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Shannon could take on role of DC again

We waited all afternoon to hear what Randy Shannon was going to say about losing his defensive coordinator. He released the following statement -- I consider the ending a bit eye-opening -- a few moments ago.

Randy Shannon “I appreciate Bill’s contributions to our football program and thank him for that," Shannon said. "I understand and respect Bill’s strong ties to his alma mater and his family’s ties to Oklahoma. I wish him and his wife, Lawana nothing but the best. I will be looking for the best possible defensive coordinator to replace him. If that candidate is not out there, those responsibilities will fall to me.”

Shannon told us when he first fired Tim Walton he preferred to find someone to coach the defense because being a head coach brought on too much responsibility. Now, it appears Shannon may be welcoming the idea.

As for Bill Young, this is what he said through UM's sports information department.

Bill_Young “I could not have worked for a finer man than Coach Shannon. It was a privilege to be associated with him and be part of an outstanding staff of coaches. Coach Shannon welcomed me and my family into the program from day one. I don’t think everyone realizes the caliber of kids that play at Miami. Not only are they great athletes but their character is what stands out the most and is something I will remember. The draw to go back home, be near family and coach at my alma mater was just too great to pass up."


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Good work Manny. Curiously, are there many *successful* DC/HC combos out there?

Yeah. Didn't think so. Worries me too.

Good luck dude!


Get-R-Done Coach Shsnnon!!!




Best wishes Bill Young, we hardly knew ya. And Randy, please get er done.

At least our situation is not as bad as Michigan's!!! They just hired former Syracuse HC Greg Robinson as their new DC, a coach that went 10-37 in the Big East! I hope this makes 5-star DT Canes-recruit/UMich commit William Campbell reconsider Miami. GO CANES!!!


I think Randy Shannon is going to do what's best for the program. It will be nice if he makes a decision before signing day besides that there shouldn't be no rush.

Manny...is there more to this than meets the eye? Just curious???

Thanks, Manny. Better to get the growing pains out now for Shannon, I suppose. Do you think this is an issue that will just have to wait until after signing day for Shannon?

Thanks, Manny. Ugh, frustrating. Any connection between this move for Young and the cornerback from Texas committing to OSU?


Manny, you're the best! Thanks for doing your job well.

Manny, Any examples of other D-1 coaches (big programs) having a head coach who is also the defensive coordinator? That sounds like a lot to put on one man's shoulders.

thanks coach young for being part of the u

Hope Bill Young enjoys finishing 4th in the Big 12 South every year.

I don't have a problem with Randy calling the defensive plays. He knows the players, he knows their strengths and weaknesses, and knows what he wants the defense to look like. Assuming he hires the right OC and makes that person the assistant head coach, we're all good!

I hear ya, Sean, Bill Young will be PRAYING for the studs we have on defense next year.

I've heard of successful HC/OC combos (e.g. Paul Johnson @ GTech; Mike Leach @ Texas Tech) but not HC/DC combos. Can an HC/OC and HC/DC combo be that different? Does anyone know?

If it's the latter scenario, here's to hoping an OC with *some* HC'ng experience comes in and Randy can make him an ass't HC as Donmcleon suggested.


Ah, man!

Good work on the blog, Manny.

Herd Willie Martinez the HC at Georgia and former Cane alum is being floated around for the job. Is this true Manny?

I believe (not fact, someone else may know) Greg Schiano calls the plays for Rutgers. I would rather Coach Shannon hire someone solely as a DC (and maybe have lots of input into the game plan during the week), but have them make the defensive calls. Most successfull defensive minded HC do this (ala Bill Belichick when he had Romeo Crenell).

Sorry, Martinez is the DC at Georgia and he is a Cane alum from the 83' NC team.


I agree with SOUP

The program is crumbling and they are too blind to see it. Shannon has been a disaster outside of recruiting.

My opinion is that it would be best for Shannon and best for the team if he took over as DC. I think, that he enjoys being a DC, and I am not sure his style meshes well with a lot of DC's which makes for too many cooks spoil the broth on D. It would help recruiting even more and saves money to hire other top coaches.

According to Wikipedia, Schiano is both the HC and DC at Rutgers, and he's been successful with talent inferior to the one Miami has access to. So there's hope!!!

As far as hiring Martinez, let's not get crazy!!! We just lost Young, a guy that got gassed by GTech's tricky offensive schemes (472 rushing yards allowed). UGA lost to GTech 45-42 this year and GTech rushed for 409 yds, so let's not hire another DC that got run over by GTech! If not Shannon, I think Tuberville would be a great hire since he was part of the Canes coaching staffs that stopped the triple option in the 80s.


You know what....even with Michigan's season and what's going on out there...new coaches, players eaving....their blog is no where as negative as this..actully its funny with the Michigan alumni base 4 times larger then UM's....just funny, that's all!

