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Canes taking final swings before Signing Day

Time is ticking and with National Signing Day approaching quickly, Randy Shannon and the Miami Hurricanes are taking their final shots at adding some of the nation's best players to their 2009 Signing Class.

Lamar Miller is all about The U. But what about Bryce Brown? UM will host its final recruiting weekend starting Friday, and a group of about 10 visitors are expected. Six are already considered UM commitments: RB Lamar Miller (Miami Killian), CB Jamal Reid (Mayo Lafayette), DE Dyron Dye (Sanford Seminole), DT Luther Robinson (Fort Pierce Westwood), DB Ray Ray Armstrong (Sanford Seminole) and DB Prince Kent (Norcross, Ga.). The four uncommitted recruits are OL Andrew Tiller (Nassau Community College), OL Quinton Washington (St. Stephen's, S.C.), OL Peter White (Washington, D.C.) and tight end Sheldon Richardson (St. Louis, Mo.). The reality is some players are coming for a fun weekend in sunny South Florida, and some are here for serious business.

I spent all day Thursday trying to catch up with the recruits themselves, their coaches and reporters who cover them to see how serious a chance Miami has at landing their signature on signing day. I did the same with the kids who have been on the fence (visiting other schools) or already visited UM, but have continued the recruiting process. Here's a checklist that hopefully will prepare you for what is going to happen over the next few days.

UM has flirted with a lot of kids throughout the recruiting process and plenty of big names have been thrown out there as players the Canes may have a shot at. With five days left before things start becoming official, the following players are the only non-committed players I think Miami has a shot at.

Sam Barrington will announce his decision on Feb. 3 > LB Sam Barrington, 6-2, 220, Jacksonville Parker: Took his final recruiting trip to UM on Jan. 23 and told his coach Jim Scible, whom I spoke to Thursday night, that he really enjoyed his trip. Miami coaches are done with their visits to Barrington and now must wait to see if they've done enough to win him over against Illinois and South Florida. Scible said Illini coach Ron Zook was in Jacksonville yesterday and watched Barrington coach a girls' Powder Puff game at his school. "It's funny the things adult men do to get their players," Scible said. Barrington is expected to announce his decision on Tuesday night during a party at a Jacksonville night club (No, I won't be there). UM's chances: Very good. Before I hung up with Scible, he told me he was going to be expecting a call from me next week. Maybe, he gave it away?

> OL Marcus Hall, 6-5, 295, Cleveland (Oh.) Glennville: Hall visited Miami on Jan. 23 and told nearly every national recruiting website it was going to be his last trip. Turns out, according to Glennville offensive coordinator Matt Chinchar, Hall isn't done yet. He's visiting Tennessee this weekend. The U.S. Army All-American definitely enjoyed his trip to South Florida and has told everyone close to him he's really considering the Canes. But he was also seriously considering Michigan not that long agom too. And now, his new flavor of the week is Tennessee. UM's chances: Slim. You would like to think you could take a kid for his word, but in this case I get the sense Hall is playing some games and telling people (reporters and friends) what they want to hear. The truth is, the only person he really wants to make happy is his mother. And mom wants him at nearby Ohio State.

> OL Andrew Tiller, 6-6, 330, Nassau (N.Y.) Community College: Baby Huey has long had Miami in his top three along with Syracuse and Rutgers. Miami will get their shot at him this weekend and will have the South Florida Sunshine and plenty of playing opportunity to sell. But unless Miami does an unbelievable sales job, Tiller is going to be playing for Syracuse come the fall. His former JUCO coach, John Anselmo, was hired as the secondary coach by the Orange. UM's chances: Not good. Tiller can tell reporters whatever he wants, but don't you think his former coach is going to be under tremendous pressure to make sure Tiller is with the Orange next year? He'll say distance is a factor. But we'll know the truth.

