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Another surprise visitor in store?

Recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt, running backs coach Tommie Robinson and strength coach Andreu Swasey pulled off a nice surprise earlier this week when they were able to convince Missouri commitment U.S. Army-All American Sheldon Richardson (who grew up dreaming of playing for Miami) to agree on taking a visit to the University of Miami on the final recruiting weekend before National Signing Day.

Greg Reid played mostly running back for Valdosta this year and gave an early commitment to the Florida Gators. He could take his last recruiting visit to UM. Now, it looks like Hurtt may be on the verge of pulling off some more magic by getting the Defensive MVP of the Under-Armour All-American Game, blue-chip cornerback Greg Reid to take a visit to UM that same weekend. That is, if Reid (5-9, 175) backs out of his scheduled visit to Georgia. The Valdosta Lowndes standout has been getting tugged Miami's way for awhile now, especially after learning in late November he's actually related to another Canes recruit -- cornerback Jamal Reid.

"We actually found out in late November that our granddaddies were brothers," said Jamal Reid, who played against Greg Reid in the Under-Armour Game. "Our families are originially from Jasper and we never knew it. Ever since then, we got each other's cell phone numbers and have been talking to each other. I'll call him every now and then to tell him he should be a Cane with me. I was supposed to be visiting Miami this weekend, but I changed it so we could come together on the 30th. Hopefully, he can come with me."

Greg Reid originally committed to the University of Florida nearly a year ago but recently upset Gators coach Urban Meyer on his official visit to Gainesville when he told him he wanted to continue taking visits. He is supposed to be taking his final two visits to Alabama and Georgia the next two weekends.

Jamal Reid catches a TD pass in the Under-Armour game over fellow Canes recruit Prince Kent. He is being recruited to UM as an athlete. As for Jamal Reid, he says he's keeping his fingers crossed his cousin will give the Canes a shot. "He’s a good athlete. He’s got great skills," said Jamal, who said Canes coaches have told him they are bringing him in to play wherever he can help UM the best -- receiver or corner. "He said he wants to get playing time wherever he goes. I told him what better place than Miami. They'll play you there as a freshman. The best man sees the field. I think it would be awesome for us to line up against each other every day in practice."

> For those of you crossing your fingers about possibly seeing Andre Debose pull a similar surprise and joining Reid and his two Sanford Seminole teammates on the last recruiting weekend of the year, don't hold your breath. I've been told Debose has made it clear to UM he's sticking with the Gators.

> Earlier today, I came out with what I thought was the right list of visitors for this weekend based on conversations I had with high school coaches and in some cases the players themselves. Turns out, some of my dates were a little mixed up. I was told the correct list of visitors for this weekend are: QB A.J. Highsmith (Fort Bend, Tx.), OL Cory White (Fleming Island, Fla.), OL Malcolm Bunche (Newark, Del.), OL Marcus Hall (Cleveland, Oh.), OL Jared Wheeler (Plantation American Heritage), DE Shayon Green (Tift County, Ga.), LB Sam Barrington (Jacksonville Parker) and CB Kayvon Webster (Monsingor Pace).

The visitors for the weekend of Jan. 30 are expected to be OL Andrew Tiller (Nassau CC, NJ), OL Peter White (Washington D.C., St. John’s College Prep), TE Sheldon Richardson (St. Louis, Mo.), CB Jamal Reid (Mayo Lafeyette), DE Dyron Dye (Sanford Seminole), DB Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford Seminole) and DB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.). Greg Reid will join them if he decides to switch his visit (we could find out as early as tonight). Another possible surprise visitor could include former commitment and tight end Billy Sanders, who switched his commitment to UCLA but I'm told is now having second thoughts and UM is under the impression he will visit that weekend.

> As for the Bryce Brown drama, I was told by a staffer tonight the Hurricanes fully expect Brown to sign with UM on national signing day. But he has expressed interest to the coaching staff about knowing who the offensive coordinator will be. Brown could take a visit to UM on the weekend of the 30th too.

