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Marve shows true colors after ruling

Eugene Marve went on a local radio station last week and apologized for what he said after his son was told by UM coach Randy Shannon he wouldn't be allowed to transfer to Florida, Tennesee or LSU as well as any state schools or any schools in the ACC.

He made a passionate plea that all his family wanted was for their son to be close to home. He talked about Robert_marve2having cancer, how his ex-wife was struggling financially and how Robert chose Miami to begin with because it was close to home. Thursday, UM heard Robert Marve's appeal and a three-person committee voted to keep the restrictions on the three SEC schools and the ACC, but leaving open the possibility to play at USF and UCF. Apparently, the Marve family still isn't happy with that. Why? Isn't playing close to home what Robert Marve and his family really want? Isn't that possible now at UCF and USF -- two schools who will be playing Miami over the next few years?

The truth is that really isn't what matters to the Marves. What matters is probably what Randy Shannon has been getting chastised for -- having a chance to go to those schools Marve's representatives were rumored to have made contact with before he formally decided to leave UM. In the end, we'll never know for sure if any of that happened. Nobody is ever going to admit contact was made or clarify if it wasn't. But we will have tonight's reaction from the Marve camp and that speaks volumes.

By the way, if Shannon's stance on transfers and the way he treats his players is so horrible, why don't we hear Jermaine McKenzie, Daniel Adderley and the many other players who have transferred out of this program crying?


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Just go to the tampa trib. and see what the bloggers say about the Marves. Everyone rips him in his own hometown.

Everyone knows that when he was at Plant he got away with everything...He is undisciplined, and I'm glad he is gone, I just wish Shannon would have had the nutts to not play him all year, and Harris would have had a lot more experience. Oh well, go canes in 09!


One guy I can think of is current Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead. A FL decommit after Meyer got Tebow's LOI and then went to transfer to Miss from Texas upon Colt McCoy's emergence.

Snead's a major reason why Ole Miss beat the vaunted Gators this year and is relevant in CFB.

Randy Moss- Marshall via FSU

Who was the Az St QB a couple of years ago? Didn't he transfer from a major team? Was it Kellen Clemens?

And I believe Mustain will eventually be a good one at USC, its almost impossible not to be with all the talent and speed they have over there.

Well Canes, that is number 3, we will gunning for number 4 next year and who know in a few years when you are back it would be ironic to play you for number 5!
Oh and about next year, here is a quote from Harvin on ESPN:

"We've all talked about coming back next season," said Harvin, referring to teammates Brandon Spikes and Tebow. "This never gets old. It's just exciting to be a part of this and be a part of a team that does everything for each other."

Marve shouldn't even attempt to go to UF because there are so many premadonna's there that he'd never have a chance to play anyway! He blew his chances at UM and very few coaches are going to want to work with him as he is labelled "difficult" and there are so many out there that want a chance. Marve needs to grow up and get on the right track or he will be regretting so much later on.

Yeah you Gaytors are going to win the next 6 NCs...you guys are fortunate to even play in the game this year. Just enjoy your good fortune and leave us alone. Geez another Gaytor looking for validation. Simple math for you gayturds, 5>3. Maybe you have to earn a degree to understand what that means.

PCola Cane,

I already acknowledged that 5 is more than 3.
Instead of worrying about my math skills maybe you should be more concerned about your reading comprehension.

I didn't read your crap. All I know is you are a Gaytor on a Miami blog trying to validate a NC. I just don't understand why you feel we want to read your crap. So yeah, 5>3. When you have 5 of them feel free to compare. You are the team of the now. Nothing more. Harvin will not be back next year no matter what he says publically. Tebow is itching to play in the NFL, if only he would get drafted high enough he would be gone. So you may not be as good as you think you will be. Enjoy your NC THIS year but why you feel you need to enjoy it on a Miami blog is beyond me.

If GATOR NATION would just understand UTAH is the REAL 2008 National Champ.

Maybe if UF could actually have an undefeated season.

What was OU thinking those two times inside the 5? It sucks when a team beats themseleves. They could have totally blown that game wide open.

It favors UF to have that Florida speed. They are using Howard and Jimmy Johnson's formula. Sure am glad Shannon is doing this now.