> OL Peter White, 6-5, 325, Washington (DC) St. John's Prep School: Of the remaining offensive line recruits UM is chasing to try snatch, White is the player I think the Canes have the best shot at. The Under-Armour All-American has been to Maryland and Tennessee and is making the visit with his parents this weekend (a great sign). His coach Joe Patterson said UM coach Randy Shannon had a great in-home visit with White earlier this week and impressed his parents. UM's chances: Very good. Maryland and Tennessee are closer to home, but as Patterson pointed out, White is looking for a private school environment and an opportunity to play early. Miami offers both of those up big time. Look for a possible White commitment on Sunday or Monday. Patterson told me he won't wait until NSD.

> OL Quinton Washington, 6-4, 320, Timberland High, St. Stephen's S.C.: After being offered by Miami early on, coach Art Craig told me Thursday night the Canes disappeared on Washington. Part of the problem was Washington's primary recruiter was former offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Clint Hurtt took over the recruitment in December and moved UM into Washington's top five (they weren't in it originally). "He's interested not necessarily because of what they did recruiting, but becasue of the allure of the school," Craig said. "You say University of Miami to a kid and their ears perk up." Washington doesn't do many interviews because he has a speech impediment, but his coach says part of it is because he is a no non-sense guy. After his trip to Miami this weekend, he'll decide between the Canes, Michigan and South Carolina and we'll probably find out where he's going by Monday at the latest. UM's chances: Slim. The fact Miami is getting his final visit helps, but after speaking with longtime South Carolina recruiting writer Billy Baker, I've been told Washington is a Gamecock lock. Coach Steve Spurrier has targeted five offensive lineman in this class (and Washington is the last piece). Plus, Craig works South Carolina football camps in the offseason. Something tells me Mr. Spurrier is going be upset if Quinton goes elsewhere.

Sheldon Richardson, a longtime Missouri commitment, is supposed to visit the Canes this weekend. > TE/DT Sheldon Richardson, 6-4, 280, 4.7, St. Louis Gateway: Richardson has been committed to Missouri for a very long time and told local reporters thought he was done with his recruiting back in December. But UM coaches have continued to put the pressure on Richardson to give the Canes  the school he grew up dreaming of playing for) a chance. He is supposed to be doing that this weekend with an official visit. I tried calling Richardson several times tonight to confirm it was still on, but could not reach him. Richardson is definitely intrigued at the possibility of playing tight end (which looks even better now with Dedrick Epps out). 
UM's chances: Decent. I was told UM definitely feels like they've got a great shot at stealing one of the nation's top players late in the game, but there is no way it will happen without a visit. Ultimately, Miami is not only going to have to impress Richardson, but his family, too. His mother wants him close to home. The final hurdle ultimately could be academics. I was told by a St. Louis reporter Thursday Richardson might not have his test scores or grades and might end up in prep school anyway. Either way, expect NSD drama on Wednesday if he makes the trip to UM.

> TE Terrell Mitchell, 6-5, 230, McEachern High, Powder Springs, Ga.: I told you all last week Mitchell was going to be Plan B. It still looks that way. He is not scheduled to visit this weekend and could hold off on his NSD decision. His coach Kyle Hockman told me last week Mitchell had some academics to take care of. Unless he does, I can't see how he signs with the Canes: UM's chances: Good, but... Georgia dumped Mitchell and Arkansas and Missisippi State seem to be the only horses in the race. Still, academics appear to be a major problem. I can't see Miami taking him.  

> OTHERS TO KEEP AN EYE ON: Miami hosted two other offensive linemen back in December -- Bobby Massie (6-6, 330) and Daniel Campbell (6-5, 320) from Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. I've tried numerous times reaching their coach Robert Prunty and have come up empty. But word I've received from others is Massie is likely going to the SEC (Alabama or Mississippi State) and Campbell has disappeared off the face of the earth since his UM visit. From my conversations with UM insiders, it's doubtful any of them come to UM.

> SCRATCH THEM FROM THE LIST: Receiver Andre Debose (sticking with UF, but visiting FSU this weekend), cornerback Greg Reid (consider UM nothing more than a flirtation, my people tell me he's headed to Florida State), linebacker Tana Patrick (no longer considering UM), linebacker Greg King (needs a test score and is likely headed to the SEC anyway) and tight end Billy Sanders (guess he's not going to take that last minute trip to UM after all).

