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Maryland thoughts

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- A University of Miami representative tried to get me to shut the door to the media room so the profanities flying around the adjacent Hurricanes locker room couldn't be heard by reporters following Saturday night's loss to Maryland.

The thing is you don't have to have good hearing to figure out this basketball team is frustrated. And you don't have to have 20/20 vision to see this team and this season is in trouble. All you have to do is look at the standings and the schedule and you see Frank Haith's team has once again backed itself into a corner at the midway point of ACC play.

Frank doesn't like to talk much to the media after losses. He said even less than usual Saturday. He was hoping his veteran team, the one picked to finish fourth in the preseason, would respond to their back-to-back overtime losses like a a team picked to finish fourth in the conference is supposed to. 

But it was the same old troublesome song and dance with a new twist, the disappearance of Miami's post players. Dwayne Collins? Somebody might find him at the lost and found. He had five points and seven rebounds, and two field goals on five attempts in 21 minutes. The new Adrian Thomas who hits big threes? He had more fouls (5) than points (3) Saturday. 

The problem for UM is two-fold. While they are better at the ACC half-way point this year (3-5) than they were last year (2-6), this conference is tougher than last year's. And, the schedule down the home stretch is also tougher than last year's. 

Miami's next three are at home against Wake Forest, on the road at Duke and home for North Carolina. Go ahead and pick the former No. 1-ranked team you think this Canes team can beat. It's not easy is it? Neither are the final five games after that -- at Florida State, home for Boston College, at Virginia, at Georgia Tech and home against N.C. State. 

Yes, Miami has a deeper, more experienced and a more talented basketball team than it did last year. Yes, the Canes have a better record at the halfway point. But they certainly don't have an easier path. And after tonight, I'm not sure they're going to make it back to the tournament. 


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Hopefully they can use this to unite for a strong finish. And make a run at the ACC title game and a strong March run.


I know most people down here don't care about the b-ball team, but they're missing out on the privilege it is to play basketball in the ACC. Yeah, this is a waste of a good team so far, but despite what Manny says, there's still a small sliver of hope, if only because the league is so tough -- three different ACC teams have been ranked number one, and two of them have lost to other, unranked ACC teams. Maybe they can pull off an upset, and start rolling -- probably not, but in this league, this season, anything can happen.

jeopardy music

TypePad on crack again?


Collins disappearing and the in ability to defend or consistently score is on Haith. Great ambassador to the program, but a mediocre, at best, coach. Same problems exist as the did in year 1 at Miami. He is not improving as a Head Coach and that is the most problematic issue of all.

Do we have an DC?

Massie skips out on UGA visit

keys to what is wrong with oUr CANES:
1. Point gUard play or lack there of (Lance Hurdle jUst can't get it done)
2. ReboUnding - something that happens when a player misses a shot - we are absolUtly awfUl at this.
3. Perimeter Defense, again or lack there of - we give Up way too many easy Uncontested open & I mean wide open shots.
4. Shoot way to many 3's from oUtside before going inside oUt - we have some of the best bigs in the conference so let's Use them.
5. Speaking of oUr bigs - where in the world have they gone - someone check on the back of the milk cartons for them.

We have to get this thing tUrned aroUnd NOW or we will be watching teams that we are better than playing come March.

I'm not giving Up ever - jUst frUstrated bUt as always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at tonight's game and it was down right frustrating. I don't know so much that the post players disappeared, the perimeter players just stopped looking for them. There may have been 5-6 mid range shots that were taken in this game, 30 three point attempts is just ridiculous.

I hate to question this team, but is it possible that last year they were just over achievers? From what I've seen so far this year it seems that most of the players that were looked to as second options to McClinton have regressed.

I'm still pulling for this team to make the turn around and start heading in the right direction, but the meat of the schedule is upon them and they need to show up for EVERY game from here out.

Go Canes!!!

