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Hocutt: 'No urgency' in filling OC spot

As I was writing my game story on deadline Monday night out at the BankUnited Center I got a visit from UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt, who was nice enough to come back and look for me after the game to follow through on a chat I had requested with him while he was busy earlier in the evening. On a night when he was hosting other guests and chatting with President Donna Shalala, Hocutt could have just forgotten about it entirely. But the fact he remembered was nice.

Anyway, it wasn't a very long conversation, but I did get to throw a few questions at him. I didn't have my tape recorder, but I did have my notebook. So, some of this will be paraphrased off my notes. We'll start with football.

> The first question was obvious -- what if anything could he tell us about the search to fill the offensive Kirby_hocuttcoordinator vacated by Patrick Nix. While he obviously wasn't going to drop any names or give us any hints he did provide some insight. "One thing I can tell you is we're looking for the best candidate possible, somebody who is experienced and can do the best job at not only developing these young players, but helping us win games. There is nothing we're in an urgency to do. We're in the process of talking to some people and finding the best candidate to run the system that Coach Shannon wants to run. That's really the biggest factor."

> I brought up the fact that last year Miami took its time -- about a month -- before replacing Tim Walton with Bill Young. "Again, we're not in a rush," Hocutt said. "We don't see hiring a coordinator before national signing day as a necessity. We see choosing the right person as the top priority."

> I asked him how he felt about the team's fade from being in the ACC title hunt to losing its final three games. I asked him if there was going to be more pressure on Coach Shannon and his assistants next season to compete for a conference title and national championship.

"That's the goal to compete for championships here. It was a tough finish to the season. But I saw it as a step forward. This was a really young football team. What I really admired about the team was that those players never gave up. They were hurt, short-handed, but the kept fighting. It's a testament to the coaches. I really believe we have the right guys coaching this team. The future is bright. Randy is with us for the long haul. I know everyone wants to see this program win a championship tomorrow. I do. But I really believe we're doing it right. Randy is not out looking for the quick fixes. He's recruiting not only great athletes, but great kids. We're looking to build a winner to stay over time. And I think we've got the right man leading us."

> Before I had to run back to finish my game story, I had to toss a couple basketball questions his way. Hocutt's face lit up talking about coach Frank Haith, who got an extension and a raise this past offseason through the 2013-2014 season. Hocutt, who watched Monday's win over FAU, said he expects UM's new basketball practice facility to be completed by March 1st -- just in time for the McDonald's All-American game. As for other facility upgrades and endeavors... "We're in the planning stages right now of planning some major upgrades to the Hecht Athletic Center. We really want to get the work on the football locker room and training room done. After that, the athletic training center, Cobb Stadium upgrades, the Hall of Fame and the tennis center."

Not everything I wanted to get into my basketball game story made it. Here are some leftovers...

> UM coach Frank Haith said he was proud of his team's 11-2 non-conference schedule. "11-2 non-league, with the schedule we played, I feel real good about us being in good shape, where we want to be. No bad losses, strong RPI, strength of schedule top 5 in the country, we are where we want to be. That strength of schedule won't change in the ACC."

> Forward Jimmy Graham, who bruised his right wrist severly two weeks ago when he slipped in the shower, saw his first action in three games. He played with what appeared to be a soft cast for nine minutes. He grabbed four rebounds and had one steal. Haith said Graham practiced for the first time Sunday in a few weeks. "Jimmy is quite yet back to form," Haith said. "He's going to need to get a few more practices in. He's not quite ready yet."


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great info spyhazard see RS and the AD aren't playing we are on the come up i like Johnson and brewer and holgorsen once again thanks For the info

i like johnson or chuds??? is that the article by gary freeman?

I think the best candidate would be Long. He PLAYED in the NFL. He was an OC at OU which was a very productive offense. He has HC exp. which also helps. The rest of the guys mentioned in the list above have one of the following missing: A) they were OC but offense at one point or another was not effective. B) they have pro-exp but no OC exp. C)THey have OC exp but in a spread type offense. As far as the last two can you really see us going through growing pains again breaking in a new OC without any exp. With all the RBs we are brining in and have here do you think the spread would be the most effective way of using these guys? Chuck Long is probably the best canidate all-around.

