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The Day After: Transfers, Marve and Nix

Just got back home from talking to a groggy Randy Shannon at his post Emerald Bowl press conference Sunday morning at UM and have some quick news to share before I start writing my story...

Robert_marve> Shannon said he expects to have a meeting sometime soon with quarterback Robert Marve and his father to talk about his future at UM. "We'll talk about what he wants to do and what we can do better to help him get better at the University of Miami, or other options he may want to venture in."

> Shannon said he will take some time off this week before he goes out recruiting to evaluate everything with his staff by watching film. "I'll evaluate myself and what I need to get better at," Shannon said. "If I can't look at myself and evaluate what I can get better at then I can't evaluate anything else."

> Running back Shawnbrey McNeal and tight end Daniel Adderley, two members of UM's 2007 recruiting class, are transferring out of the program. Shannon said he wasn't sure where either one will play next season, but said both made the decision to leave for family reasons.

> Linebacker Colin McCarthy will not be healthy enough to participate in spring football -- along with tight end Tervaris Johnson. Shannon said he expects several players to have surgery in the next few weeks and could add more players to that list soon.

> As for seniors and whether or not they'll return: Safety Anthony Reddick is leaving. Shannon said it would be 50-50 whether or not Moncur will be able to return. "His is a delicate situation," Shannon said. Safety Randy Phillips will have to get cleared by the NCAA for a return.

> As for recruiting, Shannon pointed the obvious: adding depth at the offensive line and in the defensive backfield. He said UM will have 27 scholarships to use in its next class.

> FYI, there are rumblings out there offensive coordinator Patrick Nix could still find his way to Auburn. Nix was given a courtesy interview by the Tigers before the school hired Gene Chizik. But there's a chance Nix could get yanked in because the school's former coach and Nix's former coach, Pat Dye, is playing a role in helping Chizik hire his staff and is looking for an OC.

I'll have more for you later. But if you want to listen to the complete 34 minute interview with Coach from this morning... click here.


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Thanks, Manny. Only 8 months til the next football game! Any word from Vernon? You mentioned he was going to call you the day after Christmas.

Hasn't called me. I tried him yesterday and he didn't call me back. He might still be deciding.

No hard questions, MAnny, this is what most of thebloggers (and we UM fans) want to know:

1) Will he keep or fire Nix? Why or why not?
2) Who decided to MISmanage the time out clock in the firsthalf and at the end? WHy?

Other than the news onthe players transferring, RS gave his usual NON ANSWERS.

When can someone corner him and ask him the tough questions?

"Coach, it seemed that you and Nix totally blew it with time out management, or was it done with a purpose? That is, did you purposely try to run out the clock in the first half and second half"?

"Coach, this offense has not progressed. You have lost the last 3 games of the season, will there be any changes with the OC"?

You can ask the tough questions Jaime. I did. I asked about the clock. I asked about what he needs to get better at. He'll just find ways to not answer them or answer them the way he wants.

2nd? It feels like no-mans land today

Wow! What a game that was. Jacory Harris starting QB for sure. Now I know why we didn't have deep throws to test them over the top.

Marve, please stay but as back up. Take your chances, you may get your chance to come in -- as injuries happen. If not, I like Cannon Smith for now as back up.

Besides the clock management issue, we were OK during that game and Nix should stay. Now I know why we can take in so many more RBs. A transfer and injury prone JJ, Coop who is Bush Like and not the bruising back we need. Bryce or James or Miller to be feature backs... can't wait.

We need OL guys. Get all the Juco's available and then some. What we need is that monster tackle to clog the middle.

BTW, for whats its worth, we could have won that game. Our QB and RB hurt and Best running for 200 yards +. We made adjustments and they stopped scoring. We are just too young at the critical positions this year.

But folks, we have a QB for at least two more years!!

I don't know about you, Manny, but I'm just glad to get the season over with at this point. The five game win streak pumped up hopes so much that I think we all lost perspective on the task at hand. This program has a long ways to go. Let's hope Shannon and his staff can get better so when the talent is there they can take advantage of it.

Manny, is it me or is it Memorex? LOL

I have noticed, reading every bit of the recruiting section with you and Blustein cranking them out, that this year's recruiting class is strictly to fill gaps and needs and get best available kid. It seems that 2010 is the monster year that will be bigger than 2008?