> Earlier today, I reported linebacker Greg King and tight end Terrell Mitchell as possible targets and visitors over the next two weeks. Consider them backup plans at this point. King's coach told me himself after I posted my earlier blog this morniing that UM coaches had been cooling off King, who is likely going to pick someone else anyway. Mitchell's coach told me they just began recruiting him last week. Smells like a fall back plan to me.

> Also of note, I was told earlier today Miami is not hell-bent on using all 27 scholarships on NSD. They could hold a few. As of now, I've been told UM coaches figure on only having 15 scholarships available for 2010.


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Manny you're the man when it comes to the "U"! I sometimes visit that other blog at the Sentinal and it likes he goes 3-4 days without writing anything! But that's not Manny, you post everyday and it is well appreciated my friend! Keep it up...GO CANES!!!

Posted by: brooklyncane |


Good one canesrule/sarasota/iraqi/brooklyn

Keep trying to perpetuate this laughable idea that U have a national presence.


C'mon canestool, you can come up with something better than bagel town.

The "Brooklyn" persona isn't as shameful as you posing as "iraqicane". That is just flat out shameful. You have an ongoing habit of attacking dead people and you also are insulting our boys overseas beyond reproach.

Your resume of gaffes, lies, and embarrassments is amazing.

We're still waiting for your follow up report on how marve would DOMINATE CFB and surpass everything Tebow ever did. You DID guarantee that would happen.

Keep puking all over youself, even cane fan sees what a disaster you are.

Manny, are the former Canes in the NFL allowed to be on campus working out when recruits are checking out the school? That might be pretty awesome for them to see Ed Reed or Ray Lewis in the facilities while they (recruits) are looking at the school.

Despite what any of us Cane fans feel about Shannon, good or bad...In my case its good. We can never let him leave the U. He is a recruiting MASTER. I do not think you have, or ever will see someone be able to recruit studs like he is with all the negativity going on around a school. Yes he has made mistakes, but when you weigh out his good and bads, his good moves are so on point. Who would've thought that this time last year Jacory would be our new leader and Marve would show his true colors and tuck his scared little tail? Look on the bright side everyone. Pray for an OC TODAY. Shannon knows the importance of the choice and time of the announcement

I also didn't realize we only had 15 scholarships for next year. I hope we hold on to a few, instead of giving them out to players who might never make it off the scout team, so that we end up with at least 20 spots for 2010 once also taking into account a few inevitable transfers!

You're going to have two months of work to do over the next two weeks. Thanks for sprinting to the finish line, instead of being bitter that Canes fans want to know everything five days before it happens.

Calm down on the only 15 scholarships available next year. Look what happens every year. These kids come to the U after being big man on campus in high school and find out that they don't have the ability to ever start here. They transfer to another school. Their scholarship is available again. There will be at least 20 scholarships available next year.

how many scholarship players (max) are there on the team at one time? if evenly distributed, how many per year would this end up being?

i am not worried, but i am hopeful that we hold on to a few (unless a solid player is there to fill a void) b/c next year's south florida class is supposed to be better!

Manny in his blog mentioned some recruits that were given offers but did not commit and RS rescinded the offer. Manny also mentioned that a few visitors did not have offers so they are options if a commitment signs elsewhere or positions that need depth after February 4. Manny also mentioned that RS did not expect to use all of the available scholarships on February 4. This is for those 4/5 stars that are having trouble with SAT, ACT, or other academic problems but we are hoping to sign later after they qualify.

Randy and the coaches are doing an excellent job. The only problem that I have seen is when I hear that we are getting into the process with a kid late. I guess it comes down to money but we need to be getting a mailing out to every 2010 prospect in the country on February 5 extolling the successes of the past 2 signing days and encouraging the kids to consider the U next Spring. Chum the water. Get your foot in the door now so you can find that 5 star that wants to come to the U but the coaches never knew. Case in point, Sheldon Richardson.

With all the off the field drama Miami has had in recent weeks, if they can land Greg Reid that would be huge.
That kid is the real deal. The kid is the next Devin Hester in the return game.