Yes it is by Gary Freeman. Like I said, I jacked it from CanesSport. These next couple weeks should be interesting.

Great work spyhazard! All of these candidates sound good actually, especially compared to what we had previously. I would prefer Curtis Johnson because of his previous association with this UM but, like I said, all sound like promising candidates. We have the talent already. They just need good coaching to be properly developed and a good scheme to put points on the board.

In retrospect, that tension between Shannon and Nix at the Emerald Bowl was a blessing in disguise. Without that nationally televised debacle, Nix might still have his job.

It looks like I was off-base about Major Applewhite. Believe me, I am more than happy to be wrong in this instance. The feeling that I had about him being the guy were apparently the result of too many nachos and too much Jose Cuervo during New Year's/Bowl Week.

Go Canes.

I must say it's been a long time coming for me to POST. Let me just start by saying that it is very refreshing to know that Hocutt believes in Randy Shannon. It is also nice to know that I think Randy is doing a good job, and will probabbly be here for LONG TIME! Why not? The U has needed a figure like Bobby Bowden, or JOePA to not only bring them back, but keep them there. I think the next few (3-4) years of this coaching staff will ultimately decide the fate of the program. FIU is nipping at the heals, and I don't know how long Miami can hold up without winning big KEY games late in the year. I do think the program is turning around for the better.
As for an OC. Well, two names come to a serious discussion. Rob Chudzinski, former Tight END, and Ken Dorsey. As you mentioned before Dorsey's QB career in the NFL is pretty much over, but the kid is smart, and can be an OC at Miami anytime he wants. Hopefully sooner than later, but Rob is ready, if he wants it. These two guys will bring the offense back to respectability, and more. I have lived here since birth and will continue to be a loyal fan of the U for life!. Thanks and I hope this is one of many posts for me!
Canesdevil! (El Diablo) West END ZONE

CJ is a good receivers coach and recriter, but he would be a project as a offensive Coordinator. I think Scherer is the best from that list. He knows the Pro-style offense that we run, and has learned under Chudzinski who knows the Hurricanes Pro-Style offense.

Chuck Long sounds like he has a good eye for talent:

I would prefer Chud or Johnson, but I think when you have upside potential in the NFL, you stick with it.

Based off the experience of all the candidates, I think that Long would be the best choice. He was the offensive coridnator for four years at Oklahoma and did a great job. Some people aren't built to be head coaches and maybe that is why he did so bad at SDSU. But those Oklahoma teams had good offenses then and their qbs were nothing special. Now the problem is that I have no clue who Long is and what his personality is and how he would interact with the players. But if he has all those intangibles then I would love to see him here.

Wojo over at espn just slammed UM for the Marve restrictions. The story is full of holes and lacking in context. Mainly, that transfers from OU and UF never have any restrictions. I know this is false-I saw someone on a blog somewhere post 2 separate articles re: UF and I know there are more. If anyone has the time to research the discrepancies, give the info to Manny and see if he's got the stones to challenge the "E." If UM keeps letting ESPN push it around, it will never stop. Help us out, Manny-offer a rebuttal.

Great work spyhazard!

Just give me that great unstoppable "PowerSweep Right and PowerSweep Left", complemented with an outstanding Passing Game we had with JJ and Butch and his guy's thru '00 - '03.

If that's CJ or BORGES or CHUD (my pref) then great.

Just get the Line of Scrimmage back!

It all starts there.

I wold agree on Long, he has tenure, and seems to know what he is talking about. And the SDSU job had to be hard, they are a small fish in a VERY BIG pond, not even the 10th best school in the state. SDSU was only good when USC was down and was getting guys out there (Faulk). I think he would work great with JH. But, I do have to say I think Scherer would be a good get, not only b/c of his NFL experince, but I think he would be able to coherse Dorsey to come along, now that would be a steal!!!