We have playmakers available again at every position to recruit on 2010. Also there are so many of them that we can herd our choices our way...


Thanks for all you do and hope you had fun in San Fran aside from the game loss. Can you comment on the atrocious clock management at the end of the first half and end of the game and also on the complete lack of any semblance of a coherent two minute offense on that last drive? Harris and Shannon (and I'm sure Nix is they showed him on camera)looked and acted frozen, confused and unprepared. How does that happen at this level, seriously?

Every Body wants to go after randy. THIS YEAR WAS A REBUILDING YEAR PEOPLE. CRYBABYS MAKE ME SO ******* SICK. All those TRUE freshmen playing major minutes shows me that we had nothing and that randy is starting to build depth. Yes i will admit that randys sideline coaching as a lot to be desired but this summer i have a feeling he his going to hire someone to help him out with that. Im reading about how alot of poeple our tired of looking at the product on the field and Im wondering, are u guys really fans. Win Lose Or Draw i bleed orange and green. People are wondering why randy doesn't show any passion. Maybe because he grow up in one of the hardest places in the country, liberty City and had to deal with a lot of pain at a young age. His brother stealing his identity, His older sister and older brother both dying of aids. He grew up hard people maybe all U people with ur big houses and nice cars migHt not know anything about liberty city living. Go Canes

The biggest problem is everyone always wants to blame...coker, blame the players, blame nix. There is only one person to blame in all of this RANDY SHANNON. Whose decision is it to continue playing Glen Cook. This is the single worst Middle Linebacker to ever play at University of Miami. He is just flat out terrible. To make matters worse is this guy plays Romeo Davis. These two linebackers are FIU material, not UM.

Another point that needs to be made is about Arthur Brown. First it was Willie Williams did not know the defense, now Arthur Brown. Whose fault is it that Willie was never ready to play and now AB. So the two so called BEST linebackers in the nation over the past five years coming out of high school and neither of them could develop. Maybe just maybe Randy is the problem.

I know all the UM fans think he is messiah but the reality is the guy is overrated as a recruiter (it was his defensive players not cokers) and as a head coach is clueless. Miami is not winning a thing while Major Payne is head coach. Keep blaming everyone else, thats what Randy does.

You need to quit reading rivals so much. Just because rivals says Arthur Brown was the best in the nation doesnt mean its true. Obviously Spence was the best linebacker in the nation in high school and Randy Shannon hasnt had any problems getting him on the field. Same with Willie Williams. He played alot with his hand down in high school, didnt play in coverage and as a result hasnt been very good in coverage. I saw Union College play this fall and Williams is still bad in coverage, just like he was bad in coverage at Miami and Louisville. Hes only good when he becomes a pass rusher.

On to Cook, sure he might not be very good but I really dont want to know what things would have been like without him this year. Our linebackers would have been worse without Cook and Davis weather you want to acknowedge that or not. As a coach, youre logically going to play your best players. Guys like Brown and Futch just arent ready yet. Chill Out.

Nix must go. Check the actual plays and the order they were run. Pathetic this guy is still employed




Posted by: canethang | December 26, 2008 at 02:01 AM

you should be slapped. your a sellout. marve sucks and that isnt even debatable anymore. we gonna kick the shat out of cal.
canes 41
bears 17

Posted by: canethang | December 24, 2008 at 09:59 AM


Posted by: canethang | December 13, 2008 at 04:08 PM

they will score 40 on cal if harris starts

Posted by: canethang | December 12, 2008 at 02:39 PM

Canethang, like I said before, you don't know sh*t about sports. 40 points? 5 TDs? God, you're a f*cking idiot. Please stop watching sports, specifically the Canes, you f*cking delusional jack@ss.

There is a lot of blame to go around, Starts at the top and trickle down to the players. Coaches has been out coached all season long. Do they changed things up in practice or they just stick to the vanilla game play week after week? Perfect example Chambers last night, I like Coop but, he need to hit the hole and run. JJ is injured a lot .Nix just needs to stop being passive in his play calling or let Harris calls his own plays. OL needs help real bad, they really under achieve this year. The battle is won on both lines. DL was young and learning how to play at the next level, they should improve next year. LB- Spence played like a baller, Cook and Davis, played out of position and no speed. That should improve and DB's- what's with this off man coverage and they need to bulk up and need height.

