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Courtside blog: UM 77, BC 71 (F)

BOSTON -- Checking in from the Hurricanes' house of horrors, aka The Conte Forum. Got a little good news and a little bad news to report pregame.

> Jimmy Graham looks like he'll play tonight. UM SID Margaret Belch told us Jimmy practiced some this week and will see some action. The bad news? Eddie Rios (sick) didn't make the trip and Julian Gamble is out. Gamble collided with Graham during practice this week and suffered a mild concussion. He made the trip, but won't dress out.

Boston_college> Another rough start for UM from the field. The Canes started 2-for-20 last year and 0-for-6 tonight. But this time, they started hitting buckets before getting into a real slump. Jimmy Graham has a pair of stickbacks and looks good in his first real action in about three weeks. Rebounding is going to be the difference in this game. Miami came in leading the league in rebounding margin. They're going to need to win it tonight to win the game.

> Got a lot of national media in attendance tonight -- ESPN's Digger Phelps and Andy Katz and FoxSports national columnist Jeff Goodman.

> It will just go down as a basket on the boxscore, but I got to take note of Bryan Asbury's steal and eventual dunk over Rakim Sanders midway through the first half. That was about as an athletic a play I've ever since Asbury make in his time at UM.

> Since falling behind 22-16 on a beautiful Tyrese Rice up-and-under layup with 9:08 to play, Miami has gone on a 6-0 run to the score at 22 with 7:23 left. Miami is playing good defense for the most part on Rice. He's 2 of 7 with two assists. Where he's killed Miami is with four long offensive rebounds.

> Miami used a 9-0 run to take the lead at 25-22 and have held on. Most of it has been with free throw shooting from Dwayne Collins, who is 7-of-8 from the field. Looks like the career 55 percent free throw shooter got his problem corrected.

> Key halftime figures with the Canes leading 38-33... Miami outrbounded BC 18-15 and 8-3 on the offensive boards... UM was 12 of 14 from the line.

> Amazing how the Canes are up right now 49-41 with 15:54 to go. Here's the basic formula -- Dwayne Collins hitting free throws and Adrian Thomas hitting three-pointers. Three weeks ago we would never imagined Collins going 10 of 12 in a game. After two years being shelved by injuries, we would have never imagined Thomas being Miami's second-leading scorer in an ACC road game.

> There's 11:42 left, UM is up 55-48 and Jack McClinton has five points and is 2-of-10 from the field. What does that tell you?

> Couple big momentum swings here in the second half -- all end up going in UM's favor. First, Dwayne Collins gets blocked by Rakim Sanders leading to a BC fastbreak. But on the other end, James Dews steps up and draws a charge on Tyrese Rice on a basket that would have gone for a 3-point play. Then, trailing 55-51, Rice misses a three, BC gets the offensive rebound and gets two close range shots only to be turned away. Then, on the other end, Brian Asbury scores a post basket with three guys on him and draws a foul to give UM a 57-51 lead with 7:25 left. Big series of events.

> Canes clinging to a 65-60 lead behind lots of grit. BC cut the Canes lead -- once as large as 8 -- to 57-56 with 5:23 to go. Adrian Thomas came through with a big offensive rebound and putback before McClinton and Hurdle hit threes to stretch back out a little. J-Mac and Hurdle both have four fouls and are going to have to play safe down the stretch.


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Gamble's a huge loss, nevermind Rios as well. That's another L. How many more can we afford?

What's a SID?


We can be hurting our self in practice Grrrr

SID = Sports information Department

What's an SID? Posted by: mra | January 10, 2009 at 07:06 PM
A: Sports information director.

go canes

Thanks Moe & Manny.

It tells me we have more depth, more players stepping up, and this could be a better year!!!
Go Canes!

Who do you think will committ next for us? Great stuff as always.

Gotta hit the foul shots late, no excuses. geez

OK, great job Canes. An ACC road win against a ranked team. 1st of the season

Great win for canes!!!

Danny Langsdorf

just wondering...anyone know what happen to lb zach kane? jail? offer pulled? not good enough? goin else where?

big win!

That win was really impressive...

J-Mac had a pretty bad game and we still pull of a win against a ranked team on the road...

I think our team deserves a lot of credit for staying tough and pushing back any BC run...it seems like out guys are starting to really mature...

