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Beyond The Boxscore: UM-North Carolina

RALEIGH -- The Hurricanes had an opportunity Saturday night to really make a statement in front of the nation. It didn't exactly work out. North Carolina stormed back from a nine-point first half deficit and made the Canes look ordinary in a 82-65 victory at the Dean Dome. The extraordinary? That was provided by freshman DeQuan Jones. All the Canes lost to fall to 2-2 in the ACC, there was some good to come out of it -- as well as some bad. We'll break it all down in Beyond The Boxscore.

> GAME BALL: Carolina's Wayne Ellington. I wasn't overly impressed with the Tar Heels Wayne_ellingtonSaturday night. I actually think they were better last year -- at least more focused. What made the Tar Heels look good in the end was Ellington, who went off for 23 points in the second half, drilling a career-high seven three-pointers to turn a close game into a breeze. Tyler Hansbrough finished with 24 points and seven rebounds and scored 20 of Carolina's 36 first half points. Right now, he's really the only Tar Heel playing like a superstar on a regular basis. That should tell you just how good Carolina is.

> PLAY OF THE GAME: DeQuan Jones' first half super-funkafied up-and-under dunk. It was more than just the Play of the Game. It was the Play of the Day on SportsCenter. If someone finds a Dequan_joneshighlight of it on YouTube, please link it. The dunk was spectacular, better than anything any Cane has ever done. It wasn't the only athletic play Jones made. He also volleyball spiked a Carolina shot into the third row. Jones got the start in place of Brian Asbury Saturday, a move Frank Haith made to try and get the young guy jump-started. He scored eight points and played well. But Jones still has a ways to go in terms of locating guys in transition defense and his shot. He's shot more than a few airballs this year and seems to put the ball up a little too hard. But you got to like some of those flashes tonight. Maybe, its the start of something special for Jones.

> TALKING STRATEGY: We knew what Miami's weakness was coming into this game -- transition defense. The Canes did a good job getting back early to stop the fast break. But will killed UM down the stretch was what Roy Williams did to stretch Miami's zone defense thin, asking his players to make long passes and set screens which allowed open shots for guys like Ellison. The Tar Heels also put the clamps on Jack McClinton, throwing a mix of guys at him to get him tired.

> INSIDE THE NUMBERS: The ugly numbers of the night belonged to Canes point guard Lance Hurdle, who finished 0-for-7 from the field, with no points, three assists and two turnovers. Last year, Hurdle had a career-high 20 points.

> PUTTING IT IN PERSPECTIVE: Haith made it a point in his post game press conference to say his players decided to turn the game into a battle of one-on-one when things got bad. I'm not sure who he might have been pointing the finger at, but he followed up by saying his team isn't good enough to win that way. Haith is right. They aren't. But they still were playing pretty well against the most talented team in the country and we're leading before they unraveled.

Here's the bottom line, Miami isn't talented enough to beat Top 10 teams on most nights. But they certainly are experienced enough and good enough when they play as a team to make the NCAA tournament again. They just can't afford any mishaps against teams they should beat. That includes the next four -- vs. FSU, Virginia Tech, at N.C. State and Maryland -- before Wake Forest and North Carolina visit and Miami goes on the road at Duke. If the Canes can be 6-5 in ACC play by the time Feb. 18 rolls around, than the Canes will be more than capable of reaching the tournament.


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Agreed. I wish we could have kept up the first 14 minutes all game long.

knuckle up boys! gotta get into the tournament.

Who's # 31 ?

He reminds me of me

I don't mind the loss, and I agree with everything you say Manny. The problem I have is that once again a good team turned up the heat defensively and we had NO answers. UNC figured out our offense at the end of the first half, and we continued to run the exact same offense right into the teeth of their defense. The result was 3 turnovers in a row and no shots right before the half. It was very reminiscent of the Ohio State game, when we kept setting the same high screen even though every Ohio State player knew it was coming and jumped all over it. Even the announcers in that game were saying how we should stop using that play because it's dead before it starts.

It's not like we went cold at the end of the half. We didn't even get shots off, and there was no adjustment to try to shake things up. Our players seem lost when a defense figures them out, and it's tough to watch.

But that said, I don't want to be too negative here. UNC is great, and we are growing and will be great soon. I just would have preferred to see us keep taking shots and missing instead of getting stripped at mid-court over and over and over again.

