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Report: Nix to interview at Auburn

For all the Patrick Nix haters out there, your wish could soon be granted. According to a blog at the Birmingham News, UM's offensive coordinator is supposed to interview for the vacant coaching job at Auburn.

The Tigers reportedly interviewed Georgia assistant head coach Rodney Garner over the weekend and will be looking at another former player in Nix, who was the quarterback at Auburn from 1992 to 1995. If Nix actually gets the offer, I'd be shocked if he didn't take it.


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I'll chip in $100 for a new suit & some interview tips..we must help Pat Nix be all he can be...at Auburn, cuz it aint happening here.

I will gift wrap him and all. They can have him with a bow on top. MERRY CHRISTMAS AUBURN!!! PLEASE TAKE HIM!! Bring in Rob Chud!! everyone at Clevland is getting canned and he was the best offensive coordnator we have ever had!

Heard on Canesport.com that it was only a rumor.

Heard on Canesport.com that it was only a rumor Posted by: 305Cane | December 08, 2008 at 04:40 PM

I've spoken to some people at The U who wouldn't confirm it, but basically said it makes sense.

Either Aburn officials know something we don't about Nix....or they are plain STUPID.

Manny, no way he gets the job right?


During his three seasons as offensive coordinator coach at the University of Miami, the Hurricanes played in three Bowl Championship Series games, including two National Championship games. He coached noteable future NFL players Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis, Bryant McKinnie, Willis McGahee, Frank Gore and Ken Dorsey. In 2001, the ‘Canes went 12-0 and defeated Nebraska to win the National Championship. In 2002, Miami’s offense set school records for points (527), total yards (6,074) and rushing touchdowns (33) and averaged 40.5 points per game, while averaging 284.2 yards per game passing and 183.0 yards per game rushing. The ’Canes went 12-1 in 2002, their only defeat coming in overtime against Ohio State in the National Championship game. In 2003, Miami averaged 27.8 points per game and finished with an 11-2 record, including a 16-14 victory over Florida State in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

i cant say i would be disappointed im scared this offense or these quarterbacks will never get any better under his system i just dont believe he can get the full potential out of our quarterbacks please somebody explain to me why im wrong i would sure love to be on this one

Manny, no way he gets the job right? Posted by: Bish | December 08, 2008 at 04:48 PM

He would be up against some other quality guys. But the fact he's one of Auburn's own helps his case. The guy who reported it has been with the Birmingham News for 17 years and on the Auburn beat for 10. This isn't some whacked out report.

Dude, it would be too good to be true.

If Auburn has ANY sense though, they will go with Turner Gill.

We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that they want an "Alum."

I think Auburn already has their candidate for HC. They are just making interviews to say they have made an extensive search.

I doubt Auburn goes that route. They need a big time name. Especially that Nick Saban is turning the BAMA program around. Lane Kiffin at Tenn along with his dad, Monte.

They can't hire Nix. They would be the laughing stock of College Football.

I hope for our sake they do it.

all i want 4 Christmas is patrick nix wearing bUrnt orange & blUe!!!!!!!!!!

if there is a santa claUse here is the #1 item on my list - nix oUt of MIAMI!!!

As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nix has a chance if everyone else they want passes up the job. Otherwise he's got a chance at being their OC, but not their Head Coach.

305Cane is 110% right... With all of the AMAZING coaches in the SEC, is Auburn really going to pick up that turd?

I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but what the heck has he done at UM or Ga-Tech to merit such a promotion?

Let me present it from a different angle: If Nix were not an Auburn alum, would the school have even ever heard of him? Let alone consider him for the Head Coach position!?!?

Zero chance Nix gets an offer. He is going in because he is an alum - that is all. One of my best friends is an Auburn grad and big booster, and this is directly from his mouth. It's an alum thing, that is all.

Manny- why do you write, "He [Nix] would be up against some other quality guys."

That implies that Nix is a quality guy...


You should have written, "He would be up against QUALITY GUYS." Do not include him in that group!

Perhaps he's a nice person to meet at Publix or at a PTA meeting, but he's nothing special as an Offensive Coordinator.

FYI, we've confirmed it. Nix is interviewing for the job. There will be a story up shortly.

P Nix will never get the job. Never! Hopefully he does and we get Chuz, that would be outstanding. Other news, rumor has it, that next year will be Bobby's last year and Meyer is going to the pro's next year, he's from the Cleveland area, family is up that way. Go Canes.

This would be a blessing ... for both!

Nix is obviously not creative enough, he is very predictable, and not the caliber coach we need at the U! For both the U and for Nix, I hope he lands this job!

And oh yeah, Auburn would suck!

No chance we get Rob Chud. Everyone needs to let that pipe dream go. The only way he leaves the NFL for college would be for a HC position that pays, not a OC position that doesn't.

One angle I read on the B-Ham website is that Nix is getting an interview for a possible HC or OC postion. They might have the head coach in mind and want to round out his staff with Nix as the OC. The U would have to throw a lot of money Chud's way to get him to come down here. Even if he did come down here and did well, he would be gone for another NFL job or HC job pretty quickly.