Boston College is at the forefront now. Marve's a non story. Although it helped with our recruiting. Showed RS is a man of his word and RM, well, a spoiled child.

Although, it would be nice to see Manny a real reporter - slap yahoo's "Weasel" a "play time" reporter.

http://www.allcanes .com/blog/

You might have to copy and paste that whole thing.

Try this one....


Anybody know how mucm the UM had in the Madoff scam?


This cant be good any way you shake it for hiring and body of value. LOL UM has got bigger problems then a winning football team...lol OH boy Soth Florida People really suck at business.

With regard to Scherer, Mazzone and not on the list but still a possibility David Lee.

SCHERER - Like CJ no OC experience.

Don't want that again, heck Nix had 1 - 2 years. He couldn't teach call plays. No offensive identity. Defenses dictated to him, not the opposite.

MAZZONE - Knows "Student Body Right - Student Body Left." Had great run game - play action pass offenses at auburn with Tommy Tuberville.

LEE - Read following link:


I'm not rooting for anyone in particular. I do prefer CHUD (who doesn't) probably not realistic. My next best is LEE. Again probably not realistic. Interesting connections, though.


Just give us an unbeatable Line of Scrimmage and everything else will fall into place. A great assistant hire - Golden Ruel (Patrick) Gables High '68 (recently voted the greatest HS football of all time) "The U" '72 and has been Southern Cal's O-Line coach since Carroll arrived. They run the Hurricane Pro-Style Offense - Carroll learned from JJ, Butch and Ruel.


did you guys read the story posted by Gene Wojciechowski on espn that just came out.so un true about robert marve this guy really wrote a bad story knocking the U about people transferring out of the U and worned recruits saying shannon will do the same to them last i checked we cleaned up our image and its not shannons fault that marve dropped the ball by not attending class having to redshirt from a car accident with forced us to go into 08 with no expierience at qb i hate bashers like this go suck up to the gators and wait till we dominate again before you start hating


Anybody know how mucm the UM had in the Madoff scam? - NO.

My buddy's sits on the advisory board that does that stuff for UM - say's ZERO Invested with Madoff.

UF and FSU though, they lost a bundle!


A few (long) comments:

1. It took Jimmy 2-3 years took build that fence around S Fl. before getting back to the National Championship. It took Butch 4-5 years if anyone can remember the dark days of 97-99. Point #1, it takes time to accumulate and develop talented 17, 18 yo kids(!) that fit the team. No matter how well we did in high schools or colleges, how many of us were immediately ready after graduating? But so far he has recognized talent.

2. Remember Tom Olivadotti. He was with the Dolphins before becoming the Def Coord for The U before JJ came to town. JJ was forced to keep him even though, if I remember correctly, olivadotti also was a candidate for the HC. The following year we lost 2-3 big come-from-behind games. And I mean national headline big (no internet and couldn't get cable). Doug Flutie should be sending him a gift every birthday and Christmas, and double whenever someone showed that clip. You could even feel the tension over the radio. I know, radio?, but that's how you get away games. He was gone after the year and the rest is history. Point #2, like everything in life (business, government, family) success depends on team work and a common ever present philosophy. Shannon needs to have his guys. Look at how Big Bill led us out of the wilderness.

3. Joe Paterno won 2 NC (last was 86) and Bobby Bowden won 2. They combined for more Bowl appearances than most of us here have years to our lives. Yet they probably have been ripped more on the internet than Hugo Chavez, who some of you probably think would do a good job with The U. That's why dynasty and longevity are rare now. Good winning coaches are leaving programs at their prime because of non-football factors, and the rebuilding would restart again (wondering why?). Texas, OU, OSU, and USC get it and neither OU or OSU have won since we did in 2001 (2002 was stolen by the Big Ten referee). Point #3, consistency is vital so have a leader, back him up, and weather the storms. I mean don't you hate it when you are driving and one of the kid keep asking why we are not there, another constantly wish to be in the car (stadium, talents...) in the next lane, the deaf aunt relentlessly babble about how her best friend's nephew (coach) is a better driver, and the Chairman (the spouse) keep telling you to take a different lane, street, direction...And we wonder why some coaches leave.

