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Let the next OC name dropping begin

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon probably already has someone in mind for his newly vacated offensive coordinator position. But like most coaching searches, there still figures to be plenty of names thrown out there as potential targets and replacements for Patrick Nix in the coming days and possibly weeks.

About 99 percent of them will be wrong. And, obviously, only one will be right. But last night, I figured why not join the fun and start throwing some names out there. After speaking with several guys in the coaching and recruiting business, I came up with this list of names with bios and reasons why they might or might not work in becoming UM's new offensive coordinator.

We all know the situation at UM. This program isn't exactly loaded with money. So, big time spending isn't expected. And the last time Shannon hired a coordinator, he went after a veteran in Bill Young for his defense. He might decide to do the same here. Still, there is no telling right now which way Shannon wants to go this time. But if you listened to coach Patrick Nix last night you gathered what Shannon is ultimately looking for in a coordinator is a coach that doesn't run the spread and rather plays more the traditional Canes' pro-style attack. That being said, you never know. Here's my just for fun potential candidate list broken up by categories.

Rob_chudzinskiRob Chudzinski: At the moment, still the Cleveland Browns' offensive coordinator. The 40-year old played at UM and won two national titles in 1987 and 1989 and coached as an assistant (1996-2000) and offensive coordinator (2001-2003) before leaving for the NFL in 2004. He's been Cleveland's offensive coordinator since 2007 and was thought to be on his way to an NFL coaching job before the Browns finished this season 4-12. Now, his future is uncertain after the firing of coach Romeo Crennel. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Chud has had high hopes of becoming an NFL coach and he makes a lot of money right now in Cleveland. Coming back to coach The U isn't really what you'd think he'd want to do. But you never know.

Bernie Kosar: Has never coached. The 45-year old led UM to its first national title in 1983 and spent 12 years in the NFL, finishing his career asa backup to Dan Marino and the Dolphins. Since retiring, he's gone into the business world as part owner of the Florida Panthers and as a steakhouse owner. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Kosar's name came up the last time. But with no coaching experience I just can't see it happening. Just too wild.

Ken_dorseyKen Dorsey: Has spent five seasons in the NFL as a backup quarterback after leading the University of Miami to a national title in 2001. He's been the Cleveland Browns backup quarterback since being traded from the 49ers in 2006 and has carried the headset connected to offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Dorsey's playing days look finished, but I doubt he would come here as an offensive coordinator. Quarterbacks coach? Maybe. Wouldn't it be great to see him coaching Jacory Harris?

Chris Klenakis: Currently the offensive coordinator at Nevada, he runs the Pistol offense. The Wolfpack ranked second in the country in rushing and 12th in scoring this season. He's got 17 years of Division I experience and eight as an offensive coordinator. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: I doubt Randy will head out to Nevada to get a guy who runs the Pistol offense.

Jeff Quinn: A 24-year veteran and the right hand man of Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly, Jeff_quinnwho has spent the last 17 alongside him. He served as associate head coach at Central Michigan and in 2006 the Chippewas ranked 23rd nationally in scoring offense and 32nd in total offense. He's spent the past two seasons at Cincinnati and helped the Bearcats set school records for points, touchdowns, passing touchdowns and finishing 16th nationally in scoring offense in 2007. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Quinn has been tied to Kelly so long, he doesn't seem the type to leave a good thing now. But maybe Randy could convince him. After all, he's been here preparing for the Orange Bowl since last Friday. And we remember where Randy got his last coordinator don't we.

Steve Logan: The current quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Boston College with a long history attached to coach Jeff Jagodzinski. Logan began his college career under Jimmy Johnson in 1980 at Oklahoma State. Logan was East Carolina's coach for 11 seasons from 1991-2002. and developed three NFL quarterbacks -- Jeff Blake, Marcus Crandell and David Garrard. Spent 2007 tutoring Matt Ryan at Boston College after coaching the Berlin Thunder. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: What's the incentive to leave BC, which has played for the ACC title two years in a row, for Miami right now? Not the money because it won't be much more.

John McNulty: The current Rutgers offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach has more than 17 years of NFL and college experience -- mostly as a receivers coach at places like Connecticut, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: He was interviewed for the Alabama job before. Looks like he's holding out for a head coaching job somewhere.

