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UM-Ohio State thoughts

BANKUNITED CENTER -- Just got done filing my story for tomorrow's paper. I kind of feel for Frank Haith. Not only did we set a record here on Eye On The U for posts on a basketball blog, but tonight was a night I really felt Haith had a chance to draw in some new fans.

Jack_mcclinton_2Instead, he starts the night by suspending Eddie Rios indefinitely. Then, Jack McClinton gets ejected on his way to what probably would have been a huge night for him in front of about 30 NBA scouts. And, the Canes blow a 14-point halftime lead and lose to Ohio State of all teams, a team hated perhaps only less than Florida in the eyes of Canes fans.

There were 5,870 in attendance for tonight's game. Most were students, including a few hundred were left standing outside without tickets before the game. The place was electric even though it wasn't a sellout. Instead, most fans (who were probably tuning into this team for the first time) now probably feel like this team can't win without Jack McClinton. Losing Jack hurt. But it didn't cost the Canes this game.

Haith talked afterward about the disappointing defensive effort his team gave in the second half. He's right. Nobody could guard Evan Turner or Jon Diebler on the wing. This Buckeyes team is young. But talented. Two McDonald's All-Americans and a NBA prospect in Dallas Lauderdale, who will swat shots for a living one day.

Now, it's onto Kentucky.

> Haith wasn't sure afterward if McClinton's ejection could incur more of a suspension. But it's doubtful. He certainly was also upset Ohio State's Anthony Crater, who was seen on replays hitting McClinton before the play, didn't also get a flagrant. But he said Jack should know better. OSU coach Thad Matta said he didn't see the foul, but his assistants pointed it out.

> Nothing new on the Eddie Rios front. But I'm of the opinion this was probably the end of Rios' career as a Hurricane. Who gets suspended indefinitely? Rios came here with high expectations and did very little. Haith wasn't happy with the way he played in the Virgin Islands. He played Rios all of four minutes against UConn. Rios' family wants to see him play. They know Malcolm Grant is waiting in the wings and John Wall could be coming in, too.

> Miami came in with the 19th-best RPI in the country. This loss could hurt them down the road come tourney time -- especially if they are on the bubble. But I got a feeling this Ohio State team is going to once again be one of the best in the Big Ten.


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hey! my first first!

Gotta agree with you Manny. Losing Jack didn't lose the game. Unfortunately this was my first impression of this UM team (don't get many ACC games outside of the nationally televised UNC/Duke games here in Chicago) but I was pleasantly surprised by the way Collins and Graham played.

Yes, our defense was lousy. Yes, our free throw shooting was pathetic. But you try and tell me with a straight face that we lose this game if McClinton acts like a 23-year-old fifth-year senior LEADER and keeps his cool and doesn't get tossed. Would you bet your house on it? Probably not. I actually hate Ohio State MORE than Florida. Against any other team, I'd shrug it off. But not against this team. I want Jack gone. You say that'd put an end to the season? I say, "So what?" This was the one game I cared about this year. Beating Duke and Carolina won't make up for being Ohio State's whipping boy yet again.

Jack McClinton has done so much for this team. He gets slapped in the face, and reacts with an open hand swipe in retaliation, and fans want to crucify him? Give me a break. McClinton is a good kid, great player. Lay off him. The team and Haith have to learn to keep composure without him. That was most disapointing. Becuase, as much as the defense failed, the offense did not do well either, and that is Haith's job. Dews and Asbury continue to underachieve, especially Dews.

As for Rios. Good and bad. Good that he's gone, because he was an obvious bust. Bad, because the depth at point that killed us tonight will now be a season long problem. Time to see what DeQuan Jones can do.

It sure is depressing to be a Canes fan of late. I am starting to wonder how Cubs fans do this year in and year our. Getting their hopes up and all only to be disappointed. I know it's only the 6th game of the year but I think this was a BAD, BAD, LOSS!!! The most disappointing thing about this game besides McClinton getting tossed was our defense. We gave up 51 points in the 20 minute 2nd half. They don't even do that in a 24 point point in the NBA for God sakes. Although the unforced turnovers were very frustrating. Not sure if we are ready for prime time yet after this game. Yeah we would have won if McClinton wasn't ejected but good teams find a way to hold on when leading by 14 at halftime. Or, if they are struggling on offense then they pick up the defense. Why we kept on shooting 3's when we should have forced it inside I have no idea and is another head scratcher.