Randy and the coaches are doing an excellent job

-Posted by: tranquilizar

What the fuuck are U smoking ??????? It's hard to decide which part of that comment is more absurd/laughable?

Randy doing an excellent job? That's why an enormous section of your dwindling fan base is calling him an idiot. Dude has had TWENTY FIVE GAMES and still can't figure out time out management. see: end of first half against Cal. He's great at throwing people under the bus too. This guy is a DISASTER

The coaches are doing an excellent job? I think that comment takes the cake "tranquilizar" U DON"T HAVE ANY COACHES U CLOD. They either got fired or BOLTED. Your coaching staff is in shambles.

I would suggest U get yourself off of the Oxycontin " tranquilizar" Your football observations are nothing short of comical.

Oxycontin KILLS, please try some this morning!

Andre Debose will not pass up the chance to take over Percy Harvin's role ... He will be the next star at UF, as a true freshmen. He is THAT GOOD ! and with Tebow returning, Dubose has the potential to be an instant superstar...

Great reply Cane-ex.

I guess you agree with your delusional boy "tranquilizar".

Excellent job by the coaches? That is absurd. Please explain where there are dong an excellent job. Of course, I'm referring to the coaches U actually have.

OC???? none

DC???? none

Strength & conditioning????? thats just a joke

HEAD COACH?????? this guy is a disaster

position assistants??? now THOSE guys are stellar.


Looks like the Oregon ST. OC is just a rumor?


I can't quit you, Manny. Lol. Please give us fans an email address to your boss. We'll get you a raise.

Oxycontin KILLS,
I guess the Gayturds blogs are boring to you so you decided to come in here. You sound like a hater. Most Canes fans do not want RS to go. You are basing that on what? The 4 or 5 people who come to this blog to spew negative vibes? Most of us Canes fans are here supporting RS. Just lay off the drugs when you do your next polling of "most" canes fans. Your numbers will be more accurate.

guys 15 is the # IF WE SIGN all this year. But, lets not forget, the early january enrollees cant towards last years #, there probably will be 2-3 from this class that have to go prep, and you will get some 2-3 transfers(LIKE EVERY SCHOOL DOES EVERY YR) its just magnified lately with Marve. Either way, understand that 32 or so were from the #1 class, and 27 this year from a top 5-7 class so far, SO, thats 60 players of the 80 or so alottments that R high school all americans. Next yr, if its 15-18 , you add only quality players in need positions. We already have 2 5 star Dtackles committed in Todd Chandler fron Nwestern and the 5 star kid from jacksonville. You figure we will get gore and maybe clemente . the 2 5 star so fla kids since we r losing JJ and Coop probably, and a qb. so that leaves 10 or so for O line, TE, and some LB depth since spence and co will be jr's next yr. THis happens alot. usc last yr and someone or 2 this year had less than 20. TOm luginbill posted how with the depth and talent of these 2 classes, thats enough to get us back into national title contention.

Manny, you are seriously earning your pay checks. Good job, man!

Oxycontin KILLS NEEDS to quit eating Oxycontins. That hillbilly heron kills too.

Oxycontin KILLS wyld-boi-4U = kehoe

Don't even pay attention to the internet psycho. If u don't he will be forced to have conversations with himself under different assumed names. lol what a loser!!!! Please kehoe don't call me a GOOBER!!! lol what a joke!!!!!

Like I said last night for randy and hurtt to be doing this without a DC or AN OC is incredible. Florida just won a nc and thier recruits are dropping like flies. Dare i say kids are seeing urban for the FRAUD he is and also seeing how is spread offense kills any chance of them playing in the nfl ala tim tebow. Lets be for real he has 2 Nc's and a hiesman so why didn't he leave??

Randy is doing a great job and i cant wait till his first class are seniors and we are still getting top tier talent coming in as freshman.

This team is in great hands.

