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Hocutt: 'No urgency' in filling OC spot

As I was writing my game story on deadline Monday night out at the BankUnited Center I got a visit from UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt, who was nice enough to come back and look for me after the game to follow through on a chat I had requested with him while he was busy earlier in the evening. On a night when he was hosting other guests and chatting with President Donna Shalala, Hocutt could have just forgotten about it entirely. But the fact he remembered was nice.

Anyway, it wasn't a very long conversation, but I did get to throw a few questions at him. I didn't have my tape recorder, but I did have my notebook. So, some of this will be paraphrased off my notes. We'll start with football.

> The first question was obvious -- what if anything could he tell us about the search to fill the offensive Kirby_hocuttcoordinator vacated by Patrick Nix. While he obviously wasn't going to drop any names or give us any hints he did provide some insight. "One thing I can tell you is we're looking for the best candidate possible, somebody who is experienced and can do the best job at not only developing these young players, but helping us win games. There is nothing we're in an urgency to do. We're in the process of talking to some people and finding the best candidate to run the system that Coach Shannon wants to run. That's really the biggest factor."

> I brought up the fact that last year Miami took its time -- about a month -- before replacing Tim Walton with Bill Young. "Again, we're not in a rush," Hocutt said. "We don't see hiring a coordinator before national signing day as a necessity. We see choosing the right person as the top priority."

> I asked him how he felt about the team's fade from being in the ACC title hunt to losing its final three games. I asked him if there was going to be more pressure on Coach Shannon and his assistants next season to compete for a conference title and national championship.

"That's the goal to compete for championships here. It was a tough finish to the season. But I saw it as a step forward. This was a really young football team. What I really admired about the team was that those players never gave up. They were hurt, short-handed, but the kept fighting. It's a testament to the coaches. I really believe we have the right guys coaching this team. The future is bright. Randy is with us for the long haul. I know everyone wants to see this program win a championship tomorrow. I do. But I really believe we're doing it right. Randy is not out looking for the quick fixes. He's recruiting not only great athletes, but great kids. We're looking to build a winner to stay over time. And I think we've got the right man leading us."

> Before I had to run back to finish my game story, I had to toss a couple basketball questions his way. Hocutt's face lit up talking about coach Frank Haith, who got an extension and a raise this past offseason through the 2013-2014 season. Hocutt, who watched Monday's win over FAU, said he expects UM's new basketball practice facility to be completed by March 1st -- just in time for the McDonald's All-American game. As for other facility upgrades and endeavors... "We're in the planning stages right now of planning some major upgrades to the Hecht Athletic Center. We really want to get the work on the football locker room and training room done. After that, the athletic training center, Cobb Stadium upgrades, the Hall of Fame and the tennis center."

Not everything I wanted to get into my basketball game story made it. Here are some leftovers...

> UM coach Frank Haith said he was proud of his team's 11-2 non-conference schedule. "11-2 non-league, with the schedule we played, I feel real good about us being in good shape, where we want to be. No bad losses, strong RPI, strength of schedule top 5 in the country, we are where we want to be. That strength of schedule won't change in the ACC."

> Forward Jimmy Graham, who bruised his right wrist severly two weeks ago when he slipped in the shower, saw his first action in three games. He played with what appeared to be a soft cast for nine minutes. He grabbed four rebounds and had one steal. Haith said Graham practiced for the first time Sunday in a few weeks. "Jimmy is quite yet back to form," Haith said. "He's going to need to get a few more practices in. He's not quite ready yet."


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nemo2002, yes the "family land" I discussed below, this is a possibility. Albeit - only a possibility.

1) http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2009/01/hocutt-no-urgen.html#comment-144253246

2) http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2009/01/hocutt-no-urgen.html#comment-144247666

3) http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2009/01/hocutt-no-urgen.html#comment-144253246

I agree.



Tighten D.

Coach'em up.

Beat Sooners in '09.

See what happens.


Didn't need or want what U consider that "dynamic Duo" ... I got my Sanford Charm in A. Du ... You know, a "true playmaking band striker" that puts points on the board at 6 a pop... Not a "snap,hold,kick and 3 like U seem to do...

U are 7 deep @ W.R. - 4 deep @ R.B. and Ur MVP was a kicker? Jesus H. Christ

Posted by: Urban Legand | January 06, 2009 at 06:25 AM


I'm liking David Lee more and more. Good points CanesFanForEver.

I still like Chud, but I think he's stronger on his game day play calling than on innovation per se.

I think probably the most important factor in the OC hire, unless we get rid of someone else and hire a dedicated QB coach, is finding someone with a real strong background working with and developing QB's. We have not "grown" a QB since Ken Dorsey. Honestly, I think every QB since Dorsey, including Marve and Jacory(so far), have gotten worse than the day they arrived on campus. We need to reverse that trend if we're ever to get anywhere.

