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Marve shows true colors after ruling

Eugene Marve went on a local radio station last week and apologized for what he said after his son was told by UM coach Randy Shannon he wouldn't be allowed to transfer to Florida, Tennesee or LSU as well as any state schools or any schools in the ACC.

He made a passionate plea that all his family wanted was for their son to be close to home. He talked about Robert_marve2having cancer, how his ex-wife was struggling financially and how Robert chose Miami to begin with because it was close to home. Thursday, UM heard Robert Marve's appeal and a three-person committee voted to keep the restrictions on the three SEC schools and the ACC, but leaving open the possibility to play at USF and UCF. Apparently, the Marve family still isn't happy with that. Why? Isn't playing close to home what Robert Marve and his family really want? Isn't that possible now at UCF and USF -- two schools who will be playing Miami over the next few years?

The truth is that really isn't what matters to the Marves. What matters is probably what Randy Shannon has been getting chastised for -- having a chance to go to those schools Marve's representatives were rumored to have made contact with before he formally decided to leave UM. In the end, we'll never know for sure if any of that happened. Nobody is ever going to admit contact was made or clarify if it wasn't. But we will have tonight's reaction from the Marve camp and that speaks volumes.

By the way, if Shannon's stance on transfers and the way he treats his players is so horrible, why don't we hear Jermaine McKenzie, Daniel Adderley and the many other players who have transferred out of this program crying?


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anyone know how many additional scholarships we have, based on the 19 commitments we are at now?

Sarasota...didn't know the Deonte Thompson info, thanks.

I don't know who said it, but there's an expression that's says if you can ball, the NFL scouts will find you. I think they were referring to Jerry Rice, but I think we all get the gist.

"Did you read Wojo's column on ESPN? That's the perception 99% of the country takes from this. It doesn't matter who's right in some theoretical sense. To most casual observers, it seems like Miami's being petty and vindictive. There's an old expression about self-defeating stubbornness, "He'd rather be right than be president." It seems like UM is so intent on sticking it to Marve, which they are technically within their rights to do, that they're willing to sacrifice their future recruiting to do so. And BTW it's already cost them with Orson Charles, and with Sanders switching to UCLA it would be nice if they hadn't alienated Charles's coach."

Spare us your non-exact statistics. If it seems like UM is sticking it to Marve it's probably because Robert Marve, Eugene Marve, and Coach Whiner were intent on sticking to UM and still are. That's why they're all over the media making derogatory statements about this situation while coach Shannon has taken the high rode. Do understand there is also a significant portion of us who look at this and see the Robert Marve is a "chosen one" athlete who isn't expected to be accountable for his actions, expects to be given a starting job based on likeability, and is a knucklehead who won't even go to class?! On top of all this when he, his dad, and coach realized mid season that Jacory would not be going anywhere and would be breathing down his throat for 4 years that started shopping him around to see who would be interested at the end of the season. Robert Marve brought this all on himself and instead of having his dad cry and whine in the media they should shut there mouth and move forward like Randy has. Despite all this I have never been happier about the future of the U. You have to realize that all this negative media attention is just enough to put the chip back on the shoulders of these players, you know the ones that fell off during the Coker years. It's the U against the world in 2009 and we're not taking any prisoners. Thanks Marves, coach whiner, you just provided the motivation that we'll fuel the reemergence of this dynasty.

Go Canes!

ESPN's second-highest bowl rating came from the Dec. 27 Emerald Bowl -- where California played fabled Miami.

ne one subscribed to canesport know who the top OC's that have emegerd?

nevermind, i will just talk to myself. from an earlier post of manny's the number is 27. so 9 more to go. what 9 (assuming sanders leaves, that makes 10) make up the perfect culmination of this class?

> As for recruiting, Shannon pointed the obvious: adding depth at the offensive line and in the defensive backfield. He said UM will have 27 scholarships to use in its next class.


"anyone know how many additional scholarships we have, based on the 19 commitments we are at now?"

I don't know an exact number but I know based on a previous article that we have at least 27 all together. I will try and track down that article and give an exact number.

manny, you should read your own newspaper and ask barry jackson(1-4-09) about shannon not letting j.mckenzie transfer to florida. is that marve's fault? or is shannon really a vindictive head coach?

here is my take:

wheeler, + 3 of these 4 (bunche, white, hall, campbell) = 4OL

sims = 1TE

mccarron = 1QB

randle or debose = 1WR

demontre hurst, tavin mccaskill = 2DB

That makes 9, and I do assume that Sanders leaves. Add 1 LB (preferably ILB), and you basically have the best possible ending to the recruiting period. I am talking best case scenario, if you ask me.