Don't be so sure about Jacory Harris. He lacks arm strength. He has a nice touch on the ball but no zip. This makes him amenable to interceptions on longer passes, in particular. His arm strength problem isn't merely because of a shoulder injury either. This is troubling, because arm strength can't be improved.

Smith is too small; Marve is too inconsistent (both on and off the field); and Jacoy really needs (at least) two more years to gain size and strength. Maybe, Cook needs a closer look?

Jacory can run the team OK. (He's better than Marve, for sure!) But it is unclear whether he can execute at a high level, like Toretta, Walsh, Testaverde, Kosar, Kelly, Dorsey, etc. In truth there are at least four other YOUNG ACC QBs who are better than Jacory Harris (or Robert Marve) at this point. This fact does not bode well for the future.

I hate to bust the "all we have to do is recruit in South Florida" bubble, or debunk the "Number One recruiting class" myth, but the truth of the matter is that teams like FSU, GT, VT, NC, (and NCST for heavens sake!) all seem to field better players on the field without the benefit of our hot-shot SoFla recruits.

Besides, lots of South Florida athletes will want to go to school away from home. Its human nature. And others can't meet UM's academic requirements. So, we need to have a wider recruiting net - that is, if we want to be ranked up there with the elite FB programs like USC, LSU, Ohio State, and (dare I say) Florida.

And for all you UM apologists who say that "UM MAKES great players . . . like Warren Sapp, etc." I have one simple question: Who have we developed lately? Orlando Franklin? Allen Bailey? Antonio Dixon? Lots of hype, plenty of hope, but, objectively, too little on-field excellence.

Let's face it. When our MVP is a KICKER (who can't reach the endzone on kickoffs), and our best graduating senior may not be drafted until the 5th round, if at all, the talent pool at UM is SEVERELY depleted.

So, here's my advice to CEO Shannon - forget your week of "self-appaisal" and HIT THE ROAD RECRUITING! If you don't know by now what needs changing and improving on this team, YOU have no right calling yourself a head coach. Tweaking an assistant here or a coordinator there won't do anything if we don't recruit some bigger, badder, and better players - especially linemen.

FSU defeats Wisconsin in a rout!
UF is playing for the NC.
UM is ousted in a minor Peanut Bowl.

This is NOT good.

Bye the way, how many UM fans actually travelled from Miami to SF to attend the bowl game? How many tickets did the UM athletic Department manage to sell? 100? 1000? I doubt it.

BOTTOM LINE: Something is wrong, seriously wrong, with this FB program. Pres. Sha-la-la, AD Whomever, and "Coach" Shannon . . . what are you going to do about it?

Come On Folks -

All these players are super young - what did you guys expect. Personally I'm glad we made a Bowl Game this year, we played great last night. Jacory is the man - the players respond to him much better and he has a great touch pass. This was HOME game for Cal and THE U had basically a true freshmen kid ( 18 years old) as a starter. Imagine the next few years when everyone gets more experience and confidence. Just relax it takes time...........now if we still are not in a BCS Bowl in the next two - three years the thats another story......

Questions for anybody on this blog:

1) Why did Lee Chambers play so much? He looked awesome, but was it b/c someone was injured?

2) Is anyone else shocked that Lee Chambers hadn't played more this year? This guy is a 'baller but had been used so sparingly that he was rumored to be considering transfering.

3) Does anyone else think that Jav. James is pretty overrated? After a few seasons at UM, I really can't point to any huge games he's had or major accomplisments. The best thing going for him seems to be his last name. Yes, he's been injured here and there, but he was supposed to have been 100% healthy about 6-8 weeks ago.

4) I had an idea, wanna know what you fellas think: I think Shannon should DELEGATE ALMOST EVERYTHING to his coordinators, and be the figurehead coach. Get a new OC and let him handle EVERYTHING on offense. Let Young handle EVERYTHING on defense. Shannon should just stay out of the way, act like he's running the ship, be the one to speak to the media and make silly little rules, and recruit all day. We know what he's good at, and where he sucks. Let's play to his strengths. What do ya'll think?

