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Marve shows true colors after ruling

Eugene Marve went on a local radio station last week and apologized for what he said after his son was told by UM coach Randy Shannon he wouldn't be allowed to transfer to Florida, Tennesee or LSU as well as any state schools or any schools in the ACC.

He made a passionate plea that all his family wanted was for their son to be close to home. He talked about Robert_marve2having cancer, how his ex-wife was struggling financially and how Robert chose Miami to begin with because it was close to home. Thursday, UM heard Robert Marve's appeal and a three-person committee voted to keep the restrictions on the three SEC schools and the ACC, but leaving open the possibility to play at USF and UCF. Apparently, the Marve family still isn't happy with that. Why? Isn't playing close to home what Robert Marve and his family really want? Isn't that possible now at UCF and USF -- two schools who will be playing Miami over the next few years?

The truth is that really isn't what matters to the Marves. What matters is probably what Randy Shannon has been getting chastised for -- having a chance to go to those schools Marve's representatives were rumored to have made contact with before he formally decided to leave UM. In the end, we'll never know for sure if any of that happened. Nobody is ever going to admit contact was made or clarify if it wasn't. But we will have tonight's reaction from the Marve camp and that speaks volumes.

By the way, if Shannon's stance on transfers and the way he treats his players is so horrible, why don't we hear Jermaine McKenzie, Daniel Adderley and the many other players who have transferred out of this program crying?


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LOL @ the Marves

couldn't say it better myself manny now this is over time for NSD i wonder what 5star recruit randy visit today any clue?

I agree with you Manny. They should have been elated that Robert got a chance to play so close to his family. I guess cancer gets better the farther you road trip.

Dont worry some national columnist will have a field day with this one and say how bad this is for UM somehow.

I'm done with the Marve thing. It's obvious he was trying to work a deal with either LSU or TENN. I'm sure he wanted to go to FL, but I do not think they want him, and he know's he could not go to a in-state power program.

I love the USF wrinkle! Very tactical on Miami's part. It eliminates the argument of Miami not allowing Marve to play close to home, while preserving the ban on the schools where he wanted to go!

Frankly USF is the best fit for him anyway with Grothe coming back for one more year. I hope he is successful whereever he goes. He will play at Miami in 2010 if he gets the strating position. Bring it!

Go 'canes!

Amen, Manny! Turn the page.

i knew it. the marve family is a joke i hope one of these whack reporters over there at espn see this and retract that crap they put out there and the national media sees that the U was right alllll along. Much respect to the gators I still think yall suck but 5 is still better than 3 step ur game up!!!

Amen, Manny! Turn the page.

Marve just go on!. bad thing right now is to hear from Gatords fan about their NC.

regards from Asia! Taipei!!!

Tebow was awesome tonight! Stoops should jave kicked the field goal in the 2nd quarter when he has the chance. My Dad and I wanted OU to go, but that is why we are not coaches!!! A great coach never allows himself to get caught up in the emotion of a decision in a game like that, when points come at such a premium!

Hats off to the gators, they will be a formidible foe on all fronts for years to come!

I think I'll eat Kehoe's Steamer and call it a night!

Go 'canes!

Tim Tebow wears Pat White pajamas. At least White averaged more than 4 yards per carry. Harvin wishes he had the talent of Reggie Bush, who is inconsequential in the NFL. All in all, OK beat themselves, and UF’s offense is a joke. Enjoy the “championship” (since Utah was undefeated and has a leg up on you) while you can because the end is near, if not now.

Like they say follow the money or trail. Lets see where Charles go to school, he's holding out to see where Marve was going. Marve got his wish to play close to home, and it's not good enough. Time to turn to page, and close the book on the "As The Marves Turn"

How sad of the boy who would be king. Wanted more than what was in his hand.

Good luck Robert Marve. I believed that you had a great chance to be part of the Canes return to the national stage. But, we take our lumps with our decisions and go on from there....