Yeah, we play USF next year and for the following 4 after that. We have a 5 game series with them. They played at the OB a couple of years back in a home game for us only. I guessed we returned the favor by playing them 3 times in Tampa and twice at Dolphin/Cane Stadium. The way that it is set up is that it will be the last game of the season all 5 yrs. It will be played on Thanksgiving or on the Friday or Saturday after.

27-19=8. i wish i could add. so 8/9 instead. i guess i don't worry about the LB in that case...back to work!

Saw this and got a big kick out of it. This is probably why we have so many gayturds on this blog. This is an article written by Christine Brennan from USA Today. This is taken from the end of the story:

"Speed in this sport is the difference-maker, and every program and every coach is looking for it," said Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley. "It certainly started back there with the great teams of Miami."

It's not often that a Gator will compliment a Hurricane. After the flattery, though, came something much more important at Florida.


So deep down inside the gaytors just want to be Canes so that is why they are here!

Here's the link to the article if anyone is interested:


By the way, all of those columnisht hating on CRS and UM should take note of this (like many of you guys have already mentioned). The spoiled brat gets to stay home with his sick daddy and "financially struggling mom" (who isn't in this economy- except USC and LSU recruit- LOL). He will also get to avenge his dislike or CRS and UM by playing them on the last game of UM's season (before the ACC title game). What better revenge than that for the brat and his family. The ball is now in his court.


Statistically (factually) speaking, the most asinine fan in all of college football is none other than myself.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to dispute that.

Yes we won multiple ships back as an indepenedent when our coach at the time has since been quoted as saying "our schedule was so easy, we only had to prepare for one game a season". And yes it's ancient history, but notice how I never mention Bama when I speak of a time that the modern era has forgot. Much like the 1980's.

Yes, we haven't been closer than fifth in line to attend our own conference title game since joining the mediocre ACC.

Yes we are 12-13 and have had only one winning season out of the past three years.

Yes the SEC is now 3 for 3 and Mighty Gators 2 of 3 under their genius head coach Urban Meyer.

But surely you believe me when I say the ACC is the toughest conference in the nation and Randy "Scapegoats Are Just As Valid As Excuses" Shannon will bring us back to prominence..........

- Don't U?

Dare I say, in my heart of hearts until we fire Randy I will root for the Gators. Please join my petition in getting Tebow to stay for one my year. He is a lock for another Heisman and another BCS Title.

It sure is great to be a Florida Gator!

The UM-Cal game was second highest rating- what was first? That coupled with the fact that the 2 HIGHEST RATED Televised college games of all time have involved the canes proves that while the media hates the canes, the people love the canes. They love to watch the swag. You see, even at 7-6, or 5-7 like last year there is a certain mystique that the canes bring. No program has that. be it nastiness, be it speed, be it drama, be it thuggery, be it ghetto, be it the 305-ness. No, the gyturds don'thave it. They didnt have it in 96 even though they had that super high powered run-and gun, and they havent had it in their last two. Th canes are the ---t. That's why we, here in the 305 will defend our canes even if we dont go to games. That's our thing. That is our thing, its a cane thing---- Nobody understands it.

How loud was the stadium last nite???

Well hopefully tomorrow we pick up Jared Wheeler for our OL. If we can get him and 3-4 more guys on top of what we already have we will have done really well this year on that side. Next year is supposed to be a good year as far as OL prospects in South Florida. Speaking of OL for this year though, if you go to the rivals site and type in Daniel Campbell you will see his picture pop up with his info. and his choice of schools (USC and UM). If you click on the story link the picture on the link looks like a totally different guy (if you don't have a subscription, you can still see the picture). The 1st picture looks like a 18-20 yr. old, the picture on the link looks like a 35-40 yr. old. Weird.

They said that the stadium was a 75-25 split for the Turds last night. If anyone went to our home game in 2003 with them (yeah, I know it is our home game but with all the Turd fans down here, I know a lot of them were in attendance). What was the split of that game? I'm guessing 75-25 for UM. Lastly, when we played Nebraska in 1991 for the National championship what was the split for that game? I know Nebraska travels well (in the Rose Bowl game in 2001 it was like 85-15 for the Huskers).

