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The Hot Stove: Marve, Bryce and recruiting

There's never a time of year quite like that little gap when the football regular season ends and the bowl game takes place. At The U, that time was usually reserved for rumors of who might decide to leave school early for the NFL or who might be leaving a coaching job here for a better one somewhere else. These days it's a little different.

Among the many rumors heard around The U this week: Robert Marve is disgruntled and leaving the program; highly-touted recruit Bryce Brown isn't coming to UM anymore; Patrick Nix is getting fired; Jack McClinton is going to play the part of Rick James in a movie; and the reason I didn't get into that club last weekend in Louisville was because I can't wear skinny jeans. In search of some truth, I spent the past three nights talking to folks in and around this program to try and provide you with what I believe is behind all of this internet, hearsay madness. And so far, the only rumor I can confirm with 100 percent certainty is the last one. I didn't get into that club because of my baggy jeans.

But as for the rest, here is what I'm hearing...

> It's on good word the parents of quarterback Robert Marve had some sort of a meeting with Randy Shannon before the coach flew to San Francisco for some bowl festivities Robert_marve2Wednesday. From what I gathered, Marve's future at Miami remains unclear. It's unknown exactly what was discussed. But the fact remains he started 11 games this season. As one person told me, "He had a chance to put a stranglehold on the position with 11 starts and he didn't." My guess is his family wants what's best for their son. And there's nothing wrong with that. After all, this could all be about nothing serious. But I've been told family-coach meetings are rare during the season. That should show you how important the issue is for both sides. Don't look for any public statements on this until the issue is resolved.

Meanwhile, if Marve does leave as the hot rumor suggests, he's been tied to USF, LSU and UF on internet message boards and blogs. Here's what makes sense to me. If he does decide to leave, don't expect him to be granted a release to USF. Miami plays USF, after that newly signed deal, many times over the next few years. And the Canes don't usually allow players to transfer to future opponents.

> While Marve's future at UM is unclear, one thing is certain: he has not been is suspended for violating any team rules. In fact, no player at UM has been suspended for breaking any team rules (as of right now). We will find out next Wednesday, however, if someone failed to meet the academic requirements to remain eligible for the Emerald Bowl on Dec. 27.

> As for Miami's other quarterback, Jacory Harris, I don't expect him to be going Jacory_harris2_2anywhere regardless of whether or not Marve transfers after the bowl game. Harris, I'm told, is extremely happy at Miami. While Jacory's parents are expected to request a meeting after the season with Shannon to talk about their son (much the same way as Marve), no one should think Harris wants out. The family loves being close to their son and do not want to have to drive far to watch their son play. In fact, even though at first they thought the two QB system might not work, they were pleasantly surprised it did. Just don't take that to mean they'll be happy with it being in place moving forward.

Jermaine_mckenzie> From what I hear, expect a handful of players -- especially running backs who hardly played and tight ends and linemen who never play -- to be transferring to new schools after the bowl game (just like last year). One guy who I don't expect to leave is receiver Jermaine McKenzie. His father told me Monday night Jermaine is finally healthy (100 percent) and they expect him to compete at a higher level this spring. While Jermaine was frustrated he didn't catch a pass this season, I'm told he believes in the coaches, who keep urging him to compete.

> As for highly-touted running back Bryce Brown, who told Scout.com last week he was no longer planning on enrolling at UM in January, the Canes are still very confidentBryce_brownthey'll land the blue-chipper from Kansas. Brown has been busy taking official visits to Clemson, Missouri and Oregon. He still has another trip scheduled to Purdue and his final trip to Miami. But the word is Oregon is the only team that really might be able to sway Brown away from the Canes. Bryce said in a candid video interview with Scout he loved the feel at Oregon. I just don't expect it to be strong enough to pull him away from UM in the end and neither do the Hurricanes' brass who believe his relationship with Arthur Brown will prevail.