David Lee is sounding better and better. On the other hand, now that the Dolphins season is over, you would think that if he were the guy it would be happening rather quickly. The fact that Randy and Hocutt are telling us it may take another month tells me that Lee is not going to be the guy. Just adding two and two together, though.

Also, I LOVE hearing the discussion about the stadium. I can't even explain how much the razing of the OB hurt and it is a travesty watching the Canes play in the ole Joe Robby. It feels about as normal as going to see a rock concert in a mosque. And the way they are inflating the attendance numbers is disgraceful. If people are actually buying that there's 40,000 there when it's clearly closer to 20K, I think Comrade Shalala and her folks could make quite a career at fixing third world elections.

Personally, I like the near campus stadium idea better than the on campus idea, although both are great and thanks for providing detail on both ideas! And keep talking them up!

Build that website, post it on here and word will get around faster than you could imagine. It will take years, but this can be done! The current stadium situation is simply unacceptable.

One last note. I truly hope RS gets it done next year and this is not even a topic for discussion, but... Tuberville would be a GREAT catch for Miami. Not only does he have Miami connections and is a JJ guy, but he's already done it at the highest levels of college football, running through the SEC with an undefeated season. Bottom line, Auburn shares a small talent pool with big brother Bama. Auburn is a great program, but they simply don't have the recruiting base that Miami does when we're firing on all cylinders. He would be a great next HC should Randy not get it done this year. But let's hope he does. I'm not personally sure he is on the right track, but the recruiting looks good and he certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt for one more year.

Let's get it done.

The Owls were without their best player, in fact the best player in the Sun Belt last night, Carlos Monroe. When you consider that fact, it is difficult to be encouraged by the Hurricanes performance as we enter the rugged ACC.


I agree with your analysis of Lee and Chud.

I agree with your assessment regarding timing and Lee. That applies to Chud as well.

I would add a O-Line coach. Maybe he's there, but the talent isn't. I think we need a Kehoe type of guy that takes that nasty D-Line guy and turns him into a mean and nasty O-Line guy. McKinnie was his best example.

Tuberville, if necessary in 2 yrs would be a great move.

Having said that, RS deserves to get his first recruiting class through their Jr. yr.

Sunday night, Tommy said he will sit and watch for a yr or two. Tommy would jump at the chance to coach here. And wait for the opp.

Yes, your right he's a jj guy. And he knows the game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage.

But, what scared me (it scared JJ too), was his "attempt" to move to the "Spread" offense.

Add a spread set or two to the Pro-Style, yes. But, without the Pro-Style offense it's difficult to market the program as a "Pipeline to the NFL."

The spread is exciting, but on it's own I don't know. No QB's, RB's or many WR's have transferred well to the NFL from spread programs.

But, mix a couple of packages, or more, in the Pro-Style, yah, that's what you see USC and others doing. Even Nix used it. But too much as a decoy for the run. And those awkward WR screens. I saw others run these with more blocking and much more success.

Without Tommy, I fear Auburn is dead in the water. He's a great recruiter, especially in the southeast.

Let's give Randy the time he's earned with these 2 great recruiting classes. And, if he toughens up the O-Line and tightens up the D-Line, LB's and secondary he won't be going anywhere. He'll be here for a long time, winning lots of ACC and National championships.

more hype leading people to think everything is ok at miami. this is nonsense. these defensive guys graduating these last 2 years are shannons. since stoops left, this defense has not been the same. shannon is a mediocre coach, with less than mediocre results to prove it. the gayturds love him. miami will never be in the title hunt as long as he is there. as far as hocutt, he said what he had to say. shannon should be on notice, mediocre seasons year after year wont get it done. maybe the recruits, but coaching them to the next level is waaay beyond what he can do. save the tradition at miami, bring us a winner. fire randy shannon

boobear, you are right on. im sick of excuses. next year will be the same, blame it on this or that. sooner or later, s. fla. will wake up. and shannon will finally be gone. miami will have the chance to win. winning the acc should be almost regular considering the weakness of the conference. shannon should be making the players that he has better, but he cant. they are his recruits, and he cant coach. SAVE THE PROGRAM FIRE SHANNON

canesfanforever, i would love to see tommy here. it wont happen this year, but next is a huge possibility with shannons results. the only problem, i wonder with shalala there, if miami will do what is needed to truly become a winner. this place is surrounded by talent, a good coach will win here. and tommy would probably stay for awhile

everyone like to throw out oc candidate names but let us deal with reality here people... as had been sighted on rivals and many other publications, UM will not pay the price required by top notch guys like chud or some other NFL/college vet. we're going to end up taking a chance with someone with a checkered past hoping that they've learned over time and are ready to put it all together.