Kayvon Webster has flirted with USF and West Virginia, but he will probably remain a Cane. > CB Kayvon Webster, 5-11, 181, Monsignor Pace: If you listened to WQAM on Thursday night you probably think there is no way Webster is going to Miami, especially the way he talked about South Florida and West Virginia (who have continued to recruit him). But when I spoke to Webster over the phone moments later he sounded totally different, like someone who was enjoying getting people nervous. He said he expects to come in and play cornerback at Miami and plans to have a fun weekend with Randy Phillips while other recruits visit the Canes. I expect Webster to choose the Canes when he makes his announcement at Pace at noon on Wednesday.

> DT Luther Robinson, 6-3, 280, Fort Pierce Westwood: Robinson took a couple of trips to Florida and UCF over the past couple of weeks and has his final trip lined up for the Canes this weekend. If he wasn't taking it, there might be reason to be nervous. But Robinson sounded to me like someone who just looking and I suspect some of this might have been to create a little excitement on NSD. I'd be very surprised if he didn't ink with the Canes Wednesday.

> CB Jamal Reid, 6-1, 175, Mayo Lafayette: Reid took a midweek trip to Mississippi State to visit with former Gators assistant Dan Mullen. They are definitely trying to sell Reid on the fact he could play both ways, something he could probably pull off there. When I spoke to Reid last week about what he would play at UM he talked about playing anywhere on the field. I know getting a shot at receiver, which he played mostly in high school, intrigues him. Miami coaches might need to promise him that this weekend to avoid a signing day surprise.

> RB Bryce Brown, 6-0, 215, Wichita East (Kan.): No, the nation's No. 1 recruit won't be signing anywhere Wednesday. But I still believe he will end up being a Hurricane in the end. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple paid him a visit this week and Brown is taking things slow. There are rumblings he could take a visit to Auburn in the next couple weeks. If he does, it will just be more drama to follow. Frankly, I'm convinced that is all this is. Look for Susan Miller Degnan's feature on Bryce in the paper in the coming days for more details.


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tebow can't throw? Alabama , Oklahoma , FSU, and Georgia's defensive coordinators ALL strongly disagree with U fool.

How'd that Marve passing attack work out. Beanpole Harris has a slightly above average arm. But great job fool of attacking a true champion when U have a bunch of garbage at QB.

Who will take snaps when Harris gets injured?

Posted by: We's building depths

if tebow could throw, hed be in the draft right now u idiot

whos gonna play when steroid juiced tebow gets injured? cam "delinquent" newton, or john "another rex grossman" brantly?

cmon man u kno better than us that once tebow leaves ur gonna go back to how it was in the early 2000's, your gonna throw a whole lot with an average qb and your gonna get 2-4 losses a year

I don't care what UF is "ranked" in the recruiting wars. UF develops the players and builds depth in doing so. That is something that is non-existent in cesspool Coral Gables.

UM has NO depth....NONE..keep dreaming fools and hate on ......THIS:

Visiting Gainesville this weekend is a player many consider to be the next Jeffery Demps or Chris Rainey. His name is Corvin Lamb and he is a 5-10, 180-pound running back for Miami Northwestern. Lamb is somewhat of an enigma in the world of recruiting. He is already considered one of the nation's best running back recruits in 2010 but he wasn't a starter for the Bulls last season. This might be the reason Florida hasn't offered Lamb just yet. While Florida is shrewdly waiting to see what Lamb can do on the field of play before offering him a $40,000 scholarship, the Gators do know a little bit about him. Lamb ran the fastest time (4.3 seconds) at the Gators' Friday Night Lights recruiting showcase before the 2008 season.

Lamb seems to be favoring Florida. Lamb Sr. even told me that Corvin wants to bring a few of his teammates to Gainesville.


What will U do when the NW gravy train dries up fools?

All it takes is one visit to UF and one visit to UM to see how VASTLY SUPERIOR UF's program is. The kids see this.

In the end it doesn't really matter which particular schools these kids from. U DONT DEVELOP THEM..


good comedy.

Funny to watch all you candycanes get your underwear in a knot in your above posts.