Dana_holgersonDana Holgerson: Offensive coordinator at Houston. The 37-year old coached receivers at Texas Tech for five years under Mike Leach and helped developed Pro Bowl receiver Wes Welker before moving on and becoming the offensive coordinator where the Red Raiders became one of the best passing teams in the country. In his first season in Houston, the Cougars had the nation's No. 1 total offense, No. 2 passing offense, No. 49 rushing offense and No. 10 scoring offense. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: He left Texas Tech for Houston. Wouldn't UM be an upgrade? Then again, is Randy Shannon going to run the
spread? Probably not.

Tom Herman: Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Rice. The young gun has helped the Owls become one of the top scoring offenses and passing offenses in the country with his spread attack. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Miami tried young and talented and then got rid of Patrick Nix. Plus, the spread at UM -- probably not going to happen.

Chuck_longChuck Long: An NCAA Hall of Famer, Long, 45, was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator from 2000 to 2005 at Oklahoma before leaving for San Diego State in 2006. His career as a head coach lasted three years before he was fired after compiling a 9-27 record. A finalist for the Broyles Award in 2004. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: What better way to set yourself up for another head coaching job by bringing The U back to prominence?

David_leeDavid Lee: The Dolphins' current quarterbacks coach and the architect of the Wildcat offense. The 55-year old spent four seasons with Dallas Cowboys as the team's offensive quality control coach and quarterbacks coach in 2005, helping Tony Romo turn from undrafted free agent to Pro Bowler. Was the offensive coordinator in 2007 at Arkansas, helping the Razorbacks average 37.3 points and 450 yards a game. He's got 29 years of experience at the college level -- including five as a head coach at UTEP from 1989-93. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: The Dolphins have a good thing going, but he is right down the road for Randy after all.

Kevin Rogers: The Minnesota Vikings quarterback coach was contacted the last time Miami was looking to fill its OC void. But he passed. He's now in his third year with the Minnesota Vikings as a quarterbacks coach after having spent four seasons at Virginia Tech, three at Notre Dame, seven at Syracuse and and seven more at Navy. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: He's coached Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. Maybe the thought of coaching Jacory Harris -- or some more money -- might entice him this time around. No. Probably not.

Dirk Koetter: Currently the Jaguars offensive coordinator, the 49-year old Koetter was a
target for Randy Shannon two years ago when he was first looking to fill the position. He's got more than a decade of experience as an offensive coordinator and eight as a head coach at Boise State and Arizona State. The Jags improved from the 10th-best offense to 7th-best in his first season. But after the Jags horrid season maybe the front office will be looking to make changes. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: He passed it up last time in part because of family issues. I don't think that's changed.

Mike_shulaMike Shula: The son of Dolphins legend Don Shula and the former Alabama head coach, Mike has been the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterbacks coach since 2007. He's 43 years old and has plenty of coaching experience. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN: Might be the perfect veteran guy and a great backup plan. Plus, he'd be home in South Florida. Then again, maybe he wants nothing to do with college football anymore after what happened to him at Alabama.

Bill Musgrave: The 41-year old and current quarterbacks coach coach in Atlanta has specialized in QBs since he began coaching in 1997, touring the NFL with the Eagles, 49ers and Carolina Panthers. Spent two seasons at Virginia from 2001-02 as offensive coordinator before moving on to the same position with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's been back in the NFL since then as quarterbacks coach with the Redskins and Falcons. He's spent nearly all of his time in the NFL but hasn't really found the right fit. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: Maybe the road to a head coaching job has to go through a coordinator job in college first? Musgrave might have reasons to consider if asked.

Jay Norvell: The co-offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, Norvell has NFL and college experience. Began his career as an offensive line coach from 1989 to 1994 with Wisconsin before moving on to join Dan McCartney's staff at Iowa State where he served as assistant head coach, receivers coach and quarterbacks coach. From 1981 to 2001, he was the wide receivers coach from the Indianapolis Colts where he worked with Marvin Harrison. In 2002, he left for Oakland where he coached tight ends for two seasons and the Raiders left with coach Bill Callahan for Nebraska for three years where he became offensive coordinator. In 2006, Nebraska was one of only two teams to rank in the top 25 in rushing, passing, total offense and scoring offense while running a West Coast style offense. He spent a year at UCLA before joining Bob Stoops in Oklahoma. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: I'm sure Norvell, a coaching nomad, is going to jump at the opportunity at a head coaching job first before moving laterally to a program struggling.