Due to the positive response regarding the stadium discussion earlier, I have gone ahead and registered a name for a web page that I will devote to this endeavor. There is nothing on there now, so don't bother looking, I just registered a name (stadium4theu.com). I hope to have something up in the next couple of weeks. I thank everyone for their input so far...I will be asking for more of the same as this project progresses.


Let's see if I get this right.

Mark Stoops was mostly responsible for Miami's defenses from '01 -'03?

Shannon's Defenses Below:

* 2001 - 6th
* 2002 - 7th
* 2003 - 2nd
* 2004 - 28th
* 2005 - 4th
* 2006 - 7th

Do you know how stupid U sound. No one, that knows anything about football would agree with you.

Especially in light of the fact Stoops has done nothing special since!

Just common defenses. His defense at UA never completed with RS's defenses after he left.

It couldn't have been Ed Reed, Taylor(RIP), Rolle, Jennings, etc., could it? All Shannon recruits.

Maybe RS had something to do with it.

No, he only gets the blame. No credit at all for '05 and '06. That just happened by luck.

I guess Stoops came back for the '05 and '06 seasons. And the last two recruiting classes.

But, I don't see the Wildcats defense coming close to UM in '04, '05 '06.

Oh, recruiting! Was Arizona even mentioned in national recruiting last year or this. I don't think so.

Look, get your facts straight, because right now you sound like all the crying gators or just a common moron.

Still commenting to the occasional idiot.


boobear, you are right on. im sick of excuses. next year will be the same, blame it on this or that. sooner or later, s. fla. will wake up. and shannon will finally be gone. miami will have the chance to win. winning the acc should be almost regular considering the weakness of the conference. shannon should be making the players that he has better, but he cant. they are his recruits, and he cant coach. SAVE THE PROGRAM FIRE SHANNON

Posted by: mike | January 06, 2009 at 06:34 PM

Shannon's players have only been here for one year and look at the impact some of them have made. He's bringing in the talent and I'm sure we'll get a great hire at OC. Give the guy time. "SAVE THE PROGRAM FIRE SHANNON". Give me a break. 5-7 with a depleted depth chart in '07. 7-6 (with 4 losses by a TD or less) while rotating FR like crazy in '08. '09 has another great FR class and returners and depth at nearly every spot (outside of OL which RS will be hitting hard until signing day).

2010 is the 4 year mark, which is how many years RS was given and how many he'll need to get Miami back to national dominance. Its about the bigger picture not 1-2 years. We're gonna be so loaded nobody's gonna want to play us. Gamebreaking RB's, hardhitting S's, lockdown CB's, smashmouth LB's, burner WR's, tanks on OL and DL, possession TE's, and a hell of a QB in JH (with Teddy Bridgewater to follow).

RS is doing what no one at Miami's done since Butch. Locking down south FL first, then going up state (2 of the Seminole trio), and then outta state (wait and see the OL we're about to get).

rod j - the Gator

Look we know you Gator's are $%^&*(^ in your pants right know. You guys see have seen this picture before. The U gets it's recruiting back where it belongs and you guy's get your a** kicked again. Meyer is going to leave. Probably after you guys get your a&* kicked by OU.

Go Sooners!


You fire Shannon after next season or without giving him a fair shot like Notre Dame did Willingham & The Newly Reformed(ing) State of Miami dissolves maybe forever. I don't trust any of the commentators or pundits. They said we'd only win 3 games this season. So all of you that put more faith in the media than your Coach & school go support another team. JJ pushed hard for Shannon to be the coach. If JJ trusts him so do I. Shannon deserves to graduate his full freshmen class, if they don't end up leaving their Jr. year. NFL-U is almost back. Give Shannon a fair shot. Some of y'all wanted to fire Butch Davis early too. Some of y'all want Butch back after he sat on WSVN Channel 7 News, said I love Miami & I'm not going anywhere only to be announced as the Cleveland Browns Head Coach the next morning. Y'all probably would take Nick Saban back as UM Coach after he did what he did to the Dolphins. Go support another team. I have faith in this one...

Glad to see the Shannon supporters out in full force. I admit there is room for improvement with this program but those of you who want to see Shannon fired right now are out of your minds. Let his first recruiting class graduate and then make your decision. Now is not the appropriate time to be calling for his ouster.

Oh, rod j - the Gator

Much to your detriment - Money is no object, period.

Comrade Shalalala has made it that clear.

I don't care for her much, but she doesn't lie about things like this, in public. She knows how much she needs to spend to get the top dog.

Further more, Rivals.com has no credibility. They have been so wrong so many times, no one takes them seriously. And, like they have our purse strings ... give me a break. Grow up.



Good point, can hear that weasel at yahoo if The U fired Shannon before his contract ran out and after 2 maybe 3 great recruiting classes.