> Plantation cornerback and UM commitment Brandon McGee and I spoke for about 15 minutes regarding Brown, who will be his teammate at the U.S. Army All-American game next month in San Antonio. This is what McGee told me: "It kind of threw me off that he's not coming early anymore. But I still think he's going to be a Cane. We talk on the phone and he tells me how he's working on getting some linemen to come here. I'd be really surprised if he changed his mind."

> McGee, who said he will begin his career at UM as a cornerback, will begin classes at UM on Jan. 20 and is expecting to room with running back Mike James. He said he's been busy working out since his season ended three weeks ago. Lately, he's been busy trying to Browmcgeerecruit for the Canes, chatting it up with receiver Andre DeBose (one of the Sanford trio). This weekend, McGee will celebrate his birthday by taking an official visit with fellow commitments James, tight end Billy Sanders, tight end Stephen Plein, defensive end Olivier Vernon and defensive lineman Curtis Porter. The plan is to help try and create a family feel with the big guys who will also be visiting this weekend -- offensive linemen Bobby Massie, Daniel Campbell and Jermaine Johnson. "We're definitely trying to get some of those big men to commit," McGee said. "Coach Stoutland told us he needs an assist."


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One more point that bri cane reminded me of.

We NEED to hire a QB coach or something. With all these young players, I just don't think Nix has the experience or the time to give our young and talented QB's the time they need during the season to develop. While I thought both QB's played fairly well, I agree with bri that, for whatever reason, they did seem to play better at the beginning of the season than at the end and that is totally not good.

This is not to suggest that Nix needs to go. I saw enough from him this year to suggest that he could end up being a really good OC. But if he's going to be your OC, you also need to have a QB coach to work with these guys on footwork, mechanics and execution while the OC is working on installing the game plan. I realize there are budget constraints and coach limits, but I think the most important move Shannon could make this offseason is to either get rid of Nix and bring in a Rob Chud or Norm Chow or to get rid of another assistant if that's what it takes and bring in a position coach for the qb's. Can't one guy coach both wr's and db's for instance?

We gotta get a QB coach!




If 86 stayed in the background, like Shandel and Manny...canespace would have increased numbers...think about it..he gets too involved, and his personality shines through..[imo]



JESUS! Too many aspiring journalists and CAPS abusers on the Herald side! (Thanks for keeping it short and sweet, Green.) Troy, Cat5, Canethang, g8rh8r, you guys ever heard of the K.I.S.S. method?! I'm going back to the Sentinel, for some quick, yet informative, reads.

I dont know people. Most of you sound like you are too young to remember the mid-to-late '90s when we had NO qbs: Derek Crudup, Kenny Kelly, Frank Costa? what a joke! Then came in a skinny 6ft 4 kid from cali who played inthe gator bowl? against Georgia Tech as a freshman in 1999 and looked good, then lost his first game as a starter in 2000, and at Uw looked out of sorts, but pulled it together. Crudup was his bak up. with crudup there would have been no NCs!!!!!Andre Johnson, Shockey, winslow, Moss or Parrish not withstanding! My point is we've been down this road before. We need a qb. One. hopefully two. I've said this before:

Marve, harris, Cannon, Cook. Look back at CarsonPalmer, Matt leinart, JD Booty, and now mark Sanchez. Sandwiched between all of them was a guy named Matt Cassel who NEVER NEVER EVER started a game for SC. never. period. Where is he now guys? he starts for the patriots that's where!

Marve and Harris: stick to your guns. Stay canes. Going elsewhere WLL not guarantee you playing time, it will not guarantee taht you will be a winner, and it will notguarantee you notoriety for the NFL. Staying in Um will.

