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Beyond the commitment: OL Malcolm Bunche

When it comes to recruiting, most of the information that ever really gets out about the high school player being brought into a signing class are the basic nuts and bolts. Position. Height. Weight. 40-time. Star count. Ranking. Along the way, we get some sort of an evaluation and hear footnotes. Questions might be raised about academics. We'll hear about his visits and if there is a chance he might not stay committed. And, finally, someone will try and tell us how long it might take before this recruit will be able to make an impact.

A lot more obviously goes into recruiting than that. Before coach Randy Shannon walks into a family's living room to deliver his home run sales pitch, his assistants do their research. When Clint Hurtt or Micheal Barrow stand on the sidelines at practices or at games, they are looking for more than just effort and big plays. They want to know about his character. They want to know: How does this recruit interact with his teammates? Is he a leader, a good follower or is he a selfish player? What are his eating and preparation habits? Does he work hard in the classroom and the weightroom? Is he a knucklehead? Can I trust him? Is he smart or are we going to have to babysit him?

Malcolm Bunche The Miami Hurricanes picked up the 20th commitment of their 2009 class Monday night from Newark, Del. offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche. He became the fifth offensive lineman to pick UM, an important need for the Canes in this class. Look anywhere online, and you can find out Bunche is 6-5, 315 pounds, plays offensive tackle and is rated a 3-star recruit by both Rivals and Scout. Monday night, I went in search of a little more beyond the commitment. Unlike most of the players in South Florida whom I do get a chance to watch with my own eyes, I've never seen Bunche play. So, I'm not going to speak to his abilities. But I will share what I learned after talking to Malcolm, his mother Melinda Henry, and his coach Butch Simpson.

> Malcolm Bunche is more than a football player and All-State selection from Delaware. He's a 17-year old kid (he just turned 17 in October) with some pretty good athletic genes, who plays basketball and most recently took second place in the shot put at the Delaware State Track and Field championships. His family takes health and personal fitness extremely seriously.

His father Curtis Bunche was a defensive end and eighth round pick out of Albany State (Ga.) to the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1979 draft. He spent a few seasons in the NFL before playing in the USFL with Chicago Blitz and then in the CFL. He's been an assistant coach Newark for two years. Malcolm's older sister Cetera was a long distance cross country and track runner at Hampton University, who eventually became an assistant coach Jacksonville University. His mother, Melinda Henry, is now a personal trainer and recently began competing in power lifting events at age 50. Henry won four gold medals at the Florida State championships in December (most in the bench press) and will compete here in Miami in the national championships Valentine's Day weekend.

Malcolm Bunche action Malcolm, who lives and trains with his father in Newark, has developed the same workout traits as his family. At 320 pounds, he has 16 percent body fat (FYI, Antonio Dixon came to UM at over 30 percent). Simpson said he warms up with 225 pounds (what players bench at NFL combines) and reps it 19 times without a breaking a sweat. Bunche said he benches 400 pounds, squats a little under 500 and power cleans 220 (Check back to my Andreu Swasey blog if you want to compare). Simpson said Bunche is always on time at 3 p.m. in the weight room Monday through Friday and takes weekends off.

As for his nutrition, Bunche said he takes his eating seriously and said he will only go out for fast food once a month when he wants to treat himself. "With my dad, we're always eating steak, fish, salmon, tilapia, chicken, mixing in power bars and muscle milk," Bunche said. "We also drink this really bad vegetable juice to flush out the system. I've always been taught if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you."

> Before his visit and before his gut told him commit to UM Monday, Bunche committed to Rutgers last summer. He said Hurricanes coaches -- especially offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland -- did a good job convincing him to take UM seriously. When he made his visit to UM this past weekend he came with more than just mom and dad. His sister and his uncle were along for the ride too. The Bunches said what caught them instantly was the family atmosphere.

"I didn't know Malcolm had met Coach Stoutland before, but what caught my eye was how he was interacting with him, pushing him around, tugging at him, like we do," Henry said. "It was really a great bonding experience. Malcolm hit it off right away with all of the other recruits. So much so, he made sure to call his quarterback [A.J. Highsmith] first he was committing. It's funny, even the mom's got close. I was even sharing a cheesecake with A.J.'s mom and I had just met her."

