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Courtside blog: UM 77, BC 71 (F)

BOSTON -- Checking in from the Hurricanes' house of horrors, aka The Conte Forum. Got a little good news and a little bad news to report pregame.

> Jimmy Graham looks like he'll play tonight. UM SID Margaret Belch told us Jimmy practiced some this week and will see some action. The bad news? Eddie Rios (sick) didn't make the trip and Julian Gamble is out. Gamble collided with Graham during practice this week and suffered a mild concussion. He made the trip, but won't dress out.

Boston_college> Another rough start for UM from the field. The Canes started 2-for-20 last year and 0-for-6 tonight. But this time, they started hitting buckets before getting into a real slump. Jimmy Graham has a pair of stickbacks and looks good in his first real action in about three weeks. Rebounding is going to be the difference in this game. Miami came in leading the league in rebounding margin. They're going to need to win it tonight to win the game.

> Got a lot of national media in attendance tonight -- ESPN's Digger Phelps and Andy Katz and FoxSports national columnist Jeff Goodman.

> It will just go down as a basket on the boxscore, but I got to take note of Bryan Asbury's steal and eventual dunk over Rakim Sanders midway through the first half. That was about as an athletic a play I've ever since Asbury make in his time at UM.

> Since falling behind 22-16 on a beautiful Tyrese Rice up-and-under layup with 9:08 to play, Miami has gone on a 6-0 run to the score at 22 with 7:23 left. Miami is playing good defense for the most part on Rice. He's 2 of 7 with two assists. Where he's killed Miami is with four long offensive rebounds.

> Miami used a 9-0 run to take the lead at 25-22 and have held on. Most of it has been with free throw shooting from Dwayne Collins, who is 7-of-8 from the field. Looks like the career 55 percent free throw shooter got his problem corrected.

> Key halftime figures with the Canes leading 38-33... Miami outrbounded BC 18-15 and 8-3 on the offensive boards... UM was 12 of 14 from the line.

> Amazing how the Canes are up right now 49-41 with 15:54 to go. Here's the basic formula -- Dwayne Collins hitting free throws and Adrian Thomas hitting three-pointers. Three weeks ago we would never imagined Collins going 10 of 12 in a game. After two years being shelved by injuries, we would have never imagined Thomas being Miami's second-leading scorer in an ACC road game.

> There's 11:42 left, UM is up 55-48 and Jack McClinton has five points and is 2-of-10 from the field. What does that tell you?

> Couple big momentum swings here in the second half -- all end up going in UM's favor. First, Dwayne Collins gets blocked by Rakim Sanders leading to a BC fastbreak. But on the other end, James Dews steps up and draws a charge on Tyrese Rice on a basket that would have gone for a 3-point play. Then, trailing 55-51, Rice misses a three, BC gets the offensive rebound and gets two close range shots only to be turned away. Then, on the other end, Brian Asbury scores a post basket with three guys on him and draws a foul to give UM a 57-51 lead with 7:25 left. Big series of events.

> Canes clinging to a 65-60 lead behind lots of grit. BC cut the Canes lead -- once as large as 8 -- to 57-56 with 5:23 to go. Adrian Thomas came through with a big offensive rebound and putback before McClinton and Hurdle hit threes to stretch back out a little. J-Mac and Hurdle both have four fouls and are going to have to play safe down the stretch.


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You guys better stop picking on Urban and Timmy. While you were bloggin here, Timmy won the heisman trophy last year, cried after the Ole Mrs. game and was snippin pee pee's in the philipines. Remember, you're a better person after meeting Timmy Tebow. Just keep your pee pee out of the way.

And, by the way, Linda Robertson, the check is in the mail.

Both Tebow and Harvin will return….….. that’s pretty incredible news Manny, thanks for the update.

In my heart of hearts, I know the Gators are a lock for a repeat and that was my honest opinion even if Tebow, Harvin and Spikes departed.

Pretty amazing what a coach with “coaching ability” can do. There’s a slight differnce in landing talent and developing the talent you land. I have yet to figure that out yet, but maybe someone out there can expand upon this dubious topic that I can not possibly comprehend.

In their respective first five years:

- Meyer will get 3 of 5 ships

- Randy will go 1 of 2 in meaningless bowl games, with a overall losing season record at best.

Thanks to Marve’s transfer, I don’t anticipate us being bowl eligible the next two seasons, but we will beat pesky Wake Forrest.

