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Blustein talks Canes, recruiting

I know some of you have become fans of our high school podcast The Countdown. With National Signing Day just around the corner, we've turned the focus of our podcast to recruiting. Tonight, I began our latest series (we had one last year) with The Herald's Larry Blustein.

This week's episode is a half hour conversation between Larry and I that touches on FIU, Miami and Countdown Florida as well as several local recruits including Northwestern High's Wayne Times and Gulliver Prep's Frankie Telfort. We'll have more shows in the coming weeks that will go into more detail with our home teams -- The Canes and Golden Panthers -- as National Signing Day draws near. Among the Canes' topics tonight: Which offensive linemen Blustein thinks Miami has the best shot at getting, his thoughts on Bryce Brown's performance at the U.S. Army All-American game and how he thinks the Canes' class is shaping up. My favorite Blu liner: "UM better super glue Brown's feet to the ground, so he doesn't talk to anyone else."

Here are some other recruiting tidbits I've got to share:

> Defensive end recruit Olivier Vernon still hasn't gotten back to me about whether or not he's going to Olivier_vernon stick with the Canes or is passing up on them to leave for Florida State or Alabama. He told me he would likely have a decision not long after Christmas. I did, however, speak with his mother tonight. It looks like the decision continues to linger in Vernon's head. He graduates Jan. 14 and is expected to enroll at UM Jan. 20.

> Offensive line recruit Jared Wheeler will make his college announcement -- it should be Miami -- this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on 790 The Ticket. Vanderbilt is his other finalist.

Billy_sanders> Even if Wheeler picks UM, the Canes are still likely going to remain with 19 commitments after this weekened. Blustein told me tonight it looks like tight end Billy Sanders (Blustein speaks to his father) is backing off his commitment and going with UCLA, who Sanders is supposed to visit this coming weekend. Of the three tight end commitments, Sanders is probably the best Miami has. But that's not really saying much. Cory White is expected to be an offensive tackle and Stephen Plein has played mostly defensive end in high school.

Miami does have a few other players they are looking at including Dion Sims, a 6-5, 230-pound kid from Michigan who is supposed to visit UM in three weeks. Sims' first love is basketball. My take on the tight end search: Orson Charles would have had a great opportunity to play right away here if things with Robert Marve, Robert Weiner and UM's program hadn't gone sour. Now, it looks like UM will still be another year away from signing that game-changing tight end.

> I got an email today from the mother of defensive back recruit Prince Kent. It looks like he'll be coming down from Georgia to be with his father -- who lives in Fort Lauderdale -- when he signs his letter of intent on National Signing Day. I'm looking forward to being there for it.


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Canes2-409, as a mental health professional, do the words and deeds of the Marve's over the past couple of weeks strike you as being pathologic in any way? They have been accused on these pages as being anywhere from just plain liars to sociopaths. Are these just the accusations of irate and angry fans or might there be some truth to these characterizations. Whats your take?

Posted by: No OC at the U | January 08, 2009 at 11:19 AM

No OC at the U:

These are classic actions of the guilty.

What hasn't come out yet - is that both the NCAA and FHSAA started this investigation with a couple of games left in UM's season.

A coach at LSU notified the NCAA of an attempted "School Shopping" incident.

(I played a LSU many moons ago. Still have connections) But, I've been a Canes Fan for 55 years.

The HS coach was notified by the FHSAA. He obviously notified Daddy Marve.

Shannon was expecting RM to return from Christmas break, practice with the team and go to San Fran. RM never returned.

Shannon was informed of the situation as practice started for the Emerald Bowl.

They, the NCAA, are looking at UF and UTenn.
for any wrong doing.

Just simply the actions of some people who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar!

Hey guy's stop reading the articles on the web about Marve. THEY ARE WEEKS OLD!

It's a non story. Except for the fact that it has really helped the U's recruiting.

Wait till U see what happens on NS Day. Meyer won't have enough phones to break!