Oh, and Adrian Thomas continues to impress...we really missed him last season...solid player

Nice win, bring on the rest of the acc...

Damn soon as i say something bout that damn sun sentinel marve picture and david hyde story still being up, LINDA ROBERTSON goes out and writes another marve article and now its front page on here. WTF MAN LEAVE THE *** ALONE. Linda is now on my hate list. these people aint got nothing better to right about. Are U kidding me.?? How bout how randy has cleaned up this program. Do people think they can roll with that.

Nice win tonight by the CANES.
Im really impressed with Thomas.
Big game vs a good Maryland team coming up.
Lets Go CANES.

Who is this Linda Robertson and why was she permitted to get on her soapbox and write this biased piece. This is an op-ed story on the front of the sports page. It lacks any research, new facts, evaluation and comes a week late. Why would the Herald contribute to the national bashing the U receives. This issue should have died but now this website has given this story more traction. How many blogs are going to link to this article and reiterate how Miami is thug U, shannon is not looking out for the well being of his athletes etc.....

What is even more frustrating is that this story is not even up-to-date with the response from the Marve's about USF and UCF not being "close enough"??

Pathetic that your editor would allow this story to be published, MIA newspaper or not


This b$%#* just killed our recruiting class. She must've got dumped by a football player in high school. HEY LINDA, LOSE YOUR 20 CATS, FIX YOURSELF UP A LITTLE BIT AND MAYBE YOU COULD FIND A MAN. YOU AND 86CANE/SOUP ARE 2 PEAS IN A POD!!!!

linda's wrong. she's just wrong. its not killing the recruiting class or anything. she left out stuff and slanted the info. i cant believe she wrote it so late though. i was so tired of hearing about it.


This b$%#* just killed our recruiting class. She must've got dumped by a football player in high school. HEY LINDA, LOSE YOUR 20 CATS, FIX YOURSELF UP A LITTLE BIT AND MAYBE YOU COULD FIND A MAN. YOU AND 86CANE/SOUP ARE 2 PEAS IN A POD!!!!

Posted by: LINDA MEYER ROBERTSON | January 10, 2009 at 11:01 PM


Linda, Linda! the fans that have too much time on their hands is the only reason you still have a job, otherwise without them, who really gives a damn about what u would write??? how about being thankful to these fans instead, and giving Shannon credit that u even have something to write about! and by the way, what a smart thing to do writing a piece against the hometown team and officially making urself public enemy no.1, good job girl!!!!

Linda, Linda! the fans that have too much time on their hands is the only reason you still have a job, otherwise without them, who really gives a damn about what u would write??? how about being thankful to these fans instead, and giving Shannon credit that u even have something to write about! and by the way, what a smart thing to do writing a piece against the hometown team and officially making urself public enemy no.1, good job girl!!!!

BIB win in Boston. i think this team continues to improve - tough conference, but a top 3 or 4 in ACC is in reach.
Let's rock the BUC on Wednesday - big national game against a strong name in the ACC.

Anyone who loves the Canes or has respect for journalism and the English language should go comment on the tripe that Linda Robertson just put out on the Marve drama. It might be the worst piece of hack journalism I have ever seen above the high school level. Misinformed and of shabby construction. It actually made me slightly ill to read it. I'm not kidding.

Robertson's abomination of an attempt at journalism brought a line to mind from a writer (who would rollover in his grave if Ms. Robertson were a writer of any consequence), "Oh, the horror! The Horror!"

Great win tonight! Let's pack the BUC and kick some Turtle ass on Wednesday night!

this was my first time seeing the canes play this year since i'm from boston. i saw them live and gotta say i am not impressed. are they always like that or is it just the cold and snow that they didnt look good?

well, there it is, Billy Sanders, as expected officially decommitted from UM, and went on to pledge for UCLA, not much of a big loss, but i was hoping we'd atleast finish strong without losing anyone all the way til signing day, i respect that he just got it over with and simply put things to rest, instead of waiting til the last second, it would be more disheartening to find out in the end a pledge just backed out!

For those who don't know, Bryce was talking to Kansas State and has added other trips.

I knew it would come down to the wire but Damn, I feel the way a jilted girlfriend would feel and I'm jealous of Bryce even talking to other teams... Saying... You better not even be thinking about it, you sombitch!

LOL to myself.

Bryce... You're too valuable to us and would be one of the keys to 09,10,11 and 12.