"What I have realized is that actual graduates of the University of Miami see Shannon for who he really is: A confused man who can recruit but can’t coach. However, the uneducated fans of the University of Miami keep ignoring reason." - eco

The Canes are slow learners. Look no further than myself. It will take us 10+ years to figure out what the Gators did in just over 2.


As an Alumni of the U, both graduate (90) and under graduate (93) with two rings '87 and '89 I would like to make a few points.

Linda Robertson has been an unfair critic of The U since she's been writing for this communist rag.

My only experience. We were in the same room
(I think she was interviewing a couple players) and when she left we all started to gag. The room was filled with the odor of rotten tuna fish, if you catch my drift.

She's been a known Gay-tor fan for years. I think I heard her "girl friend" is a Gay-tor grad.

Look, this Marve thing is over. It's been over for 2 weeks. The only effect it's had on recruiting has been positive. So, Linda keep up the good work.

What do you expect from a Kent State grad, she's a Marxist.

Most people are still living in a "last century" frame of mind.

They don't realize these kids are in constant contact with one another.

And Jacory has been a great salesman for "his football team". He single handily brought in the Seminole Two (and others) and he's still working on the third as well as many others.

Most UM alumni, fans and thinking sports fans understand Marve, his daddy and the cheating HS coach were wrong. Most other coaches interviewed agree with Shannon.

As far as this "fear" regarding Bryce Brown - whether he commits or not. It will be great to have him. He'll contribute right away. But, if he decides to go elsewhere so be it. We're loaded at RB. What we need is O-Line and that seems to be a good surprise this recruiting season.

Linda, I Know you will continue your trash writing. But, please get some of that feminine hygiene stuff ... You really need it!

I see the ignorant fans are out again like canesrule 9 'ships.

What a fool.

Ecomug, it's liars like you that give those of you that hate UM - a bad name.

You must be Linda Robertson's "Girl Friend."

Monday aternoon Shannon will interview
Mike Martz for the OC position.

The good:

The bad: http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/pgStory?contentId=9047440#sport=COLLEGE%20FOOTBALL&photo=9047434

Also, 'Canes 93 what the hell was that post about man? You make no effin sense, other than taking shots at Linda Robertson that could/should be considered libel.

Top 5 funniest/saddest things about UM football-

5) Dolphin Stadium- What a terrible place to host 25-40K fans. Those ridiculous sideline expanses create one big oversized box that absolutely kills crowd energy. KILLS IT. worst off all, the team U love to hate won huge there. The Gators have a grander winning legacy there than U do. Hoist that Carquest Bowl victory trophy high cane fan. The place was named Pro Player back then. Pro Player sportswear ushered in the wave of failing corporate sponsorships. Wayne set the bar high for everyone with that money whoring of his stadium.
When Dolphin Stadium is packed FULL , like what Florida did to it, then it finally has an energy in the crowd. 30k crowd? Not so much. That's gonna leave a mark.

4) Miami football fan base- Sadly at the games it's the standard Dade county riff raff. Guys with cell phone waist clips and a barbed wire tattoo. How many Ford Expeditions can U pack into one parking lot cane fan?

3) The inability of cane fan to grasp the severity of the erosion in Coral Gables. "WE"LL BE BACK IN TWO YEARS" is what cane fan likes to yell. U at least has enough sense to yell "we'll be back next year" because you realize that it just isn't happening in one year. Further, cane fan can't imagine THREE YEARS to get back to.....being back (more like get back to being relevant). That is what U like to say, we're coming back, whatever that means at Miami. Three years is an eternity in CFB. So by default your brain locks onto "TWO YEARS BABY." Silly cane fan.

2) That all the recruits will make a great team without the coaching staff having a clue about how to develop them into rounded players. Leadership is clearly missing in many areas of the team.
Look at the team U saw on Thursday night. They play very well in all phases of the game. Extremely well in many of them. The team shows great discipline on the field. You see leadership, everywhere. It's too bad you under developed toothpick receivers won't get to see Major Wright next year. They would fear him.

1) That stoic sideline statue himself. The clueless killer. The man who gave new meaning to "no excuses." The guy who makes miscommunication an art form. Mr. Randy Shannon
Since he is a far cry from producing the results U demand, he will be shown the door in a year or two. Then you'll hack through the rehiring/rebuilding process again, only the next guy will be much smarter.

ill take Martz, any confirmation for that interview rumor?

mra, Up yours you smelly Gay-tor love'n butt. I guess you - must be Linda Robertson's "Girl Friend."