Haith, and the team in general should worry more about playing good basketball and less about winning games, the score, the standings etc. They need good trips down the floor! They are so disfuctional right now. They are a deep team, and athletic. There is no reason they shouldn't be rotating 5 in, 5 out, and getting up and down the floor. But there is a reason, they have no ball handlers. Look at what Clemente has done for KState. McClinton and Hurdle are a nightmare handling the ball. Last year it did not hurt that much because Hurdle played well, and I have to say Ray Hicks and Anthony King outplayed Cyrus McGowan and Julian Gamble. Last, there is no ball movement. That has been a Miami problem for years. One pass and settle for a bad shot. That has to fall on Haith. Long story short, everyone, including Haith, has struggled with the higher expectations, the pressure to win has overshadowed the pressure to play well. P.S. give DeQuan Jones more playing time. It can't hurt now.

yeah we still have a ways to go. at least the three losses were really, really close though.

This team is dysfunctional offensively. Haith's offense only is in flow when McClinton lights it up. The team doesn't have a clue how to break a press or run a half court offense. Haith is to blame for this ugly team.

It only took a few games for people to see that this team isn't as good as last years' squad.

Eddie Rios? Gone
Dequan Jones? Non-factor
Jack MaClinton? Double teamed, forcing shots and not shooting well.
Answers? Not enough

This is a big team without a post game. Huh? Yes a big team without a post game.

Denis Clemente had 44 pts last night. Why cant the canes get players like this?

I thought the football team was frustrating to watch, but this team takes it to a whole other level. The talent on this team that is not producing is unbelievable. The support players are lost without McClinton.

The problem is coaching. Haith has lost this team. period. They are no longer responding to him or playing for him. period. These players have absolutely stopped playing. It is inexcusable to see what has happened when they should have easily had 2-3 wins in the last 5 losses. Haith has lost his team. Period.

Billy Sanders is now listed as having made a visit this weekend, according to CanesTime. Interesting.

Alabama believes Massie is a lock to them. That's why he cancelled the GA visit.

Miami has lost 5 of the last 6 games without Rios.The season is over for Haith and Rios!!

So can everyone now see what Rios meant to this team / Program? The boy was a winner. Has won at every program hes been with. With little playing time he kept this team together. He was the heart of this team. His freshmen year he got this team out of trouble against Virgina Tech, Virgina and and Clemson. All the players loved Rios and they are missing him. Haith destroyed Rios by suspending him for rediculous reasons and that must have caused him to make a stupid mistake. Rios was a better point guard and ball handler than McClinton and Hurdle but he kept forcing these guys to run the team and that has caused the team the season. Sorry to say this but this program will never be the same. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

cubalibre and UMFAN, you guys must be Eddie Rios family.

Rios did nothing for the UM basketball team. If he was that good then he would have started a long time ago. He is a troublemaker and a distraction to the team. If Rios was still on the team he would not have made much difference. The reason for UM losing those games is not Rios. I loved the guy coming out of high school, but he has not lived up to expectations

Ha ha ha ha!

Am I reading right that some is pointing to the RIOS suspension as the reason for the losses? I do not think that it is RIOS more than the fact that he plays PG. We are just not getting good play from that position. with or without RIOS. It all starts st the PG. HURDLE has not developed or increased his role from where most thought he would this year. If PG play was up to par, then turnovers would be minimal, getting the ball to the post would increase equating to better post play & JMAC would have better opportunities. WE NEED BETTER PG PLAY!

The BB problems ought to be obvious:
PG - none
Post - weak
McC - good (but not great)
DJ - non-factor
Coach - ???

Bottom line:
ACC - bottom half
Big Dance - no way!

