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Sideline confusion nothing new for Canes

Before I start dissecting each position on the team over the next week, I wanted to provide you with one final blog on the Emerald Bowl. After sitting in for coach Randy Shannon's final press conference of the season earlier this morning, I came away from our 34 minute interview with more questions than I came in with.

ShannonThe lasting image from Miami's final game of the 2008 season for me wasn't quarterback Jacory Harris getting stripped of the football and a lumbering Cal defensive lineman scooping it up for what led to the winning score. It wasn't even Jahvid Best ripping through the ACC's worst run defense like so many before him. It was what happened during those final 2 minutes and 41 seconds that can only best be described as the worst two minute drill ever orchestrated.

The image I'll have in my head with me forever -- Shannon racing over to offensive coordinator Patrick Nix, telling him something and then signaling for a timeout with 12 seconds left. I don't think there's a better snapshot to represent UM's entire season than that one moment, when sideline confusion and bad time management hit its peak an embarrassing 13 games into 2008. Shannon was asked to explain the situation Sunday with a trio of questions. Instead of sounding like a football coach who was there with a headset, with a voice, and the ability to control the situation, Shannon sounded distant. Like someone who was watching it take place from another sideline at another venue in another city in another country on another planet on a long telescope (think Marvin The Martian).

What bugged me wasn't just that Shannon called a mind-numbing time out following an incomplete pass. It wasn't just that Miami wasn't hustling up to the line of scrimmage, running out of bounds or doing everything in its power to conserve time (like they are supposed to know and have done before). What bugged me was the fact this wasn't the first time we saw Miami looked dazed and confused on the sideline in 2008. Heck, it wasn't the first time you saw it in the same game. The fact is Miami did a terrible job all season getting the right personnel in and out of games, lining up and handling the clock. Anyone remember Sam Shields running onto the field on a formation he wasn't even supposed to be on against Florida State? And, the Hurricanes had to have led the country this season in defensive timeouts and ranked second in ill-timed ones on offense. Second and 6 at the 40 with 2 minutes left in the first quarter? Let's call time out.

Shannon said Sunday he'll spend the next week evaluating his coaches and himself before making personnel decisions. When I asked him if there was anything he knew he could work on immediately, he said 'nothing came to mind' right away. I'm sure there are at least 100,000 UM fans who can give him at least one idea -- how about working on being a little more organized and time conscious on that sideline?

> As bad as those final moments were for Miami, I thought it couldn't take away from what I thought was a Jahvid_bestpretty good performance for the Canes, who were shorthanded with injuries and suspensions and still managed to be in the game in the fourth quarter after falling behind 14-0 in the first quarter. People will forget this by next week, but Cal was ranked in the Top 25 in the country in every major defensive statistical category (except pass defense, where they were 40th). Jahvid Best, meanwhile, was the fourth-ranked running back in terms of yards in the country.

> THANKING THE SENIORS: After the game, Shannon said he talked to his team and basically thanked the seniors for letting the freshmen come in and play and not causing a stink. "Anytime when you have young guys playing before seniors it can be a distraction, it could get real bad in the lockerroom, and it didn't," Shannon said. "They stayed poised, they each found a role where they could help us out and win games."

While most people on the outside probably could care less about a senior stepping aside for a more talented freshman, think for a moment how much trouble this team could have been in if guys like Sam Shields, Khalil Jones, Glenn Cook and Romeo Davis preferred to be a little greedy and not really help the young guys who came in. After all, they were basically training their replacements.

>INCOMING ENTHUSIASM: One thing Randy has going for him -- and has had going for him since he took the job -- has been the enthusiasm of young players and recruits wanting to come and help salvage the program. Shannon said Sunday he had a handful of recruits call to cheer up him and his assistants after the loss.

"We got calls saying 'Coach we can't wait to get there. Coach, keep your head up, we're going to turn it around. We're going to be there, we're going to be the next group to get Miami to where we need to be at," Shannon said. "There's a lot of enthusiasm with the young freshman we have on this football team and a lot of enthusiasm with the guys we're recruiting. Even though we're not in a BCS bowl game, they see a young football team that's exciting that any point in time, in the long run are going to be where you want to be at."

