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Canes taking final swings before Signing Day

Time is ticking and with National Signing Day approaching quickly, Randy Shannon and the Miami Hurricanes are taking their final shots at adding some of the nation's best players to their 2009 Signing Class.

Lamar Miller is all about The U. But what about Bryce Brown? UM will host its final recruiting weekend starting Friday, and a group of about 10 visitors are expected. Six are already considered UM commitments: RB Lamar Miller (Miami Killian), CB Jamal Reid (Mayo Lafayette), DE Dyron Dye (Sanford Seminole), DT Luther Robinson (Fort Pierce Westwood), DB Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford Seminole) and DB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.). The four uncommitted recruits are OL Andrew Tiller (Nassau Community College), OL Quinton Washington (St. Stephen's, S.C.), OL Peter White (Washington, D.C.) and tight end Sheldon Richardson (St. Louis, Mo.). The reality is some players are coming for a fun weekend in sunny South Florida, and some are here for serious business.

I spent all day Thursday trying to catch up with the recruits themselves, their coaches and reporters who cover them to see how serious a chance Miami has at landing their signature on signing day. I did the same with the kids who have been on the fence (visiting other schools) or already visited UM, but have continued the recruiting process. Here's a checklist that hopefully will prepare you for what is going to happen over the next few days.

UM has flirted with a lot of kids throughout the recruiting process and plenty of big names have been thrown out there as players the Canes may have a shot at. With five days left before things start becoming official, the following players are the only non-committed players I think Miami has a shot at.

Sam Barrington will announce his decision on Feb. 3 > LB Sam Barrington, 6-2, 220, Jacksonville Parker: Took his final recruiting trip to UM on Jan. 23 and told his coach Jim Scible, whom I spoke to Thursday night, that he really enjoyed his trip. Miami coaches are done with their visits to Barrington and now must wait to see if they've done enough to win him over against Illinois and South Florida. Scible said Illini coach Ron Zook was in Jacksonville yesterday and watched Barrington coach a girls' Powder Puff game at his school. "It's funny the things adult men do to get their players," Scible said. Barrington is expected to announce his decision on Tuesday night during a party at a Jacksonville night club (No, I won't be there). UM's chances: Very good. Before I hung up with Scible, he told me he was going to be expecting a call from me next week. Maybe, he gave it away?

> OL Marcus Hall, 6-5, 295, Cleveland (Oh.) Glennville: Hall visited Miami on Jan. 23 and told nearly every national recruiting website it was going to be his last trip. Turns out, according to Glennville offensive coordinator Matt Chinchar, Hall isn't done yet. He's visiting Tennessee this weekend. The U.S. Army All-American definitely enjoyed his trip to South Florida and has told everyone close to him he's really considering the Canes. But he was also seriously considering Michigan not that long agom too. And now, his new flavor of the week is Tennessee. UM's chances: Slim. You would like to think you could take a kid for his word, but in this case I get the sense Hall is playing some games and telling people (reporters and friends) what they want to hear. The truth is, the only person he really wants to make happy is his mother. And mom wants him at nearby Ohio State.

> OL Andrew Tiller, 6-6, 330, Nassau (N.Y.) Community College: Baby Huey has long had Miami in his top three along with Syracuse and Rutgers. Miami will get their shot at him this weekend and will have the South Florida Sunshine and plenty of playing opportunity to sell. But unless Miami does an unbelievable sales job, Tiller is going to be playing for Syracuse come the fall. His former JUCO coach, John Anselmo, was hired as the secondary coach by the Orange. UM's chances: Not good. Tiller can tell reporters whatever he wants, but don't you think his former coach is going to be under tremendous pressure to make sure Tiller is with the Orange next year? He'll say distance is a factor. But we'll know the truth.

> OL Peter White, 6-5, 325, Washington (DC) St. John's Prep School: Of the remaining offensive line recruits UM is chasing to try snatch, White is the player I think the Canes have the best shot at. The Under-Armour All-American has been to Maryland and Tennessee and is making the visit with his parents this weekend (a great sign). His coach Joe Patterson said UM coach Randy Shannon had a great in-home visit with White earlier this week and impressed his parents. UM's chances: Very good. Maryland and Tennessee are closer to home, but as Patterson pointed out, White is looking for a private school environment and an opportunity to play early. Miami offers both of those up big time. Look for a possible White commitment on Sunday or Monday. Patterson told me he won't wait until NSD.