He'd tear us new ^&&hole. And No coach worth a dame would ever come here again.

But, see, that's the point. These CaneLovers - ShannonHaters aren't Canes fans. These are Gators and Semi-Holes. Or more likely their girl friends.


Just a reminder for recruiting buffs: Miami had top rated classes in 03 and 04. Where is the top talent from them? It comes from coaching and no one on the Canes staff has proven they can coach anyone up.

shannons depleted depth chart{defense} was his lack of taking great recruits and making them better. like now, this class except for a few, did not improve through the year, when other teams are getting better, at the end of the year miami is the same as the beginning. lack of coaching. too much talent to be where they are now. maybe not champs, but name ONE phase of the game in the 2 yrs. that has been consistent.YOU cant shannon cant coachFIRE SHANNON soup is right shannon doesnt have what it takes. if YOU want to mediocre- then YOU find another team i want #6 but not 10 classes from now going 5-7 7-6 even 8-4

canesfan, you must like mediocrity. actually i would say you were the gay tor fan enjoying watching miami lose. if you were a canes fan you would want better. you are pathetic. not many coaches were looking to come here is why we got rs. a good, not great defensive cood. that has wasted everyones time. SAVE MIAMI FOOTBALL FIRE SHANNON


1) Lacking the numbers in South Florida skill players.

2) Too many '03 Recruits left early for NFL
(Hester, Beason, Olsen, Everret etc.)

3) Too few O-Linemen

Also, O-Line coaching has been lacking. They gotta address that. I remember when the power sweep was virtually unstoppable.

soup is right where did all that talent go. randy wasted it. all i see for 2 years is hype, then no results. shouldnt the team be better each week. we get worse. serious problems with this staff. all thats left are memories, with shannon no hope in sight. miami is like notre dame, they get players and the coaches cant do their jobs.

I guess Randy will pull JH out of games next year since he has said we need depth at the QB position,which means cannon smith should get plenty of playng time, because we have no QB experience behind JH

Mike's baaack!

Mike your a dim light bulb.

Shannon's here for the duration of his contract at a minimum. With his recruiting classes if he were fired THE U would never attract a quality Head Coach again. Program over.

But, as Gay-tor you'd like that.


my gawd. mike, boobear yer idiots.
rs is just finishing his second recruiting class, just finished his second season coaching and your asking for his firing? please. he is proving to be a true leader. he will become a better game day coach, as all young hc's do.
SOUP "coaching up" is so cliche. tell that to the nfl teams that kyle wright tried out for. he never progressed because he was not as talented as all of the talking heads say he was.
just check out the names on the recruiting classes. so many guys just weren't as good as hyped. kirby freeman was a super 150 prospect out of texas. are you kidding me?



I'm RS supporter. Yes he has to get better as a gameday coach and use timouts better but he is going to do it. He said he wants to evaluate himself too to get better. I for one support him and feel good about where our program is headed. It all starts with talent or you have no chance. RS is getting us some serious talent. My two problems were always Nix and wanting Jacory to start. We are there. You can complain but the real fans are jumping on the U train now. Who's with me?

I'm with U PCola Cane.

Im with you PCola Cane and HBCaneFan

Coaching up is cliche. Thats interesting. Plus, you state how Kyle Wright was overrated as a high school recruit but tell how great the current Canes recruits are and what great college players they will be. You guys never learn from 5 Stars Ryan Moore, Kyle Wright, Tyler McMeans, Reggie Youngblood, Willie Williams and 4 stars Tervais Johnson, Ryan Hill, James Bryant, Ryan Anderson, Charlie Jones, Bobby Washington, Spencer Adkins, D Hendricks, Akeem Jolla and so on. All Top 100 recruits who busted out or underachiever at Miami.

I cant wait til Shannon is fired after this year. This year's schedule setup great for him this year and he blow it. Next year at FSU, at VTECH, at USF, Oklahoma at home and so on. 6-6 at tops next year.

UF making recruiting inroads at Miami Northwestern
The University of Miami's recruiting stranglehold might be slipping at Miami Northwestern.

Gator Clause spoke with the father of Miami Northwestern junior running back Corvin Lamb on Tuesday and he indicated that his son is leaning towards committing to the Florida Gators. What's more, Lamb also said that several Miami Northwestern juniors would like to play together in college and a few of them are favoring Florida over Miami.

"I believe this class here at Northwestern will change the trend," Lamb, Sr. said when asked about UM's success recruiting The West. "My son has some friends that all want to play football together. A lot of them are not leaning towards the University of Miami. They are leaning toward Florida."


We'll see come next year. It's premature to take these types of comments seriously. Come back with the same story next year and see what happens.

