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Suspended Rios adds arrest to resume

Eddie Rios mug shot    When Eddie Rios signed with the University of Miami two years ago he told me his goal was to take the Hurricanes to the NCAA Tournament and turn the program around. Rios was a senior at Miami High then and on top of the world, considered one of the best players to come out of South Florida in years.

His life has been taking a U-Turn ever since. Wednesday morning, the suspended sophomore point guard was booked into a Miami-Dade County jail on charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and third-degree grand theft. Late Wednesday, he was out on bail. But I'm not sure where he'll be going now.

Earlier this week, his family contacted UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt with hopes of trying to get him reinstated after being suspended on Jan. 12 by coach Frank Haith for failing to communicate with his coaches. Rios was sick, but didn't go to UM trainers  according to Haith to get checked out until a week after first disappearing from the team. Now, whatever thoughts his family had of getting him reinstated are out the window. And, so could his opportunity of playing college basketball anywhere else.

I'll be interested to hear what Haith has to say about this at 2 p.m. press conference tomorrow. Rios' family, which emails me on a regular basis, could not be reached for comment.

> For those of you wondering where I've been since Mark Whipple's press conference Tuesday, I'm finally done filming a new show for MiamiHerald.com with Larry Blustein called the Recruiting Report. It is set to debut on Monday. It's nothing too spectacular, but will serve as a nice preview of National Signing Day for the Canes and Golden Panthers. I'll be back on the Canes beat full-time tomorrow.


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Jorts! (Stolen) Jorts!

Jorts! (Stolen) Jorts!

Rios is throwing his young life away. Hope he wises up.

Manny, when and where will this Recruiting Report show be shown?

Rios was such a flop. Glad he is off the team, but not glad he is in trouble. You hate to see that. I hope he straighten's things out, and gets some college degree and success in something else.

Manny, what is the story with Basketball? What are your thoughts, or Haith's thoughts about a team that only got more talented this summer, yet is actually worse? They cannot defend, they cannot run a half court offense, they cannot pass, they cannot shoot free throws, they cannot score on a fast break. The only things they excell at are rebounding and 3's. What can they do to turn it around?


Is there any truth to the rumors about you kicking Green off your "blog"?If so, then that sucks! Green was one of the only reasons I checked the blog while waiting on your new posts.


Rios' story mirrors that of so many high school sports stars who matured athletically in high school but find they aren't getting better at the next level. It is best for him to leave UM before the U "leaves" him. Hopefully this is a wake-up call and he can get an education so he can be a contributing member of society. I doubt he has any chance of being more than a bench role player at the college level.

It's really a shame the way things have panned out for Rios and UM. I can't imagine his relationship is going to last very long after all this.

Rios is an idiot!!
Plain and simple

its never good to see this kind of potential squandered. pray for him that he get's things righted.

Great news:
The Rios family emails you all the time... and you're doing a show w/ FIU?

Awesome, Navarro -- hey, anytime you got to write for the CANES would be awesome...

We ready, we ready -

Sad to see a young man throwing his life away like this.... he is spiraling out of control and someone in his family needs to step in and get him some much needed help. He is young and still has time to turn his life around - he all but threw away his college basketball career with this incident. What a shame!

Manny - please let us know the complete list of recruits visiting this last weekend before NSD... and of those visiting, which ones do we have a chance of landing. Thanks and keep up the good work - you are the best one in Miami at informing the public about the recruiting process - the Herald needs to promote you and give you more space in the paper....

You guys are acting as if this guy committed murder or rape - relax! - he's just a kid going through some rough patches!

Some crazy stuff to hear about Rios. Hopefully this young man can learn from all this and turn his life back around. His career at UM is definitely over now, and his college basketball career might be over entirely too... that's four felonies he's being charged with, which could bring some jail time.

rios sucked anyways....im glad he frees up a scholarship for someone else

This week at UM... Basketball players breaks into home to rob it AND yet another UM student gets arrested for groping girls.

Just another week at "DAHHHHH U".

FIU you are a loser for even saying that.

Listen son, FIU and UM cannot be mentioned in the same sentence! when are you pathetic pi$$ants going to realize that?

Rios is a loser too. Get him out. In this day and age if a 20 something doesnt realize the value of a 4 year degree, then he belongs in the streets or in jail.


-How did Whipple's meeting with Butler and Bryce go?

-Whatever happened to that expose film on the Miami Hurricanes that was supposedly coming out this year by ESPN producers, and supposedly going to create such a stir?

