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Will '09 be another rebuilding year? Probably

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon delivered a clear and concise message when he met with reporters Sunday morning inside the Edgerrin James meeting room. And it was basically this: The 2008 season is officially over. The 2009 season begins now.

Randy_shannon2Shannon told reporters he'll be on the road with his assistants the next two weeks, hitting the recruiting trail hard, searching for offensive lineman, defensive backs and tight ends to wrap up a recruiting class that already features 16 oral commitments. In two weeks, the team will get back together for practice and preparation for what will likely be a trip out to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl and a date with Pac 10 team. That will likely be against either California (7-5) or Arizona (6-5).

While Shannon talked Sunday about making an improvement from 5-7 to 7-5 and reaching a bowl game, he fell short of calling this season a success. Way short. Shannon knows well that success at The U isn't measured by the number of wins in a season, but by national championships. And, he knows his team still has a long way to go before it can climb back onto that stage.

Two weeks ago, before the Canes were rocked in Atlanta and exposed yet again at N.C. State on Saturday, most of us believed Miami might have been a little ahead of schedule. But these Canes, the 7-5 Canes, are the real Canes. Not the one that was ranked for a week. The real UM team is the one with holes in its secondary, a lack of talent at linebacker and an offense plagued by inconsistency across the board. It's not the UM team that won five games in a row with smoke and mirrors. The question on everyone's mind should be this: Will 2009 really be the season Miami resembles those ranked, championship teams of old? Or, is this team still in rebuilding mode in '09? My gut tells me it's the latter.

Shannon, trying to explain what happened to his team in the final two weeks of the season, talked Sunday about how many of his young players "hit a wall." He speculated it happened because many of them were being used as the primary playmakers instead of being sprinkled in on rotations. I can buy that.

Sean Spence, Marcus Robinson, Marcus Forston, Aldarius Johnson, LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Jacory Harris, Robert Marve, Thearon Collier, Davon Johnson, Brandon Harris, Adewale Ojomo and Allen Bailey all had their first of many "wow moments" in their careers this season. But they also had Sean_spenceplenty of those "young guy" moments, too. It's only natural. Those guys all did great for the first go-around. There is no question that collection of talent is an excellent base to build on for the next 2-3 seasons, an anchor if you will for a potential national championship caliber team down the road. And, there will be more freshmen and sophomores (guys like Tommy Streeter, Jeremy Lewis, Jordan Futch, Vaughn Telemaque, Arthur Brown, Ramon Buchanon, Gavin Hardin, Harland Gunn) who will provide us with a few "wow moments" next year, too. But that collection of talent alone -- even when those guys grow up a little -- IS NOT ENOUGH for this program to get back to that level of being among the nation's best.

What 2008 taught us as it ended was that this team still needs another 2-3 solid recruiting classes to get back to a point where it has the depth to win titles, play with the Floridas and win games it needs to late in the season when guys are banged up. It also taught us there is more tinkering to do with the foundation. Shannon hinted Sunday about waiting a week "when nobody was around him" to evaluate this team, from staff to players. Could we get an answer that quickly on the team's two major issues? Doubtful. But here's what I think will happen...

> 1. Will there be changes to the coaching staff? I think the coordinators are safe. Bill Young just got here last year and for Shannon to get rid of him after one season Patrick_nixwould make himself look really bad. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix? I'd be surprised if it happened. The one thing Shannon has been adamant about in his two years as head coach is making sure his coordinator developed a good relationship with his young quarterbacks, a fallout from what he saw happen with Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman. And the bottomline is this: Nix has numbers to support his effort. Miami put up better numbers across the board than it did a year ago. UM went up from 110th in total offense (315 ypg) to 88th (327 ypg) and in scoring from 20.58 points a game (101st) to 27.92 (48th). But a few assistants could be asked to leave, especially the ones whose units underperformed.