The Bunche family (from left) Cetera, Malcolm and mother Melinda Henry. The trip had plenty of highlights for Malcolm and his family, including some nice dinners with other recruits. His first night, Malcolm said he had the Chicken Cordon bleu. The second night he had lobster tails and steak. He said he was so impressed by tour guide Orlando Franklin, he returned home and told his girlfriend he's thinking of shaving his head for a mohawk cut, too. But as good a time as the family had, what made the visit special according to Malcolm was the half hour of one-on-one time he spent with Shannon. "He was sincere in everything he said," Bunche said.

Henry said Shannon had already gotten to her when she came in for the unofficial visit with Malcolm last sumemr and said she was blown away when Shannon stepped up to his dry erase board and began diagraming his offensive line and exactly where he thought Bunche could fit in (right tackle) and showed him how he could come in and immediately help. As for Ms. Henry? She's ecstatic her son is going to be a Cane. So much so, she's already joined the First Coast Canes Club in Jacksonville. "All I know is I'm getting a new Saturn," Henry said. "and it's going to look so hot in Orange."

> Simpson, who has coached his fair share of talented players including former Canes defensive tackle Orien Harris, said he believes Bunche will eventually find his way to left tackle because of his quick feet and his strong upper body. Bunche's physique reminds Simpson of Orien's older brother of Kwame Harris, a former first round pick of San Francisco 49ers.

"The best thing about Malcolm is he's still a baby and his best days are ahead of him," Simpson said. "He's not just a big high school kid who is going to have to learn how to make adjustments. He can play. When coaches come in here and see him walking around in a tank top and shorts, they say to me coach this guy could be a fourth-year junior. He's going to need a little time to get adjusted to the speed. But he's got great passing blocking skills. I know he'll learn quickly."

> Bunche already has learned something quickly -- developing friendships and bonds with other recruits. Not only has he reached out to other recruits, but he said he plans on calling a few on the fence. No. 1 on the list? Running back Bryce Brown. "I've got Bryce's number, but I haven't had a chance to hit him up yet," Bunche said. When I call him up I'm planning on telling him I want to block for him, help him get his 3,000 yards and win the Heisman trophy. I know want him to know we all want him here."

> Want to know how committed Canes coaches are to recruits? Micheal Barrow attended Bunche's All-State dinner party knowing full well Bunche had already committed. According to Simpson, "He simply went to show Malcolm his support."


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Posted by: OH MY GOD..ITS THE U...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES | January 27, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Posted by: who's blocking? | January 27, 2009 at 08:44 AM

These two fools are really the same person. Mr kehoe him self.. Mr internet no lifer!!!!!!!

Keep hating kehoe. How is UF doing in recruiting????

Manny, another thing I like about this M. Bunche article is a point you underscored in an earlier article about the strength and conditioning program. You reported Andrew Swasie's observations and comments that the leadership and work ethic demonstrated by E. Reed, S. Moss, C. Portis and Andre Johnson group was missing from the Coker recruits has returned with the 2008 recruits, and the Bunche article shows a focus on that type of athlete. Your article again sheds a lot of light on the positive direction that the program is going.

I read all the blogs, but rarely do I leave a comment, and this type of comment is definitely a first. I've gotta commend you on a job well done. This (Beyond the committment) is truly a great job by you (Manny). I know it probably was too much work to expect these on the regular, but thats cool. Just had to give it up, on a job well done.

disregard the envious idiots

It has been scientifically proven that people tend to LASH-OUT when threatened and in a state of FEAR. So keep lashing out Gayturd but it is not going to prevent THE STORM from coming.


Is that why where getting nfl type coaching coming to us

Posted by: miamiBOI (boi= internet code for GAY)

OH REALLLY? U have any confirmation on that moron? He will announce his DECISION on monday you goober. That's a far cry from a hire moron. You'll look like an even BIGGER tool ( if that's possible BOI) when he declines like everyone else does.

Posted by: wyld-boi-4U | January 24, 2009 at 03:40 PM

lol kehoe looks like u were wrong yet again. Keep drooling on urself though. Ur showing every one how dumb u really are???

Go Canes!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Manny.

Great article. Very encouraging to see the type of kids we are getting. He should be a positive example to the rest of our O linemen and team.

Seems like a great pick up. Shannon can flat out recruit!!!


I'm not trying to blow smoke up your... but you've got to be on track to get an award for your journalistic efforts. You're digging into stuff that no one else is. Like I said, you're earning your pay checks and then some.


Welcome to everyday meeeami Coach Whip ...