#31 is Dequan Jones

here you go manny...dequan highlights from the game... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2YeupqUZ6U

I think Miami showed they can compete with elite team's tonight. Yes, the defense has issues, but it's not every night that two players on the opposing team are going to blow up the box score and two of our stars are going to have sub-par games.

I'm looking forward to the UNC game in Coral Gables. I think it may be a completely different ballgame.

You all forget about this fact: Something happened in the 2nd half that made UM turn off their intenisty switch to "OFF". They were within 4, answering 3 for 3, running up and down the court wit them, then "poof!"

Just like the football team- they play part of the game and then they go to sleep.

This team choked, choked choked choked

Not that they lost, just how they basically gave up in the end. That to me is choking.

"We no readae..." It was clear to me that this team is not ready to compete at the level it would take to knock off a team of UNC's caliber. At least not for 40 min. I was definitely impressed w/ our effort for the first half. But the last four min of the first half and the first eight min of the second showed that we still have a ways to go.

UM needs a solid point guard to beat the full court press. Once UNC put that press on at the end of the first half, Miami kept turning the ball over or getting discombobulated by the time they got the offensive side of the court. The defense wasn't bad, they got stuck in bad positions because UNC's defense was great for the last 26 minutes. Manny, you're right. UNC is not as good as last year and they certainly seem less focused. If Ellington goes 3 for 9 instead of 7 for 9 from 3-pt land, it's a different ball game. Hansbrough was a non-factor in the second half offensively.

On another note, I like the non-call on the technical foul early in the game. I think it was Hurdle who got worked up and the referee went over and told him to calm down and then Haith had a few words. From that point on, Miami didn't lose their temper at any point even when the turnovers added up at the end of the first half. I really appreciated the way that situation was handled by the referees.

officiating again was very slanted, particularly in the first half were carolina kept close with 10 free throw opportunities to our 2 or so.
But Jack tried to put the ball on the floor too much to prove he can drive, and must have had at least 4 to 6 turnovers all of which resulted in points, some three pointers.
Hurdle is obviously a much better ball handler, but now with Rios gone, he cannot play the entire game. This Rios loss, justified or not, is going to hurt us big time in the depth department.

you basketball knowledge is lacking

Its so obvious we have no floor leader (POINT GUARDS). Hurdle is a nice, speedy player but he is not a floor leader. We have no ball handlers and we keep giving Slap Jack is not the person who should be bringing the ball up the floor every time.

OSU. UNC and Clemson all turned up the heat at a certain point and the Canes buckled because we have no one tobring up the ball, handle it and get us into a set and make the right decisions. It's frustrating to watch. How did Haith not see this and get a PG in here?

I've heard about the Nova transfer but that's not a help this year and I Rios wasn't much better. College BBALL is about great PG's unless you have the most talented 4 other guys in the country.

Yeah, the officiating was so slanted it caused Eliington to hit all those 3 pointers...bunch of crying wenches...Spydercane had the most intelligent post here...until UM gets a PG, you're not going to compete in the ACC, much less nationally.

Where you at caneforlife?

Any word on an OC announcement? They sure are taking their sweet time with this.


NC was better and in their place - hard to get the calls that could go either way. lance is a good PG - just not a top 10 talent. I think the team improves from here with Grahmm playing under control and DJ getting more experience.
For me, team showed promise and potential to get back to the tournament adn maybe sweet 16 this year.

Seven Hurricanes are planning to enroll early at UM and participate in spring ball, but two of them are still waiting on the NCAA to clear them. Read on for everything going on here with classes set to begin Tuesday. [details]

Anyone have a Rivals account?

Found the dunk. Poor quality, but damn, it was good. Combined with that Block. I feel the U is only beginning to scratch the surface in basketball.


I live in Charlotte and I have to listen to these UNC SOB's talk all the time about how good they are. If you heard them they invented the game. Funny thing is that what team wouldn't be good when they get 4 McDonalds guys every year. UNC was supposed to win and they did. They had guys under performing for a few games and they finally blew up. Bad timing for The U I guess.

But I did see somethings we can take as positives from the game.

D Collins backed Hansb.. into the paint and scored easily multiple times.

D Jones played like a freshman but showed some glimpses of a seriously talented player. Not seen at the U maybe ever.

Jack looked good in the first half and if he doesn't try to dribble to much we will be fine.

Adrian Thomas will win a game for us this season with his shooting. Look at what Ellington did last night. I could see the same from Thomas.

