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Canes taking final swings before Signing Day

Time is ticking and with National Signing Day approaching quickly, Randy Shannon and the Miami Hurricanes are taking their final shots at adding some of the nation's best players to their 2009 Signing Class.

Lamar Miller is all about The U. But what about Bryce Brown? UM will host its final recruiting weekend starting Friday, and a group of about 10 visitors are expected. Six are already considered UM commitments: RB Lamar Miller (Miami Killian), CB Jamal Reid (Mayo Lafayette), DE Dyron Dye (Sanford Seminole), DT Luther Robinson (Fort Pierce Westwood), DB Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford Seminole) and DB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.). The four uncommitted recruits are OL Andrew Tiller (Nassau Community College), OL Quinton Washington (St. Stephen's, S.C.), OL Peter White (Washington, D.C.) and tight end Sheldon Richardson (St. Louis, Mo.). The reality is some players are coming for a fun weekend in sunny South Florida, and some are here for serious business.

I spent all day Thursday trying to catch up with the recruits themselves, their coaches and reporters who cover them to see how serious a chance Miami has at landing their signature on signing day. I did the same with the kids who have been on the fence (visiting other schools) or already visited UM, but have continued the recruiting process. Here's a checklist that hopefully will prepare you for what is going to happen over the next few days.

UM has flirted with a lot of kids throughout the recruiting process and plenty of big names have been thrown out there as players the Canes may have a shot at. With five days left before things start becoming official, the following players are the only non-committed players I think Miami has a shot at.

Sam Barrington will announce his decision on Feb. 3 > LB Sam Barrington, 6-2, 220, Jacksonville Parker: Took his final recruiting trip to UM on Jan. 23 and told his coach Jim Scible, whom I spoke to Thursday night, that he really enjoyed his trip. Miami coaches are done with their visits to Barrington and now must wait to see if they've done enough to win him over against Illinois and South Florida. Scible said Illini coach Ron Zook was in Jacksonville yesterday and watched Barrington coach a girls' Powder Puff game at his school. "It's funny the things adult men do to get their players," Scible said. Barrington is expected to announce his decision on Tuesday night during a party at a Jacksonville night club (No, I won't be there). UM's chances: Very good. Before I hung up with Scible, he told me he was going to be expecting a call from me next week. Maybe, he gave it away?

> OL Marcus Hall, 6-5, 295, Cleveland (Oh.) Glennville: Hall visited Miami on Jan. 23 and told nearly every national recruiting website it was going to be his last trip. Turns out, according to Glennville offensive coordinator Matt Chinchar, Hall isn't done yet. He's visiting Tennessee this weekend. The U.S. Army All-American definitely enjoyed his trip to South Florida and has told everyone close to him he's really considering the Canes. But he was also seriously considering Michigan not that long agom too. And now, his new flavor of the week is Tennessee. UM's chances: Slim. You would like to think you could take a kid for his word, but in this case I get the sense Hall is playing some games and telling people (reporters and friends) what they want to hear. The truth is, the only person he really wants to make happy is his mother. And mom wants him at nearby Ohio State.

> OL Andrew Tiller, 6-6, 330, Nassau (N.Y.) Community College: Baby Huey has long had Miami in his top three along with Syracuse and Rutgers. Miami will get their shot at him this weekend and will have the South Florida Sunshine and plenty of playing opportunity to sell. But unless Miami does an unbelievable sales job, Tiller is going to be playing for Syracuse come the fall. His former JUCO coach, John Anselmo, was hired as the secondary coach by the Orange. UM's chances: Not good. Tiller can tell reporters whatever he wants, but don't you think his former coach is going to be under tremendous pressure to make sure Tiller is with the Orange next year? He'll say distance is a factor. But we'll know the truth.

> OL Peter White, 6-5, 325, Washington (DC) St. John's Prep School: Of the remaining offensive line recruits UM is chasing to try snatch, White is the player I think the Canes have the best shot at. The Under-Armour All-American has been to Maryland and Tennessee and is making the visit with his parents this weekend (a great sign). His coach Joe Patterson said UM coach Randy Shannon had a great in-home visit with White earlier this week and impressed his parents. UM's chances: Very good. Maryland and Tennessee are closer to home, but as Patterson pointed out, White is looking for a private school environment and an opportunity to play early. Miami offers both of those up big time. Look for a possible White commitment on Sunday or Monday. Patterson told me he won't wait until NSD.