Marve had 11 games to prove that he is a winner and he blew his chance. he had the chance. no excuses. Dont blame the play calling, dont blame inexperience, dont blame youth,dont blame the coaches. You threw the ball, you hiked the ball, you had your chances. Nice try. but you failed. For a UM fan, 6-5 is a failure. dead failure. Dorsey was a true soph and he guided aan also young Um team to an 11-1 regular season, followed by a dramatic win against UF. THAT is the standard that we are used to. Not losing to North carolina at home. Not losing to NC state. Not losing to Ga tech 4 years ina row. Yes, all the UF bloggers and the haters call us cocky, spoiled an arrogant. they would be too if they had PLAYED for the national championhsip 10 times in the last 25 years!!!!! That is Once every 2.5 years on average! So this Cane attitude is the product of a tradition for winning. HArd nosed intensity, off season passion to get better, nastiness, ghettoness.

MArve is a punk if he transfers out. That would PROVE that he is no winner or cane. So let the chips fall where they may. His actions will speak for themselves.

Now randy go and recruit us some more studs please!

mr.troy buddy I have to agree with the other in this case marve and colt don't compare as freshman in stats game play or nothing. Colt lost three games as a freshman his first year that's special as a qb u still have to make the right reads and be a general no matter what look at the Pats when tom Brady went down that back up was struggling with the starting offense. So saying that no matter the record a year before colt still had to be a general that is one of the many things jacory has over him. On the division two school school jacory stooped that is what he was suppose to do and if marve had all these skills and duke and va's defenses sucked so bad then why didn't marve toss a couple of tds to keep jacory on the bench and why didn't he toss a couple in the wake and vtech games, let me guess our wrs dropped all his balls and don't bring up the ucf game a person with colt talent would have used that game to stack stats or
how bout nc game when he had chance for people to say that's our qb but no with that poor ablity they call accerqucy the wr would have had to make
circus catch lead to another int he might have a strong arm and is quick but we don't need a scrambler which he is not that good either we need a passer which jacory has the skills of. And besides u guys talk about jacory like he is not a good qb u always say this potenial marve has so list his qualities and jacorys and look at that then say who is the best based on skills, smarts, and size. U can even look at high school and college seasons and see who has been consistent through their years of football

I dont give a rats a## what the stats were. Bottom line, regardless of who they played, Jacorry looked more comfortable. Cooler, calmer. he threw with less indecision. he made fewer dumb mistakes. the team seemed to respond differently to him. I dont claim to know why but you dont have to be a genius to see it, but your sure blind as a bat if you didnt see it!

So if the coaches cant see it, or didnt see it, then they have some weird agenda, like a promise that they made to Marve or something. that to me is strange. arent you supposed to put the best qb in there? Has jacorry stunk in practice and Marve outshined him? Why then did this "experiment" take place this season? That 2 qb farce was an insult to we boosters and fans. Marve wuld be doing well, then he got pulled, and vice versa. It was a joke. A plain joke. Kind of like if Randy Shannon knew ahead of time that this season was more or less a practice season! Well, RS and coaches: Go practice with your own emotions and on your own time! Because I want to see P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S. And this idiotic scheme of yours did not show it!

Nicely said Jaime.

That one car crash..set us back, big time.


I think you're funny as hell normally, like when UF fans gets on here and starts talking noise and you shut em up. But man everybody gets your point about 86. I hope you get back to your old ways, you were my fav blogger here.

When was the last time you said WOW when referring to a CANE player?
We can't develop anything. Not on offense, not on defense and specially not on our not so special teams.
Good players come to good coaches.

Posted by: HNCANE | December 11, 2008 at 06:19 PM

Travis Benjamin and Sean Spence both made me say wow a few times this season. Jacory did during the UVA game. If they keep developing all will be special.

I hope they can develop to their full potencial. I saw some sparks there, but nothing close to our 2001 team.

good post jaime I agree why are u guys giving all these excuses for this guy marve is just fustrating I never saw people give as many excuses u guys aren't fair to jacory because in those big games they didn't give the guy much time to play u can't just throw a guy in for two series then say he sucked against a good dee be real man if would have played the whole he would have gotten a feel u guys say u know football but why are u making all these excuses against defenses like vtech marve didn't throw a td he tried to throw a fade and threw it in the stands this guy is ok not good and hope he leave and buddy I remember frank costa kenny Kelly Ryan Collins and so on and with those guys in we were nothing Dorsey came in and lost one games as starter as rest is history that was amazing for a freshman to do without a strong arm he lost one game one and was cheated out of that one

we need some offense if we wanna beat oklahoma next year.