I think it is b/c of their insecurities.

just remember gator fans we taught you how to win national titles and also a player like tebow comes around once a lifetime by far the greatest gator ive ever seen so enjoy your ride cuz when its over shannon has fenced you out so congradulations but remember when the canes win titles we dont let an unranked team beat us at home

Why are these annoying gaytor fans on a U blog? Get a life people. You sound like 1985 and 1996 all over again! Act like you've been there.

Happy for you. You won, even though in reality, Utah deserves to be the NC. beyond question. It's just you all aren't man enough to admit it. 13-0 in D-1 is better than 13-1. face it -UF lost to Ole Miss. Therefore should never had played for the NC. this was set up for the TV ratings. USC would have clobbered you, and I really think Utah has more speed on D than even Ok.

Oklahoma and Bobby the choker Stoops blew it BIG TIME. Two trips inside the ten (once at the 1/2 yd line). Should have had minimum 6 points. Came out with zero. Another couple of trips inside UF's half of the field: ZERO points. Should have run the ball more.

Ron Cherry is a joke as an ACC ref. Everytime he refs a UM game we lose. he is flag happy and is too much in love with his job (mannerisms and all).

Thanks TonyCane and Russell. Brock was certainly a decent transfer who was able to transfer close to home. Snead was a Texas transfer to Ole Miss. I wouldn't call that close to home. Clemens was always an Oregon commit and ASU doesn't appear to have any big time QB transfers in or out (big names being Andrew Walter and Rudy Capenter). I don't know what, if any, restrictions were placed on any transfer other than Marve, but it certainly appears that most transfers involve changing conference and/or changing state (except Brock). Marve should be thankful that UCF and USF opened up.

Lotta Gator fans on here. I can't say that needs to stop or anything because this is a public blog, but is it really necessary? I suppose Canes fans would probably do the same thing, right? Anyway, congrats to the Gators. They did play very well. Tebow would do well to stay for his senior year because he's not really NFL material, but I've heard rumors that he's going to transfer to some school in Indonesia? HAHA.

Has anyone heard about the NFL putting salary caps on rookies? Will that play apart in the near future?

I am cruious as to what would happen if you take Harvin and Tebow out of the equation? After Rainey got hurt last night I was watching to see if any of the other RB's would pick up the slack. Jeff Demps didn't do that great. Here are the numbers of rushing yards by the "fastest running back's in the nation".

Rainey had -3 yrds on one carry.
Demps had 23 yrds on 9 carries.
Moody O yrds on one carry.

Like I said if you take out Tebow & Harvin this team only has 20 yrds on 11 carries.

I cant stand it! the gators won antoher title, while da U is sitting at 7-6. isnt that the SAME RECORD THAT GOT COKER FIRED!!!!!! and this is an IMPROVEMENT over shannon's first year! this is pathetic. i can't stand this losing. shannon has to go. 12-13 is worth getting fired . . its not like the ACC has been strong either. add in 2 FCS wins, so it should really be 10-15!!!!!! WTF! NO MORE EXCUSES ABOUT FRESHMEN!!! its a cop out. Colt McCoy, Bradford won as freshmen . . hell, teblow won a title as a frosh. Kirby was a SENIOR but transferred to BAYLOR!!! freakin baylor!! AND HE COULDNT EVEN START THERE CUZ A FRESHMAN DID!!!! why are all our QBs transferring out?? maybe Marve has a point. its getting embarrassing to be a Cane.

Manny, you're starting to sound like a fanboy. Obviously there's a big difference between being allowed to play for UCF and being allowed to play for UF even if both are in the same general region of FL, and you pretending not to see the difference is disingenuous. If Florida had allowed Berlin to transfer to FIU but not to UM would you or anyone sane have said, "Oh, what's the problem? They're letting him go to a Miami-area school so how can anyone say they're shackling him?"

Did you read Wojo's column on ESPN? That's the perception 99% of the country takes from this. It doesn't matter who's right in some theoretical sense. To most casual observers, it seems like Miami's being petty and vindictive. There's an old expression about self-defeating stubbornness, "He'd rather be right than be president." It seems like UM is so intent on sticking it to Marve, which they are technically within their rights to do, that they're willing to sacrifice their future recruiting to do so. And BTW it's already cost them with Orson Charles, and with Sanders switching to UCLA it would be nice if they hadn't alienated Charles's coach.

99% of the country doesn't know what objective journalism means either Patrick

Maybe Marve should read this about Marc Guillon. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.


