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Rios' likely departure hurts team

I know many of you have been waiting for me to start answering questions in our weekly Q&A and I apologize for not getting to them yet (I'm hoping to at around 4 p.m.), but this Eddie Rios news has been keeping me busy this afternoon.

If you don't know by now, Eddie Rios was suspended indefinitely by coach Frank Haith for the second Eddie_riostime this season Monday and now it looks very likely his days as a Hurricane are over. Haith went into details Tuesday, basically telling reporters he wanted his backup point guard to see team doctors. Instead, Haith said there was a lack of a communication on Rios' part with his coaches as he stayed home in bed battling a stomach virus. I caught Haith in the hallway after his press conference and he told me he was disappointed because he really wanted things to work out with the former Miami High guard, who started the first four games of the season for him with regular starter and senior Lance Hurdle out.

"We really like Eddie," Haith said. "But  he can't be doing what he did. We needed him at Boston College. We wanted him to see our doctors, get help, get healthy. I've got a team playing gritty, trying to win in a tough ACC. We can't afford to have those distractions that type of attitude at a time like this."

The problem is losing Rios is going to hurt Miami this season and moving forward. While Haith has a solid point guard in waiting in Villanova transfer Malcolm Grant (he's sitting out per NCAA transfer rules) for the future, Rios' presence at the very least provided depth for this team. Haith said Tuesday Rios' suspension will lead to more minutes for Lance Hurdle and Jack McClinton -- the team's leading scorer -- at the point. But the loss of Rios means Miami doesn't really have another go-to ballhandler after that.

The scenario already played out last Saturday and the Hurricanes were able to escape with a 77-71 win at Boston College. But earlier this year, when Rios was suspended for Ohio State and McClinton was ejected, the Hurricanes set a season-high for turnovers with just Hurdle available. Haith said Tuesday he could play freshman swingman De'Quan Jones more in a ballhandling type role and already has gone with James Dews and Brian Asbury more when McClinton and Hurdle have been out. But it's not a longterm solution. It looks more like a longterm problem.


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Wow! This is a blow!

Wow. I wonder how other teams will look to exploit that for their winning advantage.


He may be important short-term, but ultimately, if he is not a team player, if he is refusing to do what coaches want him to do, then the team is better off suspending him. You may lose a game or two, but, even this season, you will ultimately be better off. Haith knows what he is doing. I feel bad for Rios though. I don't know why he wouldn't go to the doctor, but it sure seems like a stupid thing to get yourself suspended over. I hope he turns things around.

Basketball is a game of only 5 players that are mainly on the field. A suspension of a key player, i.e, Jack, can have an adverse effect on winning. This suspension is a rarity with Coach Haith, but not Coach Shannon.

Thinking about Football, can one remember the last time when Shannon did not suspend a key player Football before a key game? :) ...and then one never knows why the balla is suspended except for "violations of team rules".

Well, this suspension business in Coach Shannon's Football is one reason I think that there shall be substantial BONUSES for games won in the not-yet-worked contract for Coach Shannon. While future parents may think that this will tough love for their sons, it all too often negatively impact the bottom line, particularly for Shannon, who by all accounts will be on a short leash come after the 2009 season.

Perhaps, RS may think twice when suspending an Al Johnson, a future Kayne Farq..., Richard Gordon, or other key ballers affecting the outcome of key games, JIMHO.

Thank you Eddie Rios. I hope you get run over by a bus, you selfish piece of sh*t.

I really dont see why his playing days should be over. Unless there's more to it I hope Haith sticks with him, and hope Rios stays

Typical Miami thug.

whats up with the OC, how bout a post

If Eddie wanted to act like a typical Miami moron he should have just gone to FIU in the first place. He would have been at home with the rest of the idiots.

Typical Miami thug.

Posted by: Amato | January 13, 2009 at 04:00 PM

Do you know the meaning of the word thug? Idiot.

what did he do?

He disappeared all of last week. Wouldn't answer Haith's calls. Didn't travel with the team to BC. Claims he was sick all week. He's a piece of sh*t and now the whole team suffers because we have no back-up PG now.

Sorry, but we don't take thugs off the streets like Miami does!

Eddie stay at UM and stay the hell away from FIU!

Give Rios a chance. I think there may be more to this story.
He was becoming a solid backup PG who could handle the ball for 15 minutes a game. This is a big loss for this year but we will be fine next year.

FIU FPL, if that's the type of comment you'll leave, stick to GPP. No need for that.q

anyone know what the story is with prince kent?

Frank Spaziani gets Head Coaching job at BC.

Where does that leave Steve Logan?

Steve Logan is the current offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Boston College.

In 1980, he became the tight ends coach at Oklahoma State under head coach Jimmy Johnson.

