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Courtside blog: UM 85, FAU 69 (F)

BANKUNITED CENTER -- Just checking in from the BUC where Frank Haith's team will get its final tune-up before entering ACC play for good against coach Mike Jarvis' 4-10 Florida Atlantic Owls.

I'm hoping to have a halftime chat with athletic director Kirby Hocutt, who is entertaining a few special guests -- not sure who they are -- for tonight's game.

As usual, I'll be here to provide you with my thoughts on this game. UM (10-3) has been blowing out everyone they've played since the Clemson loss. Not that they were really facing world-beaters of late, but UM is actually in the Top 10 nationally in three impressive statistics: 3-pt defense (2nd), rebound margin (3rd) and field goal pct. defense (9th).

> Jack McClinton has hit a pair of threes early to put Miami back in front 10-8 after it fell behind 8-5. Apple Jacks has been shooting the three less than he did in his first two seasons and driving past opponents more this season. Maybe Haith wants him to get warmed for ACC play. I can't wait to see him and Tyrese Rice go at it in Boston Saturday.

> Just read Mike Bakas' latest story over at Canestime.com and it looks like the Canes' football team received some good news this afternoon: Offensive line recruit Jermaine Johnson will be reporting for class in two weeks. "I just wanted to let you know that I just got cleared by the NCAA so I'm all ready to start school on the 20th," Johnson told Bakas. "I'm real happy about it. It's a big relief knowing that I'll be there for the spring."

> Down 13-10, the Canes went on a 14-2 run to take control of this game. They used the three-ball to do it. Adrian Thomas hit back-to-back threes before Edwin Rios and Cyrus McGowan capped the run with back-to-back treys.

> Miami is struggling with the Owls tonight. They've expanded the lead to double digits twice only to see the Owls come back and make a game of it. UM is 9 of 18 from three-point range. The Owls are 9 of 22 -- including 6 from Carderro Nwoji.


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Wish I was there!!! Enjoy the game.

Wanna talk about Marcus Hall's commit today? Where's he gonna play for us?

Hey Manny,

Just wondering if you and the Herald will stop writing about Marve, and take his picture off the front page of the UM section on this site. NO ONE cares about him anymore!!!

What about the fact that we only got 8 votes in the AP poll? Did we get any in the Coaches poll? Tenn is ranked and they have # losses?!?

Hey Manny,

Just wondering if you and the Herald will stop writing about Marve, and take his picture off the front page of the UM section on this site. NO ONE cares about him anymore!!!

Posted by: Jack | January 05, 2009 at 07:07 PM

Well said!

Hopefully Hocutt's guests include Greg Reid.

Any comments on next year's roster Mannito?

12 Jacory Harris Soph. 6-4/185
16 Cannon Smith FR(RS) 5-11/200
17 Taylor Cook FR(RS) 6-7/225
AJ Highsmith Fr. 2-0/186

2 Graig Cooper Jr. 6-0/200
5 Javarris James SR. 6-0/214
32 Lee Chambers Soph. 5-10/185
20 Damien Berry Jr. 5-11/207
Bryce Brown Fr. 6-0/215
Lamar Miller Fr. 5-11/205
Mike James Fr. 5-11/211

30 Patrick Hill SR. 5-9/256
43 John Calhoun FR(RS) 6-3/254
0 Joe Lucking Soph. 6-0/218

83 Sam Sheilds SR. 6-0/186
4 Aldarius Johnson Soph. 6-2/206
85 Leonard Hankerson Sr. 6-3/210
47 Laron Byrd Soph. 6-4/211
80 Travis Benjamin Soph. 5-10/160
28 Thearon Collier Soph. 5-8/180
81 Davon Johnson Soph. 5-11/184
86 Tommy Streeter FR(RS) 6-5/202
38 Kendall Thompkins FR(RS) 5-10/170
19 Daniel Adderley FR(RS) 6-6/225

18 Dedrick Epps Sr. 6-4/252
84 Richard Gordon Sr. 6-4/260
88 Chris Zellner Sr. 6-2/241
Billy Sanders Fr. 6-4/235
Cory White Fr. 6-4/225
Stephen Plain Fr. 6-6/240

64 Jason Fox Sr. 6-7/306
76 Chris Rutledge Sr. 6-5/311
70 AJ Trump Sr. 6-3/300
68 Ian Symonette Sr. 6-9/351
79 Chris Barney Sr. 6-5/345
61 Joel Figueroa Jr. 6-5/344
74 Orlando Franklin Jr. 6-7/335
65 Matt Pipho Sr. 6-7/307
52 Ben Jones FR(RS) 6-5/310
66 Harlund Gunn Soph. 6-2/313
63 Tyler Horn FR(RS) 6-4/289
60 Chris Ivory FR(RS) 6-2/227
Brandon Washington Fr. 6-5/330
Jermaine Johnson Fr. 6-6/309

57 Allen Bailey Soph. 6-4/285
99 Marcus Fortson Soph. 6-2/302
95 Gavin Hardin FR(RS) 6-4/240
92 Josh Holmes Sr. 6-0/279
91 Joe Joseph Sr. 6-3/300
94 Eric Moncur Sr. 6-2/250
56 Marcus Robinson Soph. 6-1/231
97 Adewale Ojomo Soph. 6-3/240
54 Micanor Regis Soph. 6-2/321
62 Andrew Smith FR(RS) 6-2/238
75 Chaz Washington Sr. 6-4/310
90 Steven Wesley Sr. 6-3/260
Dyron Dye Fr. 6-4/216
Luther Robinson Fr. 6-3/280
Curtis Porter Fr. 6-2/334
Oliver Vernon Fr. 6-3/239