> OL Quinton Washington, 6-4, 320, Timberland High, St. Stephen's S.C.: After being offered by Miami early on, coach Art Craig told me Thursday night the Canes disappeared on Washington. Part of the problem was Washington's primary recruiter was former offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Clint Hurtt took over the recruitment in December and moved UM into Washington's top five (they weren't in it originally). "He's interested not necessarily because of what they did recruiting, but becasue of the allure of the school," Craig said. "You say University of Miami to a kid and their ears perk up." Washington doesn't do many interviews because he has a speech impediment, but his coach says part of it is because he is a no non-sense guy. After his trip to Miami this weekend, he'll decide between the Canes, Michigan and South Carolina and we'll probably find out where he's going by Monday at the latest. UM's chances: Slim. The fact Miami is getting his final visit helps, but after speaking with longtime South Carolina recruiting writer Billy Baker, I've been told Washington is a Gamecock lock. Coach Steve Spurrier has targeted five offensive lineman in this class (and Washington is the last piece). Plus, Craig works South Carolina football camps in the offseason. Something tells me Mr. Spurrier is going be upset if Quinton goes elsewhere.

Sheldon Richardson, a longtime Missouri commitment, is supposed to visit the Canes this weekend. > TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, 6-4, 280, 4.7, St. Louis Gateway: Richardson has been committed to Missouri for a very long time and told local reporters thought he was done with his recruiting back in December. But UM coaches have continued to put the pressure on Richardson to give the Canes  the school he grew up dreaming of playing for) a chance. He is supposed to be doing that this weekend with an official visit. I tried calling Richardson several times tonight to confirm it was still on, but could not reach him. Richardson is definitely intrigued at the possibility of playing tight end (which looks even better now with Dedrick Epps out). 
UM's chances: Decent. I was told UM definitely feels like they've got a great shot at stealing one of the nation's top players late in the game, but there is no way it will happen without a visit. Ultimately, Miami is not only going to have to impress Richardson, but his family, too. His mother wants him close to home. The final hurdle ultimately could be academics. I was told by a St. Louis reporter Thursday Richardson might not have his test scores or grades and might end up in prep school anyway. Either way, expect NSD drama on Wednesday if he makes the trip to UM.

> TE Terrell Mitchell, 6-5, 230, McEachern High, Powder Springs, Ga.: I told you all last week Mitchell was going to be Plan B. It still looks that way. He is not scheduled to visit this weekend and could hold off on his NSD decision. His coach Kyle Hockman told me last week Mitchell had some academics to take care of. Unless he does, I can't see how he signs with the Canes: UM's chances: Good, but... Georgia dumped Mitchell and Arkansas and Missisippi State seem to be the only horses in the race. Still, academics appear to be a major problem. I can't see Miami taking him.  

> OTHERS TO KEEP AN EYE ON: Miami hosted two other offensive linemen back in December -- Bobby Massie (6-6, 330) and Daniel Campbell (6-5, 320) from Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. I've tried numerous times reaching their coach Robert Prunty and have come up empty. But word I've received from others is Massie is likely going to the SEC (Alabama or Mississippi State) and Campbell has disappeared off the face of the earth since his UM visit. From my conversations with UM insiders, it's doubtful any of them come to UM.

> SCRATCH THEM FROM THE LIST: Receiver Andre Debose (sticking with UF, but visiting FSU this weekend), cornerback Greg Reid (consider UM nothing more than a flirtation, my people tell me he's headed to Florida State), linebacker Tana Patrick (no longer considering UM), linebacker Greg King (needs a test score and is likely headed to the SEC anyway) and tight end Billy Sanders (guess he's not going to take that last minute trip to UM after all).

Kayvon Webster has flirted with USF and West Virginia, but he will probably remain a Cane. > CB Kayvon Webster, 5-11, 181, Monsignor Pace: If you listened to WQAM on Thursday night you probably think there is no way Webster is going to Miami, especially the way he talked about South Florida and West Virginia (who have continued to recruit him). But when I spoke to Webster over the phone moments later he sounded totally different, like someone who was enjoying getting people nervous. He said he expects to come in and play cornerback at Miami and plans to have a fun weekend with Randy Phillips while other recruits visit the Canes. I expect Webster to choose the Canes when he makes his announcement at Pace at noon on Wednesday.