> OL Quinton Washington, 6-4, 320, Timberland High, St. Stephen's S.C.: After being offered by Miami early on, coach Art Craig told me Thursday night the Canes disappeared on Washington. Part of the problem was Washington's primary recruiter was former offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Clint Hurtt took over the recruitment in December and moved UM into Washington's top five (they weren't in it originally). "He's interested not necessarily because of what they did recruiting, but becasue of the allure of the school," Craig said. "You say University of Miami to a kid and their ears perk up." Washington doesn't do many interviews because he has a speech impediment, but his coach says part of it is because he is a no non-sense guy. After his trip to Miami this weekend, he'll decide between the Canes, Michigan and South Carolina and we'll probably find out where he's going by Monday at the latest. UM's chances: Slim. The fact Miami is getting his final visit helps, but after speaking with longtime South Carolina recruiting writer Billy Baker, I've been told Washington is a Gamecock lock. Coach Steve Spurrier has targeted five offensive lineman in this class (and Washington is the last piece). Plus, Craig works South Carolina football camps in the offseason. Something tells me Mr. Spurrier is going be upset if Quinton goes elsewhere.

Sheldon Richardson, a longtime Missouri commitment, is supposed to visit the Canes this weekend. > TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, 6-4, 280, 4.7, St. Louis Gateway: Richardson has been committed to Missouri for a very long time and told local reporters thought he was done with his recruiting back in December. But UM coaches have continued to put the pressure on Richardson to give the Canes  the school he grew up dreaming of playing for) a chance. He is supposed to be doing that this weekend with an official visit. I tried calling Richardson several times tonight to confirm it was still on, but could not reach him. Richardson is definitely intrigued at the possibility of playing tight end (which looks even better now with Dedrick Epps out). 
UM's chances: Decent. I was told UM definitely feels like they've got a great shot at stealing one of the nation's top players late in the game, but there is no way it will happen without a visit. Ultimately, Miami is not only going to have to impress Richardson, but his family, too. His mother wants him close to home. The final hurdle ultimately could be academics. I was told by a St. Louis reporter Thursday Richardson might not have his test scores or grades and might end up in prep school anyway. Either way, expect NSD drama on Wednesday if he makes the trip to UM.

> TE Terrell Mitchell, 6-5, 230, McEachern High, Powder Springs, Ga.: I told you all last week Mitchell was going to be Plan B. It still looks that way. He is not scheduled to visit this weekend and could hold off on his NSD decision. His coach Kyle Hockman told me last week Mitchell had some academics to take care of. Unless he does, I can't see how he signs with the Canes: UM's chances: Good, but... Georgia dumped Mitchell and Arkansas and Missisippi State seem to be the only horses in the race. Still, academics appear to be a major problem. I can't see Miami taking him.  

> OTHERS TO KEEP AN EYE ON: Miami hosted two other offensive linemen back in December -- Bobby Massie (6-6, 330) and Daniel Campbell (6-5, 320) from Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. I've tried numerous times reaching their coach Robert Prunty and have come up empty. But word I've received from others is Massie is likely going to the SEC (Alabama or Mississippi State) and Campbell has disappeared off the face of the earth since his UM visit. From my conversations with UM insiders, it's doubtful any of them come to UM.

> SCRATCH THEM FROM THE LIST: Receiver Andre Debose (sticking with UF, but visiting FSU this weekend), cornerback Greg Reid (consider UM nothing more than a flirtation, my people tell me he's headed to Florida State), linebacker Tana Patrick (no longer considering UM), linebacker Greg King (needs a test score and is likely headed to the SEC anyway) and tight end Billy Sanders (guess he's not going to take that last minute trip to UM after all).

Kayvon Webster has flirted with USF and West Virginia, but he will probably remain a Cane. > CB Kayvon Webster, 5-11, 181, Monsignor Pace: If you listened to WQAM on Thursday night you probably think there is no way Webster is going to Miami, especially the way he talked about South Florida and West Virginia (who have continued to recruit him). But when I spoke to Webster over the phone moments later he sounded totally different, like someone who was enjoying getting people nervous. He said he expects to come in and play cornerback at Miami and plans to have a fun weekend with Randy Phillips while other recruits visit the Canes. I expect Webster to choose the Canes when he makes his announcement at Pace at noon on Wednesday.

> DT Luther Robinson, 6-3, 280, Fort Pierce Westwood: Robinson took a couple of trips to Florida and UCF over the past couple of weeks and has his final trip lined up for the Canes this weekend. If he wasn't taking it, there might be reason to be nervous. But Robinson sounded to me like someone who just looking and I suspect some of this might have been to create a little excitement on NSD. I'd be very surprised if he didn't ink with the Canes Wednesday.