Don't pull the kids outta school quite yet .

Posted by: All Whipped Into A Frenzy ... Over... NADA | January 27, 2009 at 06:37 AM

I just read the stupid comment below but never went to the link due to who sent it. When I read Da U N Houston's comment, that is when I checked out the link. All Whipped Into A Frenzy... you mam or sir are a true scum bag!!! It is all fun and games and we put up with your crap because, hey, it's just football not "life or death". For you to put that link in your post shows the kind of crude, senseless, heartless pond scum that you are. How could you dare bring up a family losing their only 3 children into a blog that is about a blasted game!!! You hide behind your computer and do this crap!! Who would do this?? Of course, a Gator fan. Classless and crude, the true mark of the FLorida Gators and their fans.

Even though this scum bag will just use another name, I think he crossed the line with that link and he should be banned. Just my opinion.

this RANDOM GUY is truly funny. U do remember when U had Zook he did bring in a solid class and didn't urban win with those recruits? SO how is Miami not to be feared(hopefully shannon stays but if not another coach will have a great team to start with. I'AM JUST COMPARING THE SCENARIO TO FELLOW UM FANS. I THINK SHANNON IS THE MAN.)by the rest of the college world.U SAY THESE KIDS CAN'T DO ANYTHING UMM I DON'T SEE U BEING RANKED AS A TOP ATHLETE, JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO U CLAIM WE WEREN'T GETTING WHIPPLE NOW U S*** ON HOW WHIPPLE IS PART OF THE U . UR truly funny KEEP SPREADING THE IGNORANT HATE WE DON'T SEE IT.

Posted by: Cane4Life | January 27, 2009 at 10:20 AM

U gotta excuse kehoe he is a big time loser. Hes been stalking this blog all year with his hatred for RS and the program. He is just a little kid in his mama's basement!!!!

I second that, Cane4Life!


"One name that continues to pop up is that of Arizona defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, who was a target the last time Miami had an opening at defensive coordinator. Stoops is a hot commodity, having already rebuffed an offer to be a defensive coordinator at another school this offseason. Stoops was secondary coach at Miami from 2001-03."

That's the good news. For the bad news, read on:

"It likely would take a multiyear deal to attract Stoops, as well as a hefty salary, and Miami never has been known to pay assistants top dollar."

wow that LINK he did was uncalled for i agree with canes4life and DA U N Houston. u can't call yourself a man after that attack on a family that lost three kids all i have to say is keep hiding behind your computer u would never man up and do that to anybody face. Manny u should take him off the blog.


Welcome to everyday meeeami Coach Whip ...

Don't pull the kids outta school quite yet .

Posted by: All Whipped Into A Frenzy ... Over... NADA | January 27, 2009 at 06:37 AM

I just read the stupid comment below but never went to the link due to who sent it. When I read Da U N Houston's comment, that is when I checked out the link. All Whipped Into A Frenzy... you mam or sir are a true scum bag!!! It is all fun and games and we put up with your crap because, hey, it's just football not "life or death". For you to put that link in your post shows the kind of crude, senseless, heartless pond scum that you are. How could you dare bring up a family losing their only 3 children into a blog that is about a blasted game!!! You hide behind your computer and do this crap!! Who would do this?? Of course, a Gator fan. Classless and crude, the true mark of the FLorida Gators and their fans.

Posted by: Cane4Life | January 27, 2009 at 10:18 AM

I'm startng to think that this guy works for the Gaytor's coaching staff, and these posts are some sort of ploy to influence our recruits. It's the same old story that Butch and Urban have been trying to use for years. Tell the families that Miami is dangerous, the facilities are sub-standard, etc., and maybe the recruits will flip to Florida/NC/etc.

It does not work! The U's campus is one of the most serene in the country, the student teacher ratio is EASILY the best in the state, the facilities are as modern as any other school (Why woud all our NFL alum return here for training?), and the players love each other like brothers!

More power to you Steamer! Enjoy your time at the top, it will not last!

Go 'canes!

This blog is where all the tough guys come. It's like the ghetto of blogs. NOthing but tough talking thugs in this dump.


U are a BADLY eroded program that has settled into it's place of mediocrity. The good ole days are just that, OLE DAYS

Your team is still a roaring dumpster fire. Randy will be looking for work in a year as your depth is a joke.