> DT Luther Robinson, 6-3, 280, Fort Pierce Westwood: Robinson took a couple of trips to Florida and UCF over the past couple of weeks and has his final trip lined up for the Canes this weekend. If he wasn't taking it, there might be reason to be nervous. But Robinson sounded to me like someone who just looking and I suspect some of this might have been to create a little excitement on NSD. I'd be very surprised if he didn't ink with the Canes Wednesday.

> CB Jamal Reid, 6-1, 175, Mayo Lafayette: Reid took a midweek trip to Mississippi State to visit with former Gators assistant Dan Mullen. They are definitely trying to sell Reid on the fact he could play both ways, something he could probably pull off there. When I spoke to Reid last week about what he would play at UM he talked about playing anywhere on the field. I know getting a shot at receiver, which he played mostly in high school, intrigues him. Miami coaches might need to promise him that this weekend to avoid a signing day surprise.

> RB Bryce Brown, 6-0, 215, Wichita East (Kan.): No, the nation's No. 1 recruit won't be signing anywhere Wednesday. But I still believe he will end up being a Hurricane in the end. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple paid him a visit this week and Brown is taking things slow. There are rumblings he could take a visit to Auburn in the next couple weeks. If he does, it will just be more drama to follow. Frankly, I'm convinced that is all this is. Look for Susan Miller Degnan's feature on Bryce in the paper in the coming days for more details.


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Bryce & the rest of the Big Uglies,

When Coach Whipple got to UMass, they were 2-9 & lead the nation in allowed sacks. 1st year Coach Whip was there, they went 9-2, won the 1-AA title, set statistical records & reduced their allowed sacks by 90%. Coach Whipple did this with UMass talent (No Offense UMass faithful). WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE? You're about to miss out on the return of NFL-U. Go ahead Bryce. Go to Oregon, where you'll wonder which on the 23 color combo's you'll be wearing for each game & play in a gimmicky offense. OR, stop playing games, ditch the representer, before you inadvertently commit a NCAA infraction... Come to Miami,poss win a title, or 2, or 3, or dare I say 4 (I'm not drunk or high, I'm @ work). Then set yourself up for the NFL. CHA-CHING!!! I'm gone. Back to work I go...

This is the story with Bryce Brown:

By now, he is probably 95% sure he wants to be a Cane. We already have tons of high quality lineman coming to the U next year: Jermaine Johnson, Brandon Washington, Malcolm Bunche, and 2 others... O-Line can no longer be the excuse. Ditto with not having an OC- we now have Whipple and he's a stud!

Bryce is gonna drag this out for another month for TWO REASONS:

1) since he and his 'manager' just launched their website, complete with a $9.99 monthly charge to find out what Bryce is thinking, if he joins UM in 5 days, they'll never be able to make a buck of the site. What they're counting on is signing day passing, and making a few bucks from remaining in the spotlight for another month.. I can already read the headlines, "Top Recruit in Nation Still Undecided."

2) Bryce is enjoying this attention, pure and simple. It's a tremendous ego boost and rush for him... so he's milking it for as much as he can.

These are PRECISELY the TWO reasons why he's dragging it out- pure and simple.

Probably right NJcane, but it sure is ugly to watch. A lot like a car wreck. Anyway, I hope he does come to the U and that he response well when his Ego gets taken down a few notches!

Old farmer told me, you keep milking after the utter is dry, you just might get kicked in the head. BB. NSD utter goes dry, could get ugly.

Yeah, what gives? Our blogaholics need to sober up. We're still a long way from elite status.

Manny, do you think that any other ACC teams (such as NC and FSU) will beat UM in the final recruiting class rankings?

Posted by: nemo2002 | January 30, 2009 at 01:46 PM

Rivals and scout go by overall points, so, a team like NC, with 29 , will have high points. ESPN rankings, that go by actual talent, we are higher than both FSU and NC. check it out. So, I would say we will finish higher

Is Whip gonna be on hand this weekend for the recruits to meet? Hope so.