Q. Manny, whats true deal behind telfort out of Gulliver. ESPN has him as the 29th best overall regardless of position. Here is his latest info. Did he just not like the U, as he has never been mentioned. OR was it that we took 5 of the top 7 lbs in last yrs class and Brown, Futch , and Buchanon are redshirting?? meaning he would be down on the depth chart? A stud miami kid like this, and I have been following recruiting for awhile and we (U) have never been in the mix. any info???

Jan. 20
Frankie Telfort, OLB

Miami, FL

Gulliver Prep School

Scouts Grade: 83
ESPN150 Rank: 29
Position Rank: 3
Three remain for Frankie Telfort
Under Armour All-American outside linebacker Frankie Telfort will decide between Florida, USC and Stanford on national signing day on ESPN, affiliate Web site Bucknuts.com reports.

Telfort had been considering an official visit to Ohio State but has decided not to travel to Columbus, Ohio.


"it looks like Hurtt may be on the verge of pulling Greg Reid to take a visit to UM that same weekend. That is, if Reid (5-9, 175) backs out of his scheduled visit to Georgia." BY Manny

"We actually found out in late November that our granddaddies were brothers," said current UM commit Jamal Reid, I'll call him every now and then to tell him he should be a Cane with me. I was supposed to be visiting Miami this weekend, but I changed it so we could come together on the 30th. Hopefully, he can come with me."

"Hopefully"?? Yet, From Greg Reid text: Reid not visiting UT

By Dave Hooker (Contact)
January 23, 2009
Updated 09:00 a.m., January 23, 2009
Cornerback Greg Reid from Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga., will not visit Tennessee this month as had been previously reported. In a text message to the News Sentinel, Reid said he will visit Alabama this weekend and Georgia next weekend before National Signing Day on Feb. 4. Reid is also considering Florida State, which many believe is his leader. Schools were sent scrambling this week when Reid eliminated Florida from consideration. Many thought the Gators had Reid locked up for their 2009 signing class. Reid is considered one of the elite cornerbacks in the nation. He was named a co-MVP of the Under Armour All-American Game earlier this month. By Dave Hooker

I'd venture to say that Greg Reid seems more inclined to head to FSU and UGA where he has teammates there for 2009. http://www.tallahassee.com/article/20090121/FSU03/90121004 The early commitment to FSU has allowed Demps to avoid the hectic recruiting process that his teammate Greg Reid has found himself in during recent weeks. Reid, the MVP in the Under Armour All-America game, announced three days before that game he was no longer a Florida commitment. That decision allowed FSU, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee to join Florida in a late push for the standout cornerback.
http://media.www.redandblack.com/media/storage/paper871/news/2009/01/23/Sports/Linebacker.Commit.Says.Martinez.Is.Staying-3594362.shtml Of Miami native & UGA DC Willie Martinez "I talked to coach Bobo [Wednesday], and he said coach Martinez ain't going nowhere," GA LB Commit and Gred Reid "recruiter" Mike Gilliard said"

But if the "Hopefully" word from a long lost cousin is worthy of a new post title, then we read on :) http://www.athlonsports.com/college-football/college-football-recruiting/16108/recruiting-national-notebook Manny, Is REUBEN RANDLE coming to the U for a visit, or doing a D. Hurst after visiting Nick Saban's UA?

Great reply Cane-ex.

I guess you agree with your delusional boy "tranquilizar".

Excellent job by the coaches? That is absurd. Please explain where there are dong an excellent job. Of course, I'm referring to the coaches U actually have.

OC???? none

DC???? none

Strength & conditioning????? thats just a joke

HEAD COACH?????? this guy is a disaster

position assistants??? now THOSE guys are stellar.