Posted by: OH MY GOD..ITS THE U...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES | January 27, 2009 at 09:46 AM

I know it's the same guy over and over. Call my bluff, you coward. You run your mouth on a blog because you would NEVER do it in public with anyone here. You are the epitome of the word coward.

Manny you are the man, show that clown at the Sun Sentinel how to run a REAL blog!

Great work Manny! I just can't wait for Spring practice to start already. Everyone keeps talking about playing the Noles on September 7. Is that set in stone yet?

The Kehoe Steamer bio: The dude is obsessed and obviously was picked on in school. His mom and dad never hugged him so this blog is is only hang out spot. He likes long nights on his computer looking at Hurricanes blogs. His favorite 2 hobbies are using multiple names on blogs and getting pounded by other Gayturds fans with a blindfold on while clenching a Sebastian doll.

For those waiting for the official announcement:


MB---Welcome to the U Family. Look forward to seeing you hit 'em up on Saturdays!!!!

12 Jacory Harris Soph. 6-4/185
16 Cannon Smith FR(RS) 5-11/200
17 Taylor Cook FR(RS) 6-7/225
AJ Highsmith Fr. 2-0/186

2 Graig Cooper Jr. 6-0/200
5 Javarris James SR. 6-0/214
32 Lee Chambers Soph. 5-10/185
20 Damien Berry Jr. 5-11/207
Bryce Brown Fr. 6-0/215
Lamar Miller Fr. 5-11/205
Mike James Fr. 5-11/211

30 Patrick Hill SR. 5-9/256
43 John Calhoun FR(RS) 6-3/254
0 Joe Lucking Soph. 6-0/218

83 Sam Sheilds SR. 6-0/186
4 Aldarius Johnson Soph. 6-2/206
85 Leonard Hankerson Sr. 6-3/210
47 Laron Byrd Soph. 6-4/211
80 Travis Benjamin Soph. 5-10/160
28 Thearon Collier Soph. 5-8/180
81 Davon Johnson Soph. 5-11/184
86 Tommy Streeter FR(RS) 6-5/202
38 Kendall Thompkins FR(RS) 5-10/170
19 Daniel Adderley FR(RS) 6-6/225

18 Dedrick Epps Sr. 6-4/252
84 Richard Gordon Sr. 6-4/260
88 Chris Zellner Sr. 6-2/241
Cory White Fr. 6-4/225
Stephen Plain Fr. 6-6/240

64 Jason Fox Sr. 6-7/306
76 Chris Rutledge Sr. 6-5/311
70 AJ Trump Sr. 6-3/300
68 Ian Symonette Sr. 6-9/351
79 Chris Barney Sr. 6-5/345
61 Joel Figueroa Jr. 6-5/344
74 Orlando Franklin Jr. 6-7/335
65 Matt Pipho Sr. 6-7/307
52 Ben Jones FR(RS) 6-5/310
66 Harlund Gunn Soph. 6-2/313
63 Tyler Horn FR(RS) 6-4/289
60 Chris Ivory FR(RS) 6-2/227
Brandon Washington Fr. 6-5/330
Jermaine Johnson Fr. 6-6/309
Jared Wheeler Fr. 6-5/310
Malcolm Bunche Fr. 6-6/315

57 Allen Bailey Soph. 6-4/285
99 Marcus Fortson Soph. 6-2/302
95 Gavin Hardin FR(RS) 6-4/240
92 Josh Holmes Sr. 6-0/279
91 Joe Joseph Sr. 6-3/300
94 Eric Moncur Sr. 6-2/250
56 Marcus Robinson Soph. 6-1/231
97 Adewale Ojomo Soph. 6-3/240
54 Micanor Regis Soph. 6-2/321
62 Andrew Smith FR(RS) 6-2/238
75 Chaz Washington Sr. 6-4/310
90 Steven Wesley Sr. 6-3/260
Dyron Dye Fr. 6-4/216
Luther Robinson Fr. 6-3/280
Curtis Porter Fr. 6-2/334
Oliver Vernon Fr. 6-3/239

44 Colin McCarthy Sr. 6-3/235
31 Sean Spence Soph. 6-0/202
11 Arthur Brown FR(RS) 6-2/223
58 Jordan Futch FR(RS) 6-2/214
36 KylanRobinson FR(RS) 6-1/235
45 Ramon Buchannon FR(RS) 6-1/197
Shayon Green Fr. 6-2/225

