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Will '09 be another rebuilding year? Probably

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon delivered a clear and concise message when he met with reporters Sunday morning inside the Edgerrin James meeting room. And it was basically this: The 2008 season is officially over. The 2009 season begins now.

Randy_shannon2Shannon told reporters he'll be on the road with his assistants the next two weeks, hitting the recruiting trail hard, searching for offensive lineman, defensive backs and tight ends to wrap up a recruiting class that already features 16 oral commitments. In two weeks, the team will get back together for practice and preparation for what will likely be a trip out to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl and a date with Pac 10 team. That will likely be against either California (7-5) or Arizona (6-5).

While Shannon talked Sunday about making an improvement from 5-7 to 7-5 and reaching a bowl game, he fell short of calling this season a success. Way short. Shannon knows well that success at The U isn't measured by the number of wins in a season, but by national championships. And, he knows his team still has a long way to go before it can climb back onto that stage.

Two weeks ago, before the Canes were rocked in Atlanta and exposed yet again at N.C. State on Saturday, most of us believed Miami might have been a little ahead of schedule. But these Canes, the 7-5 Canes, are the real Canes. Not the one that was ranked for a week. The real UM team is the one with holes in its secondary, a lack of talent at linebacker and an offense plagued by inconsistency across the board. It's not the UM team that won five games in a row with smoke and mirrors. The question on everyone's mind should be this: Will 2009 really be the season Miami resembles those ranked, championship teams of old? Or, is this team still in rebuilding mode in '09? My gut tells me it's the latter.

Shannon, trying to explain what happened to his team in the final two weeks of the season, talked Sunday about how many of his young players "hit a wall." He speculated it happened because many of them were being used as the primary playmakers instead of being sprinkled in on rotations. I can buy that.

Sean Spence, Marcus Robinson, Marcus Forston, Aldarius Johnson, LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Jacory Harris, Robert Marve, Thearon Collier, Davon Johnson, Brandon Harris, Adewale Ojomo and Allen Bailey all had their first of many "wow moments" in their careers this season. But they also had Sean_spenceplenty of those "young guy" moments, too. It's only natural. Those guys all did great for the first go-around. There is no question that collection of talent is an excellent base to build on for the next 2-3 seasons, an anchor if you will for a potential national championship caliber team down the road. And, there will be more freshmen and sophomores (guys like Tommy Streeter, Jeremy Lewis, Jordan Futch, Vaughn Telemaque, Arthur Brown, Ramon Buchanon, Gavin Hardin, Harland Gunn) who will provide us with a few "wow moments" next year, too. But that collection of talent alone -- even when those guys grow up a little -- IS NOT ENOUGH for this program to get back to that level of being among the nation's best.

What 2008 taught us as it ended was that this team still needs another 2-3 solid recruiting classes to get back to a point where it has the depth to win titles, play with the Floridas and win games it needs to late in the season when guys are banged up. It also taught us there is more tinkering to do with the foundation. Shannon hinted Sunday about waiting a week "when nobody was around him" to evaluate this team, from staff to players. Could we get an answer that quickly on the team's two major issues? Doubtful. But here's what I think will happen...

> 1. Will there be changes to the coaching staff? I think the coordinators are safe. Bill Young just got here last year and for Shannon to get rid of him after one season Patrick_nixwould make himself look really bad. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix? I'd be surprised if it happened. The one thing Shannon has been adamant about in his two years as head coach is making sure his coordinator developed a good relationship with his young quarterbacks, a fallout from what he saw happen with Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman. And the bottomline is this: Nix has numbers to support his effort. Miami put up better numbers across the board than it did a year ago. UM went up from 110th in total offense (315 ypg) to 88th (327 ypg) and in scoring from 20.58 points a game (101st) to 27.92 (48th). But a few assistants could be asked to leave, especially the ones whose units underperformed.

> 2. Will there be just one quarterback next season who takes all the snaps? While it worked to produce 7 wins this season giving Jacory Harris and Robert Marve playing time in each and every game, the experiment is likely over in 2009. My belief is Shannon simply wanted to give them each a chance to win the job for the future and develop should either of them get hurt. The battle will most certainly carry over through the spring and up until the final Tuesday before the team's season-opener against FAMU. But somebody will be the man next year. And somebody will be sitting unhappily on the bench. If I had to pick a winner right now, I'd say Jacory emerges as the leader. He's got the "it factor" for me.