Other things to consider - M Grant redshirting and he played really well at NOVA when given a chance, D Scott, D Kirk and G Adams are ESPN U 100 players coming in next year. With Eddie leaving that could also bring another player for next year or the year after.

The U bball team is growing and oneday it will make people take notice. They should already be taking notice.

We are officially 19-19 over the past three seasons, that makes us average! In my book that’s a shade above loser status and one sellout crowd a season below medicore.

Randy has the program heading in neutral and will win us another ship by 2034, mark my words.

Dare I say if they split the ACC Title nine ways, we surely would have won a piece of one by now.

At DaU, it’s all about imagining we are relevant in a game we thought we ruled a quarter century ago.

Where’s my camo gear?

yo orlando and ss crew, sorry for the delay. i'm over here and let's stay. come on JCanes, suffering, santanafan, MH, adam, Udyn, and all other fellow brethren. shandel has let us down.


Just once I'd like to see a UM Basketball team and this goes back to the LHam days play a smart and solid 40min game. They go into too many playground type situations of total carelessness.

I don't like singling anyone out but I'll use Hurdle as an example taking it full speed down the length of the court only to throw an uncontrolled layup off the glass. And of course the final 3 min of the first half where they turn the ball over in their own end of the court. Inexcusable.

Here's the situation. This team is long and athletic, has depth, can shoot the 3, and is a reboudning team. I'll even say Haith is a good coach. Definitely a top 25 team, which means they are good enough to win a couple games a year vs a top 10 team, but not likely to win most. However, what keeps them out of the top 25 is what is pretty common at a program with no tradition. For every time they prove how good they are, they fall flat on their face. Haith had it right when he said they have to be tougher. How many good halves has this team had? And how many dreadful halves has this team had -- most times in the very same games! The weaknesses are pretty obvious. Ball handling and transition (defense AND OFFENSE TOO, because if you see Miami on a fast break it usually means out of control charge or blocked shot is on the way). If I am Haith that's what I work on. Toughness/consistency and their weaknesses. If they can do that, they should be better than last year. Maybe a 11-5 ACC mark, and a 4 seed??? If not, major bubble action. And that would be a disappointment, because since the team is senior heavy this year, this is the best shot they'll have to make some noise in another 2 or 3 years.

Emerald Bowl is ESPN's Eighth Most-Watched Bowl Ever

December 27 game between Miami and Cal reached a bowl-record 4,535,000 households

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Miami and Cal drew a 4.6 rating for the 2008 Emerald Bowl

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Emerald Bowl is ESPN's Eighth Most-Watched Bowl Ever
UM Offensive Coordinator Nix Relieved of Coaching Duties

Miami Topped By Cal In Emerald Bowl

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Jan. 13, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - ESPN's primetime telecast of the 2008 Emerald Bowl was the network's eighth most-watched college football bowl game ever, according to ratings figures compiled by the network.

The Dec. 27 Emerald Bowl, which matched Miami and California, achieved a bowl record 4,535,000 households based on a 4.6 rating.

The Hurricanes lost the highly-contested battle with the Bears, 24-17, before a standing-room-only crowd of 42,268 at AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco.

The game's 4.6 rating eclipsed the previous Emerald record of 4.5 for the 2006 matchup between Florida State and UCLA. That game now ranks No. 19 in ESPN bowl history.

The Emerald Bowl clash was also ESPN's No. 2 rated 2008 telecast out of 23 bowl games televised by the network and 9th overall out of 34 post-season bowls. The Champs Sports Bowl, which preceded the Emerald Bowl on ESPN, was the network's top-rated game.

12.30.06 Alamo 5,521,000 6.0
12.27.08 Champs Sports 5,099,000 5.2
12.31.07 Chick-fil-a 4,919,000 5.1
12.28.05 Alamo 4,876,000 5.4
12.30.05 Chick-fil-a 4,708,000 5.2
12.30.98 Holiday 4,557,000 6.0
12.29.05 Holiday 4,556,000 5.0
12.27.08 EMERALD 4,535,000 4.6
12.28.01 Holiday 4,525,000 5.3
12.30.08 Holiday 4,511,000 4.5

Florida drew a SIXTEEN rating in your rental house U fool. That's how it's done.

Meanwhile over four million people watched U get smoked by a really

c r a p p y Cal team in the bottom dwelling Nut Bowl.