How about this UM let's Marve go to any school but LSU, UF or UT. Would that make anyone happy?(apparently not only do you have to make the player happy but the parents along with the national media happy oh and can't forget the ?HS coach.) The point in letting Marve go to USF or UCF is so he could be closer to home. RS and UM are doing this to show that neither Marve or his son care about being close to home. Are you telling me that if Marve was allowed to transfer anywhere that UM would still have a shot at Charles?

One last comment on the Marve soap opera.
1 He was given every chance to star at the U
was the starter and played in 90% of the games
eventhough it was clear that JH was better at it.
2 Everybody in the team competes to start at its position, why shouldn't he.
3 RANDY should let him go to UF.. the guy is a second comming of Kyle Wright.
4 He cries as if he is the best QB or only QB in America that can play.

Oh and about next year, here is a quote from Harvin on ESPN:

"We've all talked about coming back next season," said Harvin, referring to teammates Brandon Spikes and Tebow. "This never gets old. It's just exciting to be a part of this and be a part of a team that does everything for each other."

And what was the result after 06? 9-5? Miami > Gayturds = 5 > 3. Until you pass number 5, Miami will ALWAYS be greater.

Brock Berlin? Why are we even mentioning that name?!?! In hindsight, I wish Florida had restricted He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named from signing with the Canes. The only positive thing he ever did come back against the gaytors -- a comeback that would not have been necessary had he not thrown two interceptions and given up a defensive touchdown on a fumble in the first half!!!

All teams put restrictions on players transfering all of them. When jevon snead transfered out of texas they restricted im from certain schools. When moody transfered out of usc when mustain transfered from arkansas all of them had restrictions on where they could transfer. This is how things work in the ncaa. As long as the letter of intent gives schools complete control it will always happen. Miami is well within its rights to restrict marve from any school they want. Oh im willing to bet all the other players transfering adderly,mckenzie and company had restrictions also they just moved on and didnt whine like a baby about it. Teabow sucked his team won cause okalhoma got outcoached. Tebow threw 2 ints in the game thats not a great game by teabow and proves he will suck in nfl. I hope he goes pro and chokes. I got so sick of the tebow comercial in the first quarter i stopped watching the game . My gf asked me if any one else was even playing on the feild. I learned 5 things last nite. Tebow is a saint we should all worship. Tebow is the greatest human being alive and mother theresa isnt the greatest humanitarian of all time tebow is. That Tebow is a better leader then peytong manning and tom brady combined. That without tebow florida has no talent and would be 0-12. And that fox announcers are in love with tebow.

I'm so sick of Marve already!!! You got compromises from both UM and the NCAA, pick a school and get out.

I thought USC was the best team I saw this year. Florida improved a lot since the begining of the season and would be my number 2.

What do you tell Utah?

Paul M. you are dismissed as a fan. Find another team so that you won't be embarassed by a down cycle. You can just hop around to whatever team is on a run. And Patrick, Sanders going to UCLA probably has a lot more to do with Norm Chow, Rick Neuheisel, and what will probably be a high octane UCLA offense in the next couple of years then some freshman qb transferring whom he has never met. Los Angeles is a lot closer to Idaho than Florida. Hopefully we get Wheeler tomorrow, and Bunche shortly after that. Peter White and Marcus Hall would complete the OL haul for '09. Can't wait to see how the next four weeks pan out.

Forgot about Daniel Campbell. That would be a nice pick up too. Its between us and USC.

Marve has so many issues on the field and off that maybe UM should reconsider its UF-Tennessee-LSU ban.

Did Pat Nix call the play for Oklahoma in the second half? How many runs out of the shotgun formation? They were doing fine in the pro-set.

Randy Shannon is onto something with a pro-style offense, just line it up and run the ball, pass when you have/want to. It works for the Giants it can work for us.

i think the biggest thing is if he was thinking about transferring during the season is that why he averaged 100 yards passing a game and over 1 interception forget him good luck robert marve your not cane worthy

I say let him play anywhere but UF or UT. Let him play in the ACC. Just think of how many INT's our D will have on that day. H e l l Marve playing on another team we face could be the most help we could ever get out of him.

Not only Campbell, but also Dion Sims. Add that stud TE to the crop of OL and let Brown, Miller, and James run people over to set up Jacory!

BTW, does anybody realize that part of the reason Coach Shannon played both QBs this year was beacause he saw the problems unfolding w/RM already since the beginning of this year? ...and perhaps he wanted to get Jacory Harris ready?