This football team will lose as many as 25 seniors to graduation, even though a few (Eric Moncur, Anthony Reddick and Randy Phillips) we hear are trying to come back. We know there will be holes to fill because of Eric_moncurit. But the truth is of those 25 guys, only a little more than a handful were real contributors -- MLB Glenn Cook, RT Reggie Youngblood, C Xavier Shannon, FS Reddick, CB Bruce Johnson, DL Dwayne Hendricks, DL Antonio Dixon. That's the good news. The bad news: Are there already guys on this team that can help fill those spots or will true freshman and potential JUCO signees have to do it? Here's what I think happens -- none of those seniors return -- and this is what Miami's two-deep roster looks like in 2009...

QB: Jacory Harris, So. | Robert Marve, So.
RB: Graig Cooper, Jr. or Javarris James, Sr. | Bryce Brown, Fr.
WR: Aldarius Johnson, So. | Sam Shields, Sr.
WR: LaRon Byrd, So. | Leonard Hankerson, Jr. or Tommy Streeter, R-Fr.
WR: Travis Benjamin, So. | Thearon Collier, So.
TE: Dedrick Epps, Sr. | Freshman or JUCO arrival
LT: Jason Fox, Sr. | Orlando Franklin, Jr.
LG: Chris Barney, Sr. | Brandon Washington, Fr.
C: A.J. Trump, Sr. | Freshman or JUCO arrival
RG: Joel Figueroa, Jr. | Harland Gunn, R-So.
RT: Orlando Franklin, Jr. | Matt Pipho, Sr.

DE: Marcus Robinson, So. | Courtney Harris, R-Jr.
DT: Marcus Forston, So. | Micanor Regis, R-Fr.
DT: Allen Bailey, Jr. | Joe Joseph, Sr.
DE: Steven Wesley, Jr. | Adewale Ojomo, R-So.
SLB: Arthur Brown, So. | Daryl Sharpton, Sr.
MLB: Colin McCarthy, Sr. | Jordan Futch, R-Fr. | Antonio Harper, Fr.
WLB: Sean Spence, So. | Ramon Buchanon, R-Fr.
CB: Brandon Harris, So. | Chavez Grant, Sr.
CB: DeMarcus Van Dyke, Jr. | Brandon McGee, Fr. or Jamal Reid, Fr.
S: Vaughn Telemaque, R-Fr. | Ryan Hill, Sr.
S: Jojo Nicholas, Jr. | Prince Kent, Fr.

> Over the next two weeks (as the team becomes unavailable to us), I've decided the best way to keep this blog going is to breakdown each position and how it did this season. I'll pick an MVP for each group and provide you with some thoughts on what to expect in 2009. I'll also provide you with my final Top 10 overall player rankings (a spin-off from our Market Watch) and select overall team MVP.


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Thanks Manny for all of the hard work this season.

Great breakdown Manny!

The adversity these underclassmen faced this year will harden them for the big battles that will be coming in the next three years as the U returns to dominance. I'm glad Randy is jumping on '09--we DESPERATELY need to find some stud O-linemen to shore up the trenches. Oh yeah, we've already signed two ESPN 150 watchlist DT's for the '10 class. Great work all year long Manny! You are the MVP of reporting on the state of the U. Thank you and go Canes--let's get ready to take the next step in '09!

The adversity these underclassmen faced this year will harden them for the big battles that will be coming in the next three years as the U returns to dominance. I'm glad Randy is jumping on '09--we DESPERATELY need to find some stud O-linemen to shore up the trenches. Oh yeah, we've already signed two ESPN 150 watchlist DT's for the '10 class. Great work all year long Manny! You are the MVP of reporting on the state of the U. Thank you and go Canes--let's get ready to take the next step in '09!

My MVP will be P. Hill. I love watching him throw blocks for the running backs. The dude is solid, and very reliable. I wish he could've carried the ball some. Instead they used to use him as another WR, coming out of the back field.