6 Randy Phillips Sr. 6-0/208
1 Brandon Harris Soph. 5-10/185
24 Chavez Grant Sr. 5-11/180
35 Lovon Ponder Sr. 6-0/219
8 Demarcus Van Dyke Jr. 6-1/177
7 Vaughn Telemaque Soph. 6-1/185
29 JoJo Nicholas Soph. 6-1/195
23 Tervaris Johnson Sr. 6-2/229
34 CJ Holton FR(RS) 6-2/195
13 Ryan Hill Sr. 5-11/200
37 Jared Campbell FR(RS) 6-0/197
Ray Ray Armstrong Fr. 6-4/218
Brandon McGee Fr. 5-11/186
Prince Kent Fr. 6-3/195
Jamal Reid Fr. 6-1/175
Kayvon Webster Fr. 5-11/185

25 Matt Bosher Jr. 6-0/202
40 Jake Wieclaw Soph. 6-1/186

Welome to the U Family brother :)

Manny - it seems the offensive line class has the potential to not just be good, but spectacular. I'm hearing from a buddy at St. John's Prep in Wash DC that Pete White really wants to come to UM. We sign him and Marcus Hall, in addition to the other commits, and this is looking like a steller line for years. What are our chances of landing Quinton Washington? You hearing anything?

It's official: Whipple named Miami's new OC

Mark Whipple By University of Miami

Posted Jan 27, 2009

Mark Whipple has been named the new offensive coordinator at the University of Miami. A veteran of 27 seasons as a coach on both the collegiate and professional levels, Whipple inherits a unit that returns nine starters, an experienced young quarterback, one of the top running back tandems in the ACC, a talented group of receivers and an offensive line that returns three starters.

I don't know how long Whipple is going to stay but he sure seems to be saying the right things right off the bat. A sample of his comments:

“I am excited to work with Randy Shannon,” Whipple said. “I feel like we’re going to be a great team. Coach Shannon and I have been on the same page from day one. Our goal is to win a national championship. The one thing I haven’t done is win one at the I-A level. It’s been a goal of mine for a while now. I couldn’t think of a better place to work toward that goal than the University of Miami.”

“Miami is a tremendous university with great academics and great athletics,” Whipple said. “It has been one of the most successful football programs in the country winning five national championships. So many players have gone on to the NFL. I haven’t worked with too many of them, but the thing I always admired about them is how much pride and respect they have for the school.”

Posted by: WORD | January 27, 2009 at 11:43 AM

Its lookin hot in there son!!!


Nice work Manny. You are right events seem to be swinging in a positive note , great.

These kids are PEOPLE and your articles show that, Navarro...


Canes, baaby

Here's my take on this article for those who GAS There is a REAL big difference between the class of parents between this young man and the "M" family in NW Fla. Here we have a set of parents that have guided and built their son into a fine young man. And then they have steped out of the way.... He made a choice to come to Miami... Now the parents are set and they have stepped out of t h way. The faather of "M" I wont ever say his name again... Wanted to dictate his sons career and for me thats the WRONG thing to do. & time will prove it. "M" will probably end up playing in the CFL or maybe Europe but not in the NFL and if so it wont be for long. He had his chance & blew it. This kid has his head on straight and you can see that the guidence from mom & dad will pay off. This kid is an OL that will make his mark and in three years will be playing in the NFL. This is a good catch for Miami Im proud to be a loyal fan....

this is one of the best storys I've read on here ! I'm real happy Bunche committed to the U ! Have U heard anything on bringing in a DC ?

Fellow True Canes fans . . . Rejoice!

Our Canary(s) in the Mine are letting Us know that - ALL IS WELL AT THE U!

When these cowardly "Fake Canes", hiding behind the computer, come out with their ridiculous comments . . . It's Time To Rejoice!

They see the future and they are full of FEAR.

They know from the past . . . when the U re-establishes, which we have, it's South Florida (now including their own backyard) recruiting dominance . . . THEY ARE DEAD.

So, with every comment they defecate on OUR BLOG . . . Rejoice - In knowing that we are well on our way back to DOMINANCE!

And them? They're DONE. And they know IT!

See ya later . . . Gay-tor.

Mark Stoops would be a good DC pick, but we can't afford a DC so it's a moot point. Shannon is taking on DC because we can't afford another salary.

Just to add a note regarding "Whip" our new OC:

I had a friend who played OL at umass under Whip. He was there 1 yr before Whip arrived and they were 2 & 9 that yr.