4. We have 1/3-1/4 the enrollment of most state school, including USF! They get tax much more payer money. T Boone Pickens gave 160-180 MILLIONS to Oklahoma State U to build athletic facilities. Texas supporters bought the bricks from their old stadium at 50-100 dollar each. Dave Thomas (Wendy's) gave a chunk to UF. Point #4, know our budget and be smart in our fight with competitors. Scholarship limitation only help partially with leveling the field against the rich players. The dirty secrete is they have a lot more money and facilities, support staff, and coaches salaries are their aces. So forget about the superstars we can't afford who probably leave in 1-2 years for a HC spot and expect a rising diamond in the rough having talented players (keep building that fence) to make a name or a respected guru in his twilight who like the nice weather to train assistants and players. Remember, Schiano did not come here because he was house shopping in Happy Valley (irony), Butch and JJ were not our 1st choices, and Tressel and Tubberville had all turned us down.

5. The U is still in Coral Gables right? An on campus stadium seating 35000-50000 would require 75-125 acres. Even in this market, we can't afford that location (T. Boone?). Even if we can, Coral Gables would never tolerate the noise, traffic, pollution, and devaluation. Point #5, see point #4.

Stay positive, be supportive, and have a happy New Year.

Time to sue ESPN?

I think with this rash of "totally out of bounds"
reports that are continuing to pass on the original lie's of RM, DADDDY, and Idiot HSC. Even after RN and Dad have come to apologize for their lies (the idiot coach is in deep water w/ FHSAA and NCAA, so he's shut up).

Something should be done. What? I don't know.
Probably, the best thing for now is to let "other" (BC - NCG) situations take the spotlight.

Actually, it really helped recruiting and from what I hear Meyer will be breaking another phone on signing day. Some interesting, not good, surprises to come to UF. can't wait.

i cant beleive that dumb idiot wrote that story Gene Wojciechowski you are a complete idiot manny should b345H SLAP THIS DUMB ESPN REPORTER

Gene Wojciechowski is a idiot who writes stories that are always a week old. Another Miami hater who just can't leave the U's name out of his mouth. What a tool. He's so late on the story he did not even talk about some of the more recent updates. He's a hack. Look back at some of his old articles, he seems to be completely wrong a lot more times than he's a little bit right. Once again, hack.

Once again, read this

Gene Wojciechowski you could be next.......

them gator fans really have it out for the U lol
what a classless idiot abusing his power hey we love qbs who bash windshields and cant get to class on time stupid idiot

What a dic** this guy is at ESPN.

U love the U or hate the U but you can't beat the U.

FYI - Time to send this guy some hate mail!


FYI - Wojciechowski graduated from the University of Tennessee, no wonder he's pissed.

Gene Wojciechowsk - a useless hack and confirmed racist - he's best known for a racist article he wrote in Chicago a few years back - is anyone going to take this hack seriously?


why in gods name is a high school football stadium being built where the Orange Bowl was instead of building the Orange Bowl back for the Canes to play at? This sucks!
By the way Miami's first championship is on ESPN Classic and Trestman's offense looks great.


Show Gene some Cane lovin...

even when we're squeaky clean, they hate...so let 'em hate.

How many MIAMI NW recruits is Marble Mouf signing this year ??

The parents and coaches won't fall for your BS act 2 years in a row. Consequences of too many promises, zero people skills and awful coaching abilities...

West Virginia gonna raid MNW and BTW Highs....


Show Gene some Cane lovin...

even when we're squeaky clean, they hate...so let 'em hate.

Posted by: Big Moo | January 07, 2009 at 08:02 PM

This song is for Gene




Whoever we get as OC he needs to be an experienced, proven Quarterback guru, not a ex WR coach who was not that good at getting guys to just catch the ball. Tressman, Long, Lee or whoever just as long as we keep the pro style offense not that spread crap. Also Shannon needs to try and get Kehoe or somebody in there that can develop a line that can give the QB's time to throw and open up running lanes for the backs.
And who cares what ESPN or anybody says, being rebels is what made the Canes special so let them talk and hate. Who cares.