The question is how long will that good will last. If Miami, which has gone 19-19 over the last three seasons, goes 7-6 again next year are recruits still going to buy that we're close to winning a national title pitch? Probably not. But my guess is with another 7-6 season, Shannon probably won't be around anyway for 2010.

> BREAKOUT PERFORMER: Redshirt freshman running back Lee Chambers had a breakout performance in the Lee_chambersEmerald Bowl despite the loss, rushing for 60 yards on nine carries and basically matching his season totals (9 carries, 56 yards) coming into the game. The 5-10, 185-pounder from Coffeeville, Mississippi basically got hurt midway through the season and disappeared from the radar because of it. The question is now will he really be back on Randy's radar for 2009 considering UM is scheduled to bring in three more running backs in this next class including the nation's No. 1 back in Bryce Brown. Randy didn't sound overly optimistic Sunday.

"We'd like to get him more reps. But it's going to be up to him," Shannon said. "The one thing you always got to remember about young guys is some young guys can handle success and some guys can't. Next year, these young guys won't have a chip on their shoulder because we're bringing in other guys at their position. That's going to be the deciding factor. Are guys going to keep working and getting better. Can't rely on what they did last year, they got to get better on what they did."

By the way, one of the funnier quotes about Lee came from quarterback Jacory Harris after the game on WQAM. Harris said he didn't even know Lee was in the game until after he turned around and handed the ball off to him.

> TOUTED TELEMAQUE: One of the more intriguing comments from Shannon Sunday came in reference to freshman safety Vaughn Telemaque when he said he and his staff thought the California kid might Vaughn_telemaquepossibly start by the fourth game of the season if not for his season-ending injury. He caught my attention even more when he compared him to former Canes great Ed Reed. "He has ball skills," Shannon said. "He's got great, great ball skills. He's a competitor. He'll run. He's an aggressive kid in the run game, kind of a vocal leader. You see Sean Spence out there and you can see what I'm talking about. You see him on Scout team like Edward [Reed] was, being able to make kill shots, but don't because its practice. He's able to read those type of things."

UM is going to need Telemaque to play like Reed next year if it really wants to make some improvement. Ryan Hill and Jojo Nicholas are the expected starters. Both have been down more than up this season.

> Shannon said he'd like for freshman kicker Jake Wieclaw to at the very least take the kickoff duties away from team MVP Matt Bosher next season. Wieclaw spent all season trying to learn to kick off the ground. In high school, he kicked off a tee.

> Spring football by the way looks like it will start the final week in February. Somebody needs to start a countdown.


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ATXcane has the best post about the Emerald Bowl in the comments section. Manny, you stayed up too damn late posting this update, thanks bro.

And yes I see the irony coming from a poster at 3 AM.

Having now read all that, I have a couple of questions

1) Does Coach Shannon own a computer. Give us a Q&A on a Friday at 8 PM coach, and we'll tell you what the fans that care the most think, and our questions. We'll give you an untrained eyes evaluation.

2) Who the heck are these recruits that are calling up to cheer the coach? Isn't it usually the otherway?

3) Can someone tell him to PLEASE give us a clear starting QB by the end of spring?

4) Does he think Telemaque will be back by spring ball?

I like Shannon. I really do. But he has to understand his responses aren't always reassuring for the fans. He's let some bad decisions go down on his watch. That was by far the worst 2:41 I've ever seen in college. It was as boneheaded as the Cal OC not running the ball every down.

And I'd love to see his comment on playcalling.

