, just my opinion. But I'm hopin for 12-0

Florida A&M W

Oklahoma L

at Central Florida W

at South Florida W

at Wake Forest W

at Virginia Tech L

at North Carolina W

Georgia Tech L

Duke W

Virginia W

Clemson W

at Florida St W

I love watching guys like J. Russell and V. Young struggle because they are just screwy in the head.

Wow, thanks for ragging on the black QB's AZCanesDude

I think people need to chill out about recruiting. It's not the end all, say all of college football. It helps, but it's not everything.

Mc, what's with the loss to VaTech?? I think UNC is a better team than them next year. Davis is doing a phenomenal job in Chapel Hill. I also think OU is beatable if Bradford leaves. Hey, you never know. It could be HURRICANE conditions!!

Hey, McNabb is good! Meant no insult. Maybe I should name guys like JP Losman.

"have you seen the gene chizik heckler he was booing gene and named coahes he would prefer and said "turner gill... heck i'll take patrick nix."

That was hilarious. I heard it on Paul and Young Ron and almost pissed myself...


Was this a serious post?! Look, I went to Gulliver, so I have no hard feelings for the kid, but he is not U material. I hope he goes to Duke or FIU b/c seriously he would never play at the U

Fact is just like with each game this yr. Noone knows how many games the U will win. Will the U improve W-L record next year, maybe. All U fans want the Canes to win every game but that does not make it so. Better to look at what happened in games and get good coaching adjustments, that and player evaluation. Is this football team on an up trend? I hope so,, some areas have regressed some progressed. The U has a big recruiting advantage with so much good local talent, the warm winter weather and U football tradition. So one hopes that will transfer into a leap to elite levels soon. It sure has not happened yet.

Wow elliott almost makes Canesrule sound rational.

What a grade A moron.

I don't feel comfortable saying we are going to beat UNC, FSU, and Clemson...these are going to be decent teams. FSU matches up well against our talent, UNC can run the ball and stop our run, and Clemson...it's a pretty big game anytime we play that team.

I don't assume this team is going to beat anyone but the creampuffs...our offensive line was bad and they are going to be even worse next season.

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