We all saw this year that this team will never be a National Title contender with Marve. He can't check down and takes off at the first sign of pressure-- in what way other than speed is he any different than Kyle Wright?

Posted by: Joe | December 11, 2008 at 05:54 AM

How can you say that? You really might be one of the dumbest human beings on the planet. The sad thing is that most of our fan base is absolutely retarded, like yourself, and has NO football knowledge whatsoever. Incredible.

Posted by: Canes | December 11, 2008 at 10:36 AM

You're right Canes-- what a moron I am. You really proved me wrong with that articulate and factual response! If only we were all as smart and educated as you, this board would be so much more interesting. Calling people dumb and unknowledgable is much more enlightening than speaking substance.

Perhaps you could explain HOW I'm wrong. Using examples might be nice. Do you recall one time that Marve checked down and threw to his second receiver? When? Do you remember one time when Marve stepped up into the pocket while avoiding pressure and fired off I pass? I can't remember either.

Perhaps if you actually watched the games with a critical eye rather than looking at stats and listening to homers, you might learn a thing or two.

The reason I'm not being mean to you is because you're obviously either a kid or an uneducated adult. Running intellectual circles around you wouldn't even be a challenge.

i hope chud gives dorsey another shot this weekend. chud will be gone from there at the end of the season . so give dorsey a shot

First of all, I seriously wish 86 and green would just take this "stuff" outside. I'm sooo tired of having to scroll through half the comments to get past the highschool girls locker room clique BS. I'm sure whatever you two are fighting about is legit and one is right and the other is wrong and it's all very important, but most of us don't give a damn and don't want to hear it. Go act like gayturds over on a gayturd blog.

i forgot who posted this, but Amen. Some of us don't care for your vendetta's folks.

Anyways, kick Marve out if he doesn't want to compete for a job, keep him if he doesn't mind having to deal with folks that are good;. It's college football, if you want things handed to you at this level, it ain't going to happen. I'm not judging the kid based on what may or may not have happened and we don't know the full story.

I got your back Troy ! Anyone that thinks that Jacory is a better QB than Marve right now , has not watched all of UM's games this year and does not see the big picture . Don't get me wrong , I think Jacory can be our next Ken Dorsey , but it is not his time yet . Jacory played well against a 1-AA school ( and not even a good one ) and 4-8 Duke and 5-7 UVa. Not top 25 competition to say the least . Marve had all the pressure this year on his shoulders and on top of that had to split time w/ Jacory , sometimes leaving the game when he was just getting warmed up . I do not agree with the approach the coaching staff took handling these QB'S . Now it looks like we are going to lose Marve . What will we do next year if 178 lb. Jacory gets hurt and Marve has transfered ??? Gar337

Sean Spence, Marcus Forston, and Robert Marve are my wow players. Forston has tremendous size agility, he just needs to mature physically. Spence is a beast. Robert Marve has a great arm, can run, and he's got swagger.

Benjamin is fast, but he look tentative...lots of potential though.

i dont want to hear anymore excuses for losing and playing like kirby freeman... i want points and wins...thats all...in the fsu game jacory came in down 24-0 and drove us down to the 20 and threw a pick. then drove right back down and put our first 3 points on the board. then back came good ole 3andOUT MARVE.
marve=chris rix

marve blew against anybody who was good.
marve blew against the bad teams also
why does marve take so long to warm up every saturday. we down by 10 before he gets going. he had 3 tds and 10 ints during our 5 game win streak. this team won 7 inspite of marve not because of him.

jacory will take marves job.
its inevitable. and all you marve supporters will not care in the least because jacory will take this team to a title in the next 2 years.
we will play in 2 nc in the next 3 years.