How does it feel to be looking up from the bottom with a completely suspect QB? Harris will go down in a pile of bones in October. BOOK IT.


Posted by: twolegs=noarm | January 31, 2009 at 12:10 PM
Right, but hey if the NFL doesn't work out he can always go back to the Philippines and work witht he kids some more.

Posted by: We's building depths | January 31, 2009 at 01:05 PM

5'10" 180??? And you wonder why he's picking Floriduuuh??? We have a lot of holes to fill "Key", but RB is not one of them! In case you forgot "Key", we do have the #1 recruit in the country, and he happens to be a RB! As a matter of fact "Key", we have 2 RB recruits that Floriduuuuh would kill for!

In one post you claim that Floriduuuuh has no interest in So. Florida recruits, now you claim that Floriduuuuh has a pipeline to So. Florida recruits!!!??? What a joke!!!


Go 'canes!


STOP giving haters the time of day! Stop giving them your time & attention by responding to their posts. They feed off of it & get excited when you do! It is the ONLY thing they have going in their lives so STOP IT!!! Ignore them... No matter what!

We know where the U is & where it is going. We do not need to waste our time going back & forth with them & giving them a venue.

I agree Dyrty Dawg. They are not even worth the effort to type. Let them run off at the mouth, I could really care less. As a matter of fact, I have already wasted two much time acknowledging their ignorance...

I am excited about what Randy is doing. Last year he brought in great skill players, this year he is filling holes. Even if we are just 8 or 9 in recruiting rankings, who cares, we filled all our number one needs this year. Whipple is a great hire. We should have an improved year next year and then when these kids are Sophs and Juniors in 2010, we should be competing in a BCS bowl if not the NC Game.

Randy, reel in Richardson this weekend, he is our #1 priority right now.

I bet anything that the University of Florida won't win another National Championship in the next 10 years.... it is over for you Gaytors and the U is coming back strong... that is why you Gaytors are so scuuurrred to play the Canes... I understand why you are such wussies cause it hurts getting your butts handed to you on National TV for over a decade... you got a win last year, but don't get used to it cause we are going to beat you for another decade,i.e., if you ever get over your Cane Fear and decide to put Miami back on your schedule instead of some lowly girls school. BTW Teabow will not throw a freaking pass in the NFL....I guarantee it.

Just like all those OTHER big wins U have had in the last five years.

Name ONE big win U have had under Randy?

But I know, I know...."We're stormin back.....we are the U....blah blah.

U been running that c r a p for years. Keep using it.

You're team is LOADED with fat slow PU$$ES. But U don't see that

Florida will WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2009. Don't mention Tebow in the NFL because he's coming back to win ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP. Similar to the one he won on your rental field You crumbling also-rans.

Your team s u c k s bad in the HERE and NOW...not the eighties fool.

U are getting worse

coaches firing/leaving

top starting recruits bolting randy's ineptitiude


A team that CONTINUES to NOT build depth and looks sloooow and weeeak. How many times do you have to see your lines get pushed around before you understand this? U DID NOT PUSH ANYONE around save Duke and charleston southern.

Your coach cant manage the simplest elements of the sideline.

He looks like they are speaking another language in his headset. Give that guy a lifetime U fools.

U won't even win the sorry ACC Coastal in 09.....THE SORRY ACC COASTAL.

but randy,...our recruits.....SHUT UP YOU IGNORANT FOOLS

a tight end please.

#31 from Miami,meets #25 from florida, and here's how that matchup was announced:

"Ohhhhh, Spence lit em' up didn't He!".

Can any of you guess who wore #31...

Just when I thought that this schizo named "Kehoe" couldn't get any funnier...or more desperate, she (or he) compares a 2010 recruit (Lamb)--whom she (or he) claims hasn't even received an offer--to two midgets who would embarass an armrest (demps and rainey)...ahhhhh, forget it, need I say more Cane Fans


I just can't believe the nerve of this Kehoe gal (or guy), comparing a 2010 prospect whom hasn't even been offered, to two midgets who would embarass an armrest (demps and rainey). Can you believe the nerve of this gal (or guy)...