I have a feeling the story will be a different one a year from now.

at miami northwestern we already have 2 defensive tackles commited plus the qb bridgewater talked about playing for the an o-line man plus their top wide reciever said he thought about the U so im pretty sure what your saying is the truth but don't count shannon out on miami northwestern and his ties there and like canatic said its premature and the ppl i named may go to other schoolsas well so you never know what may happen we see players decommit all the time that plan on going to school that yr so we have a whole another year to see what these kids say

NO SH%t. Been a CANE' ALL MY LIFE. The Orange Bowl was SACRED GROUND. INTIMIDATING. Good for 2 turnovers a game on it's own. Went to my first game at Dolphin Stadium this year vs. FSU and it SUCKED. Not because we lost, but it wasn't a home game. It was neutral. No Little Havana, NO WALK TO THE BOWL. We use to be in our hood', our stadium, our turf. We were close to the feild. We would make that OB rock for our boyz! The Canes fans were on your ass and in your mind. We were right on top of the other team. Dolphin Stadium, that's no home feild fellas'. I could care less what the other fans thought of the Orange Bowl. The OB may have been old, but there was magic in that place. I saw it. 58 straight. Love the IBIS, GO CANES'.

soup you are rite we did have like top 10 classes through 02 - 04 and yes they did underachieve and didn't pan out to how they were suppose to be but lets not make it seem like RS asked for those player im pretty sure the HC at the time was the one who had the final say not an DC look at his recruiting class this yr he had freshman step up all over the field you can't and i repeat you can't ask for a bunch of fresh and soph to carry a team and expect to be in a major bowl game outside of the g-tech game we were in every single game that is pretty big for a young team and please don't say g-tech was young their entire d-line were junior and senior and i think all of them have the talent to be in the 1rd of the draft but soup you can't talk about how the kids are going to be when it was their 1st year playing in college and some their second yr i mean didn't spence do something what about laron byrd how about jacory harris umm what about ojomo it can go on and on that we had ppl step up the talent is there you just have to give it time if you can go back in recent history and tell me a team that was made up of freshman and sophmore that outplayed the juniors and seniors and win NC or a BCS Bowl prove me wrong i am all ears we don't have any magic tricks we can't just make an NC appear b4 our eyes these kids are human they must learn what the HC is trying to teach them if that wasn't the case they would be perfect all i can say is the talent level has dropped our only draft pick maybe in the 4th or 5th round yea we can win 10 games or 11 with that talent what some U haters and fake a## fans don't realize is it takes time to go from the bottom to the top we must give randy his 4 yrs here i hope he wins to shut all these ppl up but if not and he struggles who ever walks through that door will not be complaining and walking into a NC run his first yr hopefully not i want it to stay with RS A person that will not leave the U AND THAT HAS LOYALTY to miami ( and for the RS HATERS MAN UP AND TELL US HOW U FEALT ABOUT BUTCH DAVIS HIS FIRST 2 YRS COACHING PLEASE SPEAK UP BECAUSE WHEN THE SUPPORTERS DEFEND RANDY WITH ALL OF YALL COMMENTS WHAT ABOUT ANSWER US WERE WAS YALL WHEN BUTCH COACHED HIS FIRST 2 YRS BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE YALL NEVER WON'T TO ANSWER THAT ILL BE WAITING FOR A RESPONSE)

DC Cane...I agree with you on the impossibility of an on campus stadium. One time I saw a 1980 or 1981 yearbook for Miami that featured photos of a model for a 40,000 seat on-campus stadium. Schellenberger pushed for a tiny stadium then and wasn't able to get it. No way that a more crowded Coral Gables would go for it now.

Perhaps they could build the stadium, equip it with propellers and electromangetic lifts, and have it hover over the city of Miami, ala Angelina Jolei's command ship in "Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow." That scenario is more likely than recalcitrant Coral Gables residents agreeing to build a stadium on or near UM.

Besides, if you did build it at UM, where would you put it now? There's really no room for a structure that large, aside from draining Lake Osceola and being forced to remove all of the snakes, barracudas, and manatees.

How legit is Miamigator? Is that story about Northwestern actually true? If it is true then that is very scary. I feel like we are in a very serious position right now. If we don't have a good year next year, then I think this program could possibly fall apart. However, I feel if we have a good year this program will blossom. Miami Northwestern kids want to go to Florida? I thought the whole reason Marve never had a true chance to be the number 1 qb was because we were trying to keep that pipeline from MNW running. We need to show the country next year who we truly are. We can lose some games but we have to play with that swagger and attitude. We can't get blown out on national television again. We gotta get it done.

Troy, Not at all.

NW kids don't want to go to UF, exclusively. With RS at the helm we have the best chance to get the best players from any school Orlando south.

We won't get them all, just most of the best!

Further more, don't listen to the Gay-tors and Semi-Holes.