He said this guy (they called him Mr Whipple after the TV commercial) came in there and turned their program around - they went from 2-9 to 9-2 and a D-AA national championship.

About half way through they started calling him "Whip" out of respect.

He said that - this guy is a great teacher and communicator.

That his offense is unbelievably easy to learn (because of his way of teaching and communicating) yet totally unpredictable for the defense to figure out.

"We would open up holes you could drive a Tank thru or hit a Receiver wide open, not on every play but on Whip's Target Plays."

He said this guy will set up for his "Target Plays" that will be virtually unstoppable.

"They all won't go all the way, he said, but they will get the needed yardage or more - 90% of the time or better."

And he said, "watch out for - 3rd or 4th and short - he probably holds a record for more score's in these situations."

He added "Whip's a great OL coach, as well as QB, WR and RB he knows it all. Heck just ask Sparano with the Dolphins, he taught him."

Some guy from umass has left his impression on these blogs about how his Offense will do here and my buddy agrees but, added with UM's speed and talent it could be devastating to opposing defenses.

And the O stats will be records, no doubt. School, conference and with UM's S & T national records are a strong possibility.

Well guys - this guy played for him, he has no ties to UM, in fact he lives in Baton Rouge and he's an LSU fan. (Went to LSU for Grad school.)

So, just an unbiased opinion.

His 1993 New Haven team was named Sports Illustrated’s “Best Offense in College Football” while averaging 52.5 points and 557.6 yards of total offense per game.

"He wants to add a 1A National Championship to his Super Bowl and 2A National Championship
and he loves to coach college kids and call plays." It'll take him 2 maybe 3 yrs to get his, our wish - A National Championship!

Bill Cowar, Ur doing a great job on TV - stay there.


Hey Kehoe,

Way to "lock up" the title! Typical Gaytor NC, 3 other teams have just as much right as you to to the Crystal Ball!


Go 'canes!

What a coincidence, I lived here in Albany,GA down the street from (my alma mater) Albany State University. Bunche's dad was pretty good. In '75, the defense didn't even get scored on at all. No field goal or touchdown during that season.

Sounds like a good kid with a strong foundation. Hard work and dedication and this kid could be a good one. Welcome to the U!

To that wussie All whipped up about NADA...come on son....show you are a man and tell us who you are so that we can meet in person and discuss your post here.....I onlhy need about 3 minutes alone with you to go over this post. You are the lowest form of human garbage and a sissy at that... man up you little b i a t c h come talk about why you would use the death of 3 small children as a joke and post it here... I will do everything possible to find out who you are - remember that your e-mail is required before you post.

Haters!!!!!! I love it!!!!! We are a program that thrives on hate.... I don't need to be liked by you, gameday analysts or the AP.... get ready... the U is back and you are hating it!!!!!

Hate on Haters!!!!!!

oh yeah... and by the way.... GAY GOTERS!!!!!!!

Well, well, well, well. Things are looking up and running. Forget all those haters who seem to find their way from the UF blogs to find out what's going on at the U. They claim they are not scared, but they are. They do not know how to enjoy the success they were having and I say "were" having at the UF, b/c that's going to end soon and very soon. Get ready, get ready, get ready, for the "U" is BAAAAAAACK! Welcome Malcolm Bunche and get ready for the NFL! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Oh, forget, THANKS, MANNY. You are the best sportswriter the Miami Herald has! Without a doubt. You deserve a big, fat RAISE for your detail reporting on the "U" and for your faithfulness to the program and the fans. WE LOVE YA!

Other good signs of progress for the U - I look at our list of 20 recruit commitments, and I see a several players from South Florida (as expected), but I also see about 6-8 players from north and central florida as well as south Georgia, traditionally considered fertile UF recruiting ground near Gainesville. I look at UF's commitment list, and I see no players from Broward and Miami-Dade, and UF is also loosing recruits in their own backyard to the U, FSU, USF and UGA. These are trends that UF should be concerned about as it looks toward suiting up its future teams without Tebow, Harvin, etc.

more hype-all i see is hype. remember, according to shannon, canes are 0-1 for 2009 season. its hopeless with shannon.

17 years old & bench's 400 lbs ,,,,,NUTZ ! This guy is just a baby , his upside is ENORMOUS !!!! Now lets get Bryce & the other recruits on board .... Go Canes'

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