Listen guys, no one is hating on Miami. Shannon is the reprehensible party in this situation. Let’s stop being fans for a minute and think about this. Fact: Eugene Marve is a former NFL player. He played and lived in Tampa. He knows many of the coaches in the South East. So how can you prove that the Marve Family was talking to Tennessee or Louisiana or any other school? If he already had a relationship with these people, then communication concerning kids is bound to come up. I don’t see any problem with Friends talking about their kid’s future. It’s no different from how Shannon’s son decided to leave FIU and play for his dad. That situation went smoothly because Shannon and Mario Cristobal are friends. Moreover, if Olson Charles doesn’t want to play for Miami that’s his prerogative, it’s not the end of the world. I can’t help but think that these are 17-19 year olds and they are trying to make it to the next level. Wherever they want to go to school is their business. How many Canes Fans got mad at Buchannon last year when he switched from the Gators and signed with us on Signing Day? None. We were all happy he signed with us. Let these kids be. It’s their lives not ours. What we should be concerned about is hoping that Randy Shannon learns how to improve his people management skills. All of this Hoopla could have been avoided. You could have let Marve walk and allow Olson Charles go wherever he wants. The most important thing is maintaining a good relationship with the High School Coaches. This is the only year we are going to recruit. You never know where the next great one is coming from. You don’t need to burn bridges. Shannon cannot win with only South Florida recruits. South Florida is a hotbed for Skill positions but that’s not all a football team is made up of. Lastly, no one can tell me this situation hasn’t hurt Miami. It has. Shannon was very unprofessional in his handling of this issue. There is a lot of spite and revenge written over the transfer stipulations. I like how Dan Selio a former UM great put it. We are the U, if a player wants to leave that’s fine. Tell him good riddance and let him go anywhere. When you restrict a player it shows that you are scared of them. If Marve was that good Shannon should kept him; if not let him go anywhere. Instead of dealing with all of this we should be talking about how our coaching staff needs to get better (last 2 mins of Emerald Bowl was the worst coaching I have seen in my life); We should be talking about how Shannon needs to work on getting our defenders to be become better tacklers; We should concentrate how our coaches need to get better in Player development; We should be concerned that we don’t have any top O-line talent. Marve is the past, but we shouldn’t trash him on the way out. We all loved his moxy during the gators game and things didn’t work out. Don’t make the same foolish mistake Shannon has made. Wish the kid well and move on. GO CANES

Streeter seems a great fit at TE to me. Not comparing him to Winslow except on the basic physique, but Winslow was also about the same size and weight when he came in as a WR recruit. Streeter's not going to see a lot of PT at WR. If he commits himself to learning the TE position over the next year or two, he could be a stud pass-catching TE with good enough blocking skills to be on the field in all but 3rd-4th and inches. Blocking can be taught; speed, size and pass catching ability are Streeter's natural talents, but he doesn't seem to be quite as refined on those qualities as many of our other wr recruits. Seems like an ideal candidate for a position switch to me.

305, if Weiner is a racist, why does he care so much about Marve, who is just as black as your beloved Obama?

2nd, calling someone a loser because they didn't vote for your candidate, is that really all you got? C'mon. And did you really find that funny enough to throw in 4 ha's? Wow, talk about easily amused.

We're all Canes here, but CanesBro2 is right. We need to chill with making everything about race if Dr. King's Dream is to come true that "one day we shall be judged not by the color of our skin, but the content of our character." While you may be right that Weiner is a racist, I certainly don't know him as you say you do, I see no evidence that racism would have anything at all to do with the present situation. Shannon is black, as is Orson Charles and Marve is mixed race. In addition, we can assume that Weiner was aware that Shannon was the head football coach at UM as well as the fact that Shannon is black when Marve first decided to attend UM and Weiner had no objection then. To suggest that Weiner is taking the side of the black athlete over the black coach because he has some sort of anti-black agenda or bias is just completely illogical. It makes no sense at all.

While I have no love for Weiner at all, in fact I think he is dramatically ethically flawed if he thinks it is his prerogative to tell his athletes where they can and cannot attend college, I hope we can let this racism thing rest, as least as it pertains to the Robert Marve, UM situation.