I don't think that RM's father idiocy just started recently.

I think Jacory will be an excellent QB for UM!! He reminds me of Ken Dorsey in many ways.

We just need some OLs and DBs, and the rest is being taken care with this year's excellent recruiting class.

BTW, does anybody realize that part of the reason Coach Shannon played both QBs this year was beacause he saw the problems unfolding w/RM already since the beginning of this year? ...and perhaps he wanted to get Jacory Harris ready?

I don't think that RM's father idiocy just started recently.

I think Jacory will be an excellent QB for UM!! He reminds me of Ken Dorsey in many ways.

We just need some OLs and DBs, and the rest is being taken care with this year's excellent recruiting class.

Any news on Jacory's shoulder?


I don't think Shannon saw this coming, he would've started Harris and Marve and split time 60-40 (or whatever it was). IMO Randy saw more potential in Jacory. Either way, it turned out to be the right move.

I meant he would've made Harris the starter and had Marve come in throughout the game.

if marve wouldnt of had to redshirt and came into this season with expierience it might of changed things but when them northwestern boys showed i think he started looking for an out

From ESPN:
Well, things didn't exactly go as planned Thursday for former Miami quarterback Robert Marve, although the restrictions on his transfer were lifted a bit more to allow him to go to Central Florida or South Florida.

"That's not really what we were after," his father, Eugene, told me this morning in a telephone interview. "We were after our SEC schools."

And national champion Florida is still at the top of their list.

"We're not taking anything off the table because of those restrictions," Eugene Marve said. "We're still looking at the same teams."

That would also include LSU and Tennessee. As far as I understand, Marve would have to join those teams as a walk-on.

"We'll see how it works out," Eugene Marve said. "It's got to be the right choice."

Regardless, the Marves are moving on, and this has ended at Miami. This soap opera hasn't seemed to affect recruiting, either. Randy Shannon is building the No. 10 class in the country, according to ESPN.com

How close it Tennesse to Tampa?

Paul M...GET A LIFE!

Recruiting aside, my confidence in Randy Shannon is falling by the minute. That said, screw Marve, his dad, and his coach. These whiners and ingrates deserve whatever roadblocks Shannon puts in their path. If the rules allow it, we should prohibit a transfer to any school other than University of Alaska.

Marve may be an awful QB, a selfish team leader and a snake of a person, but I still wouldn't want The U to play against him. The one thing he's good at -- running the ball as a QB-- which could improve dramatically if in the right system, is the one thing plaguing Miami defenses for the past 10 years. The list of QBs who have gassed us is a long one: Donovan McNabb, Al Clark, Michael Vick, Rasheed Marshall, Bryan Randall, Christian Ponder, Josh Nesbitt and Russel WIlson. Shannon made the right move be restricting this threat from the beginning and I'm surprised The U allowed him to play at USF, which we play next season (I think). Maybe the U officials knew that all the talk about wanting to play close to home was bull; you can't get closer to Tampa than USF.

Are you serious Paul M??? You think that we're not getting Charles and losing Sanders because of Marve? Well, what do you have to say about us getting Ray Ray and Dye? If you haven't heard this b4 U bout to here it now...no one man/recruit makes the U family. If you don't want to be here then WE DON'T WANT U!!! That goes for U fake a*s U fans out there 2!!!

Interesting news from today:

Top RB Mike Gillislee reopens pledge to Gators
ESPNU 150 prospect Mike Gillislee of DeLand, Fla., has pulled back his commitment to Florida and is now considering Clemson, Central Florida and the Gators.

Gillislee, ranked No. 14 among running backs and No. 128 prospect overall in the Class of 2009, plans to visit UCF this weekend, Clemson the weekend of Jan. 16 and the Gators on Jan. 23.

During his senior season, Gillislee rushed for 1,149 yards on 227 carries (5.1 average). He also has offers from Auburn, Michigan, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Purdue, among others.

Not only Campbell, but also Dion Sims. Add that stud TE to the crop of OL and let Brown, Miller, and James run people over to set up Jacory!

Posted by: Caneiac | January 09, 2009 at 01:57 PM

That would be a nice get also. Will be tough to beat out Mich. St. in their own backyard, but he would definitely see the field right away here as we haven't had a tight end signee in a couple of years. Bubba Franks, Shockey, Winslow II, Greg Olsen...Sims next? Randy's set on running the pro-set, so it would be a great fit.

