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Another surprise visitor in store?

Recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt, running backs coach Tommie Robinson and strength coach Andreu Swasey pulled off a nice surprise earlier this week when they were able to convince Missouri commitment U.S. Army-All American Sheldon Richardson (who grew up dreaming of playing for Miami) to agree on taking a visit to the University of Miami on the final recruiting weekend before National Signing Day.

Greg Reid played mostly running back for Valdosta this year and gave an early commitment to the Florida Gators. He could take his last recruiting visit to UM. Now, it looks like Hurtt may be on the verge of pulling off some more magic by getting the Defensive MVP of the Under-Armour All-American Game, blue-chip cornerback Greg Reid to take a visit to UM that same weekend. That is, if Reid (5-9, 175) backs out of his scheduled visit to Georgia. The Valdosta Lowndes standout has been getting tugged Miami's way for awhile now, especially after learning in late November he's actually related to another Canes recruit -- cornerback Jamal Reid.

"We actually found out in late November that our granddaddies were brothers," said Jamal Reid, who played against Greg Reid in the Under-Armour Game. "Our families are originially from Jasper and we never knew it. Ever since then, we got each other's cell phone numbers and have been talking to each other. I'll call him every now and then to tell him he should be a Cane with me. I was supposed to be visiting Miami this weekend, but I changed it so we could come together on the 30th. Hopefully, he can come with me."

Greg Reid originally committed to the University of Florida nearly a year ago but recently upset Gators coach Urban Meyer on his official visit to Gainesville when he told him he wanted to continue taking visits. He is supposed to be taking his final two visits to Alabama and Georgia the next two weekends.

Jamal Reid catches a TD pass in the Under-Armour game over fellow Canes recruit Prince Kent. He is being recruited to UM as an athlete. As for Jamal Reid, he says he's keeping his fingers crossed his cousin will give the Canes a shot. "He’s a good athlete. He’s got great skills," said Jamal, who said Canes coaches have told him they are bringing him in to play wherever he can help UM the best -- receiver or corner. "He said he wants to get playing time wherever he goes. I told him what better place than Miami. They'll play you there as a freshman. The best man sees the field. I think it would be awesome for us to line up against each other every day in practice."

> For those of you crossing your fingers about possibly seeing Andre Debose pull a similar surprise and joining Reid and his two Sanford Seminole teammates on the last recruiting weekend of the year, don't hold your breath. I've been told Debose has made it clear to UM he's sticking with the Gators.

> Earlier today, I came out with what I thought was the right list of visitors for this weekend based on conversations I had with high school coaches and in some cases the players themselves. Turns out, some of my dates were a little mixed up. I was told the correct list of visitors for this weekend are: QB A.J. Highsmith (Fort Bend, Tx.), OL Cory White (Fleming Island, Fla.), OL Malcolm Bunche (Newark, Del.), OL Marcus Hall (Cleveland, Oh.), OL Jared Wheeler (Plantation American Heritage), DE Shayon Green (Tift County, Ga.), LB Sam Barrington (Jacksonville Parker) and CB Kayvon Webster (Monsingor Pace).

The visitors for the weekend of Jan. 30 are expected to be OL Andrew Tiller (Nassau CC, NJ), OL Peter White (Washington D.C., St. John’s College Prep), TE Sheldon Richardson (St. Louis, Mo.), CB Jamal Reid (Mayo Lafeyette), DE Dyron Dye (Sanford Seminole), DB Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford Seminole) and DB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.). Greg Reid will join them if he decides to switch his visit (we could find out as early as tonight). Another possible surprise visitor could include former commitment and tight end Billy Sanders, who switched his commitment to UCLA but I'm told is now having second thoughts and UM is under the impression he will visit that weekend.

> As for the Bryce Brown drama, I was told by a staffer tonight the Hurricanes fully expect Brown to sign with UM on national signing day. But he has expressed interest to the coaching staff about knowing who the offensive coordinator will be. Brown could take a visit to UM on the weekend of the 30th too.