AtlCane, I've heard of the term hitting the ground running, but what do you call that...


Oh Preston Parker, say it isn't so! Better start running stairs if you want to start this season!

Go 'canes!

UF develops the players and builds depth in doing so. That is something that is non-existent in cesspool Coral Gables.

Posted by: We's building depths | January 31, 2009 at 01:05 PM

UF develops what players? Can you please tell me the GREAT UF players in the NFL? Not marginal pieces of crap that sit the bench. Please tell me the players that Univeristy of Florida "develops"? Then take that handful of scrubs and compare them to the STUDS that Miami puts in the NFL. Wow, you're stupid.

Bottom line, if you want to go to the NFL and actually be somebody, you go to Miami. If you want to go play in a gimmick offense that produces garbage players that couldn't start on a flag football team, you go to Florida.

big uglies

Your coach cant manage the simplest elements of the sideline.

He looks like they are speaking another language in his headset. Give that guy a lifetime U fools.

U won't even win the sorry ACC Coastal in 09.....THE SORRY ACC COASTAL.

but randy,...our recruits.....SHUT UP YOU IGNORANT FOOLS

Posted by: We's building depths | January 31, 2009 at 04:22 PM

HELLO JACKARSE-----Coker left the program in shambles, at least most of us knew it was going to be a tough 2-3 yrs. We have no one getting drafted this yr, so , to have a chance in the 4th qtr in 12 of 13 games counting the turds when we were down 9-3, with freshman, thats a good season. We have far superior talent at the true and redshirt freshman area than any team in the country, and dont be surprised if we pull a complete turnaround in 09. 5 of the 6 losses we had when we have experience become wins. I still say 2010 is our yr to be completely loaded with talent and experience, and that gives us 2 more classes. but, with the talent we will have on D next yr, to have all your rb's, wr's, qb, and most lineman coming back adding whipple and possibly the #1 offensive recruit in all of high school, we might just have a 10-12 win season.
Bash all U want, but randy is building us to sustain it. When the U wins, we keep winning. Your urban boy up north has had a 3 loss season and a 4 loss season in 07, mixed in with his 2 ncs'' considering he took over a LOADED team unlike randy who took over a team with no talent, that aint great. I dont see Texas, OU, uSC, oh st throwing any 3 and 4 loss seasons in their. AND GUESS WHAT TURDS, yes, they (UF)were good this yr, but that 06 team won like 4-5 close last second wins. had some of those went the wrong way, URBAN IS THAT CLOSE TO HAVING HIS 1st 3 SEASONS AT UF with 3-4 loss season every yr but this yr. SO, I think considering they have had top 3-5 classes every yr since zook in 01, thats a lousy coaching job. Go look at canes history. When we win, we sustain it. you dont see 3-4 loss seasons every other yr.
1985 1 reg season loss
1986 0 reg season loss
1987 NC0 reg season loss
1988 1 loss by 1 pt at #1 notre dame(only loss)
1989 NC
1990 #3 finish
1991 NC0 loss
1992 0 loss reg seas--lost to ala in title
1993-top 5
1994-1 loss reg season-lost to neb in title
1995-99 probation rebuilding yrs
2000==1 loss
2001 0 loss reg season NC
2002 0 loss reg season ()really won nC
2003 top 5
2004 #11 beat UF
05-08 bad coker recruiting

My point is going back to 2000, The gators have had probably 6 3 or more loss seasons, and this is only 2008 season. So, SUSTAIN IT-WIN for 4-5-6 straight years, even w/o winning titles, have some 1 loss season. My god, go look at their record, take the 2 good seasons away(06 was lucky), and they have had a horrible decade.


OHHHHHHHH AND BY THE WAY=-----------DO U GUYS KNOW THAT UF HAS NEVER-NEVER-NEVER--had a 0 loss season?? we have had 2 just in this decade------------------------GET A LIFE GATOR FANS

AtlCane, I've heard of the term hitting the ground running, but what do you call that...