You must not have been watching the Virgina Tech game, Marve hung in the pocket and took several shots after firing completions. I also observed his ability to keep his head upfield when he rolls out and check to multiple receivers. The guy isn't perfect, he stares down receivers and has only recently learned to throw the ball with touch, but don't sell his ability short.

Robert Marve is not Kyle Wright, Marve can play, he just needs to take his lumps. He also might be the most enthusiastic kid on that entire roster.

marve is just like tebow , except without the heisman and tds and wins.

i hate the gators
go sooners


Marve's best games were Virgina Tech and Florida, find someone better than that on our schedule.

VT - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg9QUzTJdNs


I disagree with your assessment of the quarterback situation. Regardless of the quality of the teams, in the games in which Marve played a great majority of the time, the opposing defenses gave up less points than they averaged throughout the season. With Jacory playing more, opposing defenses gave up more points than they averaged throughout the season. This is much more important and accurate than your arbitrary good team/bad team analysis.

Games Marve primarily played:
UF-- we scored 3 against a D that gave up 15 points per game to everyone else.
TexasA&M-- we scored 41 against a D that gave up 39 to everyone else (including New Mexico, Army and Arkansas State).
Wake-- we scored 16 against a team that gave up 19 per game.
VT-- we scored 16 against a D that gave up 16 per game on average
UCF-- we scored 20 against a D that gave up 27 on average.

Games in which Jacory played the most:
Duke-- scored 49 against a D that gave up 22 points per game.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the sample size for Jacory is too small. However, we can see the difference in games in which they both played extensively.

Against GT, Jacory took us down and scored three times. The only time we didn't score with Jacory was when he got picked because Byrd didnt come back to the ball. Marve had about 10 possessions and only led us to one score.

Against UVA, Jacory scored on 3 of 5 possessions in the game, accounting for 17 points. Marve scored one touchdown despite playing in twice as many possessions.

Basically, under NO STATISTICAL BREAKDOWN was Marve superior to Jacory. The results speak for themselves-- they have to go with Jacory.

that's right canethang u need to be warm in Pre game excercises u crazy maybe all need to get together evaluate game film then debate I just don't see it in marve and guys keep bring up big games he choked in all of them cooper threw a better pass than him in the fsu game


Tell me Jacory Harris can make the play Marve made (3:45) against Virgina Tech.



You have to be kidding me about VT right? Our receivers were running open all over the field all night and Marve couldn't find them. In the second half, the D made stop after stop. They gave the offense great field position every time, and we still could not score, despite having open guys downfield. Remember that if we don't recover two key fumbles in the red zone, we lose that game despite the D's unbelievable performance.

You will also remember that in that game Jacory got two possessions. In both, he only got to throw one pass on third and long. On one of those, he hit Kayne with a perfect bomb that should have scored, but it went right through his hands. In about 14 possessions, Marve did not throw one comparable pass.

Contrary to what you're saying, I did not see Marve look for anyone other than his primary guy all season. That's why, like Wright, he was so quick to take off, because if the guy he's looking at isn't open he runs. Also, if one guys gets pressure, he puts his head down and takes off rather than looking downfield.

The ability to check down and hang in the pocket is what made Dorsey great. The inability to do so is what made Wright suck. Jacory has those abilities and Marve doesn't. Why is it so hard for some people to see that?


Jacory can't make that play??? Did you miss the game-tying TD against UVA????

all this talk doesnt matter. you marve guys cant see the writing on the wall, but marve and his parents do.thats why the meeting with shannon. jacory will take the job, no more need to argue. our field general is here. im hoping for real change. change i can believe in.

lets start jacory and see what happens. if he cant do it, then i will be the first to say i was wrong. but if he can , we all will be happy

if what happens on the field is how you guys wanna judge things. its just one more reason to say marve doesnt cut it . 6-5 as a starter , lowest passer rating in the acc among starters.
0-2 against instate rivals. and if florida was his best game, my point is further proven. we scored 3 points and he threw for 70 yards. atleast he didnt turn it over.