Logan served as the head coach of East Carolina from 1992-2002. He became the school's all-time winningest coach and led the Pirates to five bowl games.

Logan rejoined former assistnt Jeff Jagodzinski in 2007. He helped develop quarterback Matt Ryan, who would win the ACC Player of the Year, the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, the Manning Award and was named the AP NFL Rookie of the Year.

Interesting and with Jimmy Johnson involved, anything can happen.


Posted by: Canes2 | January 13, 2009 at 05:23 PM

Logan served as the head coach of East Carolina from 1992-2002. In 1996, ECU gave the Miami Hurricanes their worst defeat (31-6) in the Orange Bowl in 12 seasons.

Rios was a poor man's Carlos Arroyo anyway...He'll be washing my car on US1 next week. I hear Lucas Barnes still has eligibility?

speedwrecks-I would like to know how Shannon's suspensions cost us a game this year. We suspended Marve and won the game he missed. Then at the end of the year, we suspended Marve again and lost that game by not being able to tackle a player on defense. I think it is great that R. Shannon will suspend any player for a game. It makes them think twice about doing something idiotic. Personally, I do not want kids running around getting shot in the ass or someplace where it kills you. Rios-When your head coach is accountable for you, you need to make it easy for him to know what is going on. The guy is worrying about current players, recruiting, and the next team, to name just a few. You got to be smarter than that.

I really do not get the attitude of today's society. I am a manager for a nationwide company & I got the EXACT MO from ex employees. They no call, no show & think it's OK. Assuming that they are not affecting anyone when they do it & show up to work like nothing ever happened. Unbeleivable how some feel they are not accountable for thier actions!


That's called NO HOME TRAINING !!! Sad, but TRUE and accurate state of many one parent homes where the parenting never occurs. You don't learn these things over time. Kids replicate the example they think is acceptable behavior by those around them (Mom or Dad, if there is even a father at home.)

***He was probably hung-over ill and did not want the doctors to tell the coaches he had 3 gallons of beer and tequila in his blood.

Rios was very inconsistent last year, and then again this year. A complete recruiting bust. Good riddance. I'd rather see DeQuan Jones or Dews take on a John Salmons role (like when Mike Simmons was hurt or struggling) and develop, then rely on Rios.

Might be a blessing in disguise with DeQuan Jones playing time, or John Wall recruiting bate. Manny, could this affect the John Wall situation?

First too speedwrecks,

We are talking about basketball here. So please keep it on baskertball. Take your mind off Shannon for a minute and give Frank Haith and his staff there time. And for all of you stupid F's calling Rios a thug common. You F's need to get a new team like Ohio State if you think the Hurricanes are so bad. The bulk of Miami's talent as a whole is local talent so please stop with calling these kids thugs, they have worked hard and done things right to get to this point. I bey you wont call a tennis player a thug, you sterotypical bas- tards.

I assume this is the end of Rios Miami career. I think it is about time we stopped recruiting local point guards. Clemente and now Rios. Not worth the attitude and distractions. I say cut his scholly now. Let him find another school now.


I think it is about time we stopped recruiting local point guards.

Why do you people like Miami in the first place. The school represents the city for many people in Miami. It is disrespectful to the people who were born and or raised in the inner city Miami areas for you to make comments like that. I guess Jacory harris and the rest of those local kids should have signed somewhere else like Oregon. I wonder how many title or how competetive Miami would be without local talent. HUH

As for all the negativity on this blog:
U guys complain too much U should be happy with what we have been able to do the last two years(recruiting wise). Its amazing that we finished not only 1st in recruiting last year and stole several recruits from Urban Liar, but also the fact that we are in the top 10 once again and landed 2/3 of the seminole trio. Add in the fact that all this was done with a losing record, terrible OC, absolutely no Home Field Advantage and a coach who is very inexperienced. Be happy with what U got and yes we are on the rise, tired of hearing all the band wagon idiots on this blog calling for Randy's head. It makes no sense what so ever, the man hasn't even had an opportunity to develop his talent. Look give him two more years and if he still looks clueless on the sideline and continues with poor clock management, then "yes" fire him. Let the guy do his thing and sit back and enjoy the talent he brings into Coral Gables.

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

Thanks Jadakiss. Let them use your napkin Bandanna to stop sweating Shannon and our players. LOL. Just good fun

Is it me or these blogs are getting annoying? We all want to be on top. It will be sweeter when we go back to the promised land. Be patient.

Just get an OC already.