Posted by: Oxycontin KILLS | January 23, 2009 at 09:28 AM

WELL, what does it tell you when the JR/SR class eligible for the draft that were Coker signees have 0 people getting drafted, or maybe bruce johnson a 5th to 7th rounder??? I think that speaks volumes of the talent that was here at the U. Mac schools and D1a schools have kids being drafter, and us, 0. thats what coker left. SO, I know I have said this, but we were in the 4th qtr in 12 of 13 games with literally a chance to be 12-1 this yr, obviously it didnt happen, but that speaks volumes alone on how good of a job this really was. THE U used to have that SR/4th yr JR leadership, and those close games were wins. With freshman all over the field, the close games became losses. SO, give it a break oxy boy, we have enough talent to be a top team again, after this class thats 60 players who are basically all high school all state or all american players at every position of need. 60 players now, we r loaded, just need experience. Here is what Tom Luginbill, who ranks them for espn.com and actually picks the rosters for the under armour game., and had ray ray a stud and 18th best player ALL YR regardless of position, where as RIVALS, had him at #102, and Now, all of a sudden, Ray Ray is a 5 star ranked #13 overall regardless of position. I think that speaks volumes for espns rankings over rivals and scout. (and we were #1 on ESPN last yr, currently #7, HERE IS WHAT TOM SAYS>
Last year's No. 1 overall class obviously delivered on the field in 2008, and the 2009 class shows no signs of slowing down. Randy Shannon & Co. have been able to lure championship-caliber defensive talent to South Florida; their most recent addition, S Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford, Fla./Seminole), could be another Kenny Phillips. The Canes must hold onto RB Bryce Brown (Wichita, Kan./East) down the stretch and grow up in a hurry on offense with their current roster. We feel that between the 2008 and 2009 classes, Miami has the pieces of the puzzle to become a national power once again.

Top Prospect: Well, it's Bryce Brown, for now. There has been much speculation that Brown might jump to Eugene, Ore., and become a Duck. If that happens, it could be a big blow because Brown is a kid capable of being the centerpiece of an offense. However, no one player ever makes a recruiting class.

Don't be surprised if … ATH Jamal Reid (Mayo, Fla./Lafayette) becomes one of the jewels of this class, either on defense at corner or on offense at wide receiver. Regardless, he could be a contributor quickly as a return man.

7 University of MiamiCommits:19
ESPN150 Commits:7 Top Prospect:Bryce Brown

Miami is making a late-season surge on the recruiting trail; it landed two of the three highly sought-after Seminole High School prospects in Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye. ATH Jamal Reid (Mayo, Fla./Lafayette) and ATH Kayvon Webster (Miami/Pace) are both expected to join No. 5 CB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.) in the defensive backfield, meaning more speed is on the way for the Hurricanes.

Lamar Miller (Miami/Killian) was a quality pickup as he joins our No. 2 RB Bryce Brown (Wichita, Kan./East) to give Miami two great backs with size and speed. Miami needs to hold on to Brown; he's been rumored to be looking around.

Recruit Tracker: View full class

Well. he said it, we have enought between these 2 classes to become a national power. The 98 and 99 classes led to the 2000 turnaround season where we were left out of the bcs but SMOKED the gators in the 01 sugar if U recall, and then led to the 38 game winning streak. So, all the U bashers can come on and say what they want, but, your fun is just about over. In 07, we had blowout loss after blowout loss, and in 08, Ga Tech was the only game that we were out of. And, they were on a roll blowing 500 yds on the mighty UGA Bulldogs the week after. We have some serious talent on the roster now, and its only 1-2 playmakers that make a difference. If you notice, the teams that win always seem to have 1 of the top 5 finalists---tebow.mccoy,bradford etc. and back in 01-03 we had dorsey, mcgahee and 1 or 2 more up their in those ceremonies every yr, and we were at the top like UF,UT,OU now. So, bryce is a big piece, but we have alot of studs here already and the future LOOKS GOOD my friends. WE R GOING TO BE TOUGH TO BEAT


I like seeing a lot of OLs in the recruits visiting this weekend or next weekend. Shannon is doing a great job. Can't wait to see who signs on the dotted line for us. Now lets get a freakin OC. I'm getting ansey.


Any word on the OC position? I heard that Shannon is targeting Whipple. I also heard Whipple is going to be promoted to QB coach in Phily. What are the alternatives if Whipple stays with the Eagles?