I agree with that Curtis Johnson should not be taken seriously as a OC candidate. He is a position coach, period, and didn't help Ryan Moore, Akeem Jolla, or Lance Leggett improve all that much. On another note, why aren't we recruiting Cliff Harris (the #1 rated CB on scout.com). They kid was apparently a UM fan, who has offers from USC and other top programs. For some reason, UM has not given him an offer. Any ideas.

Stop living in the past. Kehoe was terrible his last few years.

Plus all you true historians of the U know that Butch Davis was 8-3 in his 1st year not 5-7. He also took over a probation strapped program. He also was not part of the staff that was replaced like Shannon. I could go on and on with the ways Shannon and Davis are different but true fans already know that.

Having a friend on the inside, I know Randy has the funds to attract:

Dirk Koetter (Jacksonville's offensive coordinator)

Mike Shula (Jacksonville's quarterbacks coach)

Rob Chudzinski (former Cleveland offensive coordinator)


Let's see, JJ is Shannon's and they don't how much these guy's cost. Sure.

Look fellow Canes, rivals.com, is rarely correct, but on this one they aren't even close. To paraphrase; they say RS will go after, these guy's but can't afford them.

Let's see, JJ is Shannon's and they don't how much these guy's cost. Sure.

He and JJ know what these guy's cost. And if they couldn't afford them they wouldn't pursue them.

Shula and Koetter would be interesting. But, Chudzinski would be great.

Guy's and gals - rivals.com is a fun place to get some idea's as to what's going on. But, for facts no way.

C.J. I agree, except for Kehoe. He really stunk it up his last couple of years. I sort of pushed for his return, but when you look at our OLine his last couple of yrs - it sucked.

4. Miami coach Randy Shannon will face the most scrutiny he has since being hired. It's the do-or-die third season for Shannon. In his first year, he won two conference games. In his second, he was a contender for the Coastal Division, but flopped in the end and the success was overshadowed by Robert Marve's transfer and the firing of Patrick Nix. There has to be less drama and more wins in Season 3.

Trestman head coach CFL probably not leaving.

CJ is position coach and not impressive when he was here as WR coach.

We need a "Bust It Up O-LINE" and get back to that good ole' Power Sweep Right - Power Sweep left then hit'em in the n%^s with a Play Action Pass.

I remember a game, I think it was '01, where we ran power sweeps 4 plays in row. Gaining an average of 15 yards per carry then hit on a 20 yard play action pass for a TD.

Man that was beautiful 15 yards and a Cloud of Dust!

CanesTwo, I realize that Kehoe's line did not look that great the last year or so he was here but they were great before the last year he was here. Kehoe lines are certainly better than Stoutland and the product he has put out there the last two years. The problem with Miami's football program all together is they (the administration who makes the decisions) are trying to get out the cheap way instead of hiring competent coaches who cost money to develop the talent and put an elite product on the field. Just look at what is being built at our former home the Orange Bowl and what is being built on that site. Bottom Line is the Miami hurricane football program has brought more money and attention to the school than any other sport and if any sport should have it's own stadium and the bigger proportion of money it should be the football program.

CanesTwo I remember and agree with you completely. Our plays were not that special or innovative they were just blocked and executed right. That's the ultimate swagger and in your face attitude that we need back when we can say to a defense here is the same old thing coming and guess what try and stop it.

SOUP, I agree with you.

Although, I feel his "quality recruiting classes" will keep him here through the terms of his contract.

It would be "Program Suicide" to fire him before his first class (#1) has finished their Jr. season. Based on the quality of his recruits alone. If he were fired without the opp to coach them - other coaches would run from The U.

But, let's get rid of the drama, get a quality OC, a "Bust'em Up O-Line", 15 Yards and A Cloud Dust" and then hit'em with Play Action.

On to '09!