Oh, by the way. That web site that Brown's "mentor/advisor" set up for a $9.99 fee, there are only 3 subscribers to the thing. What a joke!!

well, we are #7 on Espn and #8 on rivals with picks still to go. as I said above, rivals is points based, the more U sign, the more points U have . So, expect a top 10 finish on ESPN, and if we can get 4-5 more picks a top 10 on rivals. Scout doesnt count prep players points I believe, and thats why we r lower. But in reality, rankings mean squat. Other than the stud thats a cant miss like an adrian peterson or reggie bush(bryce in our case) its the way they grow. We have a solid foundation of 60-70 kids now that are Highly regarded and we have built depth in each position. GOne are the coker days with 1 wr recruit in 3 classes, no qbs for 3 classes, no depth, filling in at the end with 2 star kids. Just think, we had arthur brown, futch,buchanon, cj holton, and vaughn telemaque-and more, barely play at all. Those were 4 and 5 star kids. Thats the kind of depth we are building. Plus, our 6 ft 5 wr that we are missing for fades and jump balls, streeter, also redshirted. We are really loaded with talent, and if bryce doesnt stick, Lamar Miller is 1 of the top 10 RBS in the nation, tested against so fla talent. And mike james is a 4 star stud--we still have coop,jj, and lee chambers looked awesome in the bowl game(who randy stole out of mississipi in the patch class of 07 when he took over) chambers was an eSPN 150 player on their list. So w/o bryce, next yr we go 5 deep with great RBS, and the 2010 class manny mentions is loaded with 5 star guys clements and gore and others. We are 1 class away from being totally decokerized, and have 4 classes of randy shannons recruiting after 2010. THE U IS ON THE WAY BACK----------again, dont be surprised if randy pulls out some surprise players in the end and steals some. LETS GO CANES-------C A N E S CANES CANES CANES

What happened to Tevin McCaskill?

2 subscribers to the Bryce Brown site....someone give this guy $20 bucks so that Bryce will sign on LOI day.

Why all of a sudden we can't get our kids to stay home to play for the best university in America? thats ridiculous other coaches just walk in to Miami and snatch our kids. These coaches not better than Shannon, their just made extra promises to these kids that Shannon would not allowed which i completely agree with. I think Randy Shannon is doing a great job, and all the U fans should suport him no matter what out come.

Here is an interesting SI article concerning recruiting which mentions Florida has produced the most FBS players from 2004-08), and it analyzes and links successful programs to those that recruit their own backyard. Interesting



Glad that you mentioned Chambers. He looked better than Cooper and J.James in the Emerald Bowl.

With the existing running backs plus Lamar Miller and Mike James, I am comfortable with the running game IF, notice that is a BIG IF!, IF we bring in the OL prospects so that we find a solid unit from the group. Obviously, that helps pass protection/passing game which takes pressure off the running game which takes pressure off the passing game which takes pressure off the ... and on and on.

Which takes pressure off the defense...

We still have a few holes at other positions but the glaring weekness last year was the OL.

Even Bryce saw that and doesn't want to come here unless he sees that the problem is more than addressed, it is fixed.

Speaking of which, the commit Bunche should really help the attitude of the OL in the weight room. We really should have some athletic monsters in a couple of years.

Anyone hear anything about the Def Coord search?

Some of these kids are afraid of competition and don't want to compete against elite personnel for the job. That's what Shannon does and how it should be done. These other coaches grant these kids playing time and that lures them away. Only the players that have the "swagger" to compete for their place come here. As for the people that say, "Well Shannon said that Harris will be the starter next year and not compete for it, so what does that say?"(I know it's comming), I think Shannon had Harris and Marve go back and fourth this year to see who is the more commanding and more of a leader for the team. That's why he named Harris the early starter weather or not Marve came back or not.

I wonder how WVU and Ohio St get so many top recruits out of SoFla?

because they have very low academic standards
alas Noel devine, the kid hardly passed high school and he is an honor student at WV.

Hopefully Swasey will get them boys swole.

Rios implicated Juan Manuel Rico, a 20-year-old Miami-Dade College student, in the robberies. Rico later admitted to his part in the robberies when interviewed by police.