> 2. Will there be just one quarterback next season who takes all the snaps? While it worked to produce 7 wins this season giving Jacory Harris and Robert Marve playing time in each and every game, the experiment is likely over in 2009. My belief is Shannon simply wanted to give them each a chance to win the job for the future and develop should either of them get hurt. The battle will most certainly carry over through the spring and up until the final Tuesday before the team's season-opener against FAMU. But somebody will be the man next year. And somebody will be sitting unhappily on the bench. If I had to pick a winner right now, I'd say Jacory emerges as the leader. He's got the "it factor" for me.

This football team will lose as many as 25 seniors to graduation, even though a few (Eric Moncur, Anthony Reddick and Randy Phillips) we hear are trying to come back. We know there will be holes to fill because of Eric_moncurit. But the truth is of those 25 guys, only a little more than a handful were real contributors -- MLB Glenn Cook, RT Reggie Youngblood, C Xavier Shannon, FS Reddick, CB Bruce Johnson, DL Dwayne Hendricks, DL Antonio Dixon. That's the good news. The bad news: Are there already guys on this team that can help fill those spots or will true freshman and potential JUCO signees have to do it? Here's what I think happens -- none of those seniors return -- and this is what Miami's two-deep roster looks like in 2009...

QB: Jacory Harris, So. | Robert Marve, So.
RB: Graig Cooper, Jr. or Javarris James, Sr. | Bryce Brown, Fr.
WR: Aldarius Johnson, So. | Sam Shields, Sr.
WR: LaRon Byrd, So. | Leonard Hankerson, Jr. or Tommy Streeter, R-Fr.
WR: Travis Benjamin, So. | Thearon Collier, So.
TE: Dedrick Epps, Sr. | Freshman or JUCO arrival
LT: Jason Fox, Sr. | Orlando Franklin, Jr.
LG: Chris Barney, Sr. | Brandon Washington, Fr.
C: A.J. Trump, Sr. | Freshman or JUCO arrival
RG: Joel Figueroa, Jr. | Harland Gunn, R-So.
RT: Orlando Franklin, Jr. | Matt Pipho, Sr.

DE: Marcus Robinson, So. | Courtney Harris, R-Jr.
DT: Marcus Forston, So. | Micanor Regis, R-Fr.
DT: Allen Bailey, Jr. | Joe Joseph, Sr.
DE: Steven Wesley, Jr. | Adewale Ojomo, R-So.
SLB: Arthur Brown, So. | Daryl Sharpton, Sr.
MLB: Colin McCarthy, Sr. | Jordan Futch, R-Fr. | Antonio Harper, Fr.
WLB: Sean Spence, So. | Ramon Buchanon, R-Fr.
CB: Brandon Harris, So. | Chavez Grant, Sr.
CB: DeMarcus Van Dyke, Jr. | Brandon McGee, Fr. or Jamal Reid, Fr.
S: Vaughn Telemaque, R-Fr. | Ryan Hill, Sr.
S: Jojo Nicholas, Jr. | Prince Kent, Fr.

> Over the next two weeks (as the team becomes unavailable to us), I've decided the best way to keep this blog going is to breakdown each position and how it did this season. I'll pick an MVP for each group and provide you with some thoughts on what to expect in 2009. I'll also provide you with my final Top 10 overall player rankings (a spin-off from our Market Watch) and select overall team MVP.


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Thanks for all the updates Manny.

1 and very URGENT NEW OC
2 OL
3 DL
4 DB's done
5 ST coach
6 New OC
Prospects OC's from Boise ST or Utah
7 Fire NIX
8 Nix Must GO
9 If Nix stays (purchase lots of KY)

My Opinion on the coaches:


Randy Shannon - Give 2 more years
Aubrey Hill - Stay
Patrick Nix- One more year
Joe Pannunzio - Bye Bye
Bill Young - Stay
Micheal Barrow - Stay
Clint Hurtt - Stay
Wesley McGriff - Bye Bye
Tommie Robinson - Bye Bye
Jeff Stoutland - Stay
Andreu Swasey - Stay

Also The "U" has to develop and get better graduate assistants by getting former players not cheap high school coaches.