Hey, everybody, since things have come down, and we can look forward to a bowl game unlike last year. I just have a few things to say. We need a solid running back. Cooper good running back, but can't rely on him all the time. JJ he is just fragile. Offense of line if we can get those natural offense of lineman at least 3 or 4, we will be in better shape. The DB's we need to develop the ones we got, and bring at least a few more that can contribute right away. Special teams had a lot of potential, but never really did anything great. Especially after T. Benjamin got hurt. Come to think about it did we block any kicks this year? I know bosher did a really good job handling all the kicking duties, but we also had our flaws too. Just all around the special team was very inconsistent. WR's need to catch the ball. I don't care if it's Marve or Harris throwing the ball. These kids need to learn how to catch it. Can't blame everything on Nix. I really think if we get that all around running back with some offense of line help our offense will be a lot better than this year. Line backers and Defense of line just like the DB's we need to develop what we got, and plug in a few holes. I'm actually really excited of the DL we have coming back alone with our LBs. I hope coach Shannon understands this team needs a leader in offense, and starts we the qb. I just hope he can make up his mind next year, and just stick to one. Have the other one ready for moop up duties.

Posted by: norm | December 01, 2008 at 12:50 AM

No one expected Miami to accomplished anything this year. At the beginning of the season I just wanted this young team to be competetive and not get blown out. Then we went on a 5 game winning streak and after 10 games we were in control of winning the ACC.
Last year this time this team had no hope for the future. Today you have to say the future is bright for Miami football.

I have to say I'm pleased with Randy Shannon so far. His recruiting is top notch and after the way the freshman played this year no one can say different. No one gives him credit for using two QB's this season which turned out to be genius. Shannon is not afraid to get rid of assistance coachs if he can get someone better to come to Miami, ask Tim Walton. I'm no fan of Patick Nix, I hope the Cleveland Browns fires it coaches and Shannon can get Rob Chudzinski to come back.

Every year is a rebuilding year. Even in the Championship Years, there are areas of manpower loses that you have to compensate for. Losing play makers are hard on any team and the term rebuilding applies to the loses of these kind of players. Because of our freshmen/sophomore push this year, we won't be in a rebuilding mode but rather in a development mode. We are a lot better already. The kids we have, like Brandon Harris (who should come early), will be ten times better.

I predict that the defense under Young will be phenomenal next year. The learning curve for his kind of D needs some "seasoned" players. He will those next year. Now for those linemen. We need a bunch every year. We have to buy time for Marve and Harris to be able to pass or run the ball. Don't be so fast in handing the job to Jacory yet. When the WR start holding on to the ball, the difference between the two QB's will narrow and who can throw those deep balls will become a factor. It is a nice problem to have. I am just hoping the number 2 guys sticks around cause you never know about injury or a bout of family problems happening.

Ciao.... go Canes.


Hi Manny

Maybe it s time to start concentrating on the BasketBall team now that the football season is over

Agree with Norm on most of the comments. WR's need to catch the ball. A stud RB is needed, and hopefully the O and D lines will be shored up.

As far as team MVP, my vote would be for Matt "the Basher" Bosher. Doing all kicking duties, and has made alot of tackles on punts and kick offs, which should not be the kicker's duty, but he has done so too many times this season.

Shannon is a great recruiter. Still not sure about his game day coaching, and Nix has to go. If you desperately need a first down (late 4th quarter) why, on third down, can you not get the receivers past the first down marker? And instead of running out routes, Nix calls over the middle type pass plays late in the 4th quarter.

Some folks keep mentioning that we are a young team, which is true, but how come we keep getting burned by freshman QB's?

Just my 2 cents.

MVP: MAtt Bosher by far.

Recruit wrs who catch the f--in ball. I dont care if they can run a 4-0 flat forty. If they have bricks for hands who cares.

We need a P-L-A-Y-M-A-K-E-R on offense. Period. We havent had one since Hester left. That is, if Hester is even considered offense. Ok, since Gore left. Right now there are no playmakers who will take over a game.

Matt Bosher for MVP 2008.

No one expected anything from this young Miami team and they got EXACTLY what they expected. NOTHING.

This team will not win until they get a real head coach which seems to be after they bomb next year. MARK MY WORDS because I will be back to throw it all in your face. It is OBVIOUS yet you people are drinking some serious KOOL-AID.

You dont think head coach is important look at the teams in the National Title hunt

Nick Saban--2nd year
Urban Meyer--won NC in 2nd year
Pete Carroll--always in a BCS or NC game
Mack Brown---always competing for a BCS Bowl

I can tell you with 110% certainty Randy Shannon is not even close to those guys above, at all.