So not only is rios a wanna be thug but he's a snitch too.

hope aubrey hill gets those receivers tight.

i think barrington, richardson, hall, and white would make the class. itd be game over. what are the compntents a player needs to be a tight end? are there any WRs that we could move to that position? i mean we almost have too many WRs lol.

Manny, as always, a job well done. Appreciate the insight.

Q - Regarding D. Campbell, if I remember correctly he wa previously a USC commit but USC kinda cool off on him. He had a good visit to Miami a few weeks/months back when he and Massie came down. Then there was word foating out there that since USC wasn't really all that interested in him any more, Miami had taken the lead for his services. I heard that maybe 5 or 6 weeks ago. Ever since then I don't think he's taken any visits and there hasn't been much said about him. In the research you did for this blog, did you find that there was another school in the lead for him now? Is he gonna be one of those guys who maybe doesn't go anywhere on NSD? Possibly even a guy who doesn't sign until next year a la J. Johnson, who the Canes got this year? Just curious if you had anything more on him, since it seemed Miami was the only school in contention for him the last I heard.

Thanks again!

IF what you say comes true, then this class will be a 14th of 15th ranked class and Randy's "recruiting guru" status will be a bit tarnished. especially if Brown does not sign with the Canes, which is looking like a good possibility. I don't see too many playmakers in this class, and while some beef at the OL position may be coming in, not too many top rated players there either. No quality TE's, No QB's, No WR's, No cornerbacks to speak of. The Safety position looks good, but no DL help here either. Frankly, it's a bit disappointing to hear that most of the top recruits we thought may come are actually not even taking a visit. Let's hope for a last minute miracle and perhaps we can land a couple more top recruits. Miller is going to be great if he can get an OL to block for him. Without a TE, a pro-style offense is crippled. We will have to hope that one of these lower ranked kids surprises everyone and turns out to be a stud. Let's hope you are wrong Manny, but you hardly ever are.


I do believe its possible to kid could tone down and be a force at Tightend. its just the odds are against him. He's young,18 yrs old, and has more growing days in front of him than slendering up. Sapp was a excellent Tightend coming out of high school, but he never got smaller only bigger, and he would have never been able to run with Franks, Shockey, Winslow or Olsen. I want the kid to help us, but it just doesnt seem highly problable it will be at tight-end. Dont want to get the kid all hyped up that he will be the next Winslow,and he's 300 lbs trying to runa seam route.


We got most of playmakers in last years class,no need to take anymore WRs or Qbs even though Highsmith is listed as an athlete did play qb.

And Ray Ray Armstrong is an amazing playmaker on D and Jamal Reid which will be a star is a playmaker on either offense or defense.

The only thing to be worried about it the TE position.

Richardson is the key catch out of this weekends visits. If we get him, we are a top 3 class again. Last year we grabbed QB's, LB's, WR's and DL's. This year we have DB's, RB's and OL's. The key is Tight End. A great tight end is what this offense is missing. I still revere Shockey's catch in 2000 against FSU as the catch that single handingly, announced that we were back. Another big time TE will play early and have an immediate impact.

lamar miller-- miami killian high-- a real cane.



not quite, lol.

Some of these kids are afraid of competition and don't want to compete against elite personnel for the job. -CaliCanesfan

Get off the crack pipe. Elite personnel? What have ANY of them done outside of high school fool? U don't get knighted as "elite" U earn it fool.

Nobody has earned anything.

U should be permanently banned from dropping "scared" as it makes U look even dumber. NO ONE IS SCARED OF U or your laughable depth chart.

These kids aren't scared, No, they don't want to come to a mid level team that has a signature COLLAPSE EVERY YEAR

What will 09's collapse be? (free hint: Jacory Harris injury)


Last Thursday, we wrote that the high school coach of four-star defensive tackle Luther Robinson says the player is “still wide open” in his decision between Miami, Florida and Central Florida, despite previously committing to the Hurricanes.

Today, I called Fort Pierce Westwood coach Waides Ashmon again. Despite what some ravenous Miami fans might think, Ashmon said Robinson is …. “still wide open.”

"He loves Florida, he’s very interested in UCF,” Ashmon said. “So it’s just going to be interesting to see what he’s going to do.”