Canethang is right.

When did arm strength and hype become more important than results.

You guys need to stop reading these recruiting sites because it clouds your judgment. If Dorsey and Wright got here at the same time, you people calling for Marve now would be telling us how the team has to start Wright-- because he has more talent and will get better, because Dorsey is too skinny and could get hurt, etc.

Stop buying the hype and think for yourself.

Joe -

Check the highlights, Marve found a couple of open receivers. I agree the D played lights out and we should've pounded VT, but Patrick Nix and the offensive line don't share responsibility for the offense?

I remember Jacory's pass to Kayne, it definatly should've been a catch and a TD. I know you're watching games...how many balls have receivers dropped on Marve this year?

Marve looks downfield when he rolls out....check 3:45 of the highlight I sent you...the completion to Aldarius if you remember it. It wasn't a designed rollout and Marve found the open man and hit him in the numbers.

Jacory can check down better than Marve, I'm not denying that, but don't assume Marve can't learn that. My main arguement in supporting Marve over Jacory has always been that Marve can do the things you can't teach better than Jacory Harris. He has a better arm, wheels, and swagger. He's got work to do, but there's a ton of talent there.

I don't deny Jacory Harris can play, but take the last game of the season and tell me that Jacory Harris is either clearly better than Marve or making progress as a QB.

Canethang, Jacory had 4 of hiS tds at Duke(horrible team)2 against Virginia(horrible team) 1 against cs(horrible team) and 2 garbage tds against gt when they had already stopped trying. Notice how all of these teams are slow. a real defense would eat jacory up. that is why marve should stay,,, because once harris is exposed to a real defense his stats would not look so good. Also harris looked horrible against nc state. its not all about stats

Posted by: bri cane









Posted by: Canesjunkie



I agree about Jacory starting...he should've flipped roles with Marve after the Duke game. Jacory saved that game for us.

Let them compete again...if Marve doesn't cut it, I'm wrong. No problem as long as we win, right. I like Jacory Harris and I think he can be a great QB.

I think the fact that the Marve-Jacory thing isn't settled might be Randy Shannon's biggest failure this year. We shouldn't even be having this discussion after a complete season.


I see your point, but I respectfully disagree.

First, arm strength is overvalued in college football. In fact, throwing a line drive is sometimes a detriment. When the ball is in the air, the receiver has an advantage over the db. If the qb throws a more catchable ball to the general area, the receiver will have a chance to make the catch, and more often than not they will. When you thrown a line drive all the time, if you're not perfectly accurate, your guy has no chance to make the play. That's why guys like Stafford are overrated while guys like Dorsey were always underrated.

Secondly, I think pocket presence and shiftiness are far more important for a speed, and are equally unteachable. Jacory has a better feel for pressure and is better at dodging it with a step or two. Dan Marino had no speed, Dorsey had no speed, and none would get sacked because they could feel the rush and side-step it. Note also that I'm not even sure Marve is faster. Jacory had some decent runs this year.

And for swagger, I don't see how you could think Marve has more than Jacory. The team responded better to Jacory.

Jacory is a year younger, yet seemed to handle the pressure better. You think Marve would have been more impressive a year ago than Jacory was this year?

bri cane,

Saying Jacory was unimpressive because he beat lousy teams is idiotic. Were the Duke and UVA defenses worse than UCF or Wake (which gave up 30 to Duke, 26 to Maryland and 24 to Navy)? Does it mean anything that Jacory torched those teams on the road while Marve couldn't do anything at home?

Hey gentlemen. Few of you have mentioned Marve's performance against UCF. Many of you mentioned over and over about how Jacorry "padded " his stats against CS, but UCF was if not worse, almost as bad, and "super Marve", looked embarassing. How he was not made the No.2 qb after that game proves to me that RS has some wird agenda. Ok ok, you may say don't be too hard on a young qb because you may "break" his confidence. You know what I say to that? I can't say it here or I'll be erased!