> Earlier today, I reported linebacker Greg King and tight end Terrell Mitchell as possible targets and visitors over the next two weeks. Consider them backup plans at this point. King's coach told me himself after I posted my earlier blog this morniing that UM coaches had been cooling off King, who is likely going to pick someone else anyway. Mitchell's coach told me they just began recruiting him last week. Smells like a fall back plan to me.

> Also of note, I was told earlier today Miami is not hell-bent on using all 27 scholarships on NSD. They could hold a few. As of now, I've been told UM coaches figure on only having 15 scholarships available for 2010.


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First wow! Good job Manny, good info


u beat me

great job manny ,keep the info coming.

manny my god you are killin it, take friday off

great stuff Manny'

While you can argue with Shannon's timeout strategy, his recruiting game is indisputably ON POINT. Fortuitously, neither coordinator's departure has had any negative effect on recruiting. One might even raise the point that Nix's firing enticed Reuben Randle, whether he ends up a Cane or not. Anyone else see a budding star in Greg Reid? He just made play after play at that UA game...he played MUCH bigger than his 5'9". Hopefully Shannon puts the coaching staff in a position to develop these kids fully. Exciting stuff.

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and 13 teams have gone undefeated a 1.2 average a year!
but out of the 13 teams that went from beginnig to end without a loss only 7 one national titles! so what happened to the other 6 teams that were screwed out of a shot??? i can tell ya right now 5... to read more visit http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog

Manny, your blog is so much better than that hack at the Sentinel, its not even funny. You should be the lead writer for the Herald's Cane Coverage... tenure be damned.

Keep up the fantastic job!!!!

only 15 next year????? isnt the 2010 class supposed to be loaded? why not save a few more for that?

you are the man manny!

....and on the 8th day, God created Manny. Manny is good. Now it's up to the coaching staff to execute on these prized recruits.

Manny, you're on fire!! Keep it coming!!

Great info. Finally........new news, encouraging news. Keep it coming, Manny

I can't recall a writer since I have read the Herald that is as passionate, as resourceful and as dedicated as you. I am blessed as a Canes fan to have you as my beat writer.
Thank You. While I am here in Los Angeles, my heart is always in Miami-Dade Cane County.
may my team read this mesage and feel the love.
Work hard boys. YOU... ARE Miami !!!!!!
- Vlady


You are postin' dat FIRE!!! If they market the FAMU game properly, that could be close to capacity. I'm a former member of the Marching 100 and their staff recruits just as hard as Randy and a crew.

Manny - Many thanks for all the hard work you do. We all really appreciate having you around to bring us fans excellent coverage of our team (for free no less! And I'm SURE they don't pay you enough, man...)

Anyway, thanks again. I'm a high school student right now and I'm interested in studying journalism, so your dedication is really an inspiration.

Keep up the good work and GO CANES!



Great work Manny! Great work by Randy and the Canes staff...especially sans OC and DC. Now close STRONG - adding Richardson, Reid, or Hall to Bryce and Ray Ray would be HUGE!

Great job broham! Keep it coming!

Everything you need to know about Oregon St.'s OC.


This is better info than what i get in the pay sites

15 schollies for next year? Wow, if that DOES happen, I can honestly say that some players on the team right now will NOT be Canes next year. Guys had better start making plays or making plans. Transfers? How about an exodus? LOL

Manny---like everyone says--THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK--all the way here in AUSTIN, TX!


You deserve a raise..let me know who to call...appreciate the knowledge you spit about our boys..u can tell by the gratitude that we're starving...now feed my OC addiction..who are our finalists?

this is HUGE! like i cant even describe...recruiting is sooo on point right now!