Manny you are off your rocker.

#1) Canes measure success by National Titles??? Come on! Miami did that when they were an independent, playing WITHOUT a conference championship game, and playing home national title games.
Now that they are in a conference with a conference championship game, they cant even get into the ACC title game, much less win it!
And it isnt like this is some great conference either. Both teams in the ACC champ game arent even ranked!!! So the Canes cant even get to a title game in a weak conference.

I agree with the jerk Seminole fan above on one thing.

Coaching matters and we will not win a NC with this guy, Shannon. He just isnt head coach material. Sorry but he isnt. I hope we dont turn into Notre Dame (who is also recruiting well) but really stinks.

The Canes lost to NC State. WOW. That definitely humbled me.


What are they doing about having a lame duck head coach?

Why would a recruit come here knowing Shannon could be fired within 2 years?

Are we going to get a contract extension done?

Good job this season, Manny. Really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work for the "2009 Season".

The numbers support Nix coming back????? Are you kidding me? OK let's say I am in sales and have a Million dollar quota. I sell 100K in my first year and since its my first year they say he's building his pipeline so let him be. The next year I improve that to $300K there's no way in hell that I keep my job. That's just life at work. Nix shouldn't be held to a different standard specially with as much money as he gets paid.

88th in the nation from 110th is hardly something to brag about. There was no creativity in this offense, no identity, no staples that you can say we know work or we can count on. Shannon knows nothing about offense so he better get himself an OC that can run the show. Nix is over his head.

Manny great article

On the depth chart take out Bryce Brown and insert Lamar Miller.

Manny great article

On the depth chart take out Bryce Brown and insert Lamar Miller.

Manny great article

On the depth chart take out Bryce Brown and insert Lamar Miller.

Manny great article

On the depth chart take out Bryce Brown and insert Lamar Miller.

Manny--you were 'BCS Worthy' all season!

Great job this year...
Hope U and the fam had a great holiday.

Bosher is MVP!!!
Spence is the BEAST...

Canespace.com for the fans by the fans...

Seems to me all the crying about Shannon not being the answer as coach misses the point. He is the coach and isnt going to be fired before the 09 season plays out; in fact he is safe as long as the 09 record matches or exceeds 08.

Nix obviously is on the hotseat and if not gone this winter will have to produce in 09 or he is gone. The QBs have got to develop the ability to audible and find the second and third reads on pass plays.

Next years needs - middle linbacker run stopping safety and LINEMEN! Clearly a Micheal Irwin clone would be welcome too!

Even though my 8-4 prediction did not happen, I'll take 7-5. U can only compare a team from their last year performance to what they did this year. U cannot compare them to the great teams in the 80's, early to late 90's and early 00's. This team improved, and are bowl bound. Shannon and company have a lot to build off of, and I hope all these young players learn from their mistakes, and study film ON THEMSELVES the rest of the offseason. Hopefully, those little light bulbs in their heads will go off.


Thanks for your work this season. What happened to Arthur Brown this season, I thought he might have the kind of impact Spence had. Was he just not ready?

Great job all year Manny. Don't lose touch in the offseason. I love the recruiting stuff you do, and I hope some of that will continue to be posted on this blog and not only on the recruiting page.

I agree there will be one QB this season. I've said it all year long that Shannon was using this year as one long fall camp because choosing a freshman QB for the next 4 years after a month of practice is just plain stupid.

The lesson on Nix is that he simply can't be judged accurately yet. I am with everyone on this blog that some of his play calling has been suspect, but the fact is if the talent isn't there it isn't there, and you can't expect him to succeed with all freshman WR's and QB's and a scrawny sophomore running back. Bill Young is an excellent D coordinator...everyone knows it and his track record proves it...and he couldn't get these kids to stop the run or mobile QB's in his first year. People expect these guys to be miracle workers...that any group of kids can be national champions if only the coordinators "find schemes that work." I'm no fan of Nix, but perhaps a lot of those questionable play calls would have looked ingenious if senior Ken Dorsey were throwing to senior Andre Johnson instead of freshman Marve to freshman Aldarius Johnson. That said, I wish Nix would pick an offense and develop it instead of being in a power I one play and a 4-receiver, empty backfield set the next.