Canes2, Meyer is a better coach than Shannon. I doubt he will ever need to break phones because of players that make the mistake to play for Shannon instead of him. I am a Canes Fan but if I had a son in high school right now I would rather he play for Urban Meyer than Shannon. All I have to look at is the track record. The man took Zook's recruits to the Natl. Championship game. Two years later he is back in the National Championship game with his own recruits. I hate the Gators but I am not foolish. They are in the NC game because they have a great coaching staff. Simple!!! Also, Canes Fans, we are starting to sound just as obnoxious as Gator fans. Stop talking people. We suck at the moment. We can’t even win in the ACC which is the weakest conference on earth. How about we win first before we start running our mouths again.

407, it's hard to disagree with any of your points.

Two bones to pick:
1) Meyer did break his phone on NS Day last year when Ramon Buchannon told him he was switching to the Canes. He was so p!ssed, he threw it against a wall.

2) The ACC is underrated, young and, aside from the Jagodzinski firing at BC, the coaching talent has improved dramatically in the past year or two. ACC is much better than Big East and top to bottom was probably on par with the Pac 10 and Big 10 last year. All that's missing right now is a dominant team. If FSU and UM can continue to improve as they have in the past two years, don't be surprised if the ACC is THE power conference in college football in 2-3 years.

But you are right, we need to see it on the field until we spout off about how great we're GONNA be...one day...you'll see...patience...

Randy needs to get us to the ACC Champ game this year or it will be time to bring in Tommy Tubbs.

To g8rh8r, Touché. GO CANES

What's the story behind Meyer breaking a phone on NSD???


Thanks for the inside scoop about really is going on. That adds some more substance to much of what has been floating around. Good work.

less is more:
If I remember correctly, Ramon Buchannon had been a Gator commit all the way up to NSD, but Miami had been giving him a lot of attention. On SD morning, Ramon wakes up and decides on Miami. He calls Urban to give him the news and Urban was so p!ssed that he shattered his phone against the wall as soon as RB hung up.

Pretty funny. That was definitely right up there with BH's announcement for the highlight of the day.

Boy Canes fans, with fans like 407 it's no wonder ya'll suck. Thanks 407, but your missed placed. Come on over.

I don't think the Canes or their fans are interested in another Daddy George, daddy Fortay or Daddy Marve. So, I don't think they want your "holier than thou" attitude either.

But, if you can keep you mouth shut, we'll take you.

Just a warning, Meyer and UF are now under investigation by the NCAA for the "Marve School Shopping" incident.

At best Meyer is in one of those classic Lucy moments;

"LUCY . . . you have some SPLAIN'n to DO!

At worst, he's gone.

407 and g8rh8r,
I agree that RS has some growing to do as an on the field coach but I agree with the restrictions on Marve. If RS thinks there were improper contacts made he has the right to protect the university from such things happening. He has reasons to think that and don't forget that RS has connections too. If you read Weiner's quote "Alabama is not interested in Marve", before Marve was released from his scholarship, you should wonder how he knows that Alabama isn't interested.

I listened to the interview with RS on the radio (790 I think) and could hear in his voice he was certain that some improper contact was made. He said that he didn't feel that the institutions where the ones doing the contacting but felt there was some contact.

Protecting the integrity of the rules and the university is Randy's right and by giving Marve those restrictions it sends a message that he will not stand for this type of stuff to go on under his watch. I, for one, am on the coache's side on this. Marve has done nothing but break team rules since being here. RS had enough and frankly so have I and so have most Canes fans. You two need to get behind the program on this. It makes me mad to see Canes fans siding with the Marves on this when Marve has done nothing but bring bad press to us since he's been here. How much damage does he have to do to our program before you guys get on board? You don't have to like RS but you guys say you are Canes fans. Marve is the one hurting The U here. He could have just transferred to any other of the 100 schools that would have him. So please, blame RS for clock management or other things like that but in this situation he IS protecting the program.

The only teams that matter in the counrty are OU and UF.

They are 1 & 2 every year. And these UM people need to know YOU'VE NEVER BEATEN EITHER of us. We killed you guy's last year in our first meet and in meeting #2 we will Kick ur butt.

Yea, gators are a rock sinking Fast.