Now is the time for clear minds to speak and let Arthur and the U be the drawing card!...

To the immature... Make no mistake, we want Bryce! So don't dis him. We have a long way to go before signing day.

A Canes Fan

Forget Bryce,he is going to create friction between the running backs from the time he steps into campus. We have enough running backs like M.James, L.Miller and L.Chambers. Coach Shannon needs to give them carries and stop wasting valuable time on Baby J and Coooper. Cooper is a Complimentary back not a starter.Baby J is an average back (when he is healthy)

Miami boi

What more do you expect from a idiot that call for UM to change its nickname from the Hurricanes after Hurricane Andrew because the word Hurricanes brought up bad memories of the storm

She deserves a transfer to some backwoods weekly where nobody can read anyway. That is the only way she won't be offensive.

Done with the herald. Linda Robertson doesn't know what she is talking about.

Do you have any idea what recruiting would turn into for coaches if you were allowed to contact students at other universities about tranfers.

That is essentially what it would turn into if there were no transfer restrictions.

In this case it was on Marve, his dad, and his coach contacting other schools. If Robertson gets what she is asking for in that crap article it would be the schools with more money recruiting every established star player in the country.

Anyway. Always enjoyed your work Manny, but there is a large contingent of Canesport that has decided to boycott the "Gainesville" Herald.

No other papers in the country continually write negative crap about their home teams as the ones here.

Even in 2001 it was the most negative down here. Must have been 50 articles written about Andre Johnson cheating on a term paper. You think that gets anymore than a blurb in Lousiana or Tuscaloosa.

Wow, more comments about Canes football than there were on basketball on an article about Canes basketball. The NCAA has rendered "regular season" basketball absolutely MEANINGLESS. Unless you want to think playing for seeding in the conference toournaments on a neutral court means something.
I am a very dumb person, and one of the smart people here needs to explain to me how over 2 months, when you play each conference member on a home and away basis, that it just determines seeeding on a neutral court. But when you play only 3 teams out of a 12 team conference on a neutral court over 3 days, that that somehow determines the conference "champion" and the resulting NCAA automatic berth. I got real problems with that.

What I have realized is that actual graduates of the University of Miami see Shannon for who he really is: A confused man who can recruit but can’t coach. However, the uneducated fans of the University of Miami keep ignoring reason. Why would anyone take offense to Linda Robertson's article?? I recall mentioning once that as a graduate of the University of Miami I found it embarrassing that Coach Shannon spoke slang sometimes in his interviews and someone on this blog told me that none of that mattered. Here is the truth; anyone who is part of the University of Miami family and has a fully functioning brain can see that Shannon's actions over the past few weeks have cast a negative light over the University. Too many smart journalists can’t be wrong on this Marve transfer issue. Shannon looks petty and the University appeals committee makes the school look foolish for upholding any part of those stupid transfer stipulations. If Miami is to make the net step to getting back to its past glory one of 2 things has to happen. Either Shannon finds ways to improve his people management skills as well as his X's and O's skills or the University cans Shannon and gets a more competent coach.

Ecomug - Shut up dumb a**!

People skills? Does Parcells have that? You don't need people skills to coach!

Well, I'm a UM alumnus and I support Randy Shannon, and I support his and the University's stand on the Marve issue. Marve and/or his family were in contact with the SEC schools while he was still under a Miami scholarship and contract. Apparently he doesn't want to compete for the starting QB job, and he apparently doesn't want to attend class and stay our of trouble.

I'm sorry to see him go, I truly believe he is a talented QB, but he brought all of this on himself.

As for Shannon, he's certainly not perfect but he's committed to bringing UM back. Let's not forget that after Coker was fired, there really weren't any candidates beating down the doors to take the headcoaching job. I doubt the situation would be much different if Shannon were fired despite the fact that he has increased the talent level. Recall that Butch Davis had his fair share of game management issues when he was our head coach but he improved. I am sure that Shannon will as well.

I could care less what a few second rate journalists have to say about this issue. The fact that they are still making an issue out of it weeks later just proves that they have have nothing original or relevant to write about.