U interest NO ONE

More reason to hire Whipple.
Randy If you read this : Whipple Whipple

yo orlando and ss crew, sorry for the delay. i'm over here and let's stay. come on JCanes, suffering, santanafan, MH, adam, Udyn, and all other fellow brethren. shandel has let us down.

Posted by: caneforlife | January 18, 2009 at 07:45 PM

And now Manny will do the same. Beat writers don't care about you, or there job!

wow. competing head to head with the Chick-fil-a Bowl and the Holiday Bowl. U R big time UM.

over 4 million people watched c r a p p y Cal put a beatdown on U.


When do early recruits report? This week right Manny? How come you don't report it? More worried about basketball practice? Or Nascar?

officiating again was very slanted, particularly in the first half were carolina kept close with 10 free throw opportunities to our 2 or so.

man up and grow a set you whining pansy. You complain about the refs in EVERY loss. You are the master of blaming others .

What a pansy.

Rivals is reporting that Randy's search for an OC will end today or tomorrow! Maybe you should do a report on it Manny! Oh well, I'm sure Susan will write a good story about it!

Why would he do a report about it? The hire will be some nobody that is willing to ride it out with that train wreck head coach.

U r screwed

NO ONE wants to have Randy as their boss....NO ONE

Randy is a program killer

Da U interests DuhU fans. THATS IT

Nice job having over 4 million people watch you get smoked by Cal.

NO ONE cares about DuhU canesrule. Get al life.

Da U interests DuhU fans. THATS IT

Nice job having over 4 million people watch you get smoked by Cal.

NO ONE cares about DuhU canesrule. Get al life.

you are an idiot man

True I'm an idiot. But still NO ONE cares about UM football aside from UM fan.

U can't even compete in the sorry ACC coastal division. GT SMOKED U. They are younger. Your coach is a program killer.

Great job sniffing the top 25 (#25) for one whole week in the last 3 years fool. Your defense is an embarrassment to all UM football.

Bill YOUNG? LMAO.....riiiiiiight

U R irrelevant

U must care about the U or U wouldn't be on this site.

Worried?? I know U are!!!!

Keep on posting because we know U have nothing better to do except worry about the U!

Love the U or hate the U or worry about the U like U!

Da U is------- irrelevant if losing to cal by seven is getting smoked then that means you got slaughtered by ole miss

Who's # 31 ?

He reminds me of me

Posted by: M.J. | January 18, 2009 at 05:29 AM

MJ better stand for Mike James because if you are comparing DeQuan Jones to Michael Jordan then you should be beaten to death for being the dumbest b@stard alive.

And yeah, his name is DeQuan Jones. Watch some basketball, you dumb@ss.

True I'm an idiot. But still NO ONE cares about UM football aside from UM fan.

U can't even compete in the sorry ACC coastal division. GT SMOKED U. They are younger. Your coach is a program killer.

Great job sniffing the top 25 (#25) for one whole week in the last 3 years fool. Your defense is an embarrassment to all UM football.

Bill YOUNG? LMAO.....riiiiiiight

U R irrelevant

Okay let me get this straight we had the number 1 recruiting class in the nation last year. This year we will again be in the top 5 and we have one of the best defensive coordinators in the country (Young), yes I said Young. Add on the fact that Jimmy Johnson is mentoring the program now, face U are screwed. Florida had its run and now it is officially over. If we would of had a real OC this year, who knows what our record would be. So go and cry all U want just like your head coach, but Miami is back boy. I know U hate the swag but it is back. Face it Florida will be irrelevant in two years and everyone will be riding Miami once again, yourself included.

(Last time I checked we took both Ray Ray and Dyron from U guys, so ease up with all the greasy talk)

Hey Idiot..I mean "Da U ------ IRRELEVANT".....read this dumb @ss.......

The Hurricanes are undergoing a high-profile search for an offensive coordinator.

And now, CaneSport has learned, that search may in the near future also include finding a new defensive coordinator.

Oklahoma State, whose athletic department is heavily backed by oil magnate Boone Pickens, has offered Young $700,000 a year to leave the Hurricanes and become the Cowboys defensive coordinator. That is believed to be double his present salary at Miami.

Young has not yet accepted the job, sources said, because he loves working at Miami and sees the near-term potential of the Hurricanes program.

But it's a precarious position for Miami because Coach Randy Shannon is in the process of searching for an offensive coordinator who also might command a salary higher than what coordinators at Miami have made in the past. Miami just laid off several athletic department employees in a wave of budget cutting.