How can you accept an appeal where an accusation was made but no evidence was presented? How can that be fair to Marve?
The Marves considered Miami within a reasonable distance, but now you're ok with limiting them for no good reason to UCF and USF? It is incredible to me that you claim to be a reporter when you don't look at the other side of the story at all.
Run for the hills UM recruits!

Please all Gator Fans leave our Blog. Don’t you guys have a celebration to prepare for?? That been said, I have to say that last night made me sick to my stomach. The Gators are a young team and most of their contributors aren’t even eligible for the draft yet. That’s why I can’t give Shannon any slack. Urban Meyer has been at Florida for a very Short time. (2 Championships in 3 years) And please people stop claiming Coker left the Cupboard bare; Shannon was here, why he didn’t help with recruiting. Charlie Strong is a huge Recruiter for the Gators. Shannon was part of the Problem with Coker and he is the Problem now. We are very bad at player development and Shannon is a joke when it comes to Personnel management. Can we all agree that if we get blown out again in September by Oklahoma then it’s time for Shannon to go??? As much as I hated Coker, he never lost big the way Shannon seems to lose. Shannon dictator style is going to wear thin and he will lose this team. The only way we succeed is if Shannon changes his ways and replaces those high school coaches on the team. If not, get ready for a sub .500 year next year.

Jaime, honestly, the reason people like watching the Canes is the same reason people like stopping when they see a wreck or the reason people kept watching Mike Tyson even when he sucked. We are a freak show right now, much like Tyson. Did you watch the last 2 mins of the Emerald Bowl??? Was that great football or was that great freak show TV. What do you think people were thinking watching those last 2 mins. I tell you what I thought; the worst execution of a 2-min offense I have seen in my life. People might have hated Miami out of jealousy in the past but today if it seems that they hate Miami it’s because we are becoming annoying. 3 games into the season we were carrying signs saying “THE SWAG IS BACK”. What Swag. Not with this retarded staff, its not back.

Very well put, Manny--the Marve's behavior does amount to little more than crying.

Obviously, the Marves didn't care about having Robert nearby--why else would they want him in Tennessee, which is nearly 700 miles away, or at LSU, which is slightly farther?

Obviously, the U has some proof of the fact that Marve was being shopped around. The U isn't stupid and they wouldn't open themselves up to a lawsuit for slander if they didn't have something up their sleeves.

Everyone who thinks Marve has received such bad treatment should be grateful UM doesn't release what proof they have to the media at large--then Marve would REALLY be unable to transfer to any FBS school worth its salt.

Everyone loves to watch UM. EVERYONE!! Especially the haters. In the top 10 highest rated games on ESPN/ABC, I believe that UM participated in 3 to 4 of those games. That is why they have so many specials about the U. NFL films has one about the UM pipeline to the NFL and ESPn is coming out with one this year about the Cane's teams of the '80's. No matter how much they try to push USC as the "greatest thing since sliced bread", everyone loves to watch the U. Look, after not making it to a bowl game in '07, ESPN had us in prime time for 2 late season Thurday night games. When we get things together later this year and especially in 2010, the media will be all over us!! GOOD, BAD OR MEDIOCORE, WE ARE ALWAYS RELEVANT!! For the '09 and '10 seasons it's gonna be like what the Joker said in Batman "wait till they get a load of me"

Do we have a QB coach? Or the new OC will coach the QBS. We need a good QB coach.

U.M. or the ex-U is getting worse and worse. This Marve guy will leave and another bad recruit will step in. A coach with no clue about coaching, butter fingers receivers, linemen that are so fat they can't move sideways on the o-line. Defensive linemen that can't rush. Linebackers that can't read. DB's that are fast but have absolutely no tackling skills what so ever. And now a run first pass second quarterback at the helm. Nice. keep it up canes. You guys need some serious soul searching. Go back to the days where pure pride and guts kept the players from losing. They loved the U so much that they left it all out on the field every game. I miss those days. I would've stayed a U fan. Thank GOD i've moved on to better things(watch out for the Tar Heels and Butch Davis next year).

Right, and Coker didn't inherit Butch's boy's. Meyer will be exposed over the next few years. This was the last of Zook's boy's.

And Meyer has never, I repeat never coached a game without Mullen.

Oh, he lost Strong as well.

But most importantly, all one has to do is look to what happens to the Gay-tors win Miami out recruits them. THEY LOSE!

I no longer care about Robert Marve... U r a coward and a p.u.s.s.y... I am looking forward to the day that big A. Bailey and Fortson lay yo arse out... U let down Cane nation cause you are scared of competition. U made the wrong choice and it will haunt you for life.

bigdaddyfigs. Your a genius. That's right we should Pass first and Run second.