The fact is that Marve was going to transfer at the end of the year anyway. Period. The suspension for the Emerald Bowl just gave him and his family grounds for calling RS a bad guy and not handling the situation well. In my opinion, Randy took the high road and handled it as well as he could have considering the media hype surrounding Miami. I believe his non-retaliation towards the Marve family is ultimately the reason that Eugene Marve retracted his words. Unfortunately, Randy's taking the high road made the whole Marve family look bad. I feel pretty bad about that, honestly. I think everyone's had heated moments like that and wishes they could take it back.

The whole restrictions on transferring thing is just weird. How many big time players who even want to transfer have the opportunity to transfer to big time programs? I can't recall a big named player recently who has transferred to another big name program that's nearby the other one. Marve's situation is strange because of the whole family situation. I think the initial restrictions were very typical, but in this case the family chose to fight the restrictions. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand because of that crap. Hopefully incoming recruits recognize the rarity of the situation and that RS handled things as well as can be expected.

Why no word from McKenzie, Adderley, McNeal and the other transfers? Uhhh....because they had no restrictions placed on them.

C'mon it's obvious there's no one actually acting mature here. Not Shannon, not UM , and definitely not Eugene Marve. Robert's in a no-win situation and I wish him the best wherever he ends up.

The university suspects that the Eugene Marve or Robert's high school coach may have been "shopping" Robert after they witnessed the ridiculous season-long dysfunctional play calling and QB switching and wants to "teach them a lesson." Eugene is playing out all the sympathy cards in the media. The national media has picked it up and run with it and the university looks bad...any way you slice it.

Hopefully we move on from this and start moving in the right dirction with a REAL offensive coordinator and a wining season or Shannon needs to walk.

The university suspects that the Eugene Marve or Robert's high school coach may have been "shopping" Robert

Posted by: Bounty | January 09, 2009 at 02:19 AM

Uh, there was no suspicion here at all.
It happened, period.
This is why the ban on the three SEC schools remain.

And for you so-called "Cane" fans congratulating the Gaytor, go root for another school.
We don't need your pathetic tail supporting this program.

Statistically (factually) speaking, the most asinine fan in all of college football is none other than myself.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to dispute that.

Yes we won multiple ships back as an indepenedent when our coach at the time has since been quoted as saying "our schedule was so easy, we only had to prepare for one game a season". And yes it's ancient history, but notice how I never mention Bama when I speak of a time that the modern era has forgot. Much like the 1980's.

Yes, we haven't been closer than fifth in line to attend our own conference title game since joining the mediocre ACC.

Yes we are 12-13 and have had only one winning season out of the past three years.

Yes the SEC is now 3 for 3 and Mighty Gators 2 of 3 under their genius head coach Urban Meyer.

But surely you believe me when I say the ACC is the toughest conference in the nation and Randy "Scapegoats Are Just As Valid As Excuses" Shannon will bring us back to prominence..........

- Don't U?

Dare I say, in my heart of hearts until we fire Randy I will root for the Gators. Please join my petition in getting Tebow to stay for one my year. He is a lock for another Heisman and another BCS Title.

It sure is great to be a Florida Gator!

2009 Season starts next August ...

Good Luck


I'm with everyone above. This thing is now over, the Marve's are whiners, and everyone should just move on. The national media will definitely butcher this somehow to make us look bad, but that probably works in our favor ultimately because being hated used to make us that much stronger. I'm tired of all these goody-two-shoes teams out there dancing and singing and winning championships. We need to get back to the top to show the world what a real champion looks like.

Oh how cute! Little canesrule is still upset about Ray-Ray becoming a CANE.

You are living in the past lil' canesrule. If you insist on living in the past, then the CANES have 5NCs to the gator's 2.

