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Blustein talks Canes, recruiting

I know some of you have become fans of our high school podcast The Countdown. With National Signing Day just around the corner, we've turned the focus of our podcast to recruiting. Tonight, I began our latest series (we had one last year) with The Herald's Larry Blustein.

This week's episode is a half hour conversation between Larry and I that touches on FIU, Miami and Countdown Florida as well as several local recruits including Northwestern High's Wayne Times and Gulliver Prep's Frankie Telfort. We'll have more shows in the coming weeks that will go into more detail with our home teams -- The Canes and Golden Panthers -- as National Signing Day draws near. Among the Canes' topics tonight: Which offensive linemen Blustein thinks Miami has the best shot at getting, his thoughts on Bryce Brown's performance at the U.S. Army All-American game and how he thinks the Canes' class is shaping up. My favorite Blu liner: "UM better super glue Brown's feet to the ground, so he doesn't talk to anyone else."

Here are some other recruiting tidbits I've got to share:

> Defensive end recruit Olivier Vernon still hasn't gotten back to me about whether or not he's going to Olivier_vernon stick with the Canes or is passing up on them to leave for Florida State or Alabama. He told me he would likely have a decision not long after Christmas. I did, however, speak with his mother tonight. It looks like the decision continues to linger in Vernon's head. He graduates Jan. 14 and is expected to enroll at UM Jan. 20.

> Offensive line recruit Jared Wheeler will make his college announcement -- it should be Miami -- this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on 790 The Ticket. Vanderbilt is his other finalist.

Billy_sanders> Even if Wheeler picks UM, the Canes are still likely going to remain with 19 commitments after this weekened. Blustein told me tonight it looks like tight end Billy Sanders (Blustein speaks to his father) is backing off his commitment and going with UCLA, who Sanders is supposed to visit this coming weekend. Of the three tight end commitments, Sanders is probably the best Miami has. But that's not really saying much. Cory White is expected to be an offensive tackle and Stephen Plein has played mostly defensive end in high school.

Miami does have a few other players they are looking at including Dion Sims, a 6-5, 230-pound kid from Michigan who is supposed to visit UM in three weeks. Sims' first love is basketball. My take on the tight end search: Orson Charles would have had a great opportunity to play right away here if things with Robert Marve, Robert Weiner and UM's program hadn't gone sour. Now, it looks like UM will still be another year away from signing that game-changing tight end.

> I got an email today from the mother of defensive back recruit Prince Kent. It looks like he'll be coming down from Georgia to be with his father -- who lives in Fort Lauderdale -- when he signs his letter of intent on National Signing Day. I'm looking forward to being there for it.


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Burning the 1 AM oil huh Manny. Manny "the night owl" strikes again!! Great job as always.

Burning the 1 AM oil huh Manny. Manny "the night owl" strikes again!! Great job as always. Posted by: Cane4Life | January 08, 2009 at 01:26 AM

A: I love working late at night. It's when the house is quiet, the phone is off and nothing can distract me. Hope you enjoy the podcast. Click on the link at the top of the page.

By the way... anyone notice Boston College knocks off No. 1 North Carolina in Chapel Hill and follows it up by losing to Harvard? Only in college basketball.


Nice work, Manny.

The guy from the "other site" just can't hang with Manny.


Wow, USC has a new D.Coordinator. They promoted Rocky Seto, their DB's Coach to DC. I wonder what happened to Nick Holt (the former DC)? They just had one of the best defense's under Pete Carroll. He must have taken a job in the NFL or something crazy happened their after the Rose Bowl. I doubt that he went with Sarkisian to Washington.

He did go to Washington. For $2.1 over 3.


atlcane your the man

That's a bummer about the tight end situation. Good news is we have a few good ones on the team now, but it's always nice to have future stars playing with current stars so there is a smooth transition. Still, I guess you can't get everyone you want, and if there isn't a stud TE in S. Florida right now, what are you gonna do. Ironically, just looking at the insidetheu stuff, it looks like most of the talent we need on the o-line, TE, and QB (the positions I hear a lot about this year) is in the S Florida 2010 class. So that's a positive. We just have to keep Randy Shannon around that long.