What an idiot. Thank GOD anyone you want is not here, as a coach or player.

It is and has been since 1978, a Pro Style Play Action offense.

Play Action is set up by ... running the ball.
Mostly running first, then hit them with a Play
Action. Pass on first down, yes. Sometime in the game, yes on Play Action or to stretch out the defense.

But, you've got to run first to make it work.

There is no better way to "run" an offense in College or Pro, period.

That's what they've done for 30 yrs. Most yrs better than others.

Don't show your ignorance. It's embarrassing. But as a Gay-tor fan you can't help it, I guess.

Hey Gay-tors, Watch The U is going to run Urbee to Notre Dame after next yr.


First of all, I would like to send my congratz to the Gayturd Nation. Enjoy it. You earned it. (So did UTAH but they weren't recognized)

Hey Steamer, I would also like to thank you for being a silly biotch. You spew some hate but I have to admit some of that stuff makes me LMAO.

Ok Fellas & Ladies,

I know it's very early, but I couldn't help myself. My apologies to Manny who has been doing a superb job of feeding us. Since this thought came to mind, I thought I would share it with you guys and get your take on it. Besides, I am sick and tired of reading about Robert Marve's saga. That's yesterday news.... Moving on to something bigger and better.


Who do you guys have as your OFFENSIVE STARTERS for the U?

Who do you guys have as your DEFENSIVE STARTERS for the U (of course)?

What do you predict our record will be in 09?

Just for fun, do you guys care to share the OFFENSIVE & DEFENSIVE Statistics for the main Players (i.e. Jacory Harris, Sean Spence, Javarris James etc...)

with the head coach for bc getting fired do U guys think there is any chance we can get steve logan.

Thank you so much for saying this. USF is in Marve's hometown. There have been all these articles about what an evil person Shannon is. Well Marve got what he supposedly wanted. To be able to play near home and he is still upset and crying. It's really hard to feel sympathy for someone who is getting their college PAID for by a major university. This kid could go to Georgia, Auburn, USF, UCF, South Carolina...all great schools. And for free no less. Just for playing a game. Cry me a river.

Yes we won multiple ships back as an indepenedent when our coach at the time has since been quoted as saying "our schedule was so easy, we only had to prepare for one game a season".

Posted by: canesrule 9 'ships | January 09, 2009 at 04:30 PM

You know damn well that no coach from Miami has ever said anything remotely close to that! C'mon Kehoe, I know that it's recruiting season, but to lie like that...oh the SHAME of it all!!

Yup, They lie and are pissed that it was discovered. Coach WIENER can go to hell!!! Funny that they made it so transparent! Too bad there are no real journalists able to investigate and write the truth.

I have placed a curse on UM football! They will never win a national championship at Dolphin Stadium unless u follow my instructions. First of all, let me explain why i placed the curse. I grew up as a lil boy watching games at the OB...When i heard the OB would be dropped, it hurt. However, what made me curse UM football, is seeing the canes lose there last few games and not giving the OB the proper pride and honor it deserved...Since FIU won the last game at the OB instead of UM, it pissed me off...So hear me now UM fans...Unless UM plays FIU at FIU Stadium, the curse will continue for the contractual years remaining at Dolphin Stadium (20 plus years of misery). There will be no National Championship here until Mr. Shannon and Shalala listen to me...The OB was my special place and u destroyed it and worst yet did not give it the proper pride and honor it deserved....Hahahaahah THE CURSE WILL CONTINUE!!!!!

WHO THE FUKC CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole Marve thing is out of hand. If the kid does not want to be here at Miami, let him go anywhere. Who cares. Just go. The root of the problem rests with the NCAA because leaving this issue to a coach and his school clearly results in an arbitrary and capricious situation. Whatever the rule is it should be the same for every school and every player in the same division. The University of Miami got put in a tough situation. Whether you agree or disagree with how it played out, the rule should be the same for Robert Marve, Kirby Freeman, Brock Berlin, and any other player in Division One who chooses to attend another school. I wonder how many other programs used similar restrictions as in the Marve situation but just never made the national press. So far the first two season under Randy Shannon have not been what I expected and had hope for. Good news is that RS has been a hard worker and overachiever his whole life. Its time to turn the page, learn from this experience, and move forward to the next season.