Nix's offense might not be right for Miami, and I have written many times that I don't necessarily like it, but I would rather he adjust his style to a more pro-style offense than leave all together. Reason: the QBs. They love him, and supposively he has a good rapport with them. Like under Coker, Miami can't grow if we're changing coordinators every year.

a lot of rumors, about Marve....wow

All you dummies need to stop saying we need Chud as OC. He was our OC ten years ago and has been in the league since. Do you think that jew u is gonna come off the cash for any kind of good coaches? Hell No, our time is over guys. We can't compete anymore because of finances. Get used to 7-5 and the Nut Bowl or some other chump bowl because that's what Miami is turning into. especially if we keep this joke of a coaching staff. From top to bottom they suck. RS is a stubborn dumb ass who isn't copmetent enough to be a HC. Nix is a joke but he came cheap. the rest of them aren't even worth mentioning.

tron = sumdumgoy

WHAT rumors about marvE?

marve is gone fyi


Not only will Nix not get the Auburn job, but he'll wind up getting a Cokeresque extension here. The only laughingstock, sadly, is us. Let's run a few more fourth-and-ones out of the shotgun, shall we? Maybe bring back Kyle Wright to run the option inside the 10 just one more time for old time's sake. Shoot me.

Shoot me.

Posted by: Pessimist | December 08, 2008 at 08:03 PM

OK I will!


I feel better already!!

Go 'canes!


Any word on these Marve rumors? From what I am hearing -- he is USF bound. From the way things look, it seems like everyone with knownledge of this transfer are keeping it low key until at least after the season. If you have any insight/opinions that you are able to share, please do.

If Auburn was objective about it (big stretch for Auburn), there is no way they would hire Nix when someone like Turner Gill who has actually proven himself is out there. Here's hoping Auburn isn't rational nor objective!!

On the rumors about Marve, I honestly don't care whether they are true or not. If it's a false rumor, no biggie, and if he does go, well then he was never cut out to be the QB here anyway if he can't even handle the pressure of competing with someone in the same year as him.

LOTS of Marve rumors...some have him suspended for the bowl game, some have him transferring, some have him doing both.

Also, there was plenty of talk when Marve signed that he did so for the close relationship with Nix. Remember the articles about Nix going to his house in Tampa and showing him the offense and his vision for him in it? So if Nix goes does Marve follow?

'Mando....what's the word, bro?

After Auburn checks out our offensive stats over the past two years, I seriously doubt they will take him off our hands. It's going to be up to Shannon.

Q: Manny is it true Marve is considering transfering? If so that would be a major blow because Marve will go to Florida from what Im hearing. This will be a major blow because I believe Marve has all the tools to be just like Tebow. How would all the Miami fans feel after always putting him down for Harris?

Suspension makes more sense than transferring..

Get Chud? Stupid. The guy just signed a deal that puts him out of reach for the U. If Crennel is let go, Chud may be the next HC in Cleveland. He isn't taking a huge step backward to please s moronic Miami fan. Does anybody else here do any research before they post?

All ya'll read one person comment about a rumor and then post that? Seriously, if you say you hear rumours, cite them.

On Chud: All revisionist historians: Where were you when everyone was complaining about Chud's mandatory 1st & 2nd down runs?

On Marve: I don't think Marve is transfering, but if he does, then he's not a Cane (like certain QBs who transfered to Baylor or Alabama or Rutgers...etc)

On Nix: Be careful what you wish for. Who do you replace him with? And in doing so, do you condemn Marve/Harris to the Wright sentence of multiple coordinators in their college careers?

On Randy: Patience. If you run this guy out of town, your no better than...gasp!...Notre Dame. Give a coach 4 years of recruiting. Then make the judgement.

On Dancer.

On Prancer.

...and a Merry Xmas to all from snowy Chicago!

If nix gets that job, He is living as charmed a life as anybody. I want some of that luck.

I happen to agree on giving randy time. On nix well im hoping he learns what a play action pass is. i dont think he will get the auburn job but if he does i wish him all the luck. If he leaves to be oc at auburn id understand also. Who would miami go get i don't know another young inexpensive guy probably. I just hope what ever happens marve stays put. ive heard the transfer rumor also but from what ive seen the only ones saying florida are posters on the cane blogs. Ive never seen a writer say so. Besides i doubt randy lets marve out of his scholarship to go to florida hence hed have to sit 2 years not one. Marve wont be going to florida if he transfers .

Oh one more thing. I think what happened with auburn is the guy they wanted turned them down. So now they are scrambling and interviewing multiple candidates hoping to get lucky and grab the right one. They won't get a big name there are no big names left. There are some good up and coming coaches. Like skip holtz and turner gill of buffalo and they guy from ball state. Im suprised they dont call up utah or boise st's coach after the success those two teams have getting to bcs games from small conference's oh and winning there bcs game.