> CB Jamal Reid, 6-1, 175, Mayo Lafayette: Reid took a midweek trip to Mississippi State to visit with former Gators assistant Dan Mullen. They are definitely trying to sell Reid on the fact he could play both ways, something he could probably pull off there. When I spoke to Reid last week about what he would play at UM he talked about playing anywhere on the field. I know getting a shot at receiver, which he played mostly in high school, intrigues him. Miami coaches might need to promise him that this weekend to avoid a signing day surprise.

> RB Bryce Brown, 6-0, 215, Wichita East (Kan.): No, the nation's No. 1 recruit won't be signing anywhere Wednesday. But I still believe he will end up being a Hurricane in the end. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple paid him a visit this week and Brown is taking things slow. There are rumblings he could take a visit to Auburn in the next couple weeks. If he does, it will just be more drama to follow. Frankly, I'm convinced that is all this is. Look for Susan Miller Degnan's feature on Bryce in the paper in the coming days for more details.


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1st againnnn

Great work again.

canes win, they lose

1st 1st 1st

Until these punks win a national championship we shouldn't give a damn about them. Show up, win a title then maybe we'll care about what recruits think. Til then shut up and just sign with the U.


So if it shapes up the way ur looking at it, with us taking everyone whose already comitted and those who u say good chance, how do we fare and rank in this years recruting class and does it fil all our needs? And ne DC news??????

Q: Manny, So if it shapes up the way ur looking at it, with us taking everyone whose already comitted and those who u say good chance, how do we fare and rank in this years recruting class and does it fil all our needs? And ne DC news?????? Posted by: jkasse2 | January 30, 2009 at 12:38 AM

A: I think Miami will end up with 23 signees in this class (once Brown adds his name). If Miami adds White, Barrington and Richardson (that would be the signing day shocker), then Miami will finish with a Top 10 national class. Problem is those rankings will be completed without Brown. So, I would expect Miami to finish in the teens.


Ehh Im kind of nervous about Jamal Reid,if we lose him it would be a huge loss.

And its scary that Greg Reid is going to be a Nole

If we land Hall and White then Brown is coming to Miami. I mean the guy is recruiting for us. He says that his decision is going to be contingent on what White and Hall do. It's worth noting that Miami is in the lead for both of those guys.

Hall is going to Ohio St

His mother wants him to go there and his HS coach is Teddy Ginn Sr.

I don't say this very often, but good work Manny. I like your projections, although I think Miami can land either Hall (I've said OSU all the way) or Washington (the better odds of the two, in my opinion), and I would probably put Richardson on the "Slim" list. But who knows until each of them has actually signed? I think Bryce has been playing this whole time and soaking in the moments. In the end, his bro's a Cane and Miami has way better opportunities for the NFL than Oregon.

The "on the fence" guys I'm not so sure about in the end other than Brown. They all have a nice plate in front of them. I hope they all stick it out with Miami, but I understand if they are lured away. I'm not too far removed from being 18 years old and having tough decisions to make about my future. Though, I'm happy I chose to be a Cane, in the end.

I think the bottom line that has to come from all the recruiting hype is that Miami has another solid class lined up. The truth about the coaching staff will come out in the next 2 years or so. It doesn't take all 4 and 5 star recruits to win championships. As Shannon said in the past, it takes depth and experience (when he alluded to Wake Forest). That's ultimately what is being built here. I won't complain if Miami does get more of the 4 and 5 star guys, though (wink).

PS: I like the new posting format here.

Outstanding info Manny. They guy I most want the Canes to get out of this weekend is Peter White. He'd be our best OL coming in this year and could help turn a weakness into a positive. Under Whip's tutelage an blocking for Coop, JJ, Lamar, James and maybe Bryce and the '10 guys he could accomplish some great things. Glad to hear he'll decide before NSD.

We really just need to keep the guys we have, add White or one other OL, and sign Barrington and we're good. The few remaining schollies will be put to very good use with what looks to be a great class for So. Fla. in '10.

can you print the transript of Antalle Roole's interview with Joe Rose from a couple of days ago..I hear it was informative.


I must say you get right to the point and I think all of these recruiting services that people pay for including myself would love for them to give us the break down that you gave today, You continue to work very hard and I wish your collegues would take the same passion.