That MNW kid wants to go to UF because he knows he will never sniff the field with the RB's that have already committed to The U. Randy has the "pick of the litter" at MNW!

Go 'canes!

Yo...the best recruits for the NW kids will be the current ones we have on our roster who are all going to be playing major roles. We may lose or two, but you can't get them all.

pay attention to the U:

Butch's first two yrs. Excellent point.

That's pretty much what any "real canes fan" has be thinking in terms of RS's first two yrs. I know I have. I've been commenting as such, on this and other blogs.

Again. good point - pay attention to the U.

pay attention to the U:

More to your point.

Similarities to RS and Butch.

Taking over;

1) A team of depleted talent at every position.

2) From a previous coach (Erickson/Choker) that screwed up the south Fla. recruiting system.

Many other similarities. I could go on, but we, the true followers of THE U, know what they are.

It may be premature to talk about this now but it makes sense, the U does seem like its on the way up and the NW kids already at the U are going to be studs, however while you are on your way up, the Gators are already there, why would a NW kid not want to play for a winner, we are about to win number 3, and I will go out on a limb and say next year will be number 4, you can say all you want about Tebow leaving, whatever, let him leave, I'm one of the few Gators that feels we won't miss a beat once he leaves, Brantley is a much better passer than him, and we just signed a bigger, blacker, faster version of Tebow, we have two freshman running backs that combined for 1100 yards and an 8 yard average, we don't have one starting senior on defense and we will only lose Spikes, we have a stud secondary that is made up of sophomore and freshman, one freshman corner that had 6 interceptions, face it UM, we are not going away, its scary that we could be even better next year!

Do we have the "best" coach? No, but neither does Utah, and look what they did to one of the "best" coaches in the NCAA! It's about players!

When you have the best players, the wins are not far behind.

We will be back, quicker than most realize.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: MiamiGator | January 07, 2009 at 11:16 AM

The Gators are stacked, no one is denying that. The issue I have been raising is that Miami is on the way back, and it does NOT take a $4 million dollar a year coach to get to the top!

Go 'canes!

I just jacked this form Canes sport........................
Head Coach Randy Shannon has been on the road this week interviewing candidates across the country, and CaneSport has confirmed that those candidates have either expressed interest in the job, been interviewed or are in the process of being interviewed by Shannon.

It is not known if any has emerged as a leading candidate at this point. Shannon is believed to be seeking a coach with experience in the NFL, and sources have told CaneSport that the University has already committed to providing Shannon with the appropriate budget to hire a veteran coach. But several of the present candidates do not have NFL experience. That might indicate the list could grow in the coming days.

A hiring could come as early as this week, but the timetable is not deemed significant by Shannon and Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt.

Here is a look at each candidate:


Borges resigned as offensive coordinator at Auburn after four seasons prior to the Tigers' appearance in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in 2007. He was paid by Auburn in 2008, but did not coach.

Borges arrived at Auburn before the 2004 season and helped the Tigers to a 13-0 record with the nation's 25th ranked offense that included Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. But the Tigers' offense was less effective in his last three years with a lesser talent pool. The Tigers slipped to 37th in total offense in 2005, 76th in total offense in 2006 and 101st in 2007. The Tigers scored two or fewer touchdowns in six of their eight SEC games.

Borges was the offensive coordinator at Indiana for two seasons prior to getting the Auburn job. In 2002, his first at Indiana, Borges showed why he was regarded as one of the country's best offensive football minds. The Hoosier offense produced a total of 4,418 yards with 3,020 coming through the air to set a school record for passing yards. Borges brought to the Hoosiers the offensive schemes and coaching know-how which allowed two fifth year senior quarterbacks who previously had combined for a total of 354 career yards to set the record. The Hoosiers had a receiver with over 1,000 yards receiving for only the third time in school history, and two receivers caught over 50 passes each in the same season for the first time in Indiana history.

Before coming to Indiana, Borges spent a season at California and five seasons at UCLA as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. While at UCLA he helped coach the team to a school record winning streak of 20 consecutive games. Borges was named Football Coach Quarterly's offensive coordinator of the year in 1997. His efforts helped UCLA go to three consecutive NCAA bowl games including the '97 Cotton Bowl, the '98 Rose Bowl and the '99 Sun Bowl. In addition the Bruins won the Pac-10 championship in both 1997 and 1998.

Borges' offensive game plans while at UCLA helped the team average over 31 points per game, and in two seasons the Bruins averaged over 40 points per game. During his tenure UCLA led the Pac-10 in passing efficiency once and set Bruin records for total offense, passing offense and average points scored per game.

Prior to UCLA, Borges was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Oregon. He coached the Ducks' offense into leading the Pac-10 in average passing yards per game and finishing second in total offense. The Ducks were rewarded with an invitation to the Cotton Bowl.