Oh and Manny, good job reporting, but don't forget to ask your web designer about the code during games man!


sean spence is a beast! jacory is the future! tommy streeter and vaughn telemaque, show what you got next year!!! bryce brown and lamar miller, please come asap, we need a real rb along with lee chambers!!! cooper, i'm sorry ur fast but you just fumble the ball way too much, and JJ, you got heart but you're just hurt too often!!!! Randy, i really wanna believe in you, this year obviously was an eye-opener for a lot of UM fans, but you have got atleast another year to improve on just just about everything and prove everybody wrong, whatever u decide to do next year, i just hope it helps u out greatly, and if u decide to keep the same staff, i support that as a Canes fan, Nix obviously needs to step up on his playcalling, pass protection needs to be addressed and defense needs to improve tackling, bill young that's all you, lets go CANES!!!!

the whole year was wasted on evaluation and "checking where the program stand", every game it was like that, i hope their motto is different next year, i hate to see another year go to waste on which qb will be the future, and how the defense will stop the run, and trying to recruit yet again OL, the position in need!!!! those issues should be address during the off season, and just have the "just do it!" mentality come next season!

Hey HM, why don't you post some UM videos with lots of people smoking weed you out of touch MORON.

U HAVEN't seen the bottom yet

U will see the bottom when U fire randy and then U will be FIVE years behind UF.


Manny- perhaps your best post ever. Good work.

Even if it was necessary to somewhat-waste this past season on evaluating talent, we've had enough and WE WANT TO WIN NOW moving forward. I guess we can forgive Shannon for playing Marve over Harris all year though the latter was better, bet we don't wanna see any more of that next year. Time to WIN.

Another 7 win season (with or without the bowl game), and Shannon will be gone. An 8-4 will probably be enough to keep his job. 9-3 will be fine for one more chance.

If you look on Canesport, it says UM is pursuing another QB. Even if Marve transfers, with Highsmith coming in, we'd already have 4 on our roster! Why do we need another?!? They should stop wasting time, attention, phone calls, and calories to pursue a QB- and instead invest it in trying to snag one more guy for the OL or DL. Or even better yet, invest it in Shannon learning how to be a freakin' coach on the sideline and manage a game!

I think I can speak on behalf of Cane Nation when I say that it's painful to continue to pour so much heart and love (and often dollars) into the UM football program when Shannon and Nix seem so misguided.

Well said, Manny.

As one who has been preaching player accountability, it would be nice to see Coach Shannon own up to his shortcomings with end of game management.

The fact of the matter is he is still learning to be a head coach and we are still seeing the growing pains. It's not just the players.

mra wrote

2) Who the heck are these recruits that are calling up to cheer the coach? Isn't it usually the otherway?

Not during a dark period no. Coaches can't contact recruits during this period. The recruits can call anytime no dark period for them.

How about a countdown until Shannon gets fired. 363 days and counting........

RS is the King of creating distractions for his team. The last thing a young team needed was to have there minds be on Marve's suspension, and not on Cal. All year self-created distractions on the part of RS has hurt this team.
Maybe its my built of frustration with the horrible clock management from the bowl loss, but Shannon really needs to exam himself and his coaching goof-ups, or its going to be another long season in 2009.
Lastly, I still bleed ORANGE & GREEN....

the clock management was beyond pathetic. Shannon should be embarrased and needs to take responsibility. Overall, was impressed with Harris and the canes play after going down by 14. Most people thought, me included, that this game was not going to be close. Canes played tough and had the ball with the game tied with four mintues to go. This is Harris's team. I will be shocked if Marve comes back to the U.
The amazing stat the TV announcer gave was that for the this year's NFL draft, the projected top pick for the canes will be in the 4th or 5th round. That clearly shows how low the talent level on this team has fallen. The young players give us some hope. Still a lot of work to do and the game day coaching needs to get better. Next year is critical for Shannon.

nix has to go the play calling is horrible 75 percent of the time the players look lost at least half the time the majority of this has to go on his shoulders your offensive cordinator needs to be the general on offense

Waaandy is not a very smart fellow...but he can recruit:)...maybe he should buy a watch

I think Manny is the only writer in SO Fla that is attacking Nix. Shannon had no choice but to fire him this week. If he doesn't, both of them will be fired at the end of the 2009 season. Shannon also need to stop being an arrogant ass in front of the fans and the media. At this point all he shows is he can recruit and keep his players in line. After watching the coaching decisions, specifically lose to NC after having a 10 point lead. I am not sure if Shannon can take this program to the next level.