The quotes I saw from Hall made it sound like he loved Miami but his mother had her worries. That's never good, but then he backed off it a bit and said his mother wouldn't stand in his way. I agree this is a bit of a stretch, but I don't think the kid is making up his feelings about the U. Still, get White and Barrington and call it a year. Save the rest for the rediculous amount of kids in the S. Fla 2010 class.

Oh, and Brian Butler sounds a lot like a brainwasher to me. That article about him was disturbing, and the NCAA might want to have a look at this guy and the others like him (he claims he is emmulating other guys from Cali).

I agree with boston cane- may of hese kids are acting like punka$$ be--octhes. They think it's cute to give your word then take it back. They are immature and individualistic because of this hype/ after all... WHAT HAVE THEY DONE SO FAR? ANSWER: NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. NADA.

Bryce Brown is starting to pi-- me off. And I am a the verge of disliking him and hoping he takes his s--t elsewhere. The mere fact that he has a "representative" to me, stinks of high heaven. And this is the prima donna atttitude, that even when (if) he joins Miami, he will display when on the team> DOES THAT SOUND FAMILI(MARVE)AR? what would happen if Brycey doesnt start? Answer, he will whine his rep will whine, and he will transfer. I see it. Guaranteed. I say, to you all:

Let's not get our hopes up for Bryce Brown. we have Lamar Miller who is acting like a true cane, and others. If that BOY wants to be a cane, then he should start acting like a man. Recall- he committed way back in October and now he is playing us. Screw him!

Give me Peter White, Marcus Hall, & Sheldon Richardson and even if Bryce doesn't sign on NSD, Miami will still have a top ten class!!! But I doubt we get all those studs I've just mentioned, I do believe Bryce signs with the 'canes in the end though!

Mel Kiper and these recruiting services are wrong 50% of the time anyway.. and these "recruiting ranking services" like Rivals and ESPN and other are pure B--S--. They get the real obvious ones right, and of the so callled 150 thatthey rank, how many are busts, how many never graduate, how many do better than expected? Ask Jerry Rice, or Tony Romo.

Manny, great work as always. UM won't be able to get all the recruits, we just hope those that do sign, have the passion and drive to get the program headed in the right direction.

Great work Manny, thanks for keeping us informed. Nix dropping the ball on that SC lineman recruit makes you wonder.

As for the UM recruits,
its not the stars by their name,
its that playmaking ability in their game
that matters most.

UM history has shown us that certain players will develop and others won't over the next couple of years, and this class will be best judged then. But many of these recruits exite me, and as ChicagoCane said, we have two five-stars already committed and a sick number of quality S.Fla. 2010 recruits to choose from next year. RS and staff have done a good job.

forget about hall ginn sr is on the 2nd dirtiest college football coaches payroll. any decent talent from glenville goes to osu. ginn sr was wearing bling long before ginn jr was at osu, not bad for a high school coach. and if your wondering who the dirtiest coach is it's bobby bowden but give tressel some time he will catch up.

With Epps likely out for the year,Richard Gordan and Tevaris Johnson will have to show up every game.RG is the better talent and ball player,should be motivated his senior year.


I always read with interest although I do not keep track of the recruits. My question is whether we have a TE that can fill Epps shoes, he was coming along very nicely. You would think that the U would be the #1 school for TEs with all of the pros we have produced, but from your report today they either are not coming or are not making the grades.

I agree with Jaime.......Brown is starting to p-ss me off too. Just what we need another drama queen. This team will work just fine with or without him. I surely wouldn't keep kissing his you know what. This is another Marve in the making.


Great primer Manny! Keep up the good work. The next 5 days are likely to be quite busy...

Bryce Brown has been pi$$isng me off since November...where have you guys been on this? The thing that put me over the top was the wait until after signing day...ala Terrell Pryor. I don't understand what you have to gain from that.

Great job Manny! You are busting tail these last few days! If I did not know better, I would say you enjoy this recruiting stuff!!

Fellas I get the feeling that we might have a better shot at hall than U think. Ginn St. may be on payroll but as we see in chicago all the time kids especially the "serious" ones like to go away. Why, because a serious kid recognizes how this situation give them a chance to grow as a man. Besides if you were anywhere in the midwest last night that S. Fla. heat is going to feel reel good this weekend. I have faith that Coach can close the deal. Plus consider how Buckeye fortunes have been in terms of bad press for the Big ten. Yes they are always considered the cream of the big ten crop and the national media spends all year calling them overrated after their early non-conference showdown losses.