Also isnt it a coincidence that all of our recent former coaches are all not coaching or didnt get picked up by other schools? That shows how bad our coaching is and continues to be.

Larry Coker - Doing nothing some TV
Dan Werner - Picked up by ole miss now nothing
Art Kehoe - should be here! but doing nothing
Vernon Hargraves - FIU then where?
Soldinger - nothing
Greg Mark - ????
Rich Olson - with Erickson doing horrible
Berry - QB coach doing nothing
Marquis Mosley - Nothing

This may sound crazy, but how about Charlie Weis as Offensive Coordinator?

He excelled in that role before and he shouldn't cost much with his likely lucrative buyout with Norte Dame.

Posted by: JRod | December 01, 2008 at 01:35 PM

JRod - Please don't take this a personal assault, but I'd rather lose 12 games than hire Charlie Weis as Offensive Coordinator. The less UM has to do with notre dame the better. Same goes for the Dolphins. Two years ago I was praying they passed on Brady Quinn. Rather lose with Cleo Lemon, Trent Green, Duante Culpepper etc than win with a notre dame guy.

This is another example of how far the bar has been lowered here at UM - fans are actually happy about going to the Emerald Bowl after a 7-5 season? Are you kidding me!!!! sure it was better than last year, but last year was a horrible season. Remember when people were calling for Coker's head when he lost 3 games? My how the mighty have fallen. There is no excuse for losing to NC State 2 years in a row under Coach Shannon - the U has more talent by far than NC State so it boils down to coaching for me. The Freshman QB for NC State made it look like if he was playing against a bunch of old uncles in his back-yard on Thanksgiving day i.e., he just ran around everyone untouched - did I mention he as a "FRESHMAN" and has only thrown 1 interception all year - yeah that's right. Being a Freshman is not an excuse when you have talent. Anyone remember Sean Taylor as a Freshman? Please stop making excuses for Shannon and Nix - it is crystal clear that they are way over their heads and this team shows it. The players on both sides of the ball appear lost out there on the field, and at times they just seem to give up. I agree with those who note that the key to coaching is making the players you have better, that has not happened here for a while and it is the coaches fault. The play calling is the worst I have seen at Miami since I started going to games in the 70's - it is as if the coaches are scared of making a mistake and you can't win football games if you are scared. The teams reflect the coaching, and so far Coach Shannon has failed in all aspects, except for last year's recruiting class.

How are we going to get an offensive talent with Patrick Nix as our offensive coordinator? What does this dude tell people about his offensive philosphy? Manny, let's us know if you find out, I can't see it on the field.

Nix Gotta Go! We have a good foundation to build on but Nix is going to get Shannon fired if he doesn't let him go. Manny you have done a great job this year but to say Nix has shown progress does not reflect the good work you have done. I will give you a pass because I respect your insight. Mild improvement statistically is not enough. The Canes don't move the ball and how anyone runs a conservative spread is beyond me. I don't like his playcalling, lack of identity, misuse of personnel, redzone formations, shotgun formations on 3rd and 1, no playaction, lack of TE in passing game, situational play calling, lack of rhythm in playcalling, and I can keep going. The only credit he gets from me is his occasional trick plays. Just answer me this, if Nix is worth anything, would he have a job anywhere else in football if we let him go? No. He would be Larry Coker's headset assistant on ESPN U....H-A-C-K. What does that spell? Hack!

C'mon, be fair to Shannon and Nix.

You can't fire coaches after 2 friggin' seasons. It's ridiculous. Everyone agrees on one thing: as fans we want to see UM win and win often.

But blaming the coaching for everything is just silly, especially this early in Shannon's tenure. Butch Davis didn't win big for a few years - why can't we afford Shannon and Nix the same opportunity? If after another 2-3-4 seasons, Miami is still 7-5, fine, make a change.

Many posters here lack any sort of rationality. Every bad play, every mistake is the fault of Shannon or Nix. I don't know whether Shannon will bring Miami back to prominence but for Christsake let him have a decent shot.