I think the biggest problem with Randy Shannon is that he is stubborn. He obviously is clueless as a coach and plays with the "can't lose mentality". But that is what happens when you are in your second year as a head coach. However, when a coach can't look in the mirror and realize the mistakes they are making, then they will never get better. This is why I am so scared about Randy. He refuses to answer questions from the media that make him look bad, and he NEVER takes accountability for anything. Like I said before, Randy holds all his players accountable for their actions but never holds himself accountable. Now for Jacory vs Robert Marve. Its amazing how the majority of Cane fans blame Robert Marve for everything but make excuses for Jacory. Jacory forced a pick against Cal. Another throw of his was forced and was right in the hands of a Cal DB. And then on the fumble, he held the ball out there. It was a horrible play by the linemen, but could you imagine if Marve fumbled that ball to give up the game? Everyone would be bashing him. I think Jacory showed some great things in the game. But it's ridiculous how people have something against Marve. Also, did anyone notice how Jacory had a horrible first quarter and did not get it going to the second quarter? It would of been nice one time this year to allow Marve to play the second quarter and see if he could of made adjustments.

One more year for Randy. The young Canes really have to show improvement. They started off strong but got worse as the year went on. I had hope it would be the other way around. These talented guys need to be coached better.
Randy, you can recruit but can you coach? We really don't know that yet. Liberty City connections will only take you so far. There's no debating you are a good man but I'm not sure about your head coaching abilities. Pleas proove me wrong!

One more year for Randy. The young Canes really have to show improvement. They started off strong but got worse as the year went on. I had hope it would be the other way around. These talented guys need to be coached better.
Randy, you can recruit but can you coach? We really don't know that yet. Liberty City connections will only take you so far. There's no debating you are a good man but I'm not sure about your head coaching abilities. Pleas proove me wrong!

Thank you Troy! Spot on. Don't get me wrong, JH did pretty good out there, but everybody here forgets that JH has been allowed two full games to go out there and not worry about getting pulled at any given moment. Not once this season has Marve been allowed to go out there, make some mistakes, learn from them, and move on. It would have been nice if Marve was allowed to play one full game just to see how he does.

It's obvious to me that RS wanted JH to succeed and throw Marve out of here. It's sickening because I believe with the right coach, Marve could really become a great QB. Instead we're going to see him leave. Wasted talent number 46 and counting.

Great post Manny. I'm tired of reading Shandel's garbage on the 'other site'. You are calling this straight up.

Randy Shannon isn't a head coach. He is either going to learn or we're are completed screwed. I don't think Miami can actually afford a top notch coach like Saban or Myer (say what you want about him - check the W/L column). Randy gets out coached all the time.

Where a freaking headset moron. Go take JJ fishing and learn something. Randy looks like an idiot on the sidelines.

I started off as a big Randy fan because of his long time association with the program and the fact that he went to Carol City High School. He is the guy you'd like to see do well because it would be a great story.

Right now, unless he changes himself first (enough beating up on the players - hold yourself accountable you hypocrite), he is going to fail. He need to ramp up the learning curve really fast. I don't know if he can do it, but I'm tired of folks ignoring it.

Randy Shannon is quickly becoming the reason this team is struggling. At some point he wont be able to recruit anymore. Parents and players aren't stupid - they say the sideline mess too.

Have to agree with CO and Troy also. Although I think Harris played a decent game considering he is a freshman, there are times when I dont see him being a great Qb especially with all his throws being lobbed in the air and able to be picked off.

Also we should blame the coaches for clock issues but being a former Qb myself, I would throw some blame on Harris. As the Qb and leader on the offense, U always have to know the situations of the game and pretty much think ahead 1 or 2 plays. Ok 1st he doesnt get out of bounds for just an extra yd or so then he should have called a TO on his own or get to the line and just spike the ball if a play hasnt been called yet and U still have 2 more plays to get 6 yds. I am pretty sure that he has the authority to call the TO on his own and sometimes U have to be the coach out there when yours arent doing their jobs.

Just an observation.

This issue is relatively minor, but on the last play prior to the timeout, it appeared that Jacory was ready to snap the ball when Jason Fox stood up, turned around, and asked what the play was.