5) Why are many people so high on T. Cook and C. Smith to be our new QB over Jacory next year? I really hope they develop into players, but what have you seen from them in the last year to make you think they're ready to beat out Jacory? Neither of them has played in a game since high school... you think that will make them BETTER than Jacory?


With all due respect to you as a fellow UM fan, I don't understand your point about Shannon not showing passion.

You're saying he looks like a stoned corpse out there on the sideline because he grew up in Liberty City?

What does one thing have to do with another?

Coach Shannon says he will evaluate himself on what he could get better at. Here is one thing he could get better at: CLOCK MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!. The mangagement of at the end of the first half was just plain putrid! He had all 3 time outs left with about a 1:32 or so down 14-7 and could have tried to get a FG before the half. If he was happy with going into the locker room down 7, then why were we throwing the ball?????? Then, we burn 2 senseless timeouts in the 2nd half, esp. the one when Cal was lining up for a FG on 4th down, what did we need to call a TO there for with a tie game??? Just to tell the guys to watch the fake? Cal changes their minds, goes for it and we give up a 25 yard run anyway. And at the end of the game with 2:41 to go and 1 timeout we manage to get to Mid field and instead of calling the last time out with about 39 seconds left when Harris did not get out of bounds to give us a slim chance, Coach Shannon lets the clock run down and we throw an incomplete pass with about 12 seconds left stopping the clock...and then he calls timeout!!!! Hideous clock management.

address the O-Line Randy. Get a whole new O-line cause they all suck. Can't get the ball to those playmakers if the QB has no time...Ridiculous, worst O-line I have scene at UM...Good job guys! Great season, start by looking at your son, he is terrible Randy.

Manny- thanks for responding. I see your point about randy Shannon's non-answers.

Miamiboi- dude, Just b/c he grew up in Liberty City and had a rough up-bringing doesn't automatically make him a robot. So, does that mean that anyone with a rough uprbringing should be emotionally blank?that is a lame excuse. he needs to separate himself from his past and become a manager that he is. A head coach. Soemone that will rally his troops both tactically and emotionally. Not all of his players share that past with him, and therefore he needs to relate to his entire team and stop being so arrogant, narrow-minded, and stubborn. HE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO PEOPLE'S CRITCISMS AND IDEAS!He has no emotion. that rubs off on the players.

I can't stand this sh$t any more. I have been waiting for something good to happen to this team. I have been waiting for someone to do something positive for this team. And there has been nothing. Nothing. And nobody seems to do cra--p!

2004, finished on a positive note by beating the gators and finished 11th in the country no thanks to the gators being ranked 18th.
2005- the LSU debacle. and that was the end of that.. and the beginning of this travesty. This is painful, people. And nobody seems tobe doing anything about it. I am f---%$ing fed up!

If I was the AD, I would have analyzed last night's performance and today would have come out with a press conference to announce...
"Patrick Nix relieved of his contract..."Search for new OC underway"...
And a behind closed doors warning to Randy Shannon: You are on the clock, a sort of probation. Hey, That's the pressure we all are under on a day-to-day basis. You don't perform, you are out. Why Should RS be any different? I would say to him, Randy, you get us to an ACC championship next year, and you get a long term contract. You don't and your job may be on the line.



Hey Gibdog... I gonna tell you a secret, don't tell anybody, but.... XAVIER SHANNON IS OUT OF ELIGIBILITY!!!! He can't play anymore, just go to grad school at UM. ;-)

I was wrong about the score of the game. I underestimated just how bad our coaching really is. I admit put most of the blame with Marve for our teams woes. Now i see it was the three stooges marve ,shannon, and nix. Harris is the Qb i thought he was. he played very well considering the coaches who are calling the plays.
NIX- CALLS RUNS ON 1ST DOWN 90% OF THE TIME AND FOLLOWS WITH RUNS 70% OF SECOND DOWNS. AND PASSES 80% ON 3RD DOWN. my conclusion is nix is far too predictable.

my conclusion is randy is either to stubborn or to slow mentally to make decisions for the team. it took 6 weeks to long to change qb, which i thought was just stubborn but after seeing him watch the clock run out of the first and second halves , now it is obvious to me that he is really slow minded. borderline stupid.

i think randy knows he blew it and says he will evaluate himself 1st in the offseason. i will back him for one more year but i never wanna see poor coaching like that again.
we could have , we should have, won that game.
at the very least we could have tried to score and use our time outs.