Manny and Herald Staff

PLEASE assign one of your star writers to the GATORS for awhile. Let the writer contribute at least 3 articles per week on the National Champs… she can move up there and focus on recruiting practices, graduation rates and how the students who do not get enough playing time feel. Let’s hear it from the players on the bench! During the off season she can focus on fund raising efforts and sources of money received by their athletic program and maybe even focus the post graduate activities of its student athletes…

I am tired of the negative Cane's articles from its own home town paper. Except for Manny’s reporting – the balance is not there and leans strongly towards being negative. I am so sick of reporting on kids leaving versus those coming in. ... Students leave schools all the time … In every decision of a student leaving – there is mutual responsibility of both the student/family and the school. The only item really worth reporting on is whether Randy followed the established rules. In my view, the young man started every game he was eligible to start. Let the reader figure out whether that is right or wrong.

If you are compelled to cover the University – why not focus on its contributions as well. It is one of the top economic impact institutions in Miami. Law, Medical, Business, Entertainment (music and sports)... are positively impact our region. FAR MORE than the other northern Florida universities you like to focus on.

When you look at the blogs – there is so much positive information contained looking at the positive aspects of the U. The U is a national leader in its efforts on diversity and inclusivity. I would suggest your reviewing committees looking at balance make sure that your tone is not color blind. I think this Coach, who has improved this team, on balance is not shown the appreciation deserved.

I think he is much better than Meyer – who has had more advantages from being given a team that already had the talent in place – and a working location that does not have a hometown paper only focusing on its negative attributes.

PS: FIU, FAU and Barry, etc... are fine universities deserving similar support as well.

monty_williams, Mike Leach wanted the UM job. The same Mike Leach of Texas Tech. He was recommended by Donald Trump. So don't tell me that I should be grateful that I have Shannon because no teams were knocking down our door. Also, I cant separate Shannon from Coker because he was a head assistant under Coker. Many people think highly of Charlie Strong because a staff is supposed to work as one. Shannon was part of the problem under Coker. Butch Davis was a bad game day coach here but he was big on player development and his teams progressed as the season went along. Shannon's teams regress as the team progresses. Lastly on the Marve issue, its not a matter of whether Marve is wrong or right. He is a 19 year old and there is nothing gained by be being vengeful against him. Marve's future doesn't have to be messed with because he was missing classes at UM. Shannon and the Miami administration look small by being petty. Also monty_williams, since you are an alum, how many classes did you miss in a semester at UM???

I think Linda Robertson is Israel Gutierrez's Ghost Writing name. Everyone knows he sit's down to pee.

South Florida Fan, what was Florida's record the year Zook was fired??? Who was the QB of that team?? How many good players were in that team. Meyer is a million times better than Shannon. he won with Zooks players and has won now with his players. Florida is a very young team and you can deceive yourself that Miami is young but Florida is just as young. Georgia Tech is younger team than Miami but they totally embarrassed Miami. Stop trying to defend Shannon, he sucks. He needs to get better. Dont compare him to Meter cos Shannon isn't in the same league. I am Cane but I am not blind.

You are totally clueless.

Mike Leach??????????????

Lol so U think miami should just change from its traditional pro style offense to Mike Leachs spread because U want a winning team so bad.

Obviously U know nothing of football. Are the restrictions part of the ncaa rules? Isn't the university of Miami a private institution so there for not forcing them to tell the outside what information they have? Miami handled it the best way they could. Urban Meyer didnt even accept Deonte Thompson transfer when he wanted to leave and come to Miami but did anyone make a big deal. Pete carrol also stopped a player from transferring last year and was that a big deal. Miami is not a JUCO school and well not be harboring players for the likes of UF.

U say your an alum put have U played or coached in championship games for the school. i think not. As a matter of fact what have U done for the school since U graduated. Randy has did so much for this school since he's left that it isn't funny. he is not the best on field coach but he'll learn thats what new comers do.

In Randy We Trust!!!


* But have U played

Question for Linda...

1) Was Shannon vindictive when he allowed Jermaine McKenzie, the team's top WR recruit in 2007 to transfer without conditions this offseason?

2) Was Shannon vindictive when he allowed Dennis Adderly to transfer?

3) Was Butch Davis wrong for NOT allowing QB Scott Covington to transfer in 1997 when he asked for his release?