Hey Canes Fans Dont forget BB Brock Berlin. He transferred to Miami from UF, waited a year and started for the Canes. Great win for UF,Teabow best player at any position in NCAA>

Go Canes

This thing isnt over and UM is the one making it not go away. Miami should lift all the restrictions and let the guy go away. What do we have to lose that we havent lost already. If Shannon was a good coach he would let this guy leave. If we are on the rise like many of you claim, then letting Marve go without restrictions would mean nothing cos he would be the one losing as he wont be part of something special. However, the truth is this: Shannon sucks as a coach. He couldn't win with Coker's recruits and blamed Coker, now he is mediocre with his own recruits and he is covering up his Emerald Bowl Foolish coaching with this Transfer Drama. Fact is this, Marve wont be part of our team next year and fighting the Marve family is a foolish distraction that doent help us move forward. Its obvious they wont stop fighting for these restrictions to be lifted. So Shanon can be that petty to fight a 19 year old??? Well that confirms to me all I have fear about Shannon. He isn't fit to be a head coach at a Major Program and him and high pack of dumb high school coaches will be shown the door after this season. That Oklahoma team we saw last night is coming to play us the 1st Saturday of September, please lets hide our women and children cos that team will kill us.

Having lost my mom to cancer 2 years ago I am completely disgusted that this arrogant scumbag Eugene Marve would even drop the word cancer as an excuse to get his son a transfer. USF is right around the corner from where he lives and a quality University. I moved here to Tampa a few years back and have been to a few games. If he wants his son to play so bad, AND be close to family because of health issues, Miami just did him a great service by allowing him to go to USF. But they're still mad? What we all already knew is now out of the bag. He don't want his son close, he wants him to go to Florida, or Tenn. SCUMBAG! By the way, Congrads to all the Gayturds. Somebody should really tell Teabag to lay off the roids.... Not only does he not have a position to play in the NFL, but they don't allow the roids ANYMORE. That boy is juiced up! GO CANES....

I thought Tampa was closer to Tampa than Gainsville. I guess not in Marve geography

Jeez. First the "shopping", then the mudslinging, then using cancer as a trumped up excuse. What school would want to put up with these jerks?

You'd think USF would have the Marves falling all over themselves: it's RIGHT IN THEIR BACKYARD, RM would have a warmup period waiting for the current QB to graduate, the offensive style would make any QB look prolific, and it's in an easier conference (making RM look good again).

Marve doesn't know geography, no wonder he didn't attend class. Eugene did a poor job teaching his kid responsibility and needs to work on teaching him a good work ethic instead of whining.

I never cease to be amazed by Eugene Marve. He's so full of himself (at best a 2nd rate LB in the NFL). He thinks that he and his son are God's gift to the world!

I hope Robert grows up and learns to get from under his father's skirts.

UM will do just fine without his services. Afterall he's just one player, and at the end it's a team sport.

I hope he ends up in UCF. I wish him the best.

If we get a top 5-10 recruiting class this year, I project that we will be in the National Championship hunt in 2 years.

Spy, good points on the con game the Marves is trying to pull. We have to ask the question, Why haven't Olsen Charles picked a school yet? What are you hearing in Tampa on the schools, that Charles is looking at?

Any rumors about Urban Meyer taking one of the NFL coaching openings?


The 5-star recruit is Rueben Randle. I've said to myself all along that Marve was full of BS. Like you said Manny, why isn't anyone else bashing Shannon. Not just those who have transferred but those still on the team and those currently verbally committing to da U. Everyone knew all along that Shannon was not a very outgoing personality. He's not going to talk to you like you're his best friend. He's not there to be your best friend. He's there to be your coach and father figure away from home.

I was always thought to seperate friendship from parenting. A good parent can not be your best friend (in most cases). Example, a friend will not care if you're out past mid-night doing all kinds of things. A parent does care and will tell you there are consequences if you go out past mid-night and you get into any kind of trouble. That is who Shannon is and I would want my son playing for a man like that. If my son wants a best friend he has teammates, position coaches, and friends from his child hood for that. Sh*t, take a look at how Shannon's relationship with his own son is. Not only do I think he's actually like that with his son but he also did not want everyone thinking that he was playing favoritism. But does it mean he does not love his son? No, not at all. Shannon would do whatever for his son and his players. Marve was just a cry baby (and he gets it from his daddy and high school coach who babied his a*s). Point, blank, period!