You only get three guesses on who the OC will be and I am down to my last one. Way to work Manny

Lol. Yo I hate everything kehoe stands for and disagree with 99% of what he writes, but I have to admit but I think the guy is hilarious. I can honestly say he's part of the reason I read this blog lol. So entertaining.

Manny, excellent work as always. Its truly a pleasure reading your work. As a Cane fan stuck in Ohio, its really hard finding quality information about my hurricanes.

I hope Coach Shannon and Co. can entice Sheldon Richardson, Greg Reid and the big o-linemen in Hall, Bunche, and White to commit. Obviously that is a tall order but I can't ever doubt Randy's recruiting abilities. Barrington would be a nice pickup as well.

Is anyone hearing any late rumors of Norm Chow?

Guys, here is the early enrolley list, and , if i am not mistaken, MAnny, dont they count towards last yrs # now once this signing class is done?? This is great for depth.

Mike James RB Davenport (Fla.) Ridge Community
Jermaine Johnson OT Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy
Prince Kent ATH Norcross (Ga.) High
Brandon McGee CB Plantation (Fla.) High
Stephen Plein TE Fort Myers (Fla.) High
Curtis Porter DT Charlotte (N.C.) Victory Christian
Brandon Washington G New milford

2 olineman, 2 db's, 1 rb, 1, Te, 1,dt, And plein might be made into a tight end and is 1 of those under radar guys. ITs great having the 2 prep lineman in, and washington is the 2 overall rated and johnson was a top 3 guy also.

Prince Kent is an early enrollee? I heard that he was going to, but then decided not to enroll early.

its listed on rivals.com main page. Maybe he backed out, but thats the list they have, I pasted it.

Yeah, I don't think Kent made it early for academic reasons...


Is anyone hearing any late rumors of Norm Chow?

Posted by: Orlando 'Cane | January 23, 2009 at 12:49 PM

orlando cane-- you are wrong for that!!! what ya' sayin? what late rumors. you shouldn't play with my emotions that way!!!

go canes

Two #1 recruiting classes in a row. And by the looks of it, next year will make three.

Keep em coming.

Is anyone hearing any late rumors of Norm Chow?

Posted by: Orlando 'Cane | January 23, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Are U hearing any late rumors??

No way Norm Chow is comming here. He's a So. Cal guy and won't uproot after one year all the way accross the country. Wish we did have him though. I just want to know if Whipple is the guy or what the alternative candidates are.

I sent Randy and Kirby my resume for the OC position, but will only accept a package deal offer of unlimited CokeCane and Jammi German as my personal jester...

R.I.P - my beloved Orange Bowl

The clock is ticking Shannon !!!

But with Signing Day now 14 days away, UM DT Commit Luther Robinson’s high school coach, Waides Ashmon, says Robinson is “still wide open.” Robinson has whittled his options to three — Miami, Florida and UCF. And last weekend’s visit to Gainesville may have changed his mind.

Chow is at UCLA now. Why wouldn't ge come to Miami. When he was at USC he came down here with pete carrol to check how we ran our pro style so i think there is some ties there.

Orlando U still there????

What news do U have????

This is better info than what i get in the pay sites

Posted by: b-easy | January 22, 2009 at 10:50 PM

U pay money to get info on where 17-18 yr. old kids plan to go play football in college ?

I've been browsing multiple sites today and saw two different Norm Chow rumors. I was just curious if anyone else stumbled across this rumor as well. No way in hell is my opinion.

Where would you get Norm Chow from? Why would he make a lateral move like that? People are so stupid. Use your brains for once.

Where would you get Norm Chow from? Why would he make a lateral move like that? People are so stupid. Use your brains for once.

Posted by: UM | January 23, 2009 at 02:01 PM

How is it a lateral move. Wasn't he coaching vince young up when working for the Tennessee Titans on the east coast of the country. Be for real im not saying it could happen but ucla or miami u pick????

Is anyone hearing any late rumors of Norm Chow?

Posted by: Orlando 'Cane | January 23, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Word is, he took a BIG dump @ 1 pm sharp ...

My gut says Whipple. Then again, maybe I had a bad empanada.

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