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Blustein talks Canes, recruiting

I know some of you have become fans of our high school podcast The Countdown. With National Signing Day just around the corner, we've turned the focus of our podcast to recruiting. Tonight, I began our latest series (we had one last year) with The Herald's Larry Blustein.

This week's episode is a half hour conversation between Larry and I that touches on FIU, Miami and Countdown Florida as well as several local recruits including Northwestern High's Wayne Times and Gulliver Prep's Frankie Telfort. We'll have more shows in the coming weeks that will go into more detail with our home teams -- The Canes and Golden Panthers -- as National Signing Day draws near. Among the Canes' topics tonight: Which offensive linemen Blustein thinks Miami has the best shot at getting, his thoughts on Bryce Brown's performance at the U.S. Army All-American game and how he thinks the Canes' class is shaping up. My favorite Blu liner: "UM better super glue Brown's feet to the ground, so he doesn't talk to anyone else."

Here are some other recruiting tidbits I've got to share:

> Defensive end recruit Olivier Vernon still hasn't gotten back to me about whether or not he's going to Olivier_vernon stick with the Canes or is passing up on them to leave for Florida State or Alabama. He told me he would likely have a decision not long after Christmas. I did, however, speak with his mother tonight. It looks like the decision continues to linger in Vernon's head. He graduates Jan. 14 and is expected to enroll at UM Jan. 20.

> Offensive line recruit Jared Wheeler will make his college announcement -- it should be Miami -- this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on 790 The Ticket. Vanderbilt is his other finalist.

Billy_sanders> Even if Wheeler picks UM, the Canes are still likely going to remain with 19 commitments after this weekened. Blustein told me tonight it looks like tight end Billy Sanders (Blustein speaks to his father) is backing off his commitment and going with UCLA, who Sanders is supposed to visit this coming weekend. Of the three tight end commitments, Sanders is probably the best Miami has. But that's not really saying much. Cory White is expected to be an offensive tackle and Stephen Plein has played mostly defensive end in high school.

Miami does have a few other players they are looking at including Dion Sims, a 6-5, 230-pound kid from Michigan who is supposed to visit UM in three weeks. Sims' first love is basketball. My take on the tight end search: Orson Charles would have had a great opportunity to play right away here if things with Robert Marve, Robert Weiner and UM's program hadn't gone sour. Now, it looks like UM will still be another year away from signing that game-changing tight end.

> I got an email today from the mother of defensive back recruit Prince Kent. It looks like he'll be coming down from Georgia to be with his father -- who lives in Fort Lauderdale -- when he signs his letter of intent on National Signing Day. I'm looking forward to being there for it.


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I hate to say it guys but I am rooting for the Gators. I'd much rather hear about the number of National Championships the state of Florida wins as opposed to the number of championships Oklahoma wins. Besides, a win for the Gators would mean a little bit more money in the Florida economy. So, this is one of the VERY FEW times where you'll see me write GO GATORS!

Those projections are garbage. Take out the Duke game and you get like 10 Td and 15 ints.

What kind of Canes fan would root for the Gators? WHo does Miami recruit against? IF Gators win 2nd championship in 3 years it would hurt the Canes.

Sorry SOUP but your garbage!

Now unlock those lips from Meyer crotch so he can coach.


What kind of Canes fan would root for the Gators?

Unless it benefits the Canes ... An idiot!

Go Sooners!

Remove your lips from Randy's butt cheeks. Guy is trash like you. Look at facts not make belive.

SOUP you wrote all crap about Marve being Mr. Football Florida like Tebow.

Guess what SOUP ... Jacory won it as well, while breaking all their records!

Jacory could not even beat out Marve. Guy was terrible against Cal.

SOUP you wouldn't know the facts if they slapped you across your Gay-tor loving face.

Please I have my own website. Its all about the Canes.

"Jacory could not even beat out Marve."

Wow, that one really shows that you are a total idiot.

SOUP your a Gay-tor loving S.O.B. And we don't need you pretending other wise.

A canes website? Sure. Just another idiot Gay-tor!

Who started every game? Shows your an idiot. Take away the Duke game and the lucky jump ball against UVA, his stats are very average.

I am an actual Canes fan. Wait let me guess your a broke ex hs player who loves Miami but is too cheap to go to a game.

SOUP, even the dumbest Cane fan knows, if your going to Take Out HIS Best Game YOU Have to Take Out HIS Worst Game.

Simple statistics, MORON!

Well I wasnt the fool that made stupid projections about a guy that was an average qb. 35 Td's for a QB from a team that cant score that many.

Yea, U guessed it.