Now, for the argument that well, Nick Saban is only in his second year and Alabama is 10-0. Well, obviously, Mike Shula left a little more talent in the cupboard than Coker did.

Sure, Saban is probably a better coach than our guy but he's also one of the best coaches anywhere. We have to deal with what we have. Shannon could turn out to be a great coach or he could turn out to be a so-so or bad coach. But Miami can't afford a guy like Saban, which leads me to my final point.

Forget about getting a big name to coach here - Charlie Weiss or Chudzinski or Chow or most anyone you've heard of. When have we ever had a huge name? Coaches come to Miami to make their name. Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, Butch - all relative no-names when hired but leave UM as sought after quantities.

Fans who have followed UM since the early 80s oughta be used to this by now.

Bottom line is TALENT. Canes don't have enough of it right now. Talent makes coaches look mighty smart, wouldn't you agree?

Great Job Manny. I love the 2009 depth chart.

I can't wait until Vaughn Telemaque takes over at Safety.

After this year there should be no more excuses. Randy had his 2 year honeymoon, now it's time to step up. This team has to go to the ACC championship next year or else it's a failure. I as a fan expect no less than a 10-2 regular season next year. I think it's time, and us fans need to go back to the old days and damand more from this team.

This years motto was "NO EXCUSES" but all we heard was excuses ... "we are a young team", "those are just freshman mistakes", etc.
I am proud of what the team accomplised this year but these kids better not get used to giving excuses for their mistakes and start taking measures to prevent them.

"What 2008 taught us as it ended was that this team still needs another 2-3 solid recruiting classes to get back to a point where it has the depth to win titles, play with the Floridas and win games it needs to late in the season when guys are banged up."

Couldn't agree more. That's why I don't feel like 7-5 was an entirely disappointing season. You have to look beyond the record and ask if the team has made progress. I'd say just about across the board they have. I've had to come to grips, as a fan, with the reality that the 5-7 record last year was not a fluke. This was legitimately a 5-7 team. You don't go from 5-7 to contender in one year. You don't do it in 2 years. Pretty much any player who's a contributer to being 5-7 is not goig to contribute on a contedning team. In other words, the roster from the 5-7 team needs to be overhauled, and most likely the overhaul will need to be exhaustive. It takes a good 3-4 years to build the kind of depth of talent to have a truly contending team. Even then, that would be a quick overhaul. If this team is contedning for a title in the next 2 seasons, that would mean that Shannon and his staff didn't miss on any other these recruits and got the most out of all of them. The likelyhood of that happening at any program is slim. I expect them to be a consistent top 25 team within the next 2 seasons. Hopefully they can exceed those expectations, and I'll never put a limit on what they can accomplish, but as for a true "expectation", finishing the year in the Top 25 next season would be a start.

Hey A Realisst, your list of of "Stays" and "Bye Byes" is spot on my friend. Those are the guys whose units underperformed as Manny stated in his entry. Especially the secondary, there is just too much ability back there to only be coming up with 2 interceptions.

Canes are weak, linebackers and d.backs pushed aside like boys whenever a fullback gets near them. Will never do well with skinny boys, need some strength and power. Shannon has too many clones of himself on the field but the running in college football game has changed. And who is going to tackle the big backs on the Canes. Wild but against ga tech. they might as well have inserted all linebackers into the defensive back field to get bulk. New strength coach, please.

ACC was 6-4 vs SEC-this year,take out Bama and Florida SEC is over rated . And 3 of SEC wins were by Bama and Florida.
But U of Miami team quit at the end of last year and this year.They are a disgrace---give Randy one more year and the fire him,he just can't get them up for big games. Fire Donna S too !
Manny is a nice guy but this team stinks !