Urban better stay in college he want last in nfl with that offense maybe college no having recivers running out the back field i dont see that in the nfl

Unfortunately I don't see anyway Charles picks Miami. I say unfortunately because all the crap from Marves old High School coach and the Marves are preaching to him will influence his decision to not commit to the U. I think he's been quiet because he's been waiting to see what Marve does. In my opinion, I think he will follow Aaron Murray to Georgia. Who knows.

AZCanesDude...the only one I can think of was Brock Berlin transferring from Florida to Miami in January 2002, but as another poster pointed out that took place as Spurrier was leaving.

Orson doesn't even have da U in on his official visit list. Charles is a done deal for da U but who cares? I know I don't. If you don't want to be a part of da U family then forget ya. No one recruit makes up da U.

One thing I like about Shannon is he does not make any promises to these kidz, unlike some others. Example is Brown who was a 5-star LB coming out of high school. Brown basically sat on the bench his 1st year because his fundamentals were all messed up. Now that he has learned the fundamentals of playing the position he can apply that and his athletic ability and he will be a beast on the field. In the long run, he will thank Shannon and Barrow. You didn't here Brown complaining and wanting to transfer did you? Tells you about the way he was raised vs the way Marve was doesn't it???

Bounty, what good does it do letting Marve go when the U has evidence their starting quarterback was being shopped to a key in-state rival? If we're to allow this, then what precedent is set? Are we to become a feeder system, a minor-league farm team for LSU, Florida, and other SEC schools? A glorified prep school that allows other colleges to pick and choose who they want from our roster at will each year?

chevyboy79, I agreee. Who cares if you don't wanna come to the U. I like when players like Forston, Spence, and this year McGee, who are all unconditionally about the U. No matter who's the coach, or who transferred, or who got fired. That is who we need. The die hards..

ecomug did U really say Randy couldn't win with Coker recruits let me drop some college knowledge for you even though i hate to say it lets take a look at urban he won with zooks recruits and we all know zook can recruit but two yrs later with urban's own recrutis and and he got the job done this yr tell me one person beside kenny phillps that did solid for randy please don't say calias campbell either every one knew he lost a step from what he did the yr before nobody wanted this job why u think urban jumped to UF because a foundation was already their to build from Randy didn't have that same oppurtunity it was proven that we didn't haave enough depth when randy came in look it up buddy as far as im concern Randy first recruiting class has showed us glimpses of a bright future don't get me wrong Randy has to learn from his mistakes as far as the timeout issues but why u think he said he will evaluate himself he knows he has to get better we just have to wait in see what he does to improve give him his shot we didn't have hype about winning a BCS title the past two yrs so please don't say he couldn't win with coker recruits coker team gave up on coker when we had a chance to go for the title ended up loosing to georgia and blown out by LSU in the peach bowl they gave up then since then that team lost the heart to play I can't say that about this team we were in every game we played except 1 and yes the Marve issue is over the ban is in place he can cry a river all he wants if he wanted his son close last time i checked usf is in tampa One last thing stop crying for this kid when has one player made a team yall act like we are screwed like this kid was the greatest thing to hit miami since 2001 to 2002 Randy is our coach deal with it our bounce

Yo......manny, great points. Hopefully this is the end of everything on Marve. Enough, lets talk about the players that DO want to be here. Lets talk Jacory, who looked great as a FR and is going to really explode the next two years.

UF has 3 now.
Let's move on with this Marve thing. It's getting old and the national media, which in general hates UM and loooves UF and their baptist preacher- QBs (Wuerfferl and now Te-bone, keeps bashing UM and Shannon,while ignoring the fact that MArve did this all to himself. Yeah, lets ignore the fact that he was arrested for vandalism, was involved in an as-yet-murky car accident, and scholastically he a major underachiever. Now, let us talk about his performance on the field- first, as the QB, his judgement failed when he, as the supposed leader of the team, was suspended for the first game. then, he literally stunk almost every game he played. And finally, I must say, that if his father's cancer and mom's financila problems are the reason why he has been so mediocre at UM, becasue "his mind may not be into it", then say, so. Don't blame others for your failings. Don't use excuses.