Posted by: tebow-set-brandon james-up-for-the-kill | January 31, 2009 at 05:23 PM

I call it the Michael Barrow's school of hard knocks

Looks mighty close to me lol

its the final countdown!

jeopardy music

Richardson might be 280 but the cat runs a 4.7 , he is a special talent & believe me , he can be a great tight end anywhere !!! As for White , he will solidify the O-LINE like no body's buss. "BB" will be a Cane just like his brother !!!!! I would really like to see "RS" go the JUCO route for maybe 2 or 3 guys a season. U never know when the next McKinney might show up ! Besides , this team is very young and sometimes you need mature guys in the locker room. Go Canes'

Bryce Brown is holding out what a joke.. if I were Randy I'd say to h*** with this kid

great list of truly prime beef and talent. if we get most on that list this year we could finish in the top10 or top15. coaches and writers mostly northeners hate miami but its possible.as for qb it is better to have one starter not a commitee. guess marve picked the short straw. also in 2010 if we secure a list like this noreason we could not compete for a top 5 or better. one for the thumb!!!


InsideTheU.com claims to know what school Jamal Reid has chosen. Can someone please tell me he chose the U?!?! I fear he didn't since InsideTheU would be outright announcing it, no?

Here's the beginning of the article. If anyone with a paid subscription can provide some more color it would be greatly appreciated!

"Jamal Reid came into Coral Gables debating on two schools, Mississippi State, which he visited this past week and Miami, where he was this weekend. So did Reid make a decision? The answer is yes. Where is Reid going? He told InsideTheU.com this morning following his visit to Miami."

do u think he culd turn down the U after visiting... hopefully that answers ur question... go canes

I agree with Jersey Cane. I would put alot of effort into getting Richardson. We need a TE. I don't know if Streeter can be converted into a TE. Coach Whipple may go the route of Streeter as a TE.... if Richardson doesn't sign. I think Richardson does sign with UM. I think Bryce Brown eventually signs with UM.
Without Brown signing on Wednesday, We probably will finish 10th - 15th. Not bad for signing alot of big uglies. Go Canes!! We will be fine!

yeah somebody give the updates on what canesport and insidetheu are saying about these guys. i cant pay 8.95 a month!!!

canes fan stuck in nyc: U shouldn't be worried about jamal reid. reason one is would u play at a school with a winning tradition or msu, jamal moved to his dads house in ft.lauderdale plus he his making his descion in coral gables (um terriotry) he is staying. remember when jared wheeler made his descion on a um radio station the truth is in the pudding. jamal could play both sides of the ball and bbe a major factor for us early. beside inside the u is probably trying to get ppl to buy it thats y they did that.

Thanks "pay attention to the u." That makes a lot of sense. GO CANES!

but i could be wrong though but we shall see

I find it hard to believe that Richardson is the answer at tight end. I don't care if he runs a 4.7 40...the kid is pushing 300lbs! If he is that big as a high school senior, how difficult do you think it will be for him to keep his weight down over a period of 3-5 years??
It's much easier to pack the pounds on a high school tight end and transform him to a DT (Warren Sapp) or an OL (Eric Winston) than it is to get a big high school kid and ask him to keep his weight in check.

We're gonna need to go another route, wherever Sheldon Richardson plays, I believe he'll be a DT. Richard Gordon, Tervaris Johnson and Stephen Plein will have to suffice this year, but don't expect much if anything from the TE position in '09.

And don't get me wrong, I'd love to have Richardson as a DT...imagine a DL interior combo of Richardson and Forston!

Randy and Co. will have to hit the recruiting trail hard for some big time TEs in the 2010 class.


I can't see Streeter (6' 5", 205lbs) gaining the necessary weight to fill out into a TE frame before the upcoming season.


What's going on with Tevin McCaskill's recruitment?
He's one of those high motor kids that, although he isn't rated as highly by some of the recruiting sites, our teams have historically given opportunities too.
And he's from the NW pipeline. I don't mind using a scholly on him

Eye on the UUUUUUU

Take Hall off the list. He commited to OSU today.
Remove Mitchell from the list. He commited to UK this past weekend.
Yes, they haven't signed anything. They could still change their minds, but I don't think so. Concentrate your efforts on the others. Get those other OL for Bryce.

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