OU Rocks Tonite.

I'm tired of the Marve thing. It's Marve not Farve.

But to satisfy your needs read this:


I thought they only came out at night!


Read your history book OUrocks2night. We have been both regularly over the last quarter century. Enjoy your game and go back to the dusty plain. Come back next year and take your whuppin like a man.


Just because Weiner made his comments about Shannon that hardly makes him a racist. By saying that if a white person disagrees with a black person or voices their feelings about the situation against a black person that makes them a racist. Well if that is the case all of these people whining about the lack of black HC in NCAA football are racists as well, right. It goes both ways. Weiner is no more racist than anybody who is of color. He was simply sticking up for his former player and thats what a good coach does. Face it Shannon was not going to let Marve compete for the starting job honestly next spring anyway. Because if he did he may lose the pipeline from Jacory's high school. Let's see if Cook gets any time at QB next year and has a legitimatly fair shot in the spring and then we'll see who is a racist. They'll probably try and make him a TE to get him out of the way.


OURock2Night is a RETARD!

Last time OU beat Miami before last year - 1975. I wasn't even born back then! OU was 0-3 against UM in the 80s and didn't play us again until '07. Moreover, during those 80's games, UM gave OU its only loss each of those three seasons, so we totally owned you!

And the last time UF beat Miami before this year - 1985.

And don't be so certain you're going to beat us next year. You're playing in our house and half of your team is leaving for the NFL, including your heisman winning QB. Not to mention that our team is on the come-up. Don't you think that counts for anything?



CanesFanStuckInNYC (for now)

Streeter is Jacory skinny. He's no future TE. We need to grab a real TE or two in this class. Next year we are fine but two years from now we won't have any experience there.

patience is virtue so it is said- yet instant gratification is a must to pacify you winning only miami hurricanes fans. Shannon should have the equal amount of time to build his team according to what he see fit. thanks to shannon and co. miami has finally put life into rapidally fading team that coker could not save. i find it ignorant that one may count shannon out before he can establish his idenity as a head coach. On the flip side of things I do see the light. Shannon has brought back a sense of urgency back to the U which equate into an up tempo team where it be contagious to thoose who take pride in winning and come from winning high schools. We Back!

Hey guys, where can you find the canes 2009 football schedule?

2009's football schedule big games!!!!


The only teams that matter in the counrty are OU and UF.

They are 1 & 2 every year. And these UM people need to know YOU'VE NEVER BEATEN EITHER of us. We killed you guy's last year in our first meet and in meeting #2 we will Kick ur butt.

Yea, gators are a rock sinking Fast.

OU Rocks Tonite.

Posted by: OURock2Night | January 08, 2009 at 02:40 PM

Ummm...did you just start watching football this year, you ignorant piece of sh*t? While, I do hope OU wins tonight, I hope you have a heart attack at half-time.

Wow, OURock2Night, is really ignorant!!! Sounds like the type of person who has life kick them in the ass over and over and over again...but never figures out how or why. Yikes.

Best part about the idiot from UT's junk on ESPN is the last line. I guess he thinks it is a bad thing to play for the team?

"So enjoy Miami, Ray Ray and Dyron. But remember, be careful about transferring. At UM, it's more about The U than you."

I think he is right, if only more people cared more about themselves than others the world would be a much better place! Personally I feel like I learned something, what about you guys?

Yeah, I learned that journalism is dead and that it is perfectly ok today for a "news" writer to only present one side of the story and to use the media, whether it be print or television to promote the individual bias of the reporter.

Oh wait, that's not news! Wasn't SI the first to tell us that we should just shut our football program down since basically anyone associated with Miami football was scum of the earth? Then of course, there was this year's election, but I'm not going to get into that here. Bottom line, this kind of one-sided, biased reporting is nothing new.

Anyway, while the guy is not wrong in everything he says, he takes what is a relatively common practice and makes it seem as though Miami is the first program ever to place restrictions on a scholarship release. Further, he states plainly and simply that it is irrelevant whether or not Marve, his family and/or his high school coach were tampering and trying to make secret deals with these other programs. He completely ignores the NCAA and FHSAA investigations that are reputed to have been launched misdeason.