What do you all think of the little exchange between Shannon and Nix prior to that last timeout. I don't know, but either Nix was so into what he was trying to relay to Jacory, or He just gave Randy A GANGSTASS BRUSH-OFF!!! Prediction(Well, sort of): Tim "Ice" Harris will be Miami's new OC.

Here is the key. The problem is Randy Shannon. Everyone looks for excuses somewhere else but the problem is Shannon.

Last year--It was Coker's players eventhough Shannon was part of Coker's staff and recruited these players too. Last year it was also the DC who was fired.

This year---It is Nix and the Canes are too young. If Nix gets fired this year that means Randy will have to look at himself next year. So I dont think Nix will get fired because that means Randy only has one year left. I mean he is running out of people to fire.

Shannon is a joke and it is a joke that the University of Miami has to resort to an experiment as head coach and cant hire a proven head coach. The U has turned into an experiment school. Wow we have fallen pretty bad when we cant find a head coach to come in here and actually coach and get the most out of his players and someone who can manage a game without looking like a complete idiot. That last 2 minutes was as bad as a head coaching job as I have ever seen in my life.

Maybe I'm too old, guys. I've been through a lot of ups and downs with this team over the last 32 seasons.

I look at the situation this way. I feel MUCH better, right now, than I did 2 years ago after we won the blue carpet bowl (and finished 7-6).

I did expect a bowl this year. I didn't expect to win or even play for the conference championship.

All the "experts" said the '08 class will have little or no affect this year. THEY WERE WRONG. We've got another top ten class coming in.

Next year I expect 9-10 wins and an ACC championship. I will be critical of Shannon if need be, next year. I'll let him slide on the last 2.

Looking forward to 1st week in February.

How is this year an improvement???

We look like crap.

Both Florida State and Florida are just as young as Miami yet they look much more promising. I mean Florida does not have a single senior on their defense. Not one!

The Canes lost their last three games to mediocore to bad teams like Georgia Tech, NC freaking State, and a mediocore PAC-10 team in Cal. Not only that but the D regressed so bad. How many rushing yards did the Canes give up in the past 3 games? Over 1000 or close to it.

There are very few if any playmakers on O, the D is bad especially against the run, the O-line and D-line are pathetic.

Hope this was a wake up call to those Northwestern guys that think they are God's gift to football. With the exception of Spence they all STINK. All of them. Harris doesnt look promising to me. Maybe he does to you but his passes look like a 60 year old Bret Favre. He turns the ball over like crazy. He constantly is getting sacked.

Marcus Forston better add some size this offseason because he ends up on his back a lot. He isnt playing these weak high schoolers anymore.

Brandon Harris should change his number from 1 to 0 because that is what he offers. Actually if they allowed it, it should go to a negative.

Glad we keep recruiting running backs though. I mean we dont need O-line or D-linemen or anything just more RBs to sit on the bench because you can only play one at a time.

What a joke.

Hire a REAL COACH and stop the experiment!!!! The U is not a place to experiment!!!!!!

Wake up Kirby or you will be out of here next!!! Send your butt back to the Big 10.

Wrong, you said that Jacory Harris was the difference that this offense needed to score 35+ points per game. You were complaining that you were tired of scoring 17 points every game and guess how much the Canes scored yesterday? That's right, 17. They would have had the same outcome if Robert Marve would have played. Harris had an interception (should have had more) and had the fumble that set up Cal's winning TD.

As I said before, which you can't get through your thick skull, Harris is better right now but the reason this team blows in NOT BECAUSE OF THE QUARTERBACK. Inserting Harris does not all of a sudden make this offense good.