Why would an offensive lineman wasting clock doing that? Wasn't it obvious that it was gonna be a pass?

Come on Casual observer please. It's not about having "so many things against Marve". And for you guys to imply that RS had an agenda against MArve and in so many words wished for him to fail is so ridiculous, I don't evn know why I even waste my time with these comments. To all of you Marve apologists:

Have you forgotten,

-his miserable performance against UCF, a game where he could have should have thrown for 400 yds

-his lackluster performance against Virginia that required Jacorry to "bail him out"

-ditto for Duke.

-what did he do against Florida? we were in their territory several times and what? 3 points!

-What about the first game suspension? regardless RS could have used that as an excuse to relegate him to No.2 but he started vs UF.

-What aboutthe latest suspension?

-What about the misdemeanor?

Listen, he does have talent and I would LOVE for both to be team players and stay and come in when one falters or is less than 100%. either way its goingto happen with Marve, or Cook, or Smith and Jacorry.

Marve would be one dumb ----%$%#889 if he transferred. Whowould want him with all this bagggage? Especially since he has had off the field issues? Plus he would need to sit out one more year-that is another season without actual full-time duty, and then he would have only one more year to prove himself.

i would give him this- he has handled "this" particular issue well. he has not whined too much. Most of the whining has been by his former coach and his daddy.

Datz funny....very funny ....You have to just love Jacory Harris !!!! "He didn't know Lee Chambers was in the game till he turned and handed the ball off to him" . Nothing seems to faze this kid , Not only is he a big-time talent, he has lots of fun and keeps everyone loose. I am a big fan of his and to bad he had to wait till the bowl game to finally get his due !

This season was a success and Jacory is our future. We accomplished a winning season and a bowl game. As long as you have progress from the last year thats a success. Us not having a 1 draft pick and the closest one being Bruce Johnson should be an eye opener. We just need to give Randy time. He is already working up a nice recruiting class for 2009. We'll be back and Jacory keep your head up without you we would not even be in a bowl game!! As always go HURRICANES!!! It's all about the u!!

Wow.........I've been coming up this site for a while, reading all the articles and the blog by everyone who decide to leave a message from time to time. Its sad that people take time out of their so call busy schedule to leave negative responses about these kids and coaches as if they aren't human beings. I've coached on the High School level and intern on a college level as well, if some of you die hard internet blogger understood how difficult it was to do what these coaches do, then I think some of you would think twice about the negative comments that you insist on leaving everytime you get on the internet. Its not easy, people are so impatient they want OVER NIGHT SUCCESS and its not going to happen.

give shannon a break!!

he is playing with 80 percent freshman!!

you guys are gonna eat your words when we win the acc next yr..

and contend for the NC the year after that..

no real U fans here!!

are you serious that you cant see it comin??!!??


Gooooooooooo CaNeS!!!!!!!

Shannon was a DC, ok it looks like he is between wanting to delegate all offensive decisions to the OC. And basicly most defensive decisions to the DC. If that is the case Shannon needs a top OC or else he is delegating to an incompetent or learning OC that will not work. Shannon needs to find out what his role is, he was involved in special teams that seemed to fade. Probable roles: Shannon should be the face of the program, the rules guy, organize practices, hire people and foremost recruit. To play those roles Shannon needs top shelf, DC and OC along with other coaches. Seems Shannon should lead and leave the coaching to others but he needs great coaches to do that and does not have them. Only Young is proven, other guys are good recruiters and learning coaches. I still say it was best that the U lost in CA. because now there are no delusions everyone can say ok, this is what is and work to what should be in the program.


Again....I am not faulting Randy for his coaching miscues, I know it takes time. But he does not take any blame for anything. He takes the blame and passes it on to other people. I understand coaching and I played high school basketball for four years. If a coach does not hold themselves accountable while holding you accountable then it becomes hard to play for someone like that. He needs to take blame. You will never get better in anything in life if you don't learn from your mistakes. As for Marve and Jacory. Don't ask me what did Marve do in the UF game. Nix did not give Marve a chance to throw the ball on first or second down. The UCF game was horrendous. But we did not pass much that game at all. And it's not like Jacory blew UCF out of the water. Again, I like Jacory a lot. But it's ridiculous how everyone gets on Marve for everything and makes every excuse possible for Jacory. And by the way, against Duke and Virginia Marve started off with TDs in one of his first two possessions. And then after being taken out never saw the field. If Jacory and Marve switched roles on Saturday night, then it could of been Jacory never seeing the field again since he couldn't do anything in the first quarter.