Watch this kid pull the rug out from under U.

Debose is the kid U all wanted. He's a Gator.

Jelani Jenkins is down to Penn State and UF. Everything he could ever want awaits him at UF.

U might get a good class based on some flawed point system that weighs the number of recruits (stacked schools like UF don't have as many scholarships to dole out and sign fewer kids) Your 08 class was WAY overrated as a garrison of kids shipped out to military school.

And most importantly, U don't develop what U bring in. All of U can name a bunch of kids that are leaving UM no better than when they came in

UF DEVELOPS it's recruits and will be collecting another trophy in 09 fools
Hate on that.

Even if U clean house of your suspect coaching staff, U will still be YEARS behind the top tier programs. But U still have the suspect staff.

What U say? UM is stormin back? Watch out for the U? Be scared...very scared? Okee dokee cane fan. Whatever U say.

The top team in the lowly ACC TOYED with U

Just a friendly reminder cane fan, U must discard your "305" hats and replace them with the updated "472" hat.

Cane fan will be the last fan in America to realize just how far the canes have fallen. U R so done it's funny.

Thank the good lord Nix is gone.I beleive this team isnt long from being a serious contender.i keep thinking about 1995 when Butch Davis took over for Erickson.Hedealt with the probation and all the drama from arrest Luke skywalker threatining hin to tell all to ncaa if he didnt start Ryan Collins.Remember it took butch 3 years to get his top class.And ill be the first to call bcs cane haters that team should of been the first 3 peat champions in college football history.fsu vs oklahoma we got screwed and i try to forget that OSU game.Also to all you gator fans you lost to an unranked team at home IMHO Texas should of played oklahoma but some crazy computer geek likes.Anyways Shannon signed 12 espn tpo 150 players last year and he has 7 so far this year very impressive.Excellent job Coach all i ask is if you win it all in 2 years please don't run to the nfl.
Sorry had to get that out of me

Crying over spilled milk are we...ahhhhh, poor little gator boy, boo-hoo-sniffle-sniffle...tears trickling down your face...how sad. What's the matter little gator boy, you can't enjoy your "Cookie" while watching a "DVD" of "The Freak"...

great post tebow but everyone is STILL laughing at U.

Bryce will throw up an F U in the end fools.

He sees the flames all the way from Kansas.

tebow can't throw? Alabama , Oklahoma , FSU, and Georgia's defensive coordinators ALL strongly disagree with U fool.

How'd that Marve passing attack work out. Beanpole Harris has a slightly above average arm. But great job fool of attacking a true champion when U have a bunch of garbage at QB.

Who will take snaps when Harris gets injured?

He really can't throw or read defenses. UF does not develope their palyers for the NFL. That Gimmicky offense does nothing to prepare a QB for the NFL. Maybe he will get injured and get awarded a fifth year of eligibility. Please, DONT GO TIMMY!!!

IF what you say comes true, then this class will be a 14th of 15th ranked class and Randy's "recruiting guru" status will be a bit tarnished. especially if Brown does not sign with the Canes, which is looking like a good possibility. I don't see too many playmakers in this class, and while some beef at the OL position may be coming in, not too many top rated players there either. No quality TE's, No QB's, No WR's, No cornerbacks to speak of. The Safety position looks good, but no DL help here either. Frankly, it's a bit disappointing to hear that most of the top recruits we thought may come are actually not even taking a visit. Let's hope for a last minute miracle and perhaps we can land a couple more top recruits. Miller is going to be great if he can get an OL to block for him. Without a TE, a pro-style offense is crippled. We will have to hope that one of these lower ranked kids surprises everyone and turns out to be a stud. Let's hope you are wrong Manny, but you hardly ever are.

Posted by: WorriedCane | January 30, 2009 at 08:40 PM

WORRIED---------here is what someone says about our class before some of the signees like bunche and green. We are doing fine my friend
Last year's No. 1 overall class obviously delivered on the field in 2008, and the 2009 class shows no signs of slowing down. Randy Shannon & Co. have been able to lure championship-caliber defensive talent to South Florida; their most recent addition, S Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford, Fla./Seminole), could be another Kenny Phillips. The Canes must hold onto RB Bryce Brown (Wichita, Kan./East) down the stretch and grow up in a hurry on offense with their current roster. We feel that between the 2008 and 2009 classes, Miami has the pieces of the puzzle to become a national power once again.

