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Canes pick up 19th commitment

BANKUNITED CENTER -- I'm here at the BUC for today's showdown with the Hokies. I've come to realize the courtside blogs don't get much attention. So, I've decided to abandon them until we get into some bigger games later in the year (I'll try to keep up with Beyond The Boxscore blogs for you hoop fans for now).

Let's get to the football news. For those of you who missed it, Barry Jackson reached the Canes' leading cadidate to fill the offensive coordinator position, Mark Whipple. UM is waiting to see if Whipple will take the job. If not, the search will continue. I'm not going to speculate on any other names until Whipple officially declines.

Shayon Green As for immediate news, the first of two big recruiting weekends ended earlier this morning. Miami was able to pick up one new commitment from the group of eight visitors, linebacker/defensive end Shayon Green from Tift County, Ga. I caught up with Shayon when I got to the arena to ask him what happened over the weekend to make him switch his commitment from Purdue to the Canes.

"It was just a great visit. I saw it with my family and from the moment I got there I knew I wanted to be a Cane," Green said. "I had come here last year and stopped by and I liked it then. But after I talked with Coach Shannon, he made me realize this was the place I needed to be. I'm excited."

Green said he was hosted by linebacker Darryl Sharpton and said he spent a lot of time with Sean Spence during his visit. But he said the special relationship which helped UM sway him from Purdue and the other 15 offers he received during recruiting was his relationship with fellow Tifton County native Wesley McGriff, UM's secondary coach. The fact his grandparents lived in Homestead also helped.

Green said Miami coaches told him he'd likely start out at linebacker when he gets to UM in the summer. But he could play anywhere. At 6-3, 225 pounds with 4.67 speed, his high school coach played him at defensive tackle, defensive end and linebacker during his three seasons on the varsity level. As a senior playing mostly at linebacker, Green tallied 67 solo tackles, 48 assisted tackles, eight tackles for loss, one sack and one caused fumble. 

"He's got a pretty good knack of getting off really well on the snap," his coach Jay Walls told me before the visit on Thursday. "I think you'll see him play [weakside] linebacker or defensive end. He's going to get bigger too. He'll probably get close to 250 pounds. We've got a real good weight program here already. He power cleans over 300 pounds and benches over 300 pounds and squats about 600. He's a good one."

> The other non-commitments UM hosted this weekend included linebacker Sam Barrington and offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche and Marcus Hall. I'm going to try and reach them or their coaches sometime this week. I know Barrington is expected to announce his decision Feb. 3.


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Hurricanes 2009 schedule (these are the teams and some are confirmed times)
* Actual Dates

Sept 7 at FSU
Sept 12 Bye
Sept 19 Clemson
Sept 26 Duke
Oct 3 Oklahoma *
Oct 10 FAAMU *
Oct 17 at UCF *
Oct 24 at Wake
Oct 31 Virginia
Nov 7 at UNC
Nov 12 (Thursday) at Virginia Tech
Nov 19 (Thursday) Georgia Tech
Nov 28 at USF *

I dont like a bye on the second week. I'd rather see them play someone or have it a few weeks later.

Man - tough loss to Va Tech tonight. At least the crowd was decent. Shame that you're no longer doing the courtside blogs, but I understand.

Keep up the good work, Manny.

What I'm happy to hear is what some of these recruits have been saying about Shannon. Because many in the media and even some of you fake Cane fans have been riding this man for far too long:

BARRINGTON:Barrington and his mother met with coach Randy Shannon last night.

"My mom asked a lot of questions," Barrington said. "It was typical mom stuff about the school."

Barrington's mother, Paris Johnson, said her major questions were about education and family support.

"When I let him go in their hands, I want to know are they going to take over where I left off?" Johnson said. "I want to make sure I'm putting him into men's hands and not men who are children still mentally.

"They answered everything very well. I feel very comfortable and at ease that if that is the choice Sam makes I'll be comfortable at night knowing he's in good hands. It was wonderful, the staff."

WHEELER: Parents were asking how coach (Randy) Shannon was. The players liked the discipline. My wife and I liked that. Parents were asking about classes, degrees."

A line backer that will sit on the bench at the U doesnt get me excited, it might add depth but we need some HOG MALIES UP FRONT, THEY WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS, can't pass or Run without them. We havent had a dominant line since Mckinnie, Romberg, and Carey. And thats the truth my Miami friends.

I think Whipple is a good candidate and we should at least give the guy until tomorrow. If he does not make a decision by tomorrow, I think we need to move on and find another candidate. The guy is talking about waiting until after the Pro Bowl to decide. I really don't think that is acceptable given the current state of affairs at The U.

by Gary Ferman

Philadelphia Eagles assistant Mark Whipple is expected to be named Miami's new offensive coordinator as early as Monday afternoon, sources have told CaneSport. Read on for all the latest. [details]

Just posted on Rivals

the only problem i see with Whipple is his upside as a coach. If he's successful at the U, he is, no doubt, going to be looking for a head coaching job at the college level or an OC job at the NFL level. that could happen quickly. As far as the immediate future, though, I think Whipple could be good if he utilizes the talent properly.


