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Jacory Harris readying for 'hulk' of a role

Jacory Harris inside UM's newly decorated Hecht Athletic Center 
Jacory Harris joked with reporters Wednesday, telling them to prepare to see the Incredible Hulk take the field next fall. Harris definitely didn't arrive at college looking like The Hulk. As a freshman, he was not even supposed to be doing much more than helping Robert Marve in a backup role.

But Wednesday, a little more than a year after he first began taking classes at the University of Miami, Harris was standing in front of the media with a bigger role than most expected him to have this early in his career. He is no longer Marve's backup, no longer Plan 1B. He is the man -- and in a way much bigger than many other Canes quarterback before him. Harris, who will turn 19 in May, is now the leader of this team. He is the voice in the locker room, the huddle, the one his teammates will turn to when the tough gets going from now on. He is the guy shouldering the hopes and dreams of Canes fans, who are tired of the losing and starving for success. And the truth is he'll have to be as strong as the Hulk to carry the weight.

"To be the starting quarterback at the University of Miami is every kid's dream," Harris said. "You grow up watching UM on TV, the swagger they had, the NFL players the have. It's something so special that you want to be a part of it. I'm happy I am."

Jacory talked about a lot of things Wednesday during his half hour press Jacory Harris' new haircutconference. His dreams (winning championships). His weight. His injured shoulder. His friends Patrick Nix and Robert Marve (he said he was surprised both left). What he hopes Miami gets in its new offensive coordinator. What he tells visiting recruits about the future at Miami. How he really felt last season while sitting behind Marve. What went wrong at the end of the Emerald Bowl (he called it a case of miscommunication). Here are some of the highlights.

> First, his health. Harris told us Wednesday he expects to be fully healthy for the start of the spring (it looks like Feb. 24 will be the day). As we all suspected, he did re-injure his shoulder on the final play of the first half in the Emerald Bowl. Harris, who has been going to rehab 2 to 3 times a day, reassured us that while he still feels it a little bit "I've got my regular strength back. I'm 100 percent for the spring."

> As for his height and weight, Harris said people have been telling him he looks a little taller, but he hasn't measured himself. He did weigh himself, though, and said he's up to 186 pounds from 176 at the bowl game. He said by the start of next season he would like to weight at least 190, 195 pounds. He would like to leave UM (after he gets his degree) weighing 215.

>  In regards to UM's offensive coordinator search, Harris said he has remained in contact with coach Randy Shannon on a regular basis and that he puts all his trust in Shannon. Ultimately, Harris said, all he wants is someone who will help him get to the NFL, "whatever style of offense" it takes. As for having to learn a new offense, Harris doesn't expect it to be too hard.

"It wasn't a problem for me last year," Harris said. "I learned the whole playbook in the spring. Summer and two-a-days was there to sharpen my knowledge. My role will be a teacher - I was a teacher this year too. I've got a lot in my small head. I'm a visual learner, so if you put it on the board I'll learn it."

> Harris admitted he's been a bit concerned while the Hurricanes have been undergoing major changes on its coaching staff. But he said he's done a lot of thinking and has come to the idea coaches aren't what make up a program, rather it is the players. And that's the message he has been delivering to recruits, who have voiced their similar concerns to him. 

Jacory Harris at the Emerald Bowl "I really don't think we're starting over because the nucleus of the team is here, and that's the players," Harris said. "I'll [the recruits] you can't worry about this coach here, this coach there, because if that coach has a down year and the school decides to fire him then you'll be with a different coach the next four years. You got to decide based on the coaches that are there, have fun with the player and whatever vibe you get from the players that's what school you should go to. That's how I picked my school, whoever I was most comfortable with."

> As for the two-quarterback system, consider Harris happy it is over with. Harris shared a story with reporters about how he was a bit down with the situation before the Duke game last year. He said his performance helped lift his spirits. "I learned you got to put your ego behind you," Harris said. "Even though I didn't start the next week, I knew I helped us win the game. I played and was able to win a game for my team and that's all I wanted to do."

> As for his backups, Harris had nothing but glowing comments. He said he watched Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith at times compete with the scout team last year and came away impressed. He plans to be supportive in helping them each come along. He said Cook has the strongest arm of any quarterback "He can probably throw the whole football field," Harris said.


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How many contraversies must there be to find a true college football champion, for officials to make a play-off? A play-off makes sense for multiple reasons, crowning a true champion, giving smaller schools a chance to compete with the heavy-weights, and its a new age of football where not only do the coaches, fans, and media want a play-off but we deserve one.
A contrversy of who is actually number one has been going on since the beginning of college football because the sport is based on human polls. In 1998, college football started a system called the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) which consisted of four bowl games the Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, and the Rose. The number one and the number two teams in the final BCS poll at the end of the season play in the national title game hosted by one of the four BCS games (the national title rotates among the four every year). In 2006, college football added a new bowl the BCS National Championship game. Since then the top two teams play in that game and eight other teams play in the other four traditional bowls. But two slots may not be enough sometimes. In 2000 the University of Miami, Florida State, and Oklahoma all finished with one loss. But it was Florida State and Oklahoma who got to play in college football's finale. The funny thing though... to view more visit http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=137842976&blogID=465493079

Thanks Manny! FIRST!