Top Prospect: Well, it's Bryce Brown, for now. There has been much speculation that Brown might jump to Eugene, Ore., and become a Duck. If that happens, it could be a big blow because Brown is a kid capable of being the centerpiece of an offense. However, no one player ever makes a recruiting class.

Don't be surprised if … ATH Jamal Reid (Mayo, Fla./Lafayette) becomes one of the jewels of this class, either on defense at corner or on offense at wide receiver. Regardless, he could be a contributor quickly as a return man.

we loaded up on playmakers last yr. We have 7 of the top 150 espn players on board now, and are building tremendous depth.;

Cane fan will be the last fan in America to realize just how far the canes have fallen. U R so done it's funny.

Posted by: representin in the FOUR SEVEN TWO | January 31, 2009 at 07:43 AM

UNMMM we had 2 kids, harper and washington go to prep, everyone else is here or redshirted. 2nd, I just posted what are OVERRATED class did, and thats from the guy that ranks on espn and picks the under armour rosters. 3rd, espn rankings arent weighted like rivals and scout----and thats where we were #1. they go by best talent. and we are #7 on them now. Get a life and enjoy your time in the sun--urbans due another 3-4 loss season just like he has 2 times already in 4 years with all that talent

Morning Kehoe!

Were you able to "hookup" with that chick on "Grand Theft Auto Vice City" last night? You are such a stud! Man if I could type as fast as you, I would have so much fake puzzy as you!

Most of us would never admit it, but we all look up to you! I mean who wouldn't want to sit at home all day on the computer while everyone else is working! You never have to bathe, no pesky girlfriends telling you what to do, "jackin'" it 27/7...Man Kehoe, you are living the life!

If Ditty ever comes out with a video game, you can start rolling with his posse too! You'd be hitting all the imaginary clubs up and down South Beach, driving Ditty's Bentley, "banging" video game vixens!


Go 'canes!

Duane, I Agree with you. Texas lost on a last second play on the road to a top 5 team at the time ,and it was their only loss. UF lost at home to an unranked team. SO, just doing the math, they got f__king lucky. PERIOD------But, we live or die by the system. As someone posted, we got the Texas syndrome in 2000, when we finished 11-1 and and fsu finished 11-1 and we beat them on the field, yet, the bcs computers chose FSU, and they got spanked by stoopps weakest team of alltime--he was only their 2 yrs and heupel was their qb. Thats the yr(WE SPANKED THE GATORS AND SPURRIER 27-10 in the SUGAR).

S RICHARDSON STORY_-The 5 star kid out of Mizzou. WIth EPPS OUT, we were his dream school-----------ya never know.

Florida offered me at the beginning of January and USC was like a week later,” said Missouri commitment Sheldon Richardson. "Then all of sudden Tennessee starts recruiting me too. I told them all that it was a little late for me. I appreciate the interest and I know they need to do what’s in the best interest of their programs, but I didn’t want to start looking at anyone new...”

Sheldon Richardson, the 6-foot-4, 270-pound five-star tight end/defensive end from Gateway High School in St. Louis, Mo., is still committed to Missouri but plans on taking an official visit to Miami today, Jan. 30, just to be sure.
“I can’t put a number on it, but I’m still committed to Missouri,” Richardson said. “That’s where I plan on signing on signing day. They are still the team to beat.”

So do the ‘Canes stand a chance? “Well, anything can still happen,” he said. “I’m really excited to be taking a trip there. Guys from the Midwest don’t get a chance to go to Miami very often. It’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Opportunity being the keyword, Richardson also believes he’d have a great opportunity to play early at Miami. “They said they have like three senior tight ends and that I would play early,” Richardson said. “They said they wouldn’t want to just throw me to the wolves my sophomore season and try and rotate me in as a freshman.”

Richardson, ranked as the No. 4 defensive tackle in the country by Scout.com, says he also has a great relationship with the Miami coaches. “I really like (running back) coach Tommie Robinson,” he said. “He’s a good coach, but most of all he’s a great person. He’s real humble and straightforward. He’s just real and that’s my favorite thing in a coach. It’s more than just football with him.