Herb_hand_tulsa_co_ocHerb Hand: Currently the co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Tulsa where he's spent the past two seasons running the spread, no-huddle offense. The 41-year old was instrumental in helping the Golden Hurricanes led the national in total offense in 2007. He was the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator at West Virginia for six seasons before that. His recruiting speciality? Offensive line, junior colleges and the state of Texas. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: This would be a step up for Hand, who can make a move to a BCS program and have full reigns of the offense. Then again, will Randy like his offense?

Gunter Brewer: Currently in his first season as the co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Oklahoma State. Before that, he spent three seasons coaching receivers at OSU and the four before it at North Carolina. Coached Randy Moss before that at Marshall from 1996-99. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: Comes from Big 12 country, obviously a place Miami needs to recruit. Brewer, however, probably makes good money out there in the Big 12. Not sure UM will match it or give him much more of a reason to leave.

Trooper_taylorTrooper Taylor: The other side of Oklahoma State's co-offensive coordinator job. Taylor spent four years at Tennessee as the assistant head coach/wide receivers and running backs coach. He was a Top 25 recruiter in 2005 and 2007 according to Rivals.com. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: Taylor's a guy whose recruited South Florida before and probably knows Shannon. He just got out to Oklaoma State and coming to UM would be a lateral move, not a move forward. But maybe Randy could convince him.

Billy Gonzales: Florida's current receivers coach and recruiting coordinator who playedfor Urban Meyer at Colorado State and has coached with him. Was recently passed over for the vacant Florida offensive coordinator job by Steve Addazio. Wouldn't it be something if Shannon stole Gonzalez from Urban under his nose? WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: Gonzalez has never really an offense before and Florida and Urban will do all he can to talk Billy out of it.

Major Applewhite: Only 30 years old, the former Texas quarterback is currently back at Major_applewhitehis alma mater as the Longhorns running backs coach/assistant head coach. He started his career as the quarterbacks coach at Syracuse in 2005 before moving on to be the offensive coordinator at Rice in 2006 and the offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2007. WHY IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK: Was recently passed up as Texas' coach in waiting by defensive coordinator Will Muschamp. Major makes some major bucks and he's in the place he wants to be. But maybe getting passed up recently will encourage him to look elsewhere. Probably the best available candidate.


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I believe this hire will make or break Randy Shannon as head coach of the Canes. Randy is bring in talent like Butch Davis use to. He has a great D-Coordinator in Bill Young. I have no doubt the problems on defense this year will be worked out with more experience. Besides the defense will have more talent on the field next year.
The problem has been the offense. You have to be able to run the ball with power and be able to pass to have a balanced attack. Back in our glory days Miami ran the ball at will on anybody and was able to pass to keep the defense off balance. Rob Chudzinski knew and understood this fact.
Randy Shannon has show he isn't afraid to let a coach go who isn't getting it done. If what your currently doing isn't working you must be willing to make changes. In this fact I still believe Randy Shannon is the right man for the job.

First. hahahaha

I know i originally said Tim Harris will be the OC. Honestly I just wanted to stir up some contraversy. But Im really in favor of Mike Shula for the position. I think he's a big name, he's a good recruiter, he's young, I just like the guy.

Aww man I thought i was first. Thanks Two Ten Toes.

Forget the coach. What about Lee Chambers, did anybody see that kid run. That might be the end of Javarris James at RB, maybe he needs to play more of a receiving RB role, cooper should play more returning with Benjammin, Harris, and D Johnson. I think Bryce, Lee, and Cooper run the show next season

randy is a conservative jacka_s,and will never win.


That is a major reason why T-bone will not be a high draft pick.

MAnny- Has there been a response from Randy Shannon on Nix's coments? He sounded like sour grapes, like there was a conflict between the two. Also, can someone please tell me what the Time out excuse was? Whose reponsibility was it-was RS waiting for Nix to call the TOs, did they run out the clock, was it RS's responisibility and he choked? What happend? Nobody seems to give anyone a straight answer- plus, it happened several times in the season!

I agree- this hire will make or break RS's future with UM. He needs to think long and hard on this.