Inexperience Coaches. Coaching blew the bowl game and the season. bad decision after bad decision. Shannon is in way over his head, like a deer caught in head lights. Fire all of them.

canesuk: I realize you are on the other blog (which I couldnt access). You comment that UM can't get over 500 because they are in a ral lconf and couldnt "back" themselves into a championship--

What are you 10 years old?

1983- beat Nebraska, the ultimate powerhouse in cfb between 1972-1984

1987- beat florida, arkansas, so carolina, notre dame, fsu, vtech and Oklahoma

1988- had a nc stolen from nd

1989- beat a bunch of teams to win the nc

1991- alabamee

1992- lost to alabamee

1994- lost to nebraska, the team of the 90s

2000- beat FSU (no.1), UF, and should have played for the nc

2001, 2002, nuf said

UM has ALWAYS had the philosophy of ANYTIME< ANYWHERE and still do. And they will be back and whoop on the ACC once they get their acts together. If anyone backed into a nc it's been the gayturs--fact. Even the Hokies backed into the acc ch.

By the way for you all Dolphin fans- I cannot and will not cheer for a team thathas Will Allen on it. He took McGahee out in the Fiesta Bowl and is the prime reason Um doesnthave a 6th. He took him out. Period. he is a b--tard and will never forgive him for that. I hope Vernon Carey rolls back on Aleen's knee one day-see how it feels punk!

Another thing look what Auburn did, did they went and hired Patrick Nix as they OC. No they went out and hired Tulsa OC , a man with a proven offense who yearly are ranked in the top 10 in total offense, Cane land it's not hard, Remember Bob Stoopes when he was at Kansas State and they defense was ranked number 1 in the nation what did then Florida Ciach Steve Spurrier did went and hire him away from Kansas State and guess what the rest is history. Get some coaches in with a proven track record who's known for specilizing in a specific area. The new Auburn Coach might not had a good record at Iowa State but he's starting off with a new track record leaving Patrick Nix out the mixed, and tormenting us some more, and getting somebody who know what they are doing. Getting the best coaches around him.

Sam Jankovich (1980's A.D. Team of th 80's)
would NEVER hire a HEAD coach with out previous
coaching experience.

Randy, &coaching staff, (4 quarter side line confusion) needs more practice.

He's a GREAT GUY,good disciplinarian, good recruiter, and I truely wish him success.

I was expecting this season to be a little bit better maybe 8-9 wins. But I was also expecting this team to be carried by the upperclassmen. I think Randy did well with what he had, we were actually in the thick of things before the season ended. We were amongst discussions for the ACC title with a bunch of freshmen and sophmores. Randy did well and I think the team did well for a group of youngsters. Yeah we lost 3 straight but what do you expect with a group of 18 and 19 year olds. They just burnt out!!! It's not an excuse it is reality. Although they are talented, they are still growing, getting stronger, and gaining experience. Many of us do not realize how hard it is to coach a young team. These players should really be learning and red-shirting their freshmen years and coming off the bench their sophmore years. This would have been the procedure at any other university. With a young team you get so caught up with teaching, that coaching goes a lacking.

I know many of you were frustrtaed with Nix. But anybody can tell that his playbook was not completely displayed. He had some young qb's which he was forced to be conservative with. For example Marved looked pretty good at the beginning of the season but as the plays progressed his performance regressed(because of youth and experience). Better yet look at how OSU used Pryor. He doesn't throw no more than 12-15 times a game, but they have a playmaker in Beanie Wells to hide it.

All in all, I am impress with this season and I appluad Shannon and the coaching staff with what they did do. No it wasn't pretty and was frustrating but all you have to do is look at the product on the field and see why we fell short. But the future does look bright, the canes will compete next year and from there onward.

and nobody mentions the 3rd down conversions on both offense & defense? Those numbers looked pretty good for the Canes. More of that next year, please!