I just do not know what to think anymore. This team isnt close to the ACC championship game, are you guys kidding? Stop with the stupid predictons like that because you make Canes fans seem like idiots. What have you seen in the last 3 games that seems promising? We lost 6 games this year! 6!!! Not 2-3-or even 4. 6! The year before it was 7. The games we won, we struggled to win including lowly UCF which we almost lost at home. We got run over in our last 3 games, run over.
With some luck maybe next year we can lose 4 games. That is the best case scenario next year. Look at our schedule and who we play on the road. Heck we got Oklahoma with Sam Bradford and they are just going to kick the living crap out of this team. Stoops is an actual football coach as compared to the clowns we have on the sideline. We better be saving money because none of our coaches deserve much of a paycheck at all. If we are going to experiment at least save some cash so we can hire a real coach soon.
ARrghhhhhhhh!!!! I am so disgusted with the direction of this program.

canetang shut up. what was your "prediction" yesterday? 41-17 w/ the Amazing Fr. Jacory Harris throwing for 5 TDs. Keep dreaming as an intelligent poster above me said the QB is not the problem with this team and the score would have pretty much the same with Marve in there.

I am real close to my wits end with Shannon as a HC. He seems lost out there or afraid to step on toes in game. I am glad he said he going to evaluate himself because that should take a month to do at least. Him and Nix need to spend a minimum of 2 months this offseason and figure out how to manage the clock and their TOs. Last night was abberation the clock management or lack thereof has been a recurring problem all season.

Unfortunately I do not know what the University can do because their hands are tied by lack of funds and available replacements. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Peterson of Boise St. is not leaving Idaho anytime so. He didn't want the UW job and Seattle is much closer to Boise and I guarantee can pay a heck of a lot more than Miami can.


I agree wit you about coach Tim "Ice" Harris eing the next offenseve cordinatoor. He was my coach at BTW and he is an awesome coach dispite my personal dislike for him, I love him as a coach and a leder, and play calling genious. Nix is out, I hope Marve stays because his toughness is what Miami needs because our locker room is soft; he might not be the starter but ill take a tough kid like that for my backup anyday.

To Atlanta Cane,

You hit it on the head with this one man.......

I just do not know what to think anymore. This team isnt close to the ACC championship game, are you guys kidding? Stop with the stupid predictons like that because you make Canes fans seem like idiots. What have you seen in the last 3 games that seems promising? We lost 6 games this year! 6!!! Not 2-3-or even 4. 6! The year before it was 7. The games we won, we struggled to win including lowly UCF which we almost lost at home. We got run over in our last 3 games, run over.
With some luck maybe next year we can lose 4 games. That is the best case scenario next year. Look at our schedule and who we play on the road. Heck we got Oklahoma with Sam Bradford and they are just going to kick the living crap out of this team. Stoops is an actual football coach as compared to the clowns we have on the sideline. We better be saving money because none of our coaches deserve much of a paycheck at all. If we are going to experiment at least save some cash so we can hire a real coach soon.
ARrghhhhhhhh!!!! I am so disgusted with the direction of this program.

Wow Tx Cane .... give the young guys a break gessh... I mean I agree with some of your points but the north Western crew not being good is a big joke, please take your fustrations out on the real issues Shannons coaching because his recruiting is pretty good, Nix, and those soft players on our team. The freshman are talented and will bring a title.

ok ok ok, the season is done so i would like to thanks some players and criticize others.

First, Thank you Sean Spence the defense is officially yours cant say enough about your play this season, thnx Aldarius, Lyron, Collier, and Benjamin you guys really stepped up I look for you guys to be the wide outs of the this team along with Tommy Streeter. Thnx Greg Cooper though you are not an all purpose back you were tough all season and you carried the load for us; I look for you and Lee Champers to be the guys next season and hopefully Bryce can help out. Thanx to the young guys on the D line you know who you are Forston & Robinson i appreciate your tough play. Thanks Robert Marve and J Cory for taking this QB situation like men and hopefully you bothstick around next year because we would love to have you back.

Here we go again. Russell, you hit on it. Lack of funds, period.

Ok you guys, when was the last time Miami hired a "big time" coach. I'll tell you. it was back in the day when they hired Saban, then Hurricane Howard. Oh, one little thing, they didn't cost 5-10 mil.

You've got another Jimmy J out there? Tell me, who is it.

1-800-GO CANES is the number everyone here can call to donate some big bucks so we can "reel in" all those big time hires.