Whatever, just ignore it. This is typical example of media bias and the love/hate relationship with UM football that still exists throughout the country.

Look, I'll be the first to say that I'm ashamed of how Randy handled the situation, but not so much about the transfer stuff, although that was a bit clumsy, but I don't think Randy treated him very well while he was at Miami. I know people will say that he started him all year, etc, etc, but there is more to coaching and treating a player right than just giving him a starting job. The fact that he told Marve all summer basically that he would not be suspended, and then went ahead and suspended him for something that happened 10 months previously, I think does show a pattern of disregarding the kid and treating him like a piece of meat. All of that said, these attacks by these national writers aren't based on the facts, but simply on an agenda and/or perception on their part that Miami is evil as well as the knowledge that writing negative things about Miami will get them a lot of readers.

Wojo is a dipsh!t. 'Nough said.

"It's a 'Canes thing, you wouldn't understand."

Know what I mean? F*ck 'em.

Us against the world is the way it should be.

WHY MIAMI SHOULD DROP FOOTBALL remember my article. the football program at miami{the U} died the day ken dorsey was gone. this team belongs to a less than mediocre conference, and miami is barely the middle of that road. cmon, have you people not watched the games. the univ. should put the football money in basketball and baseball. save these recruits the embarrassment of being losers, then treated like marve. why cant he play somewhere else. shannon should be learning the game not being a tyrant. the U{what a joke} is dead

that schedule miami 6-6 maybe 7-5 shannon gone

leave the recruiting to teams with hope, fau,fsu,uf,fiu{who would beat miami if they played this year},usf. these schools have programs not living in the past. miami is irrelevant to college football. remember the 60's-70's, that is yoUr fUtUre

PCola Cane,

I hope my last post made clear that I am not upset with Randy about the restrictions per se. I agree with your point that if the Marves are screwing around with the process, the restrictions are legit. But the reasons for the restrictions should have been explained when the restrictions were announced. That was a bonheaded error that I think everyone can agree with.

That said, I also think Randy handled Marve poorly, otherwise we would not have gotten to this point, at least I don't think so. Maybe Marve would have left either way if he thought he wasn't going to get the starting job next year. I also agree that team rules should be enforced. But, I felt that both of Marves suspensions seemed arbitrary and unreasoned.

I guess my point is that, while I back the U, I'm not going to back them no matter what. If I see them treating players poorly or tearing down historical landmarks, I'm not going to just ignore it, you know? You should back your team because you are proud of them, their success and the way they handle themselves, not in spite of these things.

I don't know, I hope that makes sense. But as far as the Marves are to some extent right in that Shannon appears to have wanted to get rid of Robert anyway, I'm not going to bash them just because they're bringing bad pub to the U. On the other hand, as far as it appears that they have been underhanded and conniving over the past several months, I also agree with the restrictions placed on the transfer and will back Randy on that to anyone who wants to disagree. He still could have handled it better, though.

And I won't even start on the on field coaching. We all know the deal there. Watching Texas at the end of the Fiesta really shows you how far we have to come. That offense was in a totally different league.

Anyway, GO CANES!

You may be right, I don't know. But Winslow was just as scrawny when he showed up as a frosh. Isn't Streeter like 6'5" or 6'6"? He should be able to fill out that frame and bulk up to 225-230 easily with the training table food and weight room at his disposal for a year or two. From there it's just a matter of learning the footwork and blocking technique.

Far as IO can tell, if he wants to be a pro, that's his best chance. He's just not going to see the field at wr. Agree that we're ok at TE this year, barring injury. But with Streeter backing up at TE and playing ST this year, he could be ready to go by 2010.


Tommy Streeter now thats a different story, he can be a better more disciplined Kellen Winslow. If The U doesn't get the TE recruits they need Streeter will be an amazing pass catching 2nd TE behind Epps next year..

I used to have respect for the Gators. Then I got to know there fans, mainly on this blog. 5 years ago i would be rooting for Florida tonite cause its my home state and i watched or read about many gator players... But the obnoxious Hillbilly Gator fans and Urban Liar make it impossible to respect the Gators... So tonite i will root for OU, even though i don't like them, all cause of the moronic hate-filled gator fu*kS..