Will '09 be another rebuilding year? Probably

'10 , '11 ? Sure ! Absolutely

Manny, good stuff as usual. I don't see the problem on offense as everyone else has. Pts per game and yardage was up. The only problem I had was 3rd down conversions and Red Zone scoring (Touchdows). Once we settle in on a QB(Harris) That should change. Nix has also got to find a way to get the ball into playmakers hands in space. Here are the Offensive playmakers in order.
1.T.Collier- The most explosive guy on the team. The U's P.Harvin. Will be the best player of the 08 class
2.T.Benjamin- The 2nd most dangerous guy. See above He and Collier should both get a end around and bubble screen every QTR.
3.G.Cooper- Great change of pace back but not a feature back.
4.D.Johnson- Did'nt get a chance to play much but flashed when he did. Huge upside
5.J.Harris-Cool and calm who sees the the field and not afraid to put his foot in the ground throw it.
6.L.Byrd + A.Johnson- Big strong possesion type receivers in the M.Irvin clone
7.L.Chambers + S.McNeal- I love there game. Both could be the feature back that we are sorely missing.

As for the defense this unit was a huge disappointment. The whole back seven played soft and did not hit anyone. A huge disgrace to the U where on defense we are used to dominating. We got to get more physical and aggressive on Defense especially on 3rd downs. Played to soft on 3rd downs.

Translation- Need to recruit nasty Offense and Defensive lineman. Then some nasty Linebackers I can't believe we let this group fall off so far. Some ballhawking Safety's and Corners that will come up and hit U in the mouth.

We were the #2 scoring team in the ACC. Defense was definitely our problem. I have issues with Nix, but our defense gave up more 3rd and longs, red zone scores, and big plays than eany other team I watched all season.

Anyone else notice the "coincidence" that as our basketball fortunes have risen (including an on campus facility)so have or football fortunes fallen.
All hail the ACC!! Donna got her wish, that we might emulate the Tarheels. Trouble is, they're beating us in both sports, and they're close on our "heels' in baseball as well.

Manny, if The U matched the effort you give in covering the team they would be playing for a national title next month. Keep up the good work!

Well written, Manny, as your blog has been the entire season. I believe you have shown solid analysis and insight on the team. Course, for me it helps that we think very much alike. ;)

The 7-5 Canes are the real Canes as you say. This team actually overachieved contending for an ACC title so soon.

I think next year is still part of the rebuild to become a National Championship contender as well, but an ACC title is a very realistic aspiration.

I do believe if their is a better O-coordinator available Shannon will think strongly about letting go of Nix. I do not think he wants his fate to be tied to how Nix performs, and frankly I think it is right now. But I will say this and I believe it strongly...if Jacory Harris is named starter next year all the controversy over Nix will fade away by the end of next season.

I have been a Jacory guy since before the start of the season and the impression he leaves on me as the season winds down has only become stronger. I still believe in Marve but until he catches up to Jacory on the passing game curve he is not the starter. I think it will be a legitimate battle for the starting position next season and I feel for that reason the dual system was worth it this year. I think everyone agrees we need one QB. but I do think their is definitely a way to bring Marve into the game plan every game if he loses out. He would be too valuable to completely ride pine considering the things he can do with his legs.

Secondary and O-line I think everyone agrees will be the achilles heel to being a national championship contender. Until we strengthen those positions and get deeper we are not ready for the next level. I think the secondary needs to play much faster. I can't remember a time when I've seen our safeties look so slow. I'm sure part of it is we've been spoiled by the GREAT players of the past in that position.

One thing, I was disappointed Shannon did not give players like Buchannon and A. Brown more time at their respective positions during the season. I wasn't expecting a lot but they didn't even get a little. I think this will show itself early next season.

If I had to pick one area and one area along for this team to focus on next season it would be the secondary. If we could overachieve there...well, we might make some real noise.

manny your work was very appreciated this year. bailey to DT??

Good job Manny, though I disagree on the QB situation, I think Marve is the better QB long term. Jacory, in my opinion, is not the guy to get us to a national title, Marve is.