I no longer care about Robert Marve... U r a coward and a p.u.s.s.y... I am looking forward to the day that big A. Bailey and Fortson lay yo arse out... U let down Cane nation cause you are scared of competition. U made the wrong choice and it will haunt you for life.


click if you ain't seen it yet.. THE CANES, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE

Well as long as we're posting up YouTube links, check out this CLASSIC Canes clip -

Hitler the Canes Fan!


Have a great weekend my Canes brethren!

ALL ABOUT THE [|_|] !!!


The reason why Marve is still crying is because, it's not about being closer to home, it was about him having his way, about going to any school he wants to go to. Again, he didn't want to follow the rules, and him and Charles were going to the same school as a package deal. It didn't matter if Marve had to sit for a year. It all came down to spoiling a brat, he chose to leave the U. I stand behind RS and the U for standing behind their decision. RS is trying to get the program back to being an respectable team and program. You can't allow young mens to come and run the program down. Be careful marve , the grass is not green on the other side.

Why do Gator fans get on here? Here is an idea. You just won the National Title. How about go celebrate and be happy for your team? Why would you waste your time on a Hurricanes blog?

we don't have a qb coach, wish we did. i hope dorsey retires and immediately becomes the qb coach.

also, Cane4Life, those pictures are not both of Campbell. one of those is of Massie.

407: U do realize the head coach chooses who he wants to attend his program not DC Randy do u honestly think we could have did anything last year at best we were like a 7-6 type of team with veterans you are rite UF has young talent on their D but they gain the expierence ad leadership on offense a tad bit on d with a tebow harvin lewis murphy brandon spikes give me a person on that 2007 team that could have won a heisman it was writing on the wall that randy didn't have talent it was well documented too i mean if U are a true cane fan you would give this man some time and see what he can do the man can't turn water into wine (like mike teel from rutgers how he struggled then bounced back carson palmer struggled and bounced back notice i'am naming individual players not a team and we had a team that mostly consisit of water) we were in everygame except one i can't predict the future but we are stepping in the rite direction and for that be optimistic of our future don't give up on us because we are down we will bounce back if i like shannon but i am a hurricane fan that is what some of yall have forgotstop judging the U on situation a coach or a player this is a family and fam stick together through thick and thin but fake fans tend to forget that because we haven't been in a BCS in a while just chill if you are that disgusted be easy and be a UF fan why cry over spilled milk

Well put "pay attention to the U"

manny... youre comment in the previous blog about recruiting being the "most vital element of all", being more important than coaching, shows how little you know about football. miami has had plenty of talent, contrary to what many of you post on here. the problem at miami is talent development, and that problem will continue as long as randy is here.

utah and boise would crush us manny. do you think they have the talent that we do? what about NC state? they beat us...do they have the talent we do? not even close. however, they do have great coaches, which is why their programs are much better than ours currently. keep drinkin the kool-aid manny.

Robert Marve has horrible mechanics. He closes his eyes and just chucks the ball as far as he can. Marve couldnt beat out Kle or kirby on their worst day

"the problem at Miami is talent development, and that problem will continue as long as randy is here"

Yeah I guess RS should have done a better job developing talent like Brandon Merriweather, Jonathan Beason or even Kenneth Phillips. Yeah none of those guys I just mentioned are playing in the NFL today.

Good point AtlCane. People always say Randy recruited these players too, but they forget that many of them left early and during Coker's last year we did have 3 first rounders and 2/3 were on the defensive end. And last year Phillips was our first rounder and was followed by Campbell(2nd round) and Gooden(3rd round). I think he did a good job developing NFL talent.

Some of you must have just started watching football how can anyone expect a coach to develop this squad in two years. Please no comparisons to Urban because before he came, UF had a good offense. Leak were throwing td's out the ying yang as a true freshman and sophmore. And Ciatrick Fason and Dyshawn Wynn were good ball players too. I'm not saying they were as good as Tebow and Harvin(maybe Fason), but they were good ball players who were veteran leaders who made it easier for the coach.

Urban is a great coach and congratulations on the BCS title(I'm a Cane always, but if any team from Florida is competing, you just go for the home state except when its against the Canes) but to say if he was our coach we would have won a lot more games is ridiculous. We had so many freshmen and many of you tend to forget that it is a strength difference between 18 year olds and 20 year olds. I think RS did a good job and as the season progressed so did many of our players.

I thoght we would have won 8 or 9 games( we almost did) but when you depend on your freshmen to be the playmakers they tend to make mistakes upperclassmen would have not.

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