I needed a good laugh after watching the last 2 minutes of that game last night.

These guys are my disappointments so please do better or move on if that isnt already your faith...

First Demarcus Van Dyke you my friend need to get out of town First you talk to Urban Myer about wanting to be a Gator, then you let Louis Murphy score all over you ( so much for us being Da U), then you give up the game winning TD agianst Carolina, and did you see the move that Javid Best put on you last night for yet another TD, you got beat in every game and I think you are a waste of scholarship. Next is Nix I really wont say any more. Next is our offensive line give me a break you mad Marve look ba all year and you through Jacory under the bus last night to the point were he had to run out of the pocket to complete a pass, baby J other than your leadership you should be done as the future running back, to shannon other than recriting guys that wanted to be Canes there whole life you as a head coach I dont like and the sad part is I want to like you because your from were im from and i understand what its like. Next is pretty boy number 13 you should have stayed in Tallahassee and became a soft Semi-Nole. Im starting to think Kyle Wright might not have been that bad I mean he did go 9-3 whe he had a decent offensive line or I could be wrong

Mcnair- who is number 13?

And by the way I agree- DVD AND B. HArris stunk and got schooled all year long. Not just one game!

Our LB core w/the exception ofSpence is the worse of all time, considering we had:

Mira Jr
DJ Williams

Glenn Cook, Romeo Davis: Buh Bye.

This is what you get with a head coach who is training on the job and is in way over his head! We had a lot of young kids playing, to be sure, but so did a lot of other teams and they did not look as bad as UM did! N C State's QB was a true Freshman, no more excuses. The coaches are mediocre and the team reflects that. It is going to be a long time before UM is back as a national powerhouse - it all starts at the top and the Canes' are very weak at the top.

To Jamie, #13 sucks so bad I can remember his name right now, Oh yeah Ryan Hill Mr. Cant cover or make a tackle. Now Glenn cook doesnt measure up to the All-stars you named but I saw alot of good things from him cosidering his lack of talent but I'm still glad hes gone so Jordan Futch, Sean Spence, and Arthur Brown can take over.

Dont get me wrong guys I'm rooting for Shannon but I'm not quite sure he's that great of a recruiter. Let me break it down. The Booker T Washington crew and Northwestern guys were commited Hurricanes since birth, so Shannon didnt quite sell them to the U along with Marcus Robinson. Look at 2007 that was not a great recriting class Miami gets certain because of the name alone DA U... (I mean I would go to the U because of name alone). We got Arthur Brown from out of state and thats about all the recruitig they did if you ask me because Benjamin grew up a Canes. Other than stealing C.J Holton and Ray Buchanon from the Gators and Noles Shannon did a poor job in recruiting our biggest needs in 08 an offensive line and a quarterback (Jacory doesnt count he was born with a U tatooed on his butt). Can someone argue other wise.

Tx cane /= ATXcane.

Just want to clear myself of any association haha. Kirby Hocutt is not "out of here next" lol. The guy is an Athletic Director. His job is to watch over ALL athletics and raise funds, not keep football fans happy.

Mcnairuser, you have to give RS the benefit of the doubt for that 07' class, given that RS got the job in November of the 06' season, and wasn't officially the HC till after the bowl game, which only really gave Him a month or two to recruit. But I do have to say, that for what ever reason, player development has been atrocious since Butch Davis left, and atrocious is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! It just pains me to see guys with such ability like Spencer Adkins be so underutilized and unappreciated by this coaching staff and the one prior. I mean c'mon, the guy is damn near 250, and runs a 4.4 40, and you mean to tell me you can't find a spot for that type of ability on the field. To me, this team just lacks the basic fundamentals, such as tackling, LBs reading their keys, D-Linemen that know how to beat numerous blocks, and so on and so on.

I have no problem bashing the coaching staff but I refuse to spit venom (mcnairuser)at the kids. These kids who you keep calling out were heavily recruited and promised the world by the coaches.

And rest assured every other school out there wanted these kids as well. They are doing the best out there that they can and I know have so much responsibility at such a young age.

