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Offensive coordinator wait continues

The excitement surrounding the next football hire at the University of Miami reached the basketball court earlier today when coach Frank Haith opened his press conference with with an update. "I've got breaking news," Haith joked. "I'm taking the offensive coordinator job."

All jokes aside, somebody is expected to get the job soon (at least that is what I was told by a UM source inside). The hot name I and everyone else is hearing now in the last 24 hours is the one our Barry Jackson reported first a few weeks ago -- Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach Mark Whipple. I'm not saying that's definitely the guy, but that is the name emitting from just about everywhere.

Just so you know, I got off the phone with UM Sports Information Director Kerwin Lonzo at 4:15 p.m. who told me "we've got nothing to report yet." Lonzo promised me as soon as he hears something he'll get back to me and the other trillion news services who cover the Canes. Just so you know, I called the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this morning and spoke to their media relations department twice. No news from them either. I was told "all of our coaches are not in today."

The question is, is Whipple in the UM office today? "I know this, coach [Shannon's flight] got in late [earlier today]," Lonzo said. "We obviously have a big recruiting weekend. As soon as we get a chance to talk to him, we'll let you know if there is any news."

So, stay tuned. In the meantime...


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Worrying about losing a Coordinator is not worth it, the whole thing is out of everyone's control. Erickson had three different DC's work under him (Sonny Lubick, Tuberville and one more after Tommy). Butch I think had three as well (Billy Miller, Schiano and one before Miller). UM has turned over Coordinators for the last 20 years (some good, some bad), they just need to find the right guy for today.

Sounds like this guy is using this offer to up his salary with the Eagles. Better keep looking because he has no intention of coming to Coral Gables.

agreed, you just have to get the best coach you can in that moment and go from there. maybe shannon/um can put a clause that he has to stick around for at least 2/3 years?


Reliable sources say that Mark Whipple, the Eagles' offensive assistant has sold his house and will leave the nest.

Therefore, he now will likely accept and be named offensive coordinator of the University of Miami, particularly since my sources that outed his house-selling came from Philly.


Explain "your source"...I live in the philly area and I can't find anything locally on this guy.

Metropolitan Regional Selling & Listing Services

Keep it simple, and contact anyone in the Eagles Organization as a Teen Magazine reporter whose family members are Eagles life-time season ticket holders. Say you need an Eagle coach for a clinic for your Pee-Wee Football team; Ask Coach Whipple's availability for a Spring Clinic.

Ibis, it seems more like it that Coach Whipple is negotiating more with the Hurricanes for a better pay strucure, than with the Eagles organization.

Considering how critical an OC right now is for UM, can you blame him for trying to get the best for his family?



I don't know about his source but here is the article...


Speedwrecks & Texascane,

Nice Work!!!

Manny,how did the visits go this weekend?


“YES", I’m still committed to Miami, said Brown. He’s probably had to say this hundreds of times in the past couple of weeks, but Brown stays consistent when asked this question. Back in February of 2008 Bryce and the UM staff communicated Browns plans before he committed. They understood that he would still take his five official visits and this was no surprise to anyone involved in this process. Miami does have the one thing that no one else has (older brother Arthur Brown Jr.). Brown said, “Its more like a family conversation when it comes to the Miami staff, I can tell that they want the best for me and they aren’t pressuring me to sign my national letter of intent on signing day. Miami supports the fact that I am taking my time and making an educated and informed decision.”

Bryce seems more concerned about who the Canes will hire as Offensive and Defensive Coordinator and just as importantly how will the offensive line 2009 class will turn out. “I’m really watching to see what schools lineman, Marcus Hall, Bobbie Massie, and Daniel Campbell will be attending on signing day. Some people say what type of impact I could have on where some other players will go, but I want them to know that they have an impact on my decision.” But still some ask is Bryce Brown still committed to Miami? The answer remains to be “YES” as of January 22, 2009.

Ive heard that Bryce isnt going to announce till March.

in case anybody does not know Shayon Green committed to us DA U


how do u kno he committed to us?


Bigtime game today at the BUC vs. VaTech.
If Canes win today they are back in top 25
Lets go CANES!