Green is an idiot I hope Manny banned him for life

You don't speak for all of us.

Manny, you've been doing one helluva job. Keep it up. But what's with this sharing air time with the golden panthugs? We could possibly sign a top 10 recruiting class this year and have some really exciting news to lookout for. What does FIU have? 1-2 star recruits who are deciding on FIU because they couldn't make it to Div-II St. Mary school of the blind? Bah. But if it means more news for us Canes, I guess I'll take it. I just hope your generousity doesn't go unnoticed. FIU-FPL case in point.

Hey, I'm a Golden Panther, go to most their home games [80%] and love the 'Canes. If they played tomorrow or any other time I'd root for the 'Canes. Let's be honest though, UM has been struggling while, obviously FIU is nowhere near UM still, the struggling, young program has made a lot of progress under Cristobal and should be applauded for it. Without press coverage they'll never make it. I'd love for there to be a DUKE-UNC type feel for sports between the two schools someday. FIU FPL doesn't speak for most GP's, so cool it on the rhetoric all of ya'll.

Great job holding up the Thug U tradition Rios. U are carrrying the flag very well son.

DONNA IS PISSED. She already cleaned house and gutted athletics ONCE.

Looks like she'll have to do it again as the Thugs can't seem to learn a lesson

p.s. your basketball team s u c k s

Green? Who cares about that phrase uttering moron. Dude couldn't put a sentence together to save his life.

This is the same guy that trumpets "Kohler toilets".

What an enormous tool.

How'd those toilets work out for U Greeeeeeeeeeen?? Were the $17 chicken sandwiches moist and delicious? Was watching Beanpole Harris run for his life in HD more enjoyable. Did Wayne lube you before he bent you over for $20 parking? Did you enjoy the ambiance of having 30k in a 75k stadium? Did you shed a tear of pride when you glanced upon the polyvinyl removable ring of honor?


I knew Rios in HS and this has been some what of a shock to me. He was an excellent player but I guess his echo got to him. Sucks that he made a stupid mistake like this. But he has to learn from his mistakes. And hopefully he can keep getting his education.

what a waste

I short term hope is that Rios can turn it around and maybe still get into a smaller D-II school. If you have talent, the scouts will find U no matter where U are. My long term hope is that he straightens up and starts to fly right as regards him life outside of basketball. He is a south Florida kid with great potential and up side who stayed home when he could have went elsewhere. I hope this is just a "bump in the road" and he gets his life turned around.

Shut down the program.

Let's play Trivia!

What university has produced the most players who have scored Super Bowl touchdowns?

Send Rios to FIU where he belongs. He will fit in nicely there with the rest of the 305 thugs.

I feel real bad for Eddie Rios. I truly hope he can get his life together. As for the basketball team, I am extremely down on them right now. As hard as it seems for them to make the tourney though, I think they will start winning games and find a way to sneak in. I just think there is too much talent on this team for us not to make the run. But we gotta start playing defense. We are giving up way to many 3's.

Yep you got it! "The U"

He's throwing his life away. Someone has to get this kid together, before he starting going in the wrong direction, and in Miami, it's so easy to do

Rios.. Stop BullSh!@#, and get your shyt tight, and get back on this team.

How many do the Gayturds have? 2.....yep that is not a typo...2....who else has 2? Grambling, Stanford, Tulsa, Utah, Washington......way to go FU, I mean UF......even better who has more then 2?.....Wyoming, Syracuse.....wow.....Go to UF...chance of a good college career, bowl game, get a job!
Go to THE U.....good college career, bowl game, NC, NFL, Superbowl.......You make the choice!

I wish Rios the best in what is probably the most difficult stretch for him in his young life.

At least his family has his back.


He's getting drilled on the largest sports website in america. 10 million hits a week. Great pub U

Posted by: DA U N Houston | January 29, 2009 at 09:44 AM

sorry buddy, check your research. emmitt alone has 4. give credit where its due. i hate the turds too, but emmitt was a h*&$ of a back.

Seriously, is anyone here surprised?

The school isn't known nationwide as "THUG U" because of it community support programs.

Seems to me Rios is right at home at "DAHHHH U"

make that 5

If anyone has even read any of my comments well he you go. Who "GAS" about this basketball player. NOT even himself.... and just like so many before him and sorry to say after him.... Kids think just becasuse they get to this level they can do what ever they want.... NO rules.... Probably becasue there were no rules at home.... Oh there is now that he has got into trouble.... He is gone from the "U" and I believe no other college will touch him. His only recourse trying minor league ball or Europe... But who is going to touch him with this record.... No me if I was a coach or owner of a team.... Sorry kid your days of deaming about the NBA are gone forever... Like "M" he too will find out the road to happiness is not paved of gold... there is no yellow brick road home.. You snooze you loose.... You break the law... you pay the piano player..this time with your life.....