Manny, we always used to hear about current and former Canes coming down to work out or check out the games. Is this still going on? I'm sure it would pretty cool for a recruit to vist campus and see some of these guys while touring the facilities.

Great post Manny

How is it that a coach (not parent, brother, uncle, etc-but a coach) is allowed to significantly influence a kid's future just because of sour grapes? Do the parents have any say in the matter. I'm not saying that UM is the perfect school for everyone, but what if the kid's life long dream is to be a Marine Biologist (the TE from Tampa, for example)? Do you steer him to FSU and tell him only to focus on making the NFL? This "avoid XYZ school at all costs, because I, your highschool coach, am mad at them" is crazy and at best won't help these KIDS and at worst can only do HARM, seeing as how most of them will have to rely on the degree they pursue in college. WHAT IF IT'S NOT THE RIGHT SCHOOL (UM included) FROM AN ACADEMIC, SOCIAL, ETC. PERSPECTIVE?

I think the coaches should be asked why they would send a kid to a Agricultural school to play football, and disregard the kid's desire to become a computer scientist. I think the overwhelming answer (i.e. truth) would be "...becuase we ONLY look at these kids as football (or whatever sport) players and we only have our OWN interests at heart".

Put 10 pounds on laron Bryd an make the guy the next Shockey.

What we have to understand is coaches have egos, Im a coach and Im the same way. Marve's high school coach is one of those types who is an undercover racist. (Randy Shannon bashing proves it) I know him personally, the only reason Orson Charles even plays there is because he's from a project in Tampa, and his parents need him to make it to the NFL. Also Weiner is known to sell his recruits ala Tebow, AAron Murray,and Charles. Marve came to UM only because Saban wanted the qb that verbally commited to UM. Also Billy Sanders is not so bright, the nations top tight end just enrolled at UCLA monday. why would he pick that school.

Is it possible to put some weight on Streeter and move him to tight end, as a pass catching tightend at first then help him on his blocking skills.....he should not be afraid to play TE, with his hands, speed and hieght, he would have mis-matches ALL day.....and the league is going more to a pass catching TE over a blocking tightend.....he should really consider it......last I check I think he was at 210 or something like that, but at 6'5 he could put on 20-30 lbs and be a BEAST!

I know the marve fiasco has spoiled Plant's coach on the U. But isn't Charles allowed to think for himself? He could come in and be a starter from day one. Seems odd that a high school coach that he has had for one season can make a decison for him that he won't go to UM. I'm sure he'll see the field wherever he goes as a freshman but he'd probably be UMs starter from day 1. So who's intrest does Weiner have on his mind? his or Charles???

Byrd, Streeter, Armstrong, or even Cook could be good TE's with some lifting and training. Not sure if any of them want to play there though. Just got to make sure and pick up two very good ones next year, and at least a decent one this year. Any good JUCO TE's out there?

MdCane82, yes the come down ever summer just like before.

I understand that you are a coach, and are upset about the nasty and unfair comments that the Tampa Plant coach made about coach Shannon, but I don't know if this guys is a racist. I think that he would be upset at any coach (no matter what color) who did this to his "golden boy" Marve. He is also upset due to the fact that Shannon screwed up his proposed package deal with Charles and Marve to either UF, Tenn. or LSU. Randy did the right thing and will rise above all the mud slining by Eugene Marve, Weiner, and several columnist. Again, I think the guys is a scum bag and a self promoter, but I read the comments to, but I wouldn't call him a racist. Also, he did not coach Tebow. Tebow went to school in Jacksonville. Keep up the good work coach Shannon!! Go Canes!!

I hear from a good source, all these TE's were being looked at as possible OT's as well.

That should show us their talent level at TE. At the very best they would be projects - at both positions.

Right now, we need a stable full of quality O-Linemen. Last season ('08) we were in so many of the games we lost that if we had just change 2 things we would have won most if not all:

1) if we had a bust'em up O-Line - but that problem goes back to something that changed after the '99 season.

2) if Jacory, could have been given 85% to 100% of the snaps. I know why things were done the way they were done and I agree with the way it was done.

