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Canes pick up 19th commitment

BANKUNITED CENTER -- I'm here at the BUC for today's showdown with the Hokies. I've come to realize the courtside blogs don't get much attention. So, I've decided to abandon them until we get into some bigger games later in the year (I'll try to keep up with Beyond The Boxscore blogs for you hoop fans for now).

Let's get to the football news. For those of you who missed it, Barry Jackson reached the Canes' leading cadidate to fill the offensive coordinator position, Mark Whipple. UM is waiting to see if Whipple will take the job. If not, the search will continue. I'm not going to speculate on any other names until Whipple officially declines.

Shayon Green As for immediate news, the first of two big recruiting weekends ended earlier this morning. Miami was able to pick up one new commitment from the group of eight visitors, linebacker/defensive end Shayon Green from Tift County, Ga. I caught up with Shayon when I got to the arena to ask him what happened over the weekend to make him switch his commitment from Purdue to the Canes.

"It was just a great visit. I saw it with my family and from the moment I got there I knew I wanted to be a Cane," Green said. "I had come here last year and stopped by and I liked it then. But after I talked with Coach Shannon, he made me realize this was the place I needed to be. I'm excited."

Green said he was hosted by linebacker Darryl Sharpton and said he spent a lot of time with Sean Spence during his visit. But he said the special relationship which helped UM sway him from Purdue and the other 15 offers he received during recruiting was his relationship with fellow Tifton County native Wesley McGriff, UM's secondary coach. The fact his grandparents lived in Homestead also helped.

Green said Miami coaches told him he'd likely start out at linebacker when he gets to UM in the summer. But he could play anywhere. At 6-3, 225 pounds with 4.67 speed, his high school coach played him at defensive tackle, defensive end and linebacker during his three seasons on the varsity level. As a senior playing mostly at linebacker, Green tallied 67 solo tackles, 48 assisted tackles, eight tackles for loss, one sack and one caused fumble. 

"He's got a pretty good knack of getting off really well on the snap," his coach Jay Walls told me before the visit on Thursday. "I think you'll see him play [weakside] linebacker or defensive end. He's going to get bigger too. He'll probably get close to 250 pounds. We've got a real good weight program here already. He power cleans over 300 pounds and benches over 300 pounds and squats about 600. He's a good one."

> The other non-commitments UM hosted this weekend included linebacker Sam Barrington and offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche and Marcus Hall. I'm going to try and reach them or their coaches sometime this week. I know Barrington is expected to announce his decision Feb. 3.


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Again, more informative than the other guy at SS.


alright-- brutha green, welcome to the u. now let's get some of those hogs in here (lineman) and we'll be just fine.


And none of that gay "1st!" crap!

..maybe not!

I can't believe how far we've sunk. This is the worst day of my life. A two star recruit! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

judgestarr are u serious?

pay attention,

Not at all. LOL! It's just that usually someone starts whining about the program or the coaches or whatever so I figured I would get us started out on the right foot. I think these star ratings are overrated.

ok jus makin sure U had me worried lol cause alot off ppl would have blasted U

ed reed was a two star recruit btw

Personally I love talking about recruiting and staff changes and this and that, but usually some butthead comes on here and cries because his pick for OC didn't get hired or we haven't won that 6th national title or Coach Shannon looked at him funny and now he hates the U...

The message boards have just become a real negative experience. I mean it's just college football.

The whole idea that someone can predict with any certainty what a player is going to do at any level is a joke. Ed Reed is changing the game at safety and as cane1 pointed out he was a 2 star guy. How many 5 star, can't miss prospects have missed? I would suggest most do.

yea u rite about the blogging, ppl to take it to another extreme but that's life.this kid we got has alot of upside with his size and weight i think he can be a hidden gem good pass rush l/b.

The U needs more 5 star studs, like lance legget.

What gets me the most is that we've got a small (still irritant) group of impatiant numbskulls who shout for RS's head. The U has been for a long time a stepping stone for most coaches & I truly beleive RS is a lifer. If the program was so bad, why are there so many gifted young men interested in the going there?

Great example. Lance Leggett couldn't miss. Until he did...

I like the fact that they are talking about this new kid having a "high motor." Some guys just work harder than others. They just have it in them. Plus he's a Cane now. He might never get off the bench, but you never know. Even if he were to work hard and become a special teams standout it would help us. Best of luck to the young man. At the very least he has the opportunity to have a great education at a prestigious University. He can make something of himself that way too.

The U needs more 5 star studs, like lance legget.

Posted by: Rivals Recruiting Service | January 25, 2009 at 06:52 PM

LOL hilarious....Lets not forget Ryan Moore

The U needs more 5 star studs, like lance legget.

Posted by: Rivals Recruiting Service | January 25, 2009 at 06:52 PM

LOL hilarious....Lets not forget Ryan Moore

HE IS a 3 STAR ON RIVALS IF THAT MAKES U FEEL ANY BETTER ========= these are the kind of kids we won NC's with. Under the radar guys==JUDGE---_Butch Davis 98 and 99 classes, the ones we won the NC with, werent even top 10. Hes a good player with growth. SOME KIDS PEAK IN HIGH SCHOOL--thats why some 4s and 5s never pan out, and 3's become studs=----

dyrty dawg: well said. i think they see how alabama was turned around quickly or OU was but they don't understand is the U is small and it's really unheard of that a small private school was doing things that alabama notre dame and usc wasn't doing and thats winning NC(late 80s through early 2000) I guess they just want to see wins but everybody has to go through a down time. it jus never really happened to miami since what the 70s? and what they need to understand is USC OHIO STATE AND OU HAD ALL DOWN TIMES.

dyrty dawg,

Those impatient numbskulls wouldn't be happy unless we hired the entire staff of the New England Patriots. Shannon wants to win. He loves this University. He isn't trying to sabotage us. He's working hard. He might not be able to do it and if not he will be fired and someone else will come in. But until he is gone we should all support him. Whether he's doing a good job is for the "experts" to determine. Plus the man can recruit. If he doesn't turn it around he's leaving some kind of talent for the next guy. But I think next season there will be improvement.