-Bring Kosar, Dorsey, or Vinnie T as qb coaches
-Chudz as OC
-special advisor: Jimmy Johnson

There, we are set.

Agree with above posters. This choice will make or break Randy's future. UM needs to open the checkbook if needed, plus for future offensive recruits this needs to be a smart decision that borderline recruits will be swayed to commit to UM.

Awesome Nix Fired!

Randy Shannon's first year his DC is the scapegoat.

Randy Shannon's second year his OC is the scapegoat.

Randy Shannon's third year===Miami finds the problem

i want DAVID LEE!

Seriously Randy Shannon is making his own bed. He has now RUN OUT of people to fire. Its over Randy. This is your last year. Once you are fired it will help Miami recruiting more than you ever know.

Make A Good Choice Enlist some other Ex Cane coaches like Jimmy Johnson before you pick the next OC .


Mike Shula is the next oc at the U.

Ron Prince, I don't think He has a job right now. This guy got the Kansas State job based on the fact that He was a good OC at Virginia.

The problem has existed since Dorsey. The reason that the offense has floundered has been the lack of consistent play from the QB position. Everything flows from that. Freeman, Wright and now Marve and Harris are no better (maybe worse, from a confidence level) than when they left high school.

Shannon needs to hire an OC and leave him alone. He has no concept of an offense as a cohesive unit. You cannot platoon quarterbacks or offensive linemen like you can defensive players. They have to play together...all the time. The same with receivers. How good would Byrd be if he played every snap all year?

Randy should forget about offensive schemes and just hire a guy who scores points. Is Randy worried about the 'Canes moving to the NFL...or a BCS championship? Unless he hires someone who tells him up front, "The offense belongs to me...you stay away from it", this disaster will continue.

Certainly there is enough to do on the defensive side of the ball and special teams to keep Shannon busy.

After all that, he should get a real former quarterback from a real offense (not an Auburn back up) as an OC, Applewhite or Huepel, to coach up these kids. You could tell when they were playing that they were going to be great coaches because of their understanding of the game.

As for Chud, there were a lot of people who were glad to see him go after 2003. His offenses and lack of recruiting started the decline.

There is this underlying assumption that because Randy had a good recruiting class that UM will be back in the NC picture in a few years. This is all because U have "ESPN #1" recruiting class. Whatever that means.

What recruiting rankings don't take into consideration is how well the team recruited for their needs. The rankings look purely at talent landed. It doesn't take into account if you have a desperate need for an offensive tackle but don't land any OT recruit. Randy is the king of landing the wrong position players. Great job with the 37 WR's though Randy. How many of those guys will transfer?

UM's lines are just plain bad. Randy has been around UM's recruiting process for years now and what's the forecast for the line play in 09? He isn't developing ANY depth there. You have a lot of "freshmens flying around out there" because they have NO protection and are running for their lives. ( Did you see Harris fold like a cheap suit when that liinebacker smoked him?)

To say that Randy is wunderkind recruiter because he got the NW gravy train to stay home is putting the cart before the horse. This guy has far from proven himself as an elite recruiter. Let me see him close on some big uglies from out of state and maybe then I'll be impressed. Don't hold your breath on that happening because Randy is in 305 timeout. He has no presence elsewhere.

Coaching, fans, depth, winning tradition..... It has all eroded badly and doesn't appear headed back. Just ask Notre Dame. The Irish are snickering at U as you slide into the realm that they exist in. U aren't coming back as long as Donna is the boss. She doesn't care about National Championships. She really doesn't.

The erosion continues.

I know I wear contacts but man that looked like Joe Montana orchestrating the two minute drill in the 89 SuperBowl. Jacory Harris was so cool under the pressure it doest phase him. PFFFFF

I cant wait til Urban Meyer raises the Sears Trophy right on the 50 yardline of your so called homefield of a baseball stadium.

To all the canes fans that throw up the U and the 305 signs to themselves in the bathroom mirror, U never went there, go eat a sandwhich

To Gator Mike...

When you have five of those NC's, we'll talk.

What do you think about bringing back Larry Coker as OC?

Someone no one hasmentionedwith NFL and collegeexperience is DON STROCK. He certainly understands pro style offense and knows and loves South Florida.Understands S. Fl recruiting as prevoius head coach at FIU. Notlikely to leavefor headcoaching anywhere. Any thoughts Manny??
Have Randy thank me later.