If the kid was sick, and could not report, and got medical treatment on his own, what right does Haith have to dictate what doctor he goes to? Zippo. If he was faking it, and pulling a Marve, kick him off the team and revoke his schollie. Give him a pass to transfer to UCF of USF; maybe Eugene Marve can become his street agent, and further bad mouth Da U. That lying punkarse eugene has been mighty quiet lately; maybe he's working on a job for himself ala the unmentionable P.J., now P.P.
But this deserves more than Haith's reflexive reaction. We need Donna to step in and return sanity to the Maj. Payne approach. And this is coming from someone who not only bleeds, but also urinates orange and green
P.S. Gaturds blow and Teebow is afraid of the NFL's strict steroid and HGH policy. The next Tony Mandarich . Watch

Rios was a poor man's Carlos Arroyo anyway...He'll be washing my car on US1 next week. I hear Lucas Barnes still has eligibility?

Posted by: Puerto Rican Cane | January 13, 2009 at 05:41 PM

Puerto Rican Cane, great Lucas Barnes reference. Still one of the most impressive players i've ever seen play in person. Just destroyed high school teams by himself. Too bad he was a woman beater, the jerk.

hey guys, i'm happy that the new no.1 overall player in rivals.com is Bryce now, and Ray2x is now a five star, but answer me this, whatever happened to Antonio Harpers' commitment to us? it changed from being a solid commit to just having us as a high interest, now instead of having 19 commits, we're down to 18, not that it matters or that it affected our rankings or anything if ya'll actually pay attention to that, but anyhow, feel free anyone to jump in and answer my question!

hey guys, i'm happy that the new no.1 overall player in rivals.com is Bryce now, and Ray2x is now a five star, but answer me this, whatever happened to Antonio Harpers' commitment to us? it changed from being a solid commit to just having us as a high interest, now instead of having 19 commits, we're down to 18, not that it matters or that it affected our rankings or anything if ya'll actually pay attention to that, but anyhow, feel free anyone to jump in and answer my question!

hey guys, i'm happy that the new no.1 overall player in rivals.com is Bryce now, and Ray2x is now a five star, but answer me this, whatever happened to Antonio Harpers' commitment to us? it changed from being a solid commit to just having us as a high interest, now instead of having 19 commits, we're down to 18, not that it matters or that it affected our rankings or anything if ya'll actually pay attention to that, but anyhow, feel free anyone to jump in and answer my question!

Manny, what is the new info on Bryce Brown and how he is dealing with the recruiting process? Saw a new article on Canesport and was wondering what's going on.


The Bryce Brown saga has just gotten a bit stranger.

For one, Brown's confidante - Brian Butler - says "there is a very low chance" that the five-star tailback signs anywhere on Signing Day.

"That's because of the time it will take to evaluate," Butler said. "Miami doesn't have an offensive coordinator right now.

"Everything in the schedule (to sign) is built around when they hire an offensive coordinator. Things will be built around that."

And Butler also say Brown is waiting to see where certain offensive linemen sign before making a decision.

"Offensive line recruiting is very important to Bryce," Butler said. "He's mentioned Marcus Hall, Morgan Moses as well as Bobby Massie. He's really paying attention to those three as well as a couple of more Miami is recruiting. That along with the offensive coordinator are the two things he's really looking at."

Butler says, assuming Miami's new coordinator hits it off with Brown, that he will remain with Miami. Butler says Brown still considers himself a UM commitment.

"If they hire a top-notch offensive coordinator that really fits in with Bryce (he'll be at Miami)," Butler said.

Something else Butler and Brown have decided upon - because Butler says they have been inundated with phone calls from media outlets, Brown is setting up his own website.

A link to Brown's page will be posted on Butler's home page - www.potentialplayers.com - by the end of the day on Thursday.

"Bryce is going to start updating on the website," Butler said. "He'll give schools he's considering and give everyone a weekly update on visits and all the little things.

"We want to make it as efficient as possible so we don't have to take 50 phone calls. So now everyone can get all the information they need and want. Bryce is going to personally update it on a weekly basis at the least. He doesn't have school anymore so he can update it and people can hear it straight from him."

For now Brown is scheduled to visit Miami Jan. 23.

"That might change," Brown said. "The 30th was mentioned or the first or second week of February was mentioned (depending on when a coordinator is in place)."

Brown has one other visit remaining, and Butler said he is choosing between visiting Tennessee, Auburn, Nebraska and USC.

Thanks for the info.

I think Mr. Shannon is on track to building that team that we all wish miami could be today but we all know deep down, that building a team takes time, especially in the state the football team was when rs too over.

#1 problem for the canes, depth, depth at every position to be that team and rs knows it.
and #2, RS is pulling off miracles to sign those players because folks there's NAIA, D2 schools with better facilities than Miami has and that's sad.

Here's the plan.