Check out CaneSport, Scout and InsideTheU my Canes brethren!!! All have positive stories about our visitors this weekend. Let's hope for the best. ALL ABOUT THE [|_|]!! GO CANES!!!

it seems like marcus hall says the U is at the top of the list after his visits. this would be a major steal if we can get him away from ohio state.

also hall gets a visit from tressel on wed, then shannon on thurs.. so hopefully hearing from shannon last will help

Bigtime game today at the BUC vs. VaTech.
If Canes win today they are back in top 25
Lets go CANES!

Posted by: deebee | January 25, 2009 at 03:24 PM

What time is the game?

“When coach Shannon speaks, you listen and you know he is going to get the Miami program going in the right direction,” Green said. “I have full confidence that Miami will be back to where they want to be soon.”-Green

Its funny how every player and recruit believes in shannon but the fans dont


Its funny how every player and recruit believes in shannon but the fans dont

Posted by: jkasse2 | January 25, 2009 at 03:39 PM

"the fans"? Some fans. There are quite a few of us who have full faith in Shannon. I don't think we're that far away, particularly if the Bryce 'em and Whip 'em show comes to town...

Check out scout they have him listed plus a little birdie told me

If we Bryce 'em and Whip 'em on offense while Spencing them on defense we should be good. Orange Bowl in 2009; NC in 2010. GO CANES!!!

welcome aboard Shayon Green! 19 commits and counting!

cash money baybay!!!!

where'd everyone go?

In town from Seattle this weekend because I ran the Marathon this morning. And a shout out to every one out there today who ran either the half or the beast. Congratulations.

Was hoping to catch the Hokie game tonight but its not going to happen because my mom is making me a Country Baked Ham. Shoot maybe next time Fellas. GO Canes!

Thanks for all you do to support our local team and let me say Miami weather in the winter is the greatest and the people out there today cheering, waving their signs and handing out water and energy pulled me through today. Nothing substitutes for natural adrenaline. Again thank you to this great city and I hope to run it again next year. 3:55 today and going to get me a 3:30 in 2010!

Jersey Cane makes a great historical point about the hiring of OCs and DCs at the U over the years. Many have used this job as a stepping stone to HC or the NFL, while others didn't work out so well. Whipple is at that age (50) where if he ever wants to be a HC, he needs to at least be an OC right now. If the Canes turn their offense around under him, he will be a hot candidate for a major college HC or NFL OC immediately.

Everything we have read suggests Whipple is coming, but they are holding off until they work out the details and are ready to announce at a press conference. RS waited on the OC hire (to the distress of S.Fla. fans) because he had to wait until the Eagles lost last Sunday before Whipple could be interviewed. From afar, it appears there was mutual interest on both sides all along. I wouldn't be surprised if RS has actually moved forward and has already started taking calls from agents and DC candidates, because the DC job at the U is a lot more attractive than most S. Fla. fans believe.

doing a dougnut in a muddy ohio roads!!!!!

Another commit today: Austin Boucher -- QB, 6'1, 190

No idea how the Austin Boucher one came up, it's just on scout: http://miami.scout.com/a.z?s=13&p=8&c=1&nid=3731678

Hm. He's from Ohio. Maybe scouts mixed up Miami (FL) and Miami (OH)??

yeah, i think broder is a mistake. but the news about greene is great. i hope we can get hall, a few more studs...really close hard on this class. c'mon down whipple!



Great post

I had no idea OC OFFEREE. That's amazing.

Mr. Whipple is squeezing Shannon's charmin... he is just using Miami's offer as leverage with the Eagles in order to get more money... he is not coming here and does not want to...read between the lines...let's get a person who wants to coach here...Shannon is once again not handling this very well at all. He needs to understand that you don't fire coaches and leave vacancies right in the middle of recruiting season and NSD... these kids want to know who is going to be coaching them and what type of system will be in place... this is a joke..

tommorrow can't get here fast enough.

shut up canes 1. quit whining. who needs cry baby mealy mouthed fans like you.

shannon is doing about as well as most would do under the circumstances. look at our record last year-- look at the recruits.

we'll be fine.

It's Whipple for UM OC! Per ESPN it's a done deal.


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