Miami's top returning ten player
1. Marcus Forston
2. Sean Spence
3. Patrick Hill
4. Graig Copper
5. Aldarius Johnson
6. Travis Benjamin
7. Thearon Collier
8. Tommy Streeter
9. Jacory Harris
10. Brandon Harris

freshman, too young....whatever. these canes need a nasty streak. they look intimidated week in and week out besides looking lost alot of the time. recruiting improved but did these players get better as the year progressed? can anyone really answer this question? take a good look at those last two games. shannon will bring in good if not great recruiting classes but the coaching staff looks inadequate. there are plenty of bright innovative coaches coming up thru the ranks. it's time miami at least locates an offensive coordinator that is capable of confusing opposing defenses. anyone who has followed miami for many years knows we are witnessing a shadow of a once great program. don't drink the 7-5 cool-aid. this is simply not an acceptable standard. take a good look at the top 20 teams and you will see alot of new names that 5-10 years ago nobody would recognize. programs with lesser talent are finding ways to be successful-what are we doing?

Interesting. NCAA football 09 for MY VERIZON CELL PHONE NOT XBOX has the QB wearing #12 (Jacory) but he is white (Marve) did they know the 2 QB system we were going to run or is it a sign for Jacory to start? who knowsssssss lol

shannon put the U in excuse. that's the only thing he seems to be good at is coming up with excuses why he sucks. it's simple you are a moron and a bad coach, he cannot get anything out of the talent he has. nix is worse than he is, next year will be the same old story. this miami football is a joke.

Great job Manny this season! I haven't posted in a while, I been busy working a full time job as well as starting my own business. I came down for the Charleston Southern game and saw all the rest of Miami's games on Direct Tv in Jersey. I thought Miami would have done better but it was too much on the freshman. Overall, I think making a bowl game was important this season. They can build on this season for next year. I agree with you about jacory harris starting next season. I'm looking forward to the bowl game. Keep the faith Canes fans!! we will be back!!! Go Canes!!

Patrick Nix & Randy Shannon are not going to put the 2 quarterbacks in a position to fail. They realize the offensive line can't pass block effectively & the run blocking has stepped back from last year. When the quarterbacks have had time to throw, they have performed for the most part. The interceptions come when the pass blocking breaks down & the quarterbacks make bad decisions. You will see this vanilla offense until they find mobile lineman who can protect the quarterback & have a nasty streak to boot. The head coach knows exactly what the problems are & what is needed to correct it. He is beating the bushes to find the type of lineman who will get the job done. Also, I believe that some of the tight ends being recruited are bound for the offensive line. From what I hear they have that nasty streak we need. The head coach & offensive coordinator are playing the game close to vest & let the defense win games. Sadly the young defense for whatever reason has not showed up the past 2 games. In those games we needed to open up the offense to give us a chance to win. Its a 4 year process to turn this program around.Also, Can we trade our offensive line for Texas Tech offensive line? But don't include Jason Fox(he is a gamer). Lastly will the DB's please attack these running quarterbacks instead of following them across the field. That was pathetic in the NC State game.

i just seen a comment by a guy praising larry coker saying how miami fans wanted him out after he lost a grand total of 5 games through 3yrs b4 the computer bowl season listen man you don't go from 2yrs to a national title to a comeputer bowl in to more years ask the jim tressel or meyer or carrol if they been to a bowl like that coker never established great recruiting years for miami the couple of recruits that shannon brought in his first year coaching said they feal like the upperclassmen gave up when the season was coming to a close so you tell me if shannon can bring us championship with leadership like that i mean don't get me wrong nix has been piss poor when we had the chance to win games he wants to be conservative and the fact shannon wanted this year to see were the players were at was a head scratcher after he witness how we did a turn around espically at qb with jacory now will shannon be a great coach no one knows but to ask for him to b fired is not fair when he didn't walk into a great team to begin with and expecting for us to be in a bcs bowl is crazyafter a 5-7 season give him sometime 1 or 2 more yrs to make that adjustment we should win 9 maybe 10 games nxt yr looking at our schedule but to say canes fan are happy with a 7-5 record alot of ppl said we wasn't going to a bowl does anybody understand we had freshman step up and sophmores with a 2 qb system imagine if jacroy was in the whole year jus imagine if our defense steeped up against the north carolina game and had jacory was put in in the fsu game 9-3 acc title its a heart breaking the way we lost but i respect critiscism but if it is plain dumb can't respect it

MVP?? definitely Matt Bosher, its unfortunate that a kicker receives this but he really bailed us out, we won quite a few games because of him.