Having said that, by projecting JH's - 1/3rd of snaps "reality" - to 100% of the snaps "fantasy"- they would look something like this:

35 TD Pass's
18 INT's
3000+ YRD's

Interesting, right.

Personally I feel with JH starting, regardless of O-Line, with those passing stats the run game opens up and our record is much different.

In '09 we are in a different situation at QB. All the back ups have at least a year of practice under their belts. Unlike last yr. they/he had zero. So, from that aspect we are sorta back to normal.

In '09 I see the O-Line as more talented, less experienced but more in numbers. So this position area maybe equal to last yr.

So, in '09 - with the RB position being improved - JH starting and taking 100% of the game snaps and only "mop up" snaps going to the others and an O-Line equal to, and getting better thru the season, than last yr's. And most starters will have at least a yr under their belt, no freshman fade.

Based on this analysis and baring a devastating injury, I predict "The U" to have a 10 win - 3 loss or better season in '09. And yes - I've seen the schedule. But, don't be surprised with victories over OU, GT and CU.

Go Canes in '09

Nice article on Bryce and the Brown family from SI this week. Especially the dad's comments about Arthur at Miami. Contrast this with the Marve family.



Oh well.

I'm mad that he didn't mention how easy it was for Jermaine McKenzie to transfer. What a biased piece of crap written by a Tennesse Vols grad.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

If it really were about the U and not its players, then why did Shannon start Marve for every game he wasn't suspended for when he had an obviously better QB in Jacory Harris, a move that angered the majority of Canes fans. That was NOT about the U -- it was about Shannon keeping his word to an underachiveing and out of the closet weasel Marve. Why doesn't ESPN mention that?

I hate how the nation treats the U but I'm glad that we always rise to smack them in the mouth! I can't wait till our next rise, a rise that will be permanent (especially if Randy, the master recruiter, sticks around, which I'm sure he will).




Besides some flaws in your rant about TP HC, I agree with your premise.

But, as a black man, I resent your statement "that he must be a racist because he criticized Shannon." Get off this crap - stop the race card. That's why I didn't vote for our "PE - dick". And now he put a "Russian Spy" in charge of the CIA, what a WhackJob.

Put 10 pounds on laron Bryd an make the guy the next Shockey.

Posted by: 305 | January 08, 2009 at 08:42 AM


If we miss out on a TE this year and get all our other commits we'll be OK. Epps is a very talnted TE so we are good to go for one more year. Next year we'll sign a top TE if Epps does well in the new system and come in and play right away. Right now I have my fingers crossed that Bryce Brown keeps his word and signs. With Brown and the rest of the great recruits, RS is bolstering up every position and getting us in position for 2010. Not saying we'll win in 2010 but the rest of the nation sure won't be making fun of our program after that year. Go Canes!!

BTW, from the looks of things Sims would be a much better fit at TE than Sanders anyways. So Miami just needs to put a full court press on the Michigan recruit.


I agree. As a psychologist the bulk of my national client base are professionals. The largest group in this category are "Journalists."

CanesFanStuckInNYC, this is by far the most self centered and unhappy group of people I've ever worked with.

Their personal lives are so screwed up, no pun intended, and they are so filled with guilt that the only way to feel good about themselves is to bring down those they target as being "righteous".

Their targets are usually people or institutions that are just trying to do things the right way.

They hate that. It makes them feel very guilty about themselves and their lives. It' the old Light vs Darkness thing.

But, CanesFanStuckInNYC what I've noticed over the many yrs - is that "The U" always benefits from this kind of unfair treatment.

I'm so tired of hearing about Robert Marve. Marve finally got the chance to detach from his mom's boob and he got scarred. He had 11 games to seperate himself from Jacory Harris and couldn't do it. He knows that Jacory is a better QB so he wants to get closer to mama to get back on that boob. See Ya Marve and GO CANES!!!

Hey JJ, Weiner and Tebows Dad are best friends. The Nease coach never had a hand in his choosing of a school. Also Tebow was (home schooled) he tried to move to Tampa to play but the fhsaa said no.I lived in Tampa for 5 yrs.