Is he wearing an Emerald Bowl Jacket?

He is, he is wearing an Emerald Bowl jacket. Yo, JH, you cant wear that jacket in public anymore its bad JuJu

Finally a feel good story. If Harris isn't what a leader should be I don't know what is. That's the kind of positive attitude we need in this program. Good to hear he is putting on the weight too.

Sweetness. So who's gonna step up and be the leader on D? I know it's kinda awkward sometimes for the new guy to come in and start leading, but good on Harris.


Thanks for something on the positive side of the U Manny...I think its been sorely needed.

& Swasey haters...check the stats!!


from allcanes blog:


This video shows one of the biggest problems we have at the U. Lack of veteran leadership.

Spence the leader on defense and Harris the offensive leader. Canes are on the way back!! Whomever Shannon gets as the OC will have a lot to work with. Plus Harris is a much better reader of defences than Marve ever was. I could put him ahead of Ken Dorsey in that regard when Dorsey was a sophmore at the U.



To gain weight, you got to work the big muscles - back, thighs, chest, and shoulders. Working those muscles and a good diet will allow you to put on 20lbs.

If you get a QB coach, remember this - You throw with your feet. If your feet are not set - you are not as accurate

jacory raises a good point about players and coaches (i think???). remember, he's operating out his own experience at northwestern. if i'm correct, his high school coaching staff got fired somewhere between his junior year and senior year. however, because they were stacked with talent, there was good leadership and chemistry on the team-- not only did they run their own practices until the new coaching staff showed up, but they went on to win the state title (with new coaches). he might be on to something here.

now this isn't to negate the importance of having competent coaches, but perhaps as jacory is suggesting the weight of a team's maybe even a program's success falls on the quality of its players, their chemistry and leadership. shannon for sure is doing a good job with getting the talent. where jacory's analysis falls short is that someone with some knowledge and experience has to be able to develop that talent (i think). at any rate, jacory has what i think is an interesting take-- spin maybe-- about the best he could do under these very trying circumstances.

is anyone listening marve is at penn state

if Jacory stays healthy and leads this team for the next 3 years, he could break every career passing record at the U.
Lets go Canes!!!!

Breaking news: r-dub for S&C and QB Coach!

Good article Manny. How many scholarships does the U have this year? Does the U have 18 or 19 commitments? Will the U finish in the top 10 for recruiting? Who is visiting this weekend, and will an OC be in place by then?

The U will have an OC by this weekend, and I like the three recuits you mentioned in your weekly chat.

Who cares anymore about Marve... i wish him luck but im not gonna go out of my way to follow his career...

Yeah, Marve is at Penn State where he'll ride the bench behind Joe Pa's recuits. Just like Kirby Freeman at freakin' Baylor.

Who cares where Marve is at, he is a former Cane.

God Bless you Jacory and God Bless the U!

TAJ BOYD JUST COMMITTED TO THE HURRICANES, GOOD PLAYER FROM VA, saw him this year in a high school game

Jacory = Leader.

Where did the Taj Boyd news come from, don't see it on any of the sites.

Taj Boyd? Were we even recruiting him? Where are you getting this stuff?


aaah manny, you dont know how good that is to hear. there really are some top caliber guys at the U. both in ability and in character. Manny, do you think sean spence will be a good defensive leader? does he have that type of personality?

From Scout.com

The Bama papers indicates Taj Boyd (QB) connecting with Bryce Brown, and that Boyd & Brown are headed to Miami.

Taj Boyd threw Brown TD passes of 61 and 42 yrd's. During UnderArmour game.

Sounds interesting. But, does this make sense?

I don't see these Scout/Rivals as being right very often.

They were right with Young leaving, but most of the time, I think they're hyping for subscriptions.

Now that's maturity and leadership. The kid got brain. Like speed, you can't teach that stuff.

Shannon just need to keep bringing in real UM talents, not the kind that some experts rated. Coker got highly rated classes that never fitted in at The U (W. Williams). Ray Lewis and K Dorsey were not 5-stars, while Berlin, Wright, and Williams were #1 players in their years. Let's not worry about where this coming class rank, but let's see if they have the what it take to wear The U.

JH hit the nail on the head. Players come here to become NFL players. They don't want the Heisman with gimmicks and live off of that trophy rest of their lives. If they set their standards as the NFL, then the recruits, hungry young assists, NC's, and big paydays will come.

The kid's temperament and attitude reminds me of Montana. I wonder who his role model is? Let's see how he will develop.

Wednesday Tajh Boyd Update

Some good news on the Tajh Boyd front as the five-star signal caller updates his schedule with visiting coaching staffs.


I still don't get the Boyd thing. I'm pretty sure there wasn't an offer on the table. With Marve gone however, we were open to picking up another QB for the depth chart. Maybe this one slipped by the fans?