3rd down conversions referring specifically to the bowl game I should add

According to a poster on the Auburn Scout site premium board who is a family friend Nix has been fired(not renewed)

Everybody seems to be ignoring the inexcusable and unjustifiable end to the first half.
1:50 left, all three timeouts, the ball at the 43 yard line, and an offense that was heating up, yet what do we do? Run the ball and take the timeouts to the locker room? Why not try to do something there-- you're only 25 yards out of field goal range? Why waste a possession for no reason and waste an opportunity to seize momentum before the half?

We waste timeouts like nobody else, yet when we have them and should use them, we don't.

Further, the coaches seemed to play scared and way to conservative the whole game. Coming off a turnover at the Cal 45 early in the game, and we run off tackle three times. Then we get to the 36 yard line and punt of 4th and six. Gaining 16 yards in field position was worth giving up a possession deep in Cal territory? Then they do that at the end of the first half.

What is this coaching staff so afraid of. At least give the guys a chance to win. This shouldn't have evn come down to the last two minutes.

hey Manny I'd love to see you ask Shannon (or Nix, if you can) how much of Nix's playbook Canes fans can expect to see next year because I know he said he couldn't instill even half of it this year because the players are so young on offense

Now for Jacory vs Robert Marve. Its amazing how the majority of Cane fans blame Robert Marve for everything but make excuses for Jacory. Jacory forced a pick against Cal. Another throw of his was forced and was right in the hands of a Cal DB. And then on the fumble, he held the ball out there. It was a horrible play by the linemen, but could you imagine if Marve fumbled that ball to give up the game? Everyone would be bashing him. I think Jacory showed some great things in the game. But it's ridiculous how people have something against Marve. Also, did anyone notice how Jacory had a horrible first quarter and did not get it going to the second quarter? It would of been nice one time this year to allow Marve to play the second quarter and see if he could of made adjustments.

Posted by: Troy | December 29, 2008 at 10:04 AM

i agree with you troy, i see now our coaches playcalling is just way too conservitave. and our coaches are way to predicable. with the exception of clock management nobody could predict that nonsense.

Maybe if Randy wasn't so busy thinking of new rules to come up with so he can suspend his players, his clock management skills wouldn't be so pathetic! And maybe if they didn't move one of the up and commers from the secondoary into an already over-crowded backfield they would've had more depth in the secondary and maybe would've come up with more than 4 turnovers all year. Ridiculous.

I've heard more excuses from this coaching staff than from someone trying to petition a presidential pardon. Next season there can be nore more excuses from this staff. They got the playmakers they were craving in last year's recruiting class, and even if they don't get more lineman this year there's still enough talent there to win with, especially since that was supposed to be the strength of the team comming into the season according to the coaches. Guess they'll have to be coached up, if the staff can manage that.

Anybody calling for The Randy's head after 3 years needs to pull their head out of the sand and go back and look at what was on the roster when he took the job. A ton of crap. He'll need the entire three years just to get the depth and numbers on the roster back to where they need to be, the fourth year you can start evaluating whether he's the "right" choice or not, but anything else is just way too premature.

First things first, Randy if your not going to fire Nix at least call Chud to come back and school him on things that works. Just imagine when we were winning championship Andre johnson on crossing patterns, Willis on screens, Shockey on drags, Moss on flys.Nix you should be a man and say Randy I need help. Hell Larry Coker was an excellent offensive mind.There is to much talent in the receivers not to win one on one battles, if we want to run spread the defense out and run geesh Nix your killing me. Cooper runs well in open space he's not a power back. Call me I'll be glad to come to Coral Gables and help, I am an excellent football mind.Put the players in position to be one on one run crossing patterns we killed people on those for like 6yrs straight run a post spread em out, don't you get it.

RS to take time mgt. classes..

Manny, i think you're being a little bit too negative. just chill out a little bit. we're not goin 7-6 next season, ok? take a chill pill. believe. randy knows what he's doing. he'll reassess and grow. chill.


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