For Shannon to constantly say that he does not wanna keep bouncing coordinators every year, and the first chance Nix gets to interview for a job he could NEVER handle, he does an interview? That crap! That's just for show. Let him go. He has done nothing worthy of a interview to be the head coach at Auburn except play for them. Let him bounce. So many people would love to coach these kids. As for Walter who said Marve wants to transfer to Florida? You're an idiot! Florida is going to the National Championship and all you idiots can do is still come on here and talk about how our players would want to come to play for the Gators? Go support your team and quit swinging from the U's nuts. LET NIX GO BYE BYE!

U guys actually want Nix to come back next year? This guy is garbage and if U need evidence just ask Michael Irvin, Nix demands to much from his receivers in terms of having to read coverages. Nix should have been running slant routes from day one with all that speed and he should of also used Shields and Benjamin like Florida uses Harvin. If he leaves great, if not o well it will be another rough year running shotgun spread on 4th and 1. Yeah Nix is an absolute genius, at this point I would rather have the offensive coordinator from FIU.

Where there is smoke there is fire. This is from truth and Rumors on SI....

Miami coach Randy Shannon said at a Dolphins Touchdown Club luncheon last week that he might settle on one quarterback next season. But there's uncertainty internally about whether one of them might transfer before then. Word is Florida would covet Robert Marve if he leaves.

i know this is way off subject, but i keep hearing rumors about marve transferring, most notably to LSU...Manny, what do you know about this?

GREAT NEWS, You're going to SAN FRANCISCO! UM has accepted a formal invitation to the prestigious Emerald Bowl. This is a huge moment for UM football. A smash mouth affair against powerhouse Cal in what, dare I say, will be a game for the ages. After a heroic 08 campaign, these battle tested baby canes are ready for the big game.

Looking ahead, Shannon must continue to stockpile talent. Beating powerhouse Cal will be crucial for recruiting exposure in Florida. Never mind that this game is on the other side of the nation in a region that, aside from USC, is a college football wasteland. Nobody cares about The Emerald Bowl and its television ratings will be indicative of an unwatched game.

Why “drag” a football team 3,000 miles to a forgotten time zone to play in this insignificant game? I can't wait for the 11:00 p.m. kickoff. Spending the christmas holiday in San Francisco is far from what these worn down kids want to do. Go to the U to play in San Francisco?

Florida recruits don’t give a crap about what is happening in the Emerald Bowl in Queen town. All of them will be watching UF roll over a big-12 team right here at home. Urban is waiting to bring home the National Championship before he focuses on nailing down his final elite recruits. He will be handpicking kids. Randy says The Emerald Bowl “will be goods” for recruiting so that’s the final word on that. No word yet out of Shannon’s secret football compound regarding coaching staff firings and player transfers.

(reality note: Can anyone see Randy being one of the coaches in Saturday’s SEC Championship game? It was a chess match between two of the nations top coaches Meyer and Saban. Do you think Randy could have played the chess match with either of these guys for even one quarter?)


Shannon has been busy putting together this game plan for Cal:

~finalize timeout mismanagement plan

~polish up on post-game behavioral gaffes - ie..sore losing, throwing players under bus

~practice acting reserved and stoic to disguise that I have no clue what is going on during the game

~plan to not plan for opponent. Staff rated all-world in this category for Georgia Tech week.

~stress the importance of poor tackling

~work on arm tackling fundamentals

~remember that even though “we playing alot of freshmens” it’s still ALL ABOUT THE U, punch em in the mouth, swagger ( we can’t understand why the “Thug U” moniker followed us even though we invented it and aligned ourselves with it and valueless hip hop trash for the better part of 20 years

~plan for big picture- ACC championship in 09, National Championship in 10 ( fact update: cane fan spent entire 08 summer calling for massive improvement in 08 and a run at the “chip” in 09 but has since postponed to 2010 for obvious reasons, all prediction dates subject to change)

Why would we want Chud? His offense isn't really lighting it up in Cleveland this year.

Let's see...didn't the mighty Gators run a 4th and 1 in shotgun which cost them the game against Ole Miss?! GET OVER IT!!!

If Nix goes we are in the same situation as we were with Wright. Remember, Wright led the ACC one year then switched OCs, and look at him now.

We must maintain stability or I'll be old and grey before another shot at a NC or even a ranking. U really want these young kids to have to learn a brand new system?! That's another two-three year set back.

LMAO at all the rumors. Grow up, and don't believe everything you read on these stupid boards. And if he does go then so what? The kid can do whatever he feels is right. Plus, I thought Mr. Harris was saying earlier in the season his son was going to transfer. Are they both transferring now? LMAO!!!

And do U really think Marve would want to sit out another year? If he goes, he goes D-1A or lower just like LSwho's QB did when he was kicked.

The Gators are desperate for a QB. After that idiot stole a laptop, they have NOBODY after Tebow. They are all going to church praying Tebow stays another year. Without Tebow, they are not where they are right now. Tebow is by far one of the best athletes to ever hit a college football field. He's a QB/RB/FB/LB all rolled into one. Let's be real people!


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