Nate, When I read about his situation at NWHS I was floored. That's the kind story they make movies about.

"Coach-less HS football team is lead and coached by JR/SR QB through spring and summer, wins Florida D-6 National and State HS Championships."

What a story. What a story on leadership! And guess what - it's not Tebow.

Yea ... the Canes are in good hands.

Once you get a new head coach, you'll start winning. Until when you will never sniff another national title. You will be like Georgia Tech was this year, 9-3 and lose in the peach bowl. Use randy to finish bringing in this next class and fire him at the end of the year no matter what and bring a big time coach who is smart enough to win. Tuberville!


I'm with you. But, in reality - the schools don't do the offering when it comes to players of Boyd's caliber.

They'll tak'em, just that sometimes they don't waste time with players they hear are going to a "certain school."

But I still don't get this one, but I'll take it, if it happens. Heck Brown's who we need.

is anyone listening marve is at penn state

Posted by: Griggsy | January 21, 2009 at 06:19 PM

Who gives a crap about Marve!

Finally, some good news......

Week 1- Miami 63 FAAMU 7
Week 2- Miami 31 Oklahoma 27
Week 3- Miami 49 Who cares 10
Week 4- Miami 52 Who cares 3
Week 5- Miami 34 FSU 13
Week 6- Miami 24 Virginia Tech 10
Week 7- Miami 42 Duke 10
Week 8- Miami 37 North Carolina 17
Week 9- Miami 42 North Carolina State 13
Week 10- Miami 33 Georgia Tech 21
Week 11- Miami 41 Boston College 16
Week 12- Miami 34 Maryland 10

2010 Rosebowl Miami 27 Florida 24

posted by firerandyshannon.com is a racist.

Tro your my bro,
nice predictions. Sweet

I use these Gayturds, like firerandyshannon.com, as my "Canary's in the cave."

When they start with their hate, fear and loathing of "THE U".

I know we are on the right track.

THE U - 34
OU - 12

Go Canes!

firerandyshannon.com is a moron!!

Week 1- Miami 63 FAAMU 7
Week 2- Miami 31 Oklahoma 27
Week 3- Miami 49 Who cares 10
Week 4- Miami 52 Who cares 3
Week 5- Miami 34 FSU 13
Week 6- Miami 24 Virginia Tech 10
Week 7- Miami 42 Duke 10
Week 8- Miami 37 North Carolina 17
Week 9- Miami 42 North Carolina State 13
Week 10- Miami 33 Georgia Tech 21
Week 11- Miami 41 Boston College 16
Week 12- Miami 34 Maryland 10

2010 Rosebowl Miami 27 Florida 24

Posted by: tro | January 21, 2009 at 07:54 PM

So we get to skip the ACC title game?

oh yeah-- and a moron too! thanks calicanesfan.

With regard to GOOD NEWS for the Canes.

Just as it seems things are going sideways with the U - we get commits from some top OL recruits. As well as others most thought were not ours to have. Just wait, Debose will flip our way. Guaranteed!

Jacory thinks he's got'em right were he wants'em.

Keep'em coming!

I am starting to get a little nervous about this OC search guys, this pick is going to make or break up for the next couple of years. Especially with recruiting, a big time OC means we can close hard and possibly land a couple of OL studs for this year. Also I need something positive to hear I am tired of seeing all the Miami hate. It makes me sick to my stomach, GO CANES!!!!!


To all these people requesting that Randy Shannon get fired -I have one improtant thing to say- GET A LIFE OR A GIRLFRIEND! PLEASE!

The University of Miami is not going to let him go and will not even decide his fate until the end of next season. You know that and I know that. Who are you talking to with your cries that we let him go? You can post for the next 300 days the same old tune on this web site but your wasting your time until the end of next season. At that time if Randy Shannon has not done a good job, then your words might be heard but until then your words are falling on deaf ears. Oh, I'm sorry I forgot, you have no life and no girlfriend.

Week 1- Miami 63 FAAMU 7
Week 2- Miami 31 Oklahoma 27
Week 3- Miami 49 Who cares 10
Week 4- Miami 52 Who cares 3
Week 5- Miami 34 FSU 13
Week 6- Miami 24 Virginia Tech 10
Week 7- Miami 42 Duke 10
Week 8- Miami 37 North Carolina 17
Week 9- Miami 42 North Carolina State 13
Week 10- Miami 33 Georgia Tech 21
Week 11- Miami 41 Boston College 16
Week 12- Miami 34 Maryland 10

ACC Title Game Miami 37 Who Cares 21

2010 Rosebowl Miami 27 Florida 24


TIM WALKE GLOUCESTER HIGH, 6ft 4 295 LEFT TACKLE this kid is a beast!!!!

great news i heard about this Walke kid he definately a sleeping gem

ONLY a 2 star but has alot of potential

TAJ BOYD is really high on Oregon which is not good news for us Canes fans. Bryce Brown is too and they're really close. Authur Brown better tell his baby brother to come here.

Breaking News! Griggsy just commited to the Canes. He'll red shirt this year and take over for sabastian in 2010.

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