Welcome to the U. Green will be a nice pick up for the defense. Nice speed on and end rush.

Coach Shannon will get us to where we were when he was a player and assistant. Hopefully the OC pick will bring the morale back up around here. I am here in Michigan and here about why MSU needs to replace it's football coach all the time. Now they have patience for the new guy that they like. we need it too.


My initial comment was a joke. Star ratings make for great headlines. They make number one ranked ESPN classes, but they don't win games. If I am not mistaken wasn't Travis Benjamin a three star prospect? He had a much better first year than say Aldarius Johnson who was a five star. Not saying Aldarius was bad. Travis was just explosive. He seems to have better hands, more big play potential.

Yeah. I remember listening to QAM when one of those numbskulls tried to take a shot at RS by comparing him to Alabam (Nick Head!). What that idiot does not realize is that Nick Head walked in to a program that had John Parker Wilson while RS inherited Kirby/Wright. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Alabama has first dibs on everybody from Alabama as well. When Miami cleans up on South Florida again we will own it as well.

Da U up by 5 with less than 8 min to go!

Who knows maybe if Nick Saban had come here he would have turned it around in a couple of seasons. We don't know and we never will. Miami doesn't have the resources to hire a coach at that price. The money these guys are making is ridiculous. Especially now in this economy. The Gators are putting up Jumbotrons and added to the Gateway of Champions building while their University is cutting teachers. How screwed up is that?

How many of those kids that signed with the U do you think would have singed with them if Nick Head was here? After leaving the Fins the way he did & coaching in their own backyard? No way.

That's true there was a lot of anger towards him. Given the same players, if let's say he had never gone to the Fins, we just could never know what he would have done. Maybe he would have been great. Maybe he would have sucked. It's not something anyone can or should try to predict. We have Shannon, we'll have him for the near future. The naysayers need to just support him and hope he has what it takes. The man does love this University. Most of his adult life has been here. I hope he is very, very successful. This was the point I was trying to make about Saban. The comparisons are useless. Maybe it was just the right chemistry there at the right time. Or the fact that the SEC was down from where it had been (let's not forget the that Florida and Alabama were the only real dominant teams). We aren't Alabama. Are situation has more parallels to UNC than Alabama, but even that is no comparison. We are unique. We are sitting on a hotbed of talent. One that everyone is trying to pick from. It's also an area where these kids are wanting to use football to get out of their situations. It's a unique school and unique situation. It isn't as easy as is Shannon a good coach or not. There are numerous other issues.

I think Dom has a good point. These kids come in at only 17 or 18 years old, which means most of them have a lot of physical growing to do. The 2 and 3 star players who become successful are the guys who know they have to work hard but also grow a lot during their 4 or 5 years. It's not like basketball where a freshman can have a huge immediate impact. From what it sounds like, Green could be a fantastic addition, especially if he brings a hard working attitude.

Jmac needs to take over. Let it Rain!!!

Jmac was on the orange part of the U on the court making a 3!!! We need more to pull this one out!!!

I just realized, there were no Gator fans here tonight. Usually there is one of this message board. Don't tell me they all have something to do.

how about brian asbury!!

OT BABY!!! 77-77 with a late 3!

Big time shot. They need to pull this one out now.

You gotta fell good knowing that Jmac, Asbury & Collins is hot right now!!

Jamarcus Russel - 3 star recruit

Kyle Wright - 5 star recruit, #1 player in the country, #1 quaterback in the country, all everything.

Jamarcus Russel 7 Million a Year

Kyle Wright 7 dollars an hour

Being in the brutal ACC should help us come tournament time.

too bad the defense isn't playing that well. just okay.

Poor Kyle Wright. He will forever be the punchline at the end of a Miami joke. Him and Larry Coker.

knock em down at the line big man!

No b-ball talk? Canes and VT in overtime.

We know mra, we're watching.

darn...they looked good in the early part of OT...delaney made that 3-pt shot and i felt the dagger turn a little.

Heart Breaker!

hate to be negative, but these cane bballers are hot and cold, and this year's team just aint ready. this was one game they should have taken (at home, etc). They just don't have that ummmf. They always choke at the end. (Coach Haith-is it ttheir legs?) what is it then? They dont have that "thang". Lucky if they make the NIT. They still have Duke X2, NC, Wake, at FSU. I say they win 3 more, end up with 17 wins which aint enough!

Is it possible that RS was interviewing DC candidates on the west coast last week because the OC spot was filled by Whipple?


judgestarr: Judge the recruiting class when its all over- Yeah Lance Leggett and Kyle Wright were highly recruited by everyone. So was charlie Jones and Willie Williams. BOOOM! BUSTS!

And it aint that old lame excuse- "the coaches didnt develop them" or else they would all be in the pros nop matter what...and they are not!

Solets see what happens with this kid, and all theother commits. we do nedd stud OTs and rbs. Bryce Brown included. That will make a difference. But you never know. Could still be busts.

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