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Marve shows true colors after ruling

Eugene Marve went on a local radio station last week and apologized for what he said after his son was told by UM coach Randy Shannon he wouldn't be allowed to transfer to Florida, Tennesee or LSU as well as any state schools or any schools in the ACC.

He made a passionate plea that all his family wanted was for their son to be close to home. He talked about Robert_marve2having cancer, how his ex-wife was struggling financially and how Robert chose Miami to begin with because it was close to home. Thursday, UM heard Robert Marve's appeal and a three-person committee voted to keep the restrictions on the three SEC schools and the ACC, but leaving open the possibility to play at USF and UCF. Apparently, the Marve family still isn't happy with that. Why? Isn't playing close to home what Robert Marve and his family really want? Isn't that possible now at UCF and USF -- two schools who will be playing Miami over the next few years?

The truth is that really isn't what matters to the Marves. What matters is probably what Randy Shannon has been getting chastised for -- having a chance to go to those schools Marve's representatives were rumored to have made contact with before he formally decided to leave UM. In the end, we'll never know for sure if any of that happened. Nobody is ever going to admit contact was made or clarify if it wasn't. But we will have tonight's reaction from the Marve camp and that speaks volumes.

By the way, if Shannon's stance on transfers and the way he treats his players is so horrible, why don't we hear Jermaine McKenzie, Daniel Adderley and the many other players who have transferred out of this program crying?