Canesbro2 I know Weiner personally buddy. That's your problem you didn't vote for Obama that means your a loser. HA ha aha ha

Canes2-409, as a mental health professional, do the words and deeds of the Marve's over the past couple of weeks strike you as being pathologic in any way? They have been accused on these pages as being anywhere from just plain liars to sociopaths. Are these just the accusations of irate and angry fans or might there be some truth to these characterizations. Whats your take?


What do you coach and do you coach in S.FL?

Anyone see Billy Sanders footage? Got highlights of him congratulating the guy who made the tackle.

Manny you are the man! I just commented on Shandel's blog that you are running circles around him regarding the posting of UM recruiting news. Keep up the good work.

Cane-ex i was born and raised in miami. I coach football, and yes i coach and teach at Booker T Washington

Marve Sux, plain and simple......Go Jacory!!

If Coach Shannon would exercise humility ,which I am sure he can and go personally to talk to the Tampa Plant coach. ,I am sure that both sides of the story can be explained.Coaches understand each other.A patched relationship will last a long time

This can't be good for recruiting!
Randy may have made a HUGE mistake in taking revenge on Marve.


Huge mistake?? Woj. is a pissed off TN grad, who cares about his article. Recruits don't care about that!

Posted by: Mack JD | January 08, 2009 at 12:01 PM

It won't.

Not really, it won't have a real effect. Woj is a hack that graduated from UT, so he is purposefully only telling half of the story. This won't be an issue, the only thing it affects is Orson Charles...so hopefully we get Sims instead.

Posted by: Mack JD | January 08, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Oh, and Gene Wojciechowski graduated from University of Tennessee which is one of the restricted schools. Makes us all say hmmmmm....

Mack... Remeber the article (I can't remember the magazine) about why Miami should disband the football team? A few years later they Won the '01 NC and played for the '02 NC. Spare me with that BS article by Wojo...! We (Miami)will always be hated. Is this really a shock that the national media hates us? How will this hurt Miami! REALLY! It didn't hurt the program the last time when the "Around the Horn" crew bashed UM for the FIU fight. Look at our last recruiting class. Come on... DUDE! LOL

Mack JD, Wojo's story is old news, at least around here. It is the second story in as many weeks on this subject and it has not seem to have too much damage to this point. The U has always prided itself on being "us against the world" and these type of stories help to illustrate why that it is. The fact is, the establishment cannot stand UM. It is a small school that has shown success out of proportion to it's size and place in the traditional football world. When this program was a basket case off the field, the media had a field day. Now they we are cleaning up our act, they are still determined to keep us as there whipping boy. We cannot win against them. So, this program will do what it has always done, absorb the blows and keeping moving on. I can't wait to see what they will say when we rise back to the top 10 and start contending for NCs again. But that doesn't matter, I will know what I and the rest of Canes Nation will say....GO CANES!!

mack jd u must not be a hurricane fan because we are doing pretty solid in recruiting ask ray ray and dyron dye lamar miller if they will decommit and obviously you are looking at one side of the story on the whole marve thing miami alleged him of contacting other sec schools while he was under scholarship and i don't think he ever denied the rumors and another thing ppl always bash miami as soon as they see something they hop on it rite away and try to look for the bad miami backs has always been to the wall thats what keeps us with that type of swagger do you see UF getting trashed and they have players on their team that have either beat up thier g/f shooting ak-47 and other stuff but i bet you won't hear them getting bashed miami is like the step child of ncaaf but do we care hell no we are miami this stuff dosen't phase us not to trash you but you gotta do your homework b4 saying how hurt we are and how we need to massage an 18 yr old kid ego

This can't be good for recruiting!
Randy may have made a HUGE mistake in taking revenge on Marve.


Posted by: Mack JD | January 08, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Lol...taking revenge on Marve...lol. What an idiot.

Great Headline from UTAH

Tonight the BCS puts the two best 12-1 teams its computers could spit out.


Everyday there's a release from the "Funny Farm".

Seems is though this where they show up.

Has anyone else read the article at allcanes.com regarding Danny Langsdorf becoming the new OC at Miami???


Does anyone know who the 5-star recruit that is back in the mix after the Nix firing? Shannon is visiting him tonight. It's on canestime.com.

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