On the other hand, it is true what the jerk nole fan said earlier, nick saban in his second year has alabama in the hunt, urban meyer won it in his second year and is always in the hunt, pete carroll is expected to win it every year and so is mack brown. It seems like shannon plays conservative and would rather get down the field slowly, play by play rather than going for a long pass down field. We need to be aggresive, being aggresive does not mean over aggresive or that we're throwing the game away. but whatever, this team will be ok, look at mannys lineup for next year, it seems like the team is gonna be younger, it will be younger, but will be more experienced that this years team. GO CANES!

Word is that Patrick Nix is being adviced to resign by some people close to THE U.
Coach Shannon seems to have already started looking for a suitable replacement. He plans to schedule interviews for the month of Jan and word is that he wants to hire the new OC before signing day.

This senior class was underachievers; as a result, the team was not as good as it had the potential of being. I hope the 3 guys who are trying to come back move on. They had their chances and did not perform up to the expectation given them coming out of high school. Randy Shannon will prove that he is the coach for this team by the tough decisions he will make over the winter. Out of 25 seniors, none will be drafted in the first round, if drafted at all!!! When were the last times that happen?? Keep faith…this young team needs our support instead of being ridicule!!!! History does repeats itself and you are looking at it again 20 years later!!

1. Need to upgrade Offensive Line and Running Back. (Must be able to pick up 3rd and 1)
2. Need to take advantage of talent. (The talent on this team is a wide recevier, they need to throw the ball down the field, instead of these BS wide reciever screen plays)
3. Need to improve at linebacker. (McCarthy's injury really hurt the team this year.) I think Brown and Futch will give UM a huge upgrade at that position.
4. Secondary, same as linebacker. (Unfortunately, I don't see the same talent coming up as they have a linebacker.) Maybe an incoming set of Freshmen can help.
5. Depth - I don't like exuses, but I have to agree with Randy that the kids may have ran out of steam late in the season. Its tough to ask Freshmen to carry your team. (Playing full time and special teams)
6. 2009 Starts with a bowl game- Lets see if they play better with a month's rest.
7 - Overall - This is the fun time. It reminds of 1998-1999. The team was gathering talent, but did not have enough depth and experience to compete with the big boys. However, that changed in 2000. Look what happened from 2000-2003.

Two more things:
1. Get rid of the blocking only Fullbacks and bring back the kind of fullback who can run, block, and catch. (Like Bratton, Highsmith, Davenport, Hill)
2. Throw the ball down the middle to the tight ends and fullbacks. The middle of the field was open all day against NC State, and Miami only took advantage of it a couple of times. Keep those safeties away from the line of scrimmage and the wide receivers.

2009 depth chart

qb Jacory Harris- Robert Marve
rb Jarvis James- Graig Cooper-Lee Chambers
wr Aldaruis Johnson-Tommy Streeter-Jermaine Mckenize
wr-Laron Bryd-Traivs Benjamin-Davon Johnson
wr-Sam Sheids-Theron collier-Kendall Thomkins

Kr- Graig Cooper & Brandon Harris
Pr- Travis Benjmain & Therron Collier

If we play this lineup we'll winnig the acc title & probaly National Title

what's up manny? I have been reading ur blog. what's up with some of these ppl talking bout randy shannon u must go. my opinion randy stays but for some of his assistance they need to shape up cause they are @ the U. the U is known for quality coaches. however, if shannon pull another top five class, which look like he is going to do miami should fill much need wholes. and for nix he need to more aggressive with his play calling. he is call plays like he coach a high school team who have won games in yrs. if he continue to call like he been doing he will be out but with the talant he got around him he should be more the well trying to other opponents defenses. I really think 09 will be no wore then a 9-3 but if they don't somebody needs to go.

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