Some of this may make sense and some of it won't but I swear to U. I got the feeling about this kid. He's cummin to the U.

Thanks Manny! Great work as usual.

To everyone out there: how about that Lamar Miller?!?! This kid seems like a true CANE even before he steps on the field. One visit, period!

I cannot express how much respect I have for this kid. No drama. No buying into the crap other coaches or the Canes-hating media are selling out there. None of that!

I really hope this kid succeeds at The U. I feel like he was already part of the Canes family even before getting his UM offer and committing to the Canes. Who knows how many games we've been to where this kid was in those same stands rooting for the U! And now he'll get a chance to play there!

I can't wait to see him on the field. It'll be like one of us out there. Put me on the list to buy his jersey as soon as it comes out.

Manny - how about a story or a post on this guy after NSD?



What happened with Richard Gordon? I mean if I remember correctly, is he like 6-4, 250ish and ran a ridculouse sub 4.6, 4.5? I don't the actual facts, but I know he was big and fast (actually returned kick-offs)....but what's up? Are the skills not there, lack of heart, or just not a go getta?.....Anyone?

Richard Gordon - stone hands

Too bad we're not going to have nice weather this weekend: http://www.miamiherald.com/459/story/879143.html

Richardson 280 lbs Tight End. I dont think so. maybe it sounds good for him to believe he can play Tight End, but he is no where near the prototype tightend for Miami. If he's a good D-lineman, bring him on, but other than that If he's stuck on playing Tight-End and has grade problems it really doesnt matter.

When do you think Bryce will choose his school of choice? In April (?) like Terrell Pryor? June? The day before the college season begins?
Next year's NSD? Never?!

Two things I got from reading this article. But before I start. I think if anyone wants to know about the UM this is the ONLY palce to be. I have tried to find out about the recruiting for 2009 from almost everywhere and this is t he only place that has the info I need. Now he's my observation. FIRST I wished that parents of players would just stop interfering with their kids. You raise em now is the time to let them go. It is time for the mother eagle to let go of the eaglett. Let them fly. Wanting what you think is best for your kids is not always the best thing. I want him close to home.... forget the education... forget the fact that he is making the final steps towards the rest of HIS life not yours. I did it... I raise one that knew at the age of 4 what the child wanted to do for the rest of her life. We nurtured her and helped her alsong the way... but when it came time for college... WE let her make the decission... And we are better off for it. She left home five years ago and is now making more money than my wife and I put together. We never once interfiered with her decission of where to go and what to learn... We never told her not to follow her dream.... And we are better parents for doing so. Now for #2 For t he love of GOD I can not figure some kids out... They want to play sports professionally. All their life thats all they dream about...thats all practice day in and day out. from the age of 5 they start playing BB or Baseball or football. When they get to HS and have the chance to SHINE some forget about the education factor. You can not make the final step without the diploma and good grades. Colleges do not only look at how fast you are or how high can he jump or how big you are... they look for SMARTS also. The grades you make in HS will follow you all your life... They show what you are made of. Bad grades no study will show EVERYONE you not all that there is.. Fine you can play a sport but after 5-6 years where do you go from there? Lets see go to college play sports. from F year to Jr 3 years. If your good you bolt the system & go pro. I(f you get Red shirt its 4. Now to the pros if your lucky and do not get hurt 5-6 years maybe 10. so lets see 18 out of HS 22 out of college. 32 after pro career that means you have to work for 40 more years before you can retire. So you see I'll do good in HS 3 yrs better in college another 3. So for 6-7 years I bust my butt. Get that million dollar deal work MA off as a pro work another 10 then move to whereever for the rest of my life. ONe last thing. HEY MOM !!!! you son goes to college 4 years then pro for 5-6 thats ten years. How old are you NOW 40-45? by 55 he gets the $$$$and comes home to buy you the house you always wanted maybe the car. BUT you know he will never have to come home and not have to wait till 70 to retire on Uncle Sames $$$ to do it.... Wise up parents... From one who has been there.....

Dade County, have you seen Richardson play? Don't try and put him in a box. With that kind of vision San Diego's Gates would still be playing basketball. Who is to say that this guy can't get a little leaner and faster, be a great blocking TE who also runs great routes and knows how to separate. Just sayin, it could go either way. If not, he gets moved to DLine, no harm done. Why not let the coaches figure it you...they probably have more information/experience.

I thought that there maybe a couple more sleepers. Good Job, as always Manny.

Some people have Sanders as possibly coming this wkend?