All in all, great season, and here's looking forward to 9 wins next year.

Go Canes!

I seriously hope that Moncur comes back......he could be a big help on the DL with Bailey, Robinson, Ojomo, etc.......I think Randy Phillips would be of help to provide depth but i'd hate to see him take time from younger guys who need developing.

Without thinking about, you can try and compare Shannon to Meyer and Saban, or Mack Brown and Carrol. But when you think about it, both of those programs had talent and recruting in place when they showed up (UGA comes to mind as well). Larry Coker left this team/program with NOTHING, and that is evident when you look at the Jr's and Sr's on this team, none of them are going to the NFL and none of them made a huge impact on this team this year. Say what you want about Shannon, but until he has 3-4 years to get the talent level back up to a Division 1 level, you can't judge him at all.

I will say that I do not like Nix as an OC. There is no direction on Offense. I am sure a lot of that had to do with playing 2 QB's this year, but the play calling was similar to me playing Madden football and picking the play that looks pretty on the screen.

I like what I saw from the young players this year. Most of the mistakes I saw were things you would exprect from young, first year players.

I look at this team like the program that Butch Davis took over the 1995. We all remember the 1999 and 2000 teams, but no remember the lumps the team took the first few years.

Coaching does win you games (See Duke), but you need talent also.

We Will see next year how this team performs they now have talent .I think Nix shouldd be replaced based on his 2 year performance

We Will see next year how this team performs they now have talent .I think Nix shouldd be replaced based on his 2 year performance

A little dose of reality check needs to be applied to this team and the coaches. yes, we are young, but we are extremely talented. Once these youngsters hit the weight room, and have more confidence, there will be improvement in some areas. But teams don't win championships off talent alone, it also takes good coaching.

Out of the 5 loses, 3 were due to bad coaching. Randy isn't the guy we think he is or can be. Does anyone remember when he came in? Yep, 2001, when the defense was already developed, and seasoned. He didn't build that defense, and probably did a minimum job coaching it. That 2001 and 2002 team was ready made, and any coach could've won a championship off that team. Randy's handprint is all over our defenses that constantly can't stop the run. We've allowed more quarterbacks to rush for over 100 yards because of his coaching philosophy. That read and react defense relies on assignments and by the time a young player reacts it’s to late, plus those defenses don't account for quarterbacks. It's similar to a 3-4 defense, which can be complicated, especially to young players, and if your linebackers aren't big enough to fill the gaps, they will get exposed. On paper it’s a 4-3 defense that we run, but technically we run a 3-4

This is Bill Young's defense, but Randy's handprint is all over the defense. Randy, needs allow Young to run a ball-hawking 4-3, cover 2 defense that allows the players to play without having to remember assignments. Also, Randy needs to match players’ strengths with positions. I like Manny's prediction in moving McCarthy to the middle, and Bailey to D/T. I hate to bring it up but remember why Willie Williams didn't see the field? Because he was to instinctive, and didn't fit Shannon's philosophy. But anyways, I say the assistant that need to go it Aubrey Swassey. Is it me or has the UM team, even before the jits, seemed to be small. Remember the size difference against Oklahoma last year. Last year's Miami Northwestern's team looked bigger than UMs.

Let's give Shannon one more year to recruit all the talent, and then we need to bring someone in who can coach the talent. Hey Florida did it with Ron Zook, and look what Urban Meyer’s done with the talent. Besides UM will always be able to recruit locally because of the loyalty factor. Most of these kids dream about playing for UM and being part of that great football tradition. Doesn't the coach from Boise look like a good fit?

I agree with the jerk Seminole fan above on one thing.

Coaching matters and we will not win a NC with this guy, Shannon. He just isnt head coach material. Sorry but he isnt. I hope we dont turn into Notre Dame (who is also recruiting well) but really stinks.

The Canes lost to NC State. WOW. That definitely humbled me.

Posted by: Sarasota' Cane | December 01, 2008 at 07:24 AM

Nice try Coke/canesrule/kehoe/Gaytor lover! You are truly the biggest loser on the web! I was on the Sentinel blog this weekend and noticed that you were using at least three identities, and you were having "mock" conversations with YOURSELF! What a joke!

Spot on Manny! This team reminds me of Butch's '98 team. Unfortunately for us, that means we still have to deal with a 1999 caliber team team next year! All in all it was more fun watching this years team than last years team.