Defensive line----Depth, check.
Offensive line----Depth, getting there.
Running backs-----Depth, double check.
Linebackers-------Depth, getting there.
Wide receivers----Depth, double check.
Tight ends--------Depth, need help for the future, but i'm sure rs is on it.
corner backs------Depth, getting there.
Quaterback--------Depth, check, I think we've found the One, JH--reminds me a lot of ken dorsey with lamar miller, mike james, bryce brown, offense should be explosive, again. Brings back flashes of edge, gore, portis, macgahee.

and folks, don't care if you have bill belicheck or bill parcells coaching, if u don't have the players, u not winning.

Actually, that page on Butler's site sounds like a great idea. I'm sure it pisses off the recruiting sites because the info will be right there for everyone to read. Got a feeling Bryce won't be the last recruit to do this.

Also sounds like we have a very fair shot at him. Get a solid OC who runs a balanced, intelligent offense, sign a few more solid OL, and let him visit. If he goes somewhere else, he was never meant to be a Cane.

Now if we can just get Randle to visit...

Quaterback--------Depth, check

Posted by: depth is coming | January 14, 2009 at 12:36 AM


With Sims pledging the Spartans after the hardsell ("we might not have any 'ships left for you if you don't pledge now"...please), do we have any other legit TE targets? Two seniors going into this year. That's it.

I swear these high school kids have to stop with his crap. I know its today's reality, but if they grow up with this menatlity thatthey can say one thing tosomeone, then, back out, and tease people, whatever happened to the word "commitment" or verbal "contract"? When they get out in th real world they realize it aint all fun and games, and words mean something... and reality hits them like a ton of bricks!

Bryce Brown: quit playing games. Being a cane is different than being a husker, a vol, or whatever. You should know that by now. Either you are one or you are not. Period.

Harper is still committed to the U, he just isn't listed b/c rumor has it he doesn't currently have the grades to enroll.

LACANE, the news about Sims hurts. Anyone know if he is still going to make this visit to the U?

bryce brown is star struck it seems therefore toying with programs because he can. i for one have become greatly annoyed by his teasing little recruit games....then again, he may not want to compete for a position which makes me wonder why he would go out of his way to watch lamar miller( perhaps seeing if he is better than lamar? on the other hand mike james want just lay down either.

Sorry, but we don't take thugs off the streets like Miami does!

Eddie stay at UM and stay the hell away from FIU!

Posted by: FIUFloridaPower&Light | January 13, 2009 at 05:05 PM

Are you kidding me? Do some research on your own team before you run your ignorant mouth, you little g.ay a.ss golden panther.



Jonathan Davis won't sign with South Carolina.
Tucker High School in Georgia has produced some of the top players in the state over the past 10 years, including players heading to NC State, UCF and LSU in this year's class. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier and his staff, however, are "no longer welcome" at the school, Tucker coach Franklin Stephens told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday.

Franklin said the Gamecocks are no longer going to be able to recruit players at the school after USC withdrew its scholarship offer from three-star linebacker/safety Jonathan Davis. The 5-9, 205-pound Davis committed to South Carolina in mid-December, turning down offers from UAB, UCF and others.

"The bottom line … what South Carolina did to Jonathan was wrong," Stephens told the AJC. "Coach Spurrier accepted blame for the situation … [but he] is not going to do anything to fix the situation, therefore South Carolina will not be recruiting any more Tucker players.

"It's not fair what happened to Jonathan. When he committed to South Carolina, he turned down scholarship opportunities to other schools. And then those other schools moved on to fill that spot. What South Carolina did was wrong, and the timing of it, so close to signing day, is worse. It's just a bad deal."

South Carolina's coaches can't comment officially on the record about the situation because it would be an NCAA violation.

But sources indicate Franklin got caught up in a numbers game with the Gamecocks already loaded at the safety position with higher ranked prospects. It also didn't help that Ron Cooper was recruiting Franklin, and he recently took a new job at LSU. Davis is likely heading now to UAB, but is open to other schools that might make a run at him late.



Wichita (Kan.) East running back Bryce Brown was recently promoted to the No. 1 spot in the Rivals.com player rankings. And while Brown's spot at the top is set in stone because this was the final rankings of the class of 2009, what's not set in stone is where he's going to end up playing his college football.

The 6-foot, 215-pound Brown took an unofficial visit to Kansas State this past weekend and said after the visit that he remains a Miami commitment. But he also added an additional caveat to that commitment statement.

"Oregon is my top school," Brown said. "They are even above Miami right now."


"Chip Kelly is the man," Brown said about Oregon's offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting. "His football knowledge, nobody can compare to that. He knows his football stuff better than any other coach I've talked to."

Brown said earlier in the week his focus is on Miami, Oregon and Kansas State, but that hasn't stopped schools from trying to secure another official visit from him. USC, Nebraska, Auburn, Tennessee and North Carolina have all emerged as possible visit destinations for Brown. He's already taken official visits to Clemson, Missouri and Oregon.

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