What do my other Hurricane faithful think?

most offenses are in different leagues. this offense has been irratic with coker to pathetic with shannon. recruits will help to a point, but the losing to superior coaching will continue. shannon has not improved anything. most coaches will at least make the players they have, as good as they can. example-ole miss. not champs, but losers to competitors,. shannon has basically dismissed anyone but HIS recruits as head coach. i think thats not fair to the ones that he might have recruited as d-cood. so far, he has not proved he has any kind of plan for this team. what off cood would come here, knowing this might be a one year gig. if the results are the same next year, i hope he doesnt get an extension. that would mean the univ. doesnt care about winning. i really cant wait until we see hope, not hype coming back into UM.

OURock2Night and GatorsRock2Night are none other than Kehoe's Steamer!!! Take a bow Douche Bag!

Go 'canes!!

herbal, as a canes fan from the 60's, i will always root against the gaytors. unless they play fsu, then the one with most losses is who i root for. i only want rings in South florida in any sport. gator hater through and through--idont like okl either but go sooners

> Defensive end recruit Olivier Vernon still hasn't gotten back to me about whether or not he's going to stick with the Canes or is passing up on them to leave for Florida State or Alabama. He told me he would likely have a decision not long after Christmas. I did, however, speak with his mother tonight. It looks like the decision continues to linger in Vernon's head. He graduates Jan. 14 and is expected to enroll at UM Jan. 20.

As his position coach for one year i know his ability very well. Talented and athletic yes, soft and football dumb, yes! I have no hard feelings towards Oliver as i used to call him, he's a good kid... Just not sure if he is on the Cane / NW level... He played scared every year against The West... Gets injured easily, in all honesty If Vernon goes somewhere else its not a big lose... He played what 2 games this year?

I'm not saying he won't be a good 1-A player, he has the athletic ability, but from what i perceived s his coach, he does not have the heart!


Posted by: mike, go sooners


I'm rooting for a blimp to crash on the field while their playing


Only in the NFL... i don't wish harm on anyone, but the perfect scenario Teblow blows out his knees, and OU gets the W!

Herbal MInded aka HM

I have only rooted for this Worm Dirt School when it benefited UM.

Goooo! Sooners!

Could you imagine the mess after the redneck bowl tonight? probably be some blood, beer, false teeth to clean up. And thats just from the women


Come on boy, don't you have the guts to admit your a Gay-tor.

Because someone as ignorant as you couldn't possibly be a Canes fan.

Like, you have the intelligence to know a coaches ability. Ok guru.

Shannon takes over a totally "talent depleted" team. And a recruiting system that was totally screwed up. This was a worse situation than what Butch inherited, penalties and all included. Because Shannon had to repair both situations, first.

And he does it, #1 recruiting class in his 1st and his second is a top 5 class. But, most importantly he rebuilds the "fence". But that wasn't enough - he moves it closer to (your home) Gainsville!

And if he had a #2 QB with some experience, he starts Jacory. And with JH taking 80 to 100% of the snaps we have 9 very possibly 10 wins.

(just project his stats, Guru. I'm sure even you can do that.)

Just in case that's too difficult, I did it for you.

3000+ YDS

So, for all you Meyer lovers - let's wait and see how well he does without Mullens. He has NEVER coached a game without him. I guess we'll see who the real MAN is - next season.

Power Sweep Right - Power Sweep Left - Bust'em Up The Middle then Kick there butts with Play Action.

Go Canes

hey gang;
watching the gaytors.
lots of sophmores on D.
just thought it interesting how young they are and comparing to our canes.

Most don't start.

We will have the youngest team with the most experience next season. No more "Freshman Fade".

We need a quality OC now!

With Jacory starting and second team QB's with at least 1 year of practice time under their belt. Basically, back to normal numbers at this position.

That translates into 35+ TD's and 3000+ yards and 18 or less INT's from JH.

And that translated into a great and consistent run game which MEANS VICTORIES!

Go Canes!

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