OceanStateCane, I said they have had two "players" who have scored touchdowns, not how many touchdowns have been scored by the players......

That old Thug U label is about as useful as an outhouse. It only applies when UM haters have no other way to be critical of the U.

Our record has been pretty damned near spotless over the last few years and we graduate as many players as the best school in the ACC so take a flying leap with all that Thug U crap!!

I know we are not suppose to copy an past, so I will Quote this:

Whipple flies down to Nebraska to meet with BB personally!!!!!!

"But, while Butler said yesterday it wasn't expected that Whipple would meet with Bryce face-to-face since he is on vacation and that they would have a phone conversation instead, it turns out that the two were able to meet."

"Whipple flew into Omaha, Neb., where Bryce is on vacation with his uncle. He sat down with Bryce before driving five hours to Wichita, Kansas, to meet with Butler last night."

(Per Bryce's father) "Coach Whipple flew down and met with Bryce personally, got the opportunity to meet with him," Arthur Brown Sr. said. "Everything went rather well. I heard some things about him that I'm pretty impressed with. He seemed like a very upstanding man. From talking to him, what his whole philosophy is and how he plans to run his offense is something similar to what Bryce has been looking at. I'm sure Bryce likes the direction coach Whipple's taking the program."

Keep cracking, Whip!

da u in houston-- from where did you get this info?


this is a message from someone whos been there before:

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel..you're young and talented and you've made a mistake...the world is not over, but u need to take a step back and really look in the mirror. What ru gonna do? are u gonna let all the bashing get to you or are u gonna face it , suck it up and put it behind u? my advice is the latter..a lot of people come on here talkin smack and believe me they're not saints either..the sun rises every morning whether your here or somewhere else..don't give up on your dream, u will play for another college, believe me one arresst at a young age will not detour your path..do what u gotta do and don't give up, but do tighten up.

Wow, I thought we had it bad, Boston College is in the midst of a complete meltdown! Coaches cannot get out of there fast enough!

Go 'canes!


Put down the crack pipe and get yourself into a 12 Step program! It's your ONLY hope!

Wow, I thought we had it bad

U DO have it bad. BC's s u c k ing doesn't make it any less worse.


Manny ..the problem with this kid has been that he has been induged by his parents, coaches , the press etc. he has never ever been humble and has always been about eddie.
now let's go back in time.as a middle schooler the kid hit puberty early and could had NBA range on his jump shot. according to his mom..the NBA was his destiny and a big pay check that goes with it. she couldnt figure out that in time..the other kids catch up physically and he may not be such NBA material.
and of course..he couldnt or wouldnt learn the finer nuances of the game. he had a point guard height and a two guard game.
sophomore year at Miami High he was as dominant of a player as I have ever seen and with junior Dwayne Collins and another bball has been, whose nickname escapes me ..Miami Hi won the state tournament. and with the team coming back next year..a virtual lock to repeat.
but wait..Eddie left his teammates and friends to go to Chaminade. why? Miami Hi wouldnt give him his own priveleged parking space.when they wouldnt mommy took him to chaminade. bye state championship..and so begins the slippery slope of thinking that you are entitled.
after chaminade go beat I believe in the regionals..eddie transferred back to MHS his senior year..but without Dwyane ..it was a no go.
but even though he was at best a mid major propsect..he decided to go to Miami and play in the ACC. and the herald had a story about about how this kid was NBA bound.and again the kid had never been humbke and its alwyas been about eddie..mommy's little superstar..but everyone with bball knowledge knew he was a mid major at best and without the requisite bball IQ ..at his height..he would get killed in the ACC..
and there a little thing of going to class and doing something that he had never done ..study.
I dont know the particulars of his arrest but I wont be surprised if it seems bigger than it really is. and he does end up at smaler fish bowl and appropriate competititon where the kid can do what he does well..shoot ..and learn the game ..
but hopefully..this kid and his parents will use it as a wakeup call and help this kid become a man.

da u in houston, send the link for the SB info please.


Posted by: We's building depths | January 29, 2009 at 01:03 PM

And you've never seen a females private part yet!


Go 'canes!

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