Now, for what really matters- UF will be a bust after Tebone leaves. he is 90% of his team's offense, and he is the emotional leader. The canes need to return to their former greatness. Let's get the canes back. I am sick and tired of hearing about the gators. I personally feel, Utah was screwed majorly, and should be Number 1. This BCS is a joke designed and run by clowns.

Tebow is gone to the NFL!

There is TOO MUCH money that will be dangle in front of his eyes to pass up. Did you notice he did not deny it when asked on camera last night. That should be a sign for you.

Plus why risk an injury, and then your stock plummets?

This is the loudest I've ever heard this stadium. It's even hard to hear in the pressbox.

Posted by: Shandel Richardson

That's called Gator Nation Baby !

The largest crowd EVER in your rental house. Dolphin Stadium is a crappy place to watch a college game unless there is a capacity crowd. When U fill it halfway it's a lifeless warehouse. U just got schooled.

Being relegated to that stadium is just another pockmark on your riddled program. U get bent over for parking and a bottle of water. At least they are building on the legacy with the removable ring of honor (vinyl....nice).

Hmmmm? What big games has the U won at Dolphin Stadium (home)? There was UM's man handling of Virginia in the CarQuest Bowl. Tremain Mack houses a kickoff baby. WOOOHOOO..those were the days.

The Gators have a richer history on YOUR HOME FIELD than U do. They wrapped up a dominant 08 season by knocking of their second #1 ranked opponent in a tight clash that featured defenses that U only have faint memories of.

U will NEVER see a crowd as large as the one that Gator Nation marched into your rental house last night. And U will never see a win like U saw last night. Maybe someday you'll build a team and play a game like that. But it definitely isn't happening under Randy Shannon. U know. I know it.

U are YEARS from having anything that resembles what U saw last night. Under the current coaching staff that time frame isn't getting shorter, it's getting longer.

"Congrat to the Florida Gators and Charlie Strong. Great Defense with great players. Way to rep the state of Florida. The scary thing is that team is so young." Posted by: SeattleCane
Thanks for the props Seattle. Far too little of that in this bitter crowd. I'd buy you a beer and enjoy memories of great Canes and Gator games with you. There have been hundreds.

UM looked like they were about to turn another maturity corner with the win streak. I posted a couple hundred words that were very complimentary of the team. Just when the baby canes looked like they were growing up, U lost all your Mo in what turns out was a pretty tenuous buildup by Randy. I'm sorry cane fans, but the FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO trumps the entire season. It's like the big red horn going off in the nuclear power plant control room.

It would be great to see UM do some serious ballin in 09 with Jacory runnin around but the O-line is an area of great concern for U. If U guys make ANY off season prediction before seeing how that unit shapes up your are foolhardy.

So funny that on a day that Gator fans should be celebrating a NC win, they would rather come and talk on a hurricane message board. The obsession continues. TOOLS............

its also been confirm a few places that orson charles dates marves little sister. talk about package deal...

Haha. That is a package deal. I wonder if halfway through having sex with Charles, she just quits...


who cares about the marves. if we manage to get dion sims, then the sting of losing orson charles will be completely gone.

any other news on the recruiting trail? anyone at all? who are the coaches visiting these days and who is visiting Miami this weekend? talk to me...

btw, spyhazard nailed it with his/her comment!

I hate the Gaytors...and their fans! What losers! You win a NC and can't even celebrate with yourselves. You have to come to Eye of the U to validate your win. Do you need the Canes nation's approval or something? Get lost and go to your own Gayturds blogs and celebrate. You have such short memories. Talk all the noise you want because the tide will flip on you in a few years.

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