@#$$ the excuses. It's D-1. It's the canes. You'all are forgetting thatthere is a team up I-75 and right on I-10 that is playing to win it's 3rd NC. A team that I hate more than the devil. A team that gives me GERD. A team so smug, so soft, so panzy that the very sight of a blue uniform makes me have projectile vomiting. The point is We, The U, the U fans demand the best QB that will take us to the holy grail. Marve had his shot with 11 starts. Didn't cut it.


good post joe great post man

Joe... jacorys game tying td vs. UVA??????? where we watching the same game? more like game tying prayer. i still love both of them but i think marve has more potential.

I gotta agree with K-Man these kids come in with the intention of playing football for the university of miami. Some pan out others don't U wish they can all be productive but the fact of the matter is it is not going to happen. If they transfer let it be wish them luck, and that they get the opportunity they were seeking.

You're right Canes-- what a moron I am. You really proved me wrong with that articulate and factual response! If only we were all as smart and educated as you, this board would be so much more interesting. Calling people dumb and unknowledgable is much more enlightening than speaking substance.

Perhaps you could explain HOW I'm wrong. Using examples might be nice. Do you recall one time that Marve checked down and threw to his second receiver? When? Do you remember one time when Marve stepped up into the pocket while avoiding pressure and fired off I pass? I can't remember either.

Perhaps if you actually watched the games with a critical eye rather than looking at stats and listening to homers, you might learn a thing or two.

The reason I'm not being mean to you is because you're obviously either a kid or an uneducated adult. Running intellectual circles around you wouldn't even be a challenge.

Posted by: Joe | December 11, 2008 at 06:58 PM

I do not need to respond to that. For you to say that it is obvious that the Hurricanes will never be a national title contender with Marve at QB is one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard.

After 11 games. Starting for the first time as a redshirt freshman. Playing with a bunch of other freshman. And playing under a bad OC. This is the statement that you made. And then you compare him to Kyle Wright.

See, that is what I didn't feel I had to write because it is quite obvious. But there it is. I had to spell it out. You are an idiot. You are a typical Miami fan that knows nothing about sports.

start harris in the bowl game . and lets move foward.


Going 6-5 is a great accomplishment for a freshman at UM?

There are a number of people on this board, UM fans who watch the games, who agree with me. Considering that, it's hard to see how what you're saying is obvious.

For some reason, you seem to be placing the blame for everything on everyone else-- the other freshman on the team and Nix.

First, I don't know when you came to this conclusion that freshman can't win games. Most of our best players this year were freshman, including Spence, Forston, Benjamin, Collier, Byrd and Robinson. Would you rather have Lance Leggett and Ryan Moore at receiver? Do you honestly believe we're better off starting Spence Atkins over Spence because he's a senior? Marve had more talented players around him this year than Wright did the last few years. Our freshman were great, and they're the reason many of us feel the program is moving in the right direction. Blaming them for this team's problems this year is misdirected.

About the coordinator, I'm not that hot on Nix either, but the offense was pretty efficient with Jacory in the game. Do you really think he was saving all the good plays for Jacory while sabotaging Marve? The offense was lousy with Kenny Kelly at qb too, and people said it was the coordinator's fault. Then Dorsey came in with the same coordinator and did great. You can't come to a conclusion about Nix yet, it takes a few years to fully install an offense and it does matter who runs it.

You're entitled to disagree with me and maybe I am wrong, but concluding I know nothing about sports and that I'm an idiot is ridiculous. You can't articulate more than two sentences about this team, yet we're too believe that you're the smartest and most-knowledgeable fan on here? I guess we'll have to take your word for it...

I agree with Joe. I still can't understand why people are giving our starting QB this year such a break! Just compare him with another TRUE freshman last year that picked us apart: Sam Bradford.

6-5 is horrendous. Marve, you want to be the man, step up and do it. 6-5 isn't cutting it. Time to let the next guy have a shot at it. It's about the U, not about you.

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