Hearing the Robert Marve weak incident has become a circus. Writers like Linda are the same ones that were writting a couple of years ago that the U was a school that let its players do whatever they want without any accountability. During that time we were refered to as THUG U. Do you remember when Sport Illustrated wrote their article that the U should close oUr football team because we would allow players to do anything without any consequences in order to win. Here we are know doing exactly what U haters wanted; holding players accountable, recruiting players with good character, raising our acceptance standards, laying out team rules and all of a sudden, can U believe it we are know to tough on players. If you want to make it fair add onto you article everything else that has happened at other Universities. How many arrests at the schools up north. How many students assisted in cheating to get there grades by teachers. Everyone knows the facts with Rob Marve, its all been documented of course because he played at the U. The facts are there and I'm sure there is more that the U does not want to expose because they want RM to go away. RM is not that good to be a threat to play at any of the schools that he was prohibited, the reason he want to go there is because it even more obvious that he already made contact with those schools and he was going to be allowed to sit on the bench. If staying closer to home was the truth the Marves would've jumped on him going to USF, UCF..... So stop writting garbage, its a good thing that in this country people can understand the facts and they are not influenced by biased writter like yourself.
By the way we need Bryce Brown, whoever wrote that we don't need him needs a wake up call. To get to where we once were, we can not afford to lose any of our talent. We need to get back to the rich get richer.....

Ecomug, I hate to admit this but you're largely right. Myers is a good coach and a better recruiter. He did indeed win with Zook's players, but did an even better job of recruiting his own. In each of his four classes over 70 percent of the players committed were rated at 4 or 5 stars.

And for other Canes fans out there, he is actually right about the relative youth of the Gators. 14 of their starters were juniors or seniors this year, while 13 of our starters were upper classmen. He's actually right on Georgia Tech as well. Only 11 of their starters were juniors or seniors (predominantly on the defensive and offensive lines, which may have made the difference in their favor this year).

However, the big difference between Randy and Urban is that the latter has his players in place. He's had enough recruiting classes to stock the players that he truly wants. Shannon needs at least two more years before we can accurately gauge him against other coaches.


GATORS: Tim Tebow (Jr)
CANES: Robert Marve (Fr)

Wide Receivers:
GATORS: Percy Harvin (Jr), Louis Murphy (Sr),
Riley Cooper (Jr)
CANES: Aldarius Johnson (Fr), Thearon Collier (Fr), Travis Benjamin (Fr)

GATORS: Kestahn Moore (Sr), Brandon James (Jr), Emmanuel Moody (Soph)
CANES: Tavaris James (Jr), Craig Cooper (Soph), Derron Thomas (Sr)

Tight Ends:
GATORS: Aaron Hernandez (Soph)
CANES: Chris Zellner (Sr)

Offensive Line:
GATORS: Phil Trautwein (Sr), Jim Tartt (Sr), Maurkice Pouncey (Soph), Mike Pouncey (Soph), Marcus Gilbert (Soph)
CANES: Reggie Youngblood (Sr), Xavier Shannon (Sr), Joel Figuerosa (Soph), Jason Fox (Jr), Orlando Franklin (Soph)

Defensive Line:
GATORS: Carlos Dunlap (Soph), Troy Epps (Jr), Matt Patchan (Fr), Jermaine Cunningham (Jr)
CANES: Allen Bailey (Fr), Adewale Ojomo (Fr), Antonio Dixon (Sr), Marcus Forston (Fr)

GATORS: A.J. Jones (Soph), Brandon Spikes (Jr), Dustin Doe (Jr)
CANES: Romeo Davis (Sr), Sean Spence (Fr), Glenn Cook (Sr)

GATORS: Dorian Monroe (Jr), Major Wright (Soph)
CANES: Anthony Reddick (Sr), Ryan Hill (Jr)

GATORS: Wondy Pierre-Louis (Jr), Joe Hadden (Soph)
CANES: Chavez Grant (Jr), Bruce Johnson (Sr), Demarcus Van Dyke (Soph)

GATORS: Caleb Sturgis (Fr), Chas Henry (Soph)
CANES: Matt Bosher (Soph)

Just Shut Up about Marve, Bill Parcells coaches in the NFL. No PR skills necessary for that job. Half of being a head coach in college is PR and interacting with the community, schoomizing with big money boosters, playing golf with them, going to their kids weddings, etc.
Those big money boosters are White. That's why people have to understand how Gene Chizik got the Auburn job over Turner Gill. I guess many big money Auburn boosters wouldn't feel comfortable schmoozing with a Black person.

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