When I was in college if I didn't want to show up to class that day then well I didn't. No repercussions (I did have a partial academic scholly as well) as long as I kept my GPA above a 3.0; I am a baseball geek so as soon as Spring Training came I was sure to miss at least a weeks worth of classes for all 4 subjects I was taking. Didn't have to worry about my professors taking it up with my Dept. head or academic advisor.

I didn't have to get up at 6am for a grueling 2 hr workout and then attend a 9am class. I didn't have to worry about hundreds of people on the net calling me out where all of my friends and family can see and cry.

Anyone else remember Mike Gundy's press conference last season?

I apologize, long story short please stop bashing the kids. All accountability should be with the HC and if you must Nix as well.

Now study up, beef up and hit the weight room. Here's to next year.

Go Canes!

time management and very bad oc. where is the miami pride? come on coaches, how about coaches teaching tackling techniques

Here's the problem all the whiners expect true freshman to play like seniors. they can to the u they dont beat senior laden teams must be bad coaching not inexperiance. I hate nix play calling as much as the next fan but listen to nfl scouts people. They say bruce johnson is only draftable senior on team this year. They say that miami's juniors aren't very good either. This team went 7-6 against alot of teams with much more veterens on roster and much more veteren big time players on team. Stop trying to get randy shannon fired or go become a gator fan. Give Randy time and by time i mean 5 years to get his players in here before you throw him under the bus. Also any coach who is willing to look at what he does wrong and work on improving at that area is a coach id like to have. means he want's to be better and nothing less then national title will do for him. Coker screwed this team up people by forgetting south florida anyone saying go elsewhere forgets that. Coker won with davis players his players suck. Oh and randy had to follow the head coach and recruiting coordinator;s decisons on players he didn't just go recruit who he wanted by himself he had help from coker and whoever the rc was.

What we all fail to realize is that the players are the ones who need to perform. Th diffrence between the freshman and the upper classmen who have proven to be underacheivers, is that the younger guys have more heart

Something about those older guys that i think just blows. #8, #22, #24 - garbage, cant cover, cant find the ball in the air, cant tackle, #3 glen is smart but undersize - and no heart; takes more than a chaser to be a good MLB - garbage. Offensive line #77, 74, 55, 76 RUN-blocking garbage... Stop hoping and wising that a Tight End will automatically become a great blocker; this is Miami, go recruit blue chip OL please!!!; not just a dude that has size.

With that being said, i think the defensive backs coach needs to go, and we need an offensive line coach from the big ten; OL technique blows.

What we all fail to realize is that the players are the ones who need to perform. Th diffrence between the freshman and the upper classmen who have proven to be underacheivers, is that the younger guys have more heart

Something about those older guys that i think just blows. #8, #22, #24 - garbage, cant cover, cant find the ball in the air, cant tackle, #3 glen is smart but undersize - and no heart; takes more than a chaser to be a good MLB - garbage. Offensive line #77, 74, 55, 76 RUN-blocking garbage... Stop hoping and wising that a Tight End will automatically become a great blocker; this is Miami, go recruit blue chip OL please!!!; not just a dude that has size.

With that being said, i think the defensive backs coach needs to go, and we need an offensive line coach from the big ten; OL technique blows.

I think the biggest problem with Randy Shannon is that he is stubborn. He obviously is clueless as a coach and plays with the "can't lose mentality". But that is what happens when you are in your second year as a head coach. However, when a coach can't look in the mirror and realize the mistakes they are making, then they will never get better. This is why I am so scared about Randy. He refuses to answer questions from the media that make him look bad, and he NEVER takes accountability for anything. Like I said before, Randy holds all his players accountable for their actions but never holds himself accountable. Now for Jacory vs Robert Marve. Its amazing how the majority of Cane fans blame Robert Marve for everything but make excuses for Jacory. Jacory forced a pick against Cal. Another throw of his was forced and was right in the hands of a Cal DB. And then on the fumble, he held the ball out there. It was a horrible play by the linemen, but could you imagine if Marve fumbled that ball to give up the game? Everyone would be bashing him. I think Jacory showed some great things in the game. But it's ridiculous how people have something against Marve. Also, did anyone notice how Jacory had a horrible first quarter and did not get it going to the second quarter? It would of been nice one time this year to allow Marve to play the second quarter and see if he could of made adjustments.

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