I live up here in Charlotte, NC and the only time it seemed electric was when McClinton was ejected and we went on the run to close the half. Maybe it was different in person. It seemed as usual a late arriving Miami crowd. Ridiculous for one of the biggest games at home in quite a few years.



The fact is that losing to OSU tonight means absolutely nothing. This team wasn't going to go undefeated and they did lose a game they should've won, but in college basketball, it's ALL about winning in the conference. Yes, I hate OSU as much as the next person, but it means peanuts. Jack will get back on the court and hopefully forget about this debacle and hopefully the loss teaches the Canes that it's easy to lose to a team that plays good defense and gets on a roll making shots. That's all OSU did. They capitalized on Miami's mistakes. They played well on defense, but they didn't win this game. I fully expect Miami to rebound and play well against a pretty weak Kentucky team.


You will remember about the OB curse when u see UM football lose year after year...Too bad UM fans are to dumb and prideful that they rather lose for another 24 years that follow my instructions on how to break it...To each his own, the OB curse will continue....

This is a a loss that can ruin a season if we don't watch it. We need to brush this off and move on, because if we play up to our capabilites, this game will mean little to nothing by the end of the season.

We need to close out the out of conference schedule well.

We have to work on breaking the press, though. It was painful watching Dews and Asbury looking so scared. Why we settled for 3's and didn't pound the ball inside was beyond me.

lance hUrdle (jUst like last year) is more of a liability for this team than he is help. he is not the answer to oUr point gUard sitUation. i had rather have jimmy graham rUn the point than hUrdle - ok that's a stretch - bUt U get the jest of my frUstration with oUr point gUard play. as far as eddie rios goes, hate to see him go bUt if U don't want to follow the rUles and be a CANE then it's time to go.

Manny - jUst wondering what is going on with John Wall??

As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who is getting on McClinton....seriously don't root for the Canes. If you are going to turn against him for one mistake then you are not a cane fan. Jack has worked as hard as possible to be at the point where he is at. He has gave this University every ounce of effort he has inside him. For you to crucify him is pathetic. Seriously go away man...no one wants you here. And if Jack plays this weekend he will put up atleast 30...Kentucky better watch out.

very well pUt - TROY

this was just a tough loss, and I agree that a loss to OSU hurts as much as a Gator loss (well maybe a little less). Jack just messed up last night, hopefully the guy will back on Saturday...we all make mistakes, I still have high hopes for this team this season

One word about The hurricanes basketball team OVERRATED

good summary Manny--I just wanted to shout out to my pal Mike in China.....and he loves to read the Herald!

I will trade Eddie for John Wall anytime - But it is very dissapointing to see him fail at UM. Manny how sure are you about him being gone? If he is gone it opens up a scholarship correct?

The Game - That game made me so ANGRY but it was worse becuase it was OSU. I hate those suckeyes! Matta should come out and say something about his guy slapping are guy first and gettin away with it. I really think Eddie being out hurt us. Hurdle was gassed at the end. DC, Jimmy and Cyrus should have gone to work on those skinny OSU guys but they never got the ball. Dequan Jones needs to get the defense down becuase he needs to play. Kid looked lost on D a few times and that led to open 3's. But you can see his ability in little glimers every time he plays. (I wanted to post this but could not get to it when it happened - I still can't believe that Jones tried to dunk on Thabeet in the Virgin Islands. He took off from way far and did not use his off hand but if he does that would have been nasty). Asbury and Dews really did nothing last night and they need to step up. It is a long season but this was a lost opportunity on National TV. We will rebound against Kentucky I am sure.

How is anyone going to get on McClinton for that, if you get hit in the face and do nothing then your a Pu**y. It is a natural reaction and the refs blew it by not tossing the other guy. They did fall apart in the second half which was ridiculous.

Hey Manny!!! I heard a rumor that Marve is transferring? Is that true?


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