THANKS FOR THE POST. It is both timely and very informative.

Next, you need to make contact with UM's committed recruits to get some feedback.

Damn, we need BRYCE! And a bevy of good linemen too!


NO prominent coach is going to come to UM to work under RANDY SHANNON.


Whoever gets hired as OC will be the head coach in waiting. There is just too much instability in this program right now and Randy Shannon isn't looking terribly impressive.

Chudzinski would be the top candidate, but he's expensive and I wouldn't expect to have him for a long time.

Mike Shula will probably be the guy we go after, he's someone we can afford and he has ties to South Florida.

I would love to have Ken Dorsey back in the program in some capacity. Not sure if he is what we need at OC.

woow!!!! i just woke up this morning and looked at the paper and all these new blogs are already full.



the only thing that scares me is this quote..

Nix said he and Shannon split because of philosophical differences. "I wanted to be a little bit more wide open - no-huddle, spread out, go for it. And he wanted to be more two-back, conservative. It was a fine line in trying to balance the two. And not that one is better than the other, its just a different philosophy.

What, wait a minute earlier in the season i thought randy and UM wanted nix to open up a little more and now this...
O yeah and stop screaming for RUD to come back. he is not going backwards. People don't do that with their careers...


Bring back Kehoe and Soldinger to start... they are family and should have never left.

Randy Shannon's first year his DC is the scapegoat.

Randy Shannon's second year his OC is the scapegoat.

Randy Shannon's third year===Miami finds the problem

Posted by: Atlanta Cane | December 30, 2008 at 08:04 AM

Pretty funny.

Absolutely no doubt that Marve is gonna transfer. I just went to my Facebook page and he deleted myself, all current Hurricane players that were on his page, as well as over a 100 photos he had posted of this season from all the games. 1 word. Quitter. He's scared of competition. I was a supporter of him and wanted to see him succeed, but I can't stand quitters. Take the U off, you never deserved daddy's boy. Don't wear the U unless you mean it you little brat!
GO CANES.........

Nix said he and Shannon split because of philosophical differences. "I wanted to be a little bit more wide open - no-huddle, spread out, go for it."


I think Shula would be a great option for many reasons. Maturity as well as a ties to the area and a name that everyone in South Florida would recognize.

Dorsey would be a great hire as a Quarterback coach. No way would he be ready to step in and call the offensive plays and we all know Randy is not ready for that either.

Funny story about Dorsey. Back in 2005, I was working in Mexico City on a temporary assignment. That year, the 49ers played Arizona and the teams were staying next to my hotel. On that Saturday afternoon, I was leaving the Hard Rock Cafe after lunch and Dorsey was walking in at the same time with Tim Rattay. I stopped him and I told him I was a life long Canes fan and joked with him about coming back to UM after his playing days are done in the NFL (I did wish him a long career). He said that he had been asked that several times already and said "you never know". I hope so, I think it would be a great boost for our program and he would be a great mentor to any young QB...

Also to Gator Mike,

Yes, yes, UF has a great game-day atmosphere, a huge alumni base and ample money for its football program. Yet tell me which program has been more successful?

And to Canes fans, you can't criticize Shannon for wanting to keep a pro-style offense. That offense gets the players ready for the NFL, and the success of these players is what attracts the recruits. Think about this: name one offensive playmaker in the NFL who went to UF? In fact, UF receivers are notorious for being busts.

Someone no one hasmentionedwith NFL and collegeexperience is DON STROCK. He certainly understands pro style offense and knows and loves South Florida.Understands S. Fl recruiting as prevoius head coach at FIU. Notlikely to leavefor headcoaching anywhere. Any thoughts Manny??
Have Randy thank me later.

Posted by: ucane | December 30, 2008 at 09:31 AM

Wow...go blow your head off, now.


You're just upset because Marve deleted you from his facebook.

And to Canes fans, you can't criticize Shannon for wanting to keep a pro-style offense. That offense gets the players ready for the NFL, and the success of these players is what attracts the recruits. Think about this: name one offensive playmaker in the NFL who went to UF? In fact, UF receivers are notorious for being busts.

Posted by: LB | December 30, 2008 at 10:32 AM

Exactly. I've said this for years. UF players ALWAYS suck @ss. Gimmick players that play in a gimmick offense.

