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Good news coming in Bunches

There's been a long stretch recently where every bit of Canes news coming out of Coral Gables has been causing fans to feel like reaching for Rolaids or Pepto Bismo. What started in about the second quarter of the Georgia Tech game, intensified with the firing for Patrick Nix, the troubled transfer of starting quarterback Robert Marve and reached its peak with last week's news that defensive coordinator Bill Young was leaving for Oklahoma State.

It looks like the stomach ache might be coming to an end. Monday afternoon, UM finalized its courtship with new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. Then, in the evening, the Canes got more good news when they picked up an important recruiting commitment from a big-time player, 6-6, 322-pound offensive tackle Malcolm Bunche. Here's the best news: it may only be the beginning of a good Canes run.

With National Signing Day around the corner, the Hurricanes now look like they are on pace to sign another Top 10 class -- one that will likely still include the nation's No. 1 recruit after today's news. When East Wichita running back Bryce Brown recently reaffirmed his commitment to Miami, he mentioned he would be looking for two things -- good news on the coordinator front and good news among potential offensive line recruits. UM got both Monday.

> I'll have a more in-depth blog for you late tonight on Bunche. I spoke at length with his mother and his high school coach and have some good stuff to share. I also plan on being at Whipple's press conference tomorrow to give you the scoop from there.


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wat chu u kno bout that

Near the first ones, great job Manny.

If we get Hall,Bryce is a 100% lock

we gotta a better chance at bryce than hall

Got out the way!!!!!!!!

This is what I was waiting all year for - we are who we knew we were!!!!!

Go Canes!

Whipple needs to go to ohio with shannon on thurs to go c Hall

Great job Randy and the coaching staff, and welcome aboard Bunche.

The momentum has really swung back in the right direction. Imagine how Jacory must feel - WHipple's going from coaching Super Bowl champions to coaching him. That's the kind of U we're talking about.
Incoming freshmen, make room on your hands for championship rings.

Great to hear. Glad we have some good news finally!

Hey Manny,
Does it appear that RS will be serving as the DC also or are they actually looking for someone to fill that role?

Sucks to be Robert Marve right about now.

Good eats, Navarro, thx.

What's Ur odds that RS will be DC next year as well as Head Coach?
Done deal?

Many 'fans' think that then we'll have our troubles expanded...not just an inexperienced HC but worse...
I'm hopeful.

Canes, baaby

Mr. Whipple, good luck in the gallows ...

Let's plan a ticker tape parade down Ponce de Leon Blvd. !!!

try to plan it after a U.M. Basketball game so atleast a few thousand people might show up .

ESPN has it's poll question featuring Canes.
The poll question is:
How will Miami fare with Whipple as OC next year? Much better, somewhat better, same, or worse.

Great job Manny keeping us informed on the latest. It seems nice to hear good news for a change and hopefully this discusting Coker Virus is hopefully coming to an end. Keep the news coming Manny.

If we can land either hall or pete white we should be able to save bryce brown!!!

anyone else concerned with only having 15 scholarships for next year? Supposedly s. florida is loaded next year. Why waste scholarships on some of these 3 star athletes like webster, barrington, the purdue guy when we could get some 4 stars next year?

go vote for us as much better cause everyone is hatin on us hard body

No life till leather!!!!!!!

Let's do it man, let's torch the whole village!!!

Good news come in "bunches".

I see what u did there^^^^^

Good job on landing whipple Coach. I think ou have a good point Rob but we may still have more than 15 th offer is we see more transfers because somewhere between Cannon and Taylor somebody's gotta go maybe even both and if they do leave don't we get those scholarships back? Good job on todays hire now I still think we need to hire a DC.

Champs in 2010 Watch.


I feel better now ...


Draw ?

Good hire

This was a great hire. Whoa I can't wait till feb.4. Its going to be a big day for us.

Bring on Spring practice Already!!!!!!!!!!

Go Canes !!!!!!!


What time is the press conference for Whipple tomorrow? Any word on a DC?

NICE!! We are doing a great job of shoring up our weaknesses (corner, OL). Don't forget about Daniel Campbell. Last I heard its between us and USC. And we have good shots at Peter White and Marcus Hall and Andrew Tiller.

Weather Report:
A very slow moving tropical wave just left the coast of Africa heading West. Forecast shows that it will grow in strength and should be a Full Strength Category 5 Hurricane when it makes landfall September 7, 2009 at approximately 2000hrs, at Miami Dolphin Stadium. Sources note it will be named Hurricane Whipple.

Um, somebody call Bobby Bowden and tell them to make sure their insurance policy is up to date... :)

Miami already has Brandon Washington (ranked #2 in Rivals.com prep school top 50 for 2009) as a commitment. The U might also get the #1(Bobby Massie) and # 11 (Daniel Campbell). Check out the link and click on school list.


So when Bryce says,

"I’m really watching to see what schools lineman like Marcus Hall, Bobby Massie, Daniel Campbell, Malcolm Bunche, and Pete White will be attending on signing day," he said. "Some people say what type of impact I could have on where some other players will go, but I want them to know they have an impact on my decision"

does he know something that we are bit by bit seeing unfold? Daniel Campbell is said to be just a matter of academics. His teamate Massie has still not named a leader, but the Canes are in the mix. Peter White likely has the Canes in his top 2. Hall has stated the Canes are in his top 2, and has even said the Canes now lead for him. Bunche, of course, is now a part of the family as well.

it seems that Bryce's statements can be read in one of at least two ways. Either he knows that these players are all likely to choose Miami, based on conversations they may have had together throughout the course of their recruitment. Or possibly Bryce is looking to see that Miami lands at least 2-3 of the players, and possibly that is what is behind his statement. Either way, the only lineman he mentioned are the ones Miami is on the shortlist for. He's not rattling off Oregon prospects or K State prospects. The only unifying thread between these recruits is that they are all high on Miami.