“I also really like (tight end) coach Joe Pannunzio and (head coach) Randy Shannon,” he said. “They’re all great guys.”

While the ‘Canes are recruiting him as tight end, he says Missouri still hasn’t specified. “It’ll be either defensive end or tight end,” he said. “I’ve also heard rumors that I could play both ways in college and that would be awesome. I’d love to do that.”

While Richardson may not have a preference between defensive end and tight end, he says he doesn’t want to play defensive tackle and that’s why Minnesota didn’t make his final cut. Richardson visited the Gophers on Nov. 7, but cut them from his favorites after learning they wanted him to bulk up to play defensive tackle.

“I don’t think I could handle the extra weight,” he said. “I didn’t want to do that.”

The only other visit he took was to local favorite Missouri. “I love that they are in-state,” he said. “People know me here. I have connections and support and that’s pretty cool. I love the fan support they have. I know a lot of guys who go away to college and come home nobody knows them anymore, but staying close that won’t happen.”

Clearly the ‘Canes will have their work cut out for them this weekend if they are going to land Richardson’s signature on Feb. 4.

Although he says he’s been down to these two for a little while now, he says there have been a few schools trying to jump aboard late in the process. “Schools like Florida, USC and Tennessee have been showing a lot of interest this month,” he said.

“Florida offered me at the beginning of January and USC was like a week later,” he said. ‘Then all of sudden Tennessee starts recruiting me too. I told them all that it was a little late for me. I appreciate the interest and I know they need to do what’s in the best interest of their programs, but I didn’t want to start looking at anyone new.”

Richardson plans on having a press conference at his high school at 11 am on signing day. “All the local stations are coming out,” he said. “I’m hoping that ESPN shows up too.”

He says he wants to major in criminal justice and reports a 2.4 core GPA and scored a 17 ACT twice. He’ll be retaking it again

"We's building..." and 427:

Why is it that bitter Gayturd fans like you have to come onhere and rag on UM? Is it jealosuy that a large state school with a huge budget and alumni base (and a large stadium, and great locker rooms) which has been in existence for 50 years longer than UM is still BEHIND in head to head wins, national championsips, and still doesn't draw as many in TV audiences as UM? and STILL CAN'T PLACE as many players in the NFL despite 2 NCs in th elast 5 years? I mean I don;t understand.

And what is it with the male UF fans who hold up signs at games that say, " I have a man-crush on Tebow"????????????

Fact is, that stuff would not survive here. But it can in farm land, i.e. Canesville where that stuff happens.

"a team that constantly collapses at the end..." Oh really? what do you mena by end?

2000? when we whooped on your boy Rexie?
2001 when we put out the best team in the history of CFB?
2002 when a referee ripped us off?
2003 when UM finished #5 inthe country?
2004 when Um beat UF and finished #11? Let me remind you, that was not that long ago...

Just remember, UM 28-26 vs UF all time
UM 5 UF 3

U might get a good class based on some flawed point system that weighs the number of recruits (stacked schools like UF don't have as many scholarships to dole out and sign fewer kids) Your 08 class was WAY overrated as a garrison of kids shipped out to military school. representin in the FOUR SEVEN TWO | January 31, 2009 at 07:43 AM

tebow can't throw, so he could'nt go pro...damn that's poetic!

Right here's to t-bone being a third round pick!!!


alabama cane nice link if every recriut seen that they wouldnt think twice about the U and its crazy i am pulling for the cardinals because of all the canes playing it is awesome go canes


Someone mentioned that Marve seemed to be auditioning in the second half of the season for Tebow's job. It did seem that he regressed in the second half, that he would look at his primary receiver and then take off running.

I may be wrong, but I did think that Marve was the superior quarterback early on. The offense was definitely clicking better with him in early games with Florida and North Carolina and seemed to sputter when Jacory came in.

The University of Florida will win 10, no make that 22 national championships in a row!Whatcha gonna do, when the tally stands at Hurricanes 5, Gators 22? After all, I can set my NCAA Football '09 game to make Florida the most powerful team!

Posterd by: Kehoe| January 31, 2009


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