Paul M,
You will have to change your name to get back on here when we start winning again. You call yourself a Canes fan? Coker got fired for 7-6 because he took a top program and took it to a dumpster. Shannon got a program that was in the dumpster and is bringing back up. So this is a different 7-6 than Coker's 7-6. No talent other than, like you said, Kirby Freeman type players. Shannon has stocked this team with potential all over the place and continues to do so. You think Marve has a point? By all means transfer yourself along with him. We Canes fans won't put any restrictions on where you transfer. Go be a Gayturd since it is so embarrassing to be a Canes fan. Geez. I understand RS has some growing to do but you can't argue that his recruiting isn't top notch. You can't be a successful coach w/o talent.

Also, most of the programs you referred to had a system in place and are well oiled machines. You sprinkle a few freshmen into the system and they grow because of long standing coaches and some veteran players. RS had none of that. It doesn't happen overnight.

RS may or may not be the long term answer here but I know you have to look at the situation he took over.

Let Marve go
> Posted by Dave Hyde at 12:21 PM

It has been a week now, a silly, selfish, self-delusional week in which the University of Miami keeps looking small in telling Robert Marve where he can't transfer. I keep waiting for sanity to break out. It still hasn't happened.

I'm a Randy Shannon fan. I have been for years and I think he'll get things straightened up at Miami. But how telling Marve he can't transfer to the likes of Tennessee or LSU is something good for the university is beyond me.

It's petty. It's small-minded. It doesn't matter if Shannon and Miami think Marve wronged them by talking with schools while he was starting for Miami. The larger point is what possibly can be gained by this but bad publicity?

"I always say, 'Just let him go anywhere he wants,' '' Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said about his rule for players transferring. "I don't really care where he goes."

Florida's Urban Meyer said he makes exceptions in the case of family reasons. But his general rule is, "They're not allowed to go to someone we play against,'' he said. "That"s about it."

Initially, Miami said Marve couldn't go to any in-state, ACC or SEC school. Talk about heavy-handed. Now it's in-state, ACC and a handful of SEC schools.

Miami plays South Florida, which is in Marve's hometown of Tampa. So if Shannon wants to exclude that and Central Florida and Florida State for the same reasons, fine. And the ACC, of course. But beyond that, who cares?

What if he does go to Florida? Or Tennessee? What's that matter to Miami? You see coaches jump ship all the time. No matter if it feels wronged by Marve, for some reason, it should allow him to go to more schools than it currently does.

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Hey Canes Fans Dont forget BB Brock Berlin. He transferred to Miami from UF, waited a year and started for the Canes. Great win for UF,Teabow best player at any position in NCAA>

Go Canes

Posted by: ColoradoCane | January 09, 2009 at 07:15 AM

The big difference between Marve and Berlin is that Berlin was "waived" because he had no perceived value from the gators. Secondly, Miami was not recruitng Berlin at the time, we basicaly picked him up off of "waiver", and the rest is history.

Miami has been VERY fair with all of their transfers over the years. Last year Deonte Thompson was considering transfering to Miami from UF, but was told that he would not be allowed to transfer, and subsequently stayed with the gators. Meyer knew that it would be detrimental to UF recruiting if DT was allowed to transfer to Miami.

Miami had recruited DT heavily before he signed with the gators, and DT really wanted to be a 'cane, but the UM prgram was in turmoil at the time with Coker being fired.

I have said this a 1000 times, Miami has been more than fair with Marve. Allowing him to go to USF proves this. Whether Marve believes this or not, USF is the best fit for him! He can sit out a year while Grothe wraps up his tenure, and he will also be close to home so he can take care of his "sick" father, and "cash-strapped" mother!

Go 'canes!

I've defended Marve all season, but I just can't anymore.

UM just opened the door to USF and UCF, it's called a compromise kid...you should really familiarize yourself with this term.

P.S. I used the terms "waived" and "waivers" figuratively in regards to Berlin in my previous post. The gators did not want him, and we were not looking to recruit him.

Agreed on Sims, not gonna be easy. But it isn't as though good players don't go further than their backyards. The Canes have pulled some out of other places and had a few (more than a few during the Coker era) go elsewhere. I just think this guy is a good fit, as you mentioned with the Pro-Set, for the Canes giving our lack of TE depth. We got to get someone this year who is not just a OL project!

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