I hope Nix is gone, but even if he is it will not change much in terms of wins and losses for next year.

The real indicator for me will be at QB. If we come out with a two QB system next year, then we are finished before we even get started! I personally think the job is Jacory's to lose next year!

It also looks like our recruiting class will be top notch, so we should continue to improve again next year.

Thanks again Manny, Randy, and the entire 'cane Nation!

Go 'canes!

FYI - Article from today's News & Observer titles "Late Hits", it's a snapshot on the ACC. I have copied the Miami part, isn't it funny how a reporter in NC feels the same way about Nix?


The Hurricanes are the ACC's youngest team and deserve a hat tip for reaching 7-5 in Randy Shannon's second season.

However, there are two decisions that have set off alarm bells to anyone who cares about The U:

* Hiring Patrick "Let's ignore Calvin Johnson" Nix as the offensive coordinator.

* Sticking with Robert Marve over Jacory Harris at quarterback.

Time to let Nix go!

IF he doen't next year will be Shannons last.
Shannon being an average head coach needs all the help he can get and NIX represents two flat tires, Pansucio is the third flat tire so all in all we have and will have a young D that needs help to carry our team next year.
With next years schedule and taking into account that no coaching changes will be made:

If Shalala the Cheap doesn't wanna pay for real coaches we should schedule at least two more teams like Charleston Southern, Texas AM, FIU and Central Fl so that we have a "winning record" next year and go to the toilet bowl again.

Next year Blowouts OU,GT,FSU

his contract is about to expire anyway...

Manny... One hell of a season!!!... I feel for the team and wish that everyone here does the same... In knowing that all of them wanted a better outcome, but great offenses and defenses takes time and exposure to repeated plays to develop a style.

Young and Nix had their hands full at every key position. Play calling on both sides of the ball were basic and easily seen by the tenth game. VT, GT and NCSt had our number and knew what plays Nix was running and what tendencies, Marve and Harris had. Marve looked and passed to his left or rolled to his right. Harris was just the opposite except deep passes to the left end zone.

I agree with everybody to Nix's play calling the spread in the End Zone... sucked most of the time but JJ being nicked up, 50 percent of the time, killed allot possibilities... When Nix did call a gut shot run against 8 men in the box, in the end zone or on the 50, we got killed, with Cooper, as the O line wasn't opening the holes and coop's 205 lbs wasn't enough beef... but you can't blame Coop's effort... as a matter of fact... he deserves the MVP as much as anyone on offense. As for JJ, I only wished he was healthy and what could it have been if he were?

Winning starts on the line and we need big, huge guys to be successful at running and pass protecting, as well as, stopping the run... Look at Alabama and I say no more.

Young's defense needs to be more unpredictable and to shift the LB's on and off the lines and constantly moving before the snap... to rattle the QB!!!... 99 percent of the time we were set in stone on every snap and the 4/3 and 4/2 LB's were spread 3 yards off the LOS.

Don't know what AJ did to be taken off the team but for the last and most important game of the year... Randy could have found another way to reprimand him, as continuity and the best hands on the team was missing and it hurt us, big time!!!... Look at Bubba, look at Oscar, look at Saban, look at any and all winning teams and tell me that the others wouldn't have used AJ... Missing a class or coming in after curfew or anything besides killing somebody should have been overlooked for this one... JMO and give him push-ups and a thousand times, I won't do it again's.

Randy, we appreciate your stance, as being a hard coach but take the starch out of your AZZZ and try to remember how you (Mr. Joker) were and your team mates were, when you were 19/20/21 for the betterment of the team... ease up a bit, would ya!

Alright guys, that's my 15 minutes of steam!