If all that's going on too much for you, I just spoke to Urban Meyer and UF is taking fans and bandwagoners....don't worry, you can join any badnwagon, UF, USF, FSU, SEC, Pac 10....just don't come back!!!!!!

Why would Tuberville want to work for Shannon? He is more qualified than Shannon. IF anything he should be the Coach and Shannon the DC.

Stop freaking out people. Shannon isn't losing coaches at all. Everyone wanted Nix out anyway and he now has time to pick the right guy for the job. As far as coach Young goes, he got his dream job in the town he grew up in and is getting a raise to boot. I could see if he took the Michigan job or Tennessee, but he'd still be in Coral Gables if his home town didn't call on him. Randy will be fine weather it's him or someone else calling the defensive plays next year. We have studs comming in and it won't be hard to coach them.

Stop making excuses for Shannon. He was wrong on Nix and Walton. Now YOung bolts. What do you think Young is going to say, Shannon was the worst coach ever and he hated Miami. If Miami was soo loaded with DTalent why would he leave? Face it if Miami goes 7-6 next year it will be huge.


Young is a older guy and how many years does he want to coach anyway? Don't be so negative SOUP. He wasn't part of the recuiting process anyway. Shannon can either get someone in or sell himself as the DC and get guys in. He want's to get these guys to the next level not only in college but get them ready for the pro's as well. He did that as the DC before and he can do it again. Did you see the finalists for the OC position? He has some good names with either HC or PRO experience behind them. Not some upstart younger guy who doesn't know how to call a 2 minute offense (Nix). We'll be alright.

SOUP - Though I don't disagree with you, I will add that Tuberville right now doesn't seem to want to be an HC anywhere (he walked away from Auburn; he didn't get fired) and may like the reduced responsibilities that come with being a DC.

But I was just throwing it out there as a hypothetical; I don't think the U has any shot at landing nor affording Tuberville. A guy can dream can't he?

A high-powered/Jimmy Johnson blessed OC + Randy as HC/DC won't be bad, especially with the talent we have already and the class coming in.


Dare I say Randy has no control over staff coming to the realization of where our program is heading, but another 5-7 season rings a bell.

"I understand and respect Bill's strong ties to his alma mater and his family's ties to Oklahoma," Shannon said. "Bill agreed not to leave if I could promise him that he would not be my 2009 scapegoat, and obviously I could not follow through on that."

"Now I must focus my full attention on replacing our staff and see if our equipment manager and waterboy will suffice as our new coordinators," Shannon reluctantly admitted.


Great post canesrule. Shannon is so far over his head its embarassing. Why would anyone want him to run the D when he cant even call timeouts as the Coach.

someperspective, yea I've got 1. Oklahoma State, Head coach, OC, the school Young's going to. There are many others it's not uncommon.

If I were to pick a situation that was the easiest to work with I feel as though DC/HC would be preferable. On top of this, all HC's spend the bulk of their time in their area of expertise. What HC's in this situation need is help from the administrative side of their job.

Look, it's not a perfect situation but when you have a defensive coach of Shannon's stature (arguably the best Defensive Coordinator in the country) it's hard to find his equal. Bill Young was close. RS's defenses would edge out BY's by a just a bit every yr. They were very close.

CanesFanStuckInNYC, I think, in fact I know that a DC/HC would the best situation.

Defense is no where near as complicated as Offense. Defense is more reactive while the Offense is more about choreograph and timing.

Just what I know.

i want to see how the canes do once ALL the players that coaker brought in are gone and the players that randy and clint hurtt are bringing in get a chance to step up and be leaders and then see how the team does... i can't paas judgment on coach shannon untill he has a chance to win with some of the best recruits in the nation... also we have to be realistic that this is only the second full recruiting claas that coach shannon is going to have and it looks as though we should expect another top ten class, we had some of the best FR in the country last year and i expect to see more of the same this year... all the way from boston it feels like we are reloading.

DA U N HOUSTON - If Michigan's HC had zero previous HC experience, and if Michigan had 5 rings like Miami does in the past 25 years (not to mention that Rich Rodriguez is NOT black; face it, we don't live in a world where race does not matter, even if we elected Obama as POTUS), I'm sure you would have A LOT more negativity on UMich blogs/discussion boards than you have now.

We're the Yankees of college football and anything less of an NC is not enough!!! We're spoiled brats, albeit, but I thank God every day that I was born and raised in Miami and that I lived during the U's heyday (and that hopefully I'll be back home for their next heyday)!!


Oh no. Randy couldn't even handle the joint position of special teams coach and head coach. God only knows how he will screw up the joint position of head coach and defensive coordinator. Let's get Gruden before Notre Dame does...


The U doesn't have the bankroll that Notre Dame does, and Gruden is from there. There's no way he comes over here.

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