Go Sooners!

That's 2 INT's for TEBOW!

Go Sooners!


The only fool here is an idiot that can't comprehend simple statistics. That's all.

Actually, when you throw out his best and worst games, his stats get better.


So if you throw those games out, how do you come up with your numbers. Your a fool who doesn't even know anything about statistics. Your 8th grade education forbids it.


"So if you throw those games out, how do you come up with your numbers?"

I didn't throw out any numbers - you did! You threw his best game, of course his stats will drop. Anybody's would.

I was simply trying to educating you. Maybe this will help;

read the example below

Soup, you can't take out someones best game stats without taking out his worst game stats.

How would you like it if all your scores were
90 on ten tests except 2 and those two scores were a 100 and a 75. And they decide to throw out your best score the - 100. Your average would unfairly drop.

Now even a Gay-tor fan like you can figure this out. Maybe?

Look, SOUP your embarrassing yourself - son. The problem is you can't erase what you've written. Everyone coming behind you will see you for the idiot you are.

Glad your a Gay-tor.

Ah what is with the goal line failures. Come on Sooners!

BTW, how many plays did we get off at the end of the Emerald Bowl? OK just got in 13 in about 2:30. They should have scored.....

SOUP the Gay-tor. This just FEAR. And your not alone. The whole Gay-tor nation is in FEAR, because they remember what happens when The U get their recruiting on track.


Wow your dumb. I was just mocking your stats but I forgot people with 10 year old brains cant understand sarcasm. Your an idiot.

Yea, they should have. Come on Sooners!

SOUP. Your an embarrassment, son. Don't get involved with stuff that's out of your league.


Your right. Simple statistics. Soup just doesn't get it. But, you tried to educate him. Good job.

I'm sure he get it, now.

Go Sooners beat Gators.

I wish Miami would ban non alumni from rooting from the team. They make such fools out of themselves. Yeah the recruiting needs to go on track because Miami just graduated two of its highest ranked recruited classes ever.

Miami will get on track when we get a new coach.

Damn OU was suppose to go up before the half. Hopefully they get it done in the second half.

Go Soone*** scratch that GO Canes!!!!!!!!!

jeez, OU should be up 3-6 points. this hurts.

And then their were Two. I have it from a U insider that there are 2 OC candidates and both are very interested.

He couldn't tell me who they are, but he assured me either one will be a great addition to Randy's Staff. And they are both "Names", he said.

As to when he will be announced? He couldn't say.

So, we are closing in on a OC. But that's still all we know for now.

OU should be up by at least 10. I love their offense, especially the o-line.

OU o line looks like the Bronco's old O-LINE.

Most people in the know, realize any recruiting class outside the top 5 is suspect. Because these websites posing as recruiting services are about selling subscriptions. Not necessarily getting their info correct.

In the 80's and 90's the Canes might have had 1 maybe, 2 classes inside the top 15 but outside the top 10.

Back then most of the States recruits that didn't go to a big 10 or big 12 schools got NO respect.

So, to place any credibility on the quality of these "Classes", is suspect at best.

I agree with OU comments.

OU needs to go with tight sets then wide sets on offense. Throw from tight set occasionally and run it from the wide sets occasionally. Need to mix it up.

Go Sooners.

Who started every game? Shows your an idiot. Take away the Duke game and the lucky jump ball against UVA, his stats are very average.

Posted by: SOUP | January 08, 2009 at 09:15 PM

FAKE SOUP, YOUR post shows that YOU'RE an idiot. I assume that YOU'RE one of the non-alumni that you'd like to see banned.?

Tie ball game.

Non alumni? SOUP?

Hey SOUP get your money back. It didn't work.

Let's go Sooners!

That hurts! Bradford throws late INT.

So Fla. is looking like it will get ring #3.

The upside is that Oklahoma will drop YET ANOTHER big game.

Ball game. Props to UF for stepping up tonight. Somewhere James is on cloud 9.

And I wanted to beat the defending National Champion next season.

Oh, well. Let's beat'em anyway.

It's getting ridiculous how much the media sucks up to TimTebow. A pre-game clip comparing his speech to LINCOLN and KENNEDY?? A commentator calling him "HALF GHANDI??" Really?? He may or may not be a good kid (he honestly doesn't seem that great from what I've seen....) but HOLY CRAP!

""In such a cynical and sarcastic society, often times looking for the negative on anybody and anything, if you're fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around TimTebow, your life is better for it." - FOX Announcer

AAAAAAMAZING. He's not THAT great, guys. Jeez...

Tim Teabag. A true hero to all toothless gainsville fans.

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