C.J. those were great days. Defenses didn't dictate to our offense and our defenses dictated to our opponents offense.

Great Days. U see that a lot at USC today.

Of course, they took our offensive concept and ran with it. No pun intended.

West Virginia gonna raid MNW and BTW Highs....

Posted by: Doc Holliday owns U | January 07, 2009 at 08:13 PM

Man Kehoe, you are all over the place tonight!! I love it when you try to trick us with a different school! You little Preston Parker you!! Where's the Steamer?

Go 'canes!!

C.J. Kehoe was the best there was for a long time.

I have friends that played with him and for him.

I respect his total body of work. In fact in some earlier blogs I called for his return.

Now, I think Art's past good yrs here are head and shoulders over Stoutlands time here. While their bad years are about equal.

But C.J., I see a drop off in our ability to recruit and coach quality O-Linemen going back to Art's fall off.

So, it's my desire to improve the recruiting and coaching of O-Linemen.

Remember, Randy was there with Art. He knows what changes were made, if any.

So, RS knows what needs to be done to correct this and will do what it takes.

ok who are you arguing with soup about the butch davis comment the comparison im making is how they both have to clean up what was left behind butch did do a great job taking over with his first yr 8-3 and i think the nxt 9-3 but he did win 5 during his coaching tenure (not knocking him) who left it in shambles? Mr.Erickson while coker had players that gave up on Randy well at least that is how the freshman fealt of the upper classmen in his first yr but what butch had is that he had nfl caliber players on those teams like the edge ray lewis yatil green and dan morgan and a few others that were selected in the draft so with that company he had talent to win you are rite a true fan would know i mean what did randy have to rely on randy had to rely on fresh and sophmore to carry a team his 2yr his 1st wasn't great he had ppl that didn't pan out if randy can't get the job done his 4yr in then the writing is on the wall i can admit to that but can you admit that you have to give a coach time to rebuild instead of kicking him out we kicked coker out there was nothing being said man miami is going to be great man randy is walking into a 4yr NC run that was never said we have to see what randy will do in the nxt 2 yrs we don't know what will happen in the nxt two yrs we just have to sit back and wait i know i will support them on through the good times and bad

1) I am glad Coach Shannon is taking his time selecting an OC. This is his most important move of his head coaching career (including ANY player he has recruited). From the list that I have seen they are some coaches who have very good qualifications and I know that Coach Shannon and our AD Holcutt will choose the right man.
2) Chud is not coming back, no matter how much we (including myself) want him back. Coach Chud wants to be an NFL OC, that is why he left his OC job with UM to be a Tight Ends coach with the San Diego Chargers. THE ONLY WAY CHUD COMES BACK TO COLLEGE IS IF HE IS A HC or idf his coaching career in the NFL crashes and burns. It has taken a hit with the way the Browns offense looked a times this year, but he is still a respected offensive mind in numerous NFL circles.
3) I personally do not believe that Curtis Johnson should be our OC either, but for all the folks trashing him, here are a few facts:
A) He coached Santana Moss, Yatil Green, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne- All 1st round draft picks. He also coaches the likes of Andre King, Sinorice Moss, Kevin Beard and others who played and are playing in the NFL. Yes his receivers did not have great success at the end of his stay with the U, but due toi his track record and some of those guys being knuckle heads, under achievers and head cases: See Ryan Moore and Lance Leggett.
B) He was hired from UM to go to the NFL (that shows that football minds greater and more experienced than ours: yeah I know it hurts, we think we know more about football than those who do it for a living)
C) While with New Orleans, Coach Johnson took a player who was picked 4th from last in the last round of the draft and turned him into a very good (border line Pro Bowl) player. That player in Marcus Colston. His receivers also hepled Drew Brees become only the 2nd player in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards. He came up a couple of yards short of Danny boy's record. So yes, Curtis Johnson, IMO is not ready for the task of OC with UM, but don't crap on the man. He is an exceptional WR coach and if he gets experience at a smaller school (maybe a non-BCS type) I believe that he can an will be a very good OC.

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