Q: Manny, I always read with interest although I do not keep track of the recruits. My question is whether we have a TE that can fill Epps shoes, he was coming along very nicely. You would think that the U would be the #1 school for TEs with all of the pros we have produced, but from your report today they either are not coming or are not making the grades. Posted by: PlantationCane | January 30, 2009 at 08:07 AM

A: Miami had three tight ends very early in this process and I think had strong beliefs they were going to land Orson Charles. Then, the Robert Marve fiasco happened and Charles was gone. Billy Sanders was the backup plan. Now, it looks like he's going to UCLA. Cory White was going to be brought in either as a tight end or offensive linemen. He's worked his way into being an offensive linemen. Stephen Plein, who played defensive end in high school, is now the only real tight end prospect they are bringing in unless Richardson (who I suspect will be a defensive tackle) and or Terrell Mitchell sign with Miami. It was an unfortunate situation. Miami certainly wasn't counting on Dedrick Epps tearing his ACL during the bowl week. Richard Gordon and Tervaris Johnson are quick honestly just backups. Gordon has not done a good job catching balls and unless something changes I this Miami offense isn't going to use the tight end very much next season -- at least until (and if) Epps returns.

Manny, I like what you mentioned about 23. We can do 27-28 but then wed only have 15 next yr. So, if randy is happy with the depth, why take an extra 5 kids that we really arent that high on, and save the 4-5 schollys till the 2010 class. Obviously. if we get 6-7 kids they want say yes, then we would use them. Its like a few classes back how we added adderly, stagall(Both never played) and they were just added late to fill spots. Its better to keep them in the deep class next yr, WE already have a 5 star DT from jax verball, and chandler the DT from northwestern verbal, so that leaves only a small amount of schollys. YOu guys agree?? to take what manny says if we dont get the ones we want?

Why is everyone so "pissed" at Brown. He is doing the song and dance like other highly sought after recruits. Bottom line is, Brown is going to go no where fast without the O-line recruits. So for me, as much as i hope Brown signs wiht the U, im looking for O-line studs. I will be glad to see us lose Brown if it means we land the O-line guys. Cause as you have seen from the past 2 years, we have 2 kick ass RB's right now and they get pounded and beat up game after game cause the O-line is well...just less than average.

This recruiting drama is ridiculous....Like BostonCane says, get in here...win a NC...and then U can get the accolades....until you prove it in the college game, you are just a high school kid (with A LOT to prove)....

Manny or anyone else...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME why we can not get a top caliber TE to come to the U and become the next Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow, Greg Olsen???

What gives?

Hey Manny,

Tell the recruits to check out this story:

It may help them make up their mind.

Yeah, what gives? Our blogaholics need to sober up. We're still a long way from elite status.

Manny, do you think that any other ACC teams (such as NC and FSU) will beat UM in the final recruiting class rankings?

bummer on Greg Reid to FSU. Better there than with the 'Turds, but I was hoping we might have a shot.

Great work, Manny. It's been great lately to be able to log on and get something fresh from you consistently. Keep it up.

I think the way to look at this class is not by the rank we get. We got the flashy #1 class loaded with skill players last year. A class filled with linemen depth/need fillers is just not going to get that kind of top billing, but there is a lot of talent there, mixed in with some flashy studs, but most importantly, what we need out of this class is to build the foundation for the team. We need quick, agile beef for both sides of the line of scrimmage and to add depth throughout the roster. I think that's exactly what Randy appears headed toward accomplishing.

While we may not be getting the top billing for this class, if you judged solely based on needs, it's hard to argue we are not getting exactly what we need here.

That is, assuming we can hold the class together over the next couple days and pick up a surprise or two, especially at oline.

I don't really get Bryce's deal anymore. I totally understand him taking his time and going through the process and not rushing the decision, but it definitely seems like he is just milking the spotlight at this point. He's obviously talented and I'd love to see him in Orange and Green and the Brown's seem to have a great family with solid values, I don't know. It's just getting seedy I guess.

I feel the the U will get at least one top te in this group. Why, because it is just so easy to sell early playing time, and that is what all of these recruits, dig.

"Manny or anyone else...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME why we can not get a top caliber TE to come to the U and become the next Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow, Greg Olsen???

What gives?

Posted by: STEVE IN CT"

Epps has the ability of all the guys you mentioned but was never utilized while Nix was here. Epps is a special talent and this injury was just so unfortunate. Anyone with any kind of eye for talent can see Epps was/is special.

And Wayne Ritchie,
That is some great advice to any parent.

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