The bottom line is we are menaced by poor ball handling. Mclinton as good as he is at shooting threes is an awful distributor and takes some wild shots when he drives. He had some very careless turnovers during crucial times in the 2nd half in the last two games. I am not sure if Rios is the only point guard we have, but it is apparent that he was the best at getting the ball to other players in areas where they can score. Mclinton should stick to coming behind picks, and shooting off the dribble behind the arc. Jimmy Grahams injury has undoubtedly left him playing very soft this year. He does not have the enforcers attitude and play he had last season. This team is in big trouble and will have to rely on great perimeter shooting to have even a chance to beat Wake, or NC. Duke is our best bet to win because they play a lot like we do, but have more consistent outside shooting. Go Canes!

I do not have a subscription to insidetheu.com, however, they have articles on Richardson, Reid & Robinson. They way they headline them, it appears RS has shored up the commitments to Reid & Robinson. Richardson has now opened it up between the U & Mizzou as even instead of just a soft toward Mizzou. Is anyone hearing anything else on the other visitors?

WE had Clemente, prob is he couldnt put down the weed long enough to stay on the team.

Keep the faith


i have canessport.... reid is solid canes... richardson said wednesday everyone will find out... seems 50/50... tiller is 25%.... and robinson i feel is 75% for the canes


Visiting Gainesville this weekend is a player many consider to be the next Jeffery Demps or Chris Rainey. His name is Corvin Lamb and he is a 5-10, 180-pound running back for Miami Northwestern. Lamb is somewhat of an enigma in the world of recruiting. He is already considered one of the nation's best running back recruits in 2010 but he wasn't a starter for the Bulls last season. This might be the reason Florida hasn't offered Lamb just yet. While Florida is shrewdly waiting to see what Lamb can do on the field of play before offering him a $40,000 scholarship, the Gators do know a little bit about him. Lamb ran the fastest time (4.3 seconds) at the Gators' Friday Night Lights recruiting showcase before the 2008 season.

Lamb seems to be favoring Florida. Lamb Sr. even told me that Corvin wants to bring a few of his teammates to Gainesville.


Clemente drops 44 pts yesterday for KSU! Sheldon Richardson to play both ways @ UM!

Columbia, Missouri -- 2/1/2009 Sheldon Richardson, a 6-foot-4 defensive line
prospect who’s listed anywhere between 270 and 295 pounds, seems bent on playing tight end whether it’s for Missouri or Miami, where he spent the weekend on a last-minute official visit. Richardson was one of MU’s first commitments but has since entertained offers from the Hurricanes.

"They said they have like three senior tight ends and that I would play early," Richardson recently told Scout.com. "They said they wouldn’t want to just throw me to the wolves my sophomore season and try and rotate me in as a freshman. "I’ve also heard rumors that I could play both ways in college, and that would be awesome," he added in the interview. "I’d love to do that."

Richardson led Gateway Tech with 27 receptions for 541 yards and three touchdowns last season.

"I know he’d love to catch the ball," Gateway Tech assistant coach Jason Dulick said. "He’d like to do it all." Dave Matter


Thanks Michael. We need Richardson as well as a couple more OL.

A bit quiet Manny... I am sure you are working on some info for us!

Manny - Please give us an update on Canes recruiting! We need to know YOUR opinion! GO CANES! Thanks! --CanesFanStuckInNYC

Hey Kehoe,

President Obama just called out your title, AGAIN!! He's not saying you would not have won the title, he just said it would have been nice if you had EARNED it on the field!! My point exactly!


Go 'canes!

Lamb seems to be favoring Florida. Lamb Sr. even told me that Corvin wants to bring a few of his teammates to Gainesville.


Posted by: We's building depths | February 01, 2009 at 04:05 PM

He will be a great pickup for UF. He can play right away. He would not sniff the field at UM with our incoming RB recruits! His size will serve him well in a "shifty", "gimmicky" style of offense. He has a great So. Florida pedigree that will serve him well in G-ville. Enjoy! We'll make more!

Go 'canes!

Who ever said the the problem with the basketball team is coaching is just stupid and prejudice.

Like I said, The Northwestern crew is looking north. Screw your incoming recruits you tool. You say that EVERY year and U S U C K EVERY year tool.