No Canesjunkie I just hate quitters.. That is pretty funny though.

Yes we need a good, experince, confidence OC. Shannon is a strong willed coach, he needs strong coaches (Barrow, Young)...he wants someone who is going to say "I got this coach" and comes through with their word. I always felt that Nix was afraid of Shannon....look for Shula, Mustgrave, Koetter, and Chud. Don't be surprised if Dorsey comes with Chud to help/coach the QB's, with the oppurtunity to become co - offensive OC. This job is a lot better oppurtunity then most folks realize.
Best Case: 3 winning yrs, National Title in 2nd year - Shannon will be pulled to the NFL (Coordinator)....OC will be in line for a Head coach job!
Worst case: 3 years mediocore (9 wins a year but no BCS)...this OC will be in good position to be the next head coach!
I think the next OC will have so much talent to work and develope that if they are good, and strong minded, they will place themselves in a very good position!

Marve needs to stay at UM....

I'm concerned about the issue with Jacory's shoulder. What if he needs surgery? That would likely rule him out for spring practice. He needs to absorb the new offense....whatever it is.


stop and take a long step back and look at the big picture. This team played the last three games on the road and lost. Yes bad but with all this turmoil, they went 7-6 with freshmen and sophmores learning a new system on defense and a offense that had two freshmen QBs. What are they loosing right now, nothing great. If you think we are upset as fans in how they lost the last three games, how you think the players are feeling. I bet they are getting hungry to start over and get out on the practice field to prove themselves again. The biggest thing about the last few games they never gave up and fought to the end. RS will get a good OC in here, the defense will get better. The one thing I told one of my UF friends earlier this year is that UF would beat miami for one reason, size and speed. Think about it, our best LB is a freshmen who weighs in at 211 lbs. Give them another year in the weight room and we will be there.

Bring Dorsey back!! GO CANES!!!

Coach Shannon is the man for the job and will take them to the next level. Remember your comments and don't jump on the band wagon next year. Players are there to play football and go to school. They are told to go to class and if they do not, there are consequences. The consequences are that they do not play.

The point is, what do you do with those "NFL" recruits? How did Gore, McIntosh, Hester, Sinorice, Olsen and others do at the "U"? Three first round draft picks and a 6-7 record in 2006?
Miami over the last few years is living proof that you can have all the NFL talent in the world and lose consistently. The purpose of the coach at Miami is to win "College" football games...not put players in the NFL. As long as this staff continues to try to run a Big 10 offense with no offensive line talent, they will continue to lose. Even USC's offense is getting stuffed this year. Paul Johnson puts in the 'Bone at GT, with someone else's players, and blows us up. It's coaching, guys, scheme doesn't really matter. Kyle Wright left Miami a much worse quarterback than when he left high school. How can that be? Kirby? Marve?

No more retread ex Miami players stuck in the 80's or 90's. Fresh air...please.

kenny dorsey's vast knowledge of the game was quite apparent due to the fact that princess brady quinn told management they needed to keep kenny in cleveland as the backup so that brady could learn from him. If only the guy would've had a little more of an arm he would've been a great nfl qb. He is the perfect fit as quarterbacks coach to teach these kids how to read a field

Nix probably a good guy, but definately not ready to be a major college O.C.!

There are some good OC candidates to choose from. The OC choice will be vital to UM and RS's sucess. The recruits/players are at UM, but you need a good OC to put it all together and to develop players while on campus. I think the general consensus (not just in South Fla. but around the country) was that Nix was not right for the job. RS should consult his advisors (Jimmy Johnson, etc.), review film of his candidates work, conduct his background checks and take his time so that he will make the best choice.

Hey I'll take Applewhite from Texas, they are doing something right over there!

This was Ken Dorsey's 6th year in the NFL - 2003,2004 and 2005 with the 49ers and 2006, 2007 and 2008 with the Browns.

Shannon looked like he was in love after the ga tech game. He really liked what johnson has done and respected it. That is what it looked like as they met to shake hands after the game. If that is right Shannon wants to be heavy on the run game. Also with 3 strong running backs coming in was Shannon suppose to pass every down and maybe lose those backs? I do not know the best option run first pass second oc out there but it is possible that is the way Shannon will go. maybe not also

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