Manny great work. Good to hear BB is about to sign, but if he does decide to change his mind has anyone seen what's coming out of S. Fla next year, J. Gore, B. Gainer and the kid Clements from BTW we've got to have the inside track on at least 2/3. People have got to simmer down on the Randy bashing, I remember M. Brown would bring Texas a top 5 recruiting class every year and he's got what 1 NC its not that easy anymore.... Patience is a virtue my friends give him time

do we have a OC or DC yet?


you are tearing it up Manny!! Great info...better than some of what you get on the pay sites!!!


does any TRUE CANE fan read the palm beach post?I know for a fact he is not on point as manny, as cane fans we should appreciate what he does. every blue moon i check to see if jorge millian has some info but it's old news compared to manny's intel.MANNY HAS US WELL TAKEN CARE OF AND I APPLAUED HIS EFFORT.But check the post out and just compare the two beat writer's and see how the gator's post the hate on miami, it's ridiculous.

hey manny. anything on rueben rundle?

Whats going on with Rueben Randle, do we have a chance at landing him.

greg reid or sheldon would be a huge lift to this crazy offseason, i knew bryce was a lock he was just playing the game....lets finish strong and hopefully hire a coordinator soon

rueben randle isn't visiting anymore.....

Great info. as always. I know it can be extremely hard getting this info., since many folks are so secretive due the the "recruiting wars". You enjoy what you do, it shows and we all appreciate it!!

Q Manny do we still have a chance to get Orlson charles from plant high school i think this kid really want to be a cane if it wasnt for robert marve high school coach

O Manny good job your the d-wade of blog

So Langsdorf isn't in the mix?

"The story never was real,'' said Riley, shooting down the message boarders with five words.

"I've been with Danny since Monday, driving around Texas and Oklahoma. ... Danny doesn't know (UM coach) Randy Shannon, he's never been contacted by anyone from the school."

The school is keeping this closer to their chest and going with misdirection that would make pro organizations blush on draft day!

Cowbells! I need more cowbells!
Damn! Can't leave the laptop alone for few hours.
Good work Manny.

Ohhh Man... Randy's doin it again!!! I can't wait for Shanon to make you haters Eat your words! Just sit back and be proud of your U in the next few weeks and then its on to spring ball babay!!!

Wow Manny! Just wow. You are definitely the Canes reporting MVP. I'm pumped about getting Richardson in here for a visit. He would get a ton of PT this year and be a lock for starter as a Soph after Epps graduates. He could also switch to DT if he keeps growing. Worked out pretty well for Warren Sapp.

hey guys, does anyone know anything about what's going on with tana patrick???? at one point i think he was considering miami, isn't he?? is he visiting at all, or what's really the deal with this guy, he would be another good get, what ya'll think???

per rivals, they're reporting Tana Patrick will be one of the visiting prospects, any truth to this?????

and also Dre Kirkpatrick haven't committed, what are the chances we could get his services? it may be a longshot, but u never know!


Manny you report on the positive & speak on the negative when needed. Then you move on & get back to the positives. I personally don't want to see anymore Miami Hurricane Sports stories from the Heralds' Gator Grad & Hurricane Haters. And even though you deserve it, please don't take Friday off. We want you to the Herald writer to break the news on the OC Hire!!!

It's official if you want Canes news you better to go Manny. Thanks bro, all teh newspapers are laying people off why don't you just team up with Insidetheu or someone and just work at your passion without that many restrictions?

Back the the canes, most of our DB's can not cover well i think we got 18 guys commited right now so we need 2-3 more lineman and 1 or 2 more CORNERS not safety's but corners, I think ray ray and Telemaque have to the safety spots under control but we need guys that can cover.

Whoa!! i thought i would see a new blog up till tomorrow.

Yet again manny great work, i honestly don't know what alot of us CANE fans would do without U.

I think Greg Ried Might like the idea of coming to miami because he knows he can come in and step in right away. Ive seen his high school tape and the kid looked more impressive on offense which means that he well be a playmaker on defense. Something we have been missing for a couple of years now.

And to think all this while not having a DC or OC .


* wouldn't see a new blog

Manny you're the man when it comes to the "U"! I sometimes visit that other blog at the Sentinal and it likes he goes 3-4 days without writing anything! But that's not Manny, you post everyday and it is well appreciated my friend! Keep it up...GO CANES!!!

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