Something is brewing in Gainesville the City Beautiful. Championships will flow in while U get bent over by Wayne Huzienga.


"He would not sniff the field at UM with our incoming RB recruits."
Good job of pointing out that U are counting on RECRUITS COMING IN to save U." Laughable fool. Top tier programs have DEPTH. Something U know nothing about in CG. Seriously.

When will your 09 collapse happen?

Beanpole Harrris collapses in a pile of bones.

edge is going to get a ring. yessssssssssssssssssssss

edge is going to get a ring. yessssssssssssssssssssss

Posted by: jr reed | February 01, 2009 at 09:54 PM

That comment is so 9:54, lol.

The President of the United States laughs at your Crystal Ball!!

P.S. Don't forget to high five Michael Dell and Bill Gates the next time you see them Kehoe! They deserve a piece of your "tainted" trophy as well!

Go 'canes!

edge is going to get a ring. yessssssssssssssssssssss

Posted by: jr reed | February 01, 2009 at 09:54 PM

That comment is so 9:54, lol.

Posted by: LAcanefan | February 01, 2009 at 10:28 PM

Jr man i feel ur pain. We were so close yet so far. Lacane it aint that funny. Damn im hurt right now. Edge you are hall a famer regardless but i wanted u to get that ring.


The Colts gave him a ring the year they won it,to bad it wount count on his resume

The problem is coaching. Haith has lost this team. period. They are no longer responding to him or playing for him. period. These players have absolutely stopped playing. It is inexcusable to see what has happened when they should have easily had 2-3 wins in the last 5 losses. Haith has lost his team. Period.

Posted by: jaime | February 01, 2009 at 09:25 AM

Typical, clueless idiot. These players have stopped playing for him? He has lost his team? They lost 2 straight games in OT and just lost by 5 to Maryland. How has he lost the team? How have they stopped playing? Seriously, how stupid are you? Do you just regurgitate a bunch of cliches that you have heard over and over?

If Miami would have come out victorious in one of those games, you wouldn't be saying those stupidities. You have no idea what you are talking about and, of course, being a typical, clueless Miami fan, you call for everyone to be fired. What a f*cking jack@ss. Go call Joe Rose or Jim Mandich and spew out your stupidities on the air, with the rest of the @ssholes that know nothing about sports.

Wow, so excited about this Super Bowl.
Anyone else noticed the front bulge in the pants of that dreamy kicker for the Steelers?
I wouldn't mind spending a few minutes with that boy in a quiet secluded place on the beach.

anybody know a quiet secluded places WBD can go?

his mommy's vagin

I agree that jaime's comments were way off. There is no way that Haith has lost these kids. This kids definitely play very hard for Haith. However, I will say that you have to put blame on Haith. This team is talented. They are more talented than 3-5 in this conference. We have absolutely no ball movement on offense. The only way our offense is playing well is if Jack is hitting. That can't be the case. We need to move the ball around and establish our presence in the post. Also, Haith needs to teach this kids proper defensive rotations. I have never seen such bad rotations. But I am not going to call this team out yet. They are resilent. They need to beat Wake on Wed and Carolina at home. I'm telling you, if people come out and support this team they COULD win both these games. They have the talent to do it. So lets support this team and get back in this race.

Marcus Hall was quoted as saying he is down to Tennessee and OSU after his UT visit. I think he was going ot OSU all along, but wanted a couple of free trips...can't blame em though....seems like everyone enjoyed their trip down here.....now we just wait and see.....and Barrington is announcing tomorrow night at a club.....kinda differento do it at a club, but o well!

Manny we gonna get anything from you regarding Antrel Rolle's comments?

"They just need to get that attitude back, you know go steal a couple of cars, go break into a couple of houses, do whatever it takes to just to get that attitude back, go out there and do something bad, I mean it doesn't matter, we will forgive you, just bring that attitude back to "The U", we need it."

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