Mazzone was the receivers coach of the Jets in 2008 after having served for much of the past decade as a college offensive coordinator.

Mazzone was promoted to offensive coordinator at Ole Miss in 1995, holding the position on Tommy Tuberville's staff through 1998, at which point he followed Tuberville to Auburn, where he served from 1999-2001 as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He moved on to Oregon State in 2002 as the running backs and special teams coordinator before heading east to serve as the offensive coordinator and tight ends coach at North Carolina State from 2003-04. Mazzone returned to Ole Miss in 2005 as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Mazzone, a graduate of the University of New Mexico, began his coaching career on the high school level in Colorado before moving up to the college ranks, first at Colorado State (1982-86), where he coached the quarterbacks and receivers, then at Texas Christian (1987-91), where he coached the quarterbacks, then at Minnesota (1992-94), where he oversaw the quarterbacks.


Scherer just completed his fourth year with the Browns and worked closely this year with former UM offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who was the Browns' offensive coordinator. Scherer was assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach the past two seasons after initially serving as quarterbacks coach. He was credited for the development of Derek Anderson, who was named to his first Pro Bowl following a breakout season in 2007 as Anderson threw for 3,787 yards and 29 touchdowns and propelled the Browns offense which ranked eighth in the league in scoring and yards per game.

Scherer joined the Browns in 2005 with over 30 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level. Prior to joining the Browns, Scherer spent two seasons (2003-04) as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Southern Mississippi after serving as co-offensive coordinator at University of Kansas in 2001.

Scherer was the head coach at James Madison University from 1991-94, and during that time the team set or tied over 140 school records. While Scherer served as the head coach at the University of Memphis (1995-00), the club registered the first and only victory over the University of Tennessee in school history.

Scherer was also the offensive coordinator at the University of Arizona (1989-90), University of Alabama (1987) and Georgia Tech (1981, 1986). He also served as assistant athletic director at Georgia Tech in 1985 and director of football operations at Arizona in 1988.

Scherer started his coaching career as a graduate assistant under legendary coach Joe Paterno at Penn State University in 1974 and went on to coach quarterbacks at North Carolina State University (1976), running backs at the University of Hawaii (1977-78) and quarterbacks at the University of Virginia (1979).


Long was hired as head coach at San Diego State in December 2005 with no previous head coaching experience and had a 9-27 record in three seasons.

Long, a quarterbacking legend at Iowa, began his coaching career in 1995 at his alma mater as the Hawkeyes defensive backs coach. Though Long had no coaching experience and had played on the offensive side of the ball for his entire career, he quickly became a respected defensive coach. In his three seasons coaching defensive backs from 1995–1997, Iowa posted a 24–12 record and advanced to a bowl game all three years. Iowa led the nation in interceptions returned for touchdowns in 1995, while the 1997 squad led the Big Ten in interceptions.

Long switched to coaching Iowa's quarterbacks and special teams in 1998 and 1999, before departing to coach the quarterbacks at Oklahoma. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and Long were teammates on Iowa's 1982 Rose Bowl team. Long was an assistant on the Oklahoma team that claimed the 2000 National Championship and tutored Heisman winner Josh Heupel.

Long was promoted to offensive coordinator at Oklahoma after the 2001 season. Oklahoma won the Rose Bowl following the 2002 season, and in 2003 the Sooners set a Big 12 record by averaging 51.5 points per game.

In 2004, Long was named as a finalist for the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach. He was an assistant coach at Oklahoma for six seasons, including four as an offensive coordinator, and Oklahoma compiled a 67–11 record during his time there.

After the 2005 season, Long was hired by San Diego State. He was fired November 23 as San Diego State finished a 2-10 season that was the worst year in school history.


Holgorsen just completed his first season as Houston's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach after being offensive coordinator at Texas Tech for the final three of eight seasons he spent coaching at the school.

Holgorsen's 2007 offense led the nation in passing (470.31 ypg) and ranked second in total offense (529.62 ypg). The Red Raiders also ranked among the NCAA's top 10 in scoring offense (7th/40.92 ppg) and passing efficiency (5th/156.74).

Individually, quarterback Graham Harrell led the country in total offense (431.85 ypg), while Michael Crabtree led the NCAA in receptions per game (10.31) and receiving yards per game (150.92) on his way to winning the 2007 Biletnikoff Award, presented to the nation's top wide receiver. Crabtree also was a consensus All-American, being named to the First Team of the top five All-America teams (AFCA, FWAA, Walter Camp, Associated Press and The Sporting News).

In his eight seasons at Texas Tech, the Red Raiders improved their total offensive numbers from 324.8 yards per game to 529.6 yards per game. The most significant increase took place in the passing game, where the Red Raiders averaged 470.3 yards per game in 2007 compared to 175.4 yards in 1999.