It's unclear at this point what kind of raise it will take for the Canes to hang onto Young, but it is fairly certain that any counter offer would not approach the Oklahoma State proposed salary.

Young, 61, is a hot coaching commodity.

In a year from now teblow will be off doing a mission in Winnepeg.

Manny - do you know what the deal is between Bill Young and OK State? There's a headline on Rivals.com saying that Oklahoma State is going hard after Bill Young. What's your opinion on the likelihood that Young will take the job? And if he does take it, how bad will it be for the Canes in terms of recruiting and having a decent defense next year? I'm guessing this is unimaginably bad on both terms but also on the likelihood that Shannon will stick around for another year. Thanks! Keep up the GREAT work! GO CANES!!


all of a sudden we have 4 million fans according to mr. Da U is irrelevant, what is it really?? don't people like you always tell us we have the poorest fan base, we have no fans at all supporting us, and now you say we have 4 million actually caring about our game, so then i guess our fans aren't really all that bad wouldn't you say??? like u said we lost the game, but that's why we are exactly relevant to collge football, because win or lose, dumbf*ck like you atleast showed interest in our program even on the negative side, love us or hate us, we know all you haters pay attention!!! now, irrelevant??? i don't think so, otherwise you wouldn't be here talking shiit at all!

Its a lot of money, but I think he is a stand up guy and will pass, with only being here for 1 year....my opinion


This Young situation is NOT good, not at all!

Even if Young stays, it's gonna subtract from the money UM could have spent on the Offensive Coordinator...

And if we lose Young this close to signing day, it will truly suck for the U. Whereas Nix was a liability to recruiting and his firing actually may have excited some of our commitments, such would not be the case with Young. The impression out there is that Young is well-liked by recruits and many look forward to playing for him.

If we lose him this close to signing day, we might lose some of our recruits on D.

Here's a thought: if we lose Young, maybe Shannon can go back to being the Defensive Coordinator. He sure seems to be doing very little during the games as a Head Coach....

Say it ain't so!! Here is the article in full about Bill Young possibly going to OSU.


Sorry but a couple of FACTS need to be brought to light;

1) Young's contract exceeds the est. $300,000 that Rivals "believes it may be." I know through an insider - that mentioned to me upon his hire the net amount. And it exceeds the est. $300,000. So, I can say if he were to go it wouldn't be a "money issue."

2) T. Boone Pickens - is presently sucking wind, economically that is.

He's in the oil business and if you haven't noticed, oil has DROPPED from $140/barrel to $40/barrel.

3) Because of this drop in oil prices
This has been written about by the major media outlets. ALL construction work has STOPPED on their State of the Art Stadium/Practice Facility.

Now maybe they are willing to "Buy Out" Youngs contract, but it isn't as simple as "Well, I think we'll just go get Young at Miami. Believe it or not but Miami as all other Major Schools, a) has an expensive buyout clause and b) there is enough money (and private money if necessary)to keep him happy - and pay for the best OC available, as well.

It's for the above reasons you don't see many coaches, Head or Upper assistant, leave while still contracted.

4) I don't know what will happen - but OSU just hired who may be their prospective Defensive Coordinator;

Johnny Barr


• A 37-year veteran of college coaching, Johnny Barr returns to Stillwater after serving as coordinator of on-campus recruiting at Texas A&M from 2004-2008. Barr was co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach under Bob Simmons at Oklahoma State in 1995 and 1996 and was the Cowboys’ outside linebackers coach under Pat Jones from 1986-88.

Also, I would think the in coming DC may want a say in who his assistant coaches will be.

With OSU's OC Trooper Taylor going to Auburn I see this as an area that needs to be filled as well.

Regardless, with what Young has to work with at the U - Spence, Arthur, etc. The great secondary Freshmen class coming in as well as the experience coming back. I don't see him leaving anytime soon.

But you never know, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would up and leave after one year. Heck - we didn't even get a chance to "run him out of town."

Anyway, as I've said - don't know nor does anyone else.

And as for "Rivals" - these guys are very rarely correct in their "guesses", but it sure helps to "sell subscriptions."

We Shall Over Come!

If BY does take the money and run (and I can't say that I could blame him if he did), I think Randy should take over the D once again. It has not really been the same since he moved up to HC anyway. It would give him something to do on game day other than to stare off into space, which would be a good thing.

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