44 Colin McCarthy Sr. 6-3/235
31 Sean Spence Soph. 6-0/202
11 Arthur Brown FR(RS) 6-2/223
58 Jordan Futch FR(RS) 6-2/214
36 KylanRobinson FR(RS) 6-1/235
45 Ramon Buchannon FR(RS) 6-1/197
Antonio Harper Fr. 6-4/230

6 Randy Phillips Sr. 6-0/208
1 Brandon Harris Soph. 5-10/185
24 Chavez Grant Sr. 5-11/180
35 Lovon Ponder Sr. 6-0/219
8 Demarcus Van Dyke Jr. 6-1/177
7 Vaughn Telemaque Soph. 6-1/185
29 JoJo Nicholas Soph. 6-1/195
23 Tervaris Johnson Sr. 6-2/229
34 CJ Holton FR(RS) 6-2/195
13 Ryan Hill Sr. 5-11/200
37 Jared Campbell FR(RS) 6-0/197
Ray Ray Armstrong Fr. 6-4/218
Brandon McGee Fr. 5-11/186
Prince Kent Fr. 6-3/195
Jamal Reid Fr. 6-1/175
Kayvon Webster Fr. 5-11/185

25 Matt Bosher Jr. 6-0/202
40 Jake Wieclaw Soph. 6-1/186


One of Kirby's "Special Guests" is.................................................EUGENE MARVE!!!!

To Word - is Marcus Hall's "committing" a hope or fact?

Hey Manny,

Thanks for all your hard work. I have a quick question for you. Is Brandon Washington starting this semester (Jan. 20?), as well? If so, that'd be at least two solid O-linemen on track to participate in the Spring session, right? Do you see any other O-linemen joining them?

To Word - is Marcus Hall's "committing" a hope or fact? Posted by: Frank | January 05, 2009 at 07:25 PM

Farce. Hall is set to visit later this month. No commitment.

Is Marcus Hall commit info legit?

Scout is reporting it so it must be true!! LOL. Just don't know what side of the ball he will play at the U. Supposedly he can play both.

Q: Thanks for all your hard work. I have a quick question for you. Is Brandon Washington starting this semester (Jan. 20?), as well? If so, that'd be at least two solid O-linemen on track to participate in the Spring session, right? Do you see any other O-linemen joining them? Posted by: Ray Liotta | January 05, 2009 at 07:38 PM

A: Just those two Ray. Malcolm Bunche, Hall, Wheeler would all be summer arrivals.

Could Hocutt's special guests be potential OC's? Probably not, but speculation is fun...

Per Rivals:

The Hurricanes' offensive coordinator job will draw a lot of interest. After the attack never took flight under Patrick Nix, expect coach Randy Shannon to pursue an experienced coordinator. Al Borges could be a target even though he has accepted the coordinator job with San Diego State. Another name to watch is former Syracuse offensive coordinator Mitch Browning, who built some devastating rushing attacks at Minnesota. Alabama quarterback coach Curt Cignetti also could be on Miami's radar; he helped mold Philip Rivers at North Carolina State. In addition, former UM coordinator Rob Chudzinski is on the market. Chudzinski, who is a UM alum, was offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. The Browns fired their coaching staff Monday.


MN - any decent rumors on interviews for the OC yet?


Manny...fake soup on the b-l-o-b.

Manny, what's the difference between this year's bball team and last years?


By far the longest, fastest and most athletic Cane's squad I've seen, but thus far I haven't been impressed with their play. How do you think we'll fair in ACC play?? Do you still think we're going to the dance or are we NIT bound?

Oh, and whose the next OC going to be?!?!

Eugene and Robert Marve, Willie Williams, and Maurice Clarett.

Possible New Offensive Coordinator at THE U

If one were to look at some common connections between "The U brain trust" and a quality OC, one may come up with an interesting name or two.

Well, I'll start this journey in Fayetteville, Arkansas where a young Jimmy Johnson played on the 1964 National Championship football team, where he was an all-SWC defensive lineman for Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles, and a teammate of Ken Hatfield, Barry Switzer and the future Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Remember "The Arkansas Three" - Johnson, Hatfield and Switzer.

Jimmy went on the be the head coach at Oklahoma State University, where in 1978 a Young Houston Nutt transferred from the university of Arkansas as QB to play for Johnson.

We know the rest of Jimmy's story.

Houston Nutt, after graduation went into coaching and after working with the "Arkansas Three" over the yrs eventually end up as the head coach at Arkansas.

Houston Nutt, while at Arkansas hired one of Arkansas's former HC, Ken Hatfield's, OC's/QB coaches from the Dallas Cowboys as his QB coach and eventually his OC.

Jimmy Johnson, Ken Hatfield and Houston Nutt are very good friends and have been known to spend some of their "leisure time" down in the Keys at Jimmy's place.

The connections - U of Arkansas - Oklahoma State - Dallas Cowboys - Miami Dolphins - Jimmy Johnson - Ken Hatfield - Houston Nutt
- THE U - David Lee.

Yes, the "Wild Hog" innovator. Dolphin QB coach
and 33 yrs of coaching experience most spent as a Offensive Coordinator. With a special knack for innovating within the Pro-Style Offense.

I don't know what will happen. But these coaching positions are filled, more often than not, through common coaching connections.

Keep your eye's on David Lee.

Would be, could be, interesting.

Your thoughts?


The Owls were without their best player, in fact the best player in the Sun Belt last night, Carlos Monroe. When you consider that fact, it is difficult to be encouraged by the Hurricanes performance.

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