I'm feeling optimistic. I'm gonna say that Bryce does know something. I'm gonna believe the rumor that Bunche and Hall discussed rooming together this past weekend, and now on Monday Bunche makes his commitment official. I'm gonna believe that Massie has not been overly impressed with any of the other schools he's visited and that early playing time and the chance to block for Bryce will lead him to choose Miami in the end. Hell, I'm half expecting White to commit on the spot this weekend.

Is it Kool-Aid? Possibly. At the very least, partially. I just see a big week ahead for the Canes. I can't wait to be refreshing every 15 minutes on NSD as the signitures pour in.

Go Canes!!!

And don't worry about the 15 ships for next year. That's IF we use all 27 from this year (we're at 20 I think). Plus there are the inevitable academic nonqualifiers and season end transfers. We'll have plenty of ships for Jose Jose, Torian Wilson, Brandon Linder, Khalid Marshall, Jakari Gore, Eduardo Clements, Corvin Lamb, Jeffrey Godfrey, Lamarcus Joyner and the two stud DTs (Chandler and Nix) that are already committed. Throw in a few LBs, WRs, a TE and a DE and we're done for '10.

Look what i got!!!!

enjoy canes fans


mark whipples offense

I *vaguely* remember hearing something between two of the OL prospects, I think Hall and Bunche, one one's decision influencing the other in a positive way. I think it was Bunche saying he wanted to see if Hall went to Miami and wanted to play alongisde him. I can't remember where I read it, anyone else able to confirm?

Looking at that footage u cant help but to say that this whipple guy is for real. No just throw it up to calvin johnson like nix....

#2 2008 prep school player - Jermaine Johnson


#1 and # 13 ranked players in 2009 - Bryce Brown and Ray ray Armstrong


And the # 2 2009 Prep player - Brandon Washignton and possible the # 1 and # 11 prep players in 2009


And hopefully Sheldon Richardson, Marcus Hall, Peter White, Tana Patrick, and maybe, but highly unlikely 5 star Greg Reid. Can't wait for NSD!

#2 2008 prep school player - Jermaine Johnson


#1 and # 13 ranked players in 2009 - Bryce Brown and Ray ray Armstrong


And the # 2 2009 Prep player - Brandon Washignton and possible the # 1 and # 11 prep players in 2009


And hopefully Sheldon Richardson, Marcus Hall, Peter White, Tana Patrick, and maybe, but highly unlikely 5 star Greg Reid. Can't wait for NSD!


I just talked to Max Mayfield. He says that NHC could use you! As long as you have a compass and protractor anyway.

so, on a relevant note, based on what was said by Brown in that interview, i think people should be wary that he's probably reading all these message boards. clearly he knows all the big named recruits that Miami is going after. maybe it's a shout out to those guys to get them to go to Miami too. I think the best thing to do is give the kid space on the boards and let him make his own decision. Talking trash about him is the wrong move. To Bryce I say that it shouldn't matter which OLinemen commit to Miami because just bringing in more guys is going to be a huge help. Between last year and this year, Miami's talent appears to be headed in the right direction. clearly miami is a better choice simply because they play in a conference that gives a chance for 7 or 8 teams to get to a BCS game every year.

As a Public Service Announcement Ya'll ...
Mark Whipple is the "REAL DEAL" Nix is going
to look like he really didn't know what he was
doing once Mr. Whipple lands in Coral Gables
Trust me Canes Fans We'll see the Difference come Spring Game in March I can't Wait.
I'll be there to greet my Canes and check out the Offense we'll be running in 09' So by 2010 we should Land our 6th National Championship without a Problem.

One thing you have to say about Shannon is he hires guys with great resumes. He hired Bill Young for the defense last year, who unfortunately left, and now he hired Mark Whipple to run the offense. Whipple has done nothing but succeed wherever he has been. He's been a successful upper-level assistant, OC, and HC. I'm surprised he took the job. I still would prefer a new DC. However, there may not be any with a great resume out there. It might be more likely that Shannon will hire someone as a defensive assistant or something along those lines. In addition, since Whipple has HCing experience, Shannon may be able to pass responsibilities off to Whipple so Shannon can focus on the D.

press conf. @ 1pm

any word on Rueben Randle? I remember Manny mentioning that Randle was waiting to see who was hired as the OC. After the OC hire do we have a shot at signing him? I know he isn't scheduled to visit before signing day and our chances are slim but I would love to have the number 1 and 2 prospects according to rivals down in Coral Gables. If anyone knows anything please let me know!!!


Glad we hired Coach Whipple. But I seriously hope Hurricane fans are patient with with the new offensive coach . This impatience of fans and unrealistic expectations too soon can be self-destroying. This past year (2008) the Hurricanes played a little better than 2007 with a younger, less experienced team and there were still fans who were disappointed the team did not win a championship. There is talk that prior offensive coordinators (Rich Olson, Dan Werner, Patrick Nix ) were "blind" leaders. The truth is college football has become harder than any other profession out there. Today, most college coaches are earning more than most doctors, lawyers, and bussiness executives. This has made the "playing field" even and level. Most coaches out there are "average" compared to their peers. This is why Steve Spurrier, Dennis Erickson, Charlie Weiss as well as their staff are unable to easily overcome their peers. College football has become a multi- miilion (possibly multi-billion) dollar entertainment industry with many good coaches all over the place. Please give Coach Whipple time to succeed over a course of a few years rather than just next year. The same goes for Coach Shannon

i can't believe this crap. checking the two major miami sports talk radio stations-- nothing on the press conference. are you kidding me???? this sux! they gotta do better. anywhere else and the radio would be all of this kind of hire.


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