Tell her that she needs that feminine hygiene stuff ... She really needs it!

By the smell of things you do to!

WHY??? kehoe cried.......WHY??, your an ignorant uninformed butt head.

Marve is no longer a Cane... Can The Herald please stop putting his ugly mug on the sports cover...

Its Jacory's Team NOW!!!

Unfortunate that tabloid journalism has diverted the spotlight from the mens bball team...congrats on the big W

Herbal Minded aka HM, agreed. You would think, if these Marxist minded morons like Linda Robertson, actually cared about today's youth, they would write articles such as;

Jacory Harris and his fellow Sr.s, at Northwestern, were left with NO Coach for their Sr season.

So, Jacory with other Sr's help - lead the practices until a coach was found mid way through summer practice.

Not only do they field a competitive team
they end up wining both the State and the National titles.

Now, that's an uplifting story of leadership. Shoot that's movie material.

But, what does this "Marxist minded" moron Linda Robertson waste her time writing about. A negative out dated subject - trying to get on the UM "hit Piece" train.

Hey Linda, the train left the station. The stories over. And your late as well as sick.

Meyers is a great coach and recruiter, but he had a great base of talent with which to work with. Shannon on the other hand did not. How many offensive players were drafted from last year's squad?

Let's look at some other big name coaches and how they did their first year:

Pete Carroll (5-7 the year before he took over)
2000: 6-6
2001: 11-2

Bob Stoops: (5-6 the year before he took over)
1999: 7-5
2000: 13-0

Rich Rodriguez (7-5 the year before he took over at West Virginia)
2001: 3-8
2002: 9-4

Rich Rodriguez (9-4 the year before he took over at West Virginia)
2008: 3-9

Frank Beamer (9-2-1 the year before he took over)
1987: 2-9
1988: 3-8

Bobby Bowden (3-8 the year before he took over)
1976: 5-6
1977: 10-2

Mike Leach (6-5 the year before he took over)
2000: 7-6
2001: 7-5

Mack Brown (4-7 the year before he took over)
1998: 9-3
1999: 9-5

Butch Davis (10-2 the year before he took over Miami)
1995: 8-3
1996: 9-3

Butch Davis (3-9 the year before he took over North Carolina)
2007: 4-8
2008: 8-5

Nick Saban (5-6 the year before he took over Michigan State)
1995: 6-5-1
1996: 6-6

Nick Saban (3-8 the year before he took over LSU)
2000: 8-4
2001: 10-3

Nick Saban (6-6 the year before he took over Alabama)
2000: 7-6
2001: 12-2



TonyCane, good research.

Yes, Shannon took over a team that was left with No Talent and No Depth.

As you looked at the recruiting classes leading up to Randy's take over (from '03 to '06) you can see the O-Line recruits consistently drop off in both talent and depth. The same with WR's.

Now, the defensive recruits in most cases were so good they left early for the NFL, some of Randy's best defenses. Again, depleting depth and leaving us left with questionable talent.

Definitely no base to work with. But, he's doing a great job correcting the depth and talent issues. Talent is two edged sword these days - how long will they stay.

This year, it looks as though Shannons working hard at beefing up our O-Line, D-Backs and Offensive Coordinator.

Again, good research.

Thanks CanesForEver, I agree with your assessment completely. The fact that we were left with such a limited base offensively with which to work with in 2007 (coupled with the car accident which eliminated Jermain McKenzie and Robert Marve from playing that year) really set us back. Going back to 2006, can you think of any other major college program that had to convert multiple DBs to WRs just weeks before the start of the season due to the sheer lack of number of wideouts in the program? Add also the fact that the U, perhaps more than any other school, has kids that leave early. How different would the 2008 squad have been if Calais Campbell had stayed? Or the 2007 squad if Greg Olsen stuck around. Or the 2006 squad if Devin Hester remained? By comparison, the University of Texas NEVER had a player leave early to go pro until Vince Young did it in 2006.

It's so annoying how this is a basketball blog and here comes everyone talking about this sportswriter from the Herald. Who cares about her. Lets talk basketball. The Canes needed that win real badly. If this team gets into the tournament they could def go to the sweet 16. But in order to get there we need to win games like this on the road and we have to win all our home games beside north carolina. If we don't have excitement for this team then people won't come out to the games and that will make us lose some home games. If we give this team attention at home they will come through.

TonyCane, excellent points.


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