Holgorsen began his coaching career at Valdosta State in 1993, where Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach was the offensive coordinator. Multi-tasking as the quarterbacks, wide receivers and special teams coach, Holgorsen molded his offensive philosophy over the next three seasons. VSU quarterback Chris Hatcher played his final two seasons under Holgorsen and set an NCAA record, competing 74.7 percent of his passes on the Division II level in 1994. Hatcher's 10,588 passing yards ranked third on the NCAA career list at the time and is currently among the top 20. Additionally, Hatcher still ranks second in the NCAA record books in career touchdown passes (116) and third in single-season touchdown passes (50 in 1994) and was the NCAA passing champion in 1994.

Holgorsen carried the same duties to Mississippi College in 1996, where he worked on the Choctaw staff for three seasons. Mississippi College won the American Southwest Conference in it first season in the league and averaged 432.0 yards per game.

A year before joining the Texas Tech coaching staff, Holgorsen was the quarterbacks and wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Wingate University, where the program set numerous offensive records and led the Southern Atlantic Conference in several offensive categories. WU averaged 409.0 yards of total offense, ranking second in league play, and led the league with 304.1 passing yards per game. The team's quarterback picked up all-conference honors and was a Harlan Hill semifinalist as Division II's player of the year. Two receivers also received honors, one being named freshman of the year and the other landing all-conference accolades. Holgorsen's top two receivers ranked second and third nationally in receiving yards per game.

Holgorsen's ties with Leach began while Holgorsen was a wide receiver in Leach's offense at Iowa Wesleyan from 1990-92. Holgorsen earned a degree from IWU in 1993 and a master's in health and physical education from Valdosta State in 1995.


Brewer just completed his fourth season at Oklahoma State and his first as Co-Offensive Coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and the Cowboys won nine games for the first time in school history. He served the three previous three seasons as wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator.

Brewer has been one of the key minds behind one of the nation's most dynamic and explosive offenses. The Cowboys averaged 40.8 points a game in 2008 and averaged 487 yards for the second consecutive season.

Brewer coached the receivers at North Carolina from 2000-04. Prior to that, he was Associate Offensive Coordinator and Receivers Coach at Marshall from 1996-1999, the Head Coach at Northeast Mississippi in 1995, the receivers coach at E. Tennessee State from 1990-1995, and a graduate assistant at Missisippi from 1988-90.


Johnson, who coached receivers at UM from 1996-2005, has quickly built his reputation with the Saints, who have had one of the NFL's top offenses the past two years. For example, Marques Colston went from being the fourth-to-last player selected in the 2006 NFL Draft to posting 168 catches. David Patten has also made huge strides under Johnson.

Few coaches at any level can match the wide receivers that Johnson has helped develop. The group of standouts under his direction while at Miami and his prior stop at San Diego State includes NFL first-round picks Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Yatil Green and Darnay Scott.

At Miami, Johnson was part of a staff that went to nine bowl games and won the 2001 National Championship. He polished the skills of at least one All-Big East performer each season from 1996-2005, including Johnson – the third overall pick by Houston in 2003 – and Moss, who became the Hurricanes' all-time leader in receiving yardage before making the Pro Bowl for Washington. Wayne departed ranked first in school history in catches is a Pro Bowl performer for Indianapolis.

In his five-year stint at San Diego State (1989-93) Johnson landed some of the school's biggest recruits, including 2000 NFL MVP and fellow New Orleans native Marshall Faulk as well as Scott, who completed his eight-year NFL career with 408 grabs and 37 TDs. Each year Johnson was with the Aztecs the school had an all-conference performer at wide receiver.

Johnson began his coaching career as a receivers coach at Lewiston (Idaho) High School in 1984, serving for three seasons before holding a similar position at the University of Idaho. He spent 1987 and 1988 at the school before becoming receivers coach at San Diego State. His next stop was at Southern Methodist in 1994 before becoming wide receivers coach in 1995 at the University of California.

I would like to see Curtis Johnson get the job.

thanks cane1 that is what im saying we can't win with no depth we had ppl projected to do good back in 02 through 04 they were either hurt all the time or never panned out to play or was just mediocre we are on the rise and i will be the first to say that RS made some head scratching descion but this is his camp and as far as i'm concern we are doing solid at recruiting and buliding leadership but mimaigator you are rite you guys are very stacked and i hope you guys remain stack and we are on the same level come 2013 thats when it will matter no 1 can argue with you about your team i don't like urban but the man can recruit and coach he did what coker couldn't and that is handle a team in the long run but man CANES FAN its looking real bright for us jus sit back and watch the nxt 2 yrs how fast we grow and if we do win 9 too 10 games we will be doing it with fresh and sophmore im happy these kids learned early because hopefully nxt yr we will know how to stomp on the team next in crutch time

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