That's fine. If he just gets the ball rolling and returns the U to its high octane offense pedigree, then the culture will be reestablished. It will also help to land high flyers on offense.

it's certainly better than a coach leaving because he's fired.

There's news on rivals.com that Whipple is on the verge of accepting the OC job:

"Philadelphia Eagles assistant Mark Whipple is expected to be annouced as Miami's new offensive coordinator as early as Monday afternoon, sources in Philadelphia and Miami have told CaneSport.

Whipple is expected to have final meetings with Coach Randy Shannon and Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt and possibly University President Donna Shalala in Miami on Monday morning. If all goes well and Whipple accepts the Miami job, the human resources process of the hiring could be expedited and a press conference scheduled for the afternoon. The announcement is expected on Tuesday at the latest."

ESPN's Joe Schad reports Um expected to finalize hiring of whipple.


ESPN is now reporting it


Beat me to it

On Whipple:

QAM's Cooperstein reported today;

after a phone conversation with Whipple (Sat/24th)last night, that he is very confident Whipple's the guy. Just his opinion but, he did speak with him. And he felt good him being the guy. No guarantee, though.

On 5 star or no star:

In our first era of dominance we rarely got 2 or 3 star guy's. So, I don't think it's that big a deal.

Lets get it baby canes - We ready, We ready, We ready....for yall. Seriously, we may have some bumps in the road due to the difficulty of the schedule, but I have faith in the baby canes, and I expect to see vast improvements this upcoming season. 2009, here we come!!

Whipple's hear as long as Cower's still doing TV. Now, if he's as successful as I think he'll be, then I think he may stick around for a HC job somewhere at a BCS school.

Just my guess.

If we could play as tough defense against OU as we did UF and if Whipple can is the real deal then we have a great chance at the upset.

rivals agrees

UM's website might lead one to believe Shannon will be DC... just sayin'...if one were to look...might be unintentional though...

Hurricanes 2009 schedule is not totally set. They will work in another Bye week or re-arrange what they have. 5 days between UNC and VT would be tough.

i got the report from inside the u on all the visits

It's official..........ESPN just broke the news. Whipple from The Philadelphia Eagles
is our new OC. BOOM!

Its Official on Whipple. I just saw the same ESPN confirmation. He's a go for the OC for Miami.

As a student at UMASS during Whipple's yrs I can attest to this guy being "something else" when it comes to the offense.

He's a genius and a an Ivy league grad from Brown. A&M's Leach takes a back seat to this guy.

He run's a pro-set - west coast offense on steroids with a little - Hybrid A-11 - thrown in.

It's called "The WhipLash Offense."

Bryce Brown (all our RB's) should love it. The hole's that he opens up for running backs on obvious passing downs are unbelievable.

The Running backs will reap-off huge gains and along with the WR's will lead or at the very least challenge for the top spots in the ACC, if not the country, in O stats and scoring.

His offense is the perfect antidote for a Defensive Conference like the ACC. His Offense will do for UM what GT's O does for GT.

The WhipLash is totally unpredictable.

The typical pro set or spread O's have about 36 possible scenarios per play, while The WhipLash has approximately 2500, yes I said 2500, scenarios per play.

Now, how deep will he go I don't know. At UMASS he kept it at about 10% or 250 possible scenarios per play. That folks will make it next to impossible for the defensive Coordinators to know what will happen next.

Get ready for loads of points, boy's and girl's. I know it's hard to see right now with what you've been through lately but, I can assure you - you will score more points in your first 6 games next season than in all 13 combined this last season, guaranteed! And with a reasonable defense You guy's will be hard to beat. If not dominate.

You don't know how lucky you are, yet. But once you see this guy's "show" you will know that you've got something special.

Wait till you see how he use's the field on 3rd or 4th and 1 or less he'll set up in a "tight 2 back" and with 10 or less seconds on the play clock "bam" they all of a sudden spread way out maybe 5 WR's to the strong side
and then he'll either run it up the middle for 20 yrds or throw a slant to the weak side TE that goes all the way, man it's going to be fun.

Man, I can't believe it.

The Whip's at the U.

Welcome to the Miami Hurricane Family Mr. Green.
Great job again with the info Manny...

Damn UMASSFan,you got me more excited than a priest in a daycare.

Randy and his staff know what they are doing! They're right up there with the big boys getting what we need.. ACC this year, Nat'l Championship the year after; but will BCS qualified this year....

The big dayis drawing near! Hoping for the running back every one is raving about, along with the rest if these GIANT STUDS!!!Keep it going guys cause you sure as hell know what you are doing on the recruiting scene! ANYTHING COOKING OVER HERE IN THE VENICE SARASOTA AREA? Will help anyway I can. my E Mail is::thedudefromdade@hotmail.com

This is exactly why kids shy away from Miami. Most of OUR fans su-ck. Some of you guys are so ungrateful. I hope this kids turns out to be a stud so you guys can be begging for an autograph

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