Go Canes and get ready to shine in the next anywhere bowl!

and then there were 3 black coaches …


after 7-8 years …
counterfeit florida international & florida atlantic continue to draw flies …
and inflate their paltry attendance to appear larger & meet D-1 requirements …
but for strong-arming an unsuspecting student body thru obscene activity fees …
the unwanted football programs would die a lonely death …


The ACC is a joke. A bunch of mediocore teams playing mediocore football.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | November 16, 2008 at 05:51 PM

The ACC is weak?
1. Miami gave Florida, probably the best team in college football, all they wanted for 3 quarters with a ton of freahman
2. BC and UNC beat Notre Dame
VT goes to Nebraska and wins
3. Maryland beats Cal
4. Miami goes to Texas A&M and wins
5. Wake goes to Baylor and wins
6. Wake beats Ole Miss.
7. UNC beats Rutgers
8. GT kills Miss state
9. FSU beats Colorado
9. UNC beats UCONN
There are still games between Clemson and South Carolina, GT and UGA, Florida and FSU, and Wake and Vandy. If the Big 12 and SEC had records like the ACC this year all the experts would say "ah, there just beating each other up." The ACC does it and the say its weak, no clear cut team. This double standard just doesn't hold water with me.
Posted by: HE HATE ME | November 16, 2008 at 11:22 AM

let me add to your thorough list …

duke over gloria vanderbilt
gt over uga
clemson over south carolina
wake over gloria vanderbilt



Great point except you missed one thing. MONEY

Yes having a great coach helps and you named some very good coaches. The one thing you might not understand is Miami does not have the money to get coaches like that. We have been lucky and have gotten coaches that were young and up coming such Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis, Erickson and Bo S. We have 16,000 students not 45,000.
It's always easy to say just get a new coach but stop and be honest with what you want and what is reality. We would never be able to go get a Nick Saban Like Alabama did and pay him the MILLIONS he gets it just is not going to happen. Every coach we had has gone on to make make more money or get offers that proved to much to turn down. Miami will be fine and it will happen for us. This was not going to be a 1 year fix. It took a few years to screw this team up so for ANYONE to think it would be fixed in 1 year is not being honest with expectations.
Everyone has ideas and opinions which is why we all blog here. But when it REALLY COMES DOWN TO IT THATS ALL THEY ARE (OPINIONS) No one here has coached a 1-A college team as a head coach so have fun and voice opinions but be fair with them.


Hey Green you are right on,

Take away Florida and Alabama from the SEC (This year) and the rest of the SEC is not any better than the ACC by any means. Georgia LSU are not the same schools. Georgia is getting beat in all its big games. Beyond Alabama and Florida there is nothing special about the SEC.

This is the whole truth.
I remmember Butch would develop an average player into a NFL prospect. And let's not talk about the great players he recruited...all went on the first round. That, my friends, is coaching. That is what we don't have. Even on his worst seasons, I remmenber seeing first rounders on both sides of the field.

I gotta say that pre-season I thought we were looking at 5-7 or maybe 6-6, so I am cool with 7-5. If we could have pulled out the UNC or FSU game we would be 8-4 and I seriously doubt anyone here would be complaining, so we were one win shy of what I would consider an over-achieving season. We now need a bowl win to go 8-5 and build momentum for recruiting.

I will tell you flat out that I believe the recent Cane teams lack locker-room and on-the-field leaders and true swagger. I have seen plenty of Cane teams over the past 25 years win big with pure athleticism, swagger and intimidation, which overcame what was clearly average play-calling and scheming. Personally I do not care how we win, as long as we win. I think we have to face the facts that UM will not throw down the cash for the experienced big-name HC and even more problematic is that no big names are even interested in the job. This program is going to have to win mostly with talent, not scheming. That is our angle my friends and it has worked before.

This may sound crazy, but how about Charlie Weis as Offensive Coordinator?

He excelled in that role before and he shouldn't cost much with his likely lucrative buyout with Norte Dame.

this season was a turn around chi town cane great point on your review of the season but nix is iffy he makes great play calls sometimes key word sometimes then he messes up like crazy calling qb draws when neither one are like a terrel ppryor they are pocket QB but harris should start next year he makes the offense looks so smooth and we need some solid linebackers plus our run game will be fine with the addition of bryce brown 2nd best r/b in highschool and lamar miller the 13th best our recruiting will be a top 5 again jus gotta take time we can't b a national championship with a freshman and sophmore class we will back

This may sound crazy, but how about Charlie Weis as Offensive Coordinator?

He excelled in that role before and he shouldn't cost much with his likely lucrative buyout with Norte Dame.

Posted by: JRod | December 01, 2008 at 01:35 PM

You're right JRod, it sounds crazy! Keep that cancer away from The U!

Go 'canes!

I would like to see Grant and Harris start at